August 27th, 2014

MacShame Uses Rotherham Scandal to Plug New Book

Rotherham’s former Labour MP has broken his silence on the child abuse scandal, from the comfort of the Dordogne:

Or you could just read the 160 page report which covers the time Denis was the local Labour MP and seemingly oblivious to what was happening on his patch and the failings of his friends and allies on the local Labour council.

Far more insightful, and free.


  1. 1
    Denis MacShameless says:

    The clue is in my made-up surname.

  2. 2
    Joss Taskin says:

    Is he still porking disgraced LibDem Chris Hoon’s ex-wife ?

  3. 3
    West Country Tory says:

    Over 100,000 people in jail in this country and that fucker Macshane isn’t one of them. No wonder this country is fucked.

  4. 4
    Denis McShane says:

    Let’s not forget how awful the prison Turkey was at the Winterval celebrations.

    Pg 54 of my book goes into more detail.

  5. 5
    Round the Bend says:

    MP from 1994-2012 – Impossible to believe with all those meetings he had with senior council and police officials. That he did not know what was going on. We certainly know he did nothing about it.

  6. 6
  7. 7
    Silent Majority says:

    MacShane is a disgrace, a toad of a man.

  8. 8
    Clown (Ex Swivel-Eyed Loon) says:

    Chop his knob off, then his head.

  9. 9
  10. 10
    Denis MacShafted says:

    Anyone interested in what happened in the prison showers where I suffered unlubricated abuse might read p 101 of my Prison Diaries @BitebackPub

  11. 11
    Denis McSlime says:

    “Anyone interested in stealing money from the public with fake invoices should read pages 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 etc of my book”

  12. 12
    non taxable pikey says:

    Political Correctness was buried today in the mire of Rotherham.

    It’ll take a while for the BBC and Graudiad to catch on though.

  13. 13
    Genghiz the kahn says:

    More hollow words of reassurance: Child Safeguarding Board.

  14. 14
    ████ 'changed my tune ' Hoon says:

    His brains are clearly in his pants anyway.

  15. 15
    nell says:

    OMG! he couldn’t really stoop any lower could he than using the misfortunes and tragedies of children to plug his worthless book. He of course won’t be accepting any responsibility for what happened in Rotherham on his watch I presume?!! Let’s not forget this man was a Labour MP working to a Labour Council!! Just one more reason why we don’t want militwit in no10 next year.

  16. 16
    The Reign of Terror 1997-2010 says:

    I see most of this disgusting behaviour happened under Liebour.

  17. 17
    Round the Bend says:

    Stoop any lower, I would not bet against it; he was a Liebore MP for 18 years.

  18. 18
    No shame MacShane says:

    18 years as the MP for Rotherham and at least one thousand four hundred white girls were sexually abused in his constituency. It wasn’t even a secret, his Labour council was fully aware it was going on, his chief constable knew it was going on, Denis by default must have known too. Yet they all did nowt except blame the abused for being abused because they did not want to upset the wider community that the abusers came from.

    It could not have been important to Denis anyway as it was only worth less than one page of his book .

    By the way, abuse is a nice way of saying, r@pe, torture and even murder. So the PC madness still rumbles on.

  19. 19
    Old Nick Heavenly says:

    Well, that is rather hopeful of you Pikey.

  20. 20
    nell says:

    Talking of his book – how many copies has he sold? Has he managed to beat gordonbrown’s record which did hold the world record for least number of copies sold?

  21. 21
    Jean Claude Drunkard says:

  22. 22
    C.O.Jones says:

    They need to draw a line under it and move on, having learned from past mistakes and not repeat them etc etc blah blah bullshit bullshit.

  23. 23
    Someone says:

    They see the mooslims as victims and do protect them so she is actually telling the truth

  24. 24
    Round the Bend says:

    The main reports were ignored 2002, 2003. There was not a communities minister at the time, this work was carried out by the Deputy PM John Prescott. What instructions did he issue to councils about community cohesion?

  25. 25
    BBC says:

    Whats happened in Rotherham ??

    Should we send a helicopter squadron ?

  26. 26
    Denis McShane says:

    Mooslims = Votes

    What ya gunna do?

  27. 27
    G Brown says:

    It began in America

  28. 28
    nell says:

    Before they can draw a line under it the labour people in charge of the council, the police, children’s safeguarding board and social services etc etc should all be forced to resign – no golden handshakes, no enhanced pensions, no lucrative jobs anywhere else, just pack up their desks and go. Then they should be prosecuted for colluding with criminal acts by turning a blind eye.

  29. 29
    Oi vey, my life says:

    The victims were English and therefore at the very bottom of the approved victim list worth far less than maintaining the illusion of multicultural harmony and of course sucking up to muslims who are not to be offended or slighted at any cost. The religion of peace? The religion of predators more like as they view those not of them as sub species of humanity to be exploited and used.

    Imagine the police so terrified of being labelled racist that they connive to ignore rape victims because of their colour, this is the tragedy and the almost comic irony of a social perversion emanating from the liberal left that has all but wrecked any institution it has infected.

