August 28th, 2014

+ + + Douglas Carswell Defects to UKIP + + +


He cites Tory dependency on pollsters, lack of real change on offer in Europe and blocking of parliamentary reform. He will resign his seat and trigger a by-election, the honourable thing to do. I want change, I am an optimist”.

UPDATE: Guido asked Carswell to rate his chances: “I don’t know”. He confirmed he had not spoken to the PM this morning. “I wouldn’t worry Douglas, he’s watching live,” Nigel quipped. Carswell commented “I happen to like David Cameron, I’m not expecting him to reciprocate that now. He’s a nice person, he’s just not serious about change.”


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    West Country Tory says:

    If UKIP can attract people like Carswell and improve their awful PR, they will start to win over people like me.


    • 13
      JH343462341231245 says:

      UKIP’s ‘awful PR’ is largely a result of a leftist media class moving mountains to try to discredit them.

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        Psychotic, champagne socialist, pedophile, necrophiliac, violent, BBC light entertainment star/DJ says:

        And the racist shit they spout

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          Troll Watch says:

          Ah, the trolls are out in force today!

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          The Right Honourable Francis Urquhart MP says:

          Shut up you silly leftist twot!


          • Farragio of Twisted Facts says:

            Tipping Point?

            Which municipal tip will accept Carswell?

            Will he adopt UKIP standard position of taking all the money but not turning up>

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          • Anonymous says:

            F…… Urquhart! – well better a lefty than a blinkered righty twat!


        • 49
          The Lone Ranger says:

          @ Psychotic, champagne socialist, pedophile, necrophiliac, violent, BBC light entertainment star/DJ says:

          Well said – keep it up. The more you slag us off with crap like that the more votes we’ll get. Well done. Vote UKIP :)


        • 212
          Liebour are poo says:

          Liebour = the rape party.


        • 215
          The Establishment is infested with Nonces says:

          The racist shit that the lying media, and lefty and tory liars pretending to be UKIP spout in order to discredit UKIP you mean?

          I have attended many UKIP meetings and one thing I have seen is how UKIP supporters are utterly appalled by ALL racism and condemn it all. That is racism against blacks, Asians and against whites.

          What is sickening is the current scandal caused by racists, and their enablers in the state, who claim to be opposed to racism, whilst enabling a decade of race driven gang-rape of children. Yet they call those who condemn such blatant racism, racists.


    • 27
      fghte says:

      So will he stand down and let the voters reelect him as ukip


      • 50
        The Right Honourable Francis Urquhart MP says:

        Which part of “He will trigger a by-election” did you not understand?

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      • 53
        The Lone Ranger says:

        Idiot – there is an Election next year.


        • 59
          John Bercow says:

          Not for some of us :D


          • Spartacus says:

            What happened to the by-election post Guido?

            It went up and came straight down


          • Wendi Deng Tsiao Ping says:

            You havent had a decent election for a while, have you Little John? Is that why you brought in ‘down under woman’? Remember now Rupee’s done with me and Tony’s had his todger tugged by Cheree, I am available by appointment.


      • 97
        Anonymous says:

        Wow a politician with conviction got to say I am impressed somewhat shocked and wish him well. Hope he wins and the people of Clacton send him back to Westminster.

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        • 264
          Clarkes Pie says:

          Boom! Well done Douglas!

          Refreshing to see an MP with genuine convictions (not in the legal sense) doing the right thing.

          First UKIP MP? Pollsters out of the blocks in 3… 2… 1…

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          • pissed off voter says:

            Congratulations to Douglas Carswell, one of the very, very few persons of principle in our parliament.


          • England: the world's rubbish tip. says:

            Not Carswell’s greatest fan (Remember how he went all gooey around the edges when Dave smarmed some blandishments his way a couple of years ago?) but good luck to him and Nige!


      • 122
        Cinna says:

        FFS. Don’t you watch the news. He’s resigning as MP today to trigger a by-election.

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    • 67
      For Europe, against the EU. says:

      The Tories are heading down the same sewer as Labour.

      Vive l’UK, vive l’UKIP.

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    • 93
      Disillusioned says:

      Good Heavens -An Honourable MP

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    • 247
      Jabba Le Chat says:

      At least Carswell didn’t slither across the floor to the other side like most malcontents but resigned.

      It will be interesting seeing what happens over the coming weeks as Carswell gets the full measure of the dear leader and the rest of the losers in Ukip.

