August 20th, 2014

Twitter Bitch Fight: Mann v MacShame

This could get interesting…


  1. 1
    Denis MacShameless says:

    I’m hoping to appear in CBB next.



    • 2
      Joss Taskin says:

      Can’t we get him on ‘I’m a Celebrity’ and locate the programme in the islamic state ?


      • 15
        My vote went to the Tory Party but all it got me was this stupid moniker. says:



        • 17
          Loofah Ratman says:

          Close. Tower Scamlets.


          • Denis McCuunt says:

            Quelle Surprise


          • My vote went to the Tory Party but all it got me was this stupid moniker. says:

            That (or Bradford) was going to be my second choice. I’ve just read the story in today’s Times about the mayoral election – a true 3rd-world crap-hole slap bang in the middle of our capital city. Super.


          • HasbaraSpotter says:

            A whole infestation of hatemongering Hasbara-tards in full flow, dandy.


          • Red Ken Lyingscum says:

            Celebrate the rich, multicultural diversity !


          • HasbaraSpotter says:

            BEWARE !
            This comments section is totally infested with hatemongering,
            Israel Firster Hasbara Cockroaches!


          • Mussie Head Hunter says:


            I agree all this hate and what for ?

            When I did the beheading it was purely for marketing and shits & giggles. At no time did I feel any hatred brother. I take it you are a brother? *draws sword*


      • 73

        May not be a good idea.

        He’ll just find a way to expense the d’himmi and chill in the sun.

        Would be better to send him back to jail in order that he serve the sentence he should have received.

        Vote UKIP :-D


    • 28
      Uno Itztru says:

      Denis Matyjaszek is his real name.
      His mother was Irish and his father Polish.

      He is as “British” as those nutjob jihadis in ISIS who are so fond of beheading whitey.


    • 96

      6 months custodial reduced to six weeks ….

      I ll have some of that if they ever put me away . Gets me out from under
      the wife s feet for a bit. .

      Virtually worth doing the crime for.

      BTW — We have all noted Max is looking well after his several weeks inside on the occasion of his first prison leave on the sad passing of his brother.

      Wonder if he really is “banged up”” or allowed to wander in some open facility near a Surrey golf course….


  2. 3
    Hypocrisy says:

    Bloke on Sky News just asked Phillip Hammond why the British government is supplying ISIS in Syria with non lethal aid but arresting people who fight alongside ISIS. Hammond answered a totally different question.


    • 4
      Mehdi Hasan says:

      If a British Jihadist killed James Foley, then remember that another UK Jihadist killed US journalist Daniel Pearl in 2002. HMG asleep.

      Hang the bastards


    • 8
      Hypocrisy says:

      The fighter pilot who makes a career of being shot down in the first gulf war also asked him why the British government is arresting Moslems who go out to fight but not Kurds. Yet again Hammond did not answer.

      Britain clearly does not have a joined up foreign policy


    • 53
      RomaBert... says:

      We do have a commitment to give away £22b, so someone, indeed anyone, who asks will be given a generous handout :)


  3. 5
    Handycock ( Teen Fondler) says:

    We are all innocent. The media is on a witch hunt against hard working MP’s like me and Denis. Lord Rennard was found innocent and is back in the Liberal Democrat Party; I also will be rehabilitated soon. Boaz.


  4. 6
    Joe 'Sharia compliant' Public says:

    We will hang and behead that Dhimmi Dave next, inshallah.


  5. 7
    Anonymous says:

    Does anyone actually care what these twerps think or say? Apart from the gross waste of public money their pay and expenses represent, they should be ignored,


    • 52
      Taxfodder says:

      Its its more about bending the facts to suit their argument and thereby leading opinion, the agenda they set needs to be challenged, the content pretty much utter bollocks to confuse and confound the unwary.

      Trust your instincts and follow the lust for money and power, its not what they say or even how they say it…its whats “not” said on any given subject thats where the motives are and thereby the truth lay.


  6. 9
    Chief cockroach says:

    You can’t catch me!


  7. 10
    Andrew Efiong says:

    Dennis MacShane has been flushed out as a greedy and crooked man. Now he’s on the run and lashing out at society because he got caught stealing.

    He stoops so low perhaps he could find work as a limbo dancer for the Cirque de Soleil.


    • 100

      McShane also said in an earlier BBC outing words to the effect:

      For Christmas s Day we were told we could have the choice of half a chicken so I ordered half a chicken but because I wasn t one of the cook s inner circle I ended up with some lukewarm chipolatas or some such and was told the half chicken portions had all gone .


