August 13th, 2014

Tories Thrash Labour in Donation Stakes: Q2 Figures in Full

Electoral Commission figures out this morning show the Tories are amassing a decent pre-election war chest, raking in £7,185,709 in donations in Q2 of 2014. That’s almost double Labour, who banked just £3,761,615 by comparison. The biggest single donation was given to UKIP, £1,079,567 from Paul Sykes’ Highstone Group.

Those posters don’t pay for themselves…


  1. 1
    concrete pump says:

    Fat lot of good it’s gonna do ‘em.


    • 5
      Witty Moniker says:

      Exactly. What the f*ck are they doing with it all? Labour are still ahead in the polls.


      • 59
        rick says:

        Our politicians are bought. What else is new?


      • 112
        The two Muppets says:

        The Co-Op is almost broke and they are giving money to Labour.
        The same Co-op as run by that pillar of society . Reverend Flowers .


        • 127

          Yeah, well. Balls is a Co-Op MP and they gave it all to him to look after in case the Rev.d Flower got God, that or knocked down. In return they probably promised to reciprocate. Unfortunately for Flower, they weren’t in power when the white stuff hit the fan. He’s gone and it’s coming ’round to that time when there’s a change of Balls. Or, even, a new Balls. Up to then, they’ll just have to let the spinners have the old Balls.


    • 12
      anno yed says:

      I wonder how much of that is for them to turn a blind eye to Israel’s war crimes.


      • 18
        spanows says:

        who is Sir David Garrard and why is he so crazy? (or is that the name of another Union!…


        • 21
          No EU flag why? says:

          Obviously Garrard has more money than sense.
          Just like Ed Miliband


        • 32
          Google says:

          Use me….much info including spats in court and family bust ups, he even wanted Mandy on the board.


        • 42
          hmmmm says:

          Apparently the Tories have no support amongst unions and Labour are only ran by the unions (those pesky little groups owned by and run for its members – number in the millions.)

          Well of course you can continue to believe both of these things and watch the future slip from Tory hands. Or we can stop union bashing and try to drive a wedge between the two, whilst finding a way to support Tory Union Members.


        • 68
          "Sir" David Garrard says:

          I own over £100m worth of property. I will get richer with policies that increase demand for housing and removing caps to subsidies to landlords (ie rental benefit)


      • 116
        Roger says:

        Since when was defending yourself a crime?


        • 118
          Alpha says:

          FIVE MILLION Palestinians have been driven into refugee camps by the israelis who stole their land against the resolutions of UN. Denying them the right of return is a war crime.


        • 124
          beta says:

          Who defends the Palestinians?


        • 131

          As a lawyer, I would have to say that the position is unclear. Of course, you are entitled to use “proportionate” force to prevent your attacker from doing so. Unfortunately, like our Rules of Engagement in the Armed Forces, this means letting your opponent select his weapon, time and place of engagement as well as preserving the secrecy of his intent. Thus, it assists greatly to develop a strong ability to foresee the future and always carry or have within immediate ready-use a wide variety of suitable and graded weaponry so as to avoid any aspersions that your degree of response was excessive.
          Thus if your assailant rushes upon you screaming and carrying an open bladed weapon, you should politely request that he/she (!) wait whilst you establish whether it is double-edged, serrated and it’s cutting length. Equipped with this information you can then select a slightly smaller similar weapon and invite your opponent to “Strike Hard”, being ready not to strike the first blow!
          Of course, you ask what you do when your attacker is actually in the process of killing you without observing the usual niceties. This, us of course, where one must exhibit the stoical ability to explain that this sort of behaviour is not cricket! Even as the brown chaps play it in Calcutta. Unfortunately, not all the attackers speak good English. Thus, before electing to act precipitately and actually select a weapon of any description, one should establish that your attacker can actually understand your remonstrations. It would be unthinkable to resort to actual force to defend oneself if you had not warned your opponent in his/her (!) own language that you intended to use reasonable and proportionate force to defend your life. It would be unwise to presume that, for instance if your attacker is of dark, swarthy appearance that they are necessarily of middle-European extraction. One would, therefore, be advised to start with Romanian, working through Serbo-Croat, before reaching German, Russian and the various dialects.
          Unfortunately, you may find that a loss of blood renders your speech less precise, and you may have to resort to semaphore. Always keep a pair of these flags handy, just in case the ferocity of attack leaves one speechless.
          Of course, it would never do to carry a handgun and blow the bastard away.
          This would be raking the bread from the mouths of the legal profession and depriving the judiciary of exhibiting their wisdom in distinguishing between killing someone in the process of murdering you -which you can do if you can afford your legal costs afterwards – but your fucked if you kill the bastard if he’s running off to get his brother to help him.


