September 1st, 2014

GuyNews: The Ashya King Story

Here the father explains the arrogance of the NHS doctors who caused the parents of Ashya to be arrested. The child is now alone in a Spanish hospital. Ashya was at no extra risk with his parents who had all the necessary medical equipment and were caring for him. From what the father says the NHS doctors were unsure of how to proceed with treatment. Any parent will do whatever is necessary for their sick child…


Ashya’s granny didn’t hold back on the Today programme:

The Spanish authorities should allow these loving parents to see their child immediately…

UPDATE: South East UKIP MEP Janice Atkinson is calling for the immediate release of her constituents Brett and Naghemeh King and asking the Home Secretary to question use of European Arrest Warrant. “I call on the Home Secretary to contact the Spanish authorities so that Ashya’s parents are released immediately… Then I would ask her whether she now thinks that pernicious European Arrest Warrant works in the hands of over-zealous policemen in the interests of British citizens?” Quite.


  1. 1
    M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

    Do the Filth only act when it’s a topical item, headline news?

  2. 2
    Offended says:

    Victims of Rochdale as they were used to cleanse the news of it.

  3. 3
    Wah wah pedal says:

    They’ve committed no crime but have rejected the state health system.
    That’s now an arrestable offence, can separate you from a very ill child and get you deported.
    It’s all for your protection.

  4. 4
    The British media are cunts says:

    Seriously. You need to keep away from NHS death camps.

  5. 5
    LB says:

    It is interesting.

    1. NHS fails to treat – proton therapy because they don’t have the machine.

    Instead they want to give a damaging and risky treatment or no treatment at all.

    They deny that the alternative is available or better

    2. When they discover their bluff is called, rather than ‘fess up to lying, they go on the offence. They get the police. They tar and blacken the patient and the family as the villains.

    3. Now the cops are back tracking. We were only following orders ….

    I just hope the Spanish see through the lies and refuse to extradite. Then I hope the police get done for wrongful arrest. That will make them think twice. If the police want to recover the money they can sue the doctors.

  6. 6
    Owen Jones is a cunt says:

    No, this is about Jehovah’s Witnesses who removed him because they feared the hospital would give some kind of treatment that goes against their fairytale beliefs. Whether it’s muslim perverts and terrorists or Christian fundamentalists, it reinforces why religion is poisonous and for simple people easily brainwashed.

  7. 7
    JM says:

    It was initially reported that the parents had done nothing wrong. Now we are told that they are to be charged with child neglect (whatever that is). This is so clearly a transparent fig leaf to head off a claim by the parents for false imprisonment. If the parents are to be believed they had been told that there was no more active treatment available and that the only care to be provided was palliative. The parents have done what any parent would do; they have gone elsewhere in search of active treatment meanwhile maintaining the palliative care regime. Why this should so offend the organs of our state, which ever more worryingly seem to think that they know what is best for us, I have no idea. It’s a pity our police do not bring the same resources to bear to investigate allegations of sexual abuse of minors by organised gangs, but then the law abiding citizen is always a much easier and softer target.

  8. 8
    Django says:

    Can’t catch IS jihadists leaving or returning but oh didn’t they a great job on Cliff Richard and this family.

  9. 9
    Sir Toffington says:

    Trusting the Internet over doctors…. I know it’s like a Libertarian wet dream here. But I’m not sooo sure this is as clear cut as you’re making.

  10. 10
    Old Geezer says:

    And yet the police completely ignored hundreds of Muslim thugs terrorising young white girls across the land.

    These people are white, Christian, and have not broken any law. Obvious targets for today’s politically correct brainwashed plods.

  11. 11
    JuliaM says:

    I think they are trying to erase the stain of Rotherham, and have badly miscalculated.

    Watch the finger pointing begin now, as the police blame the hospital for misleading them, and the hospital start to backtrack on what they have claimed about the seriousness of the issue with the feeding pack.

  12. 12
    Anonymous says:

    No, police act when their pals in another state body feel they’re losing control of other people’s lives.

    It’s called totalitarianism.

  13. 13
    Django says:

    Owen sooner or later you need to grow up!

  14. 14
    stillwalkingintodarkness says:

    it’s an easy catch for the filth to boost the old statistics. Never mind trying to catch murderers or rapists or child abusers or to refer to them as their collective noun, politicians

  15. 15
    Ho Ym Dog! says:

    Breaking news: British state broadcaster attempts to redirect the news agenda with non-story.

  16. 16
    JuliaM says:

    You’re a moron. That’s been discounted.

  17. 17
    SS says:

    How people say I am paranoid about this being a police state?
    Too late I think.

  18. 18
    LB says:

    Which treatment is that?

    Blood transfusion? You’ve an odd set of medical knowledge if you think that blood transfusions work for brain tumors.

  19. 19
    Whippersnapper2 says:

    This is an utterly disgusting case which I don’t understand at all. There is no way they should be under arrest and in handcuffs. Disgusting disgusting, what has our civilisation come to? ….methinks there are some egos at stake here certainly not the welfare of the child. Totally appalling matter. I hope the judge throws out the case immediately there is no justification for any of this.

  20. 20
    JuliaM says:

    Aren’t you?

    Leaving aside the issue of the treatment, the state actions in this have done more to get people talking about the limits of state power. A win!

  21. 21
    MB. says:

    Of course if he lived in the one-party state of Scotland then he would have a State Guardian up to the age of 18 like all other children.

  22. 22
    Tony E says:

    The police made this a headline item, along with the Doctors, by issuing a European Arrest Warrant. Unnecessary.

    But the long and short of it is that the parents have broken no laws. The Doctors were not given custodianship of this young boy and it is still within the parents rights to seek medical assistance for him in any place they so choose.

    The EU arrest warrant forces the Spanish to act, because it is not evidence based. There need not be evidence of neglect, only an accusation in a fellow EU country. This is a travesty of any kind of justice, and certainly something no Englishman should have to be subject to.

    It is also evident that the treatment they seek is one that is not sanctioned by the NHS or NICE, but is available in Spain. The NHS is now going beyond its powers in using the police to enforce its own medical opinions upon free born Englishmen, who may seek for themselves or their family any medical care that they so wish without the ‘permission’ of the NHS.

    As government becomes more powerful, and supranational mechanisms become the order of the day, power is transmitted to all arms of the state which can no longer be controlled and are no longer servants of the people, but their masters.

  23. 23
    Bert (not the one at the Spectator) says:



  24. 24
    AuntieVermin says:

    His medical team are bound by confidentiality from specifics.
    The child has a brain tumour, and looks pretty knocked out, his parents are desperate. They are looking for proton therapy, but on the basis that when needed the NHS sends around 100 kids overseas for this, there is no evidence to say this has been denied per se.
    The father was said to be heading to the Czech Republic to get this done, so why turn right at Cherbourg and go to Spain?
    Brain tumour treatment can wreck the intellect and reduce IQ if not done carefully. Cancer treatment in the UK is world best, and this kind of case gets pooled resource management from different centres, so decisions aren’t based on a quick look at a list of treatment and picking one out.
    This is not a Lorenzos Oil situation, although desperate plucky parents makes a good story treatment days lost by this escapade will contribute to a lower life expectancy.
    Hope they manage to settle their worries and treat the child pronto

  25. 25
    Anon says:

    It’s worked with you, squire, since you’ve already forgotten where the scandal erupted.

  26. 26
    Dougie Carswell says:

    I would like a European arrest warrant served on the Assistant Chief Constable of Hants Police.

    Hear ! Hear !

  27. 27
    Ho Ym Dog! says:

    The policeand nhs have been politicised under labour.

    Reacting against immigrant see offenders is called “reactionary” by the blob media stooges; reacting with the hysterical heavyhandedness of ab “international manhunt ” against a family trying to save life of their child, is not?!

    Seems very much like a collective attempt to protect their jobs against the PC SS.

  28. 28
    Dave in Hiding says:

    Mustn’t criticise the NHS and Plod.

  29. 29
    LB says:

    The father was said to be heading to the Czech Republic to get this done, so why turn right at Cherbourg and go to Spain?


    1. Believe they intended to sell a Spanish property to fund the treatment
    2. Are you sure Spain doesn’t have the machine?
    3. The state was threatening to take the child into care, and deny the child proton therapy.

    That’s what happens when you call the state’s bluff.

  30. 30
    Ho Ym Dog! says:

    Rochdale events happened before those in Rotherham, fuckwit.

  31. 31
    Why not? says:

    Were the Muckanns banged up for deserting their daughter and going on the piss?

  32. 32
    Anonymous says:

    Could not agree more….

  33. 33
    Ho Ym Dog! says:

    See?! I think you can guess the letter that was supposed to go there

  34. 34
    twinkle says:

    The child’s condition has been said to be terminal. This case speaks volumes for the chronically poor communication between consultants and patients families that is common in the UK.

    The parents wanted Proton Beam Therapy but that is not available in the UK
    Possibly this would make no difference to the final outcome but its obvious the parents had no faith in what UK consultants were telling them.

