August 19th, 2014

Hippies Using Gas to Power Anti-Gas Extraction Protest

Anti-Frackers “No Dash For Gas” have set up their circle of moaning near Blackpool:

Guess what they are using to stay warm and cook? No dash for consistency… 

Meanwhile, 55 local businesses in the area have sent the hippies a postcard:

Local capitalists V hypocritical trustafarians. Tough one…

Via @NWTaskforce


  1. 1
    Iain Duncan Smith says:

    Rail fares up 25% since 2010. Proof that the best way to travel under the coalition is by gravy train.
    I thank you.

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  2. 2
    West Country Tory says:

    Tell them to get a job. Send in the mounted police to sort out these soapdodgers.

    Get Fracking!

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    • 21
      Erkel says:

      call the national guard in after they have finished sorting out the Nordic nurses looting in Ferguson


    • 31
      Run to the hills there's a job vacancy says:

      An early morning raid by Job Centre staff should see most of them off.


    • 40
      Anonymous says:

      Wonder how many are on disability. Funny how they want to “smash the state” but are first in line to claim benefits


      • 152
        Class Awareness says:

        Well the hard right are certainly doing their best to smash the (welfare) state.


        • 154
          carlo gambino says:

          No we’re not.

          We are just trying to remove it as ‘a lifestyle choice’.

          Do keep up.


        • 167
          The Growler says:

          Of course they do as long as they get their handouts, the benefits system certainly needed sorting out, for anyone who has had to advise someone that wishes to claim benefits for illness or other things, its used to be like a minefield, a lot that the government gave it seemed to claw back with the other, I have never been able to claim the SS as I didn’t qualify only the unemployment benefit for 11 months back in 1981, when most on here were barely out of nappies or anoying teachers in school.


    • 155
      Anonymous says:

      So this is a free country, where everyone has the right to protest and express an opinion – just don’t get in the way of making loads of money?


      • 171
        The Growler says:

        I think some of them would like to back to the middle ages just like in the middle east today, kill any peasant who get in the way and warring barons who envied the power of the king.


      • 196

        Well… that was after all what Peter Mandelson effectively said when he was in Government .

        And no doubt has been following his own advice conscientiously
        ever since ….


  3. 4
    simples says:

    Just pay residents for the gas that comes out beneath their land. Opposition will soon fade.
    Until that point it’s perfectly rational to oppose it. What is the plan for all the waste products generated by tracking? Pile them up in mountains like they do in the US with all the spare land we have at our disposal?

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    • 13
      Clear-site says:

      Gas is the ‘waste produce’. What others are produced?


      • 42
        Ed Balls-up says:

        I’m an expert at producing hot air.


      • 45
        Norm Normal says:

        There is muddy salty water with trace heavy metals and some disolved gas and oil.

        It is easily treated in conventional liquid waste treatment facilities. The water can then either be injected back into porous rock layers deep underground or possibly, clean salt water would be suitable for disposal at sea.

        It certainly isn’t the problem its made out to be.


      • 86
        Jim says:

        That is the trouble with the UK media. They always play for Drama never truthful information. It is always the Hippies rather than the Engineers that are promoted against the taxpayer, or as Alex Salmond would sneer, Westminster (The English).


        • 164
          Anonymous says:

          The UK media “always play for Drama never truthful information.” So is it any wonder people get Hacked Off with them?


    • 174
      The Growler says:

      That is a good idea the only problem would be that cesspit called London would want a lot of that lovely gas. If it is such a good idea why not frack all round London then London could be self supporting for gas even frack in all those leafy suburbs where most of the Tory MPs have their constituencies and of course in leafy and salty Cheshire where a lot of Tory support comes from. Where I live, they are extracting methane from old mine workings, and burning it off, there was an old pithead a couple of miles away and some kids decided to experiment by dropping a match down the vent, a small explosion then occurred.


    • 197

      Route them all to Holy Loch …. give the Scots a leaving present.


  4. 8
    Dwayne Adeboglu says:

    Total hypocrisy. The greens have red faces now!!!


  5. 10
    Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:

    Socialists: sponging off hard-working families as long as Labour can convince everyone to believe that it’s ‘the right thing to do’.


  6. 11
    Four-eyed English Genius says:

    Green loonies are hypocrites! Imagine my surprise!


    • 25
      BC says:

      Most activist environmentalists, like the majority of protesters, do not have the slightest in depth understanding of the subject they are protesting about. They just like to spend days doing nothing but grab attention from our equally challenged media.


