August 15th, 2014

BBC Face Fight to Keep Gobby

Everybody’s favourite BBC field man might not be at the Beeb for much longer. Paul Lambert, known affectionately as Gobby for his polite and understated questioning style, could soon be snapped up by a rival. Friends tell MediaGuido changes to the BBC’s pension scheme have left the old guard weighing up their options, 57 year old Gobby among them. Still feared by politicians all the way to Downing Street, he would surely be snared by Sky or ITN in no time. Prize for the first person to shout “Are you going to resign, Gobby?”


  1. 1
    Pointless twaddle says:

    Never heard of him


    • 18
      Toxic Labour for Spongers, Scroungers, Parasites, Criminals, Layabouts & other Wasters says:

      Something wrong here as the BBC is the Eldorado of rewards?


      • 110
        Trougher truther says:

        Are cameramen and reporters so thick that they need to be accompanied by a producer to instruct them whom to film and what to report?

        What does he “produce” other than an inflated bill for the poor bloody licence-payer?


    • 28
      I've never heard of him either says:

      I’m glad I’m not alone.


      • 66
        Hear All See All says:

        Nor me, but ,then, I never watch or listen to their news output anyway.


        • 127
          stushie says:

          Me too! News filled with trivia, wimmin’s achievements (never role models for the underclass ), Israeli spokesmen (a dearth of balance), plus smirking ‘FI-FI’.Pass the sick bag Alice.
          Move to C4 and get some professionalism.


    • 37
      J. Fred Muggs says:

      How many £000s do they pay this obscure reporter to shout out the same question (unanswered) whenever a politician drops a clanger? Is this skill unique to him, or could anyone do it?


    • 51
      The Growler says:

      Neither have I, are you sure Geedes he is only 57 and not 67, I’m 11 years older than he is and he looks older than me, is life at the Beeb so stressful? When is the Master going going to give you a slot on Sky, with a sort of daily politics show, Dirty Des didn’t give you one, with all that cheer leading for the Sun and Sky you do on here, the Master would surely give you a chance of hosting a show, you could go head to head with Brillo or Newsnight.


    • 61
      Vote LibLabCon for Unlimited Immigration says:

      Never heard of him either.


      • 81
        Cinna says:

        Me neither. He;s a faceless “producer” who apparently moonlights shouting questions at politicians. Hardly in depth reporting or clever questioning. Why would anyone be desperate to keep him? Why would any other company be so desperate for another g’obshite to offer him loads money.

        Basically a non-story.


    • 93
      The two Muppets says:

      He certainly likes the sound of his own voice , He thinks that he is being
      clever but he is probably just trying to hide his own inferiority complex .


    • 111
      Scrap the BBC says:

      Never heard of him – he’s a fat c.unt though, I bet he “earns” at least £400k p.a.

      still, only a drop in the ocean of the £3.6 billion the BBC extort in licence fees .p.a.


  2. 2
    Ah! soon says:

    ‘Salmon Cannon’ Fires Fish Over Dams At 22mph

    Salmond hits dam at 100 mph


    • 16
      M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

      Salmond the salmon fish farmer’s friend.

      The guy is obviously in hock to the mainly Norwegian owned salmon fish farming industry in Scotland. The Nogs aren’t allowed to export their own farmed salmon to China so they have invested heavily in fish farms based along the West coast of Scotland to produce “Scottish” farmed salmon for export to China. Meanwhile they export Norwegian farmed salmon to Britain.

      The open-sea fish farms, spewing out disease and billions of sea lice, are destroying the ecosystem of the West of Scotland. Wild salmon and sea trout are on the verge of being wiped out in the local rivers which has a massive impact on the rural economy. The Scottish government has responded by stating, yes but we have not allowed any fish farms on the East coast ! Shameful, and all to fund Salmond’s doomed independence campaign. Perhaps there’s more Yes votes in the East.


      • 60
        inside out says:

        He is destroying the game fishing industry in Scotland as he thinks they are all posh English.The industry is worth £130 million and 1800 jobs to the Scottish economy . He also has a plan to nationalise all large estates and all the fishing rivers. Thats worth another £200 million and 2000 jobs for the stalking and shooting.Marx would be proud.
        All in the name of equality and inclusiveness.


