September 1st, 2014

Bercow Statement: Will He or Won’t He?

If he does not make a statement, Bercow might as well just say ‘I resign’.


He can run but he can’t hide…


This is being handled about as well as the Clerk job process itself…



  1. 1
    Diane Abbottopotamus says:



  2. 2
    Aussie says:

    another frit Pom……….


    • 20
      Scotch voter about to chicken out and say NO after 300 years of winging says:

      another frit sasenach

      Just cannot wait for the NO vote as they will. Then 300 years of bollocks will be revisited among them and one really crap Mel Gibson film. The stand up comedy will be merciless and go on for years.

      Trouble is they are all gob and no fecking trousers. Never so true because when they got the opportunity after all this time they are wimps and they don’t have the balls to do it.


      • 28
        Anonymous says:

        After the inevitable NO vote, do you think the Scotch will realise it was the immigrants which all voted NO and cost them their independence ?


      • 90

        I certainly hope they have not .

        I ve got 17 freaking grand riding on a No vote .

        No to what though — staying in or coming out !?

        Oh merde –I think I wrote out the bet slip wrong !!!


  3. 3
    The Squeaker says:

    I resign


    • 9
      nell says:

      we could hope!!


      • 45
        Rt Hon John Bercow says:

        But I was told that Ms Carol Mills had extensively researched the post of Clerk of the Commons for a couple of hours on the internet and thereafter considered herself to be an expert on British parliamentary affairs and procedures.

        Ergo I considered her to be the most qualified person for the job.


    • 93
      Tom Catesby . says:

      Bercow should go, an honourable and distinguished office has been brought into disrepute( although MPs did appoint him in the first place). What is needed is a personality who will restore the office of speaker and the ‘dignity’ of parliament. That may be a very tall order, considering the standard and quality they themselves have to choose from.


  4. 4
    bob says:

    doing a deal in the background to step down!!!!


  5. 5
    #Twatter says:



  6. 6
    never surrender says:

    somebody get a european arrest warrant for Bercow’s Statement


  7. 7
    BBC News says:

    But we have a £1000/hr helicopter hovering over the HOC


  8. 8
    Hear All See All says:

    Probably not alone in choosing newspaper headlines of interest, but ignoring the articles ,to page straight down to the online comments section in order to find out something verging on the truth. If no comments allowed for that article, it’s probably more heavily biased than other articles.
    eg – Scottish newspaper headlines pushing that the NO vote is winning, despite intimidation from the YES camp. The comments section, however paints quite a different picture and seem to raise real doubts on NO campaign claims of intimidation, suggesting only YES campaigners have suffered. Jim Murphy’s claims don’t seem to be accepted north of the border.
    Like English papers smearing UKIP, it seems their Scottish relatives use similar tactics to influence their readers.


    • 17
      Hootsmon the Voteless Tartanator says:

      I am not very interested in the inevitable shenanigangling which continues ahead of the vote.

      The Scottish Executive did not do me the courtesy of enabling me to vote on the issue, despite my entitlement to Scottish citizenship should the result of the vote be yes. That is all I need to know about how ‘free and fair’ this all is.


      • 21
        Albert's chainsaw sharpeners says:

        The Scots alone voting on a referendum to me is illegal, if we are supposed to be a Union of countries then all the countries in the Union should have a vote on the referendum, I believe this is not a real referendum but just a vehicle to pay more to Scotland , I think the vote is already known and that is a NO, that’s why they’ve allowed voting by the Scots only, corruption on a giant scale, 18 days to prove I’am wrong.


        • 94
          Tom Catesby . says:

          If the ‘payoff’ for Scotland haiving voted ‘no’ in the referendum, is to be,’devomax’, the regions of England should be looking at this as a serious option for themselves. An urgent requirement for jobs and democracy.


          • Tom Catesby . says:

            Probably the most successful(and surprisingly most industrialised) country in Europe, operates a system of almost complete autonomy in administration to it’s regions. that is Switzerland.


