August 20th, 2014

Ken Wins Election Again Despite Promising to Never Stand
More Blairite Purging in Labour’s NEC Elections

Victory for the anti-austerity brigade as Labour’s NEC results are published this afternoon:

LIVINGSTONE, Ken 39,548 Elected
BLACK, Ann 36,496 Elected
REEVES, Ellie 31,278 Elected
SHAWCROFT, Christine 29,558 Elected
OSAMOR, Kate 28,484 Elected
BAXTER, Johanna 24,325 Elected
McMAHON, Jim 1,894 Elected (Local Gov)
PERRY, Alice 1,510 Elected (Local Gov)

Don’t tell Austin Mitchell, but now five sixths of the CLP representation on the Party’s governing body are now women.

“Left, left, left” says one Labour source. Progress candidate Peter Wheeler has been booted off, to be replaced by Kate Osamor from the ambitiously titled Campaign for Labour Party Democracy. She was elected on a promise to “reject austerity as a solution to the economic crisis.” Apparently, “instead of cuts, we will work for a Labour government committed to a plan for public investment.” Spend, spend, spend!

Joining Ken on NEC will be Ellie Reeves, the sister of Rachel Reeves MP and partner of John Cryer MP. She was endorsed by Unite, Tom Watson and his on/off young girlfriend, Stephanie Peacock. Who you know, not what you know…

Ellie will be in good company. Christine Shawcroft describes herself as being on the “extreme left of the Labour Party”, a CND supporting fan of Hugo Chavez and former Tower Hamlets councillor.  Ann Black said before the ballot “there are further challenges as the economy crawls out of recession. First, Labour needs a …positive alternative to Osborne’s endless austerity”. At least she publishes decent minutes of the meetings.

There is no doubt who the winner is. One seasoned Labour insider tells Guido:

“The NEC results are a shift to the Left with Grassroots Alliance (Left) candidates winning 4 out of the 6 slots. Popular young leftie Kate Osamor replaced the veteran old Right Peter Wheeler while right-wingers Akehurst, Nosegbe and Peel also lost out. The ambitious Johanna Baxter won as an independent and is well placed  to continue her hunt for a seat.”

A further purge of the Blairites at every level of the party.

Given how dismally Labour are represented in the South East, its is rather ironic that all of the CLP representatives live there. As LabourList notes: “only one candidate (Jim McMahon, the leader of Oldham Council and the Labour LGA Group) lives outside London or the South.”  And he’s only there as a councillor.

Perhaps the least surprising result saw Ken Livingstone breaking yet another pledge. In 2012 he promised that the London Mayoral battle would be his ‘last election’. He topped the ballot. It’s pathological…

UPDATE: Just in case you think Guido is overstating the swing to the left, the neo-Bennite Left Futures blog says it represents “a 14% swing to the left from right-wing and independent candidates… It is the best result for the Left since the mid-1980s.” The 80s were when Labour was loony and in permanent opposition…


  1. 1
    Moshe Gaydo says:


  2. 2
    Dwayne Adeboglu says:

    Labour’s lurching to the left.

  3. 3
    Wise Shepherd says:

    Red socialists on the NEC, taxpayers feeling queasy

  4. 4
    Liar.Politicians says:

    Red Ken Livingslime is still a desperately bitter man, after all these years, STILL attacking Boris over winning the London mayor job over Red Ken.

  5. 5
    Jack Russell says:

    Where is the Middle East P3ace Envoy while it’s all kicking off in Irak?

  6. 6
    Nero says:

    This should make for good entertainment. Policy making will never have been more mental.

    Looney Left stories twice weekly Fawkes.

  7. 7
    Israeli "Defence" Force says:

    Total munitions used against the Palestinian stone-throwers so far:

    39,000 tank shells

    34,000 artillery shells

    4.8 million bullets 

    Or the equivalent of Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined if you add in the air strikes.

    What luck the American taxpayer foots the bill, huh?!

  8. 8
    nell. says:

    I think that’s an absolute positive and welcome development for those of us who hope never to see the labour party elected into government again.

  9. 9
    Red Ken Lyingscum says:

    Allan, you at t’ bar

  10. 10
    Puffball Kinockio says:

    WELL ALWRIGHTTTTTT !!…Iv’e got my party back !!