    A little English child worth less than community cohesion, that little English girl abandoned to her fate because those charged with her care only cared about protecting the chimera of multicultural harmony. One of thousands betrayed because of their colour and nationality.

    If it had been muslim girls entire cities would be burned to the ground in retaliation, but our men are too busy going to football matches, enough to make you weep.

  30. 30
    Rt. Hon (!) David Laws MP says:

    I stole £40,000 of the public’s money and the prime minister reappointed me as a cabinet minister!

    Tee hee! Up yours, suckers!

  31. 31
    Most MPs are Troughers says:

    What is the CPS doing about the local MP, the “leaders” on the Council, amongst the council staff and in the police force?

    Our glorious leader can give an opinion on Richard Attenborough’s death, but has yet to say that he will be urging the CPS to prosecute all the guilty / negligent parties in Rotherham until the pips squeak.

    As for the slime-balls in Parliament, they can just about get rid of an inappropriate half-hired speaker, but have yet to show that they care about getting rid of all the corrupt / incompetent / negligent councils in Britain (despite decades of evidence all over the place).

  32. 32
    Old Nick Heavenly says:

    Pikey, I got into conversation with one of your ilk yesterday in Lidl, Belgium.
    Nice lady, my age, lived in a house for the past 35 years, all family settled, in business etc, etc.

    The format was very standard over here.

    I a not a racist, but….

    I replied with the same phrase… too many non europeans, muzzers etc.

    Then she asked me where i WAS FROM

    Oh, England, but I am ashamed to be English!

    The usual look of shock horror

    After the Belgian evening news I am sure she now understands why

  33. 33
    The girls don't matter, kuf'fars says:

    Sly sly sly sly sly sly sly sly

    Moooos lims

    You have no worth

    Clear off

  34. 34
    Norma Stitz says:

    Yes, the Christmas turkey nightmare for Denis, when he missed out on half a chicken because the other lags didn’t like him. I can hear the world’s smallest violin playing.

  35. 35
    Useless fat *unt Prescott says:

    ‘Send for more kebabs and send that Tracy in here. I want to stick something in her diary.’

  36. 36
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:

    Move along ! Move along ! Nothing to see here.

  37. 37
    nell says:

    m u s l i m s make up between 4 and 5% of the British population – their votes are not that important overall.

  38. 38

    Lagarde meurt et ne se rend pas?

  39. 39
    Nick Clegg says:

    Yes David, but to be fair the money was only resting in your boyfriends landlords anal crack.

  40. 40
    Oi vey, my life says:

    The ugly face of the liberal left and a good friend of none other than David Cameron and most of the liberal cronies that surround him.

    Come on Dave, come out and defend your friend, the one you were pimping for the highest offices in the EU politburo.

  41. 41
    Fat feminist says:

    No, stop noticing that the political correctness agenda we pushed resulted in people being so scared of being labelled racist that it was easier to let children be abused.

    This story is all about evil MEN – and every man is a potential r4pist – and the current r4pe culture that patriarchy has created. The media need to start reporting that it is MEN committing these crimes – all crimes are caused by white male men. Ugh.

  42. 42
    Lard Presclott says:

    I told them to cohesify their communities and send me pies.

  43. 43
    jgm2 says:

    Nobody will be prosecuted.

    Nobody will lose their job.

    The imbecile voters of Rotherham will continue to vote Labour. Because they’re imbeciles.

  44. 44
    nell says:

    misconduct in public office, intending to pervert the course of justice – there must be plenty of laws that could be thrown at them.

  45. 45
    8umboy 8illy Hague says:

    I’d rather put mine up yours, you gorgeous bitch.

    Any chance of some fisting a bit later?

  46. 46
    jgm2 says:

    Belgium? Where they have forty different words for a child sex slave that you keep in the cellar? Why would the Belgiums be horrified?

  47. 47
    Denis McShane says:

    I will not dignify these vile comments with a reply here, but a reply can be seen on Pg28 of Prison Diaries.


  48. 48
    Barreness Horseface of Private Plane (she’s the one who saved Ukraine) says:

    AWAY from all that – let’s be POSITIVE about the EUSSR!!!!

    I’m again quite wet and slippery, – even engorged, – just thinking about how wonderfully well my inishtives have been taken up by Mr Pootn.

    See me in my shit coloured dress yesterday? People say it suits me.

    How right Gordo was to get me this job!

  49. 49
    jgm2 says:

    They might make up 4-5% of the population but they make up 24-25% of the votes.

  50. 50
    Denis McShane says:

    5% in Rotherham PMSL

    You really need to travel up t’north more my dear.

  51. 51
    jgm2 says:

    The only ‘law’ that will be thrown at anybody will be the charge of ‘racism’ to shut people up.

  52. 52
    a comment on comment is free says:

    Peter Locke Phos4

    27 August 2014 7:08am



    Unless citizens have a degree of affinity with their fellow countrymen, of all classes and social statuses, its difficult to maintain widespread political support for policies geared towards the collective interest such as the welfare state.

