August 11th, 2014

Warsi’s Bitter Welcome for New Female Muslim Tory Peers

Baroness Warsi used her punchy Sunday interviews to imply that “public school” Tories around the PM had it in for her because she is a “a brown, working-class woman” who they saw as “not good enough” to serve in office. Two bits of information might influence how we view that claim – the names of the two new Muslim women appointed by those same nasty Tories as peers on Friday, the impressive women being businesswoman Nosheena Mobarik and popular former Hague SpAd Arminka Helic.

Those less kind than Guido might suggest that Warsi’s very public discovery of principles might have something to do with the two impressive new female Muslim Tory peers threatening her uniqueness as a female Muslim and her therefore being at the centre of attention.  Guido understands she got wind of the appointments just prior to her resignation…


  1. 1
    Whippersnapper2 says:

    Baronesses all – well fuck me.


  2. 2
    Aaron D Highside says:

    So she got wind. I’ve had wind but I didn’t resign.


  3. 3
    TheOldCodger says:

    Smells like a sour puss to me!


  4. 4
    Drone Commander says:



  5. 5
    MacGuffin says:

    Stop hounding the woman. It’s getting boring.


  6. 6
    concrete pump says:

    So she knew she was going to be replaced with prettier and smarter women….

    Warsi won’t let this lie.

    Hell hath no fury like a token scorned.


  7. 7
    Mustapha Phart says:

    I’ve got wind too.


  8. 9
    Winston says:

    Yeah, she was rubbish, but then she was Dave’s token Muslim appointment. Its the Cameroon’s fault for choosing people on what they look like, rather than on their ability. He’s a PR man and image and pleasing the pc media elite is all that matters. As with so many of these token appointments, they comeback to bite the establishment on the ar$e.

    What is even more pathetic, is the once respected Guido, just acting as a spokesman for Downing Street spinners.

    Join UKIP.


  9. 12
    BBC says:

    We’ve booked her for every show between now and the election. She’ll be great in Splash and The Kumars.


    • 147
      A nonny mous says:

      It would be better if she doubled up with Bowen and went to Iraq to report on the Isis atrocities there..


  10. 13
    Anonymous says:

    Adulterous bitch – Tick


  11. 14
    bigmax says:

    One thing puzzle me about Baroness Warsi. Although her name is spelt with a W, I often hear it pronounced “Varsi”. Can anyone explain this? Is it my hearing or is this the way some commentators say it?


  12. 16

    She could join IS.

    Free chicken. Free gun. Could be Calipha if she plays her cards right.

    Better than tweeting nastiness about this site.

    Vote UKIP :-D


    • 67
      Vote Ukip, Get Labour says:

      The only thing sadder than tweeting is reading other people’s tweets. No idea how many “followers” she has, but I believe the phrase is “get a life”.


      • 102

        Her Time Line is a little bit melancholy, and boring.

        She should add some more Sass. A few recipes and cat pics could do the trick.

        See for example: @Nigel_Farage, @GuidoFawkes (et al.), @BarrosoEU, or indeed @EUFundedProEUTroll (ahem), for a better Twitter experience.

        Vote UKIP :-D


  13. 17
    Beecee says:

    The dear baroness is really, like really, pissed she was not made Foreign Secretary!


  14. 19
    Some chap called Nigel says:

    He is ever so thankful that CMD & the rest of his elitist Old Etonian
    Bullington chums just keep on giving & giving in every way possible
    to ensure a much GREATER UKIP presence in the next parliament &
    there is talk the member for Brentwood & Ongar will be forced to get
    his hands out of the biscuit chest of tasty goodies and really start
    helping to ensure it happens with a much bigger number of UKIP
    MPs …!!!…..


  15. 20

    I hear the sound of a barrel being scraped. Never does to cross Israel does it?


  16. 21
  17. 24
    Scottish Voter says:

    More Peers?…..This country’s a joke. If only there was something I could do about it. Should I vote labour, who have promised to get rid of the HoL for the last 100 years? Or should I Vote YES in the referendum?


  18. 26
    Harsh, but fair says:

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  19. 27
    Anonymous says:

    The standard of comments has reached new low levels over the recent past – Guido needs to get his act together if he is to be taken seriously.


  20. 28
    A brown working class bitch says:

    Ya’alon tells family: Oron Shaul’s body is in Hamas’ hands

    Defense minister visits family of fallen soldier, saying Israel making efforts to retrieve Shaul’s body, along with that of Sec.-Lt- Hadar Goldin, on the diplomatic level.

    These Muslims are heartless scum


  21. 29
    More Porking says:

    If there was any principle involved in her decision, she would resign as a peer and save us all the £300 per day.

    Fat chance!


  22. 31
    Cameroon, a man with his finger right on the pulse says:

    Just keep appointing M’uslims it’ll be alright!


