August 9th, 2014

Saturday Seven Up

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You’re either in front of Guido, or behind…


  1. 1

    Thucydides, History of the Peloponnesian War


    Thus are the mighty fallen.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  2. 2
    Handycock whipping it out says:

    Now that I have not been chosen for a peerage, If the Liberal Democrats throw me out, it’s UKIP for me, my 4th political Party. Boaz.

  3. 3
    non taxable pikey says:

    A bit heavy for this early in the morning.

    Butler Scloss replacement been announced yet?

    Vote UKIP

  4. 4
    elliemae9 says:

    Good morning, how’s it hanging?

    Does your comment mean we have a Brasidas Obama?

  5. 5
    Satan says:

    Still toasty down ‘ere matey

  6. 6
    non taxable pikey says:

    Best recruiter for? Millipede, or the Greens. Cannot see ex Libdums voting UKIP.

  7. 7
    non taxable pikey says:

    Somehow I don’t see Barry as a Spartan.

  8. 8
    Owen Jones (Aged 30 years) says:

    Still waiting for Theresa May to name Chair, Panel and Terms of Reference for CSAinquiry
    Getting tired of waiting.

  9. 9
    LOL says:

    Give Vazoline a prod.

  10. 10
    Old Nick Heavenly says:

    Hi Cat,

    Lacedaemonii….is it infectious?

    “Change that you can believe in” certainly was.

    Yes he did…the World on the brink of utter chaos.

    Yes we cannot produce ANY hard evidence that the pro Russ, the Russ or Vlad destroyed MH17.

  11. 11
    Mark Regev says:

    Palestinian deaths

    1,922 killed, including at least 1,407 civilians

    448 children

    235 women

    Israeli deaths

    64 soldiers

    2 civilians

    1 Thai national in Israel

    (Source: OCHA; 0500 GMT on 8 August)

  12. 12
    Yeesh, my life says:

    Whats the death toll in Syria? Not that you care. How many men women and children have ISIS murdered many having their heads hacked off or buried alive or simply shot in the head? Not that you care.

    All you care about is attacking Israel for protecting itself against the hamas terror gangs, and how many Gazans have hamas killed during the conflict? Not that you give a damn. Sick hypocrite.

  13. 13
    Israel says:

    We’re only as bad as ISIS.

  14. 14

    Good Morning!

    Lotfi Zadeh says “I am quick to shrug off nationalism, insisting there are much deeper issues in life”. “The question really isn’t whether I’m American, Russian, Iranian, Azerbaijani, or anything else. I’ve been shaped by all these people and cultures and I feel quite comfortable among all of them.”

    “Obstinacy and tenacity. Not being afraid to get embroiled in controversy. That’s very much a Turkish tradition. That’s part of my character, too. I can be very stubborn. That’s probably been beneficial for the development of Fuzzy Logic.”

    In offering my original comment I saw maybe a dozen possibilities. The obvious one is UKIP members being the Spartans. They come from harder times and are often more grounded and reliable – in the main…

    Then there is the Bear and Ukraine, ISIS and Syria/Iraq, Israel and Gaza, Obama a woolly man in charge of the greatest military (what can possibly go wrong?), Scotland and the UK, Britain and the EU. The list is endless even if the theme is common. It does not even confine itself merely to geographical entities but to the world of ideas as well.

    Who, out of the above, gets to play the part of Sparta? But also, where in the final analysis did it actually get them, little over one generation beyond the final surrender of Athens in 404BC?

    Vote UKIP :-D

  15. 15
    LOL says:

    @11 We’re not allowed to talk about that on here.

  16. 16
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    I think it’s high time that Blair,Bush,Campbell,Powell,Rumsfeld and Chainey were rounded up and parachuted out of the back of a military transport over Baghdad and told that “seeing as they created this bloody mess, then they can bloody well clean it up” :-)

    Obama and Cameron’s popularity ratings would reach all-time highs.

  17. 17
    The Wild Colonial Boy says:

    The superbitches are here. Personally I can say that I met them long ago. Now they’re out in the open and letting the world know that they’re here – as if we hadn’t noticed. Thank you, Florence King (good old girl) for telling us all about it.

  18. 18

    Propaganda/Counter Propaganda. It’s a bugger, isn’t it?

    The tanks won’t roll into the Grand Duchy, though, they wouldn’t dare. :-)

    The issue of the Kenyan is dealt with in the above. Wonkette even suggests he was not born at all…

    Vote UKIP :-D

  19. 19
    Norm Normal says:

    Conspiricy theorists say it was cannon fire from SU-25s flying 3.5km above maximum design altitude and twice maximum speed (required for intercept) which is plausible!

  20. 20
    Baroness Warsi says:

    Palestinians have always lived in an imaginary world. Are they going to imagine a victory when there clearly is none?,7340,L-4555967,00.html

  21. 21
    The Greek Anthology says:

    “Traveller, when you reach Sparta, tell them that we lie here, having obeyed their rules.”

