August 21st, 2014

Miliband and Malky Mackay Arm in Arm

Former Cardiff manager Malky MacKay has been splashed across the Mail today after racist and homophobic text messages sent during his time at the club cost him the top job at Crystal Palace. Texts about ‘fkn chinkeys’, ‘gay snakes’ and ‘fat Jews’ are under investigation by the FA. Which makes it all a little bit awkward for his friends and supporters.

Guido does not imagine Michael Dugher will be inviting MacKay to the Strangers Bar again in a hurry.

Nor will Ed Miliband be embracing him and posing for photos as he did in May 2013…



  1. 1
    Not A Photo Op Politician says:

    In my defence I thought he was going to make a donation


    • 9
      The two Muppets says:

      Ed ,You just keep on giving .You really are a grade A plonker .


      • 12
        Not A Photo Op Politician says:

        What I have got a grade A? I will have my team work on a GCSE pun


        • 28
          Interweb memory machine says:

          If a J’ewish man happens to be fat…can he not be described as a “fat J’ew”?

          Again, if a Chinese man happens to be performing coitus…can he similarly not be described as a “fkn Chinkey”?

          As regard “g’ay snakes”…well that’s just down right h’omopythonphobia.


          • Norm Normal says:

            As you know perfectly well it’s fine to use whatever language you like. Just don’t get caught.

            I assume there were no texts using derogatory terms about the Welsh? I have noticed over the years that they have rather thin skins and a hair trigger temper should one slip up!


          • Jack Ketch says:

            Homoherpephobia, surely? Although that may have been pre-empted by fear of catching minor infections from whoopsies.


    • 13
      What free country? says:

      Since when was it illegal to have an opinion on such things as perverted sexual practices?

      The papers voice such opinions every day.

      Or is Geedo saying that a man penetrating another man’s bottom with his dick in full blood is neither perverted nor should be commented on?


    • 43
      M says:

      Bigoted man


    • 58
      A local business man says:

      Vital services? lefties do love Big State


      • 62
        Joss Taskin says:

        ‘Caught up with’. Has he been trying to avoid you ?


        • 127

          Good man Raj .

          Runs his own business and hopefully pays the odd wedge of tax when he remembers to look at the right set of books.

          Not like these honky White Dee type bennie bunnies who sit on their arse all day then end up on something called Big Brother …

          And I bet he s a Sikh too and not a Muslim.


      • 65
        Norm Normal says:

        Why does Chuka think anyone’s interested in what he does? I say hello to the postman most mornings but I’m not going to bore the world to death tweeting about it!


      • 66
        What Chuka meant to Tweet says:

        Caught up with Raj, the post master at #BrixtonHill Post Office, then Raj came out from behind his security screen which protects him from the community, when suddenly a photographer entered Raj’s shop camera at the ready and pictured us both in a staged pose.


        • 107
          The two Muppets says:

          Chuka either has a gun in his pocket or is playing with himself .


          • Crime watch says:

            Man closely resembling Barack Obama caught on CCTV robbing Brixton Hill sub post office. Police believe he had a firearm concealed in his pocket, a Mr J Dromey who was present at the time, thought it was a big black gay cock, or at least he hoped so.


      • 73
        Cleese, Barker & Corbett says:

        I look down on him, cos he’s working class.


      • 75
        The most snapped man in the western world. says:

        Chuka either carries around a tripod and remote controlled camera all the time, or he’s permanently shadowed by a personal photographer.


      • 80
        M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

        I don’t see any token whites in that picture.


      • 115
        Cynic says:

        Please sir…please leave the shop and stop taking my picture


    • 68
      táxpáyér says:

      SAS hero Chris Ryan warns UK must tackle jihadi threat before it brings Islamic State violence home


      • 81
        Alte Kacker says:

        Bla bla bla, Hasbara, Hasbara, Hatemonger shitstir, shitstir hatmonger. Bla bla, blaAntisemite!


        • 92
          Stupid ignorant shallow minded name caller says:

          What’s a hatmonger? Someone who is hatist? Perhaps someone who dislikes those behatted tinfoil hat wearing idiots?

          I think taxpayer owes you a thank you for that one! :D


    • 119
      Cynic says:

      Three brass monkeys


  2. 2
    bergen says:

    I’m afraid that Ed is just not photogenic.


    • 83
      Norm Normal says:

      It’s far worse than that. Like Blair we will not just be getting a Prime Minister, it’s Mrs Milimong you should also be worried about, I think of her as slotgob mkII.