      Otoh, if Carswell goes after the dear leaders job, and he has the gravitas, that could get interesting and produce a real game changer, especially if Zac Goldsmith gets involved…


    • 267
      The two Muppets says:

      I am very disappointed that Carswell has chosen now to jump ship ,
      when Labour are under attack for their handling of the Rotherham scandal.
      My estimation of him and UKIP has gone right down .
      At least with Labour and the LibDems we are used to their treachery but
      this is something else .


      • 280
        I like the Muppets but not you two says:

        Unlike you, I can hold two (or more) ideas in my head at once: Labour disgusting in Rotherham; good work Carswell, by-election just what’s needed.

        And don’t you think people will be cheered up by UKIP’s news?

        Oh, perhaps that’s why you posted.

        Vote UKIP and clear away this revolting, corrupt system.


        • 306

          Hear Hear. Carswell has done the decent thing. He will be re-elected and probably with an enhanced majority.
          A portent for the near future.
          There is a time when honest folk stand up and say, in polite circles, “that fucking does it”. Rotherham, immigration climbing beyond the incredible, May “It’s nothing to do with me”. Bercow.
          By comparison, O’Barmie’s demand that we have to join in bombing ISIS and probably Syria just to maintain our “inclusive fostering, bomb everybody” approach is really just “the icing on his cake”. Now if we were going to nuke the whole of the Sykes-Picot area, and sort the bastards out once and for all, the whole bleeding cess-pit, that might make something worth-while.
          In fact, if O’Barmy has a couple of B29s spare, he could sort out Tower Hamlets AND Westminster. Now that would be a “King Pair”!


        • 321
          leftwingscum says:

          The timing is definitely interesting, if nothing else.

          October, the traditional month of revolutions seems like a good time for a game-changing by-election, following shortly after an interesting Scottish referendum, and straight after the UKIP conference in Doncaster.

          South Yorkshire is also interesting… Rotherham is already a UKIP hotspot, and Labour is now going to be on the ropes there.

          I really don’t see how a posh gormless tw@t like MilliVanilliBand can seriously knock on doors in South Yorkshire and convince any of the locals that they can identify with a snotnosed nasal millionaire oxbridge immigrant like him… the fiddler who’s aloof. You can really picture him with a flat cap and whippet tucking into a bacon butty.


          speaking of which, Labour seem to be competing with the Libidinous Demagogues for sexual deviency scandals; as well as with the Conmen party for financial scandals.

          It’s a shame Carswell couldn’t have got rid of the current speaker as well – whatever you think of him, at least he stood up to the previous upstanding member.


      • 309
        England: the world's rubbish tip. says:

        Fuck off back to Central Office, chump!


    • 296
      John Coles says:

      What a sensitive soul you are.


    • 313
      Anonymous says:

      Well if he wants real change in this country he and they need to rid us of the appalling royals and the class divisive hereditary privileged dogma they preach.


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    Mike Newland says:

    So he does have some principles. Well done!

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    • 32
      Anonymous says:

      Cameron, conflicted politician that he is, will be overjoyed to have Carswell off the back benches, but troubled that this could have happened


      • 41
        Duty Pędant says:

        Politician? Are you sure?


      • 136
        deleted says:

        You must be drinking this is Cameron’s nightmare. A by-election now!! Shows Cameron is not a very good politician to let this happen. He should have walked over coals to prevent this from occurring. An Essex constituency a popular euro sceptic defected to UKIP and to stand as a UKIP candidate this is going to get ugly for the Tories and the coalition.

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        • 179
          Some chap called Nigel says:

          What I would most certainly call “Brilliant News !!!”

          which will be good for UK

          and good for UKIP

          as the political map will be turning UKIP Purple

          on Thursday 7 May 2015 GE & LE

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      • 214
        Charlie says:

        UKIP need people who have a broad knowledge and can think deeply about the cause of problems and put forward practical solutions. Carswell’s books shows he thinks about modern Britain and wants to change the weather; most politicians are weather vanes-reacting to the weather. In many ways Carswell not being a PPS or a minister meant he could stand back and see how Parliament functioned.

        The problem is that there has been little or no cogent and coherent criticism of the metropolitan middle class pro Europe pro immigration ultra green consensus.