  22. 22
    Thucydides says:

    Some demon tied my shoe-laces together. The match was rigged, I tell you.

  23. 23
    Islam: death cult, severe mental illness, or both? says:

    The disparity in deaths will be down to the Israelis using Western technology to defend themselves (missile defence shield) while Hamas rely on a make-believe magic invisible sky pixie to look after them.

  24. 24
    Bottoms up, boys says:

    There’s not one Muzzie state in the world that conducts war in as civilised a manner as the Israelis.

  25. 25
    Correction says:

    The disparity in deaths will be down to the Israelis being given heaps of free weaponry by the US.

  26. 26
    Mark Regev says:


  27. 27
    _JustSayNo_toFriendsofIsrael says:

    Just noticed I had 3 Comments deleted from a thread last night.

    No profanity, nothing outrageous.

    Can only guess that they were deleted because they were critical of Israel.

    Well done, Guido – your site is now a fully fledged, self-censoring member of the MSM.

    Why don’t you just be honest and insert a disclaimer at the top of the page;

    “Any comments critical of Israel will be removed.”

    A new low.

  28. 28
    Islam: death cult, severe mental illness, or both? says:

    Uh, yeah. Doesn’t change what I wrote.

  29. 29
    He's a lefty, so that's OK says:

    Welcome to the brave new world where a lefty US President acts as judge Jury and executioner looking down from the Sky over foreign lands.

  30. 30
    Facts that lefties do not want to hear says:

    The disparity I deaths will be an Israeli civil defence which protects its women and children by providing them with bomb shelters and early warnings and the Hamas terrorists who use women and children as human shield.

  31. 31
    Observer says:

    Oh dear. I should go elsewhere if I were you.

  32. 32
    The Growler says:

    “Owen Jones (Aged 30 years)” gosh Owen I would have sworn that you were 17 yo

  33. 33
    Just a passing nutter, carry on. says:

    UKIP better stay fresh and sweet and away from the bad smells of the LibLabCon, get involved with people who see another way to carry on with their manipulations from other ex political parties and they will be more than tainted UKIP will be marked with the mark of the LibLabCon and will lose everything that people have worked hard for in the UKIP party, honesty, respect and trust.

  34. 34
    Old Nick Heavenly says:

    don’t do conspiracy theory

    I want HARD evidence before I believe ANYTHING!

    The Brits with the black box and the Yanks with their numerous satellites DO nave the evidence.

    I woulld likle to see it.

    For some strange reason they seem unwilling to show it.

    Forget the Ukr control towezr tapes that have disappeared completly.

    I know “Official and unnamed sources said…..

  35. 35
    The Growler says:

    We have to remember the sensitivities of the Puppet Master

  36. 36
    Sigmund Fraud says:

    That would make a really interesting reality TV show! Bush, Blair, Campbell et al, in an old office in Baghdad, with a couple of old cars at their disposal, and they’ve got to sort out Iraq (or die trying).

    I wouldn’t normally be seen dead watching reality TV, but I wouldn’t miss that one for the world.

  37. 37
    The Growler says:

    Shhh, we are not allowed to say such things on this blog

  38. 38
  39. 39
    Old Nick Heavenly says:

    Mrs H’s colleages at work are my only source of the vox pop.

    Nobody had even mentioned Ukraine until these new sanctions which will fuck up Europe.

    NOW they are not happy with the situation at all

  40. 40
    The Lone Ranger says:

    They’ll be announced at just the same time as the Chilcot report is released. About the time of the next Ice Age.

  41. 41
    M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

    For Hamas, this is a resounding win. Their objective was not to kill Israelis but to provoke Israelis into killing them, or should I say Gaza Palestinians. Hamas leadership was well out of the firing line. Result: massive Western sympathy for the cause and influx of funds to the coffers. There are champagne corks popping in Hamas HQ (Presidential Suite, Doha Hilton) tonight.

  42. 42
    The Growler says:

    They keep as far away as possible along any of their family, surrounded by goons who protect them for life

  43. 43
    Awww diddums? says:

    So why were the hundreds of others critical of Israel not deleted?

    Maybe yours were racist, or just fucking boring.

  44. 44
    The Growler says:

    You must remember the sensitivities of the Puppet Master

  45. 45
    _JustSayNo_toFriendsofIsrael says:

    What – and let Guido and the Friends of Israel win ?

    No chance.

  46. 46 says:

    Is it still OK to post here after 9:00 am ?

  47. 47
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Tell them they only have 45 minutes to fix it :-)

  48. 48

    OK, to explain for you…perhaps they touched a nerve…

  49. 49
    Joseph says:

    Claptrap. What you are referring to is just one incident that has occurred in your brief life in a conflict which spans millennia.

  50. 50
    Anonymous says:

    US”Presidents” are ZioPuppets.

