September 1st, 2014

ConHome Calls for Bercow’s Head

John Bercow is facing growing calls to resign, with Conservative Home calling for his head in a blistering criticism of his failings his afternoon. The party’s in house journal argues “the Speaker ought to resign, for the good of the Commons”, that today’s “imitation of a u-turn… isn’t sufficient to save him”, and that following his statement today “Bercow’s position has become untenable”.

“His authority over the House as a whole has evaporated. In his statement this afternoon he was openly heckled by various MPs. His declaration that “a number of colleagues have expressed disquiet” about Ms Mills, when in reality at least 84 MPs are in open revolt on the matter, elicited a loud “Ha!” from Michael Fabricant. His proposal of a “modest pause” has been met by rebel demands for a full debate on his conduct of the affair. It’s no use suggesting this is a group of usual suspects who dislike him personally – the objectors have visibly multiplied in proportion to his misbehaviour. This is an unsustainable state of affairs, and his failure (or refusal) to satisfy his critics now threatens to disrupt the running of parliament.”

The damning piece concludes:

“He ought to go of his own accord or be made to go by MPs. We need a new Speaker who can live up to the job and restore the role to its former standing.”

If this were to snowball…


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    Keitho says:

    Well that escalated quickly.

    Now lets hope the MP’s can summon the courage to dislodge this joke of a speaker.

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      Dee Lusional says:

      Nigel for Speaker. It’s the only way UKIP are likely to get into Westminster.


    • 62
      one out, both out says:

      If the Tories are in that sort of mood, they ought to get rid of Cameron too, and put a conservative at the head of the Conservative paaaaaarty.


      • 108
        Ho Ym Dog! says:

        A Conservative? You mean like… like… Carswell?!


        • 241
          Ippikin says:

          Carswell seems to have done everything he possibly can to avert a new Tory government come the election.
          Be nice if he lost his (newly to be won) seat at the GE.


    • 112

      As replacement what about Penny Dreadnaunt as Lady Speaker .

      What a delight to turn on Ditchwater Dull debates if only to behold her beauteous features.

      Oh yes please God !! Make a little boy like me very happy !!

      If you grant me this wish I ll oromise to eat all my muesli and not feed the Shreddies to the dog whem Mum isn t looking ,,,



    • 139

      I will satisfy myself with saying that too many Conservative MPs are onanists when what I really want to say is that they are a bunch of wankers.

      Vote UKIP :-D


    • 143
      The People says:

      Speaker Bercow, not in our name !


    • 238
      Ippikin says:

      Personally I blame Labour for this fiasco.
      If they hadn’t adopted their usual spoiling tactics, irregardless of the consequences, Bercow would never have become Speaker.
      Both he and (by association) his wife, have dragged the honourable Role of Speaker into complete dishonour.
      The sooner he goes now the better.


    • 350
      The Growler says:

      “If this were to snowball…” if he goes, the righty rights will go after Dynamic Dave so splitting the Cons. Liebore always contained two parties in one the democrats and the extreme leftists, they split but some of their number did not move with them, probably frightened to jump, now the Cons are getting ready to split, their version of democrats led by Dave and the righty rights led by …… (left blank they seem unable to decide so remains to be decided) . A deeply split party will never win an GE!!


    • 352
      Henry Crunnnn says:

      MPs summoning courage???
      Not a chance matey; they’ll c*ck this up just like they do with everything else.
      After you, no, after youuuu.

      Mr ‘Reasonable’ smarmed his way just enough and they couldn’t figure out how to steamroller him.
      The little weasel is safe for another few weeks.

      What a bunch of muppets.


  2. 2
    Neville Chamberlain says:

    I hope he is gone by the weekend.


  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    Government of the people, by the politicians, for the politicians, f u ck the people!

    So says Blair, Brown and Cameron and all other MP’s!

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    Sally B. from London says:

    Did someone say ‘snowball’…?


  5. 5
    Joe Public says:

    “They ought to go of their own accord or be made to go by the public. We need new politicians who can live up to the job and restore Parliament to its former standing.”

    There, fixed that.


  6. 6
    Anonymous says:

    Serious question, I’ve been to the house a few times and it seems in pretty good nick. Where does it need £1bn spending on refurbishment? Wasn’t it covered in scaffolding for about 10 years during the 90’s and 00’s?


  7. 7
    Cupertino says:

    Not a snowball in hell’s chance of him going – sadly!


  8. 9
    Little johnny Burcow says:

    Don’t mention the Sheila, I mentioned it once but I think I got away with it.


    • 111
      charlene Tilton. I was a star in Dallas and like you enjoyed the sobriquet Poison Dwarf says:

      I want to have your baby


  9. 10
    The British media are cunts says:

    The Tories should resign en masse.


  10. 12
    Anonymous says:

    No great rush of comments on this (stale) story. No more party points to be had – time for some fresh news?


  11. 14
    Seth the pig farmer says:

    New Speaker
    Old Clerk

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    Norm Normal says:

    Did anyone see Dennis Skinner on form today. Toothless, senile idiot making no sense. Either that or he must have been drunk!


    • 20
      Bollocks says:

      He was entirely right about Cameron.


      • 32
        Norm Normal says:

        Ahh diddums, crying frustrated tears because I spoke against a Labour smear campaign against Cameron earlier?

        If not….

        Skinner is wrong, wrong as it’s possible to be.