  35. 35
    Ab'dullah ibn Ab'dilazīz, King of Saudi Arabia says:

    I have today officially warned ‘Western governments’ that terror groups will attack Europe in the next month unless they are confronted with “power and speed”.

    Global order needs to be retained so that people can fly their private jets on shopping trips to Harrods and cut their daughter’s heads off in public with impunity.

    I am doing my bit. I have told the oil bilionairres in my country who are funding IS’IS that they are very naughty boys.

  36. 36
    Whippersnapper2 says:

    Fcuk Scotland.

  37. 37
    Anonymous says:

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing isn’t it? It lets you make all sort of cheap political points at the expense of the people who have to take the difficult decisions based on incomplete information.

    So go on then Guido, let’s hear all about how as you would have done absolutely nothing when the child and parents went missing with no indication as to where they had gone or why?

  38. 38
    Ho Ym Dog! says:

    You think Doctors don’t use the Internet?
    How trusting you are. I suppose you think all medical staff know what they’re doing all the time too, eh?

  39. 39
    Whippersnapper2 says:

    Definitely, ghastly little jobsworth. WHO exactly signed this fatuous EAW.

  40. 40
    The Establishment is infested with Nonces says:

    Correct. It is about sending a message that parents are merely guardians with the state’s permission. The state owns your children.

    If you child has a birth certificate, then in purely legal terms, the state DOES own your children.

    In “legalese” (the official language of the Law Society) You apply to submit a certificate of registration your child and they give you a certificate, (which incidentily is NOT a valid form of identification as it states on the certificate) In legalese, APPLY means to beg. To submit is to give your authority away, and when you register something, you give legal right away in return for a certificate. Same when you Register your car with the DVLA, they allow you to remain the “Legal keeper” of the vehicle, but not the owner. That way the state can reclaim THEIR property from you if you break their rules. If you owned that vehicle, the police taking it away would be theft.

    When you beg to give authority away to the state and register your child, in legalese, you are handing legal right to the state to take your child into their possession whenever they like.

  41. 41
    Police State Britain says:

    They also don’t care to catch r@pists of 1000+ children.

  42. 42

    You are an NHS senior manager and I claim my £5

  43. 43
    Old Nick Heavenly says:

    Britain is an openly fascist country

    has been for a long time

    it is just visible everywhere now

  44. 44
    Ho Ym Dog! says:

    Fück French Connection

  45. 45
    Graham Swift says:

    Welcome to the UK , the latest totalitarian state.

  46. 46
    A Chinaman says:

    What reponsible parents have six kids these days ?

  47. 47

    Why is it you leave no stone unturned to prove what a complete pillock you are?

  48. 48
    PitPony says:

    The EU regards the NHS as an insured healthcare system. You pay in. You get sick. You are entitled to treatment. Under the Single Market you are entitled to get that treatment anywhere in the EU and recover the cost from the NHS.
    In practice you have to show that the treatment was not available in good time in the UK.
    What this family is doing is endorsed by EU directive.

  49. 49
    Wah wah pedal says:

    Yes, the Police and the NHS will look bad and ‘lessons will be learned’ however as you say, Rotherham is now off the news and won’t appear again until there’s some form of enquiry/whitewash. By which time, people will have moved on (again) and there’ll be few prosecutions owing to the passage of time.
    That’s code for none of the perpetrators are famous.

  50. 50
    Ho Ym Dog! says:

    Reminds me of Ed Balls trying to tell us how to feed our kids – as if anyone is going to take dietary advice from that fat fück(wit).

  51. 51
    brian says:

    As he had brain surgery some transfusion of blood must have taken place. The fact they were asking for the latest treatment shows they are doing what is best for their son.

    The media, especially the BBC tried to smear them by mentioning their religion. By implication they are religious nuts. How many other general news stories, mention religion. Even the Rochdale story they try to not use the word Muslim.

    Atheist myself, but sometimes the religion is not the story. A bit of humanity would not go amiss

  52. 52
    Retired GP says:

    The attitude of the NHS as a whole is that all necessary treatment is available on the NHS and to suggest otherwise is an arrestable offence. Of course as far as champagne socialists are concerned children are owned by the State.

  53. 53
    nell says:

    The police said that they took out a European Arrest Warrant because the doctors at the hospital made a statement to them that the child would be dead by Friday night if not found. Where is this statement, which was used to dupe the police into action, which is now clearly untrue

    The parents have said that they requested a second opinion and proton beam treatment and were told by the doctors that if they persisted in seeking better treatment elsewhere they would be made the subject of a child protection order and prevented from having contact with their son whilst southampton persisted in their do nothing policy and sat around whilst this child died over the four month period they were predicting with the parents being denied access to him.

    Talk about the NHS death camps!!

  54. 54

    Those Chinese who hide the true size of their families from a Socialist
    State? Oh, and muzzies.

  55. 55
    albacore says:

    Don’t look over here, now. Look over there
    Concentrate on one family’s despair
    Erase Rotherham right out of your mind
    Migration’s erasing you and your kind

  56. 56
    LB says:

    In the past, slave owners would keep stud books of their slave’s breeding.

    The state does the same.

    The left have that attitude. When asked what are the assets to back up their 9 trillion debt (pensions included), they state its the future tax revenues. [as an aside that isn’t enough]

    In other words, they treat the population as property. As slaves.

    What they won’t do is account for the future spending of keeping the slaves going.

  57. 57
    Police State Britain says:

    Sadly, what you right is true. I am sicked by this whole business. The State does not care a fig about r@ped children, or MP peedos. But boy, if anyone tries to question the opinion of the NHS they are treated as if there were the devil’s own. There is now no justice in Britain. It stinks.

  58. 58
    a Fish says:

    Quite. No doubt Guido would be screaming blue murder about police incompetence if something had happened to the child. But as it is, he’s using this story to try and undermine the NHS, at the bidding of his paymaster Lord Rupert of Murdoch.

  59. 59
    Ho Ym Dog! says:

    They should prosecute themselves for wasting taxpayers’ money…. and the BBC for disseminating and glorifying state terrorism.

  60. 60
    Think the state is your friend? says:

    The ‘envy of the world’ NHS that is ‘World class’ cannot offer this therapy.
    This should tell you everything you need to know about the state of the NHS and the spin machine that supports it.
    Privatise it.

  61. 61
    Gordon the incontinent says:

    Chukka has criticised mah record, typical slimy Hunt of a lawyer.

    Ah saved that world, Ah was the greatest peacetime Chancellor in the world, ye dinae ken. Ah’m busy saving The Union from that Hunt Salmond. Ah’ve been let oot frae Carstairs for the day, pal.

    Can youse spare some money for a pint o’Buckie.

  62. 62
    Police State Britain says:

    Well said.

  63. 63
    LB says:

    The phrase “taken without consent” is the telling one.

    Since when did you need the consent of the state to look after your children?

  64. 64
    Ho Ym Dog! says:

    Same as the BBC – all opinions not available on the BBC are an offence against the blob state.

  65. 65
    Police State Britain says:

    Hear! Hear!

  66. 66
    The Establishment is infested with Nonces says:

    There is only one way to deal with this abuse of law. Get us OUT of the EU!

    There is only one way to do that. As Douglas Carswell proved beyond doubt, the tories will NOT change the EU arrest warrant. They will NOT get us out of the EU.

    Vote UKIP!

  67. 67
    Arnie Guvnor says:

    Good Arrabs. You do not have to knock the heads off your servants any more. Just bring them in slavery to Orange County and shop at Maceys.

    We don’t care either if you sleep with the hired help here either.

    Give ‘em head, make my day!

  68. 68
    nell says:

    Well said grumpyoldman.

    This case is just the tip of the iceberg, there are many hundreds of families across the uk who find themselves referred to social services when they become disillusioned with poor nhs care and ask for 2nd opinions.

    They get accused of munchausen’s/FII or abuse or neglect and often find themselves in the family courts trying to prevent their children being taken away from them.

    Just ask John Hemmings MP who runs the campaign group Justice for Families or the campaign Parents Protecting Children – NHS paediatricians and doctors, social sevices and police have much to answer for and hopefully this case is going to blast this latest high profile scandal right into the open this time.

  69. 69
    Massive Plus ones fior Order Order says:

    Thank you for covering this Guido.

  70. 70
    Oi vey, my life says:

    Thousands of English children handed over to child abusers with taxi fares paid, the child abusers protected and those that allowed it to happen protected. Parents who tried to rescue their children arrested and threatened by the forces of the state, evidence lost and victims ignored in a concerted attempt to maintain the illusion of cultural harmony.

    English parents try to get the best treatment for their sick child after the NHS either couldnt or wouldnt provide that care and the forces of the state leap into fanatical action, get the parents arrested and unable to see their child. Can you imagine the mentality of a state that would do this?

    This is the establishment cartel in action, and what they have planned for the future is far worse.

