August 21st, 2014

In Full: The Damning Bercow Appointment Email

The now infamous email from the Clerk of the Australian Senate makes very clear that the issue’s around Bercow’s choice of Clerk is not one of gender, misogyny, anti-modernisation or xenophobia. The question is, can Carol Mills do the job?

CEO of the Commons? Yes. Possibly. Maybe. Hard to say when a rigged panel, a rigged process and a rigged short list produced a result the Speaker had already decided on. But Clerk? A job that is hers until she retires, as Bercow has made clear? The Times leader this morning does not think so.

Here is that email in full:

Dear Robert

We were utterly taken aback here when we saw a brief press report in early July that Carol Mills had emerged as “frontrunner” to take over from you, and have followed events with increasing disbelief and dismay. It seemed to us impossible that someone without parliamentary knowledge and experience could be under consideration for such a role. I do not usually resort to the second person, but there is not a single individual who has mentioned this to me in the past few weeks, from my most junior procedural officers or senior staff here and senators, to my State colleagues, who has not seen this candidacy as an affront to our profession and the professionalism of us all. “Bizarre” is the word most frequently used to describe the situation. I can only imagine what your staff must be thinking.

. . . (Some Australian parliamentary history deleted) . . .

Since 2004, there have been three Secretaries of DPS, all recruited from outside the parliamentary service, all bringing different skills to the position, and all serving for a relatively short time. Carol has been in the job for just over two years and came from a background in the state public service. In a federation such as ours, with the Commonwealth exercising designated legislative powers of a national character, it is not always easy for a person to move successfully from a state to the Commonwealth civil service. Nor is it a simple matter to move from serving the executive government to serving the Parliament if there is a lack of understanding of what parliaments are and what they do. I am making large generalisations here but, in my estimation, as well as having no parliamentary experience, DPS heads have increasingly demonstrated a lack of appreciation of and/or respect for the roles and status of members and senators and perhaps an overemphasis on the role and authority of the Presiding Officers (to both of whom the DPS Secretary is responsible). If the POs are onside, it seems that little else matters. The consequence of this disconnection from what Parliament does is that there has been a level of dissatisfaction with DPS – and its leadership – that now appears to be entrenched. Moreover, staff dissatisfaction within DPS is often manifested by the provision of information directly to members and senators.

Senators, in particular, have applied the blowtorch of scrutiny to the administration of the department in their thrice-yearly estimates hearings. Estimates hearings are conducted by Senate legislation committees which operate in eight subject areas. The Senate Finance and Public Administration Legislation Committee has Parliament among its responsibilities (but not, of course, the Department of the House of Representatives which answers only to that House, whereas the Senate Department and the joint bodies appear before Senate committees as a matter of course). In addition to examining bills, the legislation committees also conduct inquiries into the performance of agencies within their areas of responsibility.

Most unfortunately, in estimates hearings in 2011, when under scrutiny for administration of heritage policies and practices, DPS was caught out fabricating evidence to our F&PA Committee. This led to a broad-ranging inquiry into the management of DPS and the departure, through ill health, of the second Secretary. An interim Secretary (a retired State Clerk) was appointed pending the search for a new permanent Secretary and was able to diagnose for the Presiding Officers many issues to be addressed. This was the environment into which Carol was appointed in 2012, apparently from a background in the NSW public service that included management of such cultural facilities as the Sydney Opera House, and with a brief to shake things up.

The current role of DPS Secretary includes responsibility for building services (including visitor services), ICT, security, broadcasting and Hansard, and the library. The last is headed by a Parliamentary Librarian who, under the enabling statute, is supposed to operate independently and on the basis of a resource agreement with the DPS Secretary. The Secretary role has no procedural or constitutional dimension that you or I would recognise as a core function of a Clerk. It has no connection with the day to day business of a Parliament, other than in the maintenance of infrastructure and the provision of some ancillary services. While these are clearly very important things, they do not make a Parliament. It is essentially the role of an administrator and bears no resemblance to the role of a professional parliamentary officer.

In the Budget estimates hearings in May this year, a very senior senator questioned DPS about the use of CCTV footage in the course of internal staff disciplinary proceedings, a use that is not sanctioned by the code of practice governing the CCTV system. It appears that a DPS staff member was accused of leaving an upsetting note for a manager. Part of the so-called evidence included CCTV footage of the staff member leaving an envelope under the senior senator’s door. The senior senator had been the initiator of the 2011 Senate inquiry into DPS (which reported in 2012) and had continued to receive unsolicited information from DPS staff. It now transpired that a security system operated by DPS was trained on the office of one of its chief inquisitors and that disciplinary action (proposed dismissal) was being taken against an informant, ostensibly on another basis. I had given advice to the senator – which he released – that the circumstances raised serious questions of privilege. At the hearing, the Secretary’s understanding of parliamentary privilege was described in terms of “the protocols of the protection of members’ and senators’ rights to do business in the building” and she conceded that “there may have been some inadvertent conflict between staff management issues and the principles of the free use of everything in the building for members and senators”, before implying that the staff management issues were more important. The episode was raised as a matter of privilege by both the senior (Opposition) senator and the (Government) Committee Chair on behalf of the committee, and it has now been referred to the Senate Privileges Committee for inquiry and report. The inquiry is in its preliminary stages. Personally, I was surprised that a resignation did not follow.

