August 27th, 2014

Shaun Wright Should Resign Today


Never has a politician more deserved to be targeted by Guido’s crosshairs. Shaun Wright failed the children of Rotherham terribly…

Shaun Wright was the Labour councillor with cabinet responsibility for children’s services in the Rotherham from 2005 to 2010 until he was elected to the PCC role in 2012. Yorkshire and Humber UKIP MEP Jane Collins has called for Shaun Wright to step down yesterday, in response he told the BBC he took his responsibilities very seriously but would not stand down. He should accept he bears responsibility and resign immediately.

UPDATE: Labour’s national-level distancing operation has begun, with Yvette Cooper saying it’s right for Wright to walk. Helen Pidd, the Guardian’s Northern editor is cynical and right:


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    jgm2 says:

    Shaun Wright is a Labour c*unt of the first water and will be going absolutely nowhere.

    And the imbeciles of Rotherham will continue to vote for him and all the other Religion of Pe4edo enabling c*unts. Because Rotherham is full of Labour-voting imbeciles.

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      Toff Guido says:

      does a mechanism exist to remove PCC’s?

      serious question btw.

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        AK47 says:



        • 24
          Make it so then says:

          Then he should be removed.


          • Send him to prison with the rest of the scum says:

            Why hasn’t he been removed already? Cameron should remove him or resign himself.


          • Dave Cameron says:

            My moral compass is so fucked-up I gave the thief David Laws a cabinet post.


          • Hang 'em high, - REALLY HIGH!! (own piano wire provided) says:

            I’d like to help.


          • What? Resign? Don't be silly says:

            The clever hunt “resigned” years ago and was promptly “elected ” to Police Commissioner. Fill your wellies!


          • RWG says:

            Helen Pidd?

            D is next to s on the keyboard…

            Anyway, she’s graun shit, it’s only following orders from low command.


        • 111
          PC Plod (pension secure) says:

          Did you like the highly publicized raid we carried out on Cliff Richard’s home? – good eh! He was iconic, he was white, he was Christian – ticked all the boxes…..thinking about it, the scumbag was probably a UKIP supporter.

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          • AJC says:

            Now you mention it I just wonder if the Cliff Richard raid (by the SYP) took place earlier than originally intended, because SYP had lost control of the timeline, and was actually intended as a smokescreen for the upcoming Rotherham Report.

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      • 28
        Smiley says:

        I believe it’s called an “election”. Though I’m not sure if there’s a right of recall. In an ideal world there would be a right of recall for all elected officials but, alas, we do not live in an ideal world.


      • 140
        non taxable pikey says:

        12 gauge pump action works for me. Buckshot for preference unless someone still has a couple of the old WW2 solid lead cartridges. Now they made a damned fine hole.

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      • 197
        Dave the pleb says:

        Yes , a lynch mob usually proves to be quite effective.


    • 13
      British Politics. Rotten to the core.. says:

      Is there anyone of honour left in the LibLabcon?

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      • 23
        Scum lay our says:

        It’s not the Lib/Lab/Con.It’ the Lab/Lab/Lab


        • 92
          Toxic Labour for Parasites, bring back the workhouses. says:

          It’s always Labour, they seem to attract the scum of the earth because of their ideology. When Labour are in power everything turns to shit, it’s their core competence.

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          • I really think that this disgraceful state of affairs went all the way to the very top of National Government. It was so widespread, so blatant and so criminal that central Government cannot deny that it knew. It deliberately closed down all interested agencies and the fact that NO ONE has even remotely looked like accepting any responsibility. This is probably the most appalling deliberate suppression of gross criminality with what must gave been tens of thousands of white victims at the hands of Pakistani-origin gangs.


      • 42
        Anonymous says:

        Write in English moron instead of Ukipese.


      • 136
        non taxable pikey says:

        Short answer. NO.


    • 17
      White girls in Rotherham EXCEPTED. says:


      • 21
        Deport Nick Clegg says:

        Has someone glued his fingers together?