    Oh…. Wait a minute

  11. 11
    nell. says:

    Holidaying off the coast of Sicily on a private island in a private luxury villa owned by some pal or other that has no doubt let him have it for free. He has loaned his name to the Mi dd le Ea st Pe ace Envoy’s job what more do you expect of him?!!

  12. 12
    Red Ken Lyingscum says:


  13. 13
    nell. says:

    No No quite right – you have your party back and long may you keep it

  14. 14
    Anonymous says:

    According to Israeli media he is currently in Tel Aviv.

  15. 15
    Only saying says:

    The countries gonna be bust within 12 months of them entering office.

  16. 16
    nell. says:

    Just for the sake of balance any idea about the number and weight of munitions fired into the opposite direction into Is r a el including the one’s fired during ceasefire?

  17. 17
    Only saying says:

    According to everyone else he’s sunning himself in a billionaires friends villa in Sicily.

  18. 18
    Cpl Hicks says:

    Still not enough….

    Sympathy for moozies is in short supply at the moment you utter fcukwad.

    And before you say it I’m an atheist and didn’t support Is’real until all you fcuking retards starting your pathetic whining on here.

    Now do us a favour and fcuk off to CiF where you can circle jerk with all the other leftards to your hearts content.


  19. 19
    what a gay dave says:

    We just need an atheist pill to put into the mussies water supply

  20. 20
    Anonymous says:

    The big-noses have the right idea of how to deal with the RoP.

    With extreme prejudice.

  21. 21
    Where Eagles Scare says:

    Val Shawcross. Isn’t she just another Labour acolyte who has spent her life shinning up the greasy pole, never had a real job in her life ?

  22. 22
    Ed P says:

    The further left they go, the less electable they become. Good!

  23. 23
    still walking into darkness says:

    What austerity?. National debt is 120 billion a year still. Total debt will be double what Gordon Brown left. Osborne has been talking out of his arse for five years but the left don’t even realise he is conducting their plan

  24. 24

    Vote UKIP :-D

  25. 25
    I "D" F says:

    Calm down, Moshe. Go and shoot a kid.

    Now what’s this about sympathy for moozies? Worldwide sympathy for Palestinians is huge, while only dirty politicians, corporate media and a few goons like you support Israel. But yes, nobody supports ISIS scum, except some dirty politicians and corporate media a while back.

    PS, I wouldn’t wipe my arse with the Guardian, wingnut.

  26. 26
    Anonymous says:

    Where’sWilly? #Syria #Libya #Ukraine

  27. 27
    ancientpopeye says:

    Ken has proven once more to be a liar.

  28. 28
    RomaBert... says:


  29. 29
    RomaBert... says:

    You were doing well until you said ‘stone-throwers’……….. That would be the Iranian Rocket Stones?

    Anyway it is a BIG thumbs up for the IDF from me :)

  30. 30
    RomaBert... says:

    That would be the Third Way, the Loony Left Way :)

  31. 31
    RomaBert... says:

    Do not arm or assist these f*ckers, lock the doors and let them sort it out amongst themselves :)

  32. 32
    Gooey Blob says:

    I’ve said this many times before, but it needs repeating often. Under Miliband, Labour have moved into the sort of hard left position they occupied in the 1970s and 1980s. They are a great danger to all this country has achieved and risk setting the UK back decades. Blair’s government was harmless in comparison.

    Ed Miliband’s Labour must be stopped at all costs.

  33. 33
    Pass the dutchie from the left hand side says:

  34. 34
    Cpl Hicks says:

    You see fcukwad, I would have never ever considered supporting Iz but thanks to utter retards like you spouting moshe and shlomo shite the whole time I now think I will. So well done, you’ve just done your cause a whole load of good.

    I’ve seen plenty of dead kids in Iraq and Afghanistan and 100% of them were killed by moz suicide bombers so what point are you trying to make? This article is about the Labour NEC you ignorant twat.

    Do use all a favour and take your hamass supporting fuckwittery somewhere else.

  35. 35
    F##k the LibLabCon says:

    A couple of months is a long time in politics.

  36. 36
    Dave and The Amazing UK Border Agency says:

    Returning Mad mozzers on away days to Syria and Iraq come on through………………….but that 2 hour passport queue over there? no worries thats only for the white English.

