August 28th, 2014

Gallery Guido:This is Not the First Job Bercow Has Stitched Up

Will a pre-appointment hearing for Carol Mills examine the murky appointment process run by the Speaker?

Investigators will be interested how the Speaker got what he wanted in the appointment of his Chaplain in 2010.

An eye-witness to the events spoke to Guido today and disclosed the following.

A Speaker has no formal role in the selection of the Speaker’s Chaplain, it is a Church appointment with two roles – one in the Commons, the other across the road in the Abbey.

John Bercow insisted that half the short list of six be female. He pre-determined the winning candidate would be female. “A female is going to do that job. It has to be a female,” he is quoted as saying.

Although he had no right, he insisted on speaking to all the candidates himself.

He rang up the selection board and lobbied them.

He continued to operate in the general election period when he had no official standing as an MP.

All the short list ended up male with two perfectly suitable candidates, one clearly superior to the other.

As a result of Bercow’s lobbying, two female candidates were appended to the six.

Rose Hudson-Wilkins was appointed – but because she could not do the full Church of England job, the role was split.

Speaker Bercow signed a certificate blocking an FoI request for the relevant documents. It was a uniquely powerful certificate available only to the Speaker, preventing any challenge being considered by the Information Commissioner.

Similarities to the process selecting Carol Mills as Clerk may include

1) a predetermined decision that the winning candidate be female.
Improper interference with a procedure to produce a personally wished-for outcome.

2) Putting political imperatives before the technical requirements of the job.

3) Fighting tooth and nail against oversight or accountability.

4) Diminishing the role to make its holder more suitable for his own strategic purposes.

5) Risking a sex discrimination action by his actions.

The source also commented on the behaviour and temper of Speaker Bercow during this period, likening him not entirely humorously to Caligula. But that’s for another time.


  1. 1

    Vote UKIP :-D

  2. 2
    RodTheExBrit says:

    Slimey bastard

  3. 3
    Summer holidays in the Ukraine says:

    Had to laugh when I just heard on the news that Russian tanks and troops have moved across the border into Eastern Ukraine and the Russian spokesman said with a straight face “the troops are on their summer holidays”.

  4. 4
    Tiny Tim says:

    Bercow would have a short list.

  5. 5
    Not for fainthearted says:

    Off topic, but

    It seems the Rotherham cover-up reached well into Whitehall.

    Readers should follow comments by former Gove aide, Dominic Cummings.

    He indicates child protection coverup was routine in Whitehall, and one senior official wanted evidence destroyed.

    His tweeted comments (in which I believe SCR means security case reviews) include:

    In my experience of Whitehall, almost all accusations of coverups are wrong with one big exception…

    Child protection. Coverup=routine. The system’s priority is preserving itself/jobs/££, NOT children. Hence opposition to us publishing SCRs.

    Re the Rotherham case, it’s worth remembering how the LA originally went to High Court in 2012 to stop Times reporting the truth and it …

    …only dropped that when we said that DfE would provide evidence to the court blowing up the LA’s case & supporting the Times.

    Also NB. 99% of Whitehall fought our move to publish SCRs – a senior official told us she wanted to burn everything, not publish it

  6. 6
    Mad Nads smells (of) fish says:

  7. 7
    Gary Bloke says:

    One would hope that the Speaker’s FoI certificate, which the Information Commissioner is precluded from challenging, may still attract attention from MPs.

  8. 8
    K's & P's are mainly given to nonces says:

    Andrew Norfolk, the Times journo that much of the investigative journalism on this case, should receive a fucking knighthood for his work and persistence on this…but don’t hold your breath.

  9. 9
    nag, nag, nag says:

    Considering his wife Sally, Parliament’s female Chaplain Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin and now Carol Mills I must assume that John ‘jockey’ Bercow just has a thing for horses.

  10. 10
    Jack the Ripper says:

    Eminence grease.

  11. 11
    Will says:

    I bet the Kurds wished that the Israeli army came to Isis held territory for thier holidays. The Isis army would soon get to meet thier maker against real battle hardened troops not the plastic Iraq army who turn tail at the first whiff of gunpowder

  12. 12
    Cinna says:

    He’s shown to be an ever more odious runt.

  13. 13
    Seigneur blagger says:

    Speaker Bercow signed a certificate blocking an FoI request for the relevant documents. It was a uniquely powerful certificate available only to the Speaker, preventing any challenge being considered by the Information Commissioner.


    I’ve five of them signed by the Clerk of Parliaments.

    All for similar reasons. He dishes the cash out, and he doesn’t what anyone knowing about fraud by Peers, because he hasn’t checked. So to protect himself, state secret.

    Time for that and Bercow’s right to be revoked.