      • 37
        Labour Party says:

        Hopefully within another generation or two there will be no more whites left anyway.

        We are now outsourcing our entire operation to twitter activists and campaigners that’s why we have a special minister for violence against women and girls (violence against the remaining white girls is fine, as is violence against men).


      • 69
        Mornington Crescent says:

        Clearly announced as a *reaction* to yesterday’s Rotherham report.

        Just how fucking snide and cynical can Militwerp and Mrs. Balls get? No, seriously.

        Still, he took great pleasure in using M1ll1e D0wler for his own partisan ends, so the r@pe of a few hundred white teens won’t bother him.

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        • 105
          One we prepared earlier says:

          Clearly.. Yesterday’s announcement had been scheduled in weeks ago and no doubt all parties well briefed on the findings beforehand.


      • 138
        non taxable pikey says:

        A bit “horse, bolted, door stable.” Anything, just anything rather than face the facts and admit YOU FUCKED UP BIG TIME.


    • 29
      Will Ed's Muslim MP stop Abuse by Muslims? says:


      • 35
        jgm2 says:

        What is ‘step-challenging’?


      • 38
        Norma Stitz says:

        Why is she challenged by steps?


        • 43
          jgm2 says:

          She’s a toddler?

          Should probably buy a stair-guard.


        • 51
          Richard Hannay says:

          What are the 39 steps?


        • 88
          Owen's Remedial English teacher says:

          Don’t be stupid, Norma; step-challenging means that she will be challenging steps.

          It can’t mean the pop-group Steps as that starts with a capital letter.

          She seems top be a healthy eater, so I think she will be challenging steps by standing on them to see whether they break under a heavy load.

          If not, the steps can be presumed safe for women and girls who are not members of the horizontally-tall community.


        • 112
          cuckoo says:

          Is she a Dalek ?


        • 127
          M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

          It doesn’t mean a fucking thing. I’ve heard the phrase “step change” which is a favourite of the Health & Safety Nazis when what they really mean is that they’re going to do something quite new (as a result of lessons learnt etc zzzzz). Step change – a sudden change as you might find on stairs as opposed to a gradual change you might find on a ramp.

          It seems “step-challenging” has morphed out of this phrase above, created by some gobbledygook speaking, lower middle management type into something quite meaningless. “Step” is a weasel word (like “social”, social justice blah, blah) and they should have just left it simply as a challenging job. Pretentious prats.


          • cuckoo says:

            you mean like in Chaos theory where a system can suddenly switch from one state to another ?


          • “Step challenged”. What meaningless garbage. It isn’t a “weasel word”, it is crass stupidity. And why is an Asian being appointed to a role that a sizeable chunk of the resident population treat with total contempt being part of the problem she is “challenged” to resolve? Sayeeda Warsi was treated with contempt by everybody, she didn’t help much. Now, if Red Led wants a token in his Shadow Cabinet, give her Ballsed-ups job.


      • 157
        john in cheshire says:

        50 plus white people in our country and the job goes to an ethnic. Why is that?? Her name sounds muslim too, so when f******children is a muslim essential why would normal people appoint one to look after children’s interests?


      • 169
        Hah says:

        “The name is Seema — Seema Malhotra. And people across the Indian diaspora had better remember it.

        At Westminster, the 39-year-old wife of a wealthy Indian financier, Sushil Saluja …”

        She’s a natural to stand up for the white working classes of the Labour Party’s natural ground, then.


    • 31
      Hadley "Screaming Banshee" Freemann says:

      This is nothing to do with fear of being labelled racist. Nothing at all – we have moved to outlaw racist thoughts because we want to make society more diverse and vibrant and that’s a good thing and if you disagree you should be in prison.

      This is all a question of sexism – evil sexist male men preying on women because the patriarchy gives them power to do so and we live in a r4pe culture.


      • 87
        fhip says:

        Whatever way you choose to explain these appalling crimes the perpetrators, predominantly Pakistani, have committed a race crime against predominantly white victims.
        Racial overtones, even in today’s media blitz, have not got a mention.