  7. 14
    Anonymous says:

    “Hippies Using Gas to Power Anti-Gas Extraction Protest”
    We can but hope, they are also discharging their waste products into the groundwater. In order to fully justify the analogy.


  8. 15
    Boris Spasticky says:

    Being ‘green’, I’d have thought they’d have brought some mini wind turbines with them.
    Then again, they’ve probably just hidden their diesel generators well.


  9. 17
    Unbalanced Views says:

    Idealism V Commercialism – the referee stopped the bout in the first round…


  10. 18
    M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

    And see the diesel vans. Why did they not cycle to the protest like proper greenies? Their carbon footprints must be as big as their fat arses.


  11. 19
    Ron says:

    What are they doing up here in Lancashire?

    I thought we kept all the eco-loonies in a big compound called Brighton nowadays.


    • 27
      Will says:

      Too many tourists in brighton at this time of year that’s why they have gone north plus I think thier was the v festival up north so easy to get too. What you want is to ask the local health and safety officer to check they are using and storing the gas bottles safely, that should get them worried. The problems of multiple commercial size gas bottles and proper storage facilities etc.


  12. 22

    The hidden hand in recent G’aza-!srael disagreement begins to show itself:

    Vote UKIP :-D


  13. 23
    nell. says:

    I’m sure if they asked him militwit would join them – this looks like the sort of bandwagon he’s always looking for


  14. 24
    Fylde Coast Homeowner says:

    as a homeowing resident on the fylde I welcome them here, take the time to learn about fracking and its consequences it will be a environmental disaster and all of us will be left the bill to clean it up. notice you are running an advert to buy your home fracking under your home could have a serious impact on its value.


    • 26
      BC says:

      Please give some academic references for your rather ill informed views !


      • 105
        anon says:

        ….When will we start “coal mining” as that should provide energy without too much environmental damage?


    • 28
      Four-eyed English Genius says:

      Learn from who, exactly? Green loonies or geologists?


    • 34
      Boris Spasticky says:

      Having a bunch of thick, stinking hippies squatting in your town will reduce the value of your house a bit more than fracking.


    • 43
      Joe Public says:

      Instead of being brainwashed by the wildly inaccurate BBC diagram (marked ‘not to scale’, but that’s just their weasel get-out), check out reality of the relative depths:


    • 59
      A visitor to the Fyldc coast says:

      Blackpool and surrounding environs are so stuffed full of smack heads that fracking may actually make house prices increase.
      Any cracks in the land will serve to act as a disposal point for all the used needles and smack bags.


    • 108
      Ah ffs says:

      Can’t figure out how those fracking idiots got anywhere near the Fylde Coast, what with the speed camera’s and plod waiting for you to do a couple of miles and hour over the speed limit, they did well running the gauntlet, still I won’t go near the area, it’s just a mile or so away from the end of the world, if you fall over the edge, you are lost forever.


      • 176
        The Growler says:

        It’s over 30 years since I went there (Blackpool) for a day and before that it was 30 years since I had been previously with my parents, not was not a very good day, memories of towns are never quite the same on going back after 30 years. As long the government guarantee that no harm will be done to the environment and if there is pay out from the instigators and government of the fracking where is the problem?


    • 128
      Sue Denim says:

      As a home-owning resident close to the Fylde, my only concern is is the drilling noisy. If it’s not, then I have no objection to their fracking in the fields next to me.


      • 177
        The Growler says:

        Never mind Sue, Dave has given his personal Cast Iron Guarantee that will be no problem. Oh dear, we all know about Dave and his cast iron thingies.


  15. 29
    nell. says:

    I presume this is an offshoot group from the occup y lon don yobs- just looking for another failed campaign to annoy the working populace


  16. 30

    M’oscow is losing it’s cool now:

    NB: The Useful Idiots pictured above are part of one of the active measures that M’oscow will be looking to develop further.

    Vote UKIP :-D


  17. 32
    sid says:

    There must be lots of brownfield sites in Blackpool suitable for fracking since the town was razed by those earthquakes a couple of years ago.


  18. 38
    The Observer says:

    I see the paid trolls are out in force on this one


    • 50
      Charlie Farley says:

      Disappointed “The Observer”, had you down as old school: a flesh-coloured bum-bag containing a wad of Travellers Cheques and immodium.


