August 12th, 2014

WATCH: Robin Williams on Iraq


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    Baroness Warsi says:


    We must speak, stand and fight for freedom NOW.

    Hamas is the “Palestinian” version of ISIS (and Boko Haram, Hezb’Allah, Al-Qaeda et al.

    It is the same fight, the same struggle and freedom loving peoples must unite to defeat it.

    On Sunday, August 17, from 3:45 to 7PM, the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) will be hosting a rally in New York City’s Union Square from 3:45 to 7PM. Speakers from a huge variety of backgrounds will stand for Israel and all the minority populations worldwide that are threatened by the global jihad.

    Speakers will include AFDI President Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, Sudanese freedom activist Simon Deng; Ashraf Ramelah, the head of Voice of the Copts; Mark Arabo, a leader of the Chaldean American community; Israeli scholar Mordechai Kedar, world renowned tweeter ,Owen Jones and a host of other representing the populations around the world that face the greatest threat today from Islamic jihad violence and supremacism. Also invited are Indian, Yazidi, Kurdish, Sikh, Assyrian and Buddhist leaders.

    Speakers are flying in from all over the world.

    There will be singers and dancers – a celebration of life.


    Owen Jones said in a statement: “Israel is on the front lines of the global jihad, and we stand resolutely and proudly with her. We must also remember that the same jihad that threatens Israel threatens free people around the world. That’s why we are featuring speakers from groups from around the world – people who have experienced the horror of Islamic jihad firsthand. We need to unite and stand together for freedom.”

    The rally will be held in New York City’s Union Square from 3:45 to 7PM

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    A simple English lesson for the "stayt edjurkaytid" says:

    “Robin Williams’ three minute history”


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    Mr Mike says:

    Nano Nano Mork……..

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    Pedantic twat says:

    “Robin Williams’s three-minute history”

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    Neil Down says:

    One of the few comedians who could do partisan political humour and make you laugh regardless of your own views.

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    Neil Down says:

    Here’s Sam Kinison doing a more right wing stand up act, circa 1986 –

    “Ever since we bombed Libya ya know, I’m just in that fucking tear everything up mood. Blast ‘em. That was just too cool man, American bombers going in going “Where’s the baby’s room?” *** BOOM *** “Where do you keep the little girl”? ***KAPOW***

    “We did out job, we only fucked up one place, we accidentally dropped a bomb on the French embassy. Sorry about that, I’m sure we would have been a little better if we had more fucking sleep. Thanks for those extra 6500 air miles you fuckheads, build a new house!

    “We’re not fucking around anymore, it’s time to be the tough guy. This is America goddamnit, Reagan’s President and Clint Eastwood has his own police force.”

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    Anonymous says:

    De mortuis nil nisi bonum, I suppose.

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    Norm Normal says:

    Rick Mayall and Robin Williams both gone this year. Greats such as Frankie Boyle driven off the circuit, thank goodness for Balls and Miliband or there’d be nothing to laugh at.

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    Gary Barleymow says:

    Poor Robbie Williams is dead.
    And after we had just buried the hatchet and become friends again too.

    its just too sad.

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    Bolt comes out as a Gayer says:

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    Hattie Hatemen says:

    My Jack will be sad at this news.

    I once came home to find Jack in my bra, panties and stockings and wearing a blonde wig whilst putting on makeup.

    He explained he was trying out for the Mrs Doubtfire part at the local amateur dramatics.
    He looked better in them than I do !

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    SS says:

    Another Idiot who thought he could control coke / heroin, ass hole, now dead.

  14. 14
    Gordon McBreath says:

    I control the world! From my shed..YOU CAN’T LOOK IN THERE!

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    Idon'tneednodoctor says:


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    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Good bit when he said that congressmen should wear sponsors logos on their suits. Now why not our MP’s, starting with the Speaker.

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    Incapable Vince, deputy Chief Cockroach says:

  18. 18


    Vote UKIP :-D

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    Mad,mozzie Medievalist says:

  20. 20
    Gordon says:

    Who is Robin Williams?

  21. 21
    concrete pump says:

    Robin Williams was never funny.


  22. 22
    Jimmy the twunt says:

    Is the man carrying the flag trying to interfere with that lion? I thought the mad muzzers preferred goats, donkeys and young boys?

  23. 23
    The Brown McAdder says:

    He’s the former Archbishop O’Canterbury, issin he?
    Yer Spineless goon.

  24. 24
    Cpl Hicks says:

    He was when Family Guy took the p!ss out of him.

  25. 25
    Viperous Old Vince says:

    Only ten months to my re-election. Inshallah !

  26. 26
    Anonymous says:

    Was he a thieving tax dodger socialist as well.

  27. 27
    JustSayNo_toFriendsofIsrael says:

    From the Home Page above, ‘Quote of the Day’ on right hand side of page.