        1) he assumes ISIL originated in Syria. It didn’t, it originally had a different name and was part of Al Qaeda in Iraq.

        2) the debate he refers to occurred before the name ISIS appeared in the media. We were all worried about Al Nusra at the time.

        See thats how you spot a fuckwit. They can’t get names and timelines correct. Can’t usually remember what day of the week it is without help from nursey.


        • 36
          Dinosaur Skinner says:

          ey opp Lad!
          Arve been wrong aboot every single thing I’ve ever said, for more ‘an forty years now.

          Even Tony Benn got a few things right in his forty year.

          Bert, Me, Arve never goot nawthin’ right at all.

          NATIONALSISE EVERYTHING and bring me a tartan rug for me knees…its rart chilly, tint it.


        • 120
          Thick Mongs Need Gassing says:

          What a think fucking mong you are, the scum in fucking suits just love a fucking mong drone like you. The sort of twat who thinks he knows stuff from a few google searches, ha ha ha you fucking don’t know shit you thick prick. Giving it the biggun listing off your little points like you are some kind of fucking fact finder. You make me fucking sick you ponce. ISIS are CIA/Mossad/Mi5.


  13. 17
    cheche says:

    I saw Diane texting through out the meeting. Didnt hear the other gobby labour females who expressed so much concern about Gaza


  14. 18
    Anonymous says:

    Bring back Betty.


  15. 19
  16. 22
    Persona non grata says:

    Lots of bluster in the nest today, but not a single question on R’Ham. Been looking a T. May looking at Cameron and two things are apparent. May is not getting much sleep, huge bags under her eyes, and she loathes the Prime Muppet.


    • 70
      nell says:

      It could be that theresamay is the next MrsT in the making – I suspect her backbone and her handbag are very much more effective that davecemeron’s


  17. 23
    Silly Sally B13COW says:

    You can all feck off !


  18. 24
    Anonymous says:

    Then again, he does seem to have upset the Tory whips – so he has done something right.


  19. 25

    Give him the ISIS treatment.


    Vote UKIP :-D


    • 49
      Norm Normal says:

      Grad? I raise him – the Apache AH-64E. Saw one on exercise today, stunning! Growling death.


      • 264
        Anonymous says:

        Grow up


        • 302
          Norm Normal says:

          Putin says he can take Kiev in 2 weeks. He probably can.

          However it’s time we pointed out the the boys he sends will never leave alive. The AH-64E guarantees it.

          Russians don’t have the airframe numbers or the tech to counter it.

          It’s time to face up to the fact that we will eventually have to fight them, unless someone in Russia cares about his fellow citizens enough to get rid of Putin, I don’t see a way around it.


          • Robert the Biker says:

            The Russians are the past masters at anti aircraft defense! Their latest 300 series have over the horizon tracking and the ability to engage multiple targets from 15 feet above ground up to 35,000 feet plus, all this from fully mobile launchers. Add to this the older but still useful BUK systems and the 23 and 57 mm mobile AA guns on tracked chassis with radar gun laying and you will soon have fields full of dead Apaches.
            The problem is that neither we nor the Septics have fought a proper well equipped and motivated enemy since WW2,taking on some goatfuckers with worn out stolen gear is not quite the same.


  20. 26
    Shooty* says:

    Look, more importantly, did Dave announce the establishment of Peaceful Enforced Holiday Camps somewhere up north, or did he use this storm in a teacup to be a good dhimmi and do nothing?


  21. 28
    Ippikin says:

    The word ‘pipsqueak’ comes to mind.


  22. 30
    Little Big Man says:

    Watch out you Fuckers!
    I can do a deal with labour. Those Labour MPs are the most unprincipled, duplicitous, shoddy, spinsters ion history.

    I shall say if they stand by me I shall ensure NO tory is EVER allowed to finish a question without the ‘Bercow roar’ drowning their comments.

    I shall afford Prime Minister miliband, when he arrives, the most gracious courtesy at the dispatch box and ensure Tory MPs are removed from the chamber if they dare to heckle him.

    If you think I’m pro-labour now, just wait until we have an actual blood-pact.

    I’ll shit on any Tory that dares to raise an objection. I’ll ensure Labour bills are held suddenly, without notice, at odd hours of the day to ensure they pass. NO opposition time will be granted.

    I will do it.
    An I will enjoy it , too!

    Just watch me, Fuckers!


  23. 33
    Gorbals Mick says:

    So… how am I looking now ?


  24. 34
    Enoch Powell was right says:

    rivers of blood 2014


  25. 35
    Sally in the Back Alley says:

    Look out you lot that are attacking my John — I’ll give you each an experience you’ll never forget.


    • 37
      Dinosaur Skinner says:

      Give ‘em a dirty great dose, girl.

      You now you Kan. Give them some of your green knob rot, pet.


  26. 39
    Dave "Thicko" Camoron says:

    My great idea is is to stop jihadis travelling abroad. It’s far better to keep them here so they can cause trouble in this country. Don’t forget, vote Dave in 2015.


    • 47
      Confused Dave says:

      I’m stopping the jihadicnuts going. Then I’m stopping them coming back.



    • 68
      Box Set Dave says:

      What’s a jihadi? Is one of those big glamping tents?


    • 135
      Norm Normal says:

      It’s very simple, Labour signed the UK up to the EU Yuman Rights without thinking it through.

      If you don’t stop the leaving, they return FULLY TRAINED for jihad. The EU then guarantees their entry back into the UK.