    • 19
      The Establishment says:

      Sorry but we have already decided that the result will be “No”.

      If we let the jocks have independence, the taffs and even bloody cornwall will be next.

      We cannot allow that to happen… so we won’t.


  9. 10
    "Enrichment"-loving Guardian bedwetter says:

    There’s no problem that can’t be solved with more immigration.

    Rainbow nation, yaaaaay!!!!!


  10. 13
    Jeffrey Bernard says:

    He’s probably hoping it will all go away.


  11. 14
    Gotta pull my kecks up says:

    No statement, makes people wonder and ponder as to why this little tryst with Bercow throwing his toys out of his pram because he’s not getting his own way in who he wants to appoint, I always thought but after the last speaker, the job of the speaker was the highest position in the house of corruption which commanded respect, instead Bercow has turned it into a nursery fight with one kid deciding he wants all his own way.


  12. 15

    The privileges and immunities accorded to the Speaker were designed to protect the post from an overbearing and dictatorial Executive. They were NOT designed to protect an overbearing and dictatorial Speaker from proper Parliamentary scrutiny . The cause of Liberal Democracy has not been well served by either of the two most recent incumbents – both of which were Labour choices.


  13. 16
    Only saying... says:

    If this had been a Tory Minister he would have demanded they appear in front of the house and explained themselves (as he has done before). What little credibility he had left has now gone now and he should resign forthwith.

    The man is an utter disgrace and both he and his odious common wife have brought disgrace and a shambles onto one of the most traditional of roles in the land and made it a laughing stock worldwide.


  14. 18
    • 22
      Observation Pedant says:

      good try pointless exercise as not Cameron.s fault. It is Labour’s fault though bas you well know. Now Cameron may have to apologize yet again for another Labour mess but whats new to that and why a petition needed he does that all the time anyway?


    • 24
      Norm Normal says:

      Another pointless smearing poll from a liebor troll.

      Dave had nothing to do with it. Try Hampshire’s Chief Huntstubble and tha NHS stazi who kicked this all off.

      The polls asking Dave and Theresa to remove Shaun Wright were also pointless as they don’t have the legal power.

      Is this going to be a tactic for the next 8 months? Is Dave going to be asked to apologise for bad weather and colds and flu this winter?


      • 84
        Heir to Blair? More like Heil Blair says:

        What has “Dave” done to decrease the likelihood of these sort of things occurring?

        Fuck all.

        Dave is letting the Blair/Brown years carry on through his Continuity Labour government, quite happily.


    • 31
      Anonymous says:

      Whoever you blame for this outrageous attack on personal liberty by the state, Lib, Lab or Con, it does a great job of showing the EU in its true light and the multiple failings of the above 3.

      It’s a gift to UKIP.

      Being a master of PR you would have thought “Call me Dave” would have realised this.

      Vote UKIP.


      • 96
        Tom Catesby . says:

        I listened to Clegg on radio four this morning, twisting himself in knots about the ‘constitutional rights’ of murderers and savages coming back into this country to attack it, from places like Iraq, Syria etc. It was interesting to compare these concerns with the disgraceful treatment of the King family, who rights and freedoms have been attacked and abused. Of course, those that are responsible for this need not fear beheadings and bombs from the Kings.


  15. 23
    Col. Nut says:

    He doesn’t need a bunker. A rathole is big enough.


  16. 26
    Roy Orbison says:

    Just Running Scared…


  17. 30
    Ed Balds says:

    You don’t wanna chukka you munnia baht whenna you canna stash it offa da shures!


  18. 33
    cynic says:

    Johnny Bercow,
    Puddin’ and Pie,
    Appointed the girls
    and made MPs cry,
    When the big boys
    came out to play
    Johnny Bercow ran away



  19. 34
    Skippy says:

    Get rid of the dwarf fucktatd.