    “Hugo Rifkind in the Times:

    “Something is different now. Antisemitism has always spiked when Israel deploys the Israeli Defence Force…”
    Yet again, no balance from GF.

    How dare anyone criticise the IDF or Israel when they are busy murdering innocent civilians and children !

    If you voice your concerns then you are routinely branded anti-sem’tic.
    You are not a Friend of Israel.

  28. 28
    William says:

    William says sit down
    William says put your hands down
    Robin knows best………………i’m useless at this

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    Chinaman in a shop says:

    Fuck you asshole

  30. 30
    Chinaman in a shop says:

    Higgs Biosum?

  31. 31
    A country so screwed up even flowers names are racist. says:

    Tick, tock, tick,tock, I hope these Islamics understand our history.

  32. 32
    Chinaman in a shop says:

    I agree with Vince Cable.

  33. 33
    Chinaman in a shop says:

    If you ask me, better an ipod than a camera lens.

  34. 34
    Jus' Sayin' says:

    You sound like a psychopath.

  35. 35
    Bill Quango MP says:

    End up in Clapham dentist with the bloke from the IT Crowd ?

  36. 36
    Chinaman in a shop says:


  37. 37
    Jus' Sayin' says:

    You sound like a homophobic racist.

  38. 38
    Chinaman in a shop says:

    you need serious help deadbeat

  39. 39
    Chinaman in a shop says:


  40. 40
    Chinaman in a shop says:


  41. 41
    Chinaman in a shop says:

    so what?

  42. 42
    Chinaman in a shop says:

    no Mr Simpson, no noo noooooo

  43. 43
    JustSayNo_toFriendsofIsrael says:

    If it’s being held in Union Square it’s not going to be a big event then.

  44. 44
    Chinaman in a shop says:

    takes one to know JUAN!!!!

  45. 45
    Chinaman in a shop says:

    tick tock tick tock :)

  46. 46
    Chinaman in a shop says:

    good photo

  47. 47
    concrete pump says:

    Why does Fawkes have to show balance..?

    It’s HIS blog.

    He makes the fucking rules, if you don’t like it then take your boring, whiny opinions and fuck off.

    You fucking knob..!!!

  48. 48
    Hamspam Chowder says:

    Piss be upon him.

  49. 49
    Chinaman in a shop says:


  50. 50
    Fishy says:

    s’ s’s ? Both are right.

  51. 51
    RomaBert... says:

    Hmmmmm they really are sad b*stards, fighting an armchair war!

  52. 52

    Yes. They beat us at Acre.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  53. 53
    non taxable pikey says:

    Enough of this Crap, bring back the SPG and let them loose.

  54. 54
    Bloomers in rain-soaked Bongo Bongo Land says:

    Don’t be daft

  55. 55
    North Korean says:

    We have noted the reaction to this person’s death in your countries. Clearly he was a vitally important and significant leader for you. Our condolences.

  56. 56
    non taxable pikey says:

    Certainly goats according to the Israeli drone video going the rounds.

  57. 57

    R’ussia is a little bit twitchy about those submarines…

    If !srael has traded any of the J’onathan P’ollard stuff they procured, they will shortly realize that H’amas’s recent display was simply the warm up.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  58. 58
    Kulak murdered by Marxist filth. says:

    North London address of the Printers ??

  59. 59
    Cpl Hicks says:

    Is your boyfriend not giving you enough attention? Is that why you’re continuously trying to bore us to death?

    Do use a favour and fcuk off. No one gives a shit you dumb fcuk.

    And please spare me the shlomo, zioloon, haribo cola bottle reply. I don’t give a fcuking shit about any of the dumb medieval sky fairy worshiping fcukers. You are an utterly dull tw@ and not doing your medieval mates any favours.

  60. 60
    Desperate Darling says:

    Please, please, please, don’t vote for independence. I’m really frightened about losing my UK salary and international career. I want to be an MP in London, not a backwater MSP in some second-rate country called Scotchland.

  61. 61
    Cpl Hicks says:

    Obviously my previous comment was directed at the fcuktard friend of no c’unt and not at CP.

  62. 62
    Lizzie says:

    Shame the backdrop behind Robin Williams says :Weapons of Self-Destruction” …

  63. 63
    Norm Normal says:

    Fuck off Edmondson!

  64. 64
    concrete pump says:

    Right, I want an answer.

    What’s coming first:

    The islamification of Europe or the russianification of Europe…?

    I want to read what you think….don’t fuck me off with links.

  65. 65
    JustSayNo_toFriendsofIsrael says:

    GF is dishonestly promoting an agenda, allegedly.

    In my own small way, I have decided to provide a public service, and call him out whenever he is trying to hoodwink the public – specifically on Israel.