  51. 51
    Bill Stickers says:

    David Cameron:
    Even Stevie Wonder can see how corrupt this cockwombling spunkflute is. Absolutely shameless. I can’t wait to never see his big fat ham face after GE Day next year, he has to be the most despised Crime Sinister we’ve ever had to of suffered surely ?

  52. 52
    Historian says:

    FACT is that the Izzies are the invaders and land thieves who hold the world record in diesregarding the world UN’s resolutions.
    That is the bottom line, no matter how much you try to Shyster around it.

  53. 53
    I. Askew says:

    Cash for a tennis match, cash for a peerage……

  54. 54
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Is that you Blair or is it your lying sidekick Campbell who made up the fake dossier?

  55. 55
    E L Whisty (Head Groundsman) says:

    I know…

    Let’s count up the losses on each side of any given conflict and then decide that the winners are the moral losers. Then we start the war again until the losses are even. That should satisfy the people who exercise moral judgement in order to demonstrate how superior they are.

    Anyone who has gone to war for their country knows that it starts out through utter stupidity (and, often, a lot of evil), continues in chaos, and ends only after one side has lost all hope.

    If I lived in Gaza, I would want to find out who keeps firing off the rockets at Israel and interview them with a sharpened spade so that my wife and children could have a few years of peace.

  56. 56
    The Stamford Hillbillies says:

    Boris has the right idea.

  57. 57
    I. Askew says:

    Cameron reconfirms that he ‘sells’ his soul for money.

    The Tories insisted the cost of running the House of Lords had fallen…… what? by adding more peers? They either think the public are stupid or else the Tories can’t do maths… it has to be the latter

  58. 58
    Historian says:

    Hey Shomo, most people aren’t stupid enough to believe an Israeli Hasbara site.

  59. 59
    M. Oaten says:

    Laid me one big boy right in the cake-hole!

  60. 60
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Will it be renamed the Chillycot report :-)

  61. 61
    Guido Fawkes says:

    “Peers can enjoy seared scallops, foie gras and champagne risotto at the Barry Room private restaurant, part of a group of facilities catering to them and their guests which are subsidised by the taxpayer at a cost of £1.3m a year. A full roast dinner costs £9.50. Peers also receive a £300-a-day expenses allowance for attending the House of Lords”

  62. 62
    Waz going on? says:

    Strange times. The USA has a socialist president, Russia has a capitalist president, Europe is the new USSR and the Arch Bishop of Canterbury talks of Sharia law for England.

  63. 63
    Just a passing nutter, carry on. says:

    The kids are on their 3month school holidays and the Palace of Westminster classrooms are still closed, May 2015 isn’t to far away so no doubt the nonces will be reprieved until someone decides it’s really time to clean the countries and the house of corruption sewers.

  64. 64
    fruit-loop says:

    everyone’s a z-puppet
    especially you

  65. 65
    St Tony of Iraq says:

    Shut it.

  66. 66
    completely mullahed says:

    Go away Usman

  67. 67
    Anonymous says:

    Great article by Gabor Steingart in Handelsblatt

    The West is on the wrong path

  68. 68
    completely mullahed says:

    Go away Ismail

  69. 69

    Did you notice how O’bama could be subtly currying flavour with some in !ran ?

    The 500lb bombing for ‘peace’ is pure N!etzsche, if Z’arathustra dropped his words from F-18 around the mountain for those to hear.

    Once again though, X’inhua misses the plot ;-)

    Vote UKIP :-D

  70. 70
    Vote Ukip Get Labour says:

    So the country’s only just come out of intensive care, Labour’s prescription is more of the stuff that caused the illness in the first place and yet you are advocating letting Balls and Miliband in by voting for a party that is powerless to stop them.

  71. 71
    Vote Ukip Get Labour says:

    Not even the Liberal Dingbats are silly enough to waste their votes on a party that can’t win any seats.

  72. 72
    completely mullahed says:

    Go away Abdul

  73. 73
    No2Tellytax says:

    Allows for time needed for advert breaks, resulting in a one hour programme.

  74. 74
    Just a passing nutter, carry on. says:

    The Liberals keep moaning about the bombing of Dresden being a war crime, when I get my three relatives back from being bombed and killed in an air-raid shelter in England, ages 5 and 8 and 34 then we can discuss what was a war crime and what isn’t.

  75. 75
    Vote Ukip Get Labour says:

    I don’t know… Labour are still talking fiscal and economic suicide.

  76. 76
    Hieronymous Bosch says:

    Someone put LSD in the beer again.

  77. 77
    Baldrick says:

    I have written a poem dedicated to Mr Obama.

    boom boom boom
    boom boom

  78. 78
    Jack Dromey & Sally Bercow says:

  79. 79
    ISIS team leader famous last words. says:


    What the fuck was that?