    The notion that we can have a rainbow-style, multiculturalist paradise with fundamentalist Muslims paying the pensions of bohemian, liberal left baby-boomers has to be one of the most bizarre ideas in world history.

  53. 53
    Winston says:

    Moan all you like people. NOTHING will happen and NOTHING will change, while you keep voting for LibLabCon. The political establishment’s hold in power is beginning to crumble. They will do anything to keep power and to stop any upstarts. The main benefactors of scandals like this will be UKIP. Expect a media onslaught at UKIP and Farage.

  54. 54
    Labour = evil says:

    Yes, but that 5% is crammed in to shitty Labour areas (or areas that are shitty because they’re Labour areas, or shitty because they’re full of Muslims, whatever. Same thing) so their votes are pretty important to Labour.

  55. 55
    Lord Scalded Bollock says:

    If he’s in jail how come he’s ‘tweeting’?

  56. 56
    Anonymous says:

    Take your brain out and throw it away.

    Your IQ will increase.

  57. 57
    David Cameron says:

    After the election I’m going to get really tough with the EU.

  58. 58
    Grauniad Bedwetter says:


    Arrest this deviant!!

  59. 59
    Denis McShane says:

    Do keep up, I’ve been out of chokey for months and months. Have you not seen me on the BBC 24/7?

  60. 60
    Anonymous says:

    BRITAIN is now home to two million illegal migrants.

    Experts say it means about one in 30 of the UK’s population has no right to be living here. The rush to start a new life in “soft-touch” Britain sees 52 migrants trying to sneak in every day, according to research by MigrationWatch UK. Last year 19,003 stowaways were seized trying to smuggle themselves in – nearly double the 11,731 caught in 2012. But the figures show that for every person stopped at the border a further 105 may already be living here illegally. This underground population includes people working in the black economy, those who overstay visas and would-be migrants claiming political asylum. It comes as 2,000 migrants from dozens of war-ravaged nations continue to congregate at a squalid camp in Calais. Rather than claim asylum in France they have their eyes firmly set on the UK. Responding to the shock findings last night Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party, said: “These figures blow out of the water any claim made by this or the previous government that our border control system is anything other than irrevocably shattered.
    Uk immigration worsens: 2 million illegal migrants lost in UK | UK | News | Daily Express

  61. 61
    Joyce Thacker, Common Purpose Witch. says:

    And the children, get the children.

  62. 62
    The Critic says:

    You forget , in this period Dennis was popping over to Paris to do job interviews(at our expense) and claiming expenses(sans proper receipts) and buying quite a lot of laptops (at our expense)

    All whilst being forced to run an office from his garage (at our expense)

    How would he have had time to deal with trivial matters like this?

    He should be slopping out ,not making money from his crimes.

  63. 63
    still walking into darkness says:

    Labour have an absolute track record in burying sexual abuse, Rotherham, Islington and Dunblane to name but 3.
    Seems a coincidence this story comes up now as the public enquiry into MP’s child abuse comes into play, turns the agenda slightly away from the MP’s to failed councils. Won’t work though, cat’s well and truly out of the bag on how the country has been run.

  64. 64
    Dat Woommn ob Cullaa, she says:

    Dem white folks hab made up de raycerst propaganda ‘gainst da poor defensnless Muzzo bruders who was only givn dem gals da PT lessons – so they be stretched ready for da later life.

    An de Leedas ob de Cowncill all need dem extra bonus for der support.

  65. 65
    The Lone Ranger says:

    And speaking of a David, where is Dave? Surfing? Chillaxing?

  66. 66
    Another Welsh Windbag says:

    They are when the vast majority of them live in Liebour controlled constituencies.

  67. 67
    jgm2 says:

    Not any old garage but a £100,000 refurbished garage. A Marks and Spencer’s garage.

  68. 68
    Are you listening Mam? says:

    I wish it would pleasure Her Majesty to make Denis serve out his FULL prison sentence.

  69. 69
    Eid Miliband says:


  70. 70
    Genghiz the kahn says:

    Nothing to see, nothing to say about why they did nothing for so long.

    Rotherham Labour’s Facebook focus on Opposition Watch.

  71. 71
    non taxable pikey says:

    There’s a few “Conspiring to pervert the course of Justice” charges in that lot Nell. Hopefully more than a few.

  72. 72
    Anonymous says:

    The government is frantically papering over the cracks as primary school infrastructure cannot cope with the “Boom” in primary aged children.

    On the BBC website article regarding the issue, a crowded classroom is shown – containing white children.

    Where I live, each African or P@kistani woman I see is accompanied by the three or four infants, and is usually pregnant.

    The immigration time bomb has detonated.

  73. 73
    Rogerem Metropolitan Buggered Council says:

    Available as a Download from Iloons.

  74. 74
    The Lone Ranger says:

    Vote UKIP and stuff Lab, Con, Lib. Come next year, revenge will be sweet.