      Slotgob had the party turn our legal system and sovereignty into a mess for her own interests.

      Mrs Miliband is an Ecoloon. I suspect she was involved in the green labour terrorism that left us all paying nearly twice as much for fuel and energy as we used to.

      I suspect many of Ed’s crazy policies, during his time as Minister for the Environment, were formed in the marital bed.


  3. 3
    Luis Suarez says:

    Racism in football is very bad. It is much more manly to take a good bite out of your opponents.


  4. 4
    Ed Milibandwagon says:

    Look, it’th not about image, it’th about polithy…..and…and, and choice…and owls…. d’oh!


  5. 5
    Michael Doucher says:

    ‘Really nice people’. Compared to the Evil Eds, that is.


  6. 7
    Nero says:

    I was looking forward to Mackay becoming the Palace manager and keeping us up after Pulis threw a strop.

    Now I know he’s a fat anti-Semite, with a cabal of dodgy mates, he can fucking well do one.

    Him being a sweaty is no coincidence.

    Bring on Sherwood or Jol.


    • 44
      anti-jockite watch says:

      With Moody being implicated in the scandal then the door is open for Pulis to return. After all, Palace manager, the dream job. Who could refuse?


  7. 8
    Anonymous says:

    Look at Ed in that pic. He couldn’t look more like Wallace if he tried. You could swap them out and you couldn’t tell the difference. He just looks totally gormless.


    • 70
      Not In My Name says:

      The man is a social and political grenade with the pin already pulled.

      Just a matter of time.


  8. 10
    JustSayNo_toFriendsofIsrael says:

    Glasgow City Council decided to fly the Palestinian flag above the city chambers for one day 2 weeks ago.

    There then appeared in the MSM a story that a ‘Fortune 500′ company had decided to cancel a major conference in the city for 600 attendees – because of the flag. This major loss of business was wildly reported in the MSM print media.

    …except the story was a lie, as per attached link.

    So, the MSM blindly reported an untruth. Why ?

    It was relatively easy to disprove the story.

    Friends of Israel in the UK MSM.


    • 16
      We don't care says:

      We don’t care


      • 21
        Bored of childish anti-S'emites says:

        We also don’t care.


        • 33
          Interweb memory machine says:

          You speak for yourself !


        • 45

          Hopefully they will fook off once and for all next month, that’s if they have the Balls to do so .
          Though I think we will have to put up with the noisy winging neighbors north of the Tweed for a while longer


        • 106
          JustSayNo_toFriendsofIsrael says:

          Oh dear, criticising the UK MSM is now an ‘anti-sem’tic’ activity.


          And just to be clear: Friends of Israel don’t care abut misreporting in the MSM.

          Most reasonable people definitely do – or should – care that the MSM bias is so lazily blatant.

          But most reasonable people are not Friends of Israel.

          Another example of a foreign, self interest group working hard against UK national interests and the UK electorate.

          Just Say No !


    • 19
      Twatwatch says:

      fvck off


    • 26
      The British Public says:

      We also don’t care. In fact all this propaganda is having the opposite effect on us.


    • 32
      The British public says:

      We also don’t care. In fact all this propaganda delivered by these stupid posts is actually having the opposite effect on us.


    • 36
      Cpl Hicks says:

      I don’t care but that’s only because I’m a moss’ad agent. I’ve been posting on here for more than 6 years all as a background exercise to get you to believe I’m not a shlomo, moshe firster!

      At least that’s what blowingdonkeyscocks thinks!


    • 38
      careless says:

      knob off…


    • 52
      Hoots McJeehat says:

      They were flying the Pally flag – that is true.

      Whether or not it was cancelled – the conference organiser is not what I would call a disinterested witness.


  9. 11

    Labour will not get a donation as everyone wil.stop donating to Labour. Its embarrising for the Party having a blatant Racist as a supporter of the Party.


    • 23
      Gladstone Gayrock says:

      Not half as embarrassing as it is to most Lib Dems to have Nick Clegg’s jumped-up bag-carrier and bum-coverer in the Cabinet and on TV.


  10. 14

    Miliband hanging with losers as usual


  11. 17
    Rightie on! says:

    racist and homophobic text messages

    Surely that makes him a hero for many of you, i.e. the “bumsex” and “darkies” commenters? Like the Duck Dynasty guy, isn’t he just another victim of politically correct, bedwetting lefties?


  12. 20
    The Completely Useless Twat in Number 10 says:

    Right, that’s sorted. I’m off back on holiday.


