August 19th, 2014

Israeli Ambassador Occupies Territory of Bradford

As if to taunt George Galloway the Israeli ambassador Daniel Taub went to Bradford today to fly the flag for the only Western democracy in the Middle East. “My sense, even from a short visit, is that the real voice of Bradford is not the voice of exclusion we hear from George Galloway, but the voice of inclusion,” Taub told the Bradford Telegraph & Argus. “I don’t believe George Galloway is the real voice of Bradford. There is a long history of cooperation between Bradford and Israel… It’s not an Israel-free zone you are talking about, George… It’s a tolerance-free zone, a progress-free zone, a future-free zone.”

Bradford’s other MP is the wannabe LibDem jihadi David Ward. The Israeli embassy clearly believes in taking the fight to the enemy…


  1. 1
    Phantomsby says:

    Good man!

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    • 3
      fghte says:

      No fan or what is going on in Gaza from either side but this is a great troll of a total idiot, well done him.


      • 64
        ArrestWarCriminals says:

        How many times do people have to be told: israel is not a democvracy, it is a THEOCRACY.
        It is in fact, a blatantly RACIST theocracy, with Gews having superior status to anyone else. Gentiles are considered underclasses to do the dirty work and keep things running on Sabbath (Shabbat G o y )
        Most the people commenting on the side of Iz here are hasbara propaganda goons because ample information as to the reality of the sordid racist colony of Israel is widely available on the net.


        • 70
          Alexsandr says:

          try living as a jew in iran then. or saudi.

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        • 78
          Watching says:

          so now the Israelis are claiming Palestine, Lebanon, Georgia, Ossettia, The Ukraine AND Bradford!?


          • Anonymous says:

            Why not ?

            IS are claiming the world as a Caliphate !


          • ArrestWarCriminals says:

            Let’s see now, the Is-(raelis) are about 7 million and claim God gave them the Land of the Palestinians, and now you whine that another bunch of religious freaks vastly more numerous than you with a crackpot “religious text” as bad as yours claim a somewhat bigger stretch of land?
            I’d call that “poetic justice”, you Hypocrites!


        • 99
          Anonymous says:

          It’s great advertisement for the merits of Democracy.

          It is also a great advert for the effects of Coalition governments.

          You have been warned for the Next UK General Election.

          Vote UKIP or Lib Dem. Expect trouble.

          Peace be upon me.


    • 6
      Hereford Man says:

      Perhaps we could persuade Israel to send over Mossad to, er, speak with some of our more recalcitrant domestic jihadists.

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    • 11
      Unbalanced Views says:

      Yes indeed, well done that man

      No fan of the bloodshed but that idiot Galloway needs to be shown the door

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      • 15
        Islam: death cult, severe mental illness, or both? says:

        Yes, the trapdoor on a gallows.


      • 101
        Tom Catesby says:

        Don’t give Galloway the oxygen of publicity, simples!


        • 102
          Tom Catesby says:

          I didn’t think it was the role of a plenipotentiary like the ambassador to get involved in a domestic political/potentially criminal issue like this as a general principal. Bradford is a place with more than it’s fair share of mozzie hotheads and Galloway’s antics will be stirring the sh^t well enough without any misguided assistance from anyone else.


    • 16
      Pox on both of 'em says:


      now we’ll have the two stoneage tribes fighting in our country.


    • 23
      Sheik Camelf Ucca says:

      Good for him!
      It would take a lot to make me go to Bradford!!!


    • 25
      Elle says:

      Bradford is more Islamic than Islamabad.


    • 28
      Anonymous says:

      Clearly another person who does not want peace! Why are are poeple bothering with G.G. We should all be putting a efforts into providing the Palestinians with a future so that the war can end!


      • 31
        An atheist says:

        Clearly another person who doesn’t want peace?

        I suppose those homos rockets just launch themselves do they?


        • 36
          Gorgie Gallusways says:

          Ain’t no homos in Islam kuffar, we hang ‘em.