        Many people are concerned about the direction of much of progressive metropolitan Britain but have been put off by the UKIP nutters. What is needed are people who can explain how the progressive consensus has an adverse impact on those on average and below average salaries. Modern day politics requires people to summarise very difficult prblems and offer solutions in 30 seconds or less. Very few politicians have the knowledge and have given thought to many of our problems, Carswell is one of few. Frank Field is another politician who has thought about modern day problems.


    • 173
      The two Muppets says:

      What is that about principles ,stabbing your Party in the back .
      Miliband will be proud of him .


      • 202
        The New Conservatives says:

        How the fuck can you stab a ‘party’ in the back, especially one that abandoned its core values many years ago as it moved to the centre just like Lab and Lib traitors did?

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      • 213
        rick says:

        It’s called Patriotism – putting country before party.


      • 224
        Luke says:

        If my former party were the conservatives, I’d stab them in the front, side, neck and face as well, just to be sure.


      • 236
        Anonymous says:

        UKIP would hardly be a household name had Cameron not stabbed so may real conservatives in the back


        • 263
          anon says:

          …..Same -sex marriage, my arse; ….and how many couples have married under this affront to marriage?


          • anon says:

            ……………..Promised referendum(Lisbon and all that)….immigration in the 10,s of thousands,…that’s going well!…..Islam,the need for a word in the naughty boys ears on how we live in Britain!


          • John Bellingham says:

            Correct! Arses are exactly what same-sex marriages are all about!


      • 250
        The Establishment is infested with Nonces says:

        He was actually taking the knife out of his own back that the tories slammed into it, by abandoning all conservative values, in order to adopt the vile multicultural politocal correct cult that has seen thousands of children raped by racists!

        Good on Douglas Carswell!


  3. 3
    Ad Hock says:

    Bad idea – he should see some of the UKIP specimens round here. Absolute nutters.


    • 19
      Not In My Name says:

      Sad but true.

      UKIP know they need to up their game and a key part of that is flushing out the nutters and the plain stupid.


      • 34
        Spartacus says:

        When you look at the Hamiltons and Leftover Armpit and their ilk, there are plenty of nutters there already. UKIP members of parliament will fit in perfectly


      • 66
        The Lone Ranger says:

        UKIP may well be nutters. That’s not the point. Voting UKIP is the only way I can tell the Cons, Labs and Libs that I am sick of all of them. Kick them all out – including UKIP if they do indeed behave in the same way.


        • 106
          Paniagua says:



        • 124
          Arry says:

          Ignore the usual abuse from the Tri-Partite Pact. At least he didn’t call us all racists (wonder why?).


          • rick says:

            Expect the abuse to be notched up a few decibels from now on.

            Quotes taken out of context, photos showing facial contortions, downright lies etc etc……….desperate times for the cartel.


        • 242
          Anonymous says:

          No. Voting UKIP is the only way of guaranteeing a Labour government come 8 May 2015.


          • Yawn says:

            Yawn, tired argument. The conlibertives should stop splitting the UKIP vote to prevent the liebour Mooslime apologists gaining power.


          • The Establishment is infested with Nonces says:

            Not when voting Labour means voting for racist gang rapes of children it wont.

            Do not underestimate the outrage at labour in the northern constituencies, now that they have the blood of thousands of children on their hands. At least 1400 from one medium sized town alone.

            It was Labour policy to prevent people stopping the racist gang rapes of children. They had parents and victims and whistle blowers arrested.

            Labour was behind this policy. Labour was in charge, Labour knew what was happening and Labour could have ensured it was stopped.

            Labour did the opposite.

            The hatred of the betrayal of all ordinary working class people by Labour is building massively.

            Do not forget that in Rotherham, labour considered voting UKIP to be a greater crime than racist child rape! They considered racist child rape to be “community cohesion” and those Islamic rapists were merely “Rubbing the children’s noses in diversity”

            That racist gang rape scandal has labour’s fingerprints all over it, and so long as labour were determined to rub our noses in diversity, the rest of us should rub THEIR noses in the vile and catastrophically destructive consequences.

            Labour: Enabling the mass gang-rape of children since 1997.

            That is quite an election slogan!


    • 76
      Ad Hoc the BBC stooge says:



    • 100
      táxpáyér says:

      Unlike and totally different to the many and varied LibLabCon nutters.

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  4. 4
    Jedi Lols says:

    FML, no way!


  5. 4
    Prime Minister"Money's no object" Cameron says:

    “today I am leaving the Conservatives to join UKIP”


  6. 6
    Ah! says:

    He’s a man of principle.