      Half a freaking chicken !!! I don t think even Brian Blessed could devour that at one sitting !!

      What do they get for Easter — a whole roast Dove ??!!


  8. 11
    Nero says:

    Impale him.


  9. 13
    Oi vey, my life says:

    The liberal regime has been supporting islamist terrorists in Syria for years, they gave aid and support to ISIS and are partly responsible for every innocent civilian butchered by ISIS. Cameron is petrified that the truth will emerge, he approved sending aid to the savages now rampaging through the region, he is partly responsible for every death.


    • 31
      you were warned says:

      The BBC and British media were compliant in presenting Assad
      as a brutal dictator and the Islamists as cuddly freedom fighters.
      Apart from the gullible lefty trolls who peddle their predictable
      nonsense,regulars on this site knew it was total bollocks.


    • 42
      Sun Tsu says:

      Never give a moz a weapon
      they will use it on you eventually


    • 102


      we are reduced to the obscenity the repugnance of having to spend money on ordnance , trained local armed forces, tanks , bombs , drones etc to try to obliterate the selfsame money , ordnance ,trained local armed forces , tanks , bombs, drones etc , that we sent five years ago to establish an overseas regime which has now become our vicious enemy !!

      ( only he didn t say exactly that but similar to Derek Hatton/Tribune about council officers going round Liverpool in taxis delivering redundancy cheques to people they had earlier employed — but gist is the same )


  10. 14
    Sarah Teether says:

    Cue mass exodus of women Councillors, members and activists from the LibDem party to protest their disgust. Hold on: if you’re a woman and a LiDem you won’t be at all surprised.


  11. 16
    The Critic says:

    Politicians are insane – when their crimes are discovered,they seem to believe it’s all a conspiracy theory and they are innocent.

    Clearly McShane did not get rehabilitated during his time inside; he’s now trying to cash in on the experience and seems to be in total denial. When all is said and done he’s nothing more than a common thief. We are the victims,not him.

    This ahs been going on for a long time. . I can remember John Stonehouse(Labour MP -faked own death,Privy Councillor and Czech spy) writing books about his disappearance and doing the TV/radio interview circuit in the 70s.


  12. 18

    Anyone wouls think that our Den had suffered ten years in the galleys, instead of a few weeks in a cheap hotel.


    • 77
      The Growler says:

      Your Den, your Den. Have you two got something going on or something. Talking about galleys you would have held the whip wouldn’t you.


      • 105

        What s happened to Dirty Den these days ?

        Was he not accused of homicide towards a taxi driver in Germany in his early years ?

        Eminent qualification for a starring role in Eastenders obviously …


  13. 19
    still walking into darkness says:

    Am I the only person who saw Harriet on news night. I think when the bbc turn on a labour mp you should realise the game is up love. Why is miliband keeping her?


  14. 21
    ████ 'changed my tune ' Hoon says:

    I do hope he hasn’t caught my crabs.


  15. 24
    Mr Speaker's Stilts says:

    Is MacShame still going home to his Mummy?


  16. 25
    Rupert says:

    Poor old Dennis. Now he has hooked up with the old tart Vicky Pryce he will be serving a life sentence of hard labour and domination sad old bastard


    • 58
      RomaBert... says:

      The BBC love Vicky Pryce, I do not quite know why.


      • 90
        Rupert says:

        A lot of BBC guys are into S&M as well, and Dennis being an ex Labour guy just got brainwashed into the Nancy boy feminists and dykes brainwashing with dreams of being led round by a dog lead in a gimp suit by that Harman shiela. Now Pryce holds the whip to the wimps arse


  17. 29
    MacShame says:

    Only extensive plastic surgery and a deed poll name change can save Dennis MacShane from humiliation and shame for the rest of his life.


    • 34
      ████ 'changed my tune ' Hoon says:

      He could become a Liberal Democrat.

      Selective amnesia comes with the territory.


    • 48
      Harbottle says:

      He’s already changed his name once-are you allowed to do it again? As for plastic surgery, you can change the features but not the underlying look of a thieving scumbag.


    • 107

      He could change his name to IAN McShane and resurrect the “Lovejoy ” franchise on BBC as an elder greying version of the antiques dealing Lothario….

      (Vicky could play the aristocratic love interest)


  18. 32
    Lard Everard - Giant Cockroach says:


  19. 36
    License payer says:

    Radio 4 so far this morning….Yvette Cooper followed by Roy Hattersley. Party political broadcasts paid by us.