    Going by your ad hominem attack, I am guessing you are also a fragrant Friend of Israel.

    I just have a deep mistrust of any foreign, self-interest group which inveigles weak UK politicians to do its bidding. You could even call that patriotic.

    GF has sold out to this foreign threat – whereas he should be supporting his UK readership first and foremost.

  66. 66
    JustSayNo_toFriendsofIsrael says:

    Ad hominem.

  67. 67
    I-raq Mozz Drone Turkey Shoot says:

    Nice floor, oak it seems.

  68. 68
    The Readership says:

    We don’t care either.
    No one here cares. Just go to the BBC website or CIF and everyone there will back slap the brave stance you are taking.

    But here, you are just boring us all.

  69. 69
    Anonymous says:

    Pissoff Patel

  70. 70
    Owen Jones the steam says:

    The links effect I will make you sexually irresistible to teenage boys.

  71. 71
    concrete pump says:

    You’re not providing a public service, the is a private blog.

    If you want to provide a public service, hang some fucking posters around cities, take ads out in papers or TV……Oh, you can’t, because you’re just another sad wingback chair warrior with shit for brains.

    Best you stay at home where it’s nice and safe.

    And FYI, I don’t give a tupenny fuck about Isr*el or G*za.

    But given a choice, it’s y*ds for me.

    Now, wind your scrawny little neck in and FUCK OFF.

  72. 72
    Cold War Warrior says:

    Near Russia’s territorial waters. In my day it would have said in Russia’s territorial waters. Or even, underneath our aircraft carrier.

  73. 73

    20% of Mancs do not speak English as their first language, (yes, and the rest are in audible, ha), in Cheetham it’s 50% and a bigger shithole you would be pressed to find.

    Who put this on us?

  74. 74
    Alex No pound says:

    I wonder if the EU will have me after I lose this referendum? There must be a place for a fully paid up socialist europhile like me.

    I could be president?

  75. 75

    Why are some of us here in blue and underlined? Star contributors or m I five marking?

  76. 76
    Sayonara w-arsey says:

    Oh great! First I resign and Boris goes and spoils it.
    Then the fucking mountain Christians take prime tv time off Gaza. Now this fucker dies!

    I just can’t catch a break!

  77. 77
    Sayonara w-arsey says:

    Www linking on mobile devices

  78. 78
    Field Mouse Haig says:

    Harsh, but fair.

  79. 79


    The race is for establishment of C’aliphate and re-establishment of R’ussian Empire.

    Hard to say which first – but better to ask which will survive longest.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  80. 80
    M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

    Correct except Williams’ is preferred since that is how it is spoken.

  81. 81
    concrete pump says:

    On the floor is where it belongs.

    However, that wood is panelling.

  82. 82
    M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

    I was working in central London at the time. Best thing about the bombing is that all the tough guys go cold feet an stayed at home and so there were no yank tourists clogging the streets of central London. You could pop out for a sarnie without bumping into one every 5 yards.

  83. 83
    M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

    How about we just dissolve Vince Cable as he’s done more than enough damage for one term.

  84. 84
    Norm Normal says:

    Thinking back I’m sure it was nanu nanu?

    For those that didn’t know his work well make sure you peruse his less well known work such as The world according to Garp. Excellent film.

  85. 85
    No More Mr Dhimmi says:

    I wouldn’t take foreign policy advice from a cokehead with manic depression.

    The truth is if we had not taken on Saddam, we would have been rewarding aggression and there is no doubt he would have returned for a rematch.

    The criticism I think that can rightly be made is the complete absence of a post-conquest plan for Iraq. That was seriously deluded.

    Moreover given what we have seen occur in Libya and Syria, is there any reason to suppose that Saddam would have survived and that Iraq would have been spared civil war? I doubt it.

  86. 86
    M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

    Bournemouth is full of nazi creeps.

  87. 87
    Fog on the Tyne says:

    On local news : parents (mother Romanian, father Polish) split up and fuck off back to Romania and Poland respectively and abandon three children to British welfare system. Feeling enriched?

  88. 88
    M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

    The Brit subs can slip in and out at leisure. Neither the Russians nor Yanks can hold a candle to our lads.

  89. 89
    M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

    Go work on a salmon farm cleanup – the Norwegian owned Scottish fish farming industry has bankrolled your independence bid at the price of devastating the ecosystem of the West Coast. For shame man,

  90. 90
    No More Mr Dhimmi says:

    A very fair and balanced response I think.

  91. 91
    M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

    20-20 hindsight wisdom. NOW you tell us.

  92. 92
    Cpl Hicks says:

    So what? Just fuck off you dull, whinging little bitch. No one here gives a shit.