      • 115
        Matt says:

        So we should be celebrating the richness and diversity that the Pakistani Muslim community bring with them, that includes rape, grooming and sex-trafficking?


      • 125
        Vlad the Loudhailer says:

        Yes and when Labour/ Muslin Brotherhood have taken over all their women will be in black bags, gays will be lynched and they will treat the rest of us like cattle. Ask Medi Hasan


        • 142
          Matt says:

          The scary thing is that people like Hadley still have that attitude. Brainwashed into believing that any kind of prejudice against a non-white is wrong – even if those people happen to rape little girls. I suppose there is no point in trying to rationalise their irrationality. Just like there is no point in trying to understand the mind of someone who does that to a girl.


    • 39
      Send him to prison with the rest of the scum says:

      He should be under arrest for aiding and abetting. His promotion of a culture of impunity – which still seems to exist in S Yorkshire to this very day- makes him an integral part of the ‘joint enterprise’.


    • 86
      Take Them Down says:

      The way things are going in this country and the awful laws being passed by recent Parliaments. It would not surprise me if the CPS considered Geedo’s cross hairs as a digital hate crime.


    • 96
      Bert the Builder says:

      Not to mention their former jailbird MP McShame. He obviously knew nowt about this.


    • 119
      Helen Pidd Guardianista. Oop North correspondent says:


      • 145
        inside out says:

        Could have a long wait, the “chattering classes” from Islington,don’t like any criticism of their agenda of “social inclusion” or “multiculturalism”.


    • 148
      red ed peoples representative of the republic of doncaster says:

      UKIP will have a mp there next time


      • 167

        It will be really good seeing what Red Led Ed is going to do with his marginal seat and the real prospect that he could lose it to UKIP. Not to mention that, knock-em down Balls is not sitting comfortably. He had to get rid of a previous sitting occupant to get into Morley, has he got the nerves to stay put, like Red Led, and take the consequences? In fact, Clegg is the fatally-holed “Flag Rank” politico that is gritting his teeth and knows that the demolition ball will hit him right in the smacker. Oh yes!


  2. 2
    Fabians are evil says:

    Socialists do not resign for an inconvenient truth – this creep sacrificed children at the altar of his Fabian ideology

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  3. 3
    Labour are Monsters says:

    Seppuku would be preferable.


  4. 4
    Anonymous says:


    • 44
      rocknrolla says:

      Haha good find – wouldn’t surprise me if this photo gets reported by activists and therefore banned. The feminists and anti-whites who populate much of twitter are very good now at co-ordinated attacks on twitter accounts they dislike and getting them banned.


    • 79
      Mornington Crescent says:

      …’talking’ with a fucking tea cosy.


  5. 5
    vote labour for evil says:

    If the voters of rotherham care then they will not vote labour


    • 32
      Smiley says:

      But you know very well they’ll vote Labour, because the Labour candidate will be the donkey with the most attractive eye-lashes on the hustings.


      • 56
        HenryV says:

        They would vote Labour if Harvey the Rabbit was standing. Nobody would dare admit they couldn’t see him. Fraudulent votes for fraudulent candidates; one day somebody surely will suggest why not just do away with the vote…..


        • 101
          Toxic Labour for Parasites, bring back the workhouses. says:

          Northeners are so stupid they would vote Labour if it was run by ISIS.


          • HenryV says:

            Give it another 10 years or so and it will be!

            Voter apathy in majority community and more votes from the minority community will lead to a switch in power. Don’t forget the membership of all the leading parties is falling. Won’t be long before a certain party in the north has been taken over and the rump majority vote will still vote for them for fear of being accused of thought crimes.


  6. 6
    Round the Bend says:

    Didn’t take long for labour seeing the shit hitting the fan, to put Shaun Wright up as a sacrificial lamb so the rest of the labour scum can get on with their highly paid council jobs.