This episode may have acted as a catalyst for senators’ dissatisfaction with other areas of DPS to bubble over. The result was a second wide-ranging inquiry into DPS proposed by representatives of all parties in the Senate, including Independents, and agreed to unanimously by the Senate. The terms of reference give a flavour of the areas of disquiet and concern, including about fundamental structural arrangements. This inquiry is also in its preliminary stages. While there is a widespread view that the 2004 amalgamation has not enhanced the quality or effectiveness of support for the Parliament, there is also recognition that the eggs cannot be unscrambled. The problem is a much larger one than the individuals who have taken the helm at DPS but, as similar journeys in parliamentary administration in our two largest States have shown, getting the right people into those positions is essential. The right people in both those cases have proven to be people with parliamentary knowledge and experience and the State administrations are working much more happily and effectively as a consequence.

I would have thought that establishing the parliamentary credentials of an external candidate was an essential task for any selection panel. It will no doubt be enormously embarrassing all round if the task has to be done by a select committee. The only thing more embarrassing, in my view, would be to make the proposed appointment.

Robert, such are my thoughts – apologies for their length but this affects us all. I would have no objection to your sharing these views should you consider it useful.

Very best wishes


Rosemary Laing
Clerk of the Senate


  1. 1
    Britain First says:

    This twât sums up what is wrong with this fucking country. Why we cannot shut this fucker down I fail to understand. We are a liberal country that will soon be overrun with fucking nutjobs.

    Anyway in one breath he says hands off Mussie Lands, and next breath he says all the land is Allähs/Mussies.

    I hold our political spineless elite responsible for all this.

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    • 3
      Nigel Farage says:

      Hear ! Hear !

      Our embrace of multiculturalism, our porous borders, our failure to move against Islamofascism has rendered the UK a net exporter of terror.

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    • 4
      Hamspam Chowder says:

      Can’t you get on a plane, go off to the muslim land and never return here ??

      Thanks !


      • 17
        Cpl Hicks says:

        Obviously all those huge US bases in Syria and Iran have caused the instability in those countries. Nothing at all to do with them being stone age savages who follow a religion of pure evil?

        And before all the moshe/shlomo dull c’unts start… I think all religion is evil.

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        • 69
          The Growler says:

          It is not so much that the religion is bad it is the slant that the extremists put on the their only true reliigon which of course what they personally believe. Just look at all the Christian wars and persecutions of other Christians, you have the various Moslem sects and sub sects, Hindus and their sub sects, and Buddists and their sub sects. They all chose a few parts of their holy books saying we believe in this and this is what it says in our holy book. These selected parts which they believe to be truths are mere fractions of hat their holy book actually says. Even the promised ones have their sects and sub sects, highlighted by the old joke, “Two Rabbis, three opinions”
          It’s all about politicos and wannabe politicos using religion to get what they want, POWER, and all that comes with it, money.

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          • Twampersand mk II says:

            Those Methodists really get on my nerves with their suicide bombings and beheadings. The Ladies Knitting Circle are extremists. Don’t get me started on the Baptists, all that giving of their time and money to those less fortunate, it’s disgusting, such bigotry.


        • 72
          Islam: death cult, severe mental illness, or both? says:

          But some religions are far more evil than others.


          • Banned says:

            I actually blame the Queen. She is meant to be the “Defender of the faith” – not just a fancy title but a deadly serious constitutional role. She should have been more proactive in blocking the legislation/policy which allowed mass immigration. She should have at least voiced her concerns. If Royals expect to be around in 100 years, they should damn well do something useful for a living rather than merely waving and smiling.


          • The Great Unwashed says:

            The problem was, Labour never announced the policy of mass immigration, they just did it secretly.


          • …and you have nt even touched on the “Methodies” !!


          • …. oh sorry .. yes you have .

            Whst about the Christian Scientists then ??


    • 13
      Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:

      Political spineless elite ?

      Come and join the Liberal Democrat party ! There’s a home here for every hand-wringing, self-loathing, EU-loving, muzzie apologist


      • 27
        WHY? says:

        The Political spineless elite have flooded this country with Three million Muslims with 30,000 Muslims in Luton alone.

        And they tell us it is good for us, we must accept it, and if we object then we are racist.

        That’s what the Political spineless elite have done.



        • 43
          RomaBert... says:

          An experiment in social engineering, started by Labour and the likes of Harriet Harperson, seen as a funny slap in the face to those of us on the opposite side of the political spectrum to the Left.


        • 44
          Anonymous says:

          Because they are thick ignorant cυnts.


        • 48
          inside out says:

          Mostly on benefits,Jihad payments.


        • 55
          Anonymong says:

          Divide and rule.

          While we’re fighting amongst ourselves it gives them the chance to carry on, unopposed, to rape our wallets and bail out their bankerwanker mates.


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        • 57
          Peter Grimes says:

          And more than 60,000 in Tower Hamlets alone!

          Why did ZaNuLaB (in particular) do this? Why, to ensure their Eternal Reich! Last year the most popular boys first name, once called ‘christian’ name in this realm, was Mohamed.

          In 20 years, if we last that long as a democracy, these people and their sisters will be voting alongside our own benefit junkies for ever more of the same.

          Vote ZaNuLaB and if you pay taxes (most pay less than the State ‘gives’ them), you get stuffed.
          Vote UKIP and get ZaNuLaB and get stuffed.
          Vote LibDum and deserve to get stuffed.
          ONLY the Tories can slow the inexorable slide into a state where we will end up with 25% of the people supporting the remainder.