  80. 80
    Vote Ukip Get Labour says:

    So vote Labour then. Make sure you move your savings, investments and any pension schemes you might have out of the country first though…

  81. 81
    No one cares anymore says:

    One man’s civilised war, is another man’s opportunistic war, ask StAlin, Hit-ler they were the best, the a_r ab tribes for over a thousand years have been fighting each other, their attitude or idea’s are set and IS IS is proof, their’s no such thing a civilised war as death puts an end to human activities including being civilised.

  82. 82
    Anonymous says:

    Go home Ishmael

  83. 83

    GF you need to sort out your moderation policy – and posting of innapropriate photos/video.

  84. 84
    Voter says:

    Lib,Lab,Con. All the same sweetie. All run by the civil service for the EU.

  85. 85
  86. 86
  87. 87
    Guidophile says:

    Awwww, waaaaaaaaaaycist! Waaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaacyist!

  88. 88
    Egypt should open its border says:

    Yes it does change completely what you wrote. HAMAS is a terrorist organisation bringing terror not only to Israyel but also to its own people who simply are executed if they do not conform to the Hamas ways.

    The israylees are also a fuck sight better shots as well than the muppets who have fired in excess of 3500 missiles at them over the last 3 months

    I call in Egypt to open its border with Gaza but it won’t. No ministers resigning over that. no fatbots leading demos and dumbshit politicials banning egyptians from Bradfore there. The only border crossings in dispute are the Israylees ones .

    Given Egypt shoots anyone trying to cross their border with Gaza that’s odd and FFS even a fuckwit muppet like you can at least try and put the 3 pieces of the kiddies jigsaw together.

    On second thoughts you probably could even point the place out on a kiddies map.

  89. 89
    Israel says:


  90. 90
    Vermin exterminator says:

    If we stuff enough peers in the Lords they won’t be able to move or actually do anything – and we’ll know where the buggers are.

  91. 91
    nothing wrong with killing terrorists says:

    and the Hamas terrorists are again getting some of what they asked for

  92. 92
    concrete pump says:

    What makes you think Hamas would let them leave if the border was opened..?

  93. 93
    Gordon Bennett says:

    What happened to the watershed ? Is Guido’s clock stuck on midnight ?

  94. 94
    Green grocer says:

    It’s an avocado.

  95. 95
    Anonymous says:

    That’s always the rub here. It was a necessary evil however Germany started the blitz long before we ever considered doing such a thing. COventry was flattened overnight

    They never ever mention that because it does not fit their twisted mental logic.

  96. 96
    Anonymous says:

    Fuck off Nazi boy

  97. 97
    Bibi says:

    Want more?


  98. 98
    Odds favour ? says:

    Handelsblatt has very interesting piece dealing with what it calls froth from both rabble-rousers and roused, re Russia and wider world context.

    Reproduced, in summary and in full, here. Warning: won’t suit certain readers.

  99. 99
    M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

    The only fact I can see is that you are not one of Blowing Willies’ sockpuppets because he said you, I mean he, don’t use them.

  100. 100
    Owens mums mate says:

    No Owen

    Your mum says you should already be in bed and asleep by that time ready for school in the morning.

  101. 101
    No one cares anymore says:

    Is that you Billy Bowden?

  102. 102
    Anonymous says:

    Crime sinister? Well if you add up millions of deaths in Iraq and still counting how about Blair , Brown encouraged by the present front bench of the Labour party who were all in the same cabinet meetings

    You must be 3 1/2 years old to have such a short memory?

  103. 103

    One may only conclude that:

    * You have not read my piece properly or
    * You have not thought it out properly or
    * Your viewpoint has become so restricted and narrow that you sincerely believe that UKIP only hurts Tories.

    Could I ask you to compare the current UK debt levels with those that the calamitous Labour party left office with. Then present me with some sort of argument which defends the charge that the Tories are effectively just soft-Marxists?

    Tax has become a system of legal vengeance

    Vote UKIP :-D

  104. 104
    Ellie-Mae says:

    Certainly not a mango

  105. 105
    Bibi says:

    So. IS sucks Barry in, Dave dithers and the SAS are about. Ham Ass is the diversion, get with it.

    This is the big one. Fuck moozies. Clear your countries of them. Enforce anti breeding programmes.

    At the least, today, take down those provocative flags.

    Tomorrow, search all mosks. It’s funny how a little bomb yesterday caused such an explosion in one, now why was that?

  106. 106
    Gulp ! says:

    I think you mean a courgette

  107. 107
    M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

    Actually Britain did. Churchill deliberately bombed their Berlin in response to an accidental bombing of London. The response was the 9 month Blitz on British cities. Big mistake by Hitler as he took his eye off the ball – RAF airfields and British factories – and bombed houses instead.

  108. 108

    Oh no, you know what will be posted now. Aaarrggghhh. Mxxxgo Venxxxr.