  19. 41
    Owen Jones says:

    Socialism is simply Communism for people without the testosterone to man the barricades.” ~ Baroness Warsi


  20. 51
    Socialists are full of shit says:

    Cut consumption by cutting the amount of consumers coming here from abroad.
    With a smaller population even their shite windmills might be up to the job of providing enough power.
    Simple solution yet one the eco loons haven’t looked at or don’t want to look at.
    Either get serious about protecting the environment and explore every avenue or just fuck off.


  21. 53
    Ting Tong of Bongo Bongo Land. says:

    This is all LibLabCons fault.
    Shit! – how do you attach YouTube clips?


  22. 54
    Soap Dodger says:

    Save Gas. Fart in a sealable container.


  23. 57
    Helpful says:

    These people are worse than you think; they want democratically controlled energy and not profit seeking corporates. They are in favour of a Soviet style economy circa 1920.


    • 95
      Albert's chainsaw sharpeners says:

      But still want modern goods and services and energy for heating and their big diesel vans, hypocrites R us, other people have to do a 5 days work during the week and can’t afford to take days off, where do these people get the money from to hang about all day pi55ing working people off . .


  24. 66
    Postal Votes are Labour Loo Paper says:

    Bunch of hypocritical soap dodging benefit scrounging crusties. Arrest the lazy fuckers and use them for fuel.


    • 141
      Wake up & vote UKIP says:

      Doesn’t Drax now burn ‘biomass’?


      • 166
        Drax Coal Stoker says:

        We’ll burn anything. Although I’m not too sure how efficient Biomess is compared to burning concrete. We’ll give it a try though!


    • 173
      Anonymous says:

      And why should anyone be allowed the Right to Protest or express their concerns, then there are profits to be made? Also, what are the UK Independence Party doing to protect the rights of British people – or defend our Green and Pleasant Land?


      • 182
        Lesser-Spotted Siberian Tree Frog says:

        Are you high? ‘Rights of British People?’, err, no mate. Try ‘Rights of EU Citizens’. We’re one collective mess now. If you’re a LibLabCon then I’d suggest you shut your cake hole. Until we get control of our Borders, there is no ‘Rights of British Citizen’s’, all there is is the Right to Vote every five years and STFU in-between. Your beloved FPTP system of ‘Democracy’ has guaranteed that.


  25. 71
    Socialists are full of shit says:

    If there worried about future generations maybe they should focus on the 100,000 babies who end up in an abortion room bucket every year.


    • 183
      Big Richard-Scorched Rubber says:

      Yes, and condoms never break. Plus, more population is the answer, is it not?


  26. 75
    allan skerratt says:

    55 businesses then big turnout ? NOT Because you can always trust local tory business owners Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2014 09:20:11 +0000 To:


  27. 77
    Oil Products says:

    I trust their tents are not Polyester or Nylon….Which they of course will be. and their clothes.


  28. 79
    Mo Ansar says:

    When I find where ISIS’s Embassy is in London I (and George too probably) shall wave a placard & chant at em.


    • 94
      i heard this says:

      On his Radio 2 prog yesterday Jeremy Vine declared
      that he genuinely didn’t see the problem with ISIS
      having their own Islamic State.


      • 104
        Jezza says:

        Me neither – the backward savages will be all in one place..


      • 113
        Norm Normal says:

        Did anyone in Syria or Northern Iraq vote for an ISIS state? Whilst the Kurds and Yazidis are running for their lives, you will find most ordinary muslims don’t want to be ruled by religious thuggery either. They just tow the line under threat of death.

        Does Vine believe in democracy or is he just thoughtless and ignorant.


  29. 82
    Albert's chainsaw sharpeners says:

    Just askin, a clone version of Ne o has just appeared on Sky News, it has to be a clone as N eo as it had it’s hair nicely cut and it was combed and it’s suit appeared to have been ironed and it had a nice tie on, of course it could be N eo who is going for a job interview, I think we should be told :-) .


  30. 83
    Phil from Pentonville says:

    So Chris Grayling says there is no crisis in the prison service.

    The bald headed twat should come and spend a weekend with us.


    • 85
      Rolf Harris says:

      Tie your kangaroo down boy, tie your kangaroo down…………………..


      • 91
        a great time to be a Tory says:

        The number of prisoners has gone up 20% in 10 years yet the assaults have remained stable.


        • 96
          Cooperative Funeral Services says:

          But the number of prisoners being escorted to funerals by prison staff has increased six fold during the same period as the age of the prison population has increased dramatically.