      • 63
        The Growler says:

        Well if the rivers are so clean now, wouldn’t salmon be busting to go up the English rivers, a long time since salmon swam up the Don passed Sheffield, when appreticies went on strike because they were being fed more salmon than anything else, there was an area of Sheffield called Salmon Pastures, as that fount of all knowledge S C will know.


        • 87
          Ma­­qb­oul says:

          The English rivers are cleaner now than for centuries. One of the problems for rivers like the Don is not the improving cleanliness of the water but man-made obstructions which prevent migratory fish from making their way back upstream to spawn. I know they are close to restoring salmon runs to the Trent so don’t see why this won’t happen to the Don also.

          The irony is that wealthy English anglers needed to go to Scotland for good salmon fishing. Now they can find it loser to home.


          • Ma­­qb­oul says:



          • The Yorkshireman says:

            A salmon was seen in the Don a few years back.

            The obstacles are being bypassed – a new fish pass was put in at the first weir only this year.

            Fishing for salmon in the middle of Rotherham isn’t, however, likely to be as attractive as doing so on the upper Spey or Dee.


          • The Growler says:

            The Don is certainly cleaner than it was 34 years ago at that time it used to stink at Kilnhurst, inspite of various weirs along its length because it combined the waters of the Rother form Chesterfield and the Don which meandered through Sheffield, steel works and chemical plants discharging and extracting from the rivers. I haven’t heard of any salmon being caught yet. In the Pennines where the Don starts there is clean water.


          • sticky keys says:

            I recall seeing the Calder with ( I tell no lie) a 12 foot blanket of detergent suds along its length


    • 19
      Rob Roy says:

      It is now being put about that Salmond has a problem with women voters with implications being raised that because of this it would be a good idea to vote no.

      Independence is not about the personalities of transient politicians or how much money will be in your poket next week or this time next year.

      it is about creating a new playing field for a better more economically prosperous Scotland in a generation or two.

      Vote yes, expect short term problems and squawks from Westminster but the future most definitely will not mirror the past.


      • 25
        Esther from Primark says:

        Well said Rob Roy.

        Let us be perfectly clear about this that Alec Salmond after the vote and approaching 60 will not be around much longer.

        He is the mouthpiece but not the future organ grinder.


        • 27
          ScotBrit says:

          He will not be around two tics after a resounding NO vote.


          • Arise, Lord Salmond of Auchterfekweet!


          • If reality intrudes, the truth of the Referendum is that as there is no prospect that the Scots will vote for financial destruction again, the whole purpose is to slide in Devo-Max. This gives the Scots the freedom to live in La La Land economically whilst receiving ongoing English subsidy and, continuing to send a phalanx of votes to Westminster that has no genuine jurisprudential basis to influence purely English legislation. Not to mention providing a reassuring counter-vote to the Bumsex Tory Party.


      • 26
        ScotBrit says:

        Ah but the point is it will NOT be more economically prosperous and anyone who believes the promise of a little Socialist Utopia north of the border will happen but be better off emigrating to Cloudcuckoo Land.

        Women don’t have a problem with Salmond, being more down to earth they have a problem with his arithmetic.


        • 36
          I Roger Boys MP says:

          Can we start bricking the hole in the wall up now , to make sure no more of the useless fuckers ever find their way to Westminster ?


        • 67
          The Growler says:

          You never know Salmond may reduce corporation tax down to 10%, London is not the only place that can run financial casinos


          • Ma­­qb­oul says:

            By that logic Luxembourg would be a greater financial powerhouse than London.


          • The Growler says:

            As regards Luxembourg M., nobody really knows what money is in Luxembourg or those other Duchies in that area who are very secretive about clients wealth, it was from Lichtenstein remember that Captn. Bob operated his financial affairs


      • 62
        Good Morning says:

        Bit early to be so pissed even for you Rob.
        Greetings from a subsidised Scotland.


