August 14th, 2014

Burnham ‘Owes’ Tax Efficient Lobbyist Aide £20,000

The Times and Mail are on the case of Andy Burnham’s health lobbyist aide Kevin Lee over his tax arrangements, a story Guido broke over two years ago. Readers will remember how back in 2011 this blog revealed how Lee was being paid as Burnham’s spinner not on a normal PAYE contract, but through his company, Lee Communications. Since Labour advisers are paid for by taxpayer-funded ‘Short Money’, this seems particularly creative. And the murkiness doesn’t end there.

When Burnham was Health Secretary, Lee Communications raked in hundreds of thousands of pounds in NHS cash, which is somewhat ironic given Burnham’s apocalyptic warnings about the Tories privatising the health service. Lee also splashed himself all over the internet boasting about his connections with Burnham and his expertise in public affairs. He was a health lobbyist with NHS clients.

As if Burnham employing Lee’s company and giving him a parliamentary pass permitting a health lobbyist access to parliament was not suspicious enough, Lee also “loaned” £20,000 to Burnham’s failed leadership campaign. Burnham has never managed to explain why he gave a lobbyist donor unfettered access to the parliamentary estate. As for that £20,000 loan, did Burnham ever pay it back? Let’s see if he can clear it up once and for all two years on…


  1. 1
    nell. says:

    suspect his answer will be to use selective memory technique – “it was a long time ago and I don’t remember anything about that” Labour and truth don’t exactly go together.


    • 3
      nell. says:

      labour and honesty of course is an even bigger mismatch


      • 20
        Toxic Labour for Spongers, Scroungers, Parasites, Criminals, Layabouts & other Wasters says:

        Belsen Burnham was responsible for thousands of deaths in the WHS so he won’t be that bothered about this.


        • 31
          A Right Fucking Bastard. says:

          He’s fucking Scouse, so being a lying, thieving Hunt is his default position.


          • A Juventus Fan says:

            “It’s never your fault,
            It’s never your fault,
            Always the victims,
            It’s never your fault”.


          • Cynthia Bowers says:

            I can do PR and reputation protection better and cheaper than Burn’em and Lee. Give me a call.


      • 60
        Collaborator Cameron, Islamo appeaser says:

        Hello shlomos

        today I will be mostly sucking Karachi cock in Tower Hamlets, while talking tough about Iraq.

        Have a nice day,
        and don’t forget to use plenty of lube.


      • 131
        Labour Councils turn a good area into a 3rd world uncivilised fatherless place says:

        Mid Staffs: Labour Government ignored MP requests for public inquiry into deaths (The Telegraph, 17 Feb 2013):

        “Former Health Secretaries Andy Burnham and Alan Johnson ignored 81 requests for a public inquiry into Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust in the two years after it was first warned of poor NHS care, it has emerged.”

        “Both Andy Burnham, and Alan Johnson, turned down dozens of requests for public inquiries into the Mid-Staffordshire scandal, including 20 from fellow MPs.”

        Andy Burnham’s Voting Record (source: ‘TheyWorkForYou’ website):

        Voted strongly for allowing marriage between two people of same sex.

        Voted for the Iraq war.

        Voted against an investigation into the Iraq war.

        Voted for more EU integration.

        Voted against a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU.

        Voted against a reduction in spending on welfare benefits.

        Voted against raising the threshold (personal allowance) at which people start to pay income tax.

        Voted against higher taxes on plane tickets.

        Voted against lower taxes on fuel for motor vehicles.

        Voted against higher taxes on alcoholic drinks (to encourage binge drinking).

        Voted for a banker’s bonus tax (so Labour can waste more money on themselves and failed projects).

        Voted for an annual tax on the value of expensive homes (popularly known as a mansion tax).

        Voted against reducing the rate of corporation tax (on small/medium size businesses).

        Voted against measures to reduce tax avoidance.

        Voted against reforming the NHS so GPs buy services on behalf of their patients.

        Voted against academy schools.

        Voted for university tuition fees.

        Voted against a transparent Parliament (so Labour can continue claiming more on expenses).

        Voted against an equal number of electors per parliamentary constituency.

        Voted against fewer MPs in the House of Commons.

        Voted for introducing ID cards.