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    • 12
      jgm2 says:

      Shaun Wright will be going absolutely nowhere. And nor shoulkd he. he is no more guilty thatn Jack Straw, Ed Miliband, Gordon Brown and the rest of the Religion of Peedo enabling c*unts who flooded the UK with third world village idiots to prop up their dwindling constituencies and ‘rub the rights nose in diversity’.

      And the fucking imbeciles of Rotherham will still vote for them. because they are thick c*unts.

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    • 45
      Norm Normal says:

      Shaun Wright as a sacrificial lamb? Just what I thought. Once he goes Labour will attempt to draw a line under the issue. Keeping all Labour councillors in place of course!


      • 71
        jgm2 says:

        Shaun Wright will scupper that little plan by telling them to fuck off and that actually he will be collecting his £150K a year salary plus pension contributions until the voters of Rotherham give him the push. And why wouldn’t he?

        What kind of a precedent would it set if every time there was some complete clusterfuck the person responsible had to resign?

        Did Blair resign? Did the Maximum Imbecile? Andy Burnham, minster for deathcamp statistics?


      • 104
        Old Nick Heavenly says:

        thanks for info about sweden

        My stomach turns

        I have gone right of muzzers

        In the 90″s Luxembourg town used to be something really special.

        Not any more. It h


    • 63
      No sympathy says:

      The point about the ‘sacraficial lamb’ is that it was innocent.

      This Hunt is guilty. As are the rest of his Labour Party collaborators.


    • 89
      Mornington Crescent says:

      We take this matter very seriously indeed. Lessons will be learned.

      However, we believe that those currently in post are best placed to resolve this matter and we also believe it is appropriate to increase their remuneration by 200% to reflect their new challenge.

      It is now time to move on and engage with stakeholders moving forward.

      (c) Westminster, Whitehall and every fucking local authority in the land. Paid for by you and me.


  7. 7
    ned ludd says:

    Agreed. He should be flushed!


  8. 9
    what a gay dave says:

    Please go shaun


  9. 10
    In loco parentis? says:

    My daughter works with ‘Looked After Children’. When she found that some of the young girls in a council-run home were in the habit of going out in the evening to meet young Asian men, she asked why the doors were left permanently unlocked, even at night. She was told that the Labour Council in charge of the home had decided that this would be a breach of the girls’ human rights and no locking of doors would be permitted.


  10. 11
    Anonymous says:

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  11. 14
    Clown (Ex Swivel-Eyed Loon) says:

    Vote Labour, Vote Pe edo.


  12. 16
    This site used to be better.. says:

    These days those crosshairs only come out for the already politically-dead?


  13. 18
    Anonymous says:

    Is there a link between the reduction of abuse(torture/rape) in Rotherham and the increase in the middle east linked to ISIS?


  14. 20
    Disgusted says:

    Why should he resign and be given his golden handshake? He should be sacked and prosecuted. Let’s find out what he knew and dish out the appropriate punishment for assisting rapists with his silence, if necessary.

    Rotherham is certainly not alone in this. If these men had threatened businesses, the PM would be calling up a Cobra meeting. What bastards our politicians are.


  15. 22
    LABOUR (and LibCon) this is what they are doing says:


  16. 25
    Mr Snotty says:

    It’s not just Rotherham? It’s all of those northern shit holes (twinned with Tower Hamlets) which are full of fat, ignorant, plebs who will accept whatever crap is thrown at them from either corrupt Labour politicians or the scum we have imported from the third world.


    • 61
      UKIP: Hacking at the roots with the truth says:

      The only way they get to know anything at all, and it’s very little that reaches their brain, is through the media, and who is the media that tells them what to think, and by extention who to vote for ? ? ? ? Just who is that media


  17. 27
    cynic says:

    If he refuses to go the blessed Theresa who set up the PCC Shambles has now power to sack him.


    We will now have

    1 South Yonks Police investigating the crimes committed by these pedophiles

    2 South Yorks Police investing the potential crimes committed by council staff when Wright was in charge

    3 Wright supervising the Police investigations

    4 Wright overseeing the performance of the senior police team managing these investigations

    Great system!!!

