September 1st, 2014

Indy Quietly Changes ‘Powerful Jewish Lobby’ Headline

The Indy’s eccentric Mira Bar Hillel is off on one again this afternoon, with the headline writer wheeling out the age old “Jewish lobby” slur for her latest frothing about Israel, which includes the charming imagery of “tentacles”. Unfortunately the online subs didn’t get to the headline before MediaGuido had grabbed a screenshot.


  1. 1
    Anonymous says:

    Still includes the word “tentacles”, a traditional anti-semitic image. Dog whistling to its lefty readership.


  2. 2
    Snag says:

    Independent Voices? Independent of rational thought.


  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    Why did the government ignore slaughter in G@z@?

    H@m@s started the conflict and should be held responsible for the deaths they caused for their own people. Izrael will not sit on its hands while being bombed by H@m@s.


    • 28
      Hypocrite Hunter says:

      Well no, the ZioLoons started this by invading Palestine and herding millons into refugee camps, you lie-spewing zionazi Hasbara slime.


      • 39
        Turn a Tina says:

        Hunting Hypocrites are you? You do know that hypocrites aren’t those big, grey beasts with the surprisingly quick stumpy legs, don’t you?


  4. 4
    EeeYepBlowingGoats says:

    Told you shlomo, hasbara, etc.

    Anyone got any pictures of dead kids I can knock one out over?


  5. 5
    Same Old-Same Old-Same Old Story. says:

    Nowt has changed. Izrael is demonized again even when H@m@s attacked Izrael first.


    • 33
      Hypocrite Hunter says:

      Eeer, no, you slimy liar.
      There are 5 million refugees living in camps thanks to your ZioNAZI slimebag land thieves.
      Just today it was announced that tyhe ZioLoons are going to steal another 3 square KMs as collective punishment for the alleged “kidnapping” of three of the alleged master race. IDF sturmtruppen regularly kidnap kids and people. For the past 9 years they have on average KILLED one Palestinian child every three days, not counting the latest massacre.

      Anybody who still falls for the shrill whine of Iz victimhood is ignorant beyond stupidity.


  6. 6
    Anonymous says:

    The Guff Conflict.


  7. 7
    my moustache is luxuriant says:

    I know it’s a cheap shot and chauvinistic, but she is fucking ugly.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. 9
    Norm Normal says:

    Did anyone notice Dennis Skinner making a fool of himself today? Resign you senile old fool!

    Looked like everyone was disgusted with his nonsense rant.


  9. 10
    Whippersnapper2 says:

    Stupid bitch, she ought to marry that senile cnut Kaufman. At it again in the HOC I note. A one trick pony.


  10. 13
    • 29
      Hypocrite Hunter says:

      Fuck off, Shlomo. You habitually commit war crimes and then whine about your faux victimhood.


      • 35
        iman imam iam says:

        I say potato, you say shlomo
        I say tomato, you say shlomo
        potato, shlomo
        tomato, shlomo
        let’s call the whole thing retarded


        • 41
          Turn a Tina says:

          Shlomo, apparently, is a favourite name among the hippopotamus community. HH says he hunts ‘em, but actually he just stands on the bank swearing at them. Until one of them glances his way ….


          • Aardvark says:

            Don’t get baited by this thing.

            He’s just a sad, pathetic man who writes thousands of racist messages.

            Anyone who disagrees with him is Israeli.

            Its very sad.


          • Shalom, Schmalom says:

            OK, “Shneur” it is then.
            Hello Shneur!


  11. 15

    your site is temporarily screwed guido

    does not accept uploads any more as from 40 minutes ago …..


  12. 16

    why are you not allowing certain comnents 5o appear at all Guido ?

    Just say they are awaiting moderation like you always do you arch pedant..

    Or have the Stasi and the Securitate taken compkete control and turfed you out as we ll ??!!


  13. 18
    Ho Ym Dog! says:

    Are you seriously trying to suggest that there isn’t a powerful Yewish lobby?!

    I’ll never understand how people can critise the criticism of Netanyahu’s king Herod impersonation – willfully launching military assaults on primary school children and trying to spin it as human shield / not his fault; and then illegally and aggressively annexing yet more Palestinian territory as some kind of childish petulant “punishment”.

    What’s stopping Netanyahu from just nuking Gaza, and just using the human shield defence to justify that?!

    Just fücking imbeciles – how is this ever going to end in anything but genocide?!


  14. 20
  15. 24
    Ban Tesco says:

    The media are promoting Nazism just like Tesco’s special offers.


  16. 25
    Only DisConnect on BBC2 says:

    More Media Tripe!


  17. 26
    George Galloway says:

    Nazi bitch.


  18. 36
    Heretic says:

    It might interest you to know that the word “racism” can be attributed to three individuals, Magnus Hirschfeld, Victor Gollancz and Gerald Ronson. What do they have in common?


  19. 48
    A Silent Emission of Bowel Gas says:

    If Israel would play the game and just let those rockets through we wouldn’t be having all these problems.


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