  31. 87
    A cheeky scouser says:

    That camp site looks pretty dodgy to me.

    Have the Police carried out a full search ?

    If they think that that funny smell has something to do with a lack of soap and water then they should think again.


    • 99
      Phil from Pentonville says:

      When the Police do carry out their search will there be a Press helicopter flying overhead ?


    • 185
      Health And Safety Inspector-Pestering Law Abiding People But Ignoring Hippies/Travellers/Squatters says:

      Let me at ‘em! Also, get the Fuzz to search everyone for Drugs!


  32. 89
    The Great Unwashed says:

    So we as a collective decided on Blackpool for our summer holidays.


  33. 93
    Govts_Needtocontrol_theInternet says:

    “…hypocritical…” ??

    Guido omitted from the header of this article;

    “Sponsored by the energy lobby.”



    • 101
      Socialists are full of shit says:

      fuck off the establishment loves to be pussy whipped by this small unrepresentive bunch of soap dodging c*nts.
      Makes the tax raising con that follows appear somehow moral.


      • 130
        Govts_Needtocontrol_theInternet says:

        The quality of debate here is debatable – did you go to public school, perchance ?

        These protesters might be easy targets – but they definitely do represent the majority in the UK who have serious concerns over fracking – yet the bought Westminster politicians are ignoring them – again.

        A bit like Iraq, “Not In Our Name” protests. That went well for the politicians…


        • 142
          Wake up & vote UKIP says:

          Oh pleeeeeze control us more – that always works for Nazis.
          Fine, you (say you) have concerns about fracking, I have concerns about energy dependence on dodgy dictatorships in fundamentalist countries – whom incidentally are far more likely to be sponsoring these protesters.
          These shale reserves are needed now.


          • Anonymous says:

            Wake up & vote UKIP – just don’t expect them to protect your right to protest or express your concerns. Don’t reply on them to stand up to big business or defend our Green and Pleasant Land.


        • 161
          carlo gambino says:

          ‘but they definitely do represent the majority in the UK who have serious concerns over fracking’.



          Thought not.

          And you lecture everyone else about debating…


        • 187
          I-KIP, We-KIP, They-KIP, I'm orf for a KIP says:

          I agree to some extent. It’s UKIP’s policy in favour of Fracking. I’m a DEMOCRAT first, and a UKIP’er Second. My Local Labour Council has already granted rights for Fracking without ANY Public Consultation. As for your “Not in our name” quote, it still didn’t stop the fucktards from Voting Labour again did it?(AKA, continue backing a War Criminal). Socialist Amnesia makes a lobotomised alzheimer’s patient seem cognitive.


  34. 98
    Another Headshrinker says:

    They’re not people they’re hippies!


  35. 102
    Used to be a mohammedan says:

    Am I allowed to comment here?


    • 107
      Tachybaptus says:

      Hope you’re using a proxy server. Otherwise the religious hackers will be after you with axes.


  36. 106
    Jezza says:

    So the 700 ‘British’ moo slims currently beheading and raping their way across Iraq and Syria – what’s to be done with the ones that survive and return to Blighty? Not heard much in the way of plans for that yet, anybody?


    • 110
      Theresa May says:

      I will expend hundreds of millions of pounds in legal fee’s trying to stop them coming back into the country get overruled by Brussels and then let them in.
      That is our plan


    • 115
      Used to be a mohammedan says:

      Put parachutes on them and boot them out of a plane flying over the Hejaz. Film operation to the Beatles Flying track.


    • 121
      táxpáyér says:

      Take it as read that they have opted to renounce British citizenship, if they still want to claim they are British, try them for treason.


    • 144
      inside out says:

      Have an execution squad in Turkey to solve the problem.They will only return for benefits.


      • 157
        British voters says:

        Strip them of their British citizenship and revoke their passports-NOW.
        Kick any immediate family out of state provided homes,educational
        establishments and stop all benefits-NOW.

        We don’t pay our taxes to support murderous scum like this.


    • 179
      Anonymous says:

      As well as supporting the “freedom fighters’ in Syria, Hague was going sent in air strikes. Bombing attacks on the Syrian government that could have allowed ISIS to come to power. Good job Hague has more time to spend with his ‘friends’ in the Free Syrian Army?


  37. 118

    F’rance stirring the pot a little:

    What is interesting is that the politician apparently received more complaints than supports about her post criticising !slam for forcing the woman to wear the veil on the beach.

    NB: She did not stop to ask the woman on the beach how she felt.