    Back scratches for the boys.

    And what about the Police. The most senior officer interviewed by a Chief Superintendent. Why? Was no-one in charge? Was noone above that level aware of what was going on / happening?


    • 80
      Surprise, surprise says:

      Very well put. This is precisely why he has no intention of going — he’s got to implement and manage the cover up, not only for the police, but also for Labour.


    • 110
      Jihad John from Isis says:

      You could just say all these socialist leftard wankers are sharing a common purpose.

      How on earth can anyone who cares about this country ever bring themselves to vote labour? It’s a fcuking mental illness.


    • 150
      inside out says:

      The Dept Chief Constable said after story appeared in the Times,that there was no evidence it was Asians committing child sex grooming.The said to imply otherwise was racist.


      • 171

        The Jay Report quite explicitly stated that all the Agencies knew what was going on and suppressed the evidence. As she stated in an interview following its release, the senior people in the Council, the Children’s Dept and the Police took the same view of the evidence (conspiracy) and colluded to take no action whatsoever.
        As for Wright. What a disgusting bastard. He says ” I didn’t do anything but I’ m shocked at how many were affected, if I had known I might have been able to do something”. How many did he know of? Why do more affected make it different? Who did he discuss it with outside the Cabinet and why not? A cover up and the shit’s hit the fan.
        He’s just said on the News that “it’s a matter of collective responsibility”. So, personal failings and culpability are collective? No. He did it, he’s guilty, he should go. He is unfit to be the PCC whilst it investigates his role in this matter for criminal responsibility.


  18. 30
    CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

    Would resignation damage his pension entitlement by any chance or is planning on getting a Shoesmith. Wait to be sacked and sue for unfair dismissal?


    • 55
      Mr Snotty says:

      The fucking lefty scum were screaming for Fred Goodwin to be stripped of his pension. His misdemeanours pale into insignificance compared to this Hunt, but I bet there will be no suggestion that he loses his gold plated, index linked pension funded by the great unwashed. So much for “equality” Mr Ed.


  19. 34
  20. 36
    Anonymous says:

    Watch out kids. LD/Lab coalition on the way.


  21. 46
    shorn wrong philips says:

    abused kids don’t vote!


    • 54
      jgm2 says:

      They do in Fucking Scotland.

      Salmond is letting 16 year olds vote.


      • 65
        Every little helps says:

        Hopefully BBC Scotland will broadcast ‘Braveheart’ the day before the referendum and all the kids will get fired up and vote Yes to independence.

        And we won’t have to subsidise the Jockanese wankers any more.


  22. 53
    Sir KnobSkelpoff says:

    “This is the same council that in 2012, persecuted and ruined the lives of a foster couple who were providing a good, stable home to foster children, simply because they were members of UKIP. At the same time, the very same people leading this persecution of these good and law abiding people, were harbouring and enabling Pakistani and Kashmiri paedophiles to commit the most heinous crimes against our kids. The whole situation is simply outrageous and apologies are not enough in this case!””


  23. 62
    Sir NobSkelpoff says:

    “This is the same council that in 2012, persecuted and ruined the lives of a foster couple who were providing a good, stable home to foster children, simply because they were members of UKIP. At the same time, the very same people leading this persecution of these good and law abiding people, were harbouring and enabling Pa.kistani and K.ashmiri pae.dophiles to commit the most heinous crimes against our kids. The whole situation is simply outrageous and apologies are not enough in this case!””

    I had to disguise some of the words because of the ‘moderation filter’, ooh the irony….


  24. 67
    Sharon Smoothshit says:

    Don’t jump, Shaun. Wait till they push you and it’s KEEERRRCCCHHHIIIIINNGG !!!


  25. 70
    M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

    So two wrongs do seem to make a Wright.


  26. 72

    25 years inside might be sufficient for him……


  27. 75
    nell says:

    I guess the most likely way for the victims to get justice is for them to seek civil damages against named people like shaun wright and all his other cronies with no-win no-fee lawyers. If they can’t get these council officials/police etc locked up for misconduct in public office then perhaps a slick chamber of barristers can set to and financially ruin them with claims for damages through the civil courts.