  75. 75
    Traffikers, - waiting to feast on the debris says:

    Oh yeah – get de chilldrens – we ready to pay good money!

  76. 76
    David Cameron says:

    After the election I’m going to get really tough with immigration.

  77. 77
    Fat feminist says:

    Only the B-&-P think this was an issue because they are P4kist4ni. Check your privilege. Male vio1ence against women is the story here.

  78. 78
    Nick Clegg says:

    Not if I have anything to do with it you won’t.

  79. 79
    The Building Firms of 'Britain' says:

    Lovely!!!! we can build you schools (ha ha ha!) hospitals – villages – towns anything you want – at the right price of course and with all the usual freedoms and immunities to do what we want – and the off-record ‘gratuities’

  80. 80

    Are all Scottish politicians pre-conditioned to a life of crime?

  81. 81
    The two Muppets says:

    MacShane Is a lying piece of scum .FFS he was the MP for Rotherham
    in with all the Council and The Police Commissioner . How can this pile
    of crap wriggle out of his responsibility .
    We know that Labour whether National or Local are the dregs when it
    comes to covering up scandals and Wrongdoing .This all happened from
    1997 under Labour ,which are very quite right now ,even big mouth Yvette Cooper is not saying a lot . Labour really are the Nasty Party .

  82. 82
    still walking into darkness says:

    his real name isn’t ‘McShane’. Look it up, explains quite a bit.

  83. 83
    Winston says:

    BBC report on school place shortage doe snot once mention immigration. They feature Ealing and Hillingdon, yet the photo shows a classroom of only white children. There is not a class in these boroughs where all the kids are white. Plenty, that are 100% non-white.

  84. 84
    Rotherham Council where 'Everyone matters' apart from children says:

    We wish to point out all our nonces are NOT Scottish.

  85. 85
    Enough is enough says:

    Exactly. This massive increase in children is fuck all to do with breeding by the indigenous whites. The great injustice though is that the immigrant population are a parasitic burden on the infrastructure put in place and paid for by the natives.

    It has to stop. NOW

    And am I the only one who is pissed off with the racist BBC who hate the Anglo saxon Race?

  86. 86
    Skywatcher says:

    Wright is one SKY at the moment and claims he is “astonished” at this .

    No way is he going to resign

    What a disgrace

  87. 87
    cheche says:

    I am hearing a lot about the benefit of hindsight. Didnt Nick Griffiin sued for exposiing this ages ago?

    Isnt this the same Rotherham which took kids away from UKIP voting foster family.

    Is this the same South Yorkshire Police who questioned Cliff Richard? To bury the bad news?

  88. 88
    Amazon review says:

    1 of 6 people found the following review helpful
    1.0 out of 5 stars Don’t buy books from crooks!, 18 Aug 2014
    By D. Evans “davewright29″ – See all my reviews
    This review is from: Prison Diaries (Hardcover)
    Not sure why anyone would want to buy this. A convicted criminal simply attempting to profit from his crime, sadly supported and encouraged by the Mail on Sunday which has serialised the nonsense.

    A whole seven weeks inside hardly makes him an expert anyway.
    Help other customers find the most helpful reviews
    Was this review helpful to you? Yes No
    Report abuse | Permalink

  89. 89

    There’s nothing worse than a lying Jock but a lying nonce Jockey is the lowest of the worst.

  90. 90
    nell says:

    I think this latest report has rather blasted that stupid political correctness that labour introduced and nurtured during it’s 13 years of terror, right out of the water now. And like it or not the debate is on.

  91. 91
    A one-eyed Lying cheating paranoid bully and Son o' the Manse says:

    I resent that!

  92. 92
    Old Nick Heavenly says:

    Prhaps you, jgm2, could point to a similar case of mass buggery in multiple towns cross belgium, committed by muzzers.

    It very possibly exists.
    More than a smack of Elm Tree in the Dutroux affair. Kids n every parish in Belgium buggered by priests

    BUT, as totally SPECTACULAR as this shit in Rotherham and endless other towns in Shitain.

    I await the benefit of your Superior knowledge

  93. 93
    The two Muppets says:

    Vote UKIP and get Miliband and that economic genius Balls .

  94. 94
    What suprises me is says:

    That whistle-blowers don’t use this site to highlight their concerns.

    Maybe time for Guido to invest in another Blog ‘Whistleblowers Anonymous’.

    Name names on here with impunity!!!!!!

  95. 95
    Vote UKIP says:

    Great. The more UKIP is attacked the bigger will be its vote-count. Bring it on. :)

  96. 96
    Tower Hamletistan says:

    ooohh Nick – we reward you well

  97. 97
    Local moral person says:

    I am so angry this has motivated me to want to help the Tories in Rotherham at the next election. I have this morning been contacted back by a very helpful northern sounding elderly gent from local l party after I left aswerphone message last night who has kindly invited me to spend a weekend at his house soon to go canvassing for the Tories and even spend a week with him at the election. I shall be taking this up soon.