      It’s nothing new. This was going on 20 years ago. The 7/7 bombers all had training in Pákistan and Afghanistàn. Labour couldn’t stop that when they were in power.


      • 248
        Cpl Hicks says:

        Anything Labour or it’s voters do revolves around “not thinking it through.”

        The world would be a safer place without them.


  27. 45
    Vienna Woods says:

    I hope that when Bercow gets home tonight, Snow White gives him a good kicking!


  28. 48
    Another Headshrinker says:

    If you are wondering why the Slime trails cannot be found around berHunt, it is because he is particularly hirsute, he takes half the swimming pool with him. He uses an exclusive gym at a 5-star hotel, no doubt on the tax payer. He is paranoid, if you follow him out, he runs. Would be a shame if he was not to fall down the stairs.


  29. 51
    Jim says:

    The 2015 General Election is too far away. For the sake of the Nation’s Honor it needs to be brought forward.


  30. 57
    Owen Jones mother says:

    Has anyone seen Owen, he went to the shops an hour ago to buy the morning and he isn’t back yet.


  31. 59
    nell says:

    the prospects of getting shut of the egomaniac bercow and his trashy wife improving by the day – what could be better!!


    • 78
      Silly Bercow says:

      What’s all this fuss about?
      We still get to keep the money and posh free palace and the champagne and Ferraro Rochets don’t we?

      I’d be hard pressed to get my share of spare if I can’t get the lads pissed on Johnny’s expenses.


    • 92
      Cosmo Smallpiece says:

      Please can nell & Silly Bigcow post us some pictures of their tits?

      Knickers, knockers, nackers.


  32. 61
    Dave and George says:

    Look, all this nonsense is detracting from the huge achievements we’ve made in raising taxes on the middle classes.


    • 71
      nell says:

      that is nothing compared to the taxes militwit, balls and hattyharpic are proposing if they win the 2015 election – the squeezed middle will know exactly what militwit meant by that comment then!!!


    • 74
      Ex Tory Voter says:

      Not to mention bumsex marriage, and doubling the National Debt


      • 257
        Ippikin says:

        Yes, but we mustn’t forget that Larry now gets Whiskas and as much rat as he can chase down.
        Thinking on, where’s Bercow disappeared to?


    • 80
      Bumservative Partaaay says:

      …and the deficit, the national debt, immigration, imports…


      • 83
        Hear All See All says:

        And…….. well, just too many to list here, I just haven’t sufficient time before 2015 arrives


  33. 72
    The British media are cunts says:

    So whilst an innocent family accused of no crime are locked up in a Spanish prison, Tony Bliar walks free.


  34. 75
    Joyce Thacker says:

    Death to UKIP voters! Embrace the enrichment of islam!


  35. 81
    Hear All See All says:

    Increasing EU resistance:-
    Headlines are all for AfD and UKIP, but the biggest shocker for traditional parties may come from Spain..


  36. 86
    Dave " Please don't have me sectioned" Cameron says:

    We are facing the greatest danger in our history from home-grown terrorists. That is why we are stopping them leaving the country.


    • 87
      1922 Committee says:

      I think it’s time to get Dave in and put him out of his misery. He hasn’t got a fucking clue what he’s doing.


    • 91
      Chakrabatty, representing nobody, on every TV Channel again says:

      Dave should clearly put forward a solution and let Labour and Limpdicks publicly block it in the house if they insist.


      • 96
        Silly Bercow says:

        Hello Shammy, me old mate.

        Look, let me give you some advice. You’ll never get yer pipes serviced regularly going about with that prim-and-proper sanctimonious scowl. The poor fellers need a bit of encouragement. With you they’ll think it’s the “Ice Bucket Challenge”.

        Just chill out a bit, get pissed and give the lads a chance to get their beer goggles on. For goodness sake, just have a laff — no-one wants to play hide the salami with a vinegar-faced old sourpus.


  37. 88

    The bearing of religion on Russia’s Foreign Policy appears still not be understood properly.

    This had a very large impact on policy surrounding Syr!a last year:

    Today, P’utin has announced the opening of a new Russian School in B’ethlehem, which is hoped will restore and strengthen relations between Russia and P’alestine.

    P’utin specifically referenced the T’sarist Russian-P’alestine idea – once manifest in the I’mperial O’rthodox P’alestine S’ociety of T’sar A’lexander III. IOPS was resurrected back in 1992 (after being brought to an end in 1917), and is being brought up to date now.

    In other O’rthodox news, P’atriarch Filaret today wrote to C’onstantinople to deny the accusations of the M’oscow P’atriarch K’irill that religious war is being fought in U’kraine against the G’reek O’rthodox church by the U’krainian C’hurch, and to deny that K’iev seeks to destroy the canon of O’rthodoxy.

    G’reek O’rthodox churches in East U’kraine have been specifically targeted by pro-Russian and presumably Russian forces for destruction. P’atriarch Kirill has suggested that this is the work of forces loyal to the U’krainian C’hurch.

    F’ilaret pointed out that whilst there were instances were Churches had been used to store arms and provide sanctuary to those engaged in fighting this was not the churches policy – the aggression which is ongoing is secular.

    The religious angle here is what is filtered most from the Western reporting which is why certain decisions and actions do not make sense. R’ussia’s assumed defence of Orthodoxy in !raq and Syr!a against the ravages of IS has comprehensively failed to date. Now that IS have Lebanon in their cross hairs the final piece in the East-O’rthodox – !slam side of the conflict will fall into place.