          • Enrichment says:

            if there were not all these w0gs in the country, we wouldn’t have this sort of stunt going on


        • 66
          ArrestWarCriminals says:

          LOL, We all know that those “rockets” are pathetic and only a pretext for zionazi scum to oppress Palestinians and steal land.


      • 59
        The two Muppets says:

        Hamas does not want peace , it has fired rockets into Israel in the last
        few hours ,and they wonder why the IDF will retaliate .


        • 61
          Baroness Ashton says:

          If only they’d set off the occasional Catherine Wheel the Middle East would be a much happier place.


        • 63
          inside out says:

          By forcing the Israeli army to retaliate Hamas know more ill-informed people around the world will deposit aid monies in their pockets.


        • 68
          ArrestWarCriminals says:

          LOL, I don;t think you know the meaning of the word “rocket”. Those are barely more than” fireworks”!


          • Cpl Hicks says:

            And watching a video of them is the closest you’d ever get you chicken shit fcuker.

            If you care that much why don’t you fcuk off over there and grab an AK? you won’t because you’re a chickenshite leftard.

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  2. 2
    George Galloway says:

    Wooouuuld yoouuu liiiiiike meeee to bee the prrraaattt?


  3. 4
    Galloways snatch says:’re spoiling us


  4. 5
    Bachelor Boy says:

    Good man !
    Unfortunately, it now means the “bored loon” will now crawl out of the woodwork and accuse us all of being four wheel skids . Nothing whatsoever to do with us supporting the only sane state within a region of dangerous nutters.


    • 50
      You Know George says:

      Only if someone is paying him to do it.


    • 69
      ArrestWarCriminals says:

      You have a very low standard of what “sane” is.
      You are either, as you mention, a Hasbara ZioLoon, or completely and utterly ignorant of reality of how non Gews are treated in that racist colony.


      • 85
        An atheist says:

        Why do you bother with this shite? Is your goat not giving you enough attention? Does your donkey not like the taste of your cock anymore?

        All you are doing is driving more people on here to support Is’rael.

        I don’t give a shite about any of the sky fairy worshiping twunts but you are just an utter fuktard.

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        • 91
          ArrestWarCriminals says:

          I bother because I am not willing to let myself be used again for wars on behalf of twisted fucks like ZioLoons.
          If you want to be a sheeple, fuck off and spoonfeed yourself with shit from the MSM instead of coming here.


          • An atheist says:

            Well if you’ve been “used” you’re clearly more of a weak willed cok sucker than I previously thought.

            How the fcuk have you been “used” for a war? Unless of course you’re one of those dumb tw@s that voted for Blair?

            What the fcuk is a sheeple? Are you a fcuking man or a boy? All you’re ever doing is whinging like a little spoilt bitch. No one gives a fcuk about your waring sky fairy friends. Now fcuk off you tit.

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  5. 7
    Sir Cumcision says says:

    Up yours Georgie B oy veh


  6. 8
  7. 9

    Very good news for Bradford. Did he pop into Sainsbury’s there as well ?

    Vote UKIP :-D


    • 57
      Gerry can (t) says:

      Bradford does have a third MP, the totaly forgetable er er er Gerry Sutcliffe, whose claim to fame is ………… well, nothing really.


  8. 10
    Righties won't be happy says:

    Could this be the one thing that colours righties’ admiration for Lady Thatcher?

    How Thatcher stayed friends with her leftwing teacher

    When 18-year-old Margaret Roberts arrived at Oxford in 1943 to study chemistry she had never left Grantham for more than a few days at a time. Dorothy Hodgkin was already a figure of international renown, mixing with scientists and thinkers like Bertrand Russell and Isaiah Berlin.

    When Margaret joined the Conservative Association, a woman politician could have few mentors. For four years Dorothy was perhaps the most significant adult in Margaret’s life. She watched her develop from plump teenager to confident young woman.