  109. 109

    Perhaps they can moderate Hamas from firing 1000’s of rockets.

    Simple solution STOP FIRING FUCKING ROCKETS ,!!

    Ain’t rocket science

  110. 110

    Something else stuck.

  111. 111
    Dirty Bibi says:

    Do you feel lucky punk? Well do ya?

  112. 112

    Mrs H has done some wonderful things for you. She sounds a great lady!

    Please therefore do not misconstrue my words when I suggest you might obtain multiple sources! :-)

    UKIP Über Alles! :-D

  113. 113
  114. 114
    Cinna says:

    Of course you refer ton the Limp Dims then?

    Vote UKIP

  115. 115

    Lord Forks, in the next announcement? Has he done enough, already.

  116. 116
    Cinna says:

    Tower Hamlets result been declared yet?

  117. 117

    Serf washes whiter than white.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  118. 118

    The menu sounds sufficiently appealing. What about the cellar?

  119. 119
    Punk Jew Asian says:

  120. 120
    M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

    The problem today is that these guys are more mobile and armed with a bit more than a few shiny swords.

  121. 121

    What is on the menu in China this coming winter, I wonder?

    The abyss gazes back – unflinchingly…

    Vote UKIP :-D

  122. 122
    M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

    Away with you, notasockpuppet !

  123. 123
    Awww diddums? says:

    Repost them then and let us all judge instead of whining about it like some pussy.

  124. 124 says:

    I’m sorry, I think you should read that again.

  125. 125
    Ellie-Mae says:

    Let’s step back from the brink, I think I meant “Black Mamba”

  126. 126
    Ellie-Mae says:

  127. 127
    Odds favour ? says:

    Apologies, hadn’t noticed this comment when posting similar above, number 98 responding to 14.

  128. 128
    Anonymous says:

    You lot just get off their land. That ain’t rocket science either. When you people were being tackled by a real army (the German army) you whined like little girls. Oy! the suffrink!

  129. 129

    We’ve been here before:

    WHITE founts falling in the Courts of the sun,
    And the Soldan of Byzantium is smiling as they run;
    There is laughter like the fountains in that face of all men feared,
    It stirs the forest darkness, the darkness of his beard;
    It curls the blood-red crescent, the crescent of his lips;
    For the inmost sea of all the earth is shaken with his ships.
    They have dared the white republics up the capes of Italy,
    They have dashed the Adriatic round the Lion of the Sea,
    And the Pope has cast his arms abroad for agony and loss,
    And called the kings of Christendom for swords about the Cross.
    The cold queen of England is looking in the glass;
    The shadow of the Valois is yawning at the Mass;
    From evening isles fantastical rings faint the Spanish gun,
    And the Lord upon the Golden Horn is laughing in the sun.

  130. 130
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Hamas fighters are invisible to the BBC and C4.

  131. 131
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    No, it’s rocket silence.

  132. 132
    Brian says:

    Pater says the bark of courgettes is far worse than their bite.


    [Down, Holly !]

  133. 133
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    That’s John Lee Hooker.

  134. 134
    E L Whisty (Head Groundsman) says:

    Let us not forget that Brown, as C of the E, refused to allow the MoD any extra funding for the wars that Blair got us into. Or that, when PM, he further insulted the Armed Forces by appointing a SoS for Defence as a part time, if not secondary, job with Minister for Scotland. It is Brown’s responsibility, entirely, that MoD was in such a mire of debt when we got rid of the corrupt Labour government.

    Brown was deeply complicit with Blair in the egomaniacal and incompetent wickedness of the New Labour reign of crime.

    I long to see those bastards in a Court explaining themselves. I have never hated anybody in my life, except for Blair and Brown.

  135. 135
    Harvey Proctor, Derek Laud, Keith Joseph, Crispin Blunt, Alan Duncan, Nigel Evans says:

  136. 136
    Moussa Koussa says:

    CALL ME CORRUPT has taken politics to a new low over the past 4 years. He seems to think that whilst he’s in office that he should line his own pocket and those of his friends and sod the majority of the electorate.This government are the most corrupt ever and I pray we see the last of these scumbags come 2015. They have been a disaster for this country.

  137. 137

    Meanwhile, on R’ussian State TV…

    ‘Big bike show in the Crimea! Live broadcast on the link…’

    Vote UKIP :-D

  138. 138
    Anonymous says:

    Having just returned from a holiday in India might I say that the hordes of Israeli tourists I encountered there are amongst the most loud, obnoxious, arrogant shits I have ever had the misfortune to meet. Watching in disbelief the aggressive way they spoke to shopkeepers and their abusive manner towards hotel staff I could well imagine the kind of treatment they dish out to the Palestinians back home. Some hoteliers have even taken to placing “No Israelis” signs above their doors.

  139. 139
    Persona Non Grata says:

    I wonder if this has anything to do with the wars being engineered in these places.