      • 86
        Cinna says:

        It’s always relevant to question people’s motives attitudes and beliefs.


  3. 3
    M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

    Gobby the House Elf.


  4. 4

    When are they going to shut the BBC is the better question.

    Vote UKIP :-D


    • 30
      I hate the bbc and hope all its employees die of rectal cancer says:

      By “shut the BBC” do you mean “seal the doors and windows with all BBC employees inside and then drop a phial of Ebola down the chimney”?


      • 45
        The British Public says:

        Harsh but fair.


      • 70
        The Growler says:

        Who is that coloured gentleman knocking at your door, oh dear, he does not seem very well, oh dear he has collapsed and vomiting blood, things don’t look very good.


  5. 5
    Norman Smith says:

    What about me?


  6. 6
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    Why are we not offering asylum to the Iraqi refugees?

    Possibly, but extremely unlikely, Cameron has realized that the UK can’t take any more immigrant/asylum seekers. More than likely, he has discussed allowing Christians into the country with Lady Warsi, and been told that it could cost him ethnic (Muslim) votes at the next GE.


  7. 7
    Nick Clegg says:

    330 000 children fed by food banks last year, with teachers taking food in to feed pupils < Heartbreaking & damning indictment of the Conservative led coalition.


    • 13
      Barack says:

      Should have put ‘em on a mountain. Let ‘em drink blood


    • 23
      M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

      So this is the source of the Obesity Crisis in modern Britain? Free food by the bucket load shoveled into them by idle teachers who want a quiet life from their bloated charges.


    • 24
      Token C**t says:

      People taking up free food, well I never… the damning indictment is on the people that take it to get by that do not need it or do you think that with foodbank numbers rising so dramatically is because of people suddenly all hitting desperate times. No don’t tell me, it’s the bedroom tax. How about you go suck on a massive schlong.


      • 43
        Charity begins at home, don't ask Brown about the mosquito nets in America says:

        Funny how much advertising the charities do on British tv is for countries abroad and how much is done by the charities making you go past their crowd control at supermarkets with buckets stuck in your face wanting money for other countries woes, I’ve not seen a charity for food banks to feed British kids, could be their’s no money in it and the charities could be found wanting as it’s too close to home.


    • 38
      Pedigree Chum says:



    • 39
      I Roger Boys MP says:

      Tell them all to go and stand on top of a hill , and the whole fucking world will dump plane loads of goodies on them


      • 85
        The Growler says:

        I wonder where to the phrase “to Roger or Rodger ” actually came from, seems to have been about for years?


      • 103

        The reason that there are a lot less Yazidis playing hide and seek in the Mountains is that the Yanks and Brits dropped pallets of hard supplies from above 10,000 feet. You ever been hit by a 5lb bottle of water, travelling at 120 mph or even several hundred still shrink-wrapped to a wooden pallet? Bombs gone, Skipper!!
        I reckon they decided that the comparative risks of being executed by ISIS as against the certainty of being bombed to death by manic USAF personnel.
        Oh cruel World.
        Won’t be long before the RAF have to fly recon flights and bombing the ancient Kurdish enclaves above Halifax with emergency supplies when ISIS start moving from Bradford.


  8. 8
    The government says:

    Pensions aren’t going to exist anymore, except for the special ones. We are going to ‘death tax’ any still in existence.


  9. 9
    Ah! at last says:

    Are we to find out the size of Cliff’s penis. Were those ‘lumps’ falsies?


  10. 10
    George Galloway says:

    Today I am declaring this blog a mussie free zone.

    We don’t want any taxi or takeaway services. We don’t want any mufti’s coming to the blog.


    • 22
      Benefit scrounger says:

      Those two jobs are two of the only cash in hand jobs left. Useful if you’ve got to get down the dole office to sign your UB40.


      • 41
        I Roger Boys MP says:

        Wrong !

        Where i live the fuckers have found other ways of not paying taxes
        They are taking over the scrapyard / vehicle dissmantlers and all the ice cream vans


  11. 11
    Are you going to resign, Gobby? says:

    Can’t the put him on Newsnight? Last night I turned on to see three boring sim min blowing smoke out of their asses. The worst political TV I’ve ever seen. Shockingly bad. Is this why Paxo called it a day?