    Margaret spent her fourth year working in Dorothy’s lab on a crystal of the molecule Gramicidin S. Politically they were worlds apart. Dorothy was banned from the US for her closeness to the Communist Party and later took trips to China and Vietnam, playing a leading role in maintaining links with Chinese scientists and attending a dinner in the presence of Ho Chi Minh and Mao Zedong. She was an active member of CND and was awarded the Order of Lenin.

    But they stayed friends. When Margaret became prime minister she had a picture of her former teacher in 10 Downing Street. She received Dorothy at Chequers. Whenever they met they greeted each other warmly. Margaret was proud of her connection to Dorothy, speaking of it at meetings she addressed at the Royal Society of Chemistry, and the Royal Society. When she went to the Soviet Union for the first time after meeting Mikhail Gorbachev she visited the Institute of Crystallography – and sent Dorothy the pictures of her visit.

    Their relationship continues to inspire. When welcoming students to the college now, Dr Alice Prochoska, Principal of Somerville, uses the story of Margaret and Dorothy as a parable – telling how the two managed to listen to each other with respect, despite their differences.


  9. 12
    Zig Zag says:

    Wait for cries of outrage from the Left: “Israeli Ambassador’s provocative action threatens community cohesion’.


    • 60
      Stay Focussed says:

      Keep waiting but if there were not all these w0gs in the country, we wouldn’t have this sort of stunt going on


  10. 13
    Anonymous says:

    Is Turkey not a democracy ? Seems Israel is not the only democracy in the Middle East.


    • 20
      Turkey says:

      We are in Europe!


    • 40
      Mark Regev says:

      Since when was Israel a democracy?

      If you ethnically cleanse half the population into Bantustans and deny them the vote you spell it apartheid not democracy.


      • 42
        RomaBert... says:



      • 47
        You lying wanker says:

        every Israeli adult citizen has a vote and equal rights under the law. Go and spread your jooo hating bullshit somewhere else. THere are 1.5 million Israeli Arabs (mostly muzzies) who are much happier living there than in any of their neighbours contries.


        • 71
          ArrestWarCriminals says:

          You Slimy LIAR!
          Palestinians in the occupied territories don’t have a vote, nor are they allowed anyone to defend them.


          • Alexsandr says:

            what about the arabs actually in israel?


          • Hamas says:

            why would we give the palis a vote ? They had one years ago . what do you think this place is .
            Nothing but sandbags to us


          • The Hamas Leadership says:

            Hey kids. Bet you’d love to be living it up with us in Dubai and Qatar wouldn’t you? Bet you’d love to be millionaires like us wouldn’t you? Anyway, you just keep dying so that aid money keeps pouring into our bank accounts….I mean….errrrr….got to go, the Ruski hookers have just turned up.


    • 45
      Not Really says:

      Turkey has a semblance of a tolerant and secular government structure and voting democracy.

      But in general it cannot really be considered a Western style Democracy in its day-to-day activities (although much better than it’s near neighbours) and is perhaps considered more North African than Middle-East Arabia anyway.


  11. 14
    Bradford Jihadi says:

    Cmon George, teach the motherfucker a lesson!


    • 49
      A teacher says:

      A lesson in how to be a lying, cheating, treacherous, money-grubbing, opportunistic, treacherous piece of rabid dog phlegm, you mean?


  12. 17
    M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

    No Bradford schoolchildren were hurt in the making of this visit.


  13. 18
    Tony Marches says:

    I am amazed by the large number of israeli-usa regimes on this blog. Have you not had enough of their lies, treachery, occupation, genocide, etc
    I am not saying you should support Hamas, but ignoring ALL these idiots would go a long way to diminish their power.
    So the israeli ambassador can travel all the way to Bradford? Like a puppy: don’t piss on the sofa, next thing puppy pisses on the sofa.


    • 21
      none of our business says:

      What do you care?

      Two stoneage tribes fighting about which sky-pixie makes them wear the silliest head-gear and facial hair.


      • 74
        Watching says:

        That’s fine unless one bunch totally infest and control the west to assist it.
        Right now the same scum are shistirring to cause a war between NATO and Russia so that they can take over the Ukraine.