  20. 35



  21. 36
    Bill Quango MP says:

    Julian Assange has offered John Bercow asylum in his room at the Ecuadorian embassy.

    Apparently there’s a filing cabinet that Bercow can make his own


  22. 37
    cynic says:

    Eenie Meanie
    Meanie Mo
    Will I
    Wont I
    Let her go


  23. 38
    cynic says:

    About as well run as a Badger Cull


  24. 40
    Deirdre Barlow's Neck says:

    New woman to head the BBC worked for the Financial times who did not spot the credit crunch coming being appointed to run the BBC who did not spot Jimmy Saville behaviour and crimes,sounds about right,unless of course the Financial Times did know the credit crunch was coming…….I wonder ?


    • 65
      idon'tneednodoctor says:

      Didn’t hear that any license fee payer was asked about the appointment. So who did choose her?


    • 75
      táxpáyér says:

      If you read the comments here you’d have got quite accurate information as to the orer of the banks failing during the inevitable future credit crunch.

      Say 1 months warning for Northern Rock…


  25. 42

    Vote UKIP :-D


  26. 43
    never surrender says:

    Parents of sick child kept in gaol while siblings stopped from seeing child in hospital. What the fuck is going on ? Is this all to protect some NHS jobsworth ?


  27. 46
    Diane Fatberg in Shepherd's Bush says:

    DM website today:
    Fatberg the size of a jumbo jet strikes central London: Eighty-metre mass of congealed fat and wet wipes under the streets of Shepherd’s Bush took four DAYS to break up.


  28. 49
    Not In My Name says:

    No doubt in fevered attempts at damage limitation.

    Which could prove a tad difficult if it were to be the case that she already has a contract (actual or implied) on the back of Bercow being presumptive and premature.

    That would be a taxpayer funded field day for employment lawyers

    Which could explain why he has to keep pressing on and try to blag Plan A through: found out but nowhergo.


    • 67
      Back1woodsman says:

      What if she “forgot” to mention in her interview, the rather inconvenient enquiry the shackle draggers appear to have her involved in. Wouldn”t that be Little Johns get out card ?
      Alternatively, if he knew about it , and still went ahead, he”s fuked, the public purse is fuked, we are all fuked


  29. 50
    John Bellingham says:



  30. 51

    Media news:

    ITAR-TASS is 110 years old today. They are re-branding back to TASS also, dropping the ITAR.

    ITAR was acronym for: Information Telegraph Agency of Russia

    The agency will now be known by the more familiar (and Twitter friendly?): TASS

    Vote UKIP :-D


  31. 57
    Jealous Yankee says:

    The coverup begins. Bercow will be the next PM


  32. 59
    nell says:

    So it’s already 14.40pm – has he ? or hasn’t he?


  33. 63
    Bill Quango MP says:

    “Any sign, number one?”

    “Still nothing sir… Just …vanished”

    “keep alert number one. That U-Bercow can’t stay down forever.”

    “He might be making a run for it sir. Too Australia?”

    “He won’t run, number one. he’ll try to stay down and slip back to his berth unnoticed. Slippery little devil….keep watch.. And if we haven’t spotted his little periscope by 15.00, have Simon Carr dump another load of depth charges on him.”


  34. 70
    Hatchet faced sourpuss Yvette says:

    I’m available 24/7 if anyone would like to film my disgusted face.


  35. 79
    Biff says:

    Can’t wait for the next instalment of Get Shorty!


  36. 80
    Jen The Blue says:

    Why don’t our spineless excuses for politicians just have a vote of confidence and sack the poisonous, self serving egotist?


  37. 81



  38. 99
    Anonymous says:

    “Bercow Clerk Statement: Full Text”
    Primary school children now forced to study Shakespeare, by the Caliphate. So hopefully as adults, they might recall an observation along the lines of this: Some claim an innate grasp of reality. Some seek to achieve a grasp of reality. And some have reality forced upon their preferred personal version of reality…


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