August 20th, 2014

Scowling Dave Arrives Back at Downing Street


  1. 1


    G’ermany announcing it is going to arm the K’urds and accusing Qatar of financing IS may have something to do with that face.

    In the mean time – some interesting reading on Turkish Foreign Policy:

    Interview: h**p://


    Vote UKIP :-D


  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    In office but not in control?


  3. 3
    The rel1gion of peace says:

    Allahhhhh Akbaaaarrrrr
    Brother Cameron

    Vote ISIS
    Vote Often
    Vote Lib Lab Con


  4. 4
    The Anglo Saxon says:

    I’d be scowling if I had just issued a shoot to kill order.


  5. 6
    Dhimmi Dave Bumsex says:

    Where’s my fish?


  6. 9
    Bang Him Up says:


    Baroness Warsi declined to comment.


    • 30
      stop this anti-semitism says:

      Choudary,Galloway and Shabana Mahmood
      have all undoubtedly incited racial hatred over
      recent weeks.
      Their behaviour cannot go unpunished or
      tensions will explode into violence.


  7. 10
    Mufti squad says:

    Couldn’t even put a tie on. Must be going to dinner with Her Majesty afterwards.


  8. 11
    Peter Martin says:

    Maybe he’s been told to pop one of them there interestingly conjured-up ‘moderate jihadists’ in cabinet in a show of good faith to stop anyone kicking off…. again… a bit more… as all this tokenism over ability lark is really paying dividends in the polls with the new core voter bloc.

    Trouble is they may not quite, yet, be the only group or even majority any restricted to watching the BBC may by now believe.


  9. 13
    Anonymous says:

    Poor old Dave, nevermind come next May he can have as many holidays as he likes…..


    • 18
      ZioPikey says:

      I dont understand that prat

      Next May he will be released from his duties as PM….why he fuck does he need another holiday??
      Why cant he pretend to be working all hours to get the country moving??

      An out of touch prick


      • 36
        The buck stops here or er possibly over there says:

        I have been tremendously impressed by Ed Miliband’s comments on this issue…er is in on “retreat” in a monastery somewhere and taken a vow of silence ?

        I bet he’s cacking himself with the thought that in less than 9 months time it could be him having to deal with this much much more difficult than criticising from the Opposition benches of course


  10. 14
    ZioPikey says:

    An example of the lazy filth who infest the public sector

    Im currently looking at two lazy slags, both dressed in black, who have been stood outside the rear of the Gosport jobcentre, or whatever shit name it’s got now for 15 minutes during a fag break.

    Unusually for public sector filth neither was obese though, in fact both were trim


    • 125
      Violent Asquith says:

      The public sector attitude now is, “We pretend to pay them and they pretend to work”.


  11. 16
    DAVE (Bum Sex for Me) Cameron says:

    It’s all to late i’m afraid , there are already thousands if not tens of thousands of these people already living here in Britain
    How can the Government say that Immigrants who come into this country smuggled in the back of lorries are not a threat to this country?
    they can’t even tell us just how many have made it here under Bliar or under Camermong
    If you were a terrorist , are you going to fly in to a country whch is your intended target , or sneak indisguised as an assylum seeker ?

    There have been 50 potential terrorists discovered in the last week , what is the ratio of people caught to people who get through ?
    These people destroy their papers , making it virtually impossible to send them back or deport themto anywhere
    It’s noly a matter of time before they start to attack us from within
    and with our pathetic legal system and our laws preventing us owning weapons
    we are in for a blood bath on our own soil


    • 24
      Socialism Ate My Future says:

      No not at all, it’s only “moderate jihadis” you have to worry about. The middle eastern moon god is all loving and all peaceful.

      Remember those thousands of anti Isis protesters in London and the “peace loving” majority taking to the streets……


    • 26
      nell. says:

      Not a very balanced or common sense point of view. Firstly the 37 illegal im imigrants found earlier in the week are S i k h s – not exactly renowned for terr orism activities in the U K. Secondly 7 of their members were children as young as 1, don’t think they are going to cause any bother.


      • 37
        Anonymous says:

        Think they may cause a bit of bother to people in this country who already are taxed to the max….


        • 74
          Anonymous says:

          S i k h s – not yet renowned for terr orism activities in the U K.

          There fixed it for you


          • The Big Clunge da na ner da na ner says:

            Except they have … tried to hack off some Indian generals head not that long ago. And before anyone says it’s not terrorism, it fucking well is.