  14. 14
    Dangerous Brian says:

    Can someone please clarify?
    Has this “woman” been appointed?
    What qualifies her above other potential candidates?
    Do you HAVE to be amoral/corrupt/hypocritical to work at or attend Westminster or does it just help a little?
    When is someone going to stand up and call an end to it all?

  15. 15

    They’ve been there a while. Some were dying to go home.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  16. 16
    Not for fainthearted says:

    It’s clear from this that the Tory government, in addition no doubt to Labour before them, must have known much of what was going on.

    Politicians across the board have questions to answer, as well as civil servants.

  17. 17
    Redacted says:

    Or naked mole rats.

  18. 18
    Parliament is a Gay Disco says:

    1400 (conservative estimate) young girls abused and raped – how many convictions? Forget the council (for now), how many child abusers are still walking the streets of Rotherham?
    Surely a blitzkrieg police operation needs to be launched to prosecute (and where possible deport) the dozens if not hundreds of child rapists still at large? Thereafter prosecute the councillors, forget dismissing them. Aiding and abetting child abuse is a serious offence.

  19. 19
    It's worse says:

    The problem is huge.
    Any town or city with a sizeable Muslim community will reveal similar situation as that in Rotherham.
    Another sexual abuse scandal which the ‘establishment’ wants to avoid tackling is the black gang culture of using r*pe as a weapon or form of initiation for its members.
    We are talking about thousands of girls being abused not just 1400.

  20. 20
    Anonymous says:

    The Tory’s did find out about the problems, and this goverment did something about it !

    Labour refuse to take responsibility for anything this is why we have all these messes CO-OP, Banking System, Stafford etc…… The list just keeps growing!

    Even now the Ed’s refuse to take any responsibility and continue to blame others of their incompetents in these matters!

    It is clear that structure and committees set up by labour in Rotherham failed the children, Ed needs to review it’s committee structures and how they fail the people.

  21. 21
    Briton Under Siege says:

    Good I hope the Russians push their army all the way to fucking Rotherham.

  22. 22
    cured lefty says:

    I believe there are some problems in Rotherham!

  23. 23
    cured lefty says:

    I actually posted something else very critical and abusive about isis but it vanished

  24. 24
    Kevin Cuttlefish says:

    And let’s not forget Professor Jay, author of the report; the first in a long time to actually tell the truth rather than blather platitudes. Well done Prof. Perhaps she could turn her attention to Bradford next.

  25. 25
  26. 26
    Hugh Janus says:

    How long will it take MPs to wake up to the fact that Bercow is just a seedy, grubby, power-hungry egomaniac, even by their low standards? The rest of us rumbled him a long time ago. Why do they allow him to go on demeaning his high office on almost a daily basis? Piss-ups and breweries spring to mind.

  27. 27
    Gerry says:

    Nowt to see ‘ere lad.
    Move along.

  28. 28
    Michael Corby says:

    So when is Bercow’s horse going to get a job then?

  29. 29
    Shit Dick Brown is a CLOWN says:

    Bercow has been well humped. Good!

  30. 30
    John Bellingham says:

    When you take the plunge Nads? You are far too normal to be with the bottom fondlers, ahem, I mean bottom feeders.

  31. 31
    Not Duped says:

    No Shlomo. Nobody wants the IDF anywhere apart from the ZioLoons.

  32. 32
    Not Duped says:

    He normally lets through all the Ziobabble. Maybe he’s woken up to the Zioscurge?

    Or maybe he’s following these instructions?:

  33. 33

    And this relates to Bercow how, exactly?
    What the fuck is wrong with you?
    You are typically better than this.
    Next stop some G’aza and Israe’l from you under the Bercow by-line?

  34. 34
    Mustafa Shiite says:

    F*ck that Brud. They’d be a threat to the Caliphate innit?

  35. 35

    Eminence Front.
    Pete Townshend says Bell Boy, of course.

  36. 36
    Mustafa Shiite says:

    Nuffink to see here brud. Move along Innit.

  37. 37

    I’d give this guy a rocket.

  38. 38
    Not for fainthearted says:

    “The Tory’s did find out about the problems, and this government did something about it !”

    Please advise: when, and what.

    The Tories would/should have known about this when they took control of government in 2010.

    Warsi’s role in opposition was Shadow Minister of Community Cohesian (2007-2010.

    That role, reinforced by what she should have picked up by virtue of her place in the so-called heritage community, should have enabled the current government to act decisively from day 1.

    She was after all the first Muslim woman cabinet minister (2010-2014), and notably Minister of Faith and Communities during the latter half of that period.

    No doubt Labour knew about it pre-2010, and did nothing, but the Conservatives have questions to answer as to why it continued until the Times exposes (2012).