  93. 93
    Kim Il Robin says:

    Yes, we all worship him. He was born on a magic mountain. Now we all cry spontaneously at his death. Or else.

  94. 94
    Clear Sight Not Hindsight says:

    No, at the time Saddam was defying the will of the UN, failing to implement the peace terms he agreed following the defeat of his invasion of Kuwait.

  95. 95
    Chinaman in a shop says:

    yes yes yesssssss

  96. 96
    Norm Normal says:

    It’s a depiction of a young mujahideen lifting the tail of the Lion of I’srael to screw it in the arse…..we all know what happens next, don’t we?

  97. 97
    Sally Bercow says:

    “The Brit subs can slip in and out at leisure”

    How did you know? *embarrassed face*

  98. 98
    Nick Clegg says:

    Immigration is undeniably good for Britain.

    After all, it gave you me, my wife, and my kids.

    And when I lose my job next year, we’ll be off, to sponge off some other suckers and we’ll never come back to this shit-hole again.

    So long, bigots!

  99. 99
    cockalicious says:

    I luv it when you get angry lumpy.

  100. 100
    Norm Normal says:

    This blog does provide balance. It’s a counterweight to the made up nonsense reported elsewhere.

    E.g. Khalid Mahmood accusing the IDF of using white phosphorus during the recent conflict. They didn’t, it’s IDF policy not to use it, due to the halabaloo over a smoke cloud they use an alternative.

  101. 101
    Anonymous says:

    You are so right. Robin Williams was not funny- a bit weird perhaps.

  102. 102
    T.B£iar - the People's Messiah says:

    You’ll probably need armed police protection, 24/7, like I do.

    Don’t worry, the mug Taxpayers always pick up the tab.

  103. 103
    the tailor of Wakefield says:

    I spent a day looking at the white people that are waddling/walking around and there is not one of them in a whole day’s observation that I would put in any sort of army.
    Gentlemen we are fucked.
    The country has been taken away from us, that which our parents fought for has been invaded. What shall we do ?

  104. 104
    Anonymous says:

    To Concrete Pump. You are the funniest person on the blogs today. Every comment you have made has made me laugh. You have made some very serious points in a comical way and I think you are very intelligent. Wish there were more bloggers like you. Thanks.

  105. 105
    Burn R'ag Heads, G@ss Dues. says:

    Weird how both tweets use the same photo of the leaflet. Almost like neither tweeter can substantiate the claim, I detect bullshit coming from some fuckheads here today.

  106. 106
    Diane Fatbott says:

    Who are you calling ‘bigbot’ ???

  107. 107
    Cold War Warrior says:

    “O” class, quietest and the best in their day. We were so good at “sneakies.”

  108. 108
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    A man has been killed by a vibrator stuck up his bottom, I do hope it wasn’t Owen Jones

  109. 109
    Pookie snackumberger says:

    funny ha ha

    That’s on a par with the ‘Jobbie’ and ‘fizzy orange’ jibes of yor.

  110. 110

    Yes it would take all day to find enough people for your observation. Of course if it was a weekday these specimens would likely be on bennies.

  111. 111

    Such a loss. He had so much to live for

  112. 112
    Anonymous says:

    I don’t think you will see this story in our national papers so just look at Breitbart London and see how the football supporters saw off the islamics. They appeared to take fright when confronted – cowards and bullies that they are. Also, full marks to Louise Mensch for having the guts to bait the islamics on her twitter page. Certainly not fearful like our poxy MPs. I reckon we should all join in.

  113. 113

    Are you related to Abu, the mad Arab in Popeye?

  114. 114

    Big debts. Not so much for him ahead.

  115. 115
    Vlad the Loudhailer says:

    The time has come that anyone convicted of a terrorist offence is stripped of their citizenship, all of their rights, all benefits including education and health, housing. In addition their spouse and any children should also be stripped of all their citizenship rights for all time
    Only then will this jihad on the welfare state stop.

  116. 116
    the tailor of Wakefield says:

    now of course if, as we have, built a society that is tolerant, successful, caring and an infrastructure that works then of course every fucker is going to want to come here. Which I don’t really mind apart from the lack of space because of the volume but people who come here and are parasites on the society and would try to destroy the society should be sent packing born here or not.

  117. 117
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    umm – above Conc Pimp stated ‘that wood is panelling – more to the point of the leaflet – and its ‘so called appearance’

    It all looks rather ‘Crafted’ to i.

  118. 118
    Anthony Bliar says:

    Look, the question is . . sophistry

  119. 119
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Indeed – a leg end in his own lunchtime.

  120. 120
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Maqboul is part of the GF team – pretty obvious from some of the comments last night / today – oh and looking back at his ‘blinkeredness’.