    In Syria, a hidden giant energy deposit is concealed under the table. Off the Lebanese and Syrian coast, a massive off-shore energy deposit was recently discovered. The US & UK & Israeli oligarchs wish to take it all. Confusion is their game. In the western plains of Ukraine, a massive gas deposit was recently discovered. The US & European oligarchs wish to take it all. Confusion is their game.

    I think we know the answer.

  140. 140
    Joan Rivers enjoys civilian deaths says:

    Rather ironic she says the Palestinians “started it”, not only because Is*ael actually started it by invading and occupying land that doesn’t belong to them, but because that’s precisely the sort of thing the Nazis said when persecuting J*ws, saying they were the cause of all the problems in society.

    P.S. Rivers is about as funny as cancer and deserves to get it too.

  141. 141
    Mark Regev says:

    You’d need a seriously powerful lens to record the ‘rockets’ issuing from the Palestinian slingshots, peashooters and spud guns.

  142. 142
    Cinna says:

    Were you still living in your Bedouin tent during Blair’s 10 years of misrule then?

  143. 143
    Cinna says:

    Who was it that said only whites could be racist?

  144. 144
    Anonymous says:

    A few hundred Lebanese sent them packing in 2006 and they left the battlefield in tears.

  145. 145
    Cinna says:

    Tin foil hat anyone?

  146. 146
    A brainless Lefty says:

    I support Hamas because they execute homosexuals.

  147. 147
    mossie says:

    Closed for some, always open for all true believers. Bearded men necessary to become converts taking the first step.

  148. 148
    Anonymous says:

  149. 149
    Persona Non Grata says:

    This is not tin foil hat stuff. Read the whole article. Anyone with half a brain could recognise the truths behind it.

  150. 150
    Anonymous says:

  151. 151

    They promulgated the fatuous notion that Appearance is Reality.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  152. 152
    Anonymous says:

    Are you the sort of fuckwit that thinks when prosecuting a war that we should suffer the same casualties as the opposition ? You are a First World War General and I claim my £5.

  153. 153
    Oh deary me says:

    I’m not sure tin foil would be sufficient for that one.

  154. 154
    Adviser says:

    Or they could just give back all the land they stole from the Palestinians.

  155. 155
    The Reverend Jim Jones says:

    No sooner do I post, the media runs the story of Hinkley being charged with murder.
    Coincidence? No, certainly not.
    The (my) Jamestown ‘massacre’ will soon be the biggest story of the day.
    The claim is that I (CIA) recruited soldiers to carry out covert assassinations using my church as the cover.
    Hinkley (Raegan) and Chapman (Lennon) were my soldiers (ho hum).
    It went pear shaped and we had to go.
    US soldiers and British Green berets landed in our camp and slaughtered us.
    This story is about to go viral as new evidence is son to come out and with bodies found at Dover inside metal containers (why?).
    I did not poison anyone and we did not kill anyone.
    Jason Bourne is on the right track and the whole concept of the Bourne identity is remarkably accurate.

  156. 156
    Hear All See All says:

    I too am of a generous disposition, but my list is far longer than yours. The best I can do is to vote appropriately next May and hope other voters agree with me and dismiss as many as possible of those who presently occupy HoP

  157. 157
    Geedo's an Is*aeli shill says:

    That’s true to an extent, though the few Is*aelis I’ve met have thankfully been quite pleasant, but I’m also aware of the tendency for many of them to be arrogant and obnoxious. While everyone screams about the rocket attacks, which I don’t condone, what the mainstream media and Geedo don’t report are the daily price tag attacks by settlers and the gang attacks on Ethiopian J*ws. The elephant in the room is that Is*ael is a racist state, not that that will bother the racists who post here, but the fact remains there is no coverage, even on the bbc, of Is*ael’s vicious treatment of just about anyone who isn’t one of them. Just go on Youtube and you’ll see videos of how even Christians are treated. You’d think Geedo, being Catholic, would be a little miffed at the way settlers abuse Christians. And I’m not talking about Palestinian Christians, who I know don’t count by virtue of being Palestinian, I’m talking about white, western Christians being subjected to verbal and physical violence. They have complete impunity to be as violent and racist as they like, but mention that and someone like Maureen Lipman will pop up to call you anti-semitic. Twas ever thus.

  158. 158
    === says:

    You are an Israel Firster and twisted lies and propaganda constantly ooze from your Gob.

  159. 159
    Oh deary me says:

    “The Arctic methane potential is a global warming carbon bomb (as has been
    recognised for many years).”

    That’s the first paragraph. “As has been recognised” without citing any source.

    At that point I stopped reading, because, unlike you, I’m not a complete and utter mong.

    (Didn’t the pictures of biblical destruction indicate to you in any way at all that the article was tosh? Weren’t they a tiny little clue?)

  160. 160
    Duh says:

    Yes Shlomo, you wouldn’t try to get back to your home which is occupied by Israel.