          • Islam: death cult, severe mental illness, or both? says:

            But the Tories want Turkey to join the EU.. that’s another 76 million Muslim parasites headed for the benefit office.

            And Cameron’s said “there are too many white Christian faces in Britain.”

            Vote Tory? Nah.

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          • allah baddie, islamic pyjama party says:

            no it wasn’t it was Oliver


            if you are going to make stuff up at least make it plausible


          • Twampersand mk II says:

            According to your link, Muhammed is the second most popular name, a very close second , in England and Wales last year.


          • One, 2, miss a few, 99, 100! says:

            Please explain why voting Tory at the next GC would instigate a different approach to the one we already have? I’m intrigued. There is only ONE party that will make a difference, and your infantile approach to our Democracy (one of ‘vote for us, else they’ll get in’) is bullshit. I’m an ex-Libdem. I would NEVER vote Tory. People like you don’t seem to realise the fact that UKIP takes votes from everyone, no just the Tories. It’s time for you, and your ilk, to change the record.


          • Peter Grimes says:

            As far as I can see there is but one spelling of ‘Oliver’. If you can add up at all, do so for the several variations of ‘Mohamed’.

            You, Sir, are a fuckwit nitpicker of the first water!


        • 92
          geordieboy says:

          Because Labour thought that with the immigrant vote they would be in power forever.


      • 86
        The Growler says:

        Calamity Clegg, you have led your party to the brink of the abyss, from a party of protest to Tory lap dog, greedily gobbling up any scraps that Boy Dave throws under the table, Ukip has become the party of protest, the members and supporters come from the LibLabConners, folks are get heartily sick of the self centred, jobbies for life politicos LabConners, who just get voted in year after year, same party, same old ideas, you get the picture, and if Nige has his head screwed on correctly he will not do a deal with either Liebore or the Conners, they just cannot be trusted


        • 90
          The two Muppets says:

          Turkey will not join the EU for at least 10 years if at all
          David Cameron was being diplomatic with a strong Nato ally
          when this was discussed, anyway it will be up to Brussels
          if and when Turkey join . This is why we must have that
          in/out referendum .


    • 15
      Relate says:

      Considering that John’s choice of a life mate has been fraught with trouble, why do British parliamentarians think that Bercow the “reformer” has reformed his personal selection process in lefty women?


    • 21
      Alfred from Arley says:

      So true! We englisch must stick together! Send them back to the dunes already!


    • 53
      for balance says:

      The presence of Muslim hordes in Western countries is a cause of instability there & a cause of joy back in shitty Muslim countries. Hands off Western land – including the Gaza Strip!


    • 65
      Good. Now Piss Off says:

      Well fuck off back to “Muslim Land” then and take every Muslim with you. and we will all be happy.


    • 73
      Willh says:

      Where’s Mad Mitch when you need him?


    • 87
      Anonymous says:

      Your comment has absolutely nothing to do with the questions of Bercow’s choice of Clerk. If you want to talk about muslim ‘invasion’ of this country (which is the most threatening thing this country has faced in a hundred years, and perhaps its whole history), then make your points in an appropriate place. Thank you.


      • 91
        The two Muppets says:

        What is Bercow getting out of this appointment ?


        • 175
          M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

          Control. The previous incumbent knew more about parliamentary procedure than Bercow has forgotten. He could run rings round Bercow who obviously saw him as an obstruction to his grand scheme. This Ozzie won’t know her arse from her elbow and will do precisely as she’s told. I’d do that for two hundred grand a year.


    • 95
      Anonymous says:

      There’s something something very spooky about that Choudary fella.


    • 100
    • 125
      Anonymous says:

      The extinction of race consciousness as between Muslims is one of the outstanding achievements of Islam, and in the contemporary world there is, as it happens, a crying need for the propagation of this Islamic virtue.

      Arnold J. Toynbee


    • 148
      The Crux of the matter says:

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    • 150
    • 176
      E L Whisty (Head Groundsman) says:

      I thought that they were insisting that it is Allah’s land. Not much of a Muslim scholar, old Andy Chuddy, former piss artist in residence at the Southampton School of Applied Dipsomania.


    • 193
      Bob cuntface Crow says:

      He dosnt do irony well does he?Hands of mossie lands,how does he think we feel about mossie hands in our once great country.If I was diagnosed with terminal cancer the first thing I would do is behead that cun t and put it on utube.


    • 210

      Tell you what …

      Carol Mills ( under extreme duress) to the Westminster job .

      Anjem Choudary ( under no duress whatsoever) to penal Colony Van
      Diemen s Land.

      Both ” full life” tenures .

      How s that for pragmatism !


    • 220
      Michael Corby says:

      A point overlooked is that civil servive entry is supposed to be by open competition. It was to stop this form of nepotism that the reforms were introduced, and Bercow is tuting the clock back beyond the mid 19th century.


  2. 2
    David Cameron says:

    Although I’m off back to the fish markets with the beard, I am fully butt plugged in.


  3. 5
    Vincent E says:

    Disgraceful. It seems nothing can be done to stop it, but how the Speaker can justify ignoring such a key aspect of the Clerk’s job in the appointment process beggars belief. Of course, as a clerk myself, in a much more minor level of authority, I would think that.


