September 2nd, 2014

Ashcroft Clacton Poll: UKIP 56% v Tories 24%

Carswell hold…


  1. 1
    anonymous says:

    Christ on a bike, Cameron is gonna have a bad birthday….

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  2. 2
    EC1 PhD says:

    Brillant. Wallace in No. 10.


  3. 3
    DenDen says:

    No suprise!


  4. 4
    Nick Clegg says:

    Lookin’ good.


  5. 5
    Angela Merkel says:

    Why doesn’t anyone like Europe any more?


  6. 6
    Lib Dem Sex Pest. says:



  7. 9
    The Establishment is infested with Nonces says:

    I can see some tories looking at the weekend poll showing a 44 point lead, and this poll showing a 32 point lead and claiming that support for UKIP is crashing!

    I am looking forward to Carswell winning this by a massive margin.

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  8. 10
    Disgusted from Arkwright Road says:

    Piers Morgan, no longer at CNN.

    Relevance? None.


  9. 12
    Dougie Carswell says:

    Bringing back the asylums for the genetically inferior, the mentally insane and the anti-social would be a progressive move forward.


  10. 20
    Cunt Carswell says:

    I look forward to doing my bit to help a Marxist Juju man take control of England, and to ensure my UKIP colleagues can continue to luxuriate in the vast riches associated with their status as MEPs


    • 82
      Col. Stok says:

      You seem bitter comrade? Allow me to lighten your load and assure that fool Millband is not a Marxist. A real Marxist would really scare you, you’e not telling me you’re afraid of that clown with speach disorder? As for you UKIP they are the perfect party to rule this country, rejoice!

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    • 135
      Not says:

      Congratulations, your most learned reasoning, coupled with the most atrocious swear word in your nickname has persuaded me to vote for the conservative party.


  11. 22
    Back1woodsman says:

    In other news, 2% of the population of Clacton are believed to require Sectioning for their own good.


  12. 23
    nell says:

    Ah inevitable. And a good kicking won’t do the tories any harm at all.


  13. 25
    Ed Miliband rides horse cock says:

    if the Scot’s do F-off, then they shouldn’t be allowed to vote in our election next year, that would cut milifool off at the knees

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    • 32
      nell says:

      plus million!!!

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    • 72
      The Establishment is infested with Nonces says:

      Except that idiot Cameron has chosen the timing of the referendum and the date of final independence following that IF Scotland votes for independence.

      Scotland will not be independent until 2016. So they will be entitled to vote in the general election next May.

      How idiotic is that?

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      • 96
        Office Peon says:

        I presume they will (finally) lose the MPs on independence, meaning that the goverment might have to change.

        Why waste time debating the issue though?

        Q. Do you want to start having to pay for your own buckfast and fried battered mars bars?

        Not exactly a difficult decision is it.

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    • 92
      Col. Stok says:

      You need cut his head off, not his knees.


  14. 27
    Cassandra says:

    Coming soon in the MSM


    • 40
      Maximus says:

      Nor forgetting: Carswell admires Putin.


    • 74
      The Establishment is infested with Nonces says:

      All the while it is labour and tories who did nothing whilst racial and religiously motivated gang rape of children by Islamic men was effectively legalised and protected by the aparatus of the state for 16 years.


  15. 28
    Norm Normal says:

    Seen those men in rubber chasing escaped ebola patients? Where the fuck is the Benny Hill music?

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  16. 31
    Steve Miliband says:

    Great. Independent Statist Scotland and a RuK run by a Socilaist Beaker

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  17. 33
    suissebob says:

    Why did Auntie Mable just pop in to my mind.


  18. 34
    Mornington Crescent says:

    UKIP gain…


  19. 35
    LOL says:


  20. 38
    Ukrap says:

    Vote Ukrap and get Labour and NO referendum. Fact!


    • 42
      Steve Miliband says:

      It’s a one man vendetta against the Cameron. He doesn’t even care about getting out of Europe.


    • 45
      Oi vey, my life says:

      Vote Honest Dave into office and get no IN/OUT referendum, him and his cartel friends are planning the ultimate betrayal.

      He has no intention of negotiating with the EU, no intention of allowing a referendum in 2017.

      Trust Dave again and the UK stays in the EU.


      • 46
        Steve Miliband says:

        So best vote for more Socialism then


        • 97
          Col. Stok says:

          There are no socialist parties in your country. What you have are simply versions of liberal democratic parties. All three main parties want to the same system, they just want to waste your money on different pet projects and different networks of friends (though in fact many are the same for all three parties). A true socialist party has not and never will gather more support than the 5 members that used to turn up at the CPGB Nottingham Branch meeting at the ICC on Mansfield Road. I suspect one of them was a Special Branch informer. Relax it is not Socialism that should be worrying you but the fact that you have three faces on the same head all lying to you.