  161. 161
    A homophobic rightie says:

    Hey! Who gives a shit about bummers? That’s one of the things the muzees and Nigeria have got right! Kill all the woofters!

  162. 162
    Earnest Saunders says:

    He’ll get better.

  163. 163
    Duh says:

    “We” seemingly being the glorious Sturmtruppen of God’s chosen race of eternal victim and land thieves…

  164. 164
    Duh says:

    Hardly the place of Israel Firster land thieves to tell people to go “home”.

  165. 165
    Another brainless lefty (is there any other type?) says:

    Right on!

    And kill the righties for legalising homosexual marriage! Fucking homophobic same-sex-legalising righty scum!

  166. 166
    Duh says:

    Hardly the place of Iz Firster land thieves to tell people to “Go Home”

  167. 167
    Owen Jones says:

    What attracts me to Hamas, apart from their hatred of gays, is their desire to subjugate women and treat them like second-class citizens.

  168. 168

    E’gypt may open its border once it has a bit more water between it and the S!nai:

    Vote UKIP :-D

  169. 169
    Persona Non Grata says:

    WTF are you talking about. Those words don’t appear anywhere in the article. You’re very confused, or maybe just stupid.

  170. 170
    Shlomo Spotter says:

    You’ll be getting yours sooner or later, land thief.

  171. 171
    The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

    Er, have you forgotten the “accidental” bombing of Dublin, by the Luftwaffe? Or the “accidental ” bombing of Guernica, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Warsaw? Or the “accidental” bombardment of Scarborough and Great Yarmouth by the Kaiser’s Kriegsmarine. Fritz had previous.

  172. 172
    ZZZ says:

    While you were living in a stinky little flat in Tel Aviv?

  173. 173
    Christian says:

    My enemy’s enemy is my friend…

  174. 174

    Let’s hope British and American oil companies do get their hands on it.

  175. 175
    Anonymous says:

  176. 176
    Christian says:

    At least I wasn’t sh”gging a camel.

  177. 177
    Anonymous says:

    “My project will be complete when the Labour party learns to love Peter.”
    Tony Blair, March 1996

  178. 178
    GCHQ Malcolm says:

    +9000000000000000000 !!!

  179. 179

    The red mist descends…

    Vote UKIP :-D

  180. 180

    Why is it that sometimes the most innocuous post can be modded ,yet these filthy pervert pictures regularly appear , I don’t get it!

  181. 181
    Bob says:

    At least they don’t steal other people’s land, Shlomo.

  182. 182
  183. 183
    Sue Denim says:

    Your moniker is too subtle for most of the people here.

  184. 184
    Cinna says:

    Ho hum zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  185. 185
    Sue Denim says:

    Pat Cash?

  186. 186
    Mr Derek says:

    No, that is Basil Brush.

  187. 187
    Cinna says:

    Half a brain? You mean a half wit.

  188. 188
    Cinna says:

    Another Blair failure then.

  189. 189
    A homophobic rightie says:

    Hey! Don’t you dare call Cameron right wing! He’s a leftie liberal metrosexual! Us true righties voted against it.

  190. 190
    ZZZ says:

    But you were taking potshots at little Palestinian kids while jerking off.

  191. 191

    Tank Biathlon update…

    Just to help get Ch!na’s tank technology into perspective.

    Would be good to find out how accurate their artillery is…

    Vote UKIP :-D

  192. 192
    Fred the pensioner says:

    Bit like Ken’s accounts then.

  193. 193
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    And you are seriously deluded.

  194. 194
    Mark Regev says:

    Today our Einsatzgruppen are conducting a general mopping up operation after one month of continual bombardment from land, sea and air. Casualties are expected to be high as we are targetting a group of teenagers in sector C6 of Gaza City who are surveillance drones have shown to be throwing stones in the general direction of one of our Abrams tanks, causing the potential for severe loss off life and injury and putting into question the very viability of the J’ewish state. We have therefore decided on a proportional response by flattening the whole of Sector C6

  195. 195
    B. Sensible says:

    And many Indian hoteliers are Muslims. Go figure.

    Most Israelis are from an East European cultural background and in my experience the way most East Europeans address each other sounds rude to my British ears.

    You’re sure there isn’t something behind your comments?

  196. 196

    The UK does not know how to catch villains or terrorists any longer.

    So it will catch you instead:

    Vote UKIP :-D

  197. 197
    Joan Rivers says:

    Suck it up Goyboy.

    You should follow the example of the fat boy – if you see a cutcock, suck it and see.

  198. 198
    barack o bomber says:

    A bungling robber who botched a multimillion pound raid on a cash depot when he knocked down the wrong wall with a digger has been jailed for thirteen years . Failed robber Raymond …………. aged 52 and other mystery raiders targeted the wrong depot in Swankey Kent .

    from todays “i” newspaper page 2

  199. 199
    Oh!, I say old chap says:

    Getting idea’s on how a war would go for the EU if they took on the bear and the red peril.

