August 29th, 2014

71% of Public Think Shaun Wright Should Resign

A YouGov poll for the Times RedBox finds that 71% of the country think that (former) Labour South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner should resign.

Interestingly the poll finds that now more than half of the country “have little or no confidence in the police.”

Even Wright’s own deputy has walked, saying he should go and everyone from the Prime Minister to Yvette Cooper agrees. Apparently Ed Miliband agrees too, but you would not know it from any of his public utterances on the subject (zero).


  1. 1
    Psychotic, champagne socialist, pedophile, necrophiliac, violent, BBC light entertainment star/DJ says:

    He’ll resign when he can find a suitably luxuirious replacement position feeding on the public’s full udders

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      Toxic Labour for Parasites, bring back the workhouses. says:

      There should be at least a dozen other resignations for allowing this disgusting crime in Rochdale. However there is no honour among Socialists, they tend to act like rabid dogs because of their ideology.

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    • 21
      Mad Mick McHeavy says:

      71% think he should resign. 29% think he should be sacked, no pay off, no pension and no honour.

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    • 40
      Norma Stitz says:

      As indeed he did last time round, the shameless shit.

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    • 85
      Tom Catesby . says:

      His head will do for a start, but must be followed by a great many others. I suspect that,sadly, what we will get is,’sound and fury’ possibly an, ‘inquiry'(single best way to may a problem or scandal disappear) Then business as usual, that is to say, continued denial of a problem in the interests of,’cultural enrichment, diversity and community cohesion’ and well paid non-jobs funded by the public.(oh! my aching sides).

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      • 157

        Yes, and lessons will be learned. If it wasn’t scary, it would be funny.


        • 160
          Deirdre Barlow's Neck says:

          They will start questioning the report,and the integrity of the woman who compiled it.Then they will say it was because they didn’t have enough resources,and can we have some more money then we can do the job properly……….yeah right


    • 96
      Anonymous says:

      Only 71%……who the fuck are the other 29%……Give me fuckin strength…..

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    • 121
      Dolphin Square Boys' Club says:

      So Peter Oborne blames the girls on Oldham QT. Then does a Q&A at the Tory party conference for muslim businessmen. Then publishes a book on the history of Pakistani cricket. What’s Oborne’s connection with Pakistan? And how does it influence his ‘spin’ on Asian muslim pedophile rape of British girls?

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    • 156
      Not only resign but be prosecuted for msconduct ip public office & perverting the course of justice says:

      Who the fuck are the remaining 29% ?

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    • 158
      RichUpNorth says:

      I think he should be gassed … along with many others of that ilk!


    • 167
      the common man says:

      Put yourself in his position. £85,000 p.a. plus car and expenses or the dole. Tough choice for the tosspot.


  2. 2
    Gerry Mandering says:

    It will be to the eternal shame of the people of Rotherham that they did nothing either

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  3. 3
    Anonymous says:


  4. 4
    Cunt Carswell says:

    I hope he can join us in UKIP soon


    • 10
      There, there, diddums! says:

      Oh, bless! Is the Dimmy Dave Fanclub still pissing its little pants in terror at the nasty-wasty ‘kippers?


      • 19
        Psychotic, champagne socialist, pedophile, necrophiliac, violent, BBC light entertainment star/DJ says:

        ah yes the kippers, everyone’s favourite racists, troughers, and Labour proxies


    • 42
      Tory Central Orifice says:

      It really is beneath contempt to play politics with child abuse, you filth.

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  5. 5
    Muhamid Ramadanadingdong says:

    I have lots of confidence in police! I ràpé little white whores, I have ever confidence police leave me alone! Racist to arrest me, innit?

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    • 73
      Dorkass says:

      OTOH it is an established defense to a criminal charge that the act in question was performed to prevent the commission of a bigger, more heinous crime.


  6. 6
    Sarah Millington says:

    He should be in prison for gross negligence.

    Is he Common Purpose too like child snatcher Joyce Thacker?

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  7. 7
    Col. Nut says:

    Is he, like Joyce Thacker, a member of Common Purpose?