  7. 7
    And so is my wife says:

    Well done that man


  8. 8
    Paniagua says:

    *thumbs air*


  9. 9
    Hugh Janus says:

    Really? Linkie…??


  10. 10
    JH343462341231245 says:

    I wonder if Hannan is far behind?

    It’s a good week to do it considering UKIP’s utter moral superiority over the other parties vis a vis Kiddie-botherham.


    • 113
      táxpáyér says:

      Hannan was there to personally congratulate Nigel when he won the Euro elections.


    • 302
      The Establishment is infested with Nonces says:

      Hannan has written recently of why he will never ever join UKIP, in spite of agreeing with them over more policies than he agrees with the tories over and in spite of him personally liking Farage much more than Cameron.

      Unlike Hannan, Carswell has proved his words through his deeds.

      He wants the UK out of the EU an only UKIP will deliver that!


  11. 11
    David Cameron says:

    Right, what fuckups can we pin on Carswell?

    Has he ever been to Rotherham?


  12. 14
    David Cameron says:

    I will recall Parliament.

    I will set up a COBRA meeting.



  13. 16
    Fishy says:

    Stupid pilock doing his best to ensure a Miliband victory next year and MORE EUROPE…LESS DEMOCRACY…MORE SOCIALISM

    Not so much Carswell, more like Homer Simpson


    • 31
      Grammar School Boy says:

      Agree…but a Miliband victory will see Labour out of power from 2020 for a generation.


      • 55
        Fishy says:

        Yes, but no Britain left to govern.


      • 57
        patrickhadley says:

        In early 1979 Labour thought that Thatcher was so unpopular, and the economic prospects so poor, that a loss in the election would see the Tories out of power for a generation.


      • 107
        bergen says:

        Can’t take the risk. 5 years of Milliband will see my firm go under.


        • 179
          The Australian Ambassador says:

          If you’re a go-ahead, up to the minute outfit who looks to the future then we will welcome you down under. Mind you, we’re very selective who we take. None of the riffraff you accept in the old country.


        • 194
          The two Muppets says:

          5 years of Miliband and Balls and the Country will be finished .
          I can see us going to the IMF with our begging bowl .


          • Yawn says:

            Dear CCHQ
            Please try offering some CONSERVATIVE POLICY, rather than the tired vague threat of Liebour doom.
            Heir to Blair – sick of that. Try repealing the climate change act. Have a bonfire of the quangos. How about a referendum on the EU?
            Can do? No didn’t think so, please stfu.


        • 218
          deleted says:

          The end of the labour will come if Scotland vote for independence no more MP’s from Scotland swelling the labour benches. GE in May 2015 is more likely than not going to end in another coalition only question is lab/lib, con/lib or perhaps even con/UKIP interesting times ahead!!!


      • 248
        Anonymous says:

        Hardly. We thought that after Brown. Labour will just keep coming back because people like Carswell make it so easy for them.


    • 80
      Anonymous says:

      Some of us disagree.

      Your crude rant clearly illustrates the extent to which Cameron’s Conservatives so much mimic Labour’s style of engagement these days.

      Insults, rowdy, unintelligent discourse.

      (How intelligent is the suggestion that a politician leaving one party for another, is “doing his best to ensure” a third party victory ?)


    • 90
      Little Dishy says:

      The Tories cannot win – they did not even win last time after 13 years of Labour and before they pissed off their core voters.

      If you want to keep Labour out, you you need to vote UKIP and campaign to get others of your ilk to do the same.

      Stop whining, start voting UKIP.


      • 114
        Fishy says:

        I’d vote for them in the Euro’s but never for UKIP and Farage in a serious election.

        PS: It’s not insulting to tell the truth about someone who has quite frankly lost his marbles


        • 151
          Anonymous says:

          If you can’t recognise an insult, let alone admit to one, you’re less intelligent than first thought

          One assumes that adopting Labour’s style of engagment was inevitable after adopting New Labour politics


      • 196
        A voter says:

        “before they pissed off their core voters”
        Actually, it was Major’s government that first pissed me off. That’s when I first decided to move to a more Conservative party. It’s only got worse since.


    • 175
      Anonymous says:

      Fuck off Tory stooge – you’re part of the problem.


      • 245
        Fishy says:

        There’s only one problem in this country and that’s Socialism. The sooner it’s dead the sooner we will all be better off.