    • 29
      • 72
        anno yed says:

        ZioLoon supremacists right wing extremists persecuting elected british politicians to further their racist colony. What else is new.
        You’re just miffed because you couldn’t buy him and he would absolutely wipe the floor with ZioNAZIs in debates.


    • 45
      RedactEd Labour says:

      Not surprising that no one important is donating to Ed when he’s throwing out all the good bits of New Labour and replacing them in red.


    • 54
      So that's all right then. says:


    • 128
      david lloyds bank AAA says:

      what’s the reward for this unhappy bunch of manic unimpressives, this dreary dronocracy – the IED the OMG the WTF – or all these titles?

      an honour is only worth awarding if its worth buying!id


    • 130
      Millionaires pump millions into coffers of party which represents interest of millionaires says:

      Not really news, is it?

      Dodgy Dave the millionaire and his dodgy millionaire mates try to buy election.

      I wonder just how many more millions Dave has made as a result of the tax breaks his fellow millionaire Gideon Osborne has introduced for the benefit of millionaires like themselves?


    • 134

      Sorry for to say ……..
      but if it were not fot Mr Sykes ukip would be financially up shit creek without a paddle — would they not ?


      • 144
        One, 2, miss a few, 99, 100! says:

        But then we have the Local Activist base. You don’t huge sums of money when Vistaprint will print 5000 leaflets for £27, and local activists will willingly give their time for free. The Tories have all the money, and no one to do the leg work. IMHO, paying for Political Leaflets to be posted should be barred under Electoral Rules (as well as Postal Voting).


  2. 2
    Crisp Ackham says:

    Is there any evidence those posters work?


    • 8
      Ukip MEP says:

      Hitler’s posters worked.


      • 20
        Owen Jones says:

        You wrote ‘Hitler’, which is a non-word in left wing, Orwelian ideology. You will now be branded a right wing Nazi and be forced out of your job by heroic anti-establishment forces what work against those like you who keep us down.

        PS by my book. I wrote it all by myself without any help from mummy and daddy.


    • 9
      The British media are cunts says:

      In the last election the polls hardly moved everyone knew McMong would lose. We all know the Tories will lose next year.


      • 38
        Yasser Araffat Burger says:

        I think when people (well, benefit scroungers, immigrants and public sector layabouts excepted) get to the point of potentially voting for the marxist student Miliminor who has the charissma of a fart in a lift, they’ll recoil.


      • 122
        CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

        Did the Tories go backwards in any by-elections during that period? Errr. No!
        Labour managed it in Newark. You are one dumb fvck if you believe opinion polls in this country. Polls have been exagerating Labour’s position for for 50 years. Especially when they are in opposition. Find anyone who didn’t vote Labour last time and get them to admit they are voting for Millimong, go on, see if you can.


    • 31
      Strategy Genius says:

      2005 election
      Lynton’s posters: “Are you thinking what we’re thinking?”
      Electorate: “Yes – that you’re going to lose.”

      So those posters worked… sort of.


  3. 3
    The Coop says:

    That’s a nice amount of crystal meth.


  4. 4
    Mr Barrie O Pettman says:

    Well I won’t be plain old Mister that much longer after this bribe / donation!


    • 34
      the orange order says:

      we appreciate the donations we have been receiving from an incredibly senior and well loved and much respected irish person over almost the last ten years and should the truth about this person surface come out it has nothing to do with us, even though we have been doing all we can to get the “go between” to spill the beans.

      we do not give a shit about the younger generations in northern ireland because we are a bunch of bitter old cnuts who have not been able to cope with the notion we have not been relevant since the peace process was completed. no longer being important has affected our criminal enterprises so we have been hell bent on destroying the peace whist at every opportunity pretending to be the i r a (because people seem to fear them more than us).

      we say fuck you to president clinton we do not give a shit about trying to ruin one of your legacies even though you have been sincerely trying to fix this problem- not even the threat of hit squads taking us out has messed with our resolve to destroy the the peace.

      we are grateful to the police in scotland, especially those in the grampian region for pushing the boundaries of impartiality in our favour and to the psni for murdering tommy crossnan and alan ryan.


      • 57
        invisible handcuffs says:

        just a pity we do not have the met police in our pockets they are still butt hurt about us deliberately sabotaging an operation that would have stopped the london 2005 bombings from happening, thankfully though our grampian police contacts withheld information from them so we just about got away with it.


      • 79
        the truth about soham and all that says:

        also a mention for the beslan massacre as the orange order had a hand in that as well albeit they were at the time pretending to be the i r a.


    • 138


      With your money you can pett me any day –man!


  5. 6
    The British media are cunts says:

    Where is the evidence any of this advertising cack works?


  6. 7
    Ed Milliband says:

    It ith a party donathion cwisith


  7. 10
    Jus' wondrin' says:

    Can someone explain what Labour’s “short money” means and why this comes from the taxpayer?