  4. 6
    Dick says:

    The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.

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    • 207
      Manon_des_Source says:

      An American wit told the story of a bus containing 34 lawyers going off the road into a ravine killing all on board, finishing by observing that it was a tragedy because there was one vacant seat.


  5. 7

    Bercow’s head would go quite nicely on the railings at the front of the Houses of Parliament.

    Anyone have the phone number of that nice ISIS guy who speaks English?


    • 11
      'John' says:

      I’ll be back soon for my bennies so give me a shout out then, innit.


      • 25

        Oh! A very good morning to you!

        Are you…

        *consults phrase book*

        …ah yes, Da Man?

        Vote UKIP :-D


      • 26
        Cpl Hicks says:

        The only thing you’ll be back in John is a body bag. Hopefully in lots of little pieces that were slowly hacked off you on piece at a time. The Hereford boat club are after you and it’s not going to be pretty when they catch you.

        Ps. There are no Virgins and there is no afterlife of paradise. It’s just blackness. You die and the lights go out.


        • 93
          The two Muppets says:

          I live for the day when he is captured and extradited to the USA .
          They will love him over there .


        • 103
          The Growler says:

          It’s strange but Geedoes co-religionists used to believe in the middle ages something very to similar to what those jeehadis believe now, that is why if they had been naughty little boys and were traitors they were hung drawn, and quartered but before they were quartered, their oldest friend was chopped off and thrown in the fire below, then their heart. was one that suffered that and of course Guy Fawkes co conspiritors also suffered the same fate, Fawkes managed to commit suicide after seeing the others suffer, it was part of the old RC faith that they would arise after death and carry on as before, if they died not intact they could not carry on as before in life.


          • Anonymous says:

            Amazing how far the C’atholics and the Proddies have come since the Middle Ages. It appears that I’slam is stuck there.


          • The Growler says:

            Only just over 400years and 600 years in the first instance they still continued to burn “witches” though


        • 165
          Anonymous says:

          What happens to the 75 virgins the suicide bombers are promised after they have fucked their way through them all?


    • 104
      táxpáyér says:

      The Islamic State Militants are a group like no other. The sheer barbarism we are witnessing in countries like Iraq is without precedent in the modern era. It would be totally unforgivable and unacceptable for UK nationals who have made the decision to go and fight for Islamic State militants in the middle-east to be permitted to return to the UK and quietly slide back into our communities to take advantage of all that modern Britain has to offer.

      Nigel Farage MEP


      • 184
        E L Whisty (Head Groundsman) says:

        Let’s not get too wound up here. It is not without precedent. All through history, people have behaved in similar depraved manner when a) they get into groups with similar degenerates and b) they feel confident that they can get away with it.

        It is naive to think that they do these things for religious reasons. They want to kill first, then they go looking for an excuse and up pops Choudary, Hamsa and so on, who give them excuses for their bestial urges.

        The British criminal elements who call themselves Islamists are used to impunity. They have been brought up in a country where crimes are rarely investigated, criminals are rarely prosecuted, sentences are risible and convicts get more sympathy and material support than victims.

        Add to those points that we have a ruling class who are clearly above the law, are seen daily lying and cheating, hell you can even lie to Parliament and make millions from the wars you start.

        No, these are just degenerate criminals like we have seen throughout history. However, they have been raised and nurtured in a country that rewards wickedness and exploits its own peaceful citizens.


    • 215

      Dass not English mete — dass reel Saarf London.


  6. 8
    The Rt. DisHon Squeaker says:

    Vote me out of Buckinghamshire.

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  7. 9
    Will says:

    Dear mr choudry if you want please go to Isis held territory you might find that the reality of thier brand of Islam is different and that you will not like it.


  8. 10
    Muslim and British says:

    Anjem is Traitor to Britain and a snake oil sails men entrapping young minds with his bollocks.

    That fact that also fall for his bollocks perhaps says more about you then it does about all muslims.


    • 14
      Britain First says:

      I just cannot fathom how our so called authorities allow evil little shits like this to trade their snake oil without fear or anything. But lo behold a non ‘minority’ tweet anything remotely anything and BOOM nicked.


      • 22
        The British media are cunts says:

        Because the state and in particular fat plod are scared of Muslims.

        I suspect the only reason we’re not bombing in Iraq is Cameron knows it would all kick off here in London and other cities.


      • 66
        Robo-Cop/Judge Dredd says:

        nope, just BOOM!

        and then another Boom to the head when he is down.


      • 99
        Anonymous says:

        Because he’s a state asset.


    • 16
      Britain First says:

      And who mentioned ‘all muslims’ ? I didn’t.


      • 39
        Alfred from Arley says:

        Jolly true, we must do something about these nasty ragheads! Maybe we can help by sending our poor Israelis friends more aid, Old Bean!
        The weather is good here in Hampschire today!


        • 42
          Britain First says:

          Do stop being a prick.

          Unless of course you think it is OK for Anjem or indeed any fucking wackjob to broadcast shite, then carry on.

          Whichever it is you need to grow up, you immature dick.


        • 59
          M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

          Seconded. Not even a proper prick but a DILDO. With a rotating head.


        • 60
          Anonymous says:

          No wonder you’re still a virgin stuck playing with yourself in a bedsit in Bournemouth.

          Take yourself out for a walk. Try Boscombe Pier. Once you get to the end keep going. Twat.