    • 81
      jgm2 says:

      The legal industry would fucking love that. Shaun Wright and his Peedo enablers would simply get all their costs met by the local council.

      Trebles all round.


    • 84
      nell says:

      Y’know wilful failure to exercise Duty of Care to these children as required by the terms of their employment?!


    • 85
      Surprise, surprise says:

      Sadly, it’s probably the only hope of justice they’ve got, otherwise it’ll be “terrible, shocking, lessons have been learned” and then swept under the nearest carpet.


    • 100
      Not a good solution says:

      The major flaw with that Nell. Is you and I will have to cough up for any damages awarded, without the comfort of at least knowing they are banged up in prison with no job to come out to.


      • 103
        nell says:

        I think if they were sued as individuals they would have to cough up from their own estates ie sell their houses etc. Surely it would only be if Rotherham Council were sued that the taxpayer would have to pick up the bill?


        • 180

          As long as they were acting within the scope of their duties then they would/will expect the Council to take vicarious responsibility for providing funding for or their legal defence and to indemnify for damages.
          As we now know, the first trickle of claimants is coming through the damn-wall, and there are at least 1,400 in Rotherham. Add to those the tens of thousands throughout the Northern mill-Towns and the rest of a Cities where it hasn’t been advertised and you are looking at a mega-feeding frenzy. Wait until the the Local Tax-payers start getting the bill for this utter failure of the Councils for their ultimate breach of statutory duties. It will run into £ billions and it should start right now, because these aren’t contingent losses. They are not readily guessable, yet, but they’re going to have to start making reserves now because it’s out in the open and the victims want heads on sticks and brass in t’ bank!
          The CICA isn’t worth the candle. The Council and it’s staff are ideal, bottom-less pockets and I do hope that they start to seek indemnities from the Politicians concerned for conspiracy to pervert etc and, you never know, there may be civil rights actions against the Police for their playing with politics and not investigating some pretty grim criminality that was there to be seen. Of course, if this goes right up to the top ( Mrs May “It’s for the local electorate to deal with…….”(!) then it will all be funded by central Government with another round of money-printing QE and indemnities and trebles all ’round!


  28. 78

    Labour will now try to hide behind S’haun W’right.

    Distancing they will calculate to distract the public from the fact that this situation and the others which exist across the country are directly linked to their policies and poor local level governance.

    Such failings should rightly be considered as direct involvement.

    J’oyce T’hacker is still employed ?

    Vote UKIP :-D


    • 173
      Owen's Remedial Geography teacher says:

      All this is in a small town. I hope journalists are digging elsewhere to stop them using the “bad apples in a rogue council” defence.


      • 174

        The report itself did state that the problem was not contained to R’otherham, even though it was focused on that town.

        In order to traffic you need a start point and an end point. So, if R’otherham was either of those, where were the other ends ?

        Vote UKIP :-D


        • 191
          a lawyer trying to be helpful says:

          A urban population of 250k has 1,400 victims involving “multiple predators”.

          If the country has a population of 65 million then just how many victims and predators are there in the country?


  29. 82
    Dumb says:

    Stick a red rosette on one of those Moo slim child abusers in Ritherham and they’d vote him in as their MP next May


  30. 83
    majorfrustration says:

    I do hope the political class realise that there is quite a head of steaming building up by voters as regards immigration, EU, and Muslims. Don’t say you were not told – come the election


  31. 93
    Diane Fatbott says:



  32. 94
    Insult crime says:

    Do you hear that Muslims? You can r@pe, torture, traffick and kill white girls and Labour will ignore it. But call one of your wives fat and they will have the law onto you. You are warned


    • 114
      M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

      I guess that’s why Diane Abbott is single. Her man called her the F-word and she abused him sorely by knocking his fucking teeth out. Yes it can lead to abuse all right as any bloke who has not understood what was the required answer to the question, “Does my bum look big in this?”.