        UKIP are not the answer, they will just facilitate a Miliband Government


  14. 17
    Fred says:



  15. 18
    Jack Russell says:

    Yeah if it wasn’t for all the tw@ts on here that end their posts with vote uk!p I would have probably voted for them. I’m not going to bother voting now.


  16. 20
    Psychotic, champagne socialist, pedophile, necrophiliac, violent, BBC light entertainment star/DJ says:

    Carswell,,,, the fucking Labour proxy cu’nt


  17. 21
    Enemy of the State says:



  18. 22
    Jack Ketch says:

    Good for him!


  19. 23
    Anonymous says:

    Mr Carswell, a bit late, but better late than never. The first of many I suspect.


  20. 24
    noideaaboutmymortgage says:

    12000 majority last time round.


  21. 26
    E.Bowler Perveyor of Game and Bushmeat says:

    The trouble is if they all defect, we just end up with the same clowns in diferent ties.


  22. 30
    Eh up lad says:

    He should be the next Foreign Secretary.


  23. 33
    Well done,that man. says:

    He cites Tory dependency on bumsexers, lack of real change and blocking of parliamentary reform.


  24. 37
    This Conservative wants out of EU says:

    Blimey, this gives me cause for thought.


  25. 38
    David Cameron says:

    I still have the Pink vote, and the Mooslim vote as I have their values.


  26. 39

    Momentum seems to be gaining. Hopefully it continues


  27. 40
    Wee fat Eck of the Shortbread Numptocracy says:

    Will make for an interesting by-election.


  28. 42
    Peter Bone says:

    Mrs Bone tells me that I will the next defection.

    She’s always right.


  29. 43
    Claire Perry says:

    Didn’t I once tell him to Fuck Off and join UKIP ?


  30. 44
    Jack Ketch says:

    Someone has just edited Carswell’s Wiki entry– It opens up with “Carswell is the son of two medical doctors, and grew up in Bongo Bongo Land, where his parents worked amongst local communities”.
    That was fast work by the dirty tricks campaign!


  31. 48
    The Two Eds says:

    :D *High fives* :D


    • 199
      Labour says:

      Thank fuck! It looked like we might be on the rack for that little business about the kiddie rapes, but now the media can get back to its proper role of splitting the Tory vote!


  32. 52
  33. 54
    Persona Non Grata says:

    Considering the amount of vitriol Carswell is going to have to endure, it’s a brave move.


  34. 55

    Meanwhile, somewhere over on the left…

    Vote UKIP :-D


    • 60

      The super constructive response from the leftoid:

      Vote UKIP :-D


    • 74
      Fishy says:

      I see that the BBC (heavily invested on Jimmy Savile abuse) are doing their very best to play down the role of the M rape gangs. It’s not in the multiHuntural agenda so they are trying to say that they’re no worse that the whiteys.


      • 300

        It is best to keep the R’otherham situation and what is coming next focused on Labour’s policies and keep it political.

        Allowing that to descend into a r’ace or r’eligious issue would not be smart.

        However, pushing the ‘Labour blame the m’uslim’ angle and passing the matter over to returned !slamic State guys to discuss further with Labour is appealing and would be fun to watch from a distance.

        Consider this. T’ower H’amlets, for all its dodgy electioneering, has saved itself the scourge of Labour r’ape squads. Why did folk there shift away from Labour ? R’otherham speaks loudly.

        Suspect that clean up in R’otherham would have started sooner had S’arah C’hampion not been shoved in at the last minute removing the local A’sian guy who was selected for the seat.

        Need to understand that the communities themselves in this case do not like this stuff which is going on, but as we have seen, they have no where to go to complain.

        Vote UKIP :-D


  35. 61
    Harmo says:

    Good news….


  36. 63
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    I too have changed sides and now work for Hasbara! It’s only a part time volunteer position but the people at the job centre say it won’t affect my benefits and will look good on my CV. Onwards and upwards!


  37. 64
    Sarah Millington says:

    Welcome aboard Douglas, anyone else?

    Ah smug mode.


  38. 68
    Man With A Very Hot Bladder says:

    About time too.


  39. 69
    Grant Shapps says:

    Clacton is a safe Conservative seat. It will remain so. Bye bye Douglas.


  40. 71
    Ip So Facto says:

    Sad to see Carswell fall for this.


  41. 73

    Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the TORY PARTY.
    :) :) :)


  42. 78
    Anon. says:


  43. 84
    A patriotic Tory says:

    I denounce the EU multiculturalist RedCons too. There is a purple light at the end of the tunnel.