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    • 162
      Deirdre Barlow's Neck says:

      The BBC won’t tell you,reporters are supposed to give out information not to suppress it,as in Saville,pay offs,etc.By the way did the BBC really not know the credit crunch was coming, and did they ever ask Toni Blair if he moved his own money around just before the credit crunch,may be I wasn’t watching that day


  8. 9
    Anonymous says:

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    • 16
      my moustache is luxuriant says:

      Living the high life, in Pakistan..??

      Doesn’t say much for Rotherham. In the coming weeks I think we’re going to see just how much of a shithole this place is.

      And i thought Doncaster was bad.

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      • 18
        my moustache is luxuriant says:

        Living the high life, in P*kistan..??

        Doesn’t say much for Rotherham. In the coming weeks I think we’re going to see just how much of a sh*thole this place is.

        And I thought Doncaster was bad.

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        • 51
          Albert's chainsaw sharpeners says:

          Typical little town destroyed by Labour and a public thinking it was getting at the Conservatives by voting Labour, like most little town in the North, the Conservatives gave up on the public and we are now seeing what a Socialist mecca looks like, when they dump immigrants and let them carry on as if they hadn’t left their own countries, equality, diversity, religion working opposite to what was intended, shame on the LibLabCons for allowing it to happen.

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          • new town watch says:

            Rotherham is NOT a typical little town.

            It is a large built up area, ugly, a congested road, system full of P@kistanis and the skyline is Minarets. It will not be long before speakers are hanging from all the lampposts and telegraph poles ordering the inhabitants who are now predominantly Muslim to prayers.

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          • Celebrating the cultural diversity of the United Kingdom says:

            There are many “typical” towns in the Midlands and the North already..and another interesting fact 26% of all births recorded in 2013 were to women not born in this country

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          • Nuke Londonistan says:

            In one Londonistan borough the figure was 76%, according to today’s Times.

            Best nuke it now, before it gets further out of hand.

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          • Ed Miliband rides horse cock says:

            ah you mean the labour model of multiculturalism – the islamic republic of tower hamlets

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          • Col. Nut says:

            And the rest of the U.K. will eventually follow as the Muslim birthrate soars. The abuse of vulnerable white girls is just another example of the contempt for native white people held by many Muslims. And for many whites the feeling is mutual. The politicians, have created the monster and it will not be effectively controlled by diversity initiatives and legislation. The Balkanisation of Britain is in progress.

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          • Anonymous says:

            Vote Labour to keep your daughter and granddaughter as muslim whores.

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          • UK Fred says:

            That makes a change from voting Labour to get a neighbour of a certain ethnic origin.

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        • 78
          Anonymous says:

          The High Life in P*istan probably means canna’b’is.


    • 46
      Rotherharm Police Farce says:

      We gave him a personal escort to the airport in case someone called him a nasty name. That’s against the law, you know.


    • 100
      inside out says:

      I wonder if he is a dual national? if he is we could revoke his citizenship and chuck him out to Pakistan….for ever.


    • 108
      JH343462341231245 says:

      ‘Living the high life in Pakistan’

      Is that where your donkey has a spoiler?


    • 145
      Violet Asquith says:

      Bold international action by the UK is necessary. STOP HIS BENEFIT!

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  9. 11
    Genghiz the kahn says:

    Those decision makers who decided to ignore reports, concerns from junior social workers, teachers, residents, police need to go.

    A fish rots from the head, the policy makers need to be cleared out.

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    • 14
      RED LEN says:

      Over my dead body.


    • 118
      UK Fred says:

      Too true, Ghenghiz.

      When the system protects the aggressor against the victim, then the system is corrupt. This is perfectly illustrated by the politicians and officers who refuse to resign despite having failed to carry out their public duties.

      If the system, as shown not to work in Keighley, Rochadale and now Rotherham, is not replaced, then one can only assume that the leaders of the people, David Cameron and Theresa May at their head because they have the position to change the system to ensure that victims cannot be ignored and the public servants, for that is exactly what everyone on the public sector payroll is, cannot ignore their responsibilities or without the penalty of criminal law hide from the public their failures to properly carry out their duties.

