August 20th, 2014

WATCH: Austin Mitchell Sticking to His Sexist Guns


  1. 1
    F##k the LibLabCon says:

    Oh right, so people who trap their partners in a cycle of emotional or psychological cruelty and abuse would be prosecuted and jailed under tough new laws proposed by ministers.

    That’s half of all women fucked then!

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      Voodoo Ray says:

      sexism is alive and well in your comments section, as well as parliament.


    • 8
      I could Scream at the stupidity of Westminster says:

      This has to be the most ridiculous law ever. It’s what happens when you get women Parliamentarians.

      Two obvious flaws. the State will enter the home and privacy no longer exist. Lawyers will use it as a tool to exploit men.


      • 111

        Not law now, not ever. If this has any basis, it is because there is no significant legal aid for the civil courts with which to take out the appropriate injunctive remedies for a physically assaulted wife/resident partner. (Presumably, it will also include those of a homosexual relationship). There aren’t enough Police in the whole of the UK that could police any given County on any given night
        At the moment, the Police MUST attend “domestics” in priority to any other matter. Thus a couple of murder victims strewn about the High Street don’t get investigated if Mrs Bloggs rings up and makes a drunken complaint about Mr B, they got to go. Now, given that this is going to have to be a priority call out despite it being non-violent, can you imagine the affect this would have on policing levels at any given time? Take Leeds. On a typical Saturday night there are (or were, there might be less now) 2 Sergeants and 6 Pcs for the whole inner City. Stir in a couple of drunk chavs. At least, it will keep the Mags busy. Shame that Criminal Legal Aid is being heavily cut, as will be the number of accredited Practitioners to attend Police Stations. And what is going to be the process of deciding whether there is sufficient evidence, social need, merits etc for the CPS to decide upon charging the alleged abusive partner?
        Just another unfuckingbelievable news item for today. Even Marilyn Stowe thought it was not awfully practical.


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      Stella the hectoring Woman says:

      Err Geedo. That is Stella Creasy sticking to HER sexist guns.


  2. 3
    Dwayne Adeboglu says:

    A useless MP who spent more time in the bars and chatting to Adam Boulton than anything else productive. Hopefully his retirement from Westminster marks the complete end of his public life and that Ed Moribund doesn’t make a “Lord”.


  3. 4
    Abbott On side says:


  4. 9
    Dhimmi Dave Bumsex says:

    I will be espousing more Liberal values, inviting more people from turd world countries and giving more money to the EU and bumsex of course.

    I’ll be out next May, but I don’t care, because I’ll have had my term in office and greased my way up the pole, I’ll be minted, just like my mate Bliar.


  5. 12
    Britain now exporting mass murderers to the world whilst importing them here too says:

    Can we find out the identity of the muzee from the UK who beheaded a journalist and either deport his family to Kraplakistan or bomb the fuckers back to the stone age. Oh wait, they’re already in the stone age. Just waterboard them to death.


  6. 14
    Psychotic, champagne socialist, pedophile, necrophiliac, violent, BBC light entertainment star/DJ says:

    Marxist Milliband will have a majority of 80+ seats next May

    The professional benefits scroungers, public sector malingerers, immigrants who cant speak English, the BBC propagandists, UKIP, and of course the scotchers, are now unstoppable in their push to install Labour as England’s rulers.

    There will never be a Tory majority in Westminster again, no matter how economically destructive Labour is, nor how many immigrants they let in


    • 24

      Interesting that Cameron is back from Cornwall – maybe, just maybe, he’s woken up to the fact that something will have to be done re the returning ‘British’ moo slims. That’s what this is really about. The Foley beheading has brought it home. Squeaky bum time for the powers that be methinks


      • 27
        Jed Thomas says:



      • 110
        Anonymous says:

        Yes, he said he’s going to take their passports of them when they come back…


        • 113

          Erm, can I just check this. It is a serious criminal offence for a Muslim ( for the sake of discussion) to go to Syria and fight for the Muslims fighting Assad, even though Obama is arming and training them. This is The lot that have gone Tonto and are now redrawing Northern Iraq. This is on account of once they’ve tasted blood they could come back and errrr.
          However, if other Muslims of a Kurdish inclination want to go over, bumsex will use his influence, diplomatic powers and ensure that there are arms for them to fight for the Kurds and pre-Muslim sects, Syrian refugees and everybody else swilling about in that bit of the World. AND they are welcome back; probably get stress counsellors thrown in, medals. No problem with killing other folks, perfectly normal people doing their bit for Society. Of course, if they are captured, the FCO are going to be up to their ballocks in the rest of the inhabitants of Bradford -and Galloway – demanding that we send in the Army (!) to get them out. No risk of “Boots on the ground” yeah right. Perhaps the old aphorism can be changed a little…”if you want a job doing in a far-off land, fighting for people you know fuck all about against other people that you know even less about, then you need Obama to send in the B.29s”


    • 25
      Peter Pervert says:

      Agreed. Toffs are toxic.

      You select aristoliberals, you get no support.

      Even the party activists now hate Cam & his old boy network.

      The next leader will not be Gideon or Boris.