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    • 50
      The North Sea says:

      Labour won’t get in.


    • 76
      The Establishment is infested with Nonces says:

      I voted tory last time and all we have had since is new labour.

      I am not making that mistake again!

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    • 90
      The Establishment is infested with Nonces says:

      Seriously Ukrap, I have voted tory at every general election including and since 1997…. WHEN am I going to get tory policies? Cos voting tory does not work!

      Vote cameron, get ripped off, sold out, over-ruled by the EU and gang raiped by Islam!

      Never again!

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  21. 41
    Please reply with envelope provided says:

    If Ashcrofts poll says the poll numbers will high be in Clacton for UKIP then I won’t argue, hisss, MR Carswell, spitting BBC viperess UKIP MP, hisssss, yes I guess that still works ok.


  22. 43
    Vacant Possession says:

    Thank goodness, the person does matter. Good luck Carswell.

    Haven’t the Scots realised we’d like to get rid of Westminster too?

    Perhaps Westminster and the surrounding – say 10 meters could become a Principality like Andorra and they could be happy governing and funding themselves.

    People like Carswell are welcome to form a new Government of England.


  23. 47
    Anonymous says:

    Poor delusional people of Clacton. Same MP but no difference in policy.
    Cut public spending and remove employment and maternity rights. And we thought it was Essex girl that was the joke.
    See. UKIP are no different. A hard working candidate who has done the leg work is throw aside for the new kid. Power at all cost eh?


    • 61
      Dangerous Brian says:

      Are you really anonymous or one of his mant trolls?
      If you are (him or her) for fu*cks sake make your f*cking mind up.


      • 62
        Dangerous Brian says:

        many FFS


      • 64
        Norm Normal says:

        I did think the way the existing UKIP candidate was tossed asside was nasty.

        Loyalty does work both ways. They might have at least warned him and attempted some alternative arrangements?

        I like Nige and politics is a dirty business but this episode was distasteful.


        • 77
          The Establishment is infested with Nonces says:

          He has read the UKIP constitution. He knows that the party’s NEC selects the candidates in by-elections.

          Douglas is being honourable in asking for those who voted to elect him in 2010 to do so again, to get their permission for him to defect.

          The opinion of his electorate are more important than the opinion of one candidate, who can have another chance elsewhere next may.

          It’s not certain that the UKIP candidate would have won in Clacton next year anyway. Carswell is a very popular MP regardless of his being a tory…. And Carswell has brought far far far more voters to UKIP in Clacton than roger Lord would ever have done.

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    • 120

      Our independence as a free country is at stake , unfortunate about the other candidate ,but the traitors are giving away our freedoms to foreign Communist bureaucrats, we need to be realistic, and a little ruthless .
      Just what are maternity rights , and so called employment rights are the biggest barrier to employment ,that is why most manufacturing is now carried out overseas.


  24. 51
    In the longer term it's over says:

    Good news for UKIP but I’m afraid the last dying kicks of a genuine Conservative movement in this country.
    After it has died its demographic death the next time we will see Conservatism in this country again it will be an Islamic version of it.


  25. 54
    lolathebeautiful says:

    So, 80% vote for Not Socialism then? There’s hope yet.


  26. 65
    Rickytshirt says:

    Should be an increased majority – 56%-24% from 53%-25%.


  27. 99
    Dave Cameron, the listening PM says:

    Old? Poor? White? Thick?
    Then vote UKIP!


  28. 106
    Dave out says:

    Nobody really wants Dave as PM, the only weaker leader around is Obumma – Chuka’s mentor.

    Dave has lied repeatedly and tried to do a Blair getting us into Syria. Has anyone noticed yet that there hasn’t been any substantive changes to banking regulation/reform, no progress on westminster kiddy fiddling, deficit getting bigger, Scotland wants out, no credibility in Europe, brakes on major investments including 3rd runway at Heathrow but money going into loss-making DibLem projects like windfarming and trainlines – total BS. His biggest achievement – a Botters Charter for gay marriage – something 2% of the population had any interest in. LibLabCon conspiracy has kamikazed the nation – emigrate.


  29. 108
    Miliband is a wanker! says:

    Well, ok, everybody vote UKIP then and let’s see what happens next year.

    Let me tell you what’s going to happen as you clearly don’t understand it.