  13. 25
    A reasonable man says:

    Malky McKay is racist say editors.

    B29 bomber pilots, IDF soldiers, SAS,Marines slaughtering their way across the Caliphate are heroes say Editors.


  14. 27
    Anonymous says:

    I feel sorry for Malky Mackay. A stupid name, humiliated in public and now he’s shown standing next to Ed Milliband.


  15. 30
    Ting Tong Thai says:

    Malky McKay? UKIP candidate next


  16. 35
    Prínce Philíp says:

    Just a thought but when I utter things like that I am protected by both MI5 and the MSM, but they aren’t.

    Exactly why is that?


  17. 37
    Owhine Jones says:

    Ed probably thought Malky was a Muslim name.


  18. 46
    nell. says:

    Ed and his photo ops!!

    When is he going to develop some policies rather than spending his time posing with dodgy characters?


  19. 47
    LOL says:

    #ThatIsDebatable #ScrewLoseMuch


  20. 50
    Ed Miliband says:

    I was right to have my photograph taken with a homophobe, and I apologise for having my photograph taken with a welshman.


  21. 53
    Warsi"Some of my best friends are J*wish" Baroness says:

    Thanks to Palestinian collaborators in Gaza 3 HAMAS commanders have been assassinated by IDF. Keep the intelligence coming.


    • 61
      Bertie from Berkshire says:

      Jolly good! What a bunch of thoroughly good eggs those Israeli soldiers are. I suggest we no-nonsense Brits get behind them with money and arms right away. Lovely evening here in Berkshire.


  22. 54

    Oh god, some BBC gayer is wanking himself into a frenzy about the bum sex marriage figures.


  23. 59
    Anonymous says:


    What happened to the CSA inquiry. Why is Dave doing nothing about the delay?


  24. 76
    The nation holds its breath says:

    I wonder how the Chilcot Report’s coming on?


  25. 78
    David Axelrod says:

    Who’s the goofy looking guy left of picture?


  26. 85
    Anonymous says:


  27. 89
    Anonymous says:


    • 114
      Dangerous Brian says:

      Bite, he said bite, apples, bite hahahahahahaha.


    • 129

      So what s the problem? I eat 365 Apples a year and I
      never go to a doctor ( mind you I also get through two bottles of whisky per week).

      Perhaps they should be producing MORE apples for internal EU consumption and suggest they are substituted for the deep fried mars bars so popular with the illiteriat.


  28. 90
    Sock puppet says:

    Anyone seen Tony Blair lately?


    • 105
      Knesset says:

      Our friend is here advising us on how to keep up the attacks on Gaza and the destabilisation of the middle east for us without anybody noticing.
      The beheading was a stroke of genius!


  29. 101
    Anonymous says:

    Heil Redbirds!


  30. 104
    Labour voting dug shite says:



  31. 110
    BiBiBeelzebub says:

    Those ISIS chaps, and those people pouring ice cold water over themselves are really doing us a great turn.

    The heat is off us abut Gaza, and we can quietly get on with topping up our ammunition and weapons.

    Plenty more beaches, schools, market places to blow up !!

    Just need a few Israelis ‘kidnapped’ so we can start all over again…


  32. 116
    Brian Potter says:

    Did he call someone a reggin or what ?

    He was having private emails with a friend and colleague and the language was a bit coarse.

    Looks like he has lost out on a new job.

    You do not get to be a multi millionaire without at times being an awkward bastard


    • 122
      Dave, Ed, etc etc says:

      “You do not get to be a multi millionaire without at times being an awkward bastard”

      Or simply by being given it by mummy and daddy


      • 135
        táxpáyér says:

        ╭━╮┈┈┃┈┈┈┈┈┃ ┃╰╯╭╮┣┏┏┏╮╭┫╭╮┓┏★ ╰━╮╭┫┃┃┃┃┈┃┃╭┫┃┃ ╭╮┃╰┻╰╰╯┛┈╰┻╰┻╰┫ ╰━╯


  33. 118
    Cynic says:

    No sir …we dont sell that kind of magazine


  34. 125
    Inverness Caledonian Thistle says:

    Inverness Caledonian Thistle are the best.


  35. 126
    Rupert says:

    Ed and Dugher are in urgent need of colonic irrigation to get some of the shit out of their systems. Arseholes


  36. 131
    Truthteller says:

    Nothing wrong with Malkay, it’s the PC t@ssers that are the problem.


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