      • 222
        Muslim and British says:

        Your Facebook page says all Muslims a lot. Your organization is opposed to the building of mosques off hand. Even when this is being funded and built by private citizens.

        I once saw a post which used a Arab anti-extremist video to show how the Muslim World hated white people, the baby in the video was light skinned (but an Arab). The purpose of the Video is our children are at danger because of the Extremist groups like Isis etc. The BF post did disappear quite quickly so maybe somebody at BF realised it was bollocks and deleted it.

        By the way I agree that Anjem should be arrested and given the same treatment by the authorities. He is an evil little man.

        I recently left hope not hate because they focus to heavily on UKIP (non-extremist organisation) and Britain First (bunch of clowns in green coats.) When in our country, yes a Muslim man is claiming it his country as well, Anjem and his ilk are more of a threat today.

        I apologise for the length of the post and for any typos. Good day.


  9. 12
    Keitho says:

    We are in deep, deep trouble. Unfortunately the broad public will not understand the meaning of the word “privileges” in this context and as they are the voters our very weak parliamentarians will bend their, and Big John’s, way.


  10. 18
    Clown (Ex Swivel-Eyed Loon) says:

    Spineless will rubber stamp the appointment, because he’s, spineless.


  11. 19
    The British media are cunts says:

    Any of you that live up near RAF Waddington might want to keep an eye out today as there is going to be a formation of the two Lancasters and the Vulcan together.

    Something to be PROUD off from the days when this Country was worth something.


    • 36
      If I was a Jock I would vote to leave all this mess behind. says:

      Before the LibLabCon elite destroyed Great Britain.


  12. 20
    LOL says:

    Ed Miliband’s hero


  13. 23
    The British media are cunts says:

    BBC Radio 5 allowing airtime to Muslim appeasers.


    • 40
      The BBC is the great enemy within says:

      No doubt they see it as their duty to try and calm down community relations and give this “minority” a voice.


    • 50
      RomaBert... says:

      I gave up listening to Radio 5 and their daily diatribe of black good, white bad and mooslim good, Christian bad…….a long time ago!


      • 96
        Village Idiot says:

        …They(bbc), have,over years, contributed massively to the present day problems that we face within our population, thanks to their pc stance and refusal to listen to alternative views,and the actual poo pooing of those that could plainly see where this was all heading!…Hopefully,(don,t hold your breath),..the scales will fall from their eyes,but as I no longer indulge in bbc output,it will be difficult for me to know!

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        • 106
          RomaBert... says:

          Labour were very good in their long term planning, creating hate crimes for those who dare have or voice alternative views to theirs.


        • 110
          Cpl Hicks says:

          Couldn’t agree more. The BBC is still part of the common purpose NuLiebour experiment that has ruined this country. I’m looking forward to marrying my Kiwi girlfriend and getting over to NZ ASAP!

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    • 62
      Nigel Farage says:

      Withdraw the UK citizenship of the Radio 5 team. Assuming they have one that is.


    • 196
      Cinna says:

      All in the interests of community cohesion. Ask PC Fahy, he knows all about that.


  14. 28
    The Critic says:

    I think the Berk knows all about Carol’s issues in Australia. What the Aussies perceive as resignable offenses, he sees as strengths. Perfectly natural behaviour for a greasy pole climber with an over-inflated sense of his own importance. Perfect EU fodder – send him there.

    The big question is how and why the House of Commons voted him into this position? If it were just politicking by Labour,they need to wake up and smell the coffee. We will not put up with student politics at the prices they charge for it.


  15. 30
    DAVE EAT'N HEAD says:

    Right thats it photo opp and publicity stunt over , that should keep the press happy for a day or two , now back to my jollies
    Err driver , where am i holidaying this week , is it still Portugal or am i now in Cornwall
    I dont really mind , so long as i’m not billeted near any of those working class types What !


  16. 31
    The British media are cunts says:

    Oh dear, Radio 5 let someone on who appeared no tot tow the BBC line. Livsey got rid of him quickly.

    Radio 5 doing the same Muslim appeasement that they did after Lee Rigby was murdered.


    • 109
      RomaBert... says:

      The do not realise that they, the Beeb, are part of the problem by fueling dissent and creating extreme opposing views.


    • 142
      Saddo Karn MP says:

      Funny really, from editor(!!) of the Star to Beeboids TV local north west auto cue reader, he soon learned to lick the Mussie arse.

      Perfect training for the BBC.


  17. 32
    Silly Sally B13COW says:

    So Little Johnny is a bad judge of people. Who knew ?


  18. 33
    Will says:

    The bbc and guardian and Owen jones will only realise what a real threat this is when one of thier own is attacked and kled by these people. If the Muslims do get control it will be no bbc no guardian and Owen jones will be killed because he is gay and a non Muslim


    • 41
      Alfred from Arley says:

      Yes, that is just not on! Jolly true already! Ve must drive them out from our land.
      I am going to play Kricket later.


      • 46
        Britain First says:

        The minarets are calling you for one of your 5 a day, so do one.


      • 52
        Dr Suess says:

        This condition is called ‘perceptual narrowing’

        Typically the patient thinks that everything revolves around one particular issue. In this case everything even the recent price increase of vagisil is believed to be down to a country in the Middle East that happens to not be a shit hole.


        • 67
          Cpl Hicks says:

          Would vagasil rid us of this annoying c’unt?