  71. 71
    thostids says:

    This case illustrates the bizarre situation where parents decline to submit to Physician imposed treatment regimes for their child. Witnesses have a bad Press historically from refusing blood transfusions for children. However, this is not that situation.
    As I understand it, and it is a common occurrence, parents refuse the x-ray treatment following surgery because it does have well-documented adverse results.
    In this child’s case, the hospital allegedly gave said the child is beyond treatment anyway.
    Parents wish to gave a form of treatment which doctors refuse. OK.
    At this point, what does one do? Submit to the treatment “required by the medics”, do nothing, ask to remove child to alternative venue/ take child home?
    It is now routine that Hospitals apply to High Court for the right to impose treatments. Now we know that the propaganda war accompanies the High Court application plus the IAW. Remember the News item that this had been made so that the Police could “talk to the parents”. Before arrest, extradition, compulsory treatment of child. 1984 writ large and twice as horrible. Big Brother loves you.

  72. 72
    nell says:

    undermine the nhs ? you can hardly undermine something that was made second rate under labour’s andyburnham with his introduction and support of nhs death camps. In some places the NHS provides medical care that is worse than that provided in third world countries.

  73. 73
    +1 says:

    So well said. Thank you.

  74. 74
    Ho Ym Dog! says:

    Yes, extremely sinister for the British Blobcasting Continuum to come out with that shït.
    The BBC is the defensive shield for all the other organs of the blobocracy, it’s like the shield of the Death Star – vigorously defended. They know that if you hit the shepherd, the sheep all scatter.

  75. 75
    The Establishment is infested with Nonces says:

    Any child with a birth certificate IS legally owned by the state.

  76. 76
    Police State Britain says:

    Well said. I am 60-year old bloke, university educated, with a “good job”, etc. I used to respect the Police and the NHS. Now, too late perhaps, I see them for what they are – arrogant bastards who will twist everything to their own ends. We are living indeed in a Police state.

  77. 77
    The Critic says:

    Behind every ‘caring’ professional is a Joyce Thacker figure. Attack the symptom, play down the problem.

    Who is it in this case? Flush out the scum who distort the purpose of justice to further their own careers. Social services/NHs/Police/CharitySector. They are everywhere.

  78. 78
    Order Order breaks out into Sensible thoughtful and intelligent mode says:


  79. 79
    An important issue says:

    The health Secretary should be called to the Commons to make a statement and face urgent questions……and sacked if he comes out in favour of the hospital.

  80. 80
    Old Rupee says:

    Me for one. And that Jams ‘two families’ Goldsmith. What about Boris’ dad?

    Dingaling in a Wend Deng Dong!

  81. 81
    The Establishment is infested with Nonces says:

    Well said. The parents did nothing wrong and I hope that they successfully sue the police and NHS for the full cost of the effective treatment of their child.

    Their religion was utterly irrelevant in this particular case.

  82. 82
    nell says:

    And since this family has not been made the subject of a child protection order despite the threats from southampton hospital doctors who wanted to stop them seeking a second opinion and possibly better treatment elsewhere (because that would have proved the opinions of the doctors at Southampton hospital wrong) , these parents retain legal parental responsibility for their child and they are within their legal rights to be doing what they are doing.

    Hampshire Police have issued a European Arrest Warrant based on a false statement made by doctors and for a crime that has not been committed.

  83. 83
    BBC presenter says:

    Let’s go dogging.

  84. 84
    The Critic says:

    I see so you think the NHS always knows best? it does not need Murdoch to undermine the NHS – it’s done a pretty good job of that itself.

  85. 85
    Dave has made it all worse says:

    ConLibLab paradise.

  86. 86
    Ho Ym Dog! says:

    Really? Are you forgetting how well UKIP did in Rotherham recently, and how close Doncaster North is, and what us brewing there: Labour being decapitated in the Yorkshire spring…

  87. 87
    Oi vey, my life says:

    What is needed is lots of sympathetic noises, a years long inquiry headed by a regime stooge or better still an NHS mandarin that will hear as little evidence as possible and lose the uncomfortable bits and come to the conclusion that nobody was to blame and although lessons need to be learned nobody was at fault.

    Hey presto just like magic the issue goes away, this is the establishment cartel doing what it does best.

  88. 88
    Owen Jones says:

    Every day doing the London commute pushes me to despise the human race just that little bit more.

  89. 89
    Hannibal from Carthage says:

    Arrest all Yorkshire Cabbies now !

  90. 90
    Iain Gill says:

    Its the NHS, its crap performance, its refusal to tell patients when there is better treatment available privately or abroad, the lack of choice in the patients hands, and yes the arrogance of the staff within it.
    To be fair to the police they are essentially only acting on advice from the hospital, it is very much the hospital at fault. Although by now the police have had time to research what the parents have said and take a view of how trustworthy the NHS is being.
    Hopefully the national religion of the NHS will start to crumble and we the patients will start to get some buying power.

  91. 91
    Not Cameron says:

    For a start I would like to see the acting Chief Constable of Hampshire police arrested for carrying out a wrongful arrest. Quickly followed by a no ifs no buts apology from Southampton hospital and finally factual reporting by the BBC and not adding by lines of their own such as “without consent”.

  92. 92
    Centre Parting says:

    Nothing much done about Staffs hospital problems years later and then we get this.

    Would the parents have been arrested if they had just taken the poor kid back home?

  93. 93
    ConLibLabbers says:

    We clearly need to appoint more managers, chief executives etc. etc.

    Also spend 110% of GDP on the NHS.

  94. 94
    The Establishment is infested with Nonces says:

    In this case they trusted an empirically trusted and valid medical treatment which happens to not be available on the NHS. This was no “colloidal silver” quackery that they were pursuing. It was a legitimate medical treatment. Almost any parent would do the same.

    Of course some idiotic parents have blind faith in the state and hand their children over willingly and accept when the state fails them.

    Good parents do not.

  95. 95
    The Establishment is infested with Nonces says:

    Well said. +1

  96. 96
    Anonymous says:

    Good for Janice Atkinson. At leastt somone has some commonsense

  97. 97
    The Critic says:


    War is Peace
    Freedom is Slavery
    Weakness is Strength

  98. 98
    Judge Dread says:

    But the child not only survived Friday night but the weekend also…………………..what exactly is going on here , Mr Jay?

  99. 99

    A complete waste of everyones time

  100. 100
    Putin very put out says:

    It is to halt such hideous police state abuses that my noble paratroop volunteers (with tanks and rockets in their knapsacks) are presently sacrificing their summer holidays for mother Russia, I mean the valiant rebels of Eastern Ukraine, and are confronting the monster of European-style democracy in the Donbas.

    And if you want to see how to deal with MoosL1ms, there are still available a few very cheap Aeroflot package holidays to Grozny available at Thomas Cooks. All the guides are given good training by that nice Dr Assad in Damascus.

    A horse, a horse! Someone else’s kingdom for a horse!

  101. 101
    nell says:

    the parents are saying they will find the funds to buy this treatment privately so what right do the nhs doctors and southampton hospital and the hampshire police have to issue a European Arrest Warrant to specifically prevent them from doing just that when the parents, who still have parental responsibility because no child protection order has yet been sought, are legally within their rights to be doing what they are doing in the bests interests of their child?

  102. 102
    Londoner says:

    What is our Prime Minister’s view of this criminalisation of parents seeking to access better non-NHS medical care for their child?

  103. 103
    Putin very put out says:

    It is to halt such hideous police state abuses that my noble paratroop volunteers (with tanks and rockets in their knapsacks) are presently sacrificing their summer holidays for mother Russia, I mean the valiant rebels of Eastern Ukraine, and are confronting the monster of European-style democracy in the Donbas.

    And if you want to see how to deal with MoosL1ms, there are still available a few very cheap Aeroflot package holidays to Grozny available at Thomas Cooks. All the tour guides are given really good training by that nice Dr Assad in Damascus. Their sense of humour is a total gas!

    A horse, a horse! Someone else’s kingdom for a horse!

  104. 104
    Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately, Southampton is over populated with people like these NHS officials and “more than my jobs-worth” police. Wlak down the High Street and every second person seems to be a 15 year old pushing a pram.

  105. 105
    nell says:


  106. 106
    Weygand says:

    Rubbish. Assuming the police were told by the hospital that the child would die within 24 hours or so without medical intervention, they had no choice but to do what they did.
    Had they failed to act and the child had indeed died, the same people criticising the police for acting would be saying what a scandal it was that they had done nothing to save him.
    The real question is over the evidence on the child’s condition and the risk to his life. Where did this come from – and was that the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth? – as it seems at odds with what has happened since.

  107. 107
    The Establishment is infested with Nonces says:

    Correct, they had to raise the money in Spain, to fund the treatment in the Czech Republic.

    And you are correct that they not only had the treatment refused, the parents were refused the right to even contact the specialists to ask about it, and if they pursued it, they were threatened with the child being taken away from them.

    These appear to be genuinely loving and caring parents who want the best for their child. The state has failed them badly and then wilfully abused them.

  108. 108
    Janice Atk1n5on says:

    I thought I’d latch onto this as everyone thinks I’m a complete bitch. They’re not wrong.

  109. 109
    nell says:

    I wouldn’t hold your breath!!

  110. 110
    Reader says:

    Whoever these doctors in Southampton are, I am glad they are not ‘caring’ for me or any members of my family.