  8. 11
    Spot the divvy says:

    Co-op still giving money away then?


    • 19
      bergen says:

      They claim the high moral ground but they’re an inept bunch of incompetents and bunglers who are free with other people’s money. Much like the Labour party , now I think of it.


  9. 13
    Ed Balls says:

    it is the LibDems who have been hardest hit


  10. 14
  11. 15
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    In the battle between the forces of civilisation & barbarians at the gate, how hard to think as to where you stand? Stand With Israel


    • 92
      anno yed says:

      Eeer, sure, Shlomo. The ZioLoons see us as “Donkeys to serve Israel”, as people are finally beginning to realise.
      Stop infesting this blog.


      • 99
        Me so horny says:

        Oh Christ there’s more..!!@@!

        Ooooooooohhh uuuuuggghhhhh….fuck….ooohhhffffuck….




      • 139
        alpha says:

        You better go get yourself a flat in the Ukraine though, just in case you are wrong.


  12. 16
    No EU flag why? says:

    To be fair in all their campaign literature can the pro EU LibLabCons please not hide behind Union Jacks and instead use the 12 star EU flag which they love so much.


    • 146
      English Nationalist-I'm bad, but Plaid and the SNP aren't says:

      Exactly. They don’t actually call the shots here in the UK anymore. (especially in England, Fk Wales and Scotland)


  13. 17
    Owen Jones & Laurie Penny says:

    As ISIS supporters distribute extremist leaflets in Oxford Street, we must show opposition! Protest against ISIS tonight, 6-8pm, Downing St.


  14. 22

    Bang for buck, UKIP are the best investment by far.

    Vote (and donate to) UKIP :-D


    • 36
      Fritter Farage, Maltese Junket King says:

      Yes, keeps me in clover and 5 star hotels.


      • 147
        They-KIP, We-KIP, You-KIP, I'm off for a KIP says:

        Exactly. Their first policy of Direct Democracy is a vote winner for me? Screw decentralisation, just slap the little fk’ers hands off the wheel when real important decisions are needed. FULL PR, Direct Democracy and a Federal UK…..Heaven…


  15. 23
    George Allahway says:

    Here’s the deal. Just because you are not interested in the Jihad does not mean that the Jihad is not interested in you.


  16. 24
    Unbalanced Views says:

    Most of those individuals names are plainly made up


  17. 27
    Inana Tweet Watch says:

    Owen “Bollinger” Jones has excelled himself this time ,he needs “sectioning”

    Owen Jones: First thoughts: Just as western countries are complicit in Israel’s attack on Gaza, so they are in just watching while Egypt is ruled by bloodshed.

    His tweets are pure lunacy


  18. 35
    The Wrong Trouserer says:

    Eee up, Grommit, lad. I’m going to be Prime Minister in just a few months time.
    It’ll be a grand day out for us and all our rubber faced friends.


    • 43
      Red Ruth says:

      Hopefully without the Liberals. We might get some social democracy back into this country.

      And get rid of the Bedroom Tax


      • 48
        Nick Clegg says:

        I no longer support the bedroom tax.
        Please give me a job in your rubber faced government. I have Danny Alexander to offer, whose face is just as rubbery as Harman, Balls, Reeves, and a whole lot more rubbery than Burnham’s


      • 58
        Tax Payers says:

        We who subsidise your rent would ask why you don’t rent your own flat? Normal people don’t rent more rooms than they can afford. Take 2 spoonfuls of reality and call a doctor in the morning.


  19. 39
    David Cameron says:

    No longer chillaxing in Portugal


  20. 41
    No EU flag why? says:

    The big 3 pro EU parties must now be forced to include the 12 star flag on all their literature so people can make an informed choice as to where that party stands.
    I know they would all like to kick the subject into the long grass but the EU construct has gone beyond dictating the size and shape of banana’s in Britain and has now moved on to dictating the size and demographic shape of our population.
    Big important domestic stuff bigger than anything else when you consider it impacts on nearly every other domestic issue.


  21. 46
    Round and round we go, where we stop we don't know. says:

    So with no runners or riders announced, the people with the money have placed their bets.


  22. 47
    non taxable pikey says:

    Washington Post

    Washington Post talks to Gaza residents who condemn rocket fire from civilian areas, say Hamas should have accepted first ceasefire weeks ago.


    • 97
      Zr506 says:

      But no mention of the crimes of the ZioLoons, obviously.


      • 140
        alpha says:

        Not really, Shlomo. People are catching on to your vacuous Hasbara drivel and that you are really just a bunch of armed religious nutters with a chronic superiority complex.


  23. 49
    Blue Flag watch says:

    I take it Ukraine will not be allowing EU aid convoys in then.