  20. 40
    The Terraces says:

    When a M’uslim kills a M’uslim I rejoice

    When a M’uslim klls a M’uslim I rejoice

    Sing along


  21. 43
    nell. says:

    There is nothing interesting about this odious man. He should not be given the oxygen of publicity. Even oblivion is too good for him.


  22. 44
    Lions led by Donkeys, theyr'e fucking MORONS says:


    • 59
      My vote went to the Tory Party but all it got me was this stupid moniker. says:

      I’d like to know when Cameron’s going to pop over to Saudi Arabia and complain they’ve got too many olive-coloured Muslim faces.

      And didn’t he say he wanted to export gay marriage? He could try that, too, while he’s over there.


    • 109

      I must say I quite like the background music .
      I could fall into a deep sleep listening to that …… but in that comatose state I would probably be buried alive !


  23. 51
    Lord Rennard says:



  24. 56
    • 61
      RomaBert... says:

      I can recommend the the lamb, the chicken is a bit chewy :)


    • 65
      The British media are cunts says:

      ISIS again!


      • 71
        ShlomoWatcher says:

        Or maybe you, Shlomo?


        • 84
          Cpl Hicks says:

          Are you a child or a goat bummer? Either way you’re a dull cun’t.

          I could give 2 shits about I’srael before but since you shlomo, hasbro cola bottle whining bitc’hes turned up on here I’m now a full blown supporter of the IDF. So well done fuktard. Go and tell your handlers how you’ve managed to convert another person against you and your cause. Bunch of utter fcuking retards.


    • 76

      If there were Ch!nese restaurants nearby could get the rac!st bit – but not !ndian.

      There is at least one very disturbed individual who doesn’t like cats in M’anchester.

      Vote UKIP :-D


  25. 66
    The Growler says:

    It’s like that old song, “I wish I could get on with my nieghbour” neighbour being fellow politicos in the same party, it has all the signs of being a glorious bitch fight, I wonder if there will be any tickets?


  26. 74
    Postal Votes are Labour Loo Paper says:

    McCrook is a convicted criminal so why are we listening to the shit he spouts from his lying orifices?


  27. 85
    Anonymous says:

    “This could get interesting…”
    enough to serve as a diversion from registering this?:
    Reportedly a (presumably paid for by the people) commissioned report on the rationality/irrationality of drilling Britain full of boreholes, has been redacted to death. Would it be fair to characterise those irresistible for said undemocratic act, as no better than a bunch of Fack-oil salesmen? Still it’s probably for the best. Since no Ponzi-scheme prospectus makes good reading. Particularly in a place where some Carney style Carnival has a permanent invitation to stay in town. Complete with its crowd-distracting sideshows. Where stupefying sights such as political dogma trying to wag its bank’s financial tale, can be daily viewed. Together with colossal Corinthian columns of figures, that produce a veritable cornucopia of different totals. Depending on the agenda of whoever happens to be totaling them up.


  28. 89
  29. 91
    geekparent says:

    Oh please. Just posted this to WatO contact page:
    Look, this is a general comment not just about you giving Denis MacShame air time on WatO. Please can you keep these disgraced and shamed politicians off the air? You should not be giving them the exposure they so crave, as the “look at me, it’s all about me” people they are.

    Same thing with Jacqui Smith, No sooner has she been dumped by the electorate not least because of her husband’s questionable expenses claims, she is on R5 doing a documentary on…. the porn industry.

    FFS we just want these people to go away. MacShame is a convicted fraudster. Prison isn’t supposed to be a holiday camp. Too bad. You were tried in court, that was your moment. Now get lost.

    Please stop giving these people their Damascus moment. I don’t want to hear from them.


  30. 92
    Manon_des_Source says:

    As far as I recall the vast majority of the MP’s were at it, some managed to pay back and issue an account of ‘misunderstanding’ and apologize for that. The ones that were prosecuted were almost the scapegoats for the rest. I would like to find a list of the MP’s that did not have to pay back. What percentage of the total would be informative.


    • 93
      Manon_des_Source says:

      As far as I recall the vast majority of the MP’s were at it, some managed to pay back and issue an account of ‘misunderstanding’ and apologize for that. The ones that were prosecuted were almost the scapegoats for the rest. I would like to find a list of the MP’s that did not have to pay back. What percentage of the total would be informative. And if there are any on the front benches.


      • 95
        Middle-aged full-time-working renter says:

        The biggest thieves were the home-flippers and no-capital-gains property profiteers (it also stinks that they could fix the market with policies to push up house prices).
        Plus all those £400 per month additional grocery bills.

        None of the above were seen as crimes as the criminals were the ones making the rules.


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