  111. 111
    Iain Gill says:

    not just deny the child proton therapy but also impose high radiation dose that would permanently alter the whole brain negatively.

  112. 112
    Col. Nut says:

    The parents handcuffed together as they are led into Court in Madrid. The child in hospital in Malaga with a police guard and family members denied access or information. The British plod saying they have absolutely nothing to apologise for. The NHS refusing to account for their actions by hiding behind “confidentiality.” Welcome to Police State Europe where elf’n safety rules and asinine legality override common sense.
    Were they Muslims rather than Jehovah’s Witnesses, would this family have been treated in such a heavy handed way?

  113. 113
    David Ricardo says:

    We live in a global world and when it comes to health care we should have a free global market.

  114. 114
    Blood Is Boiling says:

    That complete knob ” Assistant Chief Constable” who was on the news “Proud of what he and his force have achieved” should be fired or even sent up to reinforce Rotherham in the hope they may find some real criminals. ( don’t hold your breath though )

    To make it worse, when we was pontificating about how wonderful they were and how effective the European Arrest warrant was, he appeared to have an IQ of about 5

    It is not until these people are suddenly “pop up” coppers on the news that you realise the calibre of people enrusted with our well being!!

  115. 115
    Reader says:

    While a clear abuse of the European Arrest Warrant, it is no more ridiculous than the way the Polish authorites issued them to try and extradict people for such serious criminal matters as not completing the payments on TV hire purchase agreements or having bald tyres.

  116. 116
    Sir Robert Peel says:

    Sad but true

  117. 117
    Long John Silver' s parrot says:

    Calm down, calm down.

    Worse things happened in the Spanish Civil War.

    Calm down.

  118. 118
    nell says:

    The parents did not need consent – no child protection order had been taken out against them so they retain parental responsibility for their child, they are legally entitled to be doing what they are doing in seeking the best treatment options for their child wherever they choose to take him. They have committed no offence , they are acting legally within their rights, they have been unlawfully arrested and their child unlawfully removed from their care.

    Now it is time for hampshire police and nhs southampton hospital to admit they made a mistake, to withdraw from this case and allow this family to get their lives back on track and looking at ways to privately fund the treatment that they wish to pursue for their much loved son.

  119. 119
    Weakling Dave says:

    I’m waiting for some young spaddy to tell me how I can get the best TV coverage for myself over this issue. Criticising the NHS mafia is fraught with danger for a vulnerable politician like me.

    Just hoping that Theresa doesn’t get all macho and upstage me in the meantime.

  120. 120
    Jeremy K. Hunt says:

    Oh good, another story to help American businesses take over our health care. Can’t wait.

  121. 121
    Mycroft says:

    You are not wrong in what you say.

  122. 122
    Raving Loon says:

    The state owns your children, not you; get with the programme!

  123. 123
    Ain't that the truth. says:

    You are 100% correct.

    A man promoted to the next grade above his ability if ever I saw one.

  124. 124

    I have only been in Southampton once in my life.

    I will not be going back anytime soon.

    Thank you for warning me.

  125. 125
    Mycroft says:

    They edited that out sharpish.

    Too obvious propaganda content is often removed sharpish after the idea has taken hold.

  126. 126
    Is it me? says:

    There is no organisation so vengeful as one that has been proved wrong. My guess is the parents had an inkling of what would happen if they ignored the established advice.

    The best protection any patient has is active involved relatives – the patient is too vunerable to act for themselves.

  127. 127
    Dave Wisteria says:

    The Peter Principle of management is alive and kicking in UK PLC

  128. 128
    Sack the Southampton Acting Chief constable NOW says:

    Why are the parents chained up?

    This is absolutely barbaric.

  129. 129

    The religion is important as Jehovas’ have a long history of being persecuted by the State mainly because of their non-conformist pacifist beliefs.

    As a global organization – centrally controlled – the ripples from this incident will be spreading quite wide, and possibly against the interests of the UK.

    Unlike cults such as the ‘Sc!entologists’, Jehovas’ do not have any major issues with medical practices – however – assisted suicide they would react to rightly as it goes against Gods teaching: They are a bit funny about m’urder and s’uicide.

    The fact they picked up medical equipment and were just trying to sort out their own affairs after not getting proper or up to date medical advice in the UK demonstrate that they are being persecuted for trying to act in the best interests of their child.

    If the child now dies there is a superb opportunity for hanging a 5 year old NHS martyr around Cameron and the Euro Arrest Warrant’s neck.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  130. 130
    Londoner says:

    It would be interesting to consider what would have happened if one, or both, of the parents was a Spanish citizen.

  131. 131
    Blimey says:

    The Lib Dems would like us to become a rest and recuperation base for Jihadis. After a few weeks/months beheading and pillaging they can come back for a breather, collect their benefits and return for a spot of Jadadiing. Anything less would breach their human rights and possibly be illegal apparently.

  132. 132
    Gary Elsby says:

    The only question is , ‘why is my NHS no good’?

  133. 133

    Vote UKIP :-D

  134. 134
    Is it me? says:

    The real problem is that an arrest warrant can be issued without evidence! The Police did not have to ask the Medics to document their claims- they may have been more circumspect of they had.

  135. 135
    The British media are cunts says:

    More proof that the NHS and the Police are not fit for purpose.

  136. 136
    Mycroft says:

    It may be worse than that!!!

    it seems to be emerging that Sot’on Hosp. told the parents that there was nothing they could do further, so they took the decision to try elsewhere.

    ‘IF’ that is true then I’d have my child out and across to any Country in the World to get some hope.

  137. 137
    Londoner says:

    The EU and its laws are a barbarous invention. What do you expect?

  138. 138
    Anon says:

    @Ho Ym Dog!

    Well aware of Cyril Smith’s peccadilloes, but the poster was referring to the news cycle and the news cycle immediately before this story broke was concerned with Rotherham.

    BTW, do you like insulting strangers on the internet? What a very peculiar person you must be.

  139. 139
    The British media are cunts says:

    The NHS is no good because it employs dross and wasters. No one chooses to work in the NHS by choice and the unions brainwash people to think the NHS is there for the 1 million UNITE scum bags.

  140. 140
    The British media are cunts says:

    I wonder if Danny Boyle might like to re-edit his shameful NHS blow job at the Olympic opening ceremony?

    We could have a baby being dragged across the stadium by an overweight unwashed fat copper with two NHS ‘witch doctors) laughing away as the family are dragged off by two scummy Spanish plods.

  141. 141
    The Chief Constable of Commonpurposeshire says:

    It gave me a real hard-on.

  142. 142
    Not In My Name says:

    To sell the family apartment in order to raise funds for said treatment.

    Next brilliant question?

    Plod were told a pack of lies in order to try to keep the lid on this.

  143. 143
    A Right Fucking Bastard says:

    You’ve been reading that “Freeman on the land” bollocks, haven’t you?

    It’s like being bukkake’d with stupidity.

  144. 144
    He Could Have Moonlighted With The STASI says:

    I would presume that the head of the local NHS and the idiot ACC are very “common purpose”

    Sadly, as we know, there is no chance at all of the ACC being arrested, and off course if the parents evcentually sue Hants police, which they indeed should, we the taxpayer pay up rather than this knob losing his job and house!!!

  145. 145
    A Right Fucking Bastard says:


    They aren’t.

    This affair is bad enough without your fucking FotL pseudolegal woo obscuring the real issues.

  146. 146
    Staffed by immigrants, for immigrants says:

    The NHS is the paramilitary wing of the BBC.

  147. 147
    Sir Toffington says:

    Proton Beam Therapy doesn’t work with every cancer. You’re taking this guys word that it works for the little sprog. It doesn’t have to be quackery to not be worth doing. Arsenic Trioxide is a treatment for cancer doesn’t mean it’s the right treatment for his cancer.

    NHS has come out that they offered a second opinion , they also fund people to get therapy when it could work.

    And you’re absolute distrust in medicine reminds me off the Liberian Sacking of and fleeing from an Ebola clinic because there are better treatments elsewhere. I bet you don’t vaccinate either.

    But you’re right we all know better so best not to wait and see the full story Pitchforks at the ready! Who knew not waiting for facts was sooo fun and self righteous.

  148. 148
    Mr Woy says:

    Is that the 3rd world?

  149. 149
    majorfrustration says:

    This typifies this country – and its ruling class and its establishment – chase after a family doing its best yet 1400 girls in Rotherham are allowed to be abused.

  150. 150
    Labour do not want the truth (and it looks lijke the Tories neither) says:

    No it’s not Gary. This is about freedom of the individual from an NHS that uses the courts and a complicit Police to enforce its regime.

    And you of all people living only a few miles from Stafford should know the answer to you own question anyway. Where the Whistleblower became the victim of Labour supporters who wrecked her business and drove her out of town for exposing the Labour condoned cruelty within that hospital. FFS they even posted their own shit through her letter box.

  151. 151
    Someone says:

    Is there a fund available fo us to help this family?

  152. 152
    Gary Elsby says:

    That isn’t the truth.
    The truth is that David Cameron and the Conservative party are going to come out of this very badly.
    Their only escape is to do what everyone in Great Britain wants and that is for proton beam therapy to be made available here across the board.