    There will, quite simply, be a LABOUR government led by Ed Militant and Ballsup, who will fuck us all to bits, take away our liberal freedoms to live life as we please and deny us all a say on Europe!

    Mr Cameron is at least a true statesman and his government competent, democratic and fair.

    In Cameron and the Tories we can trust. UKIP and Labour should go to hell!


    • 110
      The two Muppets says:

      Plus 1 million.


      • 138
        The only useful tory is a lavatory says:

        “everybody vote UKIP”

        If everyone votes UKIP, UKIP win.

        Christ you tories are thick.


        • 145

          Vote UKIP – Get UKIP.
          A vote for UKIP is not a vote for Labour or anyone but UKIP.
          I remember when the (Real!) Tories used to say that a vote for The Liberals was a vote for Labour. It is now true that a vote for the Lib. Tories is a vote for the Lib. Dems. You ain’t going to get one without the other!
          If you answer “Yes” to the following question:-
          Do you want Cameron, Osborne, Johnson in power?
          Do you want Clegg, Hughes, Laws even going into the back door of No 10?
          Do you want Miliband, Balls, Balls, Burnham (or their controllers) in power? then you deserve everything they do to you, your family, your dog (some of them must be into animals!).
          Put your boot into the historic parties and put real fear into their eyes when the horrible truth like Rotherham, and the Statist Nazis in Southampton NHS Trust pour out like the purulent furuncles they are.


    • 113
      Joe & Josephine Public of Clacton says:

      Dave’s Government competent — what about these minor details?
      The scumbag is letting in 250k net immigrants per year, 140% above his own target.
      The financial incompetent has more than doubled the National Debt left by Gorgon and Ballsup.
      He even legalised bumsex marriage which was not in his 2010 Manifesto.


    • 114
      No more treason says:

      Satire is not dead…


    • 118
      Realist says:

      Don’t forget, Balls has a 1% majority in Morley and Outwood – shouldn’t take much to see him out and gone. Red Ed will probably rejoice, provided he can hang on in Doncaster North!

      It’s looking better week by week.

      Vote UKIP, get better!


    • 123
      Fruitcake, swivel eyed loon, closet racist, crackpot, crank and gadfly says:

      Cameron a statesman?

      He’s a lying, dissembling, useless excuse for a Prime Minister who’s lucky the leader of the opposition is even worse.


      • 156
        Jethro says:

        123 (that was easy!) I reckon that Cameron’s response to the question ‘Why do you want to be Prime Minister’ (‘Because I think I’d be good at it.’) reveals far more than he languidly intended. A Socialist might have replied, ‘Because I believe in equality/The State/Reform/Modernisation/Freedom/…’ or perhaps ‘Because I am envious, and I can arouse envy in others: together, we can wipe the privileged/rich/elite off the face of the Earth’. A Conservative might have replied, ‘Because I love my Country (Patriotism is not necessarily ‘the last refuge of the scoundrel’) and it needs saving from, on the one hand, unbridled and unregulated materialism and, on the other hand, from a Lemming-like /Gadarene Swine-like heedless rush for ‘Progress’.’ Cameron’s response indicates an essentially shallow individual possessed of little more than a sense both of entitlement and an overweening belief in his own ability, without sense of History, essentially rootless, devoid of principle or belief. ‘The heir to Blair’ indeed.


  30. 119
    How hard is it? says:

    Vote Tory = Get toffs.
    Vote Labour = Get Toffs.
    Two cheeks of the same Rse


    • 122

      After November 1st whoever is playing at being PM it will make no difference ,every order , every directive, every diktat, emanating from the Brussels supreme Soviet will be automatically adopted as UK law , Parliament will be even more powerless than now, unable to even go through the motions of a debate , merely being obliged to nod through every whim of the EU commissariat .


  31. 121
    Ex Tory Voter says:

    Everyone’s a fruit and nutcase, tra la !


  32. 141
  33. 142
    Anonymous says:

    The big cat missing in Clacton would be my choice for Tory candidate!


  34. 143
    Philip says:

    LibLabCon are owned by the Bankers hence their wealth. They do as they are told. Hence we are denied the cures for Cancer which have been proven many times, because Cancer is lucrative.

    Purchase the book; The Cancer Cure that worked, fifty years of suppression.

    To be cured go to

    Leukemia, for example, is cured in 5 months if you go their often enough.


  35. 148
    Stuart Guppy says:

    If you vote Conservative or Labour – you get the same. Vote UKIP and you get democracy back. So what are waiting for ? Bring it on !


  36. 155
    EppingBlogger says:

    Whatever the outcome, well done and thank you Douglas.


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