August 27th, 2014

Better Together


  1. 1
    George Galloway says:

    Great news for ‘British’ Jihadists. You don’t have to die a martyr’s death with ISIS to get your 72 virgins, just head for Rotherham.


  2. 2

    Office of Gordon Brown clearly needs a lawyer, bigot not begotten..


  3. 3
    Deport Nick Clegg says:

    Gordon’s alive?


    • 43
      Sir Barrington Minge says:

      No, never has been, he’s a warmed over corpse.


    • 58
      Johann Lamont says:

      They both work for me! I’m the boss of all Scottish Labour MP’s and MSP’s.
      Did I tell you that I’m a mum? That I was a teacher? That I live in the real world?

      What do you mean exactly when you say “never heard of you”

      What about my famous quote on Independence and Labour ” We are going to win the war and then we are going to win the peace ” dead good eh!


  4. 4
    One Term Dave says:

    We’re better together with the EU.


  5. 5
    Liar.Politicians says:

    And Alex Salmond thinks you can use the UK Pound with a split Scotland, without mentioning all the problems like no central bank backing for the country, and he didn’t think that the English would have a referendum to say “no way”, use the Euro instead.

    Alex Salmond perfectly happy with not mentioning the Barnett Formula and West Lothian Question.


    • 11
      We must celebrate the richness of our cultural diversity. says:

      If you think that Westminster will allow the English a referendum then you are very naive


    • 38
      Anonymous says:

      Europe has adequately demonstrated with the Euro that a monetary union without political union doesn’t work. If the vote is for independence; and I hope it is, then NO POUND for Scotland. Has anyone thought of a name for the union of England and Wales yet? Will England, Wales & Northern Ireland still be the United Kingdom?


      • 51
        Jim says:

        The results of Scotland walking away are going to be dreadful for everyone in every respect. The hate that is being generated in Scotland will spread as the disasters unfold. From that England will never agree to that level of trust again and Wales and Ireland can go or stay as they wish but there will be no more money pot in my opinion.


      • 54
        Abul Krim says:

        yes, why not?


      • 56
        NE Frontiersman says:

        Easy: it’s Britain and NI, as opposed to Great Britain, which includes North Britain.


  6. 7
    Robin J Smith says:

    It is time Gordon splashed out on a replacement for that threadbare toupee he is wearing.


  7. 9
    Guffaws says:

    If that’s the best Scotland can do alongside Chubby Salmond it’s hilarious.

    An independent Scotland is so funny. A nation of skirt-wearers. Haha!


  8. 12

    R’acially appointed S’arah C’hampion MP needs Child R’ape to maintain her ‘majority':

    Vote UKIP :-D


  9. 15
    Edward's army says:

    If it is good for scotland and gordon is for it then England should pray for a yes vote


  10. 20
    A doctor says:

    I think Gordon would benefit from a long stay in an place of safety where he would be able to get some therapy and start on the long road to recovery – sadly most of our institutions were closed down in the 80’s


    • 41
      Mustafa Virgin says:

      He could try a council home in Rotherham, where he might assist Labour’s clients by providing a steady stream of white children.


  11. 21
    Care in the Community says:

    how come that mentalist Brown is out on day release without a Hannibal Lecter mask on?


  12. 28
    Anonymous says:

    So, Brown and Darling are the faces of the No campaign, and Moaning Michelle Mone promises to F off if it’s Yes… the choice just gets easier.


    • 30
      Be afraid says:

      Dunno. If Scotland votes Yes, it gets lumbered with Brown and Darling.


      • 57
        Anonymous says:

        Darling might piss off to London, we are stuck with Brown anyway because only Fife will tolerate him now, but being associated with yet another defeat might help persuade him to keep a low profile. Also a yes vote means he stops being an MP.


  13. 31
    nell says:

    LOL! grumpygordon – doesn’t look very happy at life does he?


    • 33
      Chris Hudson's pussycat is beautiful! says:

      NOOO!! Don’t under any circumstances encourage him to smile!! You remember that video he did when the expenses scandal broke, don’t you?


    • 44
      Sir Barrington Minge says:

      he’s a lonely loser. she has gone back to the acting agency she was hired from and the kids are back in the orphanage.


  14. 32
    Numbers Game says:

    How many of the population of Rotherham are men of Pakistani origin?

    What is the ratio of men of Pakistani origin to the 1400 victims?


  15. 34
    Numbers Game says:

    How many of the population of Rotherham are men of Pa****ni origin?

    What is the ratio of men of Pa****ani origin to the 1400 victims?


    • 40
      cheche says:

      Even if you use a most generous ratio of 250.000 half women 125000 one third pensioners 85000 = 45.0000 lets say half white 22500 gives one in 16


      • 53
        Owen's Remedial Maths teacher says:

        you need to reduce the numbers for children as well as OAPs.

        Also I presume the vast majority of the culprits will be male 15-30, like most crime.

        could be ratio of 6 to 1. Less with unreported cases.

        Of course thaty doesn not mean 1 in 6 will be miscreant badmashes — and most will be repeat offenders


  16. 35

    We dont want the moaning Scots any more


  17. 36
    Jim says:

    This will not work. As soon as Darling spoke as a Labour Politician he was personally abused and lost credibility. They have to speak as Scotsmen to win the future for Scotland.
    The SNP are going to run away from their Debts again – will the Scottish People join them in the boozer or say NO?


  18. 39
    geordieboy says:

    Two ex- chancellors or two chancers. The only reason Labour are supporting the no vote is that they stand to lose 40 MPs’ in the House of Commons. Had Cameron got his way on the boundary changes that would mean another 40 MPs’ would bite the dust. It could then be possible that Labour would be confined to the opposition benches for decades.


  19. 45
    Anon insider & Voting UKIP in 2015 GE says:

    Very pleased to see that McMental has been regurgitated

    for the last three weeks of the ‘No’ campaign………

    And that some chap North of the Border called Alex

    was delighted at this news & is popping bottles of Champers

    as the “Curse of Jonah” will now guarantee the success at the

    ballot box for his ‘Yes’ campaign …………LOL

    Have my fingers crossed that Chinese State Funded Red Ed

    will also insist that McMental does the same for his 2015 GE

    bid !!! This will guarantee Nigel will be heading for a large

    number of UKIP MP’s as result of the Curse of Jonah’s helpful


    And CMD is still surfing totally unaware of what is going to

    reign down on him & the rest of the mendacious manipulative

    nasty party in next 35 weeks…… LOL


  20. 46
    The New Scottish are:- says:

    If Scotland votes to leave UK who decides who can join?

    Who decides who can remain?

    Can we force Gordon Brown, B£air, Campbell and all category A, B & C prisoners, the recently identified 500,000 problem families and all migrants deemed to not to have integrated to become part of Scotland.


  21. 47
    Old Blue Eyes says:

    With Gordon putting his full weight behind the NO campaign it has become a “shoe in” for YES.


  22. 48
    Mr Biscuits says:

    What a pair of tits


  23. 52
    Gordon Brown says:

    I was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 2007 to 2010 and widely credited with preventing a second Great Depression.

    See my biog at:

    And the other guy?


  24. 59
    Anonymous says:

    “Better Together”
    Such ingratitude! After all we’ve done to you.


  25. 60
    Celtic fan says:

    Scotland is better than England. Up with labour up with better together.
    Glasgow Celtic 2 Chelsea 0


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