    Actions you see gentlemen have electoral consequences!

  98. 98
    Old Nick Heavenly says:

    oh dear, modded again

  99. 99
    Radar says:

    He’s in it up to his bolleaux.

  100. 100
    The Plod is Racist, Politicised and Islamic says:

    South Yorkshire police.

    Can spare a division of detectives to investigate one 30 year old allegation against an aging white Christian male.

    Can not spare one detective to investigate current sexual and physical violence against 1,400 white school girls because they say P@kistanis did it.

    How did great Britain come to this?

  101. 101
    Google translator says:


  102. 102
    Whatever, Whenever, and Wherever says:


  103. 103
    Bernie Ecclestone says:

    That is what I charge for the Formula One Teams renting garages for the British Grand Prix at Brands Hatch.

    OK OK OK they do bring plenty of dolly birds.

  104. 104
    The Revd. Phoney (£rd Fucking Way) B£iar, Sanctimonious Shit and £iar, emoting and wiv stupid grin says:


    You have to thank me and MY LEGACY !!!


  105. 105
    James I of Eng; James VI of Scot says:

    I liked a bit of the other.

  106. 106
    Peter Righton says:

    Did I work for Rotherham Council?
    Where else do Paed0fisles work for goodness sakes?
    Oh, I forgot, I worked everywhere:

  107. 107
    Vote UKIP next year says:


  108. 108
    Denis MacShameless says:

    Did you notice my Tweet location is in the Dordogne ? :)

    Who said crime doesn’t pay ??

  109. 109
    Plod says:

    We look for the line of least resistance and follow that.

    Anyway, whitey can’t shriek ‘racist’ when we arrest them.

  110. 110

    It was more pimping than plugging his ‘book’.

    Tweet du jour ?

    Why inflate inflation figures ?

    Vote UKIP :-D

  111. 111
    Nick Griffin says:

    I’m still waiting for an apology.

  112. 112
    Denis MacShame says:

    I didn’t know anything about all those kiddie fiddling brown rapists, no siree.

  113. 113
    Anonymous says:

    Okay. UKIP is a party riddled with narrow minded, barely educated bigots. Happy now?

  114. 114
    Yorkshire Labour says:

    You have no chance of ousting Labour from Rotherham. I doubt you will last a weekend here knocking on doors. We have never forgiven the Tory betrayal of the poor and working classes up here. The bedroom tax and cutting benefits people are entitled to due to tory exploitation of good trade unionists and low wages culture and not giving people more holiday entitlement and paid strike days. We will never forgive you! Labour and Ed Miliband are the only people who will let yorkshire people get on with life without prying and meddling in the way we folk like to live life!

  115. 115
    Rogerem Metropolitan Buggered Council says:

    Right that I stay on – over see the investigations.

  116. 116
    Anonymous says:

    You’d be better off canvassing for Ukip. The Tories will never ever ever stand a chance in a s!thole like Rotherham.

    Good luck anyway!

  117. 117
    GeoffM says:

    That sounds like a punishment in itself

    For both of them

  118. 118
    cuckoo says:

    pull him in for questioning

  119. 119
    The two Muppets says:

    Your comments should refer to LibLab . The Conservatives on their own
    or with UKIP would sort out this mess in no time .Of course we need a
    proper Leader with some backbone who will crush all this PC. rubbish .

  120. 120
    Norm Normal says:

    I recall an incident from Rotherham 2 years ago which was retold at a dinner party I attended.

    Visiting female manager became ill at a Rotherham office and decided to attend an NHS drop in centre near the middle of the town.

    She was told by locals not to go due to the danger of rape and sexual assault in the area. Locals even volunteered to drive her to a hospital in Sheffield as they were so concerned for her safety.

    How we laughed at this bizzare paranoia. That there was the notion of a no go area in a small town in these times!

    Reports like the one released yesterday make one stop and think, however! Perhaps the problems in Rotherham are an open secret. Local people certainly appear to know which areas to avoid.

  121. 121
    Sharon Smoothshit says:

    Public sector ‘workers’. We’re un-sackable. Unless you’re prepared to shell out £ hundreds of thousands :)

  122. 122
    neitherdeadnoralive says:

    When did Miliband and Balls join UKIP ? If we all vote UKIP, we get, errrr, UKIP

  123. 123
    Anonymous says:


  124. 124
    JH343462341231245 says:

    It’s pronounced garagé, you trash.

  125. 125
    Ready reckoner says:

    What about the Labour betrayal of those children and families? I think I might go canvassing for the local Tories too. Will see you there!

  126. 126
    Anonymous says:

  127. 127
    M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

    Perhaps the figures from Ministry A are genuine and that Ministry B is trying to spin that Russia’s inflation is not that high and that Ministry A got it wrong.

  128. 128

    Labour don’t change their tune:

    Vote UKIP :-D

  129. 129
    Dung says:

    Both he and Miliband are very, very busy ignoring Rotherham. Hard work, you know.