        Voted against capping civil service redundancy payments.


    • 27
      • 40
        Charity Begins at the DfiD says:

        He should have done the swim wearing a Blue Circle overcoat.

        Even I would have sponsored him then.


      • 43
        Genghiz the kahn says:

        What’s the difference between a new coin and the Mersey?

        One’s shiny bright…


    • 42
      Triple whammy says:


    • 61
      Tom Catesby. says:

      This condition, which is commonly known as having a convenient memory. is more often known among health service staff, doctors, altzeimer specialists and the like as, ‘cableitis’ or ‘doing a cable’.


    • 123
      The two Muppets says:

      Andy Burnham , the most despicable member of the Shadow Cabinet
      and that is saying something . Who can forget the poor people that died
      in the Mid Staffs scandal because of his ineptitude when he was in charge .
      I am surprised that he was kept on as Shadow health Secretary .
      It just shows how weak Miliband really is .

      Liked by 1 person

  2. 2
    Watch with Mother says:

    Andy Pandy’s coming to play


  3. 4
    Joe Public says:

    Another good reason to vote UKIP.


    • 15
      Jabba Le Chat says:

      Burnham £20k gone walkies, Farage £250k gone walkies Ashford Call Centre and £200k gone walkies his local party office.

      Burnham & Farage are both dick-heads and you shouldn’t vote for either…


      • 23

        One can expand on the Labour fraud which was running very easily.

        Indeed they are still being prosecuted.

        The UKIP money you refer to was properly accounted for (unless you do not consider EU accounting standards to be acceptable…) and has no criminal or otherwise overtones to it.

        Unlike this.

        Good distraction from the large numbers of people who died in their own filth in hospital beds without food or water, which Burnham and Labour seemed to enjoy overseeing.

        Vote UKIP :-D


        • 57
          Jabba Le Chat says:

          Expect many Ukip collars to be felt over the coming months over all that missing money. The Panorama investigation to be aired next month will also make interesting viewing…


          • Might be interesting.

            Cleansing that party and stirring up the expenses soup for the LibLabCon should be fun for the main election.

            The BBC piece will be biased owing to its EU funding and Labour influences – most will know that. Lack of prosecutions relating to folk like B’ercow and B’urnham stand taller.

            Vote UKIP :-D


        • 75
          The Growler says:

          To be fair to Andy Pandy, when you are stuck in your palatial health head office you do not see that sort of thing, you rely on underlings and inspectors to report where things are going wrong. The trouble is Andy Pandy relied on being fed information, if he received adverse information and just sat on it yes Andy Pandy was a very naughty little boy. What I did see when working in care was old folk going home too soon and then within 2 days they were back in hospital or turning up for a new client and no one there. Information has to be fed upwards, never mind they might not like it, as soon as there is more joined up thinking the better, the health service is not helped by every new government or minister takes control vast amounts of money are spent (and in the case of PFI under Liebore for another 25 years) and there seems very little to show for it.

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          • The guy is a Useful Idiot who did not oversee the ex-communist party member on the civil service side who delighted in murdering geriatrics and others on the State Health care service.

            There is no real way to play that down.

            That the guy appears also to be involved in a pass selling scandal is of no real surprise.

            That he is still walking free is.

            Vote UKIP :-D


          • A laundry basket says:

            Looks like a good case for the cross-hairs to re-appear. This bloke has been allowed far too much freedom and needs taking down asap.


      • 50
        Jabba La twatte says:

        Your lies about Farage achieve nothing.


        • 64
          Jabba Le Chat says:

          Bless, another clueless kipper who doesn’t know what goes on in his favourite party…


          • The Growler says:

            They are in politics to make as much dosh as they can, build connections they are all scunners, know what I mean. The only politicos I respect are those that REALLY CARE about their constituents and try to get things done for the area they represent.


          • Wake up and smell the beverage of your choice says:

            Lies, propaganda.

            That’s all you’ve got.


    • 138
      Jabba Le Chat says:


  4. 4
    Labour's Mask is Slipping says:

    Behind the fluttering eyelashes and the Scouser victim act lies a plotting politician surrounded by an entourage of tax-dodging cronies lending money for access.