  121. 121
    it never rains but pours says:

    You need to look no further than the reign of terror 1997 – 2010 (of course the CON?LIB? coalition took up the rein’s and now we are, in certain areas, compleatly flooded out)

  122. 122

    Vote UKIP :-D

  123. 123
    Pricky Vyce says:


  124. 124
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    There will be no caliphate – its the mere ‘threat’ of it and those ‘publishing all the fearmongering’ [be afraid, be very afraid!] who are fuelling divisions across the world in order to ‘hold on to’ their ‘diminishing power’ which has served them so well (by keeping people divided and over ruled for decades) … up until recently.

  125. 125
    Owen Jokes says:

  126. 126
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    EUPET – try and take stock of what i just stated – look yuorself in the mirror and ask yourself – have you not been ‘spooked’?

  127. 127
    Pookie snackumberger says:

    Rag ‘eds are always at it, whoever is in charge, they are blinded with religious fuckwittery, and have to proove their angry selves right by getting rid of those who don’t share thier belief. It’s where we were 700 years ago.

  128. 128
    concrete pump says:

    So quiet in fact, neither the Russian or French subs heard us until we crashed into them.

  129. 129

    Err… the C’aliphate is sort of there – well – the State bit of it in any case is.

    You should read up a bit on what happened to the old O’ttoman system and why. Then you will realize that from the !slamic perspective your argument is totally back to front.

    The c’aliphate for them is liberation from the divisive system of nationalism which was imposed on them fully in 1924 when their previous C’aliphate was removed.

    See S’ykes-P’icot and A’ttaturk for further details.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  130. 130
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Saddam was UK/US-style created – but when he started to realise – the ‘bigger game’ of deception e.g. Rums Felt – the cat was outta the bag … and then of course they had to kill their creation.

  131. 131

    Have been on the road south over the Alps today for many hours, so caught up with the day’s posts and noticed one with your fairsnading website which took the piss out of me. Well done. It will take much more than that to offend me. :-)

    However, I do know Cheetham Hill very well having done much business there in previous decades. Your description of it is about as accurate as I could wish to find. So at least I can be unbiased where the truth is presented in such unambiguous fashion.

    It is most important to distinguish between this area and Chetham’s Library which is just a short distance away from Manchester Cathedral. It was founded in 1653 and is the oldest public library in the English-speaking world. I have been there many times and would recommend it to anyone who is passionate about our heritage. Many of the ancient books are chained to the shelves. It is a wonderful place to visit and the only fault one may find with it was that Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels first met there in 1842.

    Good day to you, Sir.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  132. 132
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Hey Maq – what do you know of the City of London Corporation and all of it’s craven ‘worshipful’ nutjobs and zioloons?

  133. 133
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    @EUPET – The world has moved on since 1924 and thereabouts – what a shame the worlds leading [continuing the sins of their forefathers] political pygmies and religious fuck-wits haven’t – because people in far greater numbers have – and it is people power which will win the day – not politicians misleading people.

    get with the new leap that people have ‘taken’ beyond their old boy political herders. as for the msm – shame on them when they proclaim themselves to of such high intelligence.

  134. 134
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    The only sub you’d know about is your own sub-normal intelligence.

  135. 135
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    This blog is seriously – becoming CRAP.

  136. 136

    Nope – nothing spooky in the EU world. Same old.

    However, the R’ussian media has been a bit strange today. Well, a different strange compared to the past few days: A little bit ‘menacing’ almost.

    How can you be sure that it is not you who have been spooked – or – похожий на привидение ?

    Vote UKIP :-D

  137. 137
    concrete pump says:

    I luv you Ewanme….


  138. 138

    Vote UKIP :-D

  139. 139

    Listen to some music. Cheer yourself up.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  140. 140
    Joss Ayinglike says:

    It’ll brighten up enormously when you depart.

  141. 141
    Crapologist says:

    My institute salutes you Sir! The most gifted purveyor of finest quality literary dung on the world wide web.

    May we have a sample of brain tissue for analysis upon death?

  142. 142
    Bloomers in rain-soaked Bongo Bongo Land says:

    Don’t be daft.

  143. 143

    Feedback from someone who watched the Naz! S’evastopol thing…

    The Hells Angel with the Orthodox Cross on his arm above is Aleksandr ‘Surgeon’ the leader of P’utin’s favourite motorbike gang: The N’ightwolves.

    Those chaps (and he) sprang to attention when they led the charge into Cr!mea back in Feb.

    In video above note the big white truck in line with the armoured column on the road. Cross check with those in the FT, and note that the FT ones are displaying Red Cross logo’s, but the ICRC have no knowledge of what those trucks are.

    Pieces should be falling into place.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  144. 144
    Stop Sharia Now says:

    Yes – but WHY will they be sold as slaves? Because Sharia law sanctions it.