    • 52
      Vote LibLabCon for Unlimited Immigration says:

      Two faced Dave speaks with a fork tongue out of both-sides of his mouth.


    • 156
      JH3285934850923 says:

      He’s right.

      Once we have kicked all the uncivilised people from inferior cultures off this island, a few million of us should leave to spread civilisation far and wide.

      From the end of a gun, if need be.

      Enough backwardness.


  23. 32
    British jobs for British workers says:

    Nosheena Mobarik and Arminka Helic.



    • 77
      Diane Fatbott says:


      There, that’s shut you up, hasn’t it ?


    • 92
      Cinna says:

      And Helic is a Bosnian. FFS. Doesn’t Britain have any talent these days. The Premier League is stuffed with so many foreigners we can’t put out an half decent England team and every b’oody government we have is full of Scots and other assorted foreigners.


    • 94
      Anonymous says:

      Any sane person would think that the Tories are rubbing our noses in diversity!


  24. 34
    albacore says:

    What wonderful news. Don’t that just beat all!
    Looks like the Tories are having a ball
    Ennobling their enriching, in-crowd pals
    And conserving sod all, eh, guys ‘n’ gals


  25. 41
    Recent Warsi fan says:

    I don’t care what her reasons were, Warsi pissed off the men in power. Good for her.


  26. 42
    Big D says:

    Whats happened to her working class Northern voice , gone away like her chances of becoming foreign secretary ?
    Bet the new gals have better fashion sense too .


  27. 43
    Owen Jones says:

    The word “Islam” means “surrender” – the whole world can do that if they want – Israel will fight to stay FREE


    • 118
      táxpáyér says:

      It means slave.


      • 153
        Twampersand mk II says:

        It means ‘submission’.

        It also means catastrophic societal collapse, third-world hygiene standards, stone-age ideologies, oppression and persecution of anyone deemed to be an infidel (which includes about 50% of moozlims at any given time), corruption, murder, sexual deviancy and a thousand other horrors best not mentioned.


        • 173
          Robert the Biker says:

          Specifically it is submission to allah the moon cricket; it is a master/slave relationship.
          Hence, Abdullah means “slave of allah”


  28. 47

    Will they start stacking peers in the HoL soon to get them all in?


  29. 57
    David Axlegrease says:

    Woeful Warsi, the Asian Edwina Currie.


  30. 60
    constituency trainbound says:

    initially I thought the warsi was an engaging example of many ethnically cultured political proponents but her actual achievements in office have been generally modest. Socially I would say she could be entertaining.

    it is very doubtful she would for a moment have seriously thought she could be FS.

    along with Grant Shapps she could have played a more productive role of extending the tory’s ethnic reach .. given that in thatcher’s days there was a very strong support base.

    I would be surprised if she were to refuse some particularly appropriate further office in due course but what that might be is open to question.


  31. 63
    Damon says:

    Baroness Warsi’s complaint about the Tories dismissal of the concerns of ethnic minorities is best addressed to the person responsible for the Tories winning elections – being the Chairman of the Conservative Party. Who from May 2010 to September 2012 was Baroness Warsi.


  32. 64
    Sayonara Warsi says:

    I don’t care what some two bit blogger is saying about me. I stood up for my principles! And my right to be the only Baroness Token in the Lords.


  33. 65
    سعیده حسین وارثی‎ says:

    Hello Boys.

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  34. 66

    Why is Arminka Helic such a mystery woman?


    • 76
      Handycock - chief young female vetter says:

      …another Russian spy?


    • 79
      Anonymous says:

      The Daily Mail has described her as “Mr Hague’s formidable £70,000-a-year special adviser and long-standing chief of staff”, and as “Hague’s ‘blue-eyed Bosnian Muslim émigré'”.


      • 84
        Executive Summary says:

        ‘Special Advisor’



      • 89
        Anonymous says:

        Some more…

        “According to a leaked dispatch from Richard LeBaron, Deputy Head of the US Mission in London, she shares Mr Hague’s pronounced pro-American views. According to LeBaron she described America as “the essential country”.”

        “In the aftermath of I’srael’s 2006 attack on L’ebanon, there were rumours that Hague’s apparent criticism of I’srael – in his remark that “elements of the I’sraeli response are disproportionate” – reflected the influence of Helic, given his previously staunch support for I’srael.”


        • 133

          SERIOUSLY !:

          With the greatest respect how do these individuals of pure foreign ( i e non British/Colonial ties) extraction come here and secure what are effectively top jobs as 70 k a year Spads etc?

          Is there no one ( Colonial or full English) from the indigenous United Kingdom gene pool to whom this post could have been given ?
          After all its hardly as if UK has close social ties with ex
          Yugoslavia is it ? It certainly has no colonial ties whatsoever!