  5. 6
    A star is born says:


  6. 7
    Genghiz the kahn says:

    Odd tax arrangements for a friend of Andy…

    Who let The Times and Mail know?

    Is the dear leader in trouble, and are friends of Ed trying to discredit Andy of St Afford?

    If only this sort of scheme was available for the poor souls on PAYE, but then its people like Andy and Ed who help change tax rules whilst finding ways to limit their exposure to the same taxes. What a bunch of hoons.


    • 29
      Tony Temple says:

      Miliband is feeling the pressure and must be briefing against his rivals in the Shadow Cabinet. Balls, Burnham and others are positioning for the leadership.


    • 30
      The Fully Tax Payer Funded Great & the Good says:

      “Don’t do as WE do, Do as we SAY”

      Or Else !!!!!


    • 49
      M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

      Not really. Lee runs a consultancy performing services of different durations with many clients so the logical arrangement would be to have a limited company and invoice each one for services rendered. He could not be an employee on the payroll of each client.


    • 51
      bergen says:

      I thought it sounded that it was part of an internal Labour feud. Burnham seems to lead a charmed life. Staffordshire ought to have finished his career.


  7. 8
    Oberabschnitte Burnham says:

    Send this creature to Mid Staffs for ‘training’


  8. 11
    M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

    He got a damn better price for the pass than Bercow did.


  9. 12
    Death Tax from Andy says:


    • 14
      Herod King says:

      How much would that bastard’s policies have raked in at Mid Staffordshire?


      • 51
        The Fully Tax Payer Funded Great & the Good says:

        Please remember Real Effective Cosmetics are very very Expensive…….!!!

        and some need a lot more than others to trowel over there visible defects

        plus all of these products are subject to VAT but only the filthy stinking

        smelly masses & lower orders have this purloined from them in every

        devious manner that can be dreamt up from the cradle to the grave

        & beyond by being as unfair as possible……


  10. 13
  11. 18
    Andy Burnham says:

    Eh! Eh! Alright! Alright! Calm down! Calm down!


  12. 21
    Casual Observer II says:

    Stinking corruption in ConLibLabLand — As usual — They are all corrupt t(u)rds stealing taxpayers money

    Hang the bastards.


    • 28
      Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

      You sir are being entirely unreasonable. This is how politics works. We politicians have always used public money to give to our friends and cronies for preferment, we have used it to further our own careers, to pay our families for goods and services never received, and for contracts that engender political donations. I have been doing this for over 40 years, every other politician, as far as I am aware, does it. I don’t see what you are complaining about. Boaz.


  13. 24
    Oxygen of publicity says:


  14. 25
    Don Cheadle's Gusset says:

    Excellent. This advisor sounds handy and tax-efficient, Labour need more people like him.

    As for lending money, only a baboon would lend money to Labour and expect it to be repaid. They are the Party of Debt after all.


  15. 26
    Andy Bumhum says:


  16. 33
    Death camp Andy says:


  17. 37
    Mark Carney and his Flying Circus says:

    This is a job for PC Plod.


  18. 39

    More aid from Russia:

    30 tons delivered in 1 x IL-76.

    IL76 is a very large transport plane that can transport between 42 and 60 tons depending on the specific model.

    Vote UKIP :-D


    • 41
      Weight & Measures says:

      How many stormtroopers to a ton?


    • 46
      Marshall Marshall says:

      Still less than just one Tesco truck can carry though.

      If we were serious about helping in Iraq, then we would be sending escorted food convoys through by road and not dropping token goodies from the back of an aircraft.


      • 56
        M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

        Maybe they are except there is a short term immediate need as well. As a logistics expert, how do you suggest they deal with that? DHL ?


        • 69
          Amazon says:

          We’d use drones


        • 71
          Not even DHL use DHL says:

          FedEx would be better for international shipping.

          I worked as a technical advisor for DHL some years ago and when they shipped packages internationally between DHL’s own sites they used FedEx because DHL themselves were too unreliable, with far too many packages going missing out arriving late and/or broken.


        • 74
          There is no Genocide says:

          Turns out that all the talk in the press about genocide and Holocaust is a Load of BOLLOCKS.

          There are less than 5,000 people in that 25 mile mountain range and they are are already being adequately fed and watered by standing aid agencies.

