August 19th, 2014

Quote of the Day

Damian McBride offers some more of his helpful advice:

‘Mr Miliband will not survive the televised leaders’ debates trying to have it both ways on every policy from Syria to an EU referendum. The prime minister may be entirely wrong on issues such as HS2, but at least his position is clear.The Labour leader’s attempt to keep his options open is all very well, but to what end? If he thinks he can avoid taking any big decisions until he’s securely installed in Downing Street, Mr Miliband unfortunately hasn’t a prayer.’


  1. 1
    Not In My Name says:

    Weak and advised by self congratulatory lefty champagne swillers, Balls lurking like the ghost of Christmas past and a wholly owned subsidiary of dinosaur Union Barons.

    Cannot express any firm views because his own opinions are not worth an Iraqi politicians promises.


    • 6
      the nacker says:

      however well absolute certainty plays in billericay – ‘keeping one’s options’ open whilst knowing that father christmas just can’t afford the handouts the mob demand may be the less disingenuous policy

      coming second in the next general election may not rank as defeat


  2. 2
    Deep Thunk says:

    It should be remembered that when Miliband was appointed by the Union Men, Labour had no expectation of seeing power for at least two terms. Thus, incompetence was immaterial. With the proposal to exhume people like Darling, clearly the Labour “Directors” have realised that having a team of fuckwits, celeb watch-wearers, Token wimmin pumping up their pension pots whilst not having to do anything except turn up and say nothing provocative is not what they need in the last months running up to next year’s GE. Nor do they have or want a policy on Scotland. We all know those Turkeys won’t vote for a return to the Groat.
    Or, the spin men have decided that it’s anyone’s guess what is going to happen. Sod policies, people hate politicians, just hope the buggers vote like their dads did and that UKIP don’t win too many seats.


  3. 3
    Dwayne Adeboglu says:

    A long way of saying Ed Miliband’s a bit shit.


  4. 4
    Another Headshrinker says:

    Ed, Ed, Ed, maybe I should send a stripper detective around. Closest he is going to come to.have clue, the fraticidal Marxist, union lick spittle. He doesn’t have an opinion because Len Mcluskey and Co haven’t given him one.


  5. 5
    Norm Normal says:

    Well McBride is correct. I have just visited the labour home page and waded through dozens of links asking me to donate, join or volunteer. Nearly every other link you click on asks you to provide your name and email address.

    There is not the vaguest hint of any overarching policy or how it will be achieved. There is that old nonsense about Eds fight against climate change where he made energy prices lower (we all remember that don’t we???) and how he intends to cap energy prices. You are invited to read Eds energy plan, but when you click on that link it takes you to an energy calculator!?

    ‘Hopeless’ is not an adequate adjective.


  6. 7
    steve says:

    Well we all know Mcbride dont we. he also said about Ed

    ” Ed Miliband was committing “hara-kiri” by demanding Ms Brooks be sacked over hacking. But he admitted: “I was utterly wrong about the whole thing and his judgement was totally right.”

    The way people, including Guido are attacking Ed Miliband means that he clearly has something the Right and Guido is frightened of.

    That something maybe an incorruptible approach to politics maybe?


    • 9
      Norm Normal says:

      That something is so hidden and so indefinable even you can’t tell us what it is!

      Where is the labour policy and the implementation detail? They have nothing.


  7. 8

    It is convenient for Chaz Dave to announce RPI at 2.5%. This a good start to an Election Campaign which is cynical The British public will not buy it
    Vote Milliband or Dave and you get Nigel in South Thanet. Well done Dave.


  8. 11

    well….. that blog didn t exactly garner what one might describe as a plethora of comments did it ?

    Let s hope if only for the sake of his future psychological equilibrium that his Milli-Blandness manages to get just a tad more votes in May ….


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