          You do know its EYBW who’s posting all this crap. He threw his toys out of his bedsit so now he’s got nothing better to do than make a total twat of himself using different monikers.


  19. 34
    Winston says:

    Meanwhile, there is a virtual media blackout on a civil war in Europe, costing the lives of more than a thousand, mostly civilians and 1m refugees. This week cars full of fleeing refugees were bombed, but hardly a peep out of the MSM. Why? The editors are too close to the political elite. We do not have a free media.


  20. 35
    DAVE EAT'N HEAD says:

    This appointment just proves , you dont need to know fuck all to work in Westminster


    • 111
      RomaBert... says:

      Sounds just like those with educational degrees in management, they say they can manage in any job, profession or industry…….


  21. 37
    Iain"The Cheeky Chappie" Duncan Smith says:

    Mate keeps setting fire to Belgian detectives – He’s a Poirotmaniac <- ouch


  22. 38
    Alex Salmonella says:


    • 45
      Why are so many Scotch Mad? says:

      I can’t understand why any Jock would vote to remain part of the UK and I can’t understand why any Jock voting for their Birth right of an independent country would then sign it all away to the EU over in Brussels.


      • 51
        M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

        The deluded ones prefer control by a lefty Brussels to a righty London. As they can’t understand a word of fucking Belgian they think there are no toffs in Europe.


        • 134
          Spartacus says:

          if the scotch stay part of Britain – now called the uk, England pay for them.

          If they break away and join the you-row basket case, then England pays for them.

          So who cares?


          • Jim2 says:

            You do realise WE subsidise YOU?

            I know you think you are being clever by using the term Scotch, as in ‘let’s show disdain by deliberately accidentally using a percieved offensive term for their nationality.’

            Problem is, you just sound like an ill-educated pillock.

            We are Scots, our whisky is Scotch. And we have a considerably better quality of life on the whole than an overcrowded England.

            Remind me, where do most of the bennie scroungers reside, a la benefit street? Where are the majority of these Islamic nutters living, the ones that haven’t left to do their good deeds in sunnier climes that is?

            I guess by denigrating your neighbouring country, it makes you feel a whole lot better about where you live.

            And by the way, I’m voting NO.


      • 204
        Jim says:

        On every level Scotland leaving the UK is a disaster for everyone. Stop and think about defending the Scottish Border and Russia renting the MOD properties etc.. If the Vote is more than 12% different there will be Civil War between Scottish Families, if it is less than 12% then it will be between the Scots and English.
        If it all falls apart we are not going to stand there and say ‘told you so’ whilst they starve or Russia send in a relief column.
        This may well be the end of all four of us.


    • 76
      A flower that blooms tra la la says:

      Don’t see why the media are even bothered about Scotland and it’s referendum, it will only go one way and that is a big NO, Scotland the brave, No, Scotland scared of losing it’s benefits, Scotland will lose anyway, as their is always a price to pay and the threat of leaving the Union has gone, the Union is bankrupt and Scotland will have to pay it’s share, welcome Scotland to reality.


      • 77
        A flower that blooms tra la la says:


        Don’t see why the media are even bothered about Scotland and it’s referendum, it will only go one way and that is a big NO, Scotland the brave, No, Scotland scared of losing it’s benefits, Scotland will lose anyway, as their is always a price to pay and the threat of leaving the Union has gone, the Union is b ank rupt and Scotland will have to pay it’s share, welcome Scotland to reality.


        • 88
          A flower that blooms tra la la says:

          Should have put, it’s a shame that they will vote NO, a YES would have made Scotland and England independent countries and would have been a beginning for both countries to go their own ways, it would have got rid of the garbage we have as MPs and give the people of both countries a chance to have a REAL say in the way the countries are run, the English never got the chance to vote, to me I would have thought being in a Union both countries and hangers on would have had the vote, but corrupt politicians stopped that, so instead we carry on with the same merry-go-round no change and no democracy, shame on you Scotland.


          • Rob Roy says:

            These promises to let us raise our own taxes if we vote no are a con.

            We may be able to increase tax rates set in Westminster but not decrease them so we will never be able to go head to head with England and Wales to encourage inward investment by a more competitive tax strategy.

            Also nuclear weapons will remain on Scottish soil despite the overriding wishes of the Scottish people.

            Westminster is scared that if we go our separate ways then sterling will be weakened.

            Whether the vote is yes or no the issue of independence is going to rumble.


          • Sterling has been weakened by the failed Scottish banks. Bow fuck off.


          • M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

            How do you know the overwhelming wishes of the Scottish people when they haven’t voted yet?


          • It has been referred to as a neverendum ,the sentimentalists at Westminster will continue paying more in danegeld year by year to keep Scotland in the union , until the English taxpayers finally rebel and realise they are being taken for idiots.
            Whatever the outcome of the referendum things can never be the same again ,Salmond has knowingly whipped up too much hatred and resentment amongst the scots for that .
            The only possible solution is setting up an English Parliament with fully devolved powers, but that is the one thing the British establishment fear the most , it would be packed to the rafters with UKIP members and real conservatives ,who would tell the EU commissars what to do with their green taxes , the arrest warrants ,their ridiculous health and safety regulations ,and their mass immigration.


          • Cinna says:

            Salmond is a charlatan, scoundrel and all round snake oil salesman.