    • 181

      She is clearly not referring to our A’sian brethren who like their wives fat. This is why type II Diabetes is so common in A’sian women ( and incidentally why the onset level is being reduced so that it doesn’t become a definable racial characteristic).
      She is also, clearly, not referring to the ethnic group for whom “honour murder” is a perfectly normal way of telling one’s daughter that you don’t like her choice in boyfriends.
      As for the likelihood that this particularly stupid piece of pipe-dream thinking ever getting near enactment is nil.


  33. 98
    Mornington Crescent says:

    “Feltham and Heston MP’s brief will include battling sexual violence, female genital mutilation, forced marriage and prostitution.”

    What a slag!


    • 141
      HenryV says:

      I know FGM, nice trendy tag that, is an issue, but how come it has such prominence? It is a major issue in a small minority yet it gets more coverage than a lot more pressing issues.


    • 153
      inside out says:

      All crimes which are imported with our multi culture brothers and sisters.Not the crimes you associate with white,Christian country.Spooky that.How many crimes of female mutilation,honour killings,and forced marriage did we have in the 1950’s.Our country has been destroyed.


  34. 99
    New Labour. The World Tour says:

    2003 Iráq

    2004 Iráq

    2005 Iráq

    2006 Iráq

    2007 Iráq

    2008 Iráq

    2009 Mid Staffs

    2010 Rotherham

    By ‘popular’ demand we will be announcing a series of UK exclusive cataclysms events starting in May 2015.


  35. 102
    nell says:

    You’d have thought this high profile case was a good bandwagon for militwit to jump on wouldn’t you? So why has he gone into hiding?!


    • 109
      Will says:

      Ed milliband has not been told what to do by red ed mcclusky yet. Mind you if ukip where to stand in rotherham it might get elected. Labour is still trying to get to grips with its tower hamlets problem.


  36. 106
    cuckoo says:

    HM Gov wants to increase exports to 1 trillion per year.
    How much could we get for an Islamic ?


  37. 107
    carlo gambino says:

    Another BBC halfwit today (following on from Boooooom Bacon yesterday) Sheila Fogerty said….

    ‘Many are arguing that this is not about race or religion…’

    ‘Many’ of course being a cipher for ‘We at the BBC’.

    An organisation corrupt from top to bottom.

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    • 188
      England: the world's rubbish tip. says:

      She was subbing for Mellor and Livingstone on LBC for two weekends and she tried similar al-Beeb lefty shit on there, I’m proud to say that a woman from up North ripped her several more! Joy to hear!


  38. 108
    Hodge The Dodge says:

    I got away with it when I covered up abuse in Islington by a senior Labour Party official.


  39. 113
  40. 116
    Athelstan says:

    The 2011 census in Rotherham showed that 3.1 per cent of the population of 257,800 there were men of Pakistani or Kashmiri ethnicity. ie, just under 8000.

    There are 1400 victims. That makes the chances of any given man of Pakistani origin in that place to have taken part in these activities to be staggeringly high.


  41. 120
    Celto-Anglo-Danish indigenous mad as hell. says:

    Hang the socialist traitors and connivers.
    Burn the Pakistani muzzie racist abuser nonce scum at the stake.
    Expel all other muzzies from our country.
    Kick hypocritical PC LibLab traitors and wet Con’s out.
    What’s harperson got to say.
    Vote UKIP.


  42. 123

    Another stunning endorsement of the Supreme Imbecile’s foreign policy prowess:

    Vote UKIP :-D


    • 184

      WTF is Libya’s interest in Rotherham? I know the Labour Council are beyond the pale but I’m not sure that the UN can do much. I suppose they could send in a Peacekeeping force of Chinese troops in case civil war might break out. I’d leave it to the lawyers and conditional fees. Nothing that walks is safe, and if it uses a wheelchair, they’ll have the wheels off it. The Rotherham Social Services and Children’s Dept will submerge under the Writs. This will replace Civil Legal Aid nicely. It could replace vibration white fingers as a source of living for generations of lawyers. Sucks to you Grayling, this could get really nasty.