    Anyone who knows what the symbolism of the East Orthodox cross will get this.

    Arguably, as per P’ritchards piece, the mis-understanding of the religious aspect here is what handed Russia an easy win over the West on Syr!a last year. Ignoring this and focusing purely on the political or strategic interests of Russia is both dangerous and reckless.

    Vote UKIP :-D


    • 118
      tabblenabble03 says:

      Absolute bullshit!


      • 134

        Most of the above has been reported in ria today – check the society / religious section.

        It is a bit tricky to understand at first blush, but pictures like this, and others available in the image cache and P’utin’s involvement in restoring the ROC is well documented:

        As for KSA’s mis-calculation – They perhaps did not get the memo on this and perhaps could be a little blind to the O’rthodox ties between Russia and Christianity in their neighbourhood. Those ties were cut off during the S’oviet era and have only recently been re-establishing.

        There is a quiet contest ongoing for establishing the Third Rome which is intimately tied to Russia’s conquest of U’kraine.

        The al-monitor piece which A’mbrose picked up on is here:


        What is interesting to note is that KSA was discussing matters based on mutual interests with Russia last A’ugust. That being leaked (mainly through H’ezbollah sources) is notable, and Russia’s subsequent actions have demonstrated that part of its motivations are not rational interest but something else.

        Admitting to P’utin that you control C’hechen radicals and can guarantee security at S’ochi was perhaps not a wise gambit.

        Europe is beginning to figure this out which is why G’ermany’s recent pronouncement of peace above economics – ie. placing a higher moral idealism above rational interests in its FP approach to sanctions has put a serious spanner in Russia’s works. P’utin’s plan A was calculating that rational expectations of the States he was dealing with would work to his advantage in getting Russia’s profoundly irrational objectives realized.

        IMHO the most profound aspect of this has been the ROC campaign against the U’krainian church on the matter of G’reek O’rthodoxy – in particular the propaganda campaign suggesting a religious war has been ongoing. In a regular conflict such methods are rare and would be considered last resort. In this case they reflect a very important aspect of what is actually happening, and why.

        Vote UKIP :-D


        • 156
          Ukra ine was the last straw says:

          Washington thinks nuclear war can be won and is planning for a first strike on Russia, and perhaps China, in order to prevent any challenge to Washington’s world hegemony.

          The plan is far advanced, and the implementation of the plan is underway. As I have reported previously, US strategic doctrine was changed and the role of nuclear missiles was elevated from a retaliatory role to an offensive first strike role. US anti-ballistic missile (ABM) bases have been established in Poland on Russia’s frontier, and other bases are planned. When completed Russia will be ringed with US missile bases.

          Anti-ballistic missiles, known as “star wars,” are weapons designed to intercept and destroy ICBMs. In Washington’s war doctrine, the US hits Russia with a first strike, and whatever retaliatory force Russia might have remaining is prevented from reaching the US by the shield of ABMs.

          The reason Washington gave for the ABM base in Poland is to protect Europe from Iranian ICBMs. Washington and every European government knows that Iran has no ICBMs and that Iran has not indicated any intent to attack Europe.

          The EU is the US’s proxy and bulwark against statism


          • The article was reading well until the RT and global research cites at the end.

            It also misses three important aspects of nuclear weapons and doctrine:

            i) Russia maintains a strike first doctrine (as it has always done) and has recently threatened this at least twice against the West.

            ii) Nuclear first strike for either the US or Russia makes no sense due to the second strike capabilities. ie. If you can get your missiles in the first strike past the anti-missile defences of your opponent then the second strike which is usually maintained in submarines will get you.

            iii) There would be a winner in a nuclear war, but it is highly unlikely that winner would be a State.

            Nuclear weapons are primarily political weapons, assuming they are being controlled by rational actors. Once that rationality goes – eg. the State transitions to a theocracy – then there are problems. That is the principal objection to !ran holding them, and the religious angle on Russia is calling into question whether Russia can continue to be considered a responsible nuclear power.

            The US withdrew from the ABM treaty back in 2002 – ending that treaty. That was in order to allow construction of NMD which with actors like DPRK on the block certainly makes sense.

            The US voluntarily discontinued NMD in eastern Europe back in 2009 as the US had new intelligence indicating !ran was pursuing development of short to intermediate range missile technology only.

            One needs only to look at Russia’s documented recent behaviour to see what is going on in nuclear weapons land. It’s breaking of the INF treaty certainly indicates a disregard for such treaties.

            The reduction of the global count of nuclear warheads is an aim which international actors were moving towards. Russia’s recent decision to upgrade and expand its nuclear capabilities of course runs counter to that. A motivation for reducing total warhead count is that this reduces the probability of accidents occurring whilst allowing States to maintain credible deterrent.

            Vote UKIP :-D


        • 259
          Ippikin says:

          That’s The Virgin of Kazan, recognise it anywhere!