      I am happy to sacrifice the next five years to Ed the weirdo, so we can regain the Tory party from the aberration that is Box Set Dave and his fellow dilettantes.


    • 33
      Dhimmi Dave Bumsex says:

      There isn’t a Tory majority now, Dave is a Liberal.

      The vote UKIP, risk getting Red instead of Blue, doesn’t work any more, because they are one of the same.

      It is dolts like you who keep voting Tory and wonder why we keep ending up with a spaz PM, that are the problem.


    • 65
      bergen says:

      I think it likely that Labour will be the largest party and I agree that we are unlikely to see a majority Tory government (as we have known them) ever again. One day there will be other governments but don’t know what they will be.


      • 114

        The Tory Reform Group deliberately allowed the imbalance in the parity of Constituencies to build in favour of Labour precisely to create the present situation of an unrepresentative administration to wreak havoc socially. That Clegg “refused” to play ball with the Boundary Commission to bring the 38 or so seat imbalance to an end (from Major’s time!) was part of the script. The TRG and Liberals are simply toughing it out well aware that whichever of the two main historical parties is the largest, the Liberals will (if still able to be called a Party) be a willing “other” in the great Westminster fraud machine.


    • 79
      B Fair says:

      I think you’re right. The Conservative Party will split. Some will go to the Lib Dems others will go to UKIP and there will be an unelectable rump left…a bit like the National Liberals.


  7. 22

    Vote UKIP :-D


  8. 29
    Louise Minge says:

    Why is Louise Mensch trying to sell me medical insurance on this webpage???


  9. 30
    Nero says:

    The only thing stuck to Mitchell’s ‘gun’ is his inner thigh.


  10. 38

    Rai has also stated that he is willing to speak with H’ezbollah leaders about the IS threat.

    Elsewhere, U’ruguay has sent a delegation to select 120 refugee’s from Syr!a to come to U’ruguay.

    Vote UKIP :-D


  11. 40
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    Owen Jones does the Ice Bucket Challenge, nominates Baroness Warsi.


  12. 44
    Tony McRush says:

    Aberdeen FC are the best.


  13. 46
    Tony McRush says:

    Aberdeen to win the league.


  14. 48
    Tony McRush says:

    Support Aberdeen for a better World. Aberdeen FC the best damn club on the planet. .


  15. 50
    MacGuffin says:

    I. Cannot. Stand. Stella Creasy.


  16. 52

    My uncle used to drive an Austin Mitchell. It was noisy and unreliable, and expensive to maintain, but it had a certain honest, British, sweaty-bloke-with-oily-hands vibe to it.


  17. 58

    Vote UKIP :-D


  18. 64
  19. 69

    Russia more specific about who it thinks will default first:

    Vote UKIP :-D


  20. 73

    Stella Greasy is unusual for a lefty dyke. She has nice legs and a nice rack. But still fucking stupid.


  21. 74
    Mr Sainsbury says:

    Take the Kosher food off the super market shelves. That will have the Islamists quaking in their boots.


  22. 84

    So the hero is a Londoner according to Al Sky.

    I must anoint this family, promote, say to Borough Treasurer at the very least.

    Perhaps, head (snigger) of the recount.



  23. 85
  24. 89
    Theresa May says:

    I am consulting on a new criminal offence of passing the port to the right.

    For too long, British etiquette has suffered from a ratcheted decline in table manners.

    Over the next ten weeks we would also like your opinion on knife licking, using a knife to open bread rolls, using the word ‘serviette’ instead of ‘napkin’, and placing melon spoons down the wrong way.

    Despite requests, we have modified the terms of reference, and we will not be consulting on British citizens placing severed heads down on the floor instead of the table.


  25. 91
    Anonymous says:


  26. 99

    How does Lord Fatty’s let off equate to Government anti male proposals?

    An oxymoron.


  27. 100
    Dianne Abbot Nandos fan says:

    Nandos is obviously owned by a middle aged white male
    No watermelon or ricnpeasto go wid me wheelbarrow of fried chikin blud


    • 108
      Jack Ketch says:

      Nando’s is owned by a White South African of my acquaintance. In SA it is very, very rare to see a previously disadvantaged type in a Nando’s. They don’t like the spice or the price. They chow Kentucky, Mr Rooster or anything in your fridge once they have broken in.


  28. 101
    Alan Douglas says:

    If 20 or 33 % of women in a room are anything like this harridan, then yes, they would seem like equal or excess in number, over-talking, shouting, even screeching to cut down Austin’s statements and viewpoint.


  29. 102
    Rupert says:

    Never understand why the Labour party keeps wanting more women. With the likes of Balls and Vaz, Tristram Fairy Chukka Whatshisname and the like haven’t they got enough cu’nts already


  30. 118
    Eeh up lad says:

    Does that woman ever shut her clatter? And why did the BBC allow her to take over the interview? She is the most boring woman ever – yet Newsnight love having her harp on and on and on and on and on and on and on. Was this meant to be an impartial interview and if not – Kirsty Wark ought to be sacked.


  31. 119
    Anonymous says:

    “Austin Mitchell Sticking to His Sexist Guns”
    If cowgirls stop talking long enough, to let him draw them from their holsters?


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