  43. 124
    Handlecock says:

    He should resign immediately. We need politicians to have moral standards.


  44. 126
    Shaun Wright says:

    I will continue to do this job to the best of my ability.

    I look forward to spending the next year on gardening leave with full pay, and will take the case to the courts when I’m fired to ensure I get all the money that I deserve.


  45. 128
    Celto-Anglo-Danish mad as hell. says:

    Remove the debased socialist racist connivers from this planet.
    Send the Asian muzzie racist abuser nonce scum by prolonged excruciating means to meet their 72 scabbie slags in the sky.
    Expel all other muzzies unfit to live in the west.
    Kick out all PC Liblab hypocrites and wet Cons.
    Vote UKIP


  46. 132
    idon'tneednodoctor says:

    If Rotherham had been a tory run council could you imagine what the BBC would be doing. It would be 24/7 coverage, and the demand for multiple resignations.


  47. 143
    Just a view says:

    If one of the little girls has meantime become a US citizen, she can of course seek punitive damages in the US courts, against everyone involved, in their personal capacity.

    Arizona is a nice State to consider -e.g ‘For Reprehensible conduct’ acting ‘with an evil mind’ –
    ‘No law shall be enacted limiting the amount of damages to be recovered for causing the death or injury to another.’

    That should bankrupt the bastards and it might just fly.


  48. 149
    Brown Tvrd. says:

    Labour are scum.


  49. 152
    Sir NobSkelpoff says:

    I don’t expect that this will be happening:

    “David Cameron should guarantee that NOT reporting child abuse becomes an offence

    The Government’s announcement of an inquiry into pae.dophiles operating at all levels in society may prove to be so wide-ranging that it is not as effective as it could be but at least it shows a commitment to uncovering the truth and a recognition that child abuse is more widespread than we thought.”

    “Dr Watson, Dr Watson, I’ve taken an overdose of immodium…”


  50. 154
    Just a view try again says:

    If one of the little girls has meantime become a U*S citizen, she can of course seek punitive damages in the U*S courts, against everyone involved, in their personal capacity.

    A*riz*ona is a nice St*ate to consider -e.g ‘For Reprehensible conduct’ acting ‘with an evil mind’ –
    ‘No law shall be enacted limiting the amount of damages to be recovered for causing the death or injury to another.’

    That should bankrupt the bastards and it might just fly.


  51. 155
    Labour Local Politician says:

    You is racist- white punani for votes, innit?


  52. 159
    Anonymous says:

    I guess PCC Wright did not sign off on SY Police raiding Cliff Richard’s home to cause a diversion? Of course not…… /sarc


  53. 175
    Anon says:

    How does he sleep at night?

    On a bed of money with many beautiful teenagers.

    The Paedocult is strong in Rotherham.


  54. 176
    Anonymous says:

    The sad truth is if he had pushed the issue he’d likely be fired too for critizing minorities and appearing racist.

    He could have stopped some of the rapes and done the right thing but let’s be honest keeping your snout in the trough trumps everything else for the average politician.


  55. 178
  56. 185
    Bill Smith says:

    Lets not forget the lack of back bone of the CPS in any decisions as to prosecution of the alleged offenders.2


  57. 190
    A Employment Tribunal Chairman says:

    So if Wright falls on his sword everyone can walk away relieved.

    The story will go away and be forgotten just like Chilcot and Butler Sloss.


  58. 192
    Geoffrey says:

    Two points:

    !, I suggest a complete withdrawal of cooperation by the Police and all Agencies;

    2. I state that Shaun Wright was responsible for the abuse of children in Rotherham and is thereby unfit for public office. The website has my authority to make my identity and contact details available to Mr Wright or lawyers acting for him.


  59. 193
    get some popcorn says:

    this is going to be fun


  60. 195
    steviethebee says:

    S is the right initial for his first name – but it clearly stands for Scumbag.


  61. 196
    Anonymous says:

    just resign


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