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  38. 90
    The Prime Minister says:

    Listen, Guidophiles
    Much as it may be a disappointment for you to read this, the reality is that I’m just coasting towards the next election. I’ve realised for a long time that I’m not up to the job of turning around this country (neither is George) and neither is the Conservative Party. We won’t even be able to call ourselves the Conservative & Unionist Party when Scotland goes it alone.
    I’ve realised that I’m more useless than Banky Moon.
    So don’t expect anything much from me between now and May. I’m quite happy to hand the enormous mess, like the doubling of the national debt since 2010 to my rival Mr Miliband. I’ve given up. I haven’t got the fight in me. It might have been that jellyfish sting.
    Great Britain’s up shit creek, and I now realise that my dream to become Prime Minister should have remained just that – a dream. It’s probably become a nightmare for some of you, and especially those of you now reliant on foodbanks because of all the part-time, low pay jobs our policies have created.
    I can afford to retire on my PM’s pension now, and will be able to gain positions on the boards of many of the banks we’ve helped. That’s a perk of the job. I also fancy a place in the Lords. Lord and Lady Cameron does have a certain ring to it. Daddy would be proud.

    So toodle-oo. Pip pip.

    Here’s to a Labour government next year.

    You know it makes sense.

    PS: The Butler Sloss Inquiry has been quietly forgotten.


    • 138
      Braveheart says:

      Thanks to Daft Doug Arsewell, everyone in the country now knows that every Tory candidate is potentially UKIP in disguise. I and every other genuine conservative will be voting Labour, even if they do end up turning the economy into Clacton-on-Sea writ large.
      The far right nationalist cat’s out of the bag. Better to let Labour destroy the economy than let UKIP destroy our civil society.


  39. 93
    The British media are cunts says:

    Seriously how the fuck can the Spanish bastards keep that little boys family away from him?

    Danny Boyle hand your head in shame for that NHS shit you produced at the Olympics.


    • 99
      Dr. God Complex says:

      All hail the mighty NHS.

      We be not worthy so much as to gather up the crumbs under thy table.



    • 100
      Hunt says:

      The No Hope Service is not intended for indigenes. It is reserved for newly arriving Afr’cans and Mooz’loms who wish to breed freely, it is a complete indictment that Pra’gue has facilities ready and available now while the Advanced UK is actually years behind.


    • 145
      Norm Normal says:

      Official from S’ampton Hosp looked visibly embarrassed explaining their point of view.

      It’s a huge screw up that they all hope will go away. Unfortunately it’s a creature of the press now so justice will grind very slowly as careers are at risk.

      The welfare of the family and the patient is now a secondary consideration.

      Funniest thing I heard all day was the BBC interview with the Proton Beam Specialist. Said that the NHS was run by committee so things can’t be done quickly like in the USA or Czech Republic where hospital facilities are commercially driven.

      I have stored that little titbit away. The next socialist idiot I hear uttering the ‘NHS envy of the world’ crap will be soundly thrashed with it.


    • 263
      Ippikin says:

      I suspect they are following the law to the letter – fuck the principle.
      Maybe we should offer Gibraltar as a ransom.
      I did hear somewhere that the parents were Jehovah’s Witnesses. IF that is the case, does this throw any light upon the behaviour of Southampton Hospital?


  40. 95

    Hey Hampshire pig boys, if you want to do something useful you fat fucks why don’t you go arrest Tony fucking Blair?


  41. 98
    Dave says:

    The last ‘affordable’ part of Britain: Cumbrian borough Copeland is only place in country where buyers need less than three times their salary to afford a home.

    Guess how many immigrants have found this place…Yet


  42. 103
    The UK : chasing parents while super soft on terror'ists due to Cleogg says:

    Every day the sound of fresh air that is UKIP becomes a little louder.


  43. 104
    Jim the Joiner says:

    Bercow’s wife sucked off three of my mates while I shagged her dirtbox – £100. Good cheap fun.


  44. 105
    Hear All See All says:

    Scottish News websites can provide very interesting information. I don’t recall reading this in English newspapers.
    “Alistair Darling paid thousands by NHS Privatisation Company.”
    + “Others who have benefitted include Mr Darling’s former Labour cabinet colleagues Alan Milburn and Patricia Hewitt who were both former Health Secretaries. Hewitt was a former advisor to Cinven and landed a lucrative £55,000 role with the firm after standing down as an MP.
    When in office, Milburn received tens of thousands of pounds from several firms involved in private health care”
    BBC, Guardian & Labour voters should be interested


  45. 106
    Give this man an OBE says:

    A 39-year-old man has pleaded not guilty to assaulting MP George Galloway in a London street.

    Neil Masterson, of Campden Hill, Notting Hill, denies assaulting the Respect MP for Bradford West while Mr Galloway was posing for pictures in nearby Golborne Road on Friday.

    The MP is believed to have sustained broken ribs and bruises to his head.

    Mr Masterson appeared at Hammersmith Magistrates’ Court and denied religiously aggravated assault.


  46. 107
    Owhine Jones says:

    It is just an example of the establishment trying to… sorry even I can’t keep repeating this drivel I only wrote to make money out of Guardian readers and BBC types.

    Do by my books.


  47. 109
    The UK : chasing parents while super soft on terror'ists due to Cleogg says:

    There will be blood on the Limps hands after this.


  48. 121
    Twatter says:


  49. 127
    Nigel Farage PM in waiting says:

    If he goes now he will be replaced this side of the Election.

    Best to put up with him and piss him off before turning a new page after May 2015.


  50. 129
    Nigel Farage PM in waiting says:

    At least talking about the shortcomings of Tom Thumb keeps this blog away from the serious issues of the day and the libel lawyers and MI5 at bay.


  51. 133
    Shit Scared Dave says:

    How long can we avoid calling the Clacton by-election? Would 2016 be feasible?