    Turn left as you come through sir to resume full benefits and housing, no heads though in that bag!

  37. 37
    RomaBert... says:

    He should give us the unbiased source for these numbers and timescale they refer to!

  38. 38
    Great British Public says:

    + 60,000,000

  39. 39
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:

    I’ll do it in five.

  40. 40
    Gooey Blob says:

    You’ll have to prove that you can count to five first.

  41. 41

    ‘It is the best result for the Left since the mid-1980s.” The 80s were when Labour was loony and in permanent opposition…’

    Oh no, does this mean Polly Toynbee will be flouncing out and setting up the SDP again just to make sure Labour stays in opposition?

  42. 42
    Envoy Spotter says:

    Find Wendi! He won’t be far away..

  43. 43

    Vote UKIP :-)

  44. 44
    Mike Hardcock says:


  45. 45

    Word is N’orth K’orean as well.

    Vote UKIP :-)

  46. 46
    Anonymous says:

    Didn’t the Tribe give Tone a luxury pad in Tel Aviv for services rendered while in office?
    I believe they are still funneling millions to him and his family through money laundering schemes such as phoney “consultancy” companies and huge amounts of dosh for giving speeches.

  47. 47
    proscribe Islam says:

    this wee Willy comes across as a little bit deranged.

  48. 48

    It’s a proxy war against R’ussia / !ran who are supplying Assad.

    May as well sell – If we don’t someone else will. Just need to sell to the side which will win.

    Vote UKIP :-)

  49. 49
    Anonymous says:

    Nothing that a good mortar team can’t sort out.

  50. 50
    Roger Luffman says:

    Good,good,good.Perhaps we can have an NEC committed to Sicialism!

  51. 51
    I "D" F says:

    Like I said, you need to calm down, Moshe. This is why the world hates you. Some Palestinian fires a bottle rocket or throws a stone at you because you bulldozed his home and nicked his land, and then you go and flatten his entire street with a 3,000 lb bomb!

    We see a similar aggressive reaction here when even the mention of Israeli crimes brings about a tirade of abuse and a bizarre rant about staying on topic (on Guido of all places!).

    And now you say you support Israeli terrorists because someone called you Shlomo? Pull the other one, Moshe. You’re a textbook firster.

  52. 52
    The two Muppets says:

    Labour are rotten to the core , Miliband and Balls are owned by the
    Unite Union and whatever Red Len McClusky says goes .
    The rest of the Shadow Cabinet ,people like Harman, Burnham ,Cooper
    the Eagle sisters are all substandard and are leftovers from the last
    Brown Government that trashed our Country . God forbid this shower
    ever get back in Government .

  53. 53
    Party of Dave still letting in 526,000 immigrants per year says:

    Q. Looking at the Liberal Democrats, the Labour party and the Conservative party what’s the difference between them when it comes to their immigration policies?

  54. 54

    Here we go, the kiddie fiddling BBC have three fucking Muslims on making excuses and justifying the creation of some Islamic shit hole

  55. 55
    dai philopsephologically says:

    so the route for the blur-ites is to leave and join the -er- sdp?

    tiny blur’s arrogance in attempting to marginalise the liberals when he came to power left the moderates in the labour party without enough backing to organise themselves

    can the liberals buy them – and with what?

  56. 56

    To all at the BBC. Get cancer and die you fucking vermin.

  57. 57
    RichUpNorth says:

    Why are they shouting at Alan Ayckbourn?

  58. 58

    Typical politician going back on their word

  59. 59
    Party of Dave still letting in 526,000 immigrants per year says:

    Harsh but fair.

  60. 60
    RichUpNorth says:

    The usual bunch of dross.

  61. 61
    The two Muppets says:

    Ken Livingstone is a typical example of a lying left wing toad , He supports
    The scum that is firing rockets into Israel and do not forget how he sided
    with the IRA, a while back against Londoners .A truly despicable man .

  62. 62
    Mad,mozzie Medievalist says:

  63. 63
    albacore says:

    As if it mattered which one governed, Labour or Tories
    Does any silly sod still believe their fairy stories?
    After all the immigration they’ve heaped on this nation
    Just how British will be the next “British” generation?