  130. 130
    nell says:

    Once upon a time there used to be a campaign called ‘Rotten Boroughs’ aimed at exposing corrupt and failing councils. I don’t know what happened to it but it needs very publicly reviving so that these corrupt councils and even more corrupt ‘puboic servants’ can be named and shamed on a regular basis.

  131. 131
    Cpl Hicks says:

    What a terrible cun’t this man is.

  132. 132
    Silence from Miliband says:

    And Ed Miliband who is always quick to Tweet how sad he is, or happy foreign religion day, or I demand a judge led public inquiry.

    Has tweeted fuck all about this tragedy. Which is odd as it happened under a Labour council and Labour MPs and is just up the road from his own safe seat constituency.

  133. 133
    Dung says:

    91-That particular drone is getting boring.

  134. 134
    Owhine Jones says:

    But not everyone will vote UKIP, but those who do will increase the chance of Miliband and Balls running this country.

  135. 135
    The entire Labour front bench says:

    *Takes notes*

  136. 136
    Anonymous says:

  137. 137

    You won’t pay your share of the debt £100bn if you can’t spend our pounds?

    Let’s see what your pension funds have got to say on the matter then shall we?

  138. 138
    Ellie-Mae (9) says:

    pied du fraudeur

  139. 139
    Labour are Monsters says:

    Vote UKIP.

  140. 140
    South Yorks Police says:

    Quick! Over here! Celebrity nonce. And he’s white!

  141. 141
    Winston says:

    I was with the Tories for 10yrs. The people who cared about the Country, within the party, are long gone or dead. Its run by careerists and wet liberals, who could easily be New Labour. The Tories can never win over the Northern working-classes. There best hope to do that was David Davis. Only UKIP can gather support across the social divides.

  142. 142
    Norm Normal says:

    @Nick, earlier poster mentioned rape epidemic in Sweden. 77% perpetrators were muslim.

    Courts and trials were made secret to hide the issue from the Swedish public.

  143. 143
    V.Pryce says:

    That’s going to come back to me again isn’t it?

  144. 144
    Anonymous says:

  145. 145
    Anonymous says:

  146. 146

    It just doesn’t make much sense to inflate the inflation figures.

    Unless of course one is trying to fool the markets into thinking that your economy is in more trouble than it actually is. The implications for the domestic economy (encouraging price-gouging) are quite serious.

    The flip side is that if one inflates inflation then when the figures are corrected you are really looking at deflation.

    Very strange behaviour.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  147. 147
    Tower Hamlets Printing Inc. says:

    5%??? Fvck orf, we run presses non-stop

  148. 148

    This report has interesting implication for the M!lls / B’ercow case:

    From A’ustralia’s intelligence chief, Dav!d !rvine :

    “I can say that we are seeing growth in espionage and foreign interference against Australia, both through cyber and more traditional methods,” he said.

    “Further, the threat to government information from self motivated malicious insiders has increased.”

    Vote UKIP :-D

  149. 149
    General Dyer says:

    Indeed and interesting to see how today the BBC are describing the perpetrators not as Asian but as of “Pakistani heritage” whatever that rubbish means – at least that is how that awful PC placement Naga Munchetty announced the matter this morning. Yesterday, of course, there was not a single mention by the BBC of the ethnic roots of those involved in all this – no doubt for fear of upsetting the immigrant community.

  150. 150
    Anonymous says:

    Labour party fundraiser Owen Jones finally shamed into making reluctant comment on Rotherham.


  151. 151
    The girls don't matter, kuf'fars says:

    Who is orchestrating this political SILENCE?

    Apart from Eamon Holmes, nobody is leading on this terrible series of events.

    How have they all decided to STFU?

  152. 152
  153. 153
    Blowinglittlekiddieswhistles says:

    Anyone “blowing whistles” on this site normally ends up being a fanatical anti-Semitic na’zi wanker twat who links everything with unhealthy conspiracy theory on is’rael.

  154. 154
    JH343462341231245 says:


    Of course it is. We’ve been telling you for years.

    The one good thing that will come out of this is that it could be event that finally – finally – sets the pendulum swinging in the opposite direction. Even ardent lefties will be too ashamed – or scared – to stuff the diversity agenda down people’s throats after this. The results of the 40 year progressive experiment are in, and they are not pretty.

    Time for some giants to wake up, club in hand.

  155. 155
    The two Muppets says:

    It might be but unfortunately it is the truth , and God help us all.

  156. 156
    Anonymous says:

  157. 157

    Here’s a game for Guido – play last night’s 6 o’clock BBC1 News and insert appropriately where the adjective “Conservative” would have been inserted before the word “council” had it been a Tory and not a Labour council. Not once in the item was it even hinted that Rotherham was Labour council.

    Similarly with the Humphrys interview with the Labour councillor on the Today programme. Once again, imagine how our John would have been dancing round and getting in the phrase Conservative Council had it been such.