    Though the Islamic State Caliphate is a tragedy for the people of the region it is serving a useful purpose in educating the rest of the world about what Sharia law sanctions. Because everything the ISIS warriors implement is fully in accordance with the legal system introduced by Mohammed and his followers.

    This is why the European Court of Human Rights ruled that Sharia law is incompatible with human rights. It’s just a shame that no one in our political elite has the guts to take the required step and make Sharia illegal.

  145. 145
    Mark Regev says:

    We had to let Frankie go because of his views on Israel.

  146. 146
    Tachybaptus says:

    Middle East – shithole
    Its inhabitants – murderous shitbags

  147. 147

    Vote UKIP :-D

  148. 148
    the tailor of Wakefield says:

    Sensible countries of the world, amalgamate your treaties, unite your warriors and your advanced weaponry, create a ferocious army and wipe the mutants from the earth.
    Establish peace on Earth.

  149. 149
    Cpl Hicks says:

    That’s very witty, grown up and hilarious. You should be on the stage up at the Fringe.

    Put that one down in your notebook fcuktard!

  150. 150
    Anonymous says:

    A bit like Scotland then

  151. 151

    The islimists are revealed finally as the murdering unspeakable scum seen in nig’eria and elsewhere. Wtf is the moos council of gb doing, mute as usual. The two million moozies, the same. It’s like living in 1200 in a bad dream.

    Not one more should enter this country. Those here need very close scrutiny. Your head is at risk of detachment.


  152. 152

    Vote UKIP :-D

  153. 153
    Nursey says:

    Who was Gordon, Who was.

  154. 154
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    i have wondered at how many sockpuppets the host runs. But i have noted so many of them as well.

    Please note – Anyone who tells i to ‘fuck off’ needs to be very, very careful as to the medium / mode that they do that.

    Shall look in from time to time. May post when the circus performers come out in the political tribal delusion season starting in Manchester 21st Sept.

    This blog has served its purpose for i.

  155. 155

    Fairsnading? Not guilty, Monsieur chat.

  156. 156
    Just say no to posterior elevators says:

    Anyone fighting ar5elifters anywhere on the planet is on our side.

  157. 157
    Ugly old trout says:

    Frank Maloney looks better than you do

  158. 158
    Bloomers in rain-soaked Bongo Bongo Land says:

    Don’t be daft.

  159. 159
    Just say no to posterior elevators says:

    I think you’ll find the bottoms-up boys have been like that for the last 1400 years and the rules of their cult, strictly interpreted, preclude them from acting otherwise.

  160. 160
    Pastor McConnell says:

    I spoke out about Sharia, and the full weight of the liberal bleeding heart establishment came down upon me,

  161. 161

    Vote UKIP :-D

  162. 162

    The High Spotty Book refers.

    Apologies, if it was not you, it was someone using the ‘deleted’ tag.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  163. 163
    Bloomers in rain-soaked Bongo Bongo Land says:

    Don’t be daft

  164. 164
    táxpáyér says:

    Unlike legends in only their only “mind”.

  165. 165
    táxpáyér says:

    Heavy Fluoride Tin-foil alert!

  166. 166
    táxpáyér says:

    We need only fear the HeavyFluorideate

  167. 167
    Tachybaptus says:

    But not a bit like Tachybaptus.

  168. 168
    Schrodinger's nob says:

    You just want to make me feel small

  169. 169
  170. 170
    táxpáyér says:

    Saddam was created out of a vat of heavy fluoride

  171. 171
    táxpáyér says:

    You could charge immigrants like people traffickers do, however that would leave little money for rent-seeking establishment to loot.

  172. 172
    táxpáyér says:

    You can tell who your sock-puppets are, they sound sane.

  173. 173

    That guy was more likely funded by SVR.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  174. 174
    Same Pattern says:

    So if you child is a depressive and has serious substance abuse problems, they will most likely go into showbiz or just down and out.

  175. 175
    Anonymous says:

    Golders Green, I expect.

  176. 176
    the tailor of Wakefield says:

    if a society was invaded by a parasitical society which then mutates into a murderous sect of mad people then what to do ?

  177. 177
    the tailor of Wakefield says:

    it’s fucking raining again

  178. 178
    UpYours says:

    Fuck off, ZioNAZI.
    You are a bunch of lying, racist, hypocrite land thieves with WAY too much influence over Idiots and cheap, unprincipled scum.

  179. 179
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    IMPOSTER. Pathetic.

  180. 180
    the tailor of Wakefield says:

    have you guys come across the expression ” colour struck” or should be ” color struck ” as it is an american phrase ?
    it is when a white girl from a society that has not seen many black man usually suddenly gets a black guy in their midst and it is his colour that is the attraction ?
    a little bit unusual a bit risky. Did nobody ever notice that before ?
    I have seen that.
    but what is the thing with our girls wanting to go off with the muslim ?
    what is the attraction there eh ?
    but then our society is falling into the fucking sewer anyway as seems to me.