      Douglas Carswell’s major complaint about David Cameron is that Cameron is looking to make the minimum change possible on Europe. Let this be a litmus test to see how much he is willing to change employment law to enable employers to get rid of staff who refuse to accept responsibility for the actions and omissions.

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    • 165
      Anonymous says:

      Nevermind losing their jobs; they need to be in prison.

      This is where the media is becoming just as guilty as the police/council; they ignore the fact that people responsible for upholding the law and overseeing children’s safety basically encouraged the r*ape of thousands of children, and they just report it as a kind of “professional cowardice” – it’s nothing of the sort, it’s not just professional cowardice or incompetence; it’s a straight forward case of all the councillors and police being complicit and encouraging thousands of horrific crimes against children.

      Fuck their jobs, and fuck the years of “reports” that are going to end up being compiled again to “learn lessons”, FUCK ALL THAT SHIT – THEY NEED TO ALL GO TO JAIL NOW


  10. 12
    Sharon Smoothshit says:

    Don’t jump !


  11. 15
    Anonymous says:

    Why is David Cameron allowing Theresa May to hold up the #CSAinquiry?


  12. 17
    Anonymous says:


    • 22
      C.O.Jones says:

      Destroying evidence.

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      • 33
        Back1woodsman says:

        Ah, the fragrant mz thacker, instigate a hunt for the whistleblower, ignore the crimes the whistleblower revealed.
        Then , of course, deny you are in any way culpable.
        common purpse, its the way we roll.

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    • 28
      @hateliebour says:

      Senior staff from Rotherham Council ordered a raid on offices to delete and remove case files of abused girls.

      If true then plod from another county should be investigating and all those involved should be up in the Crown court explaining their reasons and if found guilty given 40years by the time the tariffs come in that will be down to 6 weeks and should never be allowed to work for the civil service local or otherwise or do contract work for the civil service and banned from being politicians.

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    • 49
      Tony "the shred" Baghdadi says:

      I don’t care how much shredders cost, they are worth every penny.


  13. 20
    A green person who likes talking utter crap says:

    They only want him to resign because that is what all the politicians are harping on about.

    They want a lamb to slaughter.

    He is supposed to be independent of political parties.

    He should stay where he is and start kicking a few backsides.


    • 65
      Labour- the P@edo Party says:

      Have you been locked in a cupboard? Shaun Wright not only supports Labour, he campaigns for them.


  14. 23
    Spoon Face Dave says:

    Don’t expect me to do anything about it.

    now, about this Carswell chap.


  15. 25
    Powered up Paddy from Ryanair says:

    Anyone know the odds on UKIP winning a majority in May 2015 ?

    I am thinking about punting a tenner.

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    • 34
      Albert's chainsaw sharpeners says:

      The odds seem to get better each day, the LibLabCons are working hard to get UKIP in charge next May, the LibLabCons won’t try the race card again as the public showed what it thought in the EU elections.

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    • 38
      my moustache is luxuriant says:

      Most are offering 66-1.

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    • 77
      THEY are many; WE are few...... says:

      Be more interesting if “Dave’s” Conservatives scrape in as the largest party but with no clear majority and UKIP have the necessary seats to deliver such…never gonna happen though as the likeliest result is a Labour Government with small overall majority of a Labour-LibDem Coalition


  16. 26
    E.Bowler Family Butcher and purveyor of Game and Bushmeat says:

    This man had so much faith in his own work and SYP that he spent £15000.00 of public money on security at his house. C*NT

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  17. 29
    Anonymous says:

    Just heard on the news that there is a massive police hunt for parents who removed their dying child from hospital, possibly to spare him from forced surgery by the state.

    I know nowt about the case and it must be awful/tragic for all concerned but it seems rather pertinent that the State is yet again treating loving parents as criminals at a time when they will not charge or hunt down those who really do want to harm children.

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    • 86
      Another Nonny says:

      Whilst one does not generally sympathise with this sort of behaviour, the fact is that malignant brain tumours are sadly still incurable. If this is the case for the poor child, it is a question of trying to get him some enjoyment in his last days, or for him to die in an intensive care unit. That is surely the parent’s choice.