  44. 85
    David Cameron says:

    I will rub your noses in diversity you plebs.


  45. 88
    Jack Russell says:

    Watch the smear machine start up again!


    • 305
      Jim says:

      It already has.

      Again it will fail, people have had enough of these games.

      They are not funny anymore.


  46. 92
    disenfranchised says:

    Perhaps his most damaging comment about Cameron was that Dave is only concerned with rearranging EU deckchairs in general and has no intention of fighting for the UK’s corner on specific EU legislation.


  47. 101
    neitherdeadnoralive says:

    An emotional morning watching Sky News; I couldn’t have been more angry or depressed at watching Mr Harmans interveiw about Rotherham, his first comment was white men rape more children !! This from a supporter of PIE !! Then the joy of seeing a politician with a concience, Carswell, doing the right thing.


  48. 109
    Truthteller says:

    You know it makes sense.


  49. 117
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:

    I wish Vince would fuck off back to the Labour party, where he belongs.


  50. 127
    Anonymous says:

    How can we continue like this? Madness.


    • 139
      táxpáyér says:

      and 500K brits emigrate.

      Change in “britishness” 900K


    • 168
      One-Term Dave (dragging the Tories to their grave) says:

      Immigration is spiffing! I know i promised to reduce it, but I’ve realised multiculturalism is super spiffing! What could possibly go wrong, eh? What what what.


  51. 129
    CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

    He clearly wasn’t interested in a career in Westminster then. But at least he wants to trigger a by-election as his constituents didn’t vote for UKIP at the GE.


  52. 134
    Dave from Witney says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhh! F*cking hell I’ve been rumbled !!


  53. 140
    Enoch Powell says:



    • 147
      JH343462341231245 says:

      Err, I don’t think that hits the target quite in the way you would like.


      • 174
        'andjob Chowder says:

        LOL Labour stooge has the correct message for the wrong reason.


        • 221
          Enoch Powell says:

          Not Labour, but UKIP dickhead.


        • 246
          JH343462341231245 says:

          Like Adolf in his bunker, they frantically direct phantom divisions of moral superiority that never really existed in the first place.

          I wonder how they will cope with the fact that political correctness died yesterday? The old spells just won’t work any more, and they have nothing else to fall back on.


  54. 142
    David cameron PM says:

    I’ll have that traitor thrown to the dogs like Kim Jong-un did with his uncle!


  55. 145
    Guy News Room says:

    Nigel Farage tells Guido Fawkes that, after Douglas Carswell’s defection: “There are other people out there,including David Cameron and Shaun Wright, considering their options.”


  56. 146
    The News Caravan moves on says:

    That’s Rochdale off the news agenda then…Shaun Wright (and Ed Miliband for guaranteeing that he’ll be Prime Minister in May 2015)should send a crate of champers to Douglas as a thank you present


  57. 153
    Ghost Of Dr David Kelly says:

    Excellent news!! Carry on Nigel, but with the nasty cartel that actually run this country, don’y you dare go near any light aircraft this time around!!


  58. 156
    UAF says:

    We’re off to Clacton.



  59. 159
    Are UKIP fools says:

    This should be the day when ALL MEMBERS OF SOUTH YORKSHIRE LABOUR PARTY had their cards torn up.

    All funding for any offices of Racism, etc, were stopped.

    Instead UKIP annouce a defection, which could happen anytime, with great effect, when HIGHLY SERIOUS NASTY GOING ONs REMAIN UNDEALT WITH and ukip steal the spotlight.

    Are UKIP fools?


  60. 160
    Cpl Hicks says:

    I think the expression the yoof use is:


    if this doesn’t kick Dave into action I don’t know what will.


    • 203
      Fat cunt Dave says:

      I don’t do action.

      Call me wanker.


    • 255
      They Have Their State - Keep Them There says:

      Pass the surfboard please, oh and will you go and tell those naughty, naughty, jihadists that Theresa May or may not take away their passports so that we have the f*****s here forever, nice one!


  61. 163
    Esther from Primark says:

    The guy has got balls.

    That’s for sure.


  62. 166
    Back1woodsman says:

    It will be interesting to see the response of the local party members and hierarchy. Is it a ” nod and a wink” job, where the whole local activist cadre move with him, or a solo crash and burn job ?
    Based on experience of a couple of Con Assoc branches, there is real anger at Cameron at local level, the foot soldiers really could defect en bloc, if the MP was popular locally.