  24. 51

    Likely reason for C’ameron suddenly wanting to convene C’OBRA on !raq:

    Oops. F’rance needs to decide soon what it is going to do about those M’istrals.

    Ashton is calling a meeting to discuss !raq also. News that Europe is going to fight against IS perhaps could perhaps create some tension within certain member States that have more diverse populations.

    Vote UKIP :-D


  25. 52
    Will they get medieval (settler) on his ass? says:

    If the UK government go through with their threat to suspend export licences for arms to Is*ael if hostilities resume, will Bibi and co arrange for Cameron’s assassination? If recent history’s shown one thing it’s that you don’t fuck with the military industrial complex, let alone the military industrial when it comes to Is*ael.


    • 66
      Conspiritardfinder General says:

      When you fart do you blame the Heinz conspiracy?


    • 75
      Bill Quango MP says:

      Why do government s put so much store by the “military industrial complex”?

      The ENTIRE US arms industry is just half the size and makes half the profits of of the auto industry.

      Why don’t we hear about the Auto-industrial-complex ?
      Or the pharmaceutical-healthcare-complex? That’s even bigger..Mind you the biggest of in terms of employment and turnover is McDonalds.

      Does the US / UK also prop up the burger-milkshake-complex?

      Does the UK government enter into shady deals to ensure that its largest receiver of state funding, total UK tax resources and the UK’s largest employer manages to keep in business?

      The NHS-careworker-complex ?
      The NHS


  26. 56
    Guido Fawkes doesn't says:

    Mark Simmonds sold his home in Putney, South London, for £1.2 million making a profit of more than £500,000.

    He used his expenses to claim the mortgage payments on the property for almost the entire time he owned it.

    He and his wife then bought Swineshead Abbey in Lincolnshire for £900,000, a Grade II listed 17th century building with seven bedrooms, stables, a heated outdoor swimming pool, a tennis court and 15 acres of parkland.

    Between 2001 and 2009 he claimed mortgage interest payments of about £1,800 a month on his expenses. His wife, Lizbeth, became his part-time office manager, receiving £20,000 to £25,000 a year.

    Despite being a full-time MP, Mr Simmonds has also held various jobs, including one role at Circle Healthcare, an independent medical care provider. He was paid £50,000 a year from June 2011 to act as a strategic adviser to the group. In February 2012, Mr Simmonds was forced to apologise for failing to make clear the interest when speaking in favour of an NHS shake-up.

    He was also the chairman of the chartered surveyors Mortlock Simmonds, which required about 10 hours work a month, for which he was paid £800 a month.


  27. 61
    Peter Tapsell says:

    It will be such a relief when all the poor oppressed Iraqi ‘Christians’ get asylum in the UK and can safely convert back to Islam.


  28. 67
    Ed 'fliperty' Balls says:

    Wages falling for the first time in 5 years!

    i was right!!!! i KNEW IT !


    {blink blink blink}


  29. 76

    So, when Dave gets back, how much snake oil will be squeezed from the C’OBRA to deal with this mess ?

    Let’s not forget that R’uss!a / !ran have also got their dibs in, and the US are doing a little bit of bombing. There is video out there demonstrating that 500lb bombs are clearing IS a bit, but the aid drops are really cluster bombing the apparently thirsty victims who got stuck on the mountain.

    May as well air drop hogs trained to grunt the Star Spangled Banner / Ode to Joy. Would perhaps be more entertaining.

    Vote UKIP :-D


  30. 89

    ‘Mr Michael S Farmer £500,000′. Arise Lord Farmer, and thanks very much.


  31. 101

    Snake Charmers beware…

    Vote UKIP :-D


  32. 117

    More palms have been greased


  33. 123
    Grinning politician says:

    Knighthoods all round ,chin chin !


  34. 126
    UNliberal Bureaucrats says:

    Why would anyone want to donate to the Liberal Democrats?

    Its a wasted party going to experience the biggest loss of seats at the next General Election.


  35. 151
    Ted Tealeaf says:

    I see that the effing Co-Op is pouring loadsa loot into Labour’s coffers. Well, it’s a case of Thus Far And No Farther, for me: I am drawing a line in the sand and shall shoplift elsewhere.


  36. 152
    Anonymous says:

    “Tories Thrash Labour in Donation Stakes:”
    Some say that money goes to money. What Ed hasn’t realised as yet, if ever, is that the rabble have a shortage of concentrated resources. What they do have are numbers. So why not endeavour to crowd-fund the route to real democracy, financed by and for the many? In contrast to the 1% merely using a fraction of their amassed wealth, to buy it.


  37. 153
    La Fontaine says:

    Co-op Group has simultaneously issued precautionary redundancy notices to all its own membership staff and sought takers for voluntary redundancy.


  38. 154
    La Fontaine says:

    Co-op Group has declined to publish results of recent survey which is rumoured to show majority of members oppose political donations.


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