      • 38
        hang about.. says:

        They’re still illegal immigrants who attempted to evade
        our border controls.
        If they’re allowed to stay,it’s a green light for every
        illegal worldwide to smuggle themselves in undetected,
        knowing the more arduous and dangerous the crossing,
        the greater likelihood they’ll receive medical treatment
        and citizenship.


      • 39
        I Roger Boys MP says:

        You only have their word for it who or what they are / are not !
        Using children as suicide bombers is not beyond their remit Nell


      • 49

        Room at yours is there?

        Taking this country for mugs. Fuck off with them.


      • 52

        The S’ikhs could perhaps be more of a problem for the local muzbots – if they try any of their usual on them. Fresh off the boat from A’fghanistan after being locked in a metal box with a corpse – definitely could be grumpy if the grooming gangs target their surviving young ladies.

        S’ikhs are good and disciplined warrior caste – don’t be under any mis-apprehensions there.

        Most of the terrorists will be the home grown born and bred badly educated under Labour and now economically marginalized losers who are finding even running underaged hookers and coke isn’t enough to keep them in X-Boxes.

        That’s where the real problem is at.

        Vote UKIP :-D


        • 86
          don't forget says:

          None of them have any right to be in our country,
          Every time another illegal sneaks in through the back
          door, a few thousand more votes for UKIP.


  12. 19
    nell. says:

    Of course the real truth is cameron has had to come back from his hols because, cleggie, whom he had left in charge, is not up to the job.


  13. 22
    I Roger Boys MP says:

    How long now before our troops are told not to wear their uniforms in public ?


    • 32
      The British media are cunts says:

      Nothing new there. During the 1980’s we were not allowed to wear uniform in public thanks to the Tories other mates, the Oirish. People forget all the servicemen murdered by the Oirish.

      It’s why I don’t buy anything made in Oirlund.


      • 42
        Mustn't upset the locals says:

        Never ever forget that in January 2008 that troops returning from active service in Afghanistan were forced to change clothing on a freezing runway at Birmingham International Airport in case the sight of them moving through arrivals caused “upset” to the local “brothers”

        Liked by 1 person

      • 44
        don't forget says:

        Lee Rigby wasn’t wearing his uniform when he was
        hacked to death on our streets by an Islamic nutjob.


        • 102
          The Big Clunge da na ner da na ner says:

          He had his army bag with him though and that identified him as a squaddie.


        • 117
          FFS says:

          None of the civilians killed by the British Military in their own countries were wearing uniforms either, you Hypocrite.


  14. 23
    Gary says:

    Perhaps his holiday was more stressful than being at work. He looks like a man on the edge. A man who has slipped off a Cliff, just in time!


  15. 27
    Comforter toy watch says:

    What’s the pink thing in Dave’s right hand?


  16. 28
    The British media are cunts says:

    Perhaps Dhimmi Dave isn’t happy that the ‘enrichers’ that have made his fat Roy cuunt mates rich are turning on us?


  17. 29
    Dwayne Adeboglu says:

    The weight of office is visible under the shirt.

    What a porker!


  18. 34
    I Roger Boys MP says:

    What Dave should be discussing today

    1 Scrap the European Human Shites bill stick with the old one we already had
    2 an immediate reintroduction of the death penalty for terrorist related offences
    3 the re instating of dictators in all those affected countries
    (these people need a brutal dictator to oppress them as they dont do democracy )
    4 Apologise to Assad and start to arm him
    start talks with other muslim powers regarding taking control of these countries and asking them to do the fighting , as it seem if the west kill a muslim they are outraged , but if muslims slaughter tens of thousands of muslims , well then that is tickety boo


    • 48
      It's me 'uman rights innit ? says:

      The legislation is already on the statute books i.e. Terrorism Act 2000 specifically sections 11, 54, 63B and Section 123 allowing extension of powers in an emergency situation by the Secretary of State i.e. Home Secretary subject to ratification by parliament within 40 days of the order being made…only problem is that the LibDems and the liberal softies in the media such as BBC that won’t stand for it and “Dave” for all his sound bites doesn’t want to upset them with an election coming up.


    • 69
      • 80
        boredhousehusband says:

        It’s a great idea – and shows, yet again, that we always have a Law in the box to cover every eventuality – BUT it somewhat messes with the way in which any of our ex-servicemen and women are now earning very good money on the PMC Circuit.

        Technically, these ISit fighters are the same (on paper) as our Mercenaries…

        Sticky wicket


  19. 35
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    They probably don’t realize it but their lives are controlled by the media, he had to rush back from his latest dead fish spotting expedition in Portugal because of an American journalist that got his head brutally sawn off by somebody that could be living in the next street to you.