  63. 167
    Mangochutney says:

    Vote UKIP!


  64. 176
    Rob Roy says:

    And here in Scotland we await the words of David Cameron with baited breath.


    • 193
      R L Stevenson fro Samoa says:

      David Cameron’s argument is an interesting one.

      He claims that a small nation’s prosperity and security is best protected by being allied as part of a larger state or confederation.

      However as far as the UK and continued EU membership is concerned he appears to countenance a UK exit .


    • 197
      Cameron's Cast Iron Guarantee Emporium says:

      And here in Scotland we await the words lies of David Cameron with baited breath.


    • 317
      Jethro says:

      176 Rob Roy. Perhaps Scotchmen speak a variant version of English – ‘English as a Second Language’ – when they try and communicate in a tongue other than Gaelic: no doubt you will playfully correct me over the spelling as well as the pronunciation of ‘Gaelic’ – perhaps also over the perfectly correct English word ‘Scotchmen’. But, ‘baited’ refers to that to which a bait is attached (fish-hooks, e.g.), whereas the English phrase ‘with bated breath’ uses the shortened form of the English verb ‘abate’ – to delay, to lessen. I suppose a seductress might ‘bait her breath’ with sweet spices and Comfits, lest the foul fishiness of her naturally baited breath deter rather than attract.


  65. 178
    allah baddie, islamic pyjama party says:

    I fear that if the conservatives lose this by election miliband will romp to victory.

    saying that the long term future of our democracy looks massively brighter today.


  66. 201
    Turning Point says:

    Well done Douglas!


  67. 204

    Perfect timing from Douglas Carswell, It will concentrate the minds of the electorate just as the ‘net immigration’ figures are released.
    Labour have been shown up for the treacherous filth they are in Rotherham , and the tories with the extent of the unchecked mass immigration.


  68. 207
    Ed Balls says:

    Just need a labour defection now to really freak the fuck out of Westminster!!;’


  69. 217
    When all else fails says:

    Quick Dave start a war somewhere you know how patriotism is the last refuge of a useless scoundrel like you.


  70. 222
    Ukip dead! says:

    Thats a Conservative gain then in the by-election. Remember Newark. Ukip and Farage finished, as is Carswell. Pratt!


    • 232
      Remember Newark says:

      Newark, 2010:
      1st Conservative, 27,590 votes, 53.9%
      2nd Labour, 11,438 votes, 22.3%
      3rd Liberal Democrat, 10,246 votes, 20.0%
      4th UKIP, 1,954 votes, 3.8 %

      Newark 2014:
      1st Conservative, 17,431 votes, 45.0%
      2nd UKIP, 10,028 votes, 25.9%
      3rd Labour, 6,842 votes, 17.7%
      4th Independent, 1,891 votes, 4.9%

      Obviously, a very poor result for UKIP. Their momentum has ended.


    • 238
      Essex Man says:

      Fuck off Tory wanker.

      Vote UKIP


    • 288
      Yawn says:

      You are delusional if you think that ‘Dave’ has not rendered the Conservative brand toxic.


  71. 224
    Hugh Janus says:

    High fives!


  72. 227
    Anonymous says:

    Douglas Carswell is a serious, thinking and impressive politician. This is a game changer for me and many others.

    It’s also timely. Today on the radio I heard Labour politicians struggling to explain why underclass white girls were allowed to be traded and raped for a decade and a half within the Muslim ‘community’ while Labour appointees looked the other way while handing out piles of postal votes.

    Then I heard a Muslim community leader preach tolerance but 3 times avoid answering the question: Is Free Gaza, scrawled on a synagogue wall in England, anti-Semitic?

    Next I read that more than 500,000 immigrants came to the UK again last year. OK, some people left, probably all White Flight English people heading to Australia, NZ and the USA etc. but the government has no grip on this because we do not legally control our own borders.

    All these things coming together make a HUGE point about our country changing beyond recognition, our mainstream politicians and institutional leaders letting us down and abrogating responsibility and the EU taking ‘control’ of key areas of national life and identity and but not controlling those at all.


  73. 237
    Fruitcake, swivel eyed loon, closet racist, crackpot, crank and gadfly says:

    And so it begins.

    Vote UKIP, get UKIP.


  74. 257
    Gideon Ceaser says:

    Good day to bury bad news? Kitten Heels has just presided over the biggest Migrant numbers net rise in history. Not exactly what she promised, was it?