  158. 158
    The LibLabCon says:

    Immigration is good for you. End of. Any complaints and our recent thought and speech crime laws will deal with you.

  159. 159

    Seven weeks in prison – what a joke, learnt nothing, regrets nothing, no concern for 1400 raped girls. Words fail me.

  160. 160
    Anonymous says:


  161. 161
    Owen Jones says:

    BUT ‘TIL THEN… I’m gonna knock up a baked Salmon Mee Goreng with Green Tea for lunch…

  162. 162
    Cpl Hicks says:

    You could pin a red rosette on a p@kistani groomer in Rotherham and the idiots would still vote for him.

    Voting labour is a clear sign of being a fcuking idiot.

  163. 163
    Anonymous says:
  164. 164
    Don't count your chickens says:

    You’d think so. But I thought the same about Stafford hospital. The enormity of the crime was unprecedented but nothing much happened. In that case it was the whistle blower who lost, he business was ruined and she was driven out of Stafford by local lefties who spat on her family in the street and posted human poo through her letter box

  165. 165

    Labour show a lot of support for !ran, in addition to child r’ape:

    Vote UKIP :-D

  166. 166
    JH343462341231245 says:

    It’s not that they didn’t believe the girls you twat.

    It’s that they were more scared of being labelled WACIST than they were of the consequences of sweeping it all under the carpet.

    It’s that simple, and he knows it.

  167. 167
    Anonymous says:

  168. 168
    fred says:

    Why did Private eye not expose this. hislop is as pc as the BBC.

  169. 169
    Anon says:

    Not only does the state provide immigrants with houses and benefits, but with underage girls for them to abuse.

  170. 170
    policing policy says:

    ‘Policing by consent’… ever heard that one?

    If you have ever wondered how crime ghettos arise in our fair cities, look no further.

    If a few streets or perhaps an entire estate become infested with drug dealers, muggers, burglary and prostitution and locals become hostile, the police effectively lose consent.

    What happens next. Arresting a few hundred people and taking their children into care is not seen as reasonably practicable.

    The area is patrolled and the problem is contained. Anything else is bad publicity and bad for crime statistics.

  171. 171
    Anonymous says:

  172. 172
    cuckoo says:

    boys also

  173. 173
    Owhine Jones's mum says:

    The “Don’t vote kipper because Lab might get in” arguament isn’t a million miles away from “don’t protect girls because it might cause community uncohesion”

  174. 174
    Jw Rotherham says:

    Tories are the failed opposition in Rotherham. Just check last local election results. UKIP are the only real opposition here.

  175. 175
    Anonymous says:
  176. 176
    Anonymous says:

  177. 177
    Dung says:

    Unlike the Labour Party that is riddled with nonce supporters.

  178. 178
    Labout Hot mouth says:

    5% pop
    only half vote so thats 10% voters
    a third voters at elections vote labour

    as Muslims live mainly in Labour Constituencies they are between a fifth to three quarters of voters who elect a labour candidate.

  179. 179
    The sound from Miliband condemning the Labour Council is deafening says:

    Miliband who is always keen to jump on any band wagon seems to be strangely reluctant to jump on the one named “Rotherham Sex Abuse”….those postal votes from the community are too valuable to put at risk

  180. 180
  181. 181
    Mo says:

    Eey-oop where’s me Jihad-Seekers Allowance?

  182. 182
    Dangerous Brian says:

    Just a bunch of over rewarded blinkered multi culturalist shi* houses.
    It really is a terrible indicment of our nation that these dishonourable greedy and self serving excuses for human beings will be guaranteed a place at the trough by the Liebore voting brainwashed population of their home town.
    Lessons will be learned, like f*ck they will.

  183. 183
    Dangerous Brian says:


  184. 184

    The police were more than turning a blind eye, they were involved in this

  185. 185
    Dangerous Brian says:

    McShames neighbour and fellow sad and blinkered multi culti wan*er.
    Doncaster and Rotherham are two sides of the same sad deluded coin.
    Run by parasitical greedy ignorant labour shi* houses for the benefit of other greedy ignorant labour sh*t houses.
    Lessons will be learned, like f*ck they will.

  186. 186
    Dangerous Brian says:

    Nor is her husbands love of big bla*k c*ck

  187. 187
    Bob Crow says:

    What the fuck is wrong with my comment you bunch of cun ts?

  188. 188
    Bob Crow says:

    Libetarian website my fucking arse.

  189. 189
    I guess I must be racist, because I really h8 moozlims says:

    100% of raypes in Oslo in 2012 committed by non-Norwegians, mostly Som a lian moozlim, on white Norwegians.

    That info came from the Oslo Chief of Police, and it almost cost her her job.

  190. 190
    I guess I must be racist, because I really h8 moozlims says:

    There is NO WAY the muzz pop of England is 5%. I can’t move for the feckers round my way. The West Midlands is fecked, the East is going the same way, Manchester, Leeds, Bradford, Burnley, Blackburn, Rotherham, Derby – all fecked beyond repair.