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      • 124
        UK Fred says:

        You people just do not understand. In the new society created by Our B-Liar in Year Zero (1997 CE) and consolidated by our B-Ruin in the years 10-13 (2007-2010 CE) everyone has become the property of the state, body soul and spirit. These parents need to be re-educated to ensure that they realise they have no rights about their children, only a responsibility to do what the state demands of them.

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  18. 30
    Owen Jones is a cunt says:

    Joyce Thacker should resign. And then die of cancer.

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  19. 32
    Willer says:

    He’s just stalling until he has his next gravy train job lined up at another council. That’s how the public sector works.

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  20. 35
    Anonymous says:


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  21. 36
    D.McShane (Author) says:

    My mate JAHANGIR AKTHAR is completely innocent!

    He is an honest man just like me and makes his living (outwardly) driving a taxi in Wath upon Dearne.

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  22. 37
    Edward says:

    Look are you really expecting me to make a decision and actually announce it..come on I want to be elected..I want I want I want.


  23. 39
    No child is safe now says:

    9% in Rotherham must be taxi drivers.

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  24. 41
    The Critic says:

    FFS 20% don’t know? Where are they from? Rotherham?

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  25. 43
    Yerew says:

    Why should he be allowed to resign with honour? They should kick the fucker out the door and tell him to never come back into the public sector.

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  26. 44
    Owen Jones is a cunt says:

    Social services should be called socialist services because it’s staffed by fucking lefties who let girls suffer so as not to offend muslims. It’s the biggest betrayal imaginable. The left have put their agenda of multi-culturalism above the welfare of the most vulnerable in society.

    Has there been a peep from Laurie Penny or Owen Jones? Of course not. But if a gun toting gangster like Mark Duggan gets what he deserves, you can’t shut them up for commenting.

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  27. 45
    Is it me? says:

    He should go because he wears his suit jacket with both buttons done up. Never trust anyone who does that

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  28. 48
    Alan Douglas says:

    Shaun Wright HAS resigned. He just does not know it yet.


  29. 50
    the general public says:

    A system that allowed Shaun Wright to be “voted” into a high paid position of significant power, by a tiny percentage of those eligible to vote, and where he is cannot be dismissed, despite his documented public safety failings clearly indicating he should never have got this job and must have told some giant porkies about his abilities.

    Now who was it that put that system in place…….???


    • 59
      Albert's chainsaw sharpeners says:

      That little red rosette was on his lapel, we had the same on Merseyside, it was known that Labour drone would get the job before we voted, Camorons democracy at it’s best, still wondering why he got it in his head that a single person could be responsible for our safety, the watch committee still had a few who weren’t Labour drones, I think he must have took a leaf out of Heath’s book and his destruction of the Counties, the Conservatives like Labour can go and take a run and jump for my vote next May.

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  30. 55

    Be under no illusion , if Wright , Thacker and the rest were to stand for election in Rotherham this morning wearing Labour rosettes , they would be elected with a thumping majority ,such is the slavish , moronic labour vote in such places.

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  31. 57
    Owen Jones is a cunt says:

    Nuke Rotherham. There aren’t any English people left, so there’s no risk of collateral damage.

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  32. 58
    Anonymous says:

    Joyces Thacker was made an OBE in 2006 for services to young people.

    Should have gone for 2000 child abuse cases, that would have got a peerage.

    How can she honouably remain in her post.

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  33. 60
    cynic says:

    We Irish have a wonderful thing called the boycott

    The police have to talk to him. Noone else does.

    There are also the issues of

    * why are SYP not investigating him for misconduct in public office
    * the new HMIC report that shows that last year SYP were still ignoring young females reporting sex crimes and writing off 20% of sex crimes that should have been investigated

    The only conclusion can be that SYP is not fit for purpose and should be abolished with another adjoining force taking it over to instill some new leadership and confidence


  34. 66
    Barack Hussain Obama says:

    I got the idea from that Dr No film. Julius No wore the same suit. He had a german father and chinese mother. It’s the sort of thing that’s fashionable with us mixed race people.


  35. 70
    Well Past The Time To Go says:

    ……and the other 29% think this God awful, obnoxious little shit should be put in the stocks for a few years!

    I’m one of that 29% as no one has asked me if I’m with the 71%.