    I blame that Lin Homer.


  75. 260
    Anonymous says:

    This now makes Doncaster a pre election blockbuster.


  76. 262
    Anonymous says:


  77. 268
    Anna says:

    Leaving aside the actual Douglas Carswell ‘defection’, while I was reading it I was somewhat startled to receive email with the the following fields:
    From: Guido Fawke’s Blog
    Subject: Douglas Carswell Joins UKIP
    Reply to:

    The email address to which it was sent was possibly used a couple of years ago in my one & only email communication with Guy Fawkes’ Blog, related to a change of email address for the end-of-the-week digest. Certainly I have never used it in any of my very rare posts here.

    So is this event so earth-shattering that Guido has to spam every email address with which he’s ever had contact? Or is something more sinister at work?!


  78. 274
    Raving Loon says:

    Next: Hannan


  79. 276
    Sungei Patani says:

    BORIS for Clacton!


  80. 281
    SleeplessInKirkcaldy says:

    I wonder which party Maggie would join if she was starting out today


    • 297
      Friedman's Iron Stiletto says:

      As Margaret Thatcher said about the SDP, when it broke away from Labour and was asked if she believed they (the SDP founders), should have stayed in the Labour party?:

      “Those people who came out should have had the idealism and the guts to stay within and fight!”

      Full excerpt:

      “Yes, I do. They were always driven left when they were in the Labour Party, they didn’t turn round and fight from within, after all Shirley Williams was on the Grunwick picket line, Roy Jenkins could have fought from within, they had in Barbara Castle started with In Place of Strife and then the leftists forced them to drop it or the trade unions. They should have stayed within and fought their way through. The Labour Party won’t die, the Labour Party will never die. They should have fought for what I believe, as [Hugh] Gaitskell started to fight. They should have supported him and supported that wing of the party, so that we had two parties in this country which are founded on belief and freedom and justice and personal responsibility, and the rejection of state socialism.

      The Labour Party went wrong when it became a state socialist party. Had it founded all its policies and its beliefs on its early ideals and still had this passion for freedom and justice, and let’s, let’s say its fraternity, because fraternity is voluntarily caring for your neighbour. And you can’t have democracy without people being prepared voluntarily to take personal responsibility. Somewhere along the line that voluntary spirit—and the trade unions started as friendly societies—that voluntary spirit got replaced with state socialism, keeping people down, controlling their lives.

      Those people who came out should have had the idealism and the guts to stay within and fight!”


  81. 295
    Friedman's Iron Stiletto says:

    Any action Douglas has taken will have been as a result of him calculating what he thinks would most likely see the UK out of the EU. He obviously believes either that the Tory’s will win in 2015 and give a referendum to the UK on EU membership, and that with a slick Cameron PR campaign, the people will vote to stay in the EU, or he thinks Labour will get in and there wont be a referendum for the people anyway, in which case he is better fighting to leave the EU from UKIP.

    I for one think this is a risky approach, and one that seems at odds to Carswell’s stated belief in the British electorate to decide what should happen to the UK instead of a Westminster elite. For surely if his and UKIP’s only reason for being is to have a referendum on EU membership, then they should be ensuring there is a Tory majority. This is the bottom line and simply cannot be logically disputed – however unpalatable it may.

    On a separate point – If those who want to leave the EU think that the best way to do this is have UKIP play the role of SNP in the current independence vote in Scotland – be warned. Scare stories and playing on fears (however well articulated) are not the approach to take. If we allow Farage to play the anti EU movements Alex Salmond, then the vote is already lost.


    • 319
      Jethro says:

      “For surely if his and UKIP’s only reason for being is to have a referendum on EU membership, then they should be ensuring there is a Tory majority. This is the bottom line and simply cannot be logically disputed – however unpalatable it may.”
      Goldfish have longer memories than you! Do the words ‘cast-iron guarantee’ ring, as it were, a bell?
      ‘The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.’ The road to losing Elections is paved with empty promises.


  82. 307
    The Right Honourable Francis Urquhart MP says:

    Can like minded folk pop over to the

    The comments and poll voting section is rife with left-tards and lib-tards. Usual Hitler shit is being churned up


  83. 318
    Anonymous says:

    If Carswell gets re-elected as a UKIP MP this is another nail in the Tory coffin – poor old Dave appears more bewildered by the day.

    Oh and am I the only on that thinks that Nigel has the face that needs a fucking good slap


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