  52. 142
    RoP says:

    British man beaten by ‘religious police’ in Saudi Arabia for using women-only queue

    Peter Howarth-Lees, who is married to a Saudi woman, was knocked to the ground and kicked by three members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, known as the Mutawa, who followed the couple out of the shop.


    • 152
      A cheeky git says:

      He was lucky he didn’t get wacked with a cane, fortunately he got his head kicked in, good job they wear those thong type sandles and not steel capped safety boots, it’s a different world out from the safety of political correctness.


  53. 146

    Alex Salmond “to be forced to attend deradicalisation programme, says Cameron” Daily Telegraph (almost…) ;-)

    Vote UKIP :-D


  54. 148
    DICKHEAD DAVE one term flop CAMERON says:

    What a fucking idot this bloke is , he is so obsesed with his tinkerings with the nanny state , that he thinks he has achieved something by keeping parliamet sitting all night , just to tell us , He will confiscate a few passports and stop them leaving the country
    If you keep them here they will start plotting to fucking blow the fucking place up, you arsehole
    But unless you withdraw from the EU bill of human shites you will never be allowed to stop anyone comming back in , you thick twat !


    • 170
      A cheeky git says:

      It’s been said on here, these people are NOT stateless they have created a country, an MP made the same statement when he had a question with Cameron and Cameron just laughed, total slap in the face to the public, no doubt it’s all setup for the lawyers to make from the uman rites innit.


      • 179
        it's clear says:

        Every time one of these Muslim nutters is prevented from
        leaving our country to go and fight for their own caliphate,
        that will secure a few thousand more votes for UKIP.


  55. 153

    All publicity is good publicity…

    … except when it is your obituary.

    Vote UKIP :-D


  56. 158
    Owen Jones is a cunt says:

    Jones was on the BBC yesterday with his usual garbage about how ‘most muslims’ oppose IS. Funny how this twat seems to know what ‘most muslims’ think whilst actual muslims are busy either supporting them, fighting with them or r@ping girls here which leftie cúnts like Jones cover up.

    I’d like Jones to live in Tower Hamlets for a week and see how enriched he feels walking around with his boyfriend. Of course he won’t. He and Laurie Penny live in upper middle class white areas.


    • 175
      Norm Normal says:

      Champagne socialists, insulated from the fallout of their PC ideas, insulated from reality.

      I’d like to see a reality show with Owen and Penny living with families in the back to back houses across from the steel works in Rotherham.

      They wouldn’t last 48hrs.


    • 178
      Owen Jones says:

      Rubbish. I go to Columbia Road Market most Sundays and then keep it real down the new Spitalfields


    • 185
      brown-dog says:

      Would you describe Jones as self hating Christian?

      BTW – He’s right about physics but wrong about Freud’s psychoanalysis. That was really mostly hocus pocus.


      • 192
        Owen Jones is a cunt says:

        Jones claims to be atheist but stays strangely silent on the issue of allah. I wonder why? Whenever someone asks him a question about islam on Twitter, the gutless cúnt blocks them.


        • 276
          Mo Madness says:

          At least Mehdi Hassan, ex senior journo on New Statesman and now political editor of the Huffington Post, really does believe Mohammed flew to Jerusalem on a winged horse, on a night time visit. He told us he does. :) To be fair to Owen Jones, I don’t think he can really follow Mehdi down that path, tempted though he might be.


  57. 159
    Owen Jones is a cunt says:

    When’s the Clacton by-election going to take place? I’ve stocked up on the popcorn.


    • 228
      Avid Observer says:

      Popcorn my a*se; I will be well disappointed if I am not a drink-raddled alcoholic with deep-set cirrhosis of the liver within 24 hours of a UKIP victory.


  58. 163
    The UK, home of the mooz says:

    Caderon’ s best hope is a coalition with UKIP, of course Nigel would insist he went. The way this country panders to any brown face that makes a demand on it is enough to make you weep. Weak spineless troughing self serving institutions.

    Probably done for.


  59. 164

    Anyone who posts incriminating pictures of themselves on Apple’s iCloud is a сunt.

    Anyone who uses Apple’s iCloud is a сunt.

    For balance, anyone who uses Microsoft’s ultra-shitty offerings is a сunt.

    Unfortunately, that makes me in part a ….!

    Not for much longer…

    Vote UKIP :-D


  60. 171
    Anonymous says:



  61. 177
    albacore says:

    It has to be the ultimate parody of farce
    To waste this much space on one Parliamentary arse
    The whole kit and caboodle’s now not even a sham
    Its traditional niceties no more than pure ham


  62. 182
    Ashamed to be British says:

    The parents of Ashya King have not accepted the extradition and will be held in custody for 72 hours

    Ashya has been made a ward of court


  63. 193
    Dougie Carswell says:

    Aysha King’s parents are in a Spanish jail, rest of the family are barred from seeing him. European Court of Human Rights silent.


    • 206
      A cheeky git says:

      What rights, we don’t have any, poor little thing, can’t see mum and dad and is in a foreign land, no NSPCC, no Dr Bernardo’s, no Unicef , all advertise on tv and want our money, no Human Rights watch, no Camoron, no fckall charities to look after his welfare, what greedy gang of people this country has produced, they can go and get @@@@@ trying to get money off me now.


  64. 194
    cured lefty says:

    Vote Labour for Rotherham …… get your child abused !