  153. 153

    Yes they are. Their purpose is to provide worthless sinecures for those that “follow the rules” earning high pay followed by gold plated pensions at the taxpayers’ expense.

  154. 154
    1984 - a plan, not a prediction says:

    That’s one of many reasons why people are idesperate for UKIP.

  155. 155
    Vote UKip says:

    It’s all immigrants fault.

  156. 156
    Not In My Name says:

    There is a 13 page NHS guide for patients who receive Proton Beam Therapy abroad.

    It is centrally funded.

    The real issue is why this is necessary when we have “the envy of the world”

    The answer is that cancer treatment in the UK is way behind the curve.

  157. 157
    The Only Way is Up says:

    I bet he was top scorer in the early days for greaest number of parking tickets given out in any one day, before he lost that power to the Civil Enforcement n.azi.s

  158. 158
    Find the toilet says:

    Mcguire, you’re so obvious!

  159. 159
    Gary Elsby says:

    I agree totally.

  160. 160
    Police State Britain says:

    I just love the term “caring professional”. Jesus, please when my time comes, et me die in the hands of a caring amateur.

  161. 161
    Plod black propaganda says:

    It’s a lie.

    The first thing the PLOD do when they find they need to back-track, is smear the victim.

    You may recall Jean Charles de Menezes who was smeared over and over again by the plod.

  162. 162
    The Only Way is Up says:


  163. 163
    Is it me? says:

    That has nothing to do with this situation

  164. 164
    Dougie Carswell says:

    Funny how the NHS can find money to treat non-British nationals like Malala Yousafzai but can’t treat Aysha King.

  165. 165
    The Prime Sinister says:

    Russia will invade Britain if we leave the EU.

  166. 166
    Is it me? says:

    We need a new Robin Hood to deal with these people acting like Sheriffs of Nottingham.

    Thank god ( metaphorically) for Social Media and Youtube that are outside State control!

  167. 167
    Anonymous says:


    It appears that Plod didn’t ask the Hosp any questions.

  168. 168
    Mao Zedong says:

    So that’s how it works for you. How quaint. How delightfully convoluted, arcane and bourgeois. I found the barrel of a gun is simple effective – praxis as the criterion of truth. From all the ballyhoo about ISIS, and getting your polite farce tooled up, I think you are about to find that too.

  169. 169
    Taxpayer says:

    We now get to pay for arrest warrant, locking up innocent people, transport of sick child to England, social care of 6 other children, unwanted intrusive “treatment” of terminally sick child, police operations including team having a holiday in Spain, media coverage including holidays in Spain (via licence fee), inquiry, parliamentary questions and debates, implemention of inquiry/cover up reeducation, new paperwork to ensure this thing never happens agian, lawyers of state, lawyers of hospital, lawyers of police, lawyers of parents, court case, appeal and damages.

    \on the positive side, at least The Child abuse affair can be dropped from the news and nobody is asking about Lard Rennard.

  170. 170
    Libertarian says:

    Welcome to the European Arrest warrant courtesy of the LibDems.

  171. 171
    Fu Man Chu says:

    You are a little out of date on that one, my friend. Although the Chinese government have all sorts of repressive laws available to them (rather like the UK government has) things have relaxed quite a bit there in the last few years. Apart from the issue of democratic elections, China is in many ways arguably a freer country than this one is at a day to day level.

  172. 172
    never surrender says:

    they are saying that Ashya is now made a ward of court.
    who are these judges ?

  173. 173
    Taxpayer says:

    So why isn’t it available? We spend billions on the NHS. They can’t spend it all on management awaydays.

  174. 174
    Britain At A New low With Braindead ACC's says:

    I want a decent vacuum cleaner, no STASI European Arest Warrant and the truth about how giant windmills are about making lots of money for the chosen few.

    I want a Chief Constable to his job and sorth out Rotherham and many other towns and cities like that where ISLAM rather than the rule of law, rules.

    Now, why could I possibly think that “Wet” Dave and clueless “Red” Ed cannot deliver on any of the above!

  175. 175
    nell says:

    That guidance only applies to parents who are being funded by the NHS – in this case the parents are saying that they will fund the treatment privately, therefore this is not a matter bthat the nhs should be involved in.

  176. 176
    Anonymous says:


  177. 177
    The two Muppets says:

    Lawyers are going to have a field day over this ,If ever a family had
    grounds to sue the police and NHS ,this is it and I hope they do .
    I am surprised that a Government Minister has not stepped in to
    stop this insanity .

  178. 178

    Nobody in government has the guts to intervene in the Aysha King case , because one of their precious European Arrest Warrants has been taken out .

  179. 179
    Totalitarian Britain within a Totalitarian EU says:

    It is two stories Gary.

    The NHS treatment or lack of NHS treatment.

    And the treatment by the state in fact criminalisation by the state of people who wish to exercise their free will and seek alternative treatment elsewhere.

  180. 180
    Mycroft says:

    In my case it was pre-internet.

    In 1991, due to stress I developed a line of Stomach Ulcers that were killing me, I hadn’t slept for more than an hour in any night due to waking with what appears to be a heart attack and the final straw was whilst in Taunton I collapsed, it felt like I’d been run through with sword and fell to my knees in the street.

    Ambulance, hospital and surgery arranged, the Surgeon called the operation a ‘terrorist attack’ on my body and I’d suffer the consequences for the rest of my life, which also be shortened.

    Whilst waiting for the Op I starting reading up on Ulcers, I vaguely remembered being taught that the Romans ate Bismuth to cure them.

    I found a Pharmacopeia, found some pills and formulae and found in Bristol an old fashioned Pharamcist who made me the pills.

    I took my first that afternoon, I had my first full nights sleep that night, within a day or so I was eating normally (before I’d lost 3 stone) within a week I was able to live normally again, my Op was due that week, so after just 10 days I went to see the quack (who agreed to sign the Pharmacists prescription) and he was frankly slack-jaw stunned, I was fine, he could press my abdomen and I felt nothing (before I would have decked him) the Surgeon still wanted to Operate!!!

    I refused but had to go and see him and prove the point, by touching my toes etc.

    No Op… no ulcers to this day, eat red hot Chili’s, vindaloo every week and enjoy life.

    Doctors or Surgeons DO NOT know it all.

  181. 181
    Best Interest of the Child blah blah blah says:

    If that is true, then whichever government has taken on this reponsibility now has an immediate duty to arrange for this child to be treated by means of Proton Beam therapy.

  182. 182
    The Lone Ranger says:


  183. 183
    Taxpayer says:

    The Doctors in Spain or Czech Rep would also have been able to make a decision on whether it was the right treatment.

    This couple had not broken the law so no need for manhunt.

    What next? Send in the SAS to rescue the thousands of kids who are right now in Spain sunbathing and exposing themselves to increased risk of skin cancer having been taken away from the healthful clouds of the UK?

  184. 184
    Babies for Lesbians beats saving the Dying says:

    and diversity departments, don’t forget the diversity departments.

  185. 185
    Sweet Mary and Joseph Solicitors says:

    This should have been done last week.

    These parents are just plain stupid.

    They have got themselves in a right mess , a seriously ill child of theirs is left alone confused in a foreign land with five other siblings in some state of limbo.

  186. 186
    Burqa Broadcasting Corporation says:

    Spot on , on the BBC news at 10 about this, and how geart the NHS is, the state of the art (architecually speak) hospital they showed ironically showed a stream of fully burqa’d (head to foot) people streaming into the entrance.

  187. 187
    Not Duped says:

    British police being the Nanny’s thugs has nothing to do with the EU, you Cretin.

  188. 188
    Let there be light says:

    I’d like a nice friendly bright light bulb and not one of those dim Mercury toxic monstrosities.

  189. 189

    WRONG !!!! We need a Mr Pierrepoint to deal with these people .

  190. 190
    British Citizen says:

    Nobody in government has the guts to intervene in the Aysha King case.

    The EU arrest warrant is an excuse but not the real one. It is just a symptom. The real reason is that they are stupid, useless, cowards without an ounce of moral fibre and no sense whatsoever of any duty to the people of this country to uphold our values and protect our interests.

  191. 191
    Andy Burnham says:

    Why didn’t the king family come to me for help?

  192. 192

    At least the Siblings are adults , but they will probably be arrested if they try to visit the little boy .

  193. 193
    Phone the Boss FFS says:

    so where is Hampshire’s Chief Constable? It’s about time he turned up at the office and put right all that his deputy has put wrong.

  194. 194
    British Citizen says:

    I see nothing in that video above to suggest that this child’s father is stupid.

  195. 195
    never surrender says:

    got kids have you ?

  196. 196
    Anonymous says:

    The ‘European’ arrest warrent ?

    You cretin.

    The European Arrest Warrant (EAW) is an arrest warrant valid throughout all member states of the European Union (EU). Once issued, it requires another member state to arrest and transfer a criminal suspect or sentenced person to the issuing state so that the person can be put on trial or complete a detention period.