          Must be the silly season again but why did the story get totally out of hand? It wouldn’t be in Western interests to enter the oil rich region of Iraq would it?


          • M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

            They didn’t have to leave so why would they need an excuse to get back in?

            If we want oil there’s shitloads for sale on the open market. Invading countries is not a cost effective way of procuring oil.


          • Yes. But F’rance and G’ermany are now apparently providing direct military aid to K’urds and !raq.

            The light bombing campaign which US ran against IS positions opened a gap in the IS line for the people to go through.

            IS themselves perhaps realized also that exterminating this lot would undermine their political legitimacy. Those they did kill would have been killed for a reason (in IS terms).

            IS need the high ground in order to control that area.

            The MI-17 helicopter which came down injuring a Yazidi !raqi MP and several F’rance based NYT journalists the other day was of R’ussian manufacture. Mechanical failure is reason for crash according to !raqi military.

            Vote UKIP :-D


          • it's not about oil says:

            It’s a little known fact to the “It’s all about oil” leftards, that the USA imports less oil from Iraq now than it did under Saddam. 48% less.

            In fact oil imports from the middle east overall are 40% less than they were in 2001/2.

            So leftards, get real, stop making it up, it’s easily disproved and you just look ridiculous.


          • EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:


            “Turns out that all the talk in the press about genocide and Holocaust is a Load of BOLLOCKS.”

            Wouldn’t be the first time !


          • yeah right says:

            Strange isn’t it? The killing has stalled since the USA vaporised a few ISIS members and many people fled the mountain after ISIS withdrew, there are interviews with people who carried others down the mountain. So in your world of connect the dots – that has no weight?

            Also words of a Yazidi:
            Salam Sheikh: “One of the desperate wishes I was making was that if my family or the families still trapped in there couldn’t make their way out, I hope that the Iraqi air forces, Kurdish air forces, or whoever air forces are going to be in that area, I wish they’d bomb the entire city, including my own family. I would kill my own family instead of having ISIS get in close to them.”

            So the 40,000 of Sinjar went on a summer holiday?

            PS the UNHCR was also involved:



        • 77
          Havocman says:

          Great, the refugees would just find a card saying that the driver hadn’t been able to obtain an answer and that he’d left the aid with Iran.


      • 89
        Tom Catesby says:

        Wouldn’t a road convoy tend to get looted or blown up by naughty ISIS?


  19. 45
    Editor says:

    Boasting boasting


  20. 58
    Wise Shepherd says:

    “Red sky at night, taxpayers take fright”


  21. 65
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    Let’s all take a moment to discuss Owen Jones’s new haircut.


  22. 67

    Sic transit gloria mundi again?

    Except it’s Thursday.

    Hi Bloomers, just below!

    Vote UKIP :-D


  23. 72
    Anonymous says:

    “Let’s see if he can clear it up once and for all”
    Remember Loads Of Money? How times have changed, since Maggie moved on. Cos today, under Dave (who ironically warned of “the next big scandal waiting to break”, we have Loads of Lobbying in lieu.


  24. 80
    Norm Normal says:

    New words in the dictionary!

    Amazeballs: used to say that something is extremely good, impressive, enjoyable, etc

    So we are not likely to see Ed Balls and amazeballs ever used in the same sentence? Unless he suffers misfortune or another driving conviction?


  25. 85
    Anonymous says:



  26. 94

    Let me guess – “I cant remember the exact details but its all above board”


  27. 96
    Danny la Rue says:

    £20,000? My my, that IS a lot of mascara!


  28. 122
    The British media are cunts says:

    Hey at least it’s A Levels day which means lots of fit girls in short skirts jumping in the air (more chance of a knicker flash)


  29. 127
    The British media are cunts says:

    I bet Handycock is enjoying all these under-age girls in their skimpies all over the papers today.


  30. 135
    Ctesibius says:

    Any journalist interested (and I know you BBC chaps won’t be for obvious reasons) but there are a lot of gravy trains in health service ‘communications’ which have made plenty of left leaning people rich.


  31. 139
    Johann Lamont says:

    Mr. Findlay Labour MSP thinks the Tories are doing a great job of protecting the NHS budget in England.
    Open link and select Mr. Findlay’s clip.


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