          Is she really so much more capable than anyone from the UK gene pool that she is considered head and shoulders above the “cream” of our homegrown university / young turk output ?
          Do we have a free movement of labour bilateral with BosniaH or Serbia or Kosovo which are not even associate members of EU ? Slovenia and most very very recently Croatia are . Does she hail from there?

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        • 144
          Anonymous says:

          Did a some digging and found this from Madeleine Albright:

          “But if we have to use force, it is because we are America; we are the indispensable nation. We stand tall and we see further than other countries…”

          NBC-TV FEBRUARY 19, 1998


  35. 70
    Handycock says:

    I like the sound of Nobsheena. Do you think she does? Boaz


  36. 78
    David Cameron says:

    Some people accuse me of being a Dimmi Mather chot, but the truth is a lot worse.


  37. 80
    Neitherdeadnoralive says:

    Dear PM, I’m a white, working class Northern male. Can I be a token Baron please ?


    • 100
      Norm Normal says:

      Prescott’s already there embarrassing the North on a daily basis.

      It may be best to campaign for Northern independence and set yourself up as President of Yorkshire or Lancashire.

      Then like Salmong you could make a fool of your self at home instead of travelling all the way to London to do it.


      • 164
        Neitherdeadnoralive says:

        Im a real northerner from the real north, not like them southerners from lance and yorks! I’m from northumberland, me ! And Prescott is a fat traitor to his people and his class , bastard……


    • 139

      Only jf you are solely living on benefits and are entirely responsible fir the upkeep of your eleven offspring sired via eleven different partners and living in a seven bedroom detached Council -provided house.

      And have no aspiration whatsoever of securing any semblance of gainful employment now or ever.


    • 146
      David CameraOn says:

      No. We gave up on you lot years ago.


  38. 81
    Sqeaker Bercow says:

    I’m not going to make any cheap, boxing / sex change puns about Boxing promoter Frank Maloney’s gender reassignment.

    That’d be below the belt.


  39. 83
    David Cameron says:

    I am being asked to recall parliament. Bloody fools everyone knows its that big building with Big Ben on it. Do they think I am senile or something?


  40. 86
    Diane Abbott says:

    Hell hath no fury like a browning scorned.


  41. 87
    Baroness WAR-si says:


  42. 105

    Time for nine holes of golf before lunch.


  43. 106
    Barrow Fart Woopsi says:

    whenever the BBC want a negative comment Warsi will be there. Odds on to be on the first QT of the new season.


  44. 107
    Owen Jones says:

    The only effective way to stop religious nutters hell bent on genocide is by removing their oxygen privileges.


  45. 114
    Graham says:

    Anyone wanting to know more about Warsi should read “The Islamic Republic of Dewsbury” which has a lot more about her activities prior to her divorce. Not exactly little goody two shoes.


  46. 119
    Cynic says:

    …and at least one of those has the look of being a much more competent and experienced proposition


  47. 124
    Rotherhampoofta says:

    Burkas in parliament,who’d of thought it eh!


  48. 130
    constituency trainbound says:

    don’t suppose theres any chance rory macilroy’s driver could collide with alec salmond’s kisser is there ?

    what a golfer that lad is … what a c’unt that salmond is


  49. 131
    Old Grump says:

    Its the mozzie merry-go-round – more upsets to come when the next token wimin mozzies fall off the ride. Go away Warsi we’re bored.


  50. 132
    Anonymous says:

    “Those less kind than Guido”????????????????????????????


  51. 134
    mardy Insane says:

    Al Jihad,al Jihad.


  52. 137
    ron Vibbentrop says:

    Warsi, Cameron’s colon extension and honary Ikea flat pak. Now as far as the Tories are concerned she’s just a fat pak.


  53. 138
    Dhimmi Dave says:

    So that’s sorted out the gay & foreign born muslim vote.


  54. 152
    is it me? says:

    At least the hereditary lords didn’t keep multiplying -just one at a time!


  55. 154

    Its not really about politics, its about votes


  56. 157
    Arsi Warsi says:

    Bismillah! Just when I thought I could make the front pages with my well-time Gaza outrage (no, not about the heroic Hamas fighters who build rockets instead of bomb shelters and who hide behind women and kids, but about the obvious consequences of turning their civilians into martyrs), we have the even better ISIS-Mozzers who are grabbing the headlines with their ill-timed barbequing of kaffirs.


  57. 172
    Graham Swift says:

    Any bets on Warsi joining Liebour ? After all she has no principles.


  58. 174
    Anonymous says:

    “Warsi’s Bitter Welcome for New Female Muslim Tory Peers”
    Some say there is no such thing as a free lunch. Even if that consistes of a contribution to the gratuities bowl, in the restaurant’s restroom. Being invited inside the inner sanctum to pee, is fine for some. But for others the odour of the same old stale-urine story can eventually prove far too great a price to pay.


  59. 177
    my financial affairs are like my sexual daliances.. none of your business says:

    Warsi is an anagram of war is.


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