    An EAW can only be issued for the purposes of conducting a criminal prosecution (not merely an investigation), or enforcing a custodial sentence.[1] It can only be issued for offences carrying a maximum penalty of 12 months or more in prison. Where sentence has already been passed an EAW can only be issued if the prison term to be enforced is at least four months long.

    The introduction of the EAW system was intended to increase the speed and ease of extradition throughout EU countries by removing the political and administrative phases of decision-making which had characterised the previous system of extradition in Europe, and converting the process into a system run entirely by the judiciary. Since it was first implemented in 2004 the use of the EAW has steadily risen. Member state country evaluation reports suggest that the number of EAWs issued has increased from approximately 3,000 in 2004 to 13,500 in 2008.

  197. 197
    Taxpayer says:

    > let’s hear all about how as you would have done absolutely
    > nothing when the child and parents went missing with no
    > indication as to where they had gone or why?

    They were not seen and checked, they were seen and locked up and had their kids taken away.

    Also very many people go missing. There is not always the hysteria of McCanns and This boy. One because it was a pretty little girl with parents eager to perform for media, and the other because they were “religious maniacs”

  198. 198
    Never forget says:

    What can be done is that every time they or their organisation appears in the news, everyone is reminded of what they have been involved in.
    We need some names to be dug out as to who was responsible on the NHS side.

  199. 199
    never surrender says:

    I’m using an array of cre leds with a daylight filter

  200. 200
    Merkel says:

    The East Germans used to arrest peple who tried to vote with their feet by going abroad.

  201. 201
    Soothsayer says:

    “you’re absolute distrust in medicine”

    He did not saying another like that, you completely made that up because you’re a fuckwit socialist apologist.

    You also used “you’re” instead of “your” and have a 1970s class war moniker.

    You mate, are a c’unt.

  202. 202
    Maximus says:

    Hampshire Police will not be admitting a mistake because that would be tantamount to accepting there was a wrongful arrest.

  203. 203
    Anonymous says:

    Several grades above his ability

  204. 204

    The filthy pieces of dogshit should be hanged with barbed wire alongside the plod scum who set the arrest warrant in motion .

  205. 205
    The Only Way Is Up says:


    Don’t do that, I just choked on a cup of coffee and fell off my chair:

    “Nicole is the Force Diversity Strand Champion for Sexual Orientation and chairs the Force HR Command Forum.”

    Oh how I wish I could be Diversity Strand Champion!

    How long would these people last in the real world of private business or even better make them be self employed for a few years rather than on the never ending public teat!

  206. 206
    Chinky Chinky Chinaman says:

    Is that what it told you when you googled “freedom in China” in China.

    Mind you, they do a nice turn in executing politicians.

  207. 207
    Gary Elsby says:

    There are three conflicting issues:

    1. Privatise the NHS (rich benefit)

    2 .Run a 2nd class NHS (rich benefit)

    3. Run a 1st class NHS (rich benefit)

    In my view, the rich will completely misunderstand the issues at hand.

  208. 208
    Anonymous says:

    And the Conservatives and Labour

  209. 209
    Cameron's Pomposity says:

    There will be no spending of 100% of GDP on my watch – I want to send money to 3rd world tyrants to put in Swizz banks.

  210. 210
    The British media are cunts says:

    He’s probably in Burger King.

  211. 211
    Sweet Mary and Joseph Solicitors says:

    And now do you understand why this Government is none to keen on no win no fee lawyers.

  212. 212
    Ruth Thacker, Child Snatcher says:

    And the other person would then be the baby in the pram.

    But your tale disturbs me. These 15-year-olds: were they wearing UKIP badges?

  213. 213
    Ploddy Plebulyke says:

    He’s just a Common Purpose drone.

  214. 214
    LibLabCon says:

    David Cameron says it makes me sick to the pit of my stomach and we are doing everything we can to change it ( you will believe this if you have a very reduced attention span and no memory)
    Ed Milliband says we have no plans to change anything.
    Nick Clegg says the European Arrest Warrant is one of the great success stories of the EU and keeps us all safe.

  215. 215
    Jimmy Young says:

    I have just had to take out a second mortgage to light my house.

    The salesman said I would not have to change a lightbulb for the next 20 years.

    I told him I was 92 .

  216. 216
    Shaun Wrongun says:

    You don’t need ability when you’re a Political Plod.

  217. 217
    DSK says:

    I like Russian women.

  218. 218
    Irma Soshulyst-Pharquwittoo says:

    We need more immigrants to staff the NHS.

    Lots more.

    Possibly millions.

    The NHS cannot function without immigrants. Millions of ‘em.

  219. 219
    Anonymous says:

    +600,000 per annum

  220. 220
    Oranjooc says:

    There’s never an Anders Britvic around when you need one.

  221. 221


  222. 222
    Ruth Thacker, Child Snatcher says:

    Can’t we solve the jihadi problem by getting NHS trusts to issue statements that suicide boming might be injurious to their health, and sending Hamphire plod into Syria/Iraq/Afghanistan to cuff them up?

  223. 223
    Vote UKip says:

    It is immigrants denying us a good NHS not the Conservative party.
    The Prime Minister is an IS illegal immigrant wearing a David Cameron mask and should be therefore deported.

  224. 224
    Ruth Thacker, Child Snatcher says:

    OMG, this is like *soo* true.

    Why oh Why do we lefty intellectuals have to put up with the ghastly stinking working class plebs who never even appreciate that what we do is for *their* benefit.

  225. 225
    never surrender says:

    did plod think to phone up the Kings to have a chat ?

  226. 226
  227. 227
    Meddling Idiot says:

    Is the young lad eating enough fruit?

  228. 228
    Vote Marxism says:

    Take all children away from people who vote UKIP.

  229. 229
    LB says:

    1. Privatise the NHS (rich benefit)

    2 .Run a 2nd class NHS (rich benefit)

    3. Run a 1st class NHS (rich benefit)


    The problem with the NHS is that the insurance element, the supply element, and the regulation are rolled into one.

    The lack of treatment for this child is because the insurance element won’t pay, and the supply element hasn’t got the services [available elsewhere]

  230. 230
    Ruth Thacker, Child Snatcher says:

    You don’t really need a vacuum cleaner of more than 1600 Watts. Mind you if it were really necessary to ban them, parliament would still be able to do so if we left the EU.

  231. 231
    What sort of c-ck says says:

    what sort of c-ck says ‘if you question me i’ll get a court order out’ ?

    aside from being a complete c-ck, doesn’t the NHS webpage say
    this so-called doctor doesn’t know his job

  232. 232
    Butch Dave says:

    Chillax, fella, it’s still August … or it was when I last looked. Surf’s Up!

  233. 233
    Norma Stitz says:

    The only positive coming out of this dismal tale of an overbearing State – the publicity/outrage generated will provide the funds to get the kid the best possible treatment.

  234. 234
    LB says:

    The doctor is at serious risk.

    There are two grounds for going after them.

    1. Failure to treat
    2. Failure to refer.

    On a sticky wicket.

  235. 235
    Owen Jones is a cunt says:

    OK, I don’t mind admitting when I’m wrong. I wasn’t aware of the proton beam therapy aspect and the hospital’s spinning.

  236. 236
    Sir Toffington says:

    Wow someone called me a bad word on the internet whatever will I do…

    Doctors in Prague and Spain have they seen the records yet? we don’t know.

    I got a lot of abuse for saying we should just hear everything out first. But wow keep at it. If only more people made decisions before thinking about everything oh wait that is the Gov. you sooo despise. Good work hypocrite.

  237. 237
    Iain Gill says:


  238. 238
    Jimmy Saville says:

    For the first time in ages, I feel more comfortable being me than I would be if I was a NHS doctor issuing denials of treatment and arrest warrants.

    I’m SIR Jimmy Saville, everyone!

  239. 239
    still walking into darkness says:

    Ancient wisdom is very hard to replace. Although life expectancy might well be 80 or 90 even these days depending on where you live, you have to ask to what end with conditions like Alzheimers.

    How was it then that people before antibiotics and anti virals that the life expectancy was the three score years and ten. If you take out the statistic ‘anomalies’ of higher mortality rates in children which would largely be through lack of food, women dying in childbirth, death in wars and so on I suspect you’d find people knew more about these ancient tried and trusted remedies than our brave new world of science can tell us.

  240. 240
    Rolf says:

    I’m not a Doctor and I’m not a policeman.

    I’m Rolf Harris, I’m Rolf Harris, I’m Rolf Harris!!!

  241. 241
    LB says:

    If the bismuth worked, you are probably still infected.

  242. 242
    Weygand says:

    The hospital contacted the police and said ‘Help!.The boy is going to die’.
    What were the police supposed to say? “Allo allo allo. Can we have a second opinion?”
    For once, it’s not the plod’s fault. They had no choice.

  243. 243
    Soothsayer says:

    No, you’re getting abused for lying about what people say. And you’ve just done it again, because you are still a c’unt.

  244. 244
    Spartacus says:

    Above – ”because the doctors at the hospital made a statement to them that the child would be dead by Friday night if not found

    And if they got that wrong . . . ?