    • 212
      Owen Jones is a cunt says:

      The thought police will be along shortly to arrest you and send you to re-education camp to learn the benefits of enrichment that the muslims have brought to the country. As part of your rd-education, your daughter will be put into the care of Mr Ibrahim.


    • 219
      Labour Election Slogan Number 1 says:

      I have never voted Labour before but…..
      I do not need to as I am not a kiddy fiddler from Rotheram


    • 224
      Labour Election Slogan Number 2 says:

      I have never voted Labour before but…..
      although stupid, I am not that stupid.


  65. 202
    cured lefty says:

    I await till the first labour, parkurstarni , liberal tit tries to spin tonights Panorama
    Listen up boys and girls the genie is out of the bottle and your all fuccked


  66. 203
  67. 205
    Fucked Britain says:


  68. 210
    Solutions Inc. says:


  69. 215
    Vladimir Plutonium says:

    Hitler took Paris in six weeks, I’ll take Kiev in two weeks.


  70. 218

    Vote UKIP :-D


  71. 222
    Anonymous says:

    Well,that’s Chatham House’s credibility flushed down the pan. Oh wait, they didn’t have any to begin with.


  72. 226

    Is this trolling the S’upreme I’mbecile or not…

    Vote UKIP :-D


  73. 232
    WACISTS!!! says:


    • 242
      BBC Thought Police says:

      There’s a lot of racists in Rotherham!

      The BBC needs to spearhead a government funded re-education program for these racists and to raise awareness to this growing problem.


  74. 233

    This child could become a martyr:

    Vote UKIP :-D


    • 279
      The Voice of Reason says:

      That headline rather says it all – the poor boy is dying. It’s just a question of how and when.

      There is no evidence the parents are causing the child distress. Even if their course of action led to the child dying earlier than might otherwise be the case, there is no reason in these circumstances for the parents’ view of what is best for their child to be second guessed by doctors. Remember, the course of treatment proposed by UK doctors nearly always leads to severe brain damage; some might call that child cruelty.


      • 282

        NHS is behind the curve mainly because Labour turned it into a death service during the reign of terror.

        Vote UKIP :-D


      • 298
        south of the M4 says:

        They have been arrested, apparently, for endangering the child’s life. Strange, being unhappy with the care being given by the NDS, surely they were trying to seek better care for their child. The rest of the World must surely be laughing at the UK right now.


  75. 234
    This is what a REAL conservative sounds like says:

    It is way past the time that the poisonous dwarf and his slapper wife were recognised for what they truly are Labour’s Joke on the tories – the gift that keeps on giving


  76. 235

    Vote UKIP :-D


    • 247
      idon'tneednodoctor says:

      Where are they moving it to, Rotherham?

      Liked by 1 person

      • 271

        Worth reading the article:

        They’re thinking of moving the body to an anonymous grave and destroying the nearby al-Baqi cemetery.

        However, they also want to destroy a lot of stuff that has meaning to S’unni’s, Sh’ia’s and has O’ttoman history.

        This could provoke some interesting responses: Just short of what you would expect if the US nuked M’ecca kind of responses.

        Vote UKIP :-D


        • 296
          a niner says:

          I would piss myself laughing if the bloody box was empty or held a PIG’s remains


        • 327
          Ey up says:

          Very strange thing to do, unless they are scared of another terrorist attack in Mecca, a lot of people were killed in 1979 fighting terrorists in the Mecca mosque and the Saudi’s are the protector’s/guardian’s of all the holy sites in Saudi Arabia and they take the honour very seriously, maybe they’re sending ISIS a signal, don’t even think about it.


          • Mo Madness says:

            I wouldn’t desribe them as terrorist in opposition to the Saudi regime. The Saudi regime is a terrorist regime. It has backed terror around the world and uses terror (e.g. 500 “lashes” i.e. agony-inducing assaults) to maintain its grossly corrupt rule at home.

            It was simply one bunch of terrorists opposing another bunch of terrorists.


          • Given IS’s track record with shrines the message may not be received as intended.

            Vote UKIP :-D


      • 274
        Mo Madness says:

        Got to hand it to Mo, he covered the full range: KFing, r*ping and pillaging, sla’ving, theft, poly’gamy, use of pro’stitutes, offensive war, tor’turing, eth’nic cleansing, killing of POWs, oppression of wo’men, oppression of g’ays, outlawing the arts, murder of satirists and approving murder of apos’tates.

        I think I’d want to move his tomb.


  77. 237

    If he does die whilst his parents are separated, will be quite messy…

    Vote UKIP :-D


    • 245
      idon'tneednodoctor says:

      It’s a very strange world that we live in.


      • 258

        Cannot figure out if this is to discredit EU and help provoke a yes vote, the NHS in order to get rid of it, or perhaps is admission that we are now living under a regime parodying pre WWII NSDAP G’ermany.

        A State protection order was place, child removed and parents held without charge or reasonable cause on the basis of State reacting to the order.

        The police / courts cannot be blamed directly here because they are constrained under current legislation to enforce without discretion – ie. They have to comply or risk prosecution themselves.

        Very strange: Hope the kid survives, if he doesn’t his death will be a very potent political weapon, so it will not be wasted.

        Vote UKIP :-D


    • 251
      BBC Thought Police says:

      You can’t question the powers that be the government knows what’s best for us.