  64. 64

    Vote UKIP :-D

  65. 65
    Will says:

    Ed milliband has a hard left to deal with as well as red Len well if he does get in then I reckon he might find himself being treated like Horace cutler at the old greater london council and stabbed in the back. That is why quite a lot of labour MPs are considering standing down (15%) and they are mostly the brightest ones. Why would an mp give up a chance of being in government next may unless you think it’s going to be 5 years of hard labour under ed milliband !!!

  66. 66
    Cpl Hicks says:


    I don’t even know what a firster is you useless twat. Whatever it is there aren’t many from where I’m from in Somerset.

    I hope your handler or the charity you work for sees what a great job your doing of winding people up. People who had no original interest in the whole retarded affair between 2 sky fairy worshiping tribes of nut jobs. You’re doing really well in getting sympathy for the other side so I suggest you give up you retarded twunt.

  67. 67
    John says:

    During the trial for PC Blakelocks murder earlier this year Stafford Scott claimed ‘Who killed PC Blakelock,answer the police killed PC blakelock’ a tweet KATE Osamor re tweed, just like her mum, calling the investigation to be scrapped 30 years ago,the murderers were acting in self defence and that the police were nazis,

    Nice to see who representing labour at root level

  68. 68
    Joss Taskin says:

    Anyone see our Middle East Peace Envoy ?

    Can he use his skills here in the UK to calm everything down ?

  69. 69
    Vote Ukip, get a Lab/LibDem coalition, the most pro-EU combo of all says:


  70. 70
    Eric and Ernie says:

    Moooorny stannit

  71. 71

    Hi guys! What’s going down in the world?

  72. 72

    Doesn’t she play for Stoke City?

  73. 73
    Karl Marx says:

    You have nothing to lose but your aubergines!

  74. 74
    John says:

    There was a candidate Crispin, backed by the Kinnocks, who is described as independent, but surely he was on the right of Livingstone,so the swing to the left isn’t as big as all that

  75. 75

    10 for style ,although the landing was pretty ordinary.

  76. 76
    ShlomoSpotter says:

    Somerset? Lol, Shlomo, try another one. You’re always at your most vocal and aggressive on this blog when someone is criticising Israel. Wonder why that is Shlomoshire?!

  77. 77
    Violent Asquith says:

    No worries, the NEC is just a talk shop that is just tinsel for the members at conference time.

    The Parliamentary Labour Party ignore them. They are pond life in a stagnant pond

  78. 78
    Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately lib-con are doing everything to disenfranchise their regular supporters.

    Treasury wants to give tax officials the ability to access bank accounts and draw money they think is owed without recourse to the law.

    The treasury is also looking at withdrawing the personal allowance from ex pat pensioners, cutting their state pension by 20% when it all becomes taxable. These are over 65’s with no hope of employment abroad and probably can’t sell a home elsewhere to take up residence again in the UK even if they wanted to. Will ex pats forced to return to the UK, to file for social security and the housing lists, want to vote conservative ever again? I guess not. The same issue features for all those wanting to retire who will suddenly discover a big drop in income, not only because the sale of their home is being continually devoured by tiny interest rates coupled with continually rising prices. Oh I forgot, there is no ‘inflation’ that’s only when you charge interest, not when you receive it

  79. 79
    Cpl Hicks says:

    I suggest you check back through all of my posts. I was indifferent to start but just thought you shlomo bunch were a load of annoying twats.

    Your constant twatish behaviour insisting anyone who criticises the Stone Age savages who follow the religion of p!ss is immediately a shlomo or a moshe has now firmly made my mind up on who to support.

    If you can’t work this out your more of a fukwad than I thought.

    Just for clarity I used to post as Tim Yeo-yo so you can check all my previous posts and work out where you think I’m from. Born and raised in Somerset now live in London. Never even been to tellyaviv but a lot of ME visits during my 10 years in the Army.

    Where are you posting from? Qatar, Dubai or Bradford?

  80. 80
    Anonymous says:

    It’s been going on years. But a blind eye was turned. Paddy pants down was one of the biggest cheer leaders.His only solution was give what non muslims own to muslims. He even got a pat on the back and kudos from the msm.

  81. 81
    The Big Clunge da na ner da na ner says:

    I take it she’s a jam spoon.