  245. 245
    Owen Jones says:

    It’s called National Insurance contribution.

  246. 246
    Robert the Biker says:

    Good, we’d finally get some politicians with a bit of jam to them and all the muzzy crap would be rushing back to the ‘stans.

  247. 247
    LB says:

    NI fund for the NHS?

    No. It’s pensions. JSA, some ICB, bereavement benefit.

    Not to do with the NHS.

    As for the fund. How is a loan to yourself valueable?

    Look then, assets zero, liabilities 7,200 bn for the pensions alone.

  248. 248
    Yellow Pages says:

    Who’s Ruth Thacker?

  249. 249
    Curiouser and Curiouser says:

    Has the Spanish Judge told our plods to fuck off yet?

  250. 250
    bigmax says:

    The EAW does not allow the state receiving the EAW to do anything other than verify the identity of the persons named, and then extradite them to the requesting state.
    So in this case, the Spanish courts do not, and cannot, examine the actual facts of the case, or the evidence, or lack of it, against the Kings.
    Lovely eh?

    It is up to the state that issued the EAW to withdraw it, in this case the British courts, presumably at the request of Hampshire police.
    I can’t see them backtracking that far. After all, there are faces to be saved here.

  251. 251
    non taxable pikey says:

    We all carry the bacteria in our gut, we are all “infected.”

    Mycroft had this problem in 1991 before Dr Barry Marshall (bless him) in Australia infected himself and then cured the resulting ulcers, thus proving what he had been advocating for years, that Bacteria in the gut caused ulcers. The bacteria in question being H Pylori. This certainly annoyed big Pharma and many Consultants who had been making a fine living from overpriced treatments. The Septics took ages before they accepted his results, (fear of big Pharma suing) the rest of the world wasn’t so stupid.

  252. 252
  253. 253
    LB says:

    The bacteria in question being H Pylori.


    We aren’t all infected by H pylori are we!.

  254. 254
    jerzed says:

    Letter sent to Bob Blackman MP Harrow East

    Dear Bob,

    What we have again is authorised systematic harassment of a petson who dared ask questions.  Again agents of the State threayen to steal a child from loving parents.

    The disgusting bludgeon of the EAW has been used to create a fugitive/refugee of an innocent who challenges the heartless unaccountable “experts”.

    The rub salt into the wounds,  the BBC and others repeated the Official Lies to demonise these people. 

    Will you be raising this and similar issues in the House? Will you be seeking to het the truly disgusting and under British Constitutional Law, Illegal EAW nullified.

    In the meantime, these people are trapped unable to get the far superior proton beam treatment for their son, a treatment that our bureaucratically strangled, sclerotic “envy of the world” NHS shamefully should’ve had years ago.

    Finally, isn’t it about time that the “experts” against whom their is no reasoning or right of appeal, had many of their one sided and untrammelled powers removed?


    Jeremy Zeid

    Sent from Samsung Mobile

  255. 255
    Mycroft says:

    Well if you mean infected as in I’m able, and have been for 20+ years, to live a totally normal life, I can even eat strawberries (ask any severe Ulcer sufferer about those little b’stards) and Pineapple, the latter is a quick way to die from ulcers, a quick way out from the pain.

    As to the virus, that does NOT cause all ulcers, just the majority.

    Dr. Wade-Thomas (that is his real name) starting prescribing Bismuth for his patients with Ulcers after that, good on him, lost contact 20 years ago (moved and no illnesses) so hopefully he has saved a few people the misery and pain I suffered for months and perhaps even saved them form the ‘assault’ of that Op.

  256. 256
    Fu Man Chu says:

    I am writing in London at the moment but I spend several months there most years. It’s a great place. Lots of problems of course, but also a huge amount to recommend it. Go and see for yourself.

  257. 257
    cynic says:

    This is then product of fear. The Doctors fear being sued because they regard the parents as loons who cannot accept the child will probably die.

    The Police Fear being blamed for not ‘protecting’ the child.

    So bureaucracy kicks in and hounds the parents across Europe.

    But one thing I cannot understand. Initially police said the parents committed no crime in removing him. So once he reached Spain surely it was the responsibility of the Spanish to care for him and protect him. Why are Hampshire chasing the family across Europe – do we think “daegos don’t do medicine” and that our NHS si so superior it must run everything

  258. 258
    Anonymous is a TWAT says:

    The BBC has gone TOTALLY over the top. Coverage of this has all but wiped out far more pressing and serious matters. During the night the Toady programme made it the most discussed subject. Perhaps one of the Labour scum has forced this to keep the media away from the horror of Rotherham.

  259. 259
    Sandy Jamieson says:

    We saw some suspicious disinformation last week in which it was suggested one newspaper, they were Jehovah’s witnesses who refused to allow treatment. Patently not true.

    Is Southampton Hospital twinned with Stafford

  260. 260
    inside out says:

    And when the parents arrive back in UK,all court proceedings will be in camera,because the chid concerned is a minor.

  261. 261
    inside out says:

    The police have to submit the evidence to the judge who issued the EAW.If the police lied to the judge that will be interesting.The police have to charge the parents with what ever the “offence” mentioned in said warrant.You cannot issue an EAW for “questioning”.

  262. 262
    inside out says:

    Not even the 1400 abused children of Rotherham.

  263. 263
    inside out says:

    But how many of its 63 million citizens know,or care what is happening,thats the tragedy.

  264. 264
    PC Dixon says:

    Not just the hospital. One of the more significant changes to the way police operate has been the widening of the criteria for arrestable offences (under Blair) and automatic arrest on complaint before any enquiries have been made first to establish whether a criminal offence has in fact been committed.

    This would not have happened under the old Judge’s Rules and has undermined the discretion of the constable turning the enforcement process into a bureaucratic process with arrest first ask questions afterwards. It is contrary to our Common Law, our constitution and natural justice.

  265. 265
    thostids says:

    Secret courts. With very unEnglish laws. Big Brother loves it.

  266. 266
    allah baddie, islamic pyjama party says:

    not many things distress me but this really does. how dare the NHS track a child across borders when a parent is seeking superior care.

  267. 267
    Anonymous says:

    > The father was said to be heading to the Czech Republic to get this done, so why turn right at Cherbourg and go to Spain?
    Listen to the clip from BBC ‘Today’ that Guido posted. They went to Spain in order to sell the property they own there, the proceeds of which they intended to use to pay for their son’s treatment.

  268. 268
    Pleb says:

    Yea, and it’s the EU, Innit!
    Our own british homegrown politicians are alwight!

  269. 269
    thostids says:

    This puts the High Court in doo-doo because it can’t criticise the parents for choosing a treatment that might not be NHS main-stream. In this Country, they don’t have the preferred option. Yes, the kid’s tumour may have spread too far BUT his dad has the right to choose it. The NHS has no position as it doesn’t have it. It certainly can’t insist on radiation if the tumour is too far gone. It’s behaviour in this case is wrong. It knew the child had gone with its parents. It lied to secure the Order from the High Court that the child was in immediate danger and the police lied by repeating the untruth to secure the EAW.
    As is clear, the child is as well as a terminally -ill child is likely to be. The State has no right to seize the child simply for palliative treatment whilst the family wants to secure independent, alternative opinion and treatment.
    Big Brother needs proton-beam treatment.

  270. 270
    Anonymous says:

    You seem to be sure not all the facts are known.

    Given you’re sure of that, you have a mighty lot to say about it.

  271. 271
    thostids says:

    It’s the Hospital Administrator. Not the Medics. Most, but not all, recognise the right to informed choice. A few are arrogant mobsters who “insist” that they alone are right – offering a pliant second opinion as required.
    This is re-in forced by a High Court building a body of law in Europe. The EAW is a tool because the parents can’t kidnap their own child. I can’t see why the Spanish “High Court” is investigating if the mistreated their child as the EAW doesn’t require proof of crime. Another public lie. The system stinks like so much else to do with the collusional politicians.
    Vote UKIP and get back to common sense and now HUMANITY.

  272. 272
    Col. Nut says:

    It’s easy to feel stranded in diversity Britain.

  273. 273
    sheridanqporter says:

    Thanks to medical confidentiality, we remain in blissful ignorance of the hospital’s side of the story, and are dependant on hearsay from relatives with (understandably) an axe to grind. This young lad is clearly in a parlous position, soon after major neurosurgery for an aggressive tumour which would appear to have been only debulked. To remove him without any warning from a specialist paediatric neurosurgery unit and take him to an apartment in Malaga would appear to be against his best interests. Fortunately Malaga hospital does have appropriate facilities for his care (but no access to his medical history, scans or operation notes), but his parents seemed to have no intention of having him admitted there, and claimed to be looking to sell their apartment to raise funds for an inappropriate and ineffective treatment. Unfortunately, JWs have a long and lamentable history of irrational obstruction of medical treatment and cavalier disregard for the best interest of their children. Caring parents would have requested a second opinion whilst looking to raise funds, and not absconded abroad misappropriating hospital equipment and putting their child at greater risk. We are unlikely to learn the whole truth, but I dare say Piers Morgan will be interviewing the tearful parents before the year is out.