    Further, rather than this very weird and creepy looking excuse for a human being being allowed to cling on to his beloved salary, he should actually be taken through the courts and be made to pay back what he taken from the public so far.


  36. 71
    The Critic says:

    Ms Sharp’s successor Joyce Thacker remains strategic director of children and young people’s services in Rotherham.

    The council’s chief executive Martin Kimber said Ms Thacker was “part of the solution in achieving better services” and should not resign

    I suppose ‘better’ is a relative term and the bar is set at ground level already.


  37. 76
    Albert says:

    Simply equation:


    Lefties in public positions of trust always equals misery

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  38. 80

    It would be safe to define R’otherham as a Labour sponsored insurgency now.

    Vote UKIP :-D

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  39. 81
    Ed Miliband rides horse cock says:

    Ed says, can we just brush this under the carpet, i’ve paid off the BBC to make lots and lots of noise about the tory defector


  40. 84
    Owen Jones is a cunt says:

    I feel sorry for the few surviving World War 2 veterans who must look around them and wonder why they bothered if this is what the country’s come to. The North historically was an area of good old fashioned hard working English men and women who worked for a living and loved their country. Now it’s dominated by an evil alien culture that’s predicated entirely on violence and sexual abuse. Pubs and normal high streets are now replaced with dirty halal shithole takeaways, minarets and scores of burka clad freaks and bearded perverts.

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  41. 90
    Get Rid of Scotland says:

    “71% think he should resign”

    And the other 29% are public sector slobs who think nobody should ever be sacked for failure?


  42. 93
    idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Seems to me that if all those at the top in Rotherham who ignored the child abuse were sacked, then their combined salaries could do an awful lot of good, starting with therapy for the 1400 abused.

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  43. 97
    Edd Balls says:

    71% ?…. who are the other 45%…..


  44. 98
    Genghiz the kahn says:

    Labour politicians must be so disappointed by the failure of 2004 Children’s Act.

    Every Child Matters:
    Change for Children

    More vacuous New Labour bollox, ignored by Rotherham MBC.

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  45. 99
    Bricktop says:

    The same problem will be found in any town with a large Pakistani community as was found in Rochdale & Rotherham. Its about time these other towns got their arses into gear and started to have a look at what has been happening in their own back yards.Its easy to spot the towns in question, they will be labour run and have a variety of flags to be flown to celebrate Muslim culture.

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  46. 101
    Unbalanced Views says:

    I’m somewhat suprised the EDL or their like haven’t become involved yet, or perhaps they have, at a local level ?


    • 113
      Anonymous says:

      if they did that would give the BBC etc an excuse to ignore the story and concentrate on racism in Rotherham and how the poor Asian community are victims


    • 116
      Dr Death says:

      EDL roll into town on the 13th September…bring your own stella… Fun for all the family…

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      • 119
        Dr Death says:

        The best of the bunch by far..March For England will be chasing the Muslim brotherhood and their freinds the UAF around Cricklewood..this lot really do know the score…what other group would camp outside Andy Choudarys house singing Christmas Carols..quality


    • 154
      England says:

      Think they have a demo in Rotherham in weeks time,go on lads.

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  47. 102
    Pissed off says:

    None of this matters. Ukip will eat into the Tory vote, while getting maybe one or two MPs of their own- far too few to make up the required numbers in any coalition.

    Labour will get a comfortable majority or, if there is some kind of disaster for them, form a coalition with the Lib Dems, Greens etc. Little missteps like Rochdale, Rotherham, Stafford Hospital, the deficit and electoral fraud will be helpfully swept under the carpet by a supine media who have seen which way the wind was blowing.

    A new era of trade union and local party tithing will begin and, as Labour’s fiscal misfeasance begins to ruin the economy, more and more people will become dependent on the state, while the affluent will leave or be confined to a dwindling blue heartland. Where Labour cannot buy the electorate, it will change it by imposing client Muslim settlement and employing its dirtiest postal-vote tricks.

    Nobody will be talking about Rotherham in ten years, because Rotherham will be nothing unusual. The whole country will have been “enriched”.

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  48. 105
    Casual Observer II says:

    Yet another one of Dave’s fuck ups.