  82. 82

    I read story via link but I still couldn’t work out who progresses to the next round

  83. 83
    Ctesibius says:

    So when is Ken going to publish his company accounts and / or Tax Returns? It might be recalled that Ken falsely accused Boris of laundering his earnings through a private company. Instead, as Boris showed, he pays full income tax immediately on all his earnings.

    Then Ken was shown to be using exactly the tax avoidance scheme which he had falsely accused Boris of using. He published a bizarre spreadsheet which mixed up taxes paid by his company with his income tax and falsely claimed it had been produced by his accountant. In response to repeated requests he promised to publish the true figures…

    We’re still waiting, Ken, you ‘chiselling crook’.

  84. 84

    Your pronouncement is the same as supporting the crack dealer who says if he didn’t sell it, someone else would. And where at some point, due to the activities of WHOEVER ends up selling it, someone you care for takes a bullet in the head just because they inadvertently cross a street in the middle of an exchange of drug turf-war cross-fire. As always, you are a major, major cock

  85. 85

    No, it is not the same.

    The difference is that this is legitimate international trade as opposed to domestic illicit drug trade.

    The buyers and sellers both have a free choice, but if someone demands something there will always be folk willing to supply. Provided the trade does not harm your interests it is irrational not to meet the demand and give competitors an advantage.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  86. 86

    I’m sorry – one of them seems to keep shouting that he wants everyone to convene at the Alley Snackbar?
    Am I understanding this right?
    I live in Hertfordshire and I seem to be hearing people shouting this more and more often?
    Can you get a ham croissant there – or a decent pulled-pork baguette?

  87. 87
    Anonymous says:

    To say that Hague is a “little bit deranged’ is a little bit of an understatement. 100% Syria terrorist supporting nutter more like.

  88. 88
    johnpreid says:

    Nick Griffin was arrested for saying a black person killed Stephen Lawrence, Doreen Lwrence said the BNPshould gave been banned after that comment, there’s no difference between saying a black person killed Stephen Lawrence and various black people in the Labour Party, saying another white copper killed PC blakelock, how come they haven’t been arrested, does Doreen Lawrence want the Labour Party banned for the same reason

  89. 89
  90. 90

    The similarity arises from the outcome (be it from drugs or armed conflict) of the out-and-out death of innocents, or permanent and life-changing compromise for those same innocents via loss of parent(s) et cetera, not the legality or otherwise of the trade. No right-thinking person can read your daily pronouncements on the validity of this or that conflict, or the merits of this or that group, when your mind-set is underpinned by a belief that arms sales are okay. I am put in mind of some New York liberal who abhors gun-crime, while buying shares in small-arms manufacturers. Your posts smack of the worst kind of Islington chattering-classes rhetoric.

  91. 91
    Anonymous says:

    You neo-cons are such lovely, caring people. x x x x

  92. 92
    Anonymous says:

    Reasons to be cheerful: “Four Moscow McDonalds shut by Russian consumer watchdog”. Russian Today

  93. 93
    The BBC says:

    We don’t care what you extreme righties say. Now pay your telly tax or we’ll put you in jail.

  94. 94
    Whiffler says:

    Population c60,000,000
    Electorate c40,000,000 (underestimate)
    Lab vote c10,000,000 (ish? – last election)
    Top vote <10,000 (as reported)

    Q1 – Who cares ?
    Q2 – Why do Labour bother?
    Q3 – Why doesn't Guido ask the questions (because he is on hols and only ZionGuido is around and not up to it)
    Q4 – Shr Cat, fallaciious debating point. Total Cnut

  95. 95
    Anonymous says:

    There is a good deal of truth in what you say.

    Georgie boy has borrowed a lot of money on our behalf and it isn’t for public spending.

    If it isn’t who is it being borrowed for?

    Private companies are sitting on a pile of cash worth around 750 billion quid
    because there are very few investments which will return good profits in the UK.

    Two very dangerous things have occurred since implementing austerity.

    In the golden olden days if the private sector didn’t invest the public sector did.

    In these dangerous days public sector investment ( not borrowing note) is being cut alongside private investments refusual to invest. This will lead to possibly cataclysmic economic results particularly if Interest rates rise. In fact it may be the BOE’s short term answer to lack of investment by private capital.