  12. 12

    Vote UKIP :-D


  13. 29
    ScotBrit says:

    Vote NO :)


  14. 31

    I thought his nickname came from his habit of gobbing on carpets, furniture, pets and ladies’ dresses.


  15. 33
    Laurie Penny says:

    Minister raped me, says QC’s daughter


  16. 40
    JustSayNo_toFriendsofIsrael says:

    Perhaps Guido should make an approach for ‘Gobby’.

    This chap just might ask the necessary questions – whenever GF is busy looking the other way to appease his masters / sponsors / friends.


    • 96
      The Growler says:

      If he works for Fawkesy he would be indirectly working for the Master anyway, I don’t think Fawkesy could afford to employ him, even on as a self employed contributor.


  17. 42
    Iain Duncan Smith says:

    It’s amazing how Eastern European Immigrants can be simultaneously living off the dole and stealing our jobs.


    • 47
      I hate the bbc and hope all its employees die of rectal cancer says:

      Or breaking into houses in Wimbledon and kicking the crap out of the homeowners.


    • 48
      The British Public says:

      Because there’s more than one Eastern European Immigrant?

      Oh you said ‘Immigrants’ I’m sorry IDS my mistake.


    • 52
      non taxble pikey says:

      Just like the Irish did in days of yore. An Irish friend working on the UK railways in the 70s told me he was registered at 3 dole offices around the capital. He has a fine house and business in Donegal now plus a lot of land in Spain and Portugal, the lad did well out of us.


    • 53
      Universal International Benefits says:

      Tinfoiled nutter.


    • 119
      wakey wakey says:

      It’s not just EE immigrants


  18. 44
    King Alex says:

    You don’t know what you are walking into – but you definitely know what you are leaving behind.

    Got to be worth a punt.


  19. 50
    Bob says:

    Usually GF tries to bring down his targets.

    So why is he promoting this unknown, media pygmy ?

    Is this another ‘sponsored’ story ?


  20. 56
    Anonymous says:

    What about a new series for Sky…………”The Lambert Files” Wouldn’t bloated Aunty just love it?


  21. 58
    GOBBY says:




  22. 64
    Kitty says:

    I’m not a pedo you know.


  23. 69
    Ryan Air says:

    Don’t eat your own nuts on our flights, otherwise you’re banned for two years.


  24. 72
    The British media are cunts says:

    So is he that moronic mong always shouting that bollocks out then? I thought it was one of those drunks that hangs around Westminster with the sandwich board on.

    How much are we paying this fuckwit?


  25. 73
    Big Auntie says:

    There’s another 5000+ like him that no one has heard of.


  26. 74
    Great says:

    Terrorist holding up severed head is on benefits.


  27. 89
    Your comment is awaiting moderation, the truth hurts says:

    I’m an immigrant sponging off benefits in a hospital waiting for a heart transplant smuggling guns into Britain for Jihads bringing my whole tribe of a family here and I’m working illegally and legally putting you white honkies out of a job.
    So fuck off.


  28. 92
    I Roger Boys MP says:

    Why oh Why are politicians SO FUCKING THICK ?
    We are now talking (along with the French and the Netherlands) of throwing yet more arms into Iraq
    Every time we support / arm these countries , the arms eventually end up being used agains the west
    Dave and his Cronies supported the Arab Spring in Egypt , Syria , Libya , Bahrain
    Yemen etc
    Now the Dave backed terrorists from Syria have spread out into Lebanon , Iraq Egypt and other Arab / North African countries
    We the west armed to the teeth the Iraq army with tanks planes missiles etc who at the first signs of a fight , left the fucking lot to be picked up by the so called freedom fighters to be used in their ethnic cleansing programme
    The same thing will be happening in Afghanistan as soon as the yanks leave
    Do they not realise that eventually most of the ammunition and explosives will find it’s way back to the west ?
    When they do start attacking us from within , politicians will blame everything but their own policies for this


    • 98
      Liberal Elite says:

      In a few words ‘divide et impera’ old boy, we’ll always back the one on the back foot it doesn’t matter who it is. As long as the middle east is a chaotic mess of madness that can’t threaten the promised land the job is done.