    Vote UKIP :-D


    • 122
      táxpáyér says:

      Islam has no place in the civilised west FULL STOP.


      • 132

        That opens up many questions about religious freedom.

        What is needed is a fatwa stating essentially:

        When in Rome.

        But if a woman doesn’t mind sitting in a veil by the beach and not going in for a swim whilst watching her husband – what is wrong with that ?

        Vote UKIP :-D


      • 135
        RomaBert... says:

        It’s a big thumbs up for the IDF from me today :)

        Eilat is a piece of sanity in that part of the world! Some nice beach bars there also!


        • 138
          JustSayNo_toFriendsofIsrael says:

          Eilat beach…oh yes, it will be nice and safe there just now.

          I had forgotten that it’s not Israeli children who are bombed whilst playing on the beach.

          IDF recruitment slogan: “Join the Army and Kill Children”


      • 145
        Gabriel says:

        Islam has no place on a civilised planet.


    • 127
      Mrs Khan says:

      I was wearing a hat but seeing as I was on a French beach I decided to go topless and took it off.

      Liked by 1 person

  38. 119
    P Patel says:

    Bring back hanging for these toe-rags.

    Terminally ill pensioner knocked to the ground and beaten up by muggers in ‘cowardly attack’


  39. 123
    A Golden Oldie says:

    Ronnie Barker – British Rail:


  40. 124
  41. 125
    Pheslie Lillips, UKIP Candidate says:

    Ting Tong!


  42. 131

    Further endorsement of Cameron’s L!bya efforts:

    Might be a good idea for NATO not to intervene as it needs to keeps it’s eyes on the bigger threat east.

    Vote UKIP :-D


  43. 133
    Owen Jones says:

    The BBC needs to be shut down and replaced with a grown up organisation. One that isn’t corrupt, biased, left-wing and takes money from its viewers and then does what it likes with it. It needs to be replaced with something responsible, accountable, objective and with people who report FACTS, not propaganda


    • 169
      Anonymous says:

      Meanwhile, back in the world of Fox News.


      • 188
        I can only Google BBC News says:

        Yes, because any other sites are beyond my ‘skill set’. I must have just one unbiased site to read. I never think the BBC is biased, so will only read their site.

        BTW, how many Strikes have happened in non-Public businesses in the last 10 years? Why is it that ONLY Publicly Owned departments suffer from this? Are they immune to the idea that ‘If you don’t like your job/conditions/wages, then find another fking job’? It seems to me that some seem to think that the State owes them a living (and it’s not the serial Unemployed either).


  44. 136
    Govts_Needtocontrol_theInternet says:

    Does anyone seriously trust our dodgy, spineless MPs’, [all parties] ?

    Why should we entrust them to make the right decisions over something as fundamental as the water supply and environmental protection ?

    Their judgement was criminally poor when filling out their tax claims/lies because money was involved. There is a lot more money to be made from supporting fracking.

    ‘Our’ politicians have repeatedly shown their focus is on short-term, personal gain. No point in saying 20 years down the line when there is widespread health and environmental damage : “We told you so!”

    Politicians are typically much thicker than your average guy on the street but they talk with authority and entitlement – and you just know they are going to cock up massively with this fracking licensing and regulation.


  45. 143
    Jimmy says:

    “Guess what they are using to stay warm and cook?”

    Shale gas?


    • 148
      Everyone on here says:

      I thought you were taking a holiday from being a fukwit?

      How’s that really successful blog going?


      • 159
        Anonymous says:

        So everyone here says that bully-boy tactics are OK? Same old hard right Tories, can attack the weak – but don’t like anyone standing up or questioning their actions.


  46. 158
    Old Blue Eyes says:

    With the fastest growing economy we now have the fastest going athletes. What’s not to like.


  47. 189
    Tapestry says:

    They are not anti-gas, you oaf. They are anti fracking-for-gas. If you can’t understand the difference, stop blogging immediately.


  48. 190
    Tapestry says:

    The anti-fracking camps I see use wood and not gas. This photo could well be a set-up.


  49. 191
    Bayeux says:

    “Hippies Using Gas to Power Anti-Gas Extraction Protest ”

    A headline written by somebody with a grasp of ***k all.

    Well said, tapestry


  50. 199
    Bill says:

    Leaving aside the minor detail that the gas in cylinders is a different kind of gas to that produced by fracking, and comes from a different source, you have a good point!


  51. 202
    Anonymous says:



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