    Police and Crime Commissioners in gold plated sinecures from which the bastards cannot be ejected in gross circumstances like this.


  49. 110
    Disgusted from Arkwright Road says:

    How about Joyce Thacker? What’s the percentage of people who think she should be sacked?


  50. 120

    They’re all in it together. Dellers skewers another product of multi-culti PC trash here.

    Barnardo’s has moved a long way from it’s non-conformist roots.


  51. 122
    Anonymous says:

    Vote Labour or Tory you just get more Sharia.


  52. 130
    J wright says:

    Shaun Wright should not resign. It would not be an adequate response to such anappauling crime. He should drive his car into his garage,and bolt the door.turn the engine on full blast and take a deep deep deep breath


  53. 137
  54. 138
    The Critic says:

    An blog article from 2012:

    This is the week that Rotherham parents found out that Stone, Wright, Lakin, Hoddinott and Kimber all knew that if you dropped your daughter off at Meadowhall to go shopping with her friends there were young boys who would befriend them and gradually over time groom them ready to be introduced and sexually abused by their uncle and his mates.

    They also withheld vital information on what signs parents should look out for, they failed to warn parents about the dangers of Clifton Park.

    The abuse in Rotherham was not a one off isolated incident, the leaked documents show that the crimes go back years, they also show that hundreds of children have been at risk and they decided to close ranks, stay silent and let children be abused, as recent as three months ago Hoddinott made the biggest mistake of her life by imposing a media blackout on the crimes.

    Despite the numbers of children identified at being at risk the Police have only had one successful prosecution, you have to ask yourself why, incompetence by the police, the children are plebs?

    The advice on how to spot grooming given by RMBC in the Advertiser falls well short of the information parents and communities need to combat this evil menace, RMBC will now draw up its defences, blame the Murdoch press and blame parents.

    The Rotherham Taxi association and Taxi company owners have questions to answer, what are they doing to stamp out this crime?

    It took a national paper to draw the crimes out into the open, for over ten years the Rotherham Advertiser remained silent, and they are as culpable just as Stone and his Council are.

    Perhaps a read of this will help. After all’they knew nothing’


  55. 140
    Ed Miliballs says:

    Rotherham council staff ‘seized files and wiped computers to cover up scale of child sex grooming (Daily Mail, 29 August 2014):

    Council officials ‘ordered raid on youth service ahead of 2000 report’.

    ‘Seized nothing but details of abuse victims, alleged attackers and cases’.

    Children’s services chief Joyce Thacker still refused to resign on Thursday.

    She insisted that ‘a sense of proportionality’ was needed about the abuse.

    Said Rotherham Council made ‘clear improvements’ under her leadership.


  56. 141
    Hannibal frp says:

    71 % of the population want Wright to resign because that is what the Press tell them to think.


  57. 142
    Anonymous says:

    The end: “a multi-cultural, socialist utopia” (whether you want it or not);

    the means: “any permitted” (including turning a blind eye to paedophilia).

    About sums it up I think.


  58. 147
    Imam says:

    Shaun does as he is told so mind your own business.


  59. 149
    dave says:

    You can guess the religion of the 9% who don’t want him to retire.


  60. 150
    Diane Abbott New Black Panther Party says:


  61. 151

    Who on Earth are the 9% who responded “no”? Oh, hang on, what is the percentage of Pakistani men in Rotherham?


  62. 152
    Byeck says:

    So far not a word of either condemnation or support, from Rotherham Valley MP, Kevin Barron.
    Interestingly, his daughter has been a Rotherham Councillor since 2000, with some responsibilities for children’s services.


  63. 163
    Anonymous says:

    Labour busy trying to ensure the Muslim Vote through Biraderi.


  64. 164
    Anonymous says:

    I can understand the 9% “don’t know”, because they probably don’t follow the news and have no idea who he is.

    But where does the 20% “No” come from?

    How the fuck do you get 20% of people that honestly believe that the man in charge of pretty much every relevant department at the relevant time who was complicit in the r*pe/abuse of thousands of children should keep his job?

    Keep his job? Fuck me, the man should be in prison for being complicit, as should all the other people who knew about it and did fuck all.


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