          • proscribe Islam says:

            perhaps the English can have a referendum on independence ? It could be combined with an in / out question on the EU.


          • English Nationalist-I'm Bad, But Plaid And The SNP Aren't says:

            Don’t make me laugh. We’re the backbone of this Country yet receive the lowest funding/head of anyone (unless you live in London). This separation of funding levels is nothing short of appeasement. Fk Wales, Fk Scotland and Fk the EU.


  23. 47
    M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

    As most of us don’t really know what a Parliamentary Clerk does we don’t appreciate the enormous inadequacy for the position of the person who Bercow has picked. But it comes through loud and clear in the email. It is as if Bercow had picked a junior quantity surveyor to be Master of the Rolls.


  24. 49
    Silent Majority says:

    If these people can’t even run parliament properly how can they be trusted to run the NHS, army or collect taxes?


  25. 54
  26. 58
    Centre Parting says:

    If this woman had any decency she would withdraw from the process now.

    Doubt it though….


  27. 64
    HenryV says:

    Time he went. Over the last few decades those with leftist leanings have trampled on our Parliament. Perhaps we need somebody to trample on one more tradition and to stand against this egotistical self serving idiot in 2015? Even if the latter came second it would be a shot across Bercow’s bows.


  28. 68
    Jihad 'John' says:


  29. 71
    Anjem Choudhary says:

    Palestinian militants fired more than 150 rockets at Israel in the 24 hours after Hamas broke the ceasefire. Go Bengy Go.


  30. 79
    Anonymous says:


    Wonder what advice Hague got from his spad,now in the House of Lords


  31. 80
    nell. says:

    hmmm so this woman is renowned for using cctv to spy on whistleblowers and get rid of them before they can spill the beans – is that the gist of it?

    I can see that bercow, surrounded by an increasing number of enemies, would have a use for those particular skills.

    The fact that he’s going to appoint someone who’s not capable of doing the Clerk’s job will bother him not at all. He’s made it quite clear that he’s cares not a jot about Parliament – he’s only interested in himself.


  32. 82
    Genghiz the kahn says:

    Perhaps it is time to challenge Bercow to do the Ice Bucket Challenge.

    If George W Bush can do it, then so can Little John.


  33. 83
    Anonymous says:


  34. 84
    Anonymous says:

    “Damning Bercow Appointment Email”
    may represent be the last vestige of openness, that manifests in this big brother house. Better make the most of it, because:
    That recent close shave with a frackin’ report, highlights an urgent need for new powers to be passed by parliament. Such that in future all information, which might inadvertently fall into an otherwise ignorant population’s hands, should be encoded in Latin. A shortlist of suitable secondary hiding places for all forbidden knowledge, could include chained attachment to a lectern in the Lords. Or stuffing into the woolsack, beneath a sitting tenant.


  35. 85
    Jihad 'John' says:


  36. 94
    JJ says:

    It’s that time of year again folks, The Notting Hill Crimefest, an orgy of violence murder drug dealing and anti-white racist propaganda.
    Get yourself down there for some nose rubbing enrichment!


  37. 97
    Only saying says:

    EU rules against powerful vacuum cleaners ban ‘best’ models.

    Consumers warned to “act quickly” before top-rated powerful vacuum cleaners sell out forever

    Daily Telegraph


    • 136
      inside out says:

      We will all be living in caves soon,to save energy.Where do these people get these ideas from,imagine the cost in electricity, man hours,committees, to arrive at this madness.The EU is truly away with the fairies.


    • 198
      Spartacus says:

      Thanks for this – I will be buying one at the earliest

      Is there nothing this unelected bunch of punters will not impose upon us?


  38. 101

    Meanwhile I’ve successfully INCREASED THE DEFICIT BY 5.1% in 2014 year to date compared with 2015.

    I’m well on target to double the National Debt in this Parliament


    • 118
      Dipstick spotter says:

      He could have reduced it by simply cutting all the bennies overnight. Of course ignorant fuckwitted twats like you woul have screamed like stuck pigs if he had done so.

      Just stick to clearing the tables in McDonalds heh? You would be dangerous doing anything else


      • 132
        Casual Observer II says:

        So more and more debt is O.K. then is it? What about the rising interest payments?

        CoLibLabbers are ruining the country and stupid cnuts like you are supporting them. Fuck off you idiot.


        • 187
          Dipstick spotter says:

          Jeez the burger flipper joins in as well


          • Necrophiliac Dating Agency-Just Where Do They Dig These People Up From? says:

            So what are your recommendations to reduce the National Deficit and Debt? Do you not see it as being a threat the the UK? It presently stands at £1, 311, 893, 900,000.00. That’s quite a lot of burger’s at MackyD’s.


  39. 107
    Viperous Old Vince says:


  40. 112
    Big D says:

    Going back to the original subject Sqeaker Bercow.
    The email nails the man and what he’s up to .
    Its a open corruption of the parliamentary system .
    He must now be got rid of and immediately before Parliament is taken even further than it is already into disrepute.


    • 173
      Bill Quango MP says:

      One hopes.

      The good news is that most MPs, the cabinet and its shadow, the Squeaker, the Whitehall mandarins, all “never read that squalid two bit bedroom blog” are, in reality, glued to this page .

      The information provided will spark some ambitious Tory MP to send another letter to little john.

      And this affair slowly moves up the parliamentary debating agenda.