    One starts to suspect that Warsi knew Jay was about to report, and jumped ship because of this scandal rather than concerns about Gaza.

  39. 39
    Odds favour ? says:

    Yeah… Recall Colin Powell’s presentation on WMDs?

    Campbell’s dossiers on WMDs?

    What you convey may be true, but equally may not.

    They’re all able to dress these things up now.

    And they all do. Smokes and Mirrors all round.

  40. 40

    Not equal.

    Shooting down then lying about MH17 and initial Cr!mea annexation tip the balance against R’ussia.

    Vote UKIP :-)

  41. 41
    cuckoo says:

    perhaps there is something about male aides which makes him feel inadequate ?

  42. 42
    MyDadsthePrimeminister says:

    I hope you’re are going to have a look at the appointments process for the current Serjeant at Arms and Speaker’s Secretary as well. You might want to talk to Siwan Davies at the dept of parliamentary services in Canberra about her experience applying for the Serjeant’s job.

  43. 43
    Wind in the Willows says:

    ‘Poop Poop’.

  44. 44
    Stone says:

    No-one cares outside your precious little bubble. Get over it.

  45. 45
    Anon says:

    Sally our Alley is far too busy.

  46. 46
    Not Duped says:

    Russia defending its own back yard, quite rightly too.
    Nothing to do with us, no matter how desperate the yanks are to get the EU embroiled in a war with Russia.

  47. 47
    Odds favour ? says:

    I detect disinformation on all sides.

    But you cite specifically: “Shooting down then lying about MH17″

    OK. July 17, after the aircraft was shot down.

    Ukraine’s acting ambassador to the UK, Andrii Kuzmenko, appeared on Newsnight.

    (The IPLayer link has gone, but I’m sure Newsnight archives will help you check).

    He claimed (plausibly) pro-Russian separatists for shooting down the aircraft, but then to support his case he dishonestly insisted Ukraine itself didn’t have the firepower to hit anything at 33,000 feet, the level at which MH17 was flying.

    “We don;t have at the military and national guard the weapons to shoot down an airliner at such a high altitude,” he said.

    Newsnight host Kirsty Wark had to point out to him that a Janes International Defence Review expert (Missiles and Rockets Editor Doug Richardson) had been questioned on the programme earlier and had made clear that Ukraine had long used the Russian-made BUK anti-aircraft missile system which could hit targets at 70,000 feet.

    So, who’s “lying about MH17″?. And not even convincingly.

    He then sought to backtrack, saying Ukraine’s arsenal of BUKs had been captured by the rebels. Even a cursory look at weapons arsenal details at Janes and other sources shows the rebels could not plausibly have captured all Ukraine’s BUKs.

    He spoke about the black boxes being secreted off to Russia. Wark felt obliged to say: “Just to be clear to our viewers, we haven’t confirmation that the black boxes have been removed. We are only hearing rumours of that. These are not confirmed.”

    It has never been confirmed they were moved back to Russia.

    Also of interest: There is no proof the separatists targeted a civilian aircraft, something that Ukraine and its western allies attempted to make much of.

    Wark asked: “Would they have had any idea what they were looking at?”

    Janes expert Richardson: “They would if they had a complete (BUK) system. But the launcher can operate on its own. It has it’s own little radar.” (In that case) “They would have no way of telling which of the targets they were seeing were commercial and which were military.”

    Meantime, Ukraine security services have confiscated recordings of exchanges between the aircraft and air traffic control.

    One would expect, given the above example of disinformation, that the Ukraine authorities would have jumped at divulging anything unhelpful to Russia.

    Zilch. Did they contain anything unhelpful to Ukraine? Will we ever know? Ukraine could have cleared this up, publicly, by now. There is a clear, international, public interest, over and above Ukraine-Russia ties. But would that be unhelpful to itself?

    So many questions, so few answers. The Troll likes to pounce on tweets and soundbites that take his/her fancy, but some of us prefer to digest the facts.

    One fact stands out. When it comes to propaganda, they’re all at it.

    MH17 / aircraft control recordings not released yet are they?

    Taken by Ukraine security, weren’t they?

    Why do I feel that if they’d been at all useful to Ukraine, they’d have gone public by now. By the same token, why not go public, if they don’t reveal anything.

  48. 48

    Readers may wish to ignore the last three paragraphs of the post above.

    They were notes, inadvertently left hanging at the end of the piece.

  49. 49

    Then why was R’ussia going on about mysterious fighter jets shooting down planes with 30mm Cannon ?

    And why did the Buk get taken back across the border into R’ussia ?

    More importantly: Why did R’ussia’s story change about 5 or 6 times, yet U’kraine’s remain static ?

    Vote UKIP :-D

  50. 50
    Duped two says:

    me thinks non duped has been duped

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