    • 288
      south of the M4 says:

      You exercise your consumer rights in a free market and you have plod hounding you across the continent with a European Arrest Warrant. You preach hatred and entice violence against the very country that gives you sanctuary – and plod does nothing.
      Have I missed something?


  78. 246

    S’upreme I’mbecile is right of course, but this may guarantee him an election loss (unpopular move apparently) and after L’ibya it is not sure if the campaign would be successful.

    More relevant question: Is it in the UK Interest to bomb IS ?

    Vote UKIP :-D


  79. 256
    MI6 says:

    We’re doing our level best to stop the spread of UKIP.


  80. 261
    Displaced Brummie says:

    Dear god, no! I have just pictured Mr and Mrs Bercow Snowballing.


  81. 270
    White Heather Madness says:

    3% in the Scottish independence vote a poll is reporting? Wow! I feel vindicated in my initial belief this would be very close (after a long period in the prognostication wilderness).

    Not in Scotland but I imagine the Carswell defection, bringing renewed focus on the EU referendum, is playing into this quite strongly. Pro EU Scots Unionists (and there seem to be a lot of them) cannot be sure that Scotland won’t be taken out of the EU as part of the UK in three years’ time.


  82. 275
    Vladimir Plutonium says:

    Fuck you all!!!


    • 277
      F##k the LibLabCon says:

      Why would the Russian media be reporting on some stupid silly old gas pipeline.
      I’m damn sure the Russian people would much rather hear about the state of gay marriage in Russian or maybe the size of Kim Kardashian’s ass?


      • 324
        Putin the Terrible says:

        They’re all p*ssed in Siberia. Putin’s lot expelled all the entrepreneurial Chinese from Siberia a few years back.


  83. 278

    Is it too late to bring back G’range H’ill ?

    Vote UKIP :-D


    • 322
      Mo Madness says:

      Of course not. It will now be a Gove-approved Free School run by a board of committed “Islamists”. The fat kid who got bulled will now be the sole Kaffir. First storyline will be about young boy who goes off to Syria to fight as a Jihadi.


      It’s bound to be a ratings winner!!!


  84. 283
    Bombing of Gaza was just the pretext says:

    Israel faces international criticism for land grab revenge for murder of teenagers

    Israel seizes control of almost 1,000 acres of Palestinian-claimed land in a move described by the US as ‘counter-productive’


  85. 285
    Anonymous says:


  86. 287
    F##k the MSM says:

    How many times did the BBC mention P’aki or P’akistan?


  87. 292
    Support Your Local Boozer says:

    Migrants get to know there neighbours by drinking in there local. That is how they intergrate. We are act as we get to know you house. Once pissed your ignorance and prejudicism comes out and we, fellow boozers, are able, in a convivial atmosphere correct them. Not seen down the boozer we enquire. Have bruises, cuts, burns on your face, we ask. Mohammed becomes Mike, Patel, Pete. Not a bad name is used.

    We, the UK, must only let people in from aboard who drink.

    Support your local boozer.


  88. 293
    Bumsex Dave says:

    Leave Frodo alone, he’s a bumsexer. Just like me.


  89. 299
    Mo Madness says:

    Good doc on Channel 4at the moment: Pa’kis’tan’s Hidden Shame describing the appalling exploitationofchildren in that country.

    Only prob – doesn’t seem to be examining the ideology that underlies it all.

    But the connection with Rotherham is painfully clear.


    • 325
      Thickie sandal wearing socialist diversity officer says:

      I won’t stand for islamaphobia! The Rotherham case is all Thatcher’s fault! I have recommended you be arrested and sent for diversity training.


  90. 301
    Anonymous says:


  91. 308

    Apart from all this we must hope that the little boy kept cruelly isolated from his mother, who is locked up in a foreign hell hole prison does not die alone without her being with him. Good night .


  92. 311
    Genuine Question says:

    Has anyone ever head of a RoPer speaking out against pee dough fillier


  93. 313
    4chan says:

    FBI looking into leaked nude photos of Lawrence, Upton

    The whole world is FFS


  94. 317
    Owen Jones is a cunt says:

    It doesn’t matter that they fucked the economy, imported thousands of muzee perverts and lined their own pockets, Labour can still count on the vote of thickie Labour supporters.


  95. 342

    UK School children face a ‘tough’ new national curriculum, to prepare them for “life in modern Britain”.
    French has finally been replaced by Urdu, then?


  96. 346
    Socialism = Starvation says:

    If the Buckingham Constituency Conservative Association were to deselect him, that might be a serious matter, but I doubt that they would.


  97. 347

    Clegg on the BBC crowing about the “free” school lunches that come into effect this morning.
    This is not about nourishment but another example of rampant statism , already people have allowed schools to interfere in what they put into their children’s lunch boxes , any parent who allows their children to be fed collective state swill (no doubt halal or vegetarian ) should hang their heads in shame .


  98. 351
    Anonymous says:

    “ConHome Calls for Bercow’s Head”
    They probably want it for a bookend, on the far right of the ideological mantelpiece. ISIS, lovely ISIS, have already provided a decapitated cranial contribution, for the far left of that Caliphate feature.
    But when the billowing smoke from the firing clears, they may actually find themselves not where they thought they were at all: Will of the people vs. undemocratic regime (Syria), good. Will of the people vs. undemocratic regime (Ukraine), bad. Politicians of all persuasions are invited to move as close as they can to the edge, and disregard the paradox. While the last conveyance to Prattsville pulls in.


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