        I’d love to not have to give a shit about it either.


    • 22
      Norm Normal says:

      A person can’t really be described as a regime unless they lead it?

      Also most of those posting coherently and intelligently here are British.


    • 24
      Hamas child killers says:

      So we ignore Isis, and there bed fellows in terrorism Hamas and allow them to kill and maim at will, and persecute minorities but maybe you think it is all just a conspiracy, I may not be a fan of all Israel does, but I would rather support Israel defending itself than weird jihadists. I have no paranoia about Israel or the USA and no I am not Jewish or Israeli.


      • 67
        inside out says:

        We ignore ISIS at our peril, they want a global caliphate,they have already started in pockets in the UK.Just listen to the rantings of Adjem Choudray and others they are quite open about it.


        • 93
          ArrestWarCriminals says:

          Eeer, how is what Isis want any different from what the Izzis are doing in Palestine???


  14. 26
    DomesticExtremist says:

    Oh wow how long was the visit – five, ten minutes?

    What did he achieve other than a crappy selfie?

    Really stuck it to Galloway there – hiding behind a
    hedge with his Zionist tea towel.

    I’ll bet he’s hopping mad…


  15. 27

    Vote UKIP :-D


  16. 29
    Dwayne Adeboglu says:

    Why is a diplomat dignifying the lunatic Galloway?

    He’s a greasy toad, surprised to see the Israeli’s take him seriously.


    • 37
      Anonymous says:

      Being a greasy toad is a common requirements for Ambassadors.


      • 48
        You lying wanker says:

        think he was talking about Georgey Porgy you dumb-ass mother-fvcker Guardian reading beardy Marxist treacherous piece of filth.


        • 55
          Anonymous says:

          “It’s a tolerance-free zone, a progress-free zone, a future-free zone.”

          Love the autobiographical handle though – astonishing honesty from someone whose knuckles clearly scrape the ground.


  17. 32
    allan skerratt says:

    no Israel believes in taking the fight to women and children George pandering to his voters Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2014 12:36:15 +0000 To:


  18. 33
    Blind_leading_the_blind says:

    “It’s a tolerance-free zone, a progress-free zone, a future-free zone.”

    Thanks Israel – so there’s no tolerance, progress or future for Bradford – perhaps stick to Hebrew next time?


  19. 34
    Bradford Camel stable says:

    get off my sand


  20. 53

    Only ISIS want to go to braford


  21. 54
    Llareggub says:

    Eee bah gum anyroad allah akibar as we say up north


  22. 76
    Blimey says:

    Grand Mufti Galloway will be displeased.


  23. 80

    Why not ?

    IS are claiming the whole world as a Caliphate !


  24. 83
    Squeezing Pimples says:

    Good for him showing the fool Galloway for what he is, a racist bigot.


    • 95
      Informer says:

      Galloway isn’t part of a “culture” prone to over a dozen distinct genetic diseases because it is too racist to interbreed with other cultures despite living right among them for millennia!

      Zionutters: Turning hypocrisy and racism into artforms!


  25. 103
    Baron John (Jacky) Arbuthnot Fisher says:

    Could someone please post a list of Guido approved terrorist organisations and people?

    I have made a start.
    Guy Fawkes. (Oh the irony)
    The Irgun.
    Yaakov Teitel.
    Robert Catesby.
    Baruch Goldstein.
    Yigal Amir.
    Brit HaKanaim.
    Robert Keyes.
    The Kingdom of Israel group.
    The Lehi.
    Thomas Wintour.
    The Haganah.
    Sir Everard Digby
    The Palmach.

    I could go on, but I think it clear that even Guido isn’t immune from rank hypocrisy.


  26. 104
    James cole says:

    Well done sir I and many others support you and it about time persons of your faith in the UK fight back! Many in the UK will stand with you. Why not arrange a march I’ am not of your faith but I will join and march with you warm regards James Cole from Swansea


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