  274. 274
    thostids says:

    It isn’t your bobby on the street that makes any decisions. These type of decisions are made at the top and are “informed” by political agendae. That is how “the Law” gets re-drawn without ever getting near Parliament. Ask the High Court how it’s doing with Privacy and Defamation. Whole new Codex of laws as if we had always had Euro Laws since the Common Law began.

  275. 275
    The Public says:

    This government should be removed – what right does it have to hound honest, hard-working parents in this manner. It’s a total disgrace.

  276. 276
    Col. Nut says:

    Nicholson and Burnham presided over a very effective killing job in Staffordshire. Funding requirements and waiting times were significantly reduced and the water bill was much less.

  277. 277
    The Public says:

    Great – if Putin promises to get rid of the Westminster scum, he’d march in to a hero’s reception.

  278. 278
    Col. Nut says:

    You should have the name of your Secret Society changed. You’re much too superior to be merely called “Common” Purpose.

  279. 279
    The Public says:

    How would the police possibly efficiently fight crime without a Force Diversity Strand Champion for Sexual Orientation.

    FFS – vote UKIP.

  280. 280
    Anonymous says:

    Doctors’ names are mentioned in the video

  281. 281
    low resolution fox says:

    Bizarre the left / BBC went nuts on this one, I wonder what dodgy Labour corruption story they were trying to hide?

    Oh wait, it’s not a diversionary tactic from the Bradford revelations is it?

  282. 282
    Jack Ketch says:

    It worth asking why “The best health service in the world” does not have any proton beam therapy facilities when it is available in Spain, Czech Republic, France, Japan, China, Germany, Switzerland, the USA and other countries and has been for over 13 years.

  283. 283
    Col. Nut says:

    Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.

  284. 284
    Anonymous says:

    And do you understand why “this government” will be out in less than a year?

    Reasonable people are increasingly none too keen on them…

  285. 285
    LB says:

    It gets worse

    The grandmother of seriously ill boy Ashya King said police had “gone over the top” after officers used a warrant to search her flat in Southsea, Portsmouth

  286. 286
    Anonymous says:

    Hampshire police are entitled to a Spanish holiday as well you know!

  287. 287
    allah baddie, islamic pyjama party says:

    If you are in blissful ignorance due to medical confidentiality can you explain how you arrived at the conclusion that the treatment would be in effective?

    You my friend are a sock puppet of the state.

    PS remember when making derogatory statements about religious groups stick to the burka bregade.

  288. 288
    Is it me? says:

    Your position of placing a brake on the runaway train of public emotion on the issue was quite valid , until the cheap remark about Piers Morgan interviewing the “tearful” parents.

    The parents and the child have plenty to be “tearful” about and you ,like the authorities, lack compassion for either of them.

  289. 289
    Ip So Facto says:

    Completely agree with Guido. The hospital seems to have been over-mighty here – and the police panicked. For heaven’t sake, let these parents out of gaol!

  290. 290
    Ad hock says:

    I’ve now listened to what the parents have to say. This is clearly a rational father who simply wants to do what he feels is best for his child. Hospital refuse to talk, discuss, listen and threaten him with protection order. Un-bloody-thinkable gestapo state. Someone rational needs to fix this. The parents and the child should have a case for recompense. This is not how it’s supposed to be!

  291. 291
    5th November sounds good says:

    The State in all its guises:- Central/Local Gov, Police, NHS, need a lesson in who they work for and what we expect of them, in return for our pay.

  292. 292
    Bob Blackman says:

    Dear Jerzed,

    Fuck off you Jihadist motherfucker!

  293. 293
    Fog says:

    Listen to the whole story from the father

  294. 294
    Prince Phillip says:

    What’s this child and his family got to do with an obese alcoholic blogger and his fruitcake posters?

    Keep your noses out.

  295. 295
    Anonymong says:

    Tell me Ruth, how long has it been since you stopped being a member of Common Purpose?

  296. 296

    The hospital are not entitled to a ‘side of the story ‘ it is their duty to carry out the wishes of the boys parents , if they are either unwilling or unable to do this ,then they should help the parents do what they think is best ,not persecute and harass them ,treat them as criminals ,and set in train unwanted massive publicity unleashing the power of the emerging police state in what should be a personal family matter both the police and hospital have behaved disgracefully.

  297. 297
    Ploddy Little B'stards says:

    Why TF was that “thought” necessary??

  298. 298
    LB says:

    Pretty obvious to me. The police realize they have screwed up. Lead down the garden path by the medics or they are exposing their or the medical staff’s religious bigotry.

    So what do they do?

    One default approach is to attack the victim. Intimidate them.

    I had this when I knocked on a police car’s window. The uniformed inspector driving was busy on his mobile. His approach was to attack me and blame me for his offence.

  299. 299

    Says everything Guido that you spike non libellous free speech now.. Congratulations…..

  300. 300
    Fuming says:

    The BBC are not the only treasured national institution that send people to jail, apparently the NHS does it as well

  301. 301

    Oh do fuck off Greek boy…. …

  302. 302
    RWG says:

    Attn. pigs;

    It is not your job to interpret the law, it is your job to enforce the law!

    No law has been broken, and the fucking useless NHS are not the home office.

    Speaking of useless, where does tosser theresa stand on this one?

  303. 303
    A. Doctor says:

    Parents know best, even when they read stuff on the internet…

  304. 304
    Frank4Freedom says:

    It’s just The State confirming that they own our children – and can do what they like with the parents. Common Purpose in full action mode.
    Outrageous, but the sheeple allow it to happen.
    At least the UKIP lady spoke out.

  305. 305
    Frank4Freedom says:

    The UK is practising what they will have to do once the EU take over completely – not long now.

  306. 306
    Disheartened Patriot says:

    Way to go The Kings.

    In my opinion; the NHS is an evil organisation. A nationalised industry; taken over by, and run solely for the benefit of, it’s staff.

    Having many times taken my elderly mother for treatments and attending clinics I am consistently staggered at the contempt and lack of care dished out to her and other patients – who disrupt nurses gossip time etc. Also, watch how slow all NHS staff walk as an example of their attitude to work and commitment to providing a quality service.

    Consultants are also always absent – taking care, I presume, of their private practice. What other organisation allows staff to work elsewhere whilst taking vast salaries (from us the taxpayer).

    Also – please NO more politicians (N.Clegg in particular) telling US how “much WE love OUR NHS) when we can all see much better care is available in other countries, particularly the USA..

    Keep well away from the NHS, Mr & Mrs King – much better treatment and care available in Spain or Croatia.

  307. 307
    Winston Smith's ghost says:

    Hampshire Constabulary appear to have been given misleading information by Southampton General Hospital. Their actions, based on that information were probably correct. It is now clear that the parents have committed no crime and have not neglected the child. It is now incumbent upon Assistant Chief Constable Chris Shead to contact the Spanish authorities immediately to free the parents and enable the child to be treated in Prague, or face public disgrace.

    The hospital should be prosecuted for misleading the police – wasting police time!

  308. 308
    Atheist says:

    Time to charge all the fucking political scum, their lackeys and the worthless fucking police cnuts ( the latest incarnation of the Stasi ) with treason.

    The UK is now a reincarnation of 1930’s Nazi Germany, same Islamic leanings and anti – semitic policies, but with an extra twist, they are instituting a policy of ethnic cleansing against the Christian population by the NHS ( National Homicide Service ), forced resettlement by infesting areas with ragheads and reducing pensioners benefits to such an extent where they cannot afford to heat dwellings and freeze to death or starve .

    Barbed wire, a good idea !

  309. 309
    Anonymous says:

    “The Doctors were uncertain about his treatment” give me strength, so a Jehovahs witness going on line knows it all does he ? FFS have some common sense !

  310. 310
    Anonymous says:

    This hospital openly admitted in writing to some failings in the care of my step mother after by pass heart surgery. As far as I’m concerned their actions directly contributed to the pain she suffered for nearly a year which eventually took her life. On the substantive issues we raised about her care, they gave us, in my opinion, unsatisfactory answers.

  311. 311
    Frank4Freedom says:

    I understood that the EAW alleged “Neglect” on the part of these parents.

    Neglect? Hardly. Just wait until the parents return to the UK, hopefully, not in chains. Then they will tell the TRUE story.

  312. 312
    coldwarkid says:

    I really do agree with the gist of what you are saying, however you have applied some interpretations to what you have read/learned. I have been told of an upturned version of this that suggested that you can never be convicted of a driving offence, for the same reasons. It’s complete bo####ks. Yes , you can, own,keep, use, and permit the use of motor vehicles. Let us not detract from your main thrust though.

    The Kings must be reunited asap. The state does not own the children. It does not own us. I think that our faith in the state is at the lowest ever. Sorry to say…………… UKIP

  313. 313
    coldwarkid says:

    NO WAY, you’d never see a uniformed inspector on the ground, they would be too busy attending diversity and common purpose seminars. Perhaps he/she delegated a ‘Community Support Officer’ to represent, and loaned their two’pips’. I think the same bloke delivered my curry tonight.

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