      • 102
        I Roger Boys MP says:

        Ah but once they have slaughtered all the Non believers and infidels , they will have united the whole region , with just Israel in their way , once removed they can concentrate on the islamification of the west


        • 109

          Although the Final draft of the Syles-Picot carve-up was, actually rejected by the “Allies” in 1917, it had provided for a Homeland for the Middle Eastern Arabs ( but no Heimat for the Zionists, just an area with quota-driven joint supervision). The result of the “rejection” of the SPA was the Balfour Declaration 1917 and guess who was promised their “Promised Land”?
          Of course, Britain had backed the Shi’ite Persians, now Iran, for its Oil; then the bleedin Yanks went for the Sunni Saudis. Iraq was carved up, hence the dead-hand of history when Desert Storm kicked off. As for France…zut alors. Syria…


  29. 100
    I Roger Boys MP says:

    Who the hell appointed Eygpt to broke a deal between Israel and Palastine ?
    Oh yes i remember Dave europe and the yanks backed the overthrow of the Mubarak government , and then welcomed the democratically elected Muslim Brotherhood , who have now been overthrown by a military / islamist rabble , who will excecute the said democratically elected ministers
    Dave , your silence is deafening !


    • 105
      Windbag says:

      You are Neil Kinnock and I claim my 5 pounds.


    • 123

      To those for whom the machinations of the various tribes of Islam, peacock Angel worshippers, Druze, Alawites et al are a complete mystery, I have detected what can be the only reason preventing the developed World not solving the whole murderous problem and evening up the score for the King David Hotel at the same time, with a co-ordinated and massive nuclear missile launch.
      Clearly, the “Bilderberg” or even deeper-buried sect/cult/ whatever, has decided to go on piling our money through oil revenue ( most of which disappears as ‘Petrol-dollars’) into trying to civilise them. After all, the 20th century warfare was all about oil, so trying to persuade the by-now well-armed, wealthy proxy brigands, mad Mullahs, Sunni and Shi’ites ( were they not Hittites originally? But someone thought it might make us whiteys laugh – so they got an apostrophe) to stop killing each other, get democracy ( Islam does not do Democracy) and we will all live happily whilst the Islamics continue their 1,500 year habit of taking slaves mostly from Africa, although money, oil, power etc make a temporary alternative?
      In addition to pouring money into our Banks through the Middle East, clearly we gave to give the Islamists some home mentoring, so we need to import a breeding stock that will, unfortunately, outbreeding the natives numerically within 20 years. Oops.
      The problem of having to eradicate the entire population throughout the Middle East is a little extreme, but viewed as a case of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma where a body has to be irradiated and sustain a transplant of “good” bone marrow, we have at least been working on growing an alternative population to send back. Unfortunately, the Zoo is becoming a bit crowded.


  30. 107

    So the leftys are not happy with their pay? Hypocrites


  31. 115
    Dope not Soap says:

    When are these lefty tossers going to set up a free beer bank?

    I could murder a pint.


  32. 117
    BiBiBeelzebub says:

    Thank goodness for those fine Ruskies and ISIS chappies.

    Now global opinion is looking the other way, I can carry on with having civilians and children murdered – and with a few Iranian scientists thrown in too, just to keep me happy !


    • 121
      can't take it? don't give it says:

      tell you what, I’ll send someone round to repeatedly punch you in the face and see how long it is before you want to punch them back


    • 124

      Errr, ‘scuse me Guv’. Wink, wink, know what yer mean…I got a few nice cases of Ebola in the back of me van. Guaranteed best Zairean Congo. 75% effective. I could let you have them cheap. Yer know, nod wink to a blind horse? Throw in the Yellow plague flag. Oh, alright, you’ve twisted me arm. I’ll pay the bloody postage to Gaza.


  33. 126

    never heard of him

    is he a friend of adam somebody …another producer /occasional presenter who s also been there for years ?


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