  181. 181
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    8:52 IMPOSTER. This is getting sad.

  182. 182
    UpYours says:

    Could just as easily be a fake made by Israel Firsters.

  183. 183
    the tailor of Wakefield says:

    excuse me for asking but first fucking objective of cock sucking government is to protect the realm isn’t it ?
    and that would presume that objective is of cock sucking government to protect and sustain the society and not fuck it up ?

  184. 184
    UpYours says:

    And deal with all the hatemongering Shlomos who undermine democracy too.

  185. 185
    UpYours says:

    Fuck off, ZioLoon.
    Guy Fawkes is a british Institution and you are here to push your despot racist colony on a British blog.

  186. 186
    the tailor of Wakefield says:

    he’s a bit like your Tesco shopping but different

  187. 187
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Cuckoo coo chew cashew i and i watching you like the lightbulbs watching me pesky j’ew.

  188. 188
    UpYours says:

    Brits simply wouldn’t bother spouting such an unending stream of propagandist drivel about a foreign country that killed brits in terrorist attacks and habitually committs war crimes.

    This blog proves beyond doubt that Israel Firsters extensively use them to promote their vile racist colony on unwary people.

  189. 189
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    When it comes to war, depleted fluoride, that’s the money fluoride.

  190. 190
    UpYours says:

    You are not qualified to speak for Brits, Shlomo, only your Zionazi IDF chums.

  191. 191
    UpYours says:

    Neither, Shlomo.
    We know your ilk are behind all the hatemongering.
    Quite possible though that the Russkis will make you pay for your incessant meddling.

  192. 192
    tb5 says:

    But you are not “one of us”, you are an Israel Firster.

  193. 193
    the tailor of Wakefield says:

    HM Gov is full of cowards and traitors please replace from stock ASAP

  194. 194
    tb5 says:

    So what. Israel holds the world record at ignoring the UN and western governments suck its dick.

  195. 195
    Concerned reader says:

    Is that why there were no blog posts on Sunday?

  196. 196
    tb5 says:

    LOL! More people need to see what your J3wish law is all about then!

  197. 197
    tb5 says:

    ZioNAZIs make me sick.

  198. 198
    uvX says:

    Why? If Israel can do it, why can’t they be murderous bastards as well?

  199. 199
    uvX says:

    They WISH brits would feel threatened by terrorists because The Times is another Hasbara rag.
    I don’t know a single brit of any description who is even slightly worried about “terrorists”.
    The Times is LYING.

  200. 200
    the tailor of Wakefield says:

    does her madge have any view on the destruction of her realm or does she not give a toss as she will be off the mortal coil soon anyway ?

  201. 201
    Norm Normal says:

    It’s public record in hansard?
    21 July 2014 : Column 1164
    “Mr Khalid Mahmood (Birmingham, Perry Barr) (Lab): What is the Government’s assessment of the reports that the I’sraelis are using illegal white phosphorus as part of their illegal campaign in Gaza? Will he condemn the use of any chemical weapons in Gaza, as he has been so quick to do on other occasions?

    The Prime Minister: I would certainly condemn the use of chemical weapons, whoever is using them. I have not seen reports or any evidence of the use of the weapons to which the hon. Gentleman refers, but I shall look very closely at the points that he makes.”

    No reports because it didn’t happen

  202. 202
    Ann, the poverty stricken accounts clerk says:

    Indeed, I suppose you would.

  203. 203
    Ann, the poverty stricken accounts clerk says:

    I was asked a very serious question today and would welcome conspirators’ suggestions.

    Q: If 25 identically clad, fully burqa-ed up to the eyeballs, women go shopping as a group, how do the husbands recognise their wives when all these identical bin liners emerge from the mall?

    I am losing sleep worrying about who my neighbour may accidentally bring home one day!

  204. 204
    Ann, the poverty stricken accounts clerk says:

    Simply move all freight transport away from Calais to a well guarded freight depot/port elsewhere. All outgoing vehicular traffic to be carefully scanned before being allowed to board the ferry. If only passenger traffic were permitted, that might stop some of these unwanted itinerants making it to Dover.

    Likewise, appoint only one recognised freight import terminal and carefully screen/scan every truck/lorry/van coming in for the “extra passengers”.

  205. 205
    albacore says:

    Well, that depends on whom Parliament is working for
    And, in Britain, it ain’t the white British any more
    Still, none of these comedians whose loss all deplore
    Would have dared getting uppity on that no-go score

  206. 206
    Pookie snackumberger says:

    I doubt very much that they are ‘powerless’, just sensible.