    Beacuse only around 40% of austerity cuts have been implemented by the Coalition a further potential 60% of cuts may have to be carried out by the next incoming government. whether that will be done in one Parliament I don’t know but in order to please the blessed markets ( Banks by any other name )
    the next government will have to do some very nasty things to the unemployed and even to those in work or people who exist on fixed incomes.

    The choice for any party is simple : Please the electorate or please the Markets?

    This may be a reason why many MP’s don’t want to be around post election time.

  96. 96
    Displaced Brummie says:

    Labour and their circular firing squad. Again. Just like the ’80s.

  97. 97
    Yawn! says:

    You’re just miffed coz he compared you to a Nazsty prison guard!

  98. 98
    Mostsad says:

    Shut up about our No1 insider, already!

  99. 99
    Maimed Codger says:

    An interesting example of true Socialism, nothing said has any real meaning and is simply for public consumption, tell them what they want to hear. Judge a man by what he does and not what he says, how the hell can we elect any one who would destroy our way of life to rebuild it as a Communist / Socialist State… Corruption is the mainstay of the Communist State…

  100. 100
    Someone else says:

    Pretending to be a local is Hasbara training 101, you lying Schmuck!

  101. 101
    Someone else says:

    You’re just miffed because he compared you to Naszi prison guards!

  102. 102
    Someone else says:

    And the Shlomo’s

  103. 103
    PenzanceRobin says:

    Oy Vey, so True!

  104. 104
    George from Bristol says:

    So true! Oy Vey!

  105. 105
    fatalist says:

    The tragedy is the country looks like it will get a labour government in spite of this lurch to the left- the polls still show a labour lead – thanks to the public service client vote and Cleggs reneging on boundary reform.

  106. 106
    Anonymous says:

    Keep dreaming fuktard. If it makes you happy in your bedsit in Bournemouth to think I’m in anyway connected to a sky fairy worshiping regime then be happy. Glad I can bring some joy to your otherwise miserable existence.

  107. 107
    Violent Asquith says:

    An incisive view. The first few post -war governments were a consensus between the electorate, industry and the banks. Decline of industry and the growing importance of the financial sector has resulted in both Parties being controlled, even owned, by the money men. Parliament is now a Punch and Judy show with much synthetic drama and a hidden proprietor with his hands up both their backsides.

  108. 108
    Violent Asquith says:

    “Nobody supports ISIS scum”. How do you know that? Hundreds have left the UK to put their muslim faith into action. Whenever muslims commit an atrocity, and there are no shortage of examples, a dog-eared excuse is wheeled out claiming that it has nothing to do with Islam, the “religion of peace.”

    Recent events might just educate even the thickest in the UK as to the real nature of muslim intentions for them and their country.

  109. 109
    Educated Ed says:

    Oh, bugger!

  110. 110
    Anonymous says:

    The way the 1% find funds for their emperor’s new clothes? When reports have to be redacted before release, is it because they confirm the practicality of the policies of those in power?
    Or might the human mind actually be an example of the first known counter-quantum computer? Since it appears able, to simultaneously support two mutually contradicting concepts at one and the same time. Without both coalescing and cogently cancelling each other, and the corresponding concomitant cognitive dissonance, out.

  111. 111
    Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC says:

    Well done Ken. Ken is a good man. Only the morons are against him.
    Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC for the league.

  112. 112
    Anonymous says:

    On the other hand, such comments could be seen as an example of neo-con thinking. For while little of what is said (by the right-wing) is in the interests to the working class or the poor, many in the press continue to mis-sell this brave new Tory world. And so many in the working class elected Tony Blair, then the con-dems and now are being CONvince by UKIP. And yet these right-wingers are the very people corrupting the working class. For when will people awake up and understand that such tactics are the mainstay of a neo-con state of mind?

  113. 113
    Chuka Nobama says:

    Chuka Umunna is half Nigerian, therefore he should be a Nigerian Politician:

  114. 114
    Chuka Nobama says:

  115. 115
    Raptor says:

    Back on the topic of the NEC “moving to the left”, it’s worth noting that Cameron and his associates have done exactly the same with the Conservative Party. Cameron’s government might as well be described as Continuity Blair.