    Birmingham looks like Istanbul and London resembles downtown Mogadishu.

    The way they are breeding means that if you are white, English and live in London, you’re an ethnic minority.

    By 2060, perhaps earlier, white English will be a minority in the UK wherever they live.

    Can anyone tell me ANY good thing that has come about by flooding the country with third world dross? Uneducated, uncivilised and aggressive, some diseased, most addicted to a backward religion that serves no other purpose but to excuse their own depravities.

    The true purpose of the multi-cult experiment was, and is, to eradicate the races, the white race in particular, and to homogenise the population to make them easier to control. A population of worker drones, unthinking, unfeeling, excited only by porn, drugs and beer, perpetually enslaved to rotating dictatorship of LIBLABCON.

  191. 191
    Sheffield student voters says:

    You’re toast Clegg, bus pass Elvis has more credibility.

    Do one.

  192. 192
    Llareggub says:

    If it’s all on page 156, he can’t have had much to say about it.

    “Nothing to do with me — I was just the victims’ representative in the government.”

  193. 193
    Observant says:

    Why is it you mooslimes are so keen on unmutilated indigenous genitalia?

  194. 194
    The Establishment is infested with Nonces says:

    Stop assuming that the rest of the country will willingly support and vote for the racist gang rape of children, which it has now been proven was actually labour policy. Where is that racist appeaser of child rapists, Miliband? Not a word of condemnation in over 24 hours since that report was released. It normally takes him less than an hour to demand a full Judge led enquiry. Where is he?

    Yes, it IS that serious. Labour are the party of racist child rape.

    They knew it was happening and instead of stopping it, instead of even turning a blind eye to it, they took action to ensure it continued.
    – They suppressed the many reports into it.
    – They arrested people who tried to expose it.
    – They arrested parents that tried to rescue their own daughters from houses that they were being gang raped in.

    This was LABOUR POLICY. Why were labour officials promoted and rewarded with gongs, if this was a mistake? They were rewarded because it was labour policy.

    Labour: sacrificing children to racist rape gangs since 1997!

  195. 195
    Mekipper says:

    Or – don’t vote Conservative and split the UKIP vote.

  196. 196
    Duty Loony Right Wing foaming at the mouth family man. says:

    Agreed. Politicians with any intelligence must surely see that the tides are turning.

    Ordinary, decent people are sick to death of ‘Pakistani origin’ groups who subject vulnerable youngsters to their heathen depravity.

    Always keen to play the race card, they cannot, forever, blind the ‘ruling class’ to their criminal behaviour.

    We know that they have had ‘no go’ ghettos in English towns for decades. In my home town, they violently got rid of all white taxi drivers in the late 60’s. Next, they took over the council, then the schools, then drugs and prostitution. Then the housing benefit industry.

    Islam is the religion of depraved sexual practice. The Quran is a handbook and manifesto for paedophiles. Jihad is the working practice of violent and evil oppression.

    We must make it clear that we will not tolerate it. They can return to the revolting homelands to wallow in their evil.

  197. 197
    Jack Ketch says:

    Tesco reckon that the population of the UK is 80 million as opposed to the official 63 million based on known market shares and consumption data. The government admit to 533,000 “undocumented” immigrants as at 2010. If just half of the “missing people” were moozlums they would make up 15.25% of the population which seems about right–that is across the whole country, so 60-80% in some places in quite credible.

  198. 198
    Jack Ketch says:

    What about Margaret Hodge and Keith Vaz’s role in the cover up of the PDO ring in Islington?

  199. 199
    RWG says:

    Stretched? no chance.

  200. 200
    Me says:

    1,400 girls seriously abused. No police action, no convictions. I hope some useful firm of lawyers is looking at class actions to compensate them adequately.

  201. 201
    Cromwells Ghost says:

    Rotherham Council ,Common Purpose
    Members ???

  202. 202
    inside out says:

    Are the police now investigating these sexual crimes against underage girls? They can waste money and get convictions on 40year old crimes,perhaps they could do the same with 40month crimes.But to date,they don’t seem to bothered about these attacks on our children.Prehaps it will take a change in voting habits of the electorate at the forth coming General Election to concentrate the minds of these public servants.Nothing would concentrate the mind more than losing access to all those public service jobs and pensions.Just a thought.

  203. 203
    inside out says:

    True,I think the cracks of political correctness are appearing.People are so outraged by these attacks on their children,the climate might be changing.We can only hope,and exert as much pressure as possible on our ruling elite.

  204. 204
    inside out says:

    There is a Primary School in Southend on Sea that has a class size of 77pupils.How an earth can they be educated?

  205. 205

    Reblogged this on Pie and Mash Squad Blog and commented:
    what a wanker

  206. 206
    inside out says:

    Would be funny,if it wasn’t true.Our children being groomed and raped by ethnic communities supported by the police.

  207. 207
    JWilson says:

    Wrote to my (Con) MP asking him what he’d be doing to ensure prosecution for dereliction of duty. No reply so far.

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