    Why would they want to have them?

  207. 207
    Not a pro EU anything says:

    Guido Fawks web site 20140813: EU Trojan Horse ?

  208. 208
  209. 209
    Pookie snackumberger says:

    Lauren Bacall Dies at 89. RIP.

  210. 210
    Not RT says:
  211. 211
    David Axlegrease says:

  212. 212
    yeh, right says:

    Shouldn’t that be ‘photoshop/1′

  213. 213
    Miss Undastood says:

    Our local psychopath runs along the side of the canal.

  214. 214
  215. 215
    Me says:

    Nanoo nanoose.

  216. 216
    George Allahway says:

    Chutzpah: Britain squeezing Israel on defence. Next time rogue states have Nuclear reactors that need destroying, DIY, ya spineless bastards.

  217. 217
    Handycock the Pervert's Pervert says:

    Don’t forget me. I provide lots of laughs for you too.

    I am obviously in my villa in Spain that my grateful boys bought for me. Boaz.

  218. 218
    Guffaws says:


  219. 219
  220. 220
    Cinna says:

    F’ck the Oxford apostrophe!

  221. 221
    Baroness Warsi,Football Correspondent says:

    Real Madrid won the fucking Super Cup, which isn’t even that fucking super. The greasy dolly bird Ronaldo twatted home both goals.

  222. 222
    non taxable pikey says:

    They brought the wrong flag.

  223. 223
    Neville Thurlbeck says:

    Belmarsh prison ‘too harsh’ for Coulson

  224. 224
    The Guardian says:

    After completing 37 days of the six-month sentence he was ordered to serve in prison for his part in phone hacking at the paper, Thurlbeck said he was thrilled to be “liberated” after the “end of a long three year saga” that he hopes now to put behind him

  225. 225
    The Guardian says:

    He refused to comment any further on Coulson save to say that after two weeks they were given permission to wear civilian clothes. Thurlbeck revealed that his former boss opted for his “splendid designer polo shirt and jeans while I remained in the prison uniform as I believe in dressing for the occasion.”

  226. 226
    UpYours says:

    …like this one. A british blog and media totally infested with foreigners promoting their twisted, despot Squatter camp thousands of miles away.

  227. 227
    UpYours says:

    Other media says both Phosphorous and Fletchettes are being used by Israel. Since “our” “media” is just a ZioLoon mothpiece I am more inclined to believe the foreign media.

  228. 228
    UpYours says:

    Our little gang of ZioLoon Israel fanatics do like to suck each other off in these comment sections. Here is a classic example.

  229. 229
    Long John Silver' s parrot says:

    I do not find the guy in the video very funny.

    I have heard a lot better than that .

  230. 230
    Israel says:


  231. 231
    The Growler says:

    “(some strong language)” so he would have be on this blog Geedes ;-). The last point he made about politicos pluging a certain action to be taken by government, they have a vest with the name of the actual lobby firm, or actual firm, they have conections with so everyone can see who they are really working for, but I can not see anything that being implemented in the HoP

  232. 232
    Fear The Ice says:

    Good point, well made.

  233. 233
    Anonymous says:

    “Robin Williams on Iraq”
    Mission Accomplished…in full.

  234. 234
    Jacky Treehorn says:

    fuck off wanker

  235. 235
    Is it me? says:

    Why have I not been contacted by the press for my emotion on hearing of the death of Robin Williams? Everyone else has!

  236. 236
    Marcus Brigs-Cock says:

    What about me? Everybody laughs when I’m on those crappy BBC smart-arsed, smug-fest, panel shows.

  237. 237
    Anonymous says:

    Despite having something of a pro-IDF love-in, this site never seemed to be “private”. Or has there been a change in policy?

  238. 238
    Anonymous says:

    And just how many Nuclear Reactors are there in Israel? Given IDF attacks on civilians, Israel is clearly a dangerous Rogue State. So when are the UN weapons inspectors planning a visit?

  239. 239
    Anonymous says:

    “My fellow Americans, I’m pleased to tell you today that I’ve signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes.”

  240. 240
    Anonymous says:

    And just what are these “fucking rules” you talk of? Can we see a copy?

  241. 241

    Frankie Boyle wow,a jerry sadowitz tribute act.jerry is one of the worlds great offensive comedians but truthful and full of bile and genuine aggression,but more importantly AS funny as fuck

  242. 242
    Anonymous says:

    Owen Jones gets a free jolly to New York ….nice ….

  243. 243
    Tapestry says:

    That’s enough to get most people killed. Bill Hicks another one.

  244. 244
    RWG says:


  245. 245 says:

    wonderful publish, very informative. I ponder why the opposite experts of
    this sector don’t realize this. You must proceed your writing.
    I’m sure, you’ve a great readers’ base already!

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