  20. 40
    Fishy says:

    Of course if Dave had arrived back, beaming from ear to ear he’d have been criticised for his insensitivity.


  21. 41
    HenryV says:

    There appears to be two schools of thought. Either the new Iraqi PM will cause support for IS to fracture or we are on for Gulf War 3. Our politicians have to realise if they go for the military option it cannot be half hearted politically correct effort you need clear aims and to stand out of the military’s way. If you don’t you end up in the situation we find ourselves in today requiring more treasure and more British lives.


    • 67
      I Roger Boys MP says:

      We haven’tgot the forces / equipment , or even the will to do it all again
      Then spend billions training , arming the Iraqies only for them to run off and leave all their weapons for the terrorists
      If we did go again , we would have to stay
      “The Empire strikes back”


      • 88
        a voter says:

        I don’t want a single British soldier to lose
        their lives in yet another sandy shithole to
        appease warmongering politicians who don’t
        have the sense they were born with.


  22. 43
    Genghiz the kahn says:

    Inaction Man.

    Runs backwards, runs a tank with 5 reverse gears, comes complete with SA80 and white flag.


  23. 47
    Carpet bomb ISIS urgently says:

    I feel so much better now Dave is at the wheel.


    • 54
      Blue Peter Goldfish says:

      Oh no! not another f88ing car crash.


    • 91
      The Growler says:

      Are sure, really sure?
      Sub Lt. Dave: Ur left hand down a bit
      Fawkesy: Shouldn’t that be Right hand down a bit?
      Sub Lt Dave: Lummy who’s navigation officer?
      Fawkesy: You sir, left hand down a bit sir it is.
      Sub Lt Dave: steady as you go
      Fawksey: That’s the harbour wall coming towards us, everybody down
      Sound of pier and ship colliding
      Sub Lt Dave: Oh, lummy!!!


  24. 56

    Qat’ar eh?

    Home of Ham’as and now ISHT. Any shiny buildings worth a target?


  25. 62
    ready to eat your words yet Dave? says:


    • 71
      Anonymous says:

      I’m sorry to say that I voted for him but never again….He is as weak as piss….


    • 108
      Cameron's only fit for sucking off a shitstabber says:

      Eat his words? Looks like the fat fucker has already eaten everything else.


  26. 63
    Australian rules. No Poofters says:

    Why has Dave got a pink suitcase, is he a poof?


  27. 68
    I Roger Boys MP says:

    Also remember the last time we sent our boy to kill musims , when they returned the government spent the next ten years trying to prosecute them for doing it


  28. 70
    I Roger Boys MP says:

    I have so much confidence in Dave to handle this crisis , that i’m going outside now to cut my own fucking head off to save the muzzies the trouble


    • 79
      Stating the bleedin obvious says:

      It’s not a crisis, the C*NTS have declared war! When are people going to wake up FFS.



  29. 77
    I Roger Boys MP says:

    Jerusalem is lost !

    Very on topic LoL


  30. 89
    Anonymous says:

    Thank god he’s back. This Isis malarkey will be wrapped up in no time.


  31. 95
    Big D says:

    What is the point of his return pray ?
    He said ” no boots on the ground ” well the thugs in IS must have cheered when they got that news and that dumbo Obama was telling new army recruits last week that they ” will be the first American soldiers in years not to be going to fight in Afghanistan “.
    If you are too afraid to take on the enemy then why bother to have a military capability ( slashed as it has been by you )
    What a pair of useless brainless plonklers we have running the show .
    We should be in there already with the SAS ( the army may have already done that themselves ) seeking out specifically all those ” British ” animals who are out there chopping off heads etc making sure they never come back to Britain .
    We need to be out there with the locals and the Yanks and the Danes and the French and the Germans and take the whole damn lot of IS out now.
    Expect Dave will make a call to Birminghan to ask what hes allowed to do.
    Or will call me Dave only act when they are at the gates of Downing Street ?


  32. 96
    Adolph Hitler says:

    This is how to deal with ISIS.


  33. 97
    David Cameron says:

    When I said ‘no boots on the ground’ I meant that we’re a bit short of kit at the moment. Our lads will fight in socks for a while.


  34. 98
  35. 105
  36. 111
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    Any news on this action packed day of Butler Sloss’s replacement ?

    I thought not.


  37. 124
    Anonymous says:

    “Scowling Dave Arrives Back at Downing Street”
    Mad (as a wet hen) to know: If one’s going to redact massive sections of a damming fracking report, why redacting its entire existence wasn’t considered?


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