      Order-order is providing a public service, as well as a good kicking for our politicians.


  41. 113
    Meanwhile over at the Huff says:


    Ukip Manifesto Will Pledge To Abolish Income Tax For ‘Blue Collar’ Low Earners.


  42. 117
    Oi vey, my life says:

    There will be a stink when it comes out that the liberal regime sent aid, arms indirectly of course, trained the ISIS psychopaths. Courtesy of the finest foreign secretary ever employed by Catherine Ashtons EEAS.

    The SAS was sent in to train the rebels, arms like the latest most powerful British sniper rifles were sent to friendly Arab nations for delivery on to ISIS killers as well as food and medical supplies.

    The UK government has a lot to hide, they wont get involved in military operations against the killers they trained and armed because its likely ISIS will spill the beans.

    The UK now a major finance and indoctrination and recruiting hub for islamist terrorism, sharia law just round the corner, an entrenched Saudi funded mosque building program to stamp the mark of ownership on every city and town in the UK.

    Jews being intimidated and threatened and chased out of the UK and for every one that goes a thousand followers of the religion of peace comes in filled with hate and looking forward to turning our land into a replica of their old ones.

    Welcome to the liberal agenda.


  43. 119
    Ringsider says:

    How’s the Mensch / Danczuk ladies’ mud wrestling match progressing?


  44. 120
    Anjem Choudhary says:

    BBC Breakfast going on a Muslim charm offensive this morning. Utterly repugnant.


  45. 123

    How to ‘kill’ a tank with a grenade:

    i) Have a lot of balls
    ii) Get a grenade and a tank
    iii) Throw the grenade with pin removed down the barrel of the tank and wait.

    Vote UKIP :-D


  46. 126
    Bercow the Almighty says:

    Gooooooood Mooorrrning Buckinghaaaaaaaam.

    I don’t give a toss what my constinuents think of my £1300 day trip to Manchester.
    Fuck ‘em.


  47. 128

    The lunatics are running the asylum


  48. 131
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    Just over 1,400 same-sex marriages took place in the first three months of the new law, official figures have revealed.

    Of these, 56% were female couples and 44% were male.

    The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 was introduced in England and Wales on 29 March this year.

    Just rejoice at that news.


  49. 137
    Warsi Baroness says:

    Video shows hundreds of Yazidis converting to Islam to avoid ISIS execution

    Fucking hell !

    How many more Muslims do we want ?


  50. 138

    It is surely and simply constructive ambiguity, full of lofty sentiments.


  51. 140
    Inverness CT says:

    Bercow is a good man he does a lot of good work. only morons disagree with me.
    Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC for the league


  52. 141
    Not John the "Beatle" says:


  53. 144
    Inverness CT says:

    Kepp Scotland in the union. I do not want a war between Scotland and England. What if the English elected a Hitler in retaliation?


  54. 145
    How's that whole muzee communist thing working out? says:

    Morning rightie racists. So, about that whole Obama is a muslim terrorist who’ll turn the White House into a mosque, embrace Bin Laden, nuke Is*ael and give asylum to Iraqi and P*kistani terrorists, it makes you all look rather demented now that Bin Laden’s dead, the White House is still the White House, he just recently signed off on a $30 billion arms deal with Is*rael, drone strikes on P*kistan have continued and US forces are carrying out strikes on IS loons in Iraq.

    Oh, wait, I know. You’re going to say he’ll change the Pentagon into a crescent moon shaped mosque, embrace Anjem Choudhry, abolish corporations and ban Christianity. Sorry, my mistake. As you were.


  55. 155
    Persona Non Grata says:


  56. 158
    Calm down mozzies says:

    Three more commanders done in.

    Iz 3 Mozz 0


  57. 159
    The sage of Lagos says:


  58. 172
    proscribe Islam says:

    If I could just point out that the ability of Cameron and the other lying, cowardly, traitorous bastards to sleep soundly in their beds is ultimately guaranteed by HM armed forces and that it may occur that there will be no warriors to ensure this guarantee if the country is deemed not worth dying for.


  59. 182
    Anonymous says:

    Nicked from The Guardian.


  60. 216
    AJC says:

    . . . (Some Australian parliamentary history deleted) . . .

    What clot decided to do this? This isn’t the dead-tree press!


  61. 217
    Skinny Malinky Long Legs says:

    Skinny Malinky long legs,
    Big banana feet,
    Took herself to the pictures,
    couldn’t find a seat.
    When the picture started, Skinny Malinky farted.
    Skinny Malink long legs, big banana feet…

    What? Sorry, meant to say all Labour people, Mozzers and religious nuts are cutns.
    ISIS Iraq? SAS double tap in the forehead. I’m too old but I’d do it.

    I will vote UKIP but pretty sure Nige is as big a twat as the rest


  62. 218
    Skinny Malinky Long Legs says:



  63. 219
    Skinny Malinky Long Legs says:

    Alex Saruman rogers goats


  64. 221
    Anonymous says:

    Even the Speaker is NOT up to his job….


  65. 223
    Sparafucile says:

    Never trust a short man, especially one whose ego dwarfs any sense of loyalty. The way he was chosen was a joke – one party getting at another by feigning support. Both he and his wife have steadily eroded any dignity the Speaker used to have. He’s now a laughing stock – and he’s trying to make joke appointments. Can’t someone, somewhere get a grip?


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