    The net result is that UKIP has gained the support of many former Tory voters and party activists, while Cameron has failed to win over any of the BBC liberal/leftist types whom he has been pandering to.

    The latter simply pocket the concessions, and the public money shoved in their direction, and carry on complaining.

  116. 116
    Timbo says:

    You know, all of a sudden Scottish independence offers great bonuses.

    After all, independence for Scotland would also automatically mean independence for England & Wales! Independence, that is, from the vote-rigged Scottish MPs, that gives Labour a disgraceful electoral bias in Scotland. Scottish constituencies have smaller electorates – at least one as a total electorate no greater than some electoral majorities south of the border. Without that fraudulent advantage, the English Labour Party would be forced to accept reality and come to terms with the real world.

    Which might give it policies that made sense. Or would that be even more frightening?

  117. 117
    The Red Princes says:

    “The 80s were when Labour was loony”

    Just like the 50s, 60s, 70s, 90s, 00s & 10s then.

  118. 118
    EeepYepBlowingCox says:

    Shlomos to the left of me
    shlomos to the right
    here I am stuck in the middle with shlomo

  119. 119
    who's a silly billy says:

    4.8 million bullets

    you counted them yourself, Patel?

  120. 120
    Anonymous says:

    you have to admit it’s fair though

  121. 121
    Lenin Reprise says:

    One People!
    One Nation!
    One Cauliflower!

  122. 122
    'andjob Chowder says:

    Labour is the party of the immigrant, not the working man.

  123. 123
    Anonymous says:

    The general conscensus was that the US now had all Britains gold and that Uncle Joe Stalin and the USSR were viewed as offering an alternative view of how to run a Nation and Communism could have been seen by a a great many of the war returners as a way out of the impasse.

    The problem with Uncle Joe’s view of Communism was that its remit was reduced to Socialism in one country in a wicked Capitalist world. It was doomed to fail.

    Basically the British Socialists amongst others were headed off at the pass by this consensus of a Welfare State. Put simply the British Capitalists thought it better to be a slightly poorer Capitalist than no Capitalist at all. That’s why they conceded the Welfare State an dall that went with it.

    For my money this consensus lasted until around 1972/73 when the US left the Gold Standard and started printing dollars to make up for falling
    industrial production. Add the oil shocks and input prices for the worlds manufacturers rose dramatically.

    The proletaireat ( material productive workers ) have since been exported outwith the US and the UK firstly to the countries that were defeated in the war ( Germany and Japan – remember the US car workers taking sledgehammers to Japanese cars in the 70’s?) and material production now lies with the BRICS who export to the Western world.

    To The Global Capitalists this means not one one jot to them. A profit is a profit no matter where it comes fro. Everything is short term and everything arrives just in time. From coffee to cars. It doesn’t matter as long as dividends increase.

    Effectively the worlds biggest banks own virtually ALL of the Great Corporations of the world. They also view the Welfare/ Social State as an artefact of The Cold War and the near bank collapses have given them their 9/11 moment. Simply because Governments in the West agree that they are too big to fail.

    This is where we are in the West. Their view is simple now. That is: That the money spent/invested in the Welfare/Social State ( pensions NHS Public Services, Schools etc etc ) is wasted money and would be better run or spent by private provision. Namely all our taxes and NI payments would be better spent by them than by politicians.

    Basically Public Sector investment = bad – Private Investment = good.

    Considering that the Private Corporations are sitting on around 750 billion poundsof uninvested cash ( because they can’t turn enough profit ) it is always better to use Other Peoples Money to speculate with. It’s much less risky and if it goes wrong you can always turn to the Governments to bail you out.

    The problem with that ( and it’s the only time I’ve ever agreed with Mrs Thatcher ) is that the government doesn’t have any money – it is the peoples money.

    So far the Banks have had the ‘ People’s ‘ money. The question for the ‘ ‘ People ‘ is whether they are going to allow this to go on and let some other people take their money to play within the same way? So that they can have a risk free gamble.

    I love a bet myself but even if my bets were all free there is no guarantee that I will win in the long run. But if it’s not my money I’m playing with- who cares?

    Bear these things in mind for the upcoming election because no matter which party you support in the end you will pay if it all goes wrong. Or your children will pay maybe forever.

    Enjoy your austerity.

  124. 124

    Wonderful post about 80’s…

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