  200. 200
    PNAC says:

    Where’s Bin Laden? Why we deposited him safely at sea to avoid any awkward questions. Really the whole Bin Laden thing was over by that time so we needed to create a new fiction.

  201. 201

    Shouldn’t you lefty mongs be out shagging little boys with your muzzie mates?

  202. 202

    Someone should perhaps tweet her back with a brief explanation that bin Laden and al Baghdadi perhaps would not see eye to eye. The attempted troll accusing ISIS of hiding behind women because they are cowards doesn’t really work either.

    But, J’esus: this is L’ouise M’ensch on the path to war, so I’m steering well clear.

    NB: #hashtagsdontstopgenocide

    Vote UKIP :-D

  203. 203
  204. 204
    Anonymous says:

    It’s about time the West and Cameron threw everything they have to defeat the murdering bastards known as the Islamic State. They have no humanity,are brutalised and will not rest until islam is the ony religion tolerated. We are all in peril if swift action is not taken to eliminate them.

  205. 205
    A typical Lefty mong says:

    I will ignore the 3,000+ rockets that Hamas have fired at Isreal thusfar, I will ignore the fact Hamas are violently racist, homophobic, misogynist, murderous medievalists, and I will support them, because they stand for everything we Lefties despise.

    Thinking about it, logica isn’t our strong point. Ho hum, never mind. Soon be Monday and I can claim me bennies! Yay!

  206. 206
    barack o bomber says:


    The collective noun for a group of owls is ;;;;;;;;;

    a parliament .

  207. 207
    The massive log in their eyes says:

    Just seen BBC shots of groups waving placards “Stop the Killing” – is this march in London against the religion of peace killing each other in Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, or any of the other countries they are doing each other in?

    Do tell.

  208. 208
    Mark Regev says:

    We prefer to shoot the little goys.

  209. 209

    Not really – the NATO tanks are not competing and the R’ussian’s have a home side advantage.

    However, their aim is a bit off. Latest updates from the second event…

    So, R’ussia dominated overall the ‘Sprint’ winning both heats, but the first heat I’ndia / K’yrgyzstan came second and third, whilst second heat, K’azakhstan / Ch!na did so.

    The judges have noted that shooting accuracy (with the 125mm main gun) of:
    Ch!na, V’enezuela, K’yrgyzstan and I’ndia has been very high indeed – 100%. The targets appeared at random and the range was 1600-1800m.

    R’ussia picked up time penalties for a few missed targets but still romped in with convincing wins about 90 seconds ahead of second place teams.

    Next up, on 11th / 12th is the ‘Pursuit’ round.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  210. 210
    Vote Tory, get unlimited immigration says:

    Hmm.. now HMRC is getting more efficient at collecting tax, its tax-take will go up, so will Dave cut taxes?

    Or will he just piss-away the extra revenue on foreign aid?

  211. 211
    concrete pump says:

    Prolly sent from a phone. I can post what the fuck I like with out being modded.

    If I tried it on my laptop……….Modded.

  212. 212
    A lefty spokesmong says:

    Killing people is part of the Islamic community’s rich and diverse culture, which we should celebrate.

    The Isrealis, however, are not allowed to kill anyone, even in self-defence, because they’re filthy Jooos. If only Hitler had killed them all.

  213. 213
    Right-winger (simple terms for simple minds) says:

    I’m certainly not a lefty and I would do everything I could with whatever resources I have to resist occupation and land theft. Would you not do the same you snivelling little shit?

  214. 214

    Understand the idea is that huge catamarans will be able to pass through…

    Vote UKIP :-D

  215. 215
    Hermann Hesse says:

    If they introduce a carpet tax then I’m outta here.

  216. 216
    Anonymous says:

    You’re obviously quite experienced in sharing these sorts of images

  217. 217
    Oh!, I say old chap says:

    Part of the EU being big Brother what with forcing us to have black boxes in our cars to getting ready to take over from the corrupt politicians they corrupted, people use Facebook, Twitter and have their lives public, nothing to hide then you have something to fear and that’s how the EU wants it, Communism has just changed it’s name to democracy and runs the EU as usual, badly, the uncivil servants like their jobs and pay and will, like politicians do as they are told..

  218. 218
    Englishman says:

    In this instance, one has to agree with the lawyers. ‘Bear’ is such a bloody silly name to give anything. Or anybody.

  219. 219
    concrete pump says:

    Each to their own.

    You should’ve denied the camel shagging insult.

    Camel shagger. :)

  220. 220
    concrete pump says:

    Anyone for tenuous…?

  221. 221

    Bin Laden is alive and well. He is eating a bacon sarnie in the cafe across the road right now.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  222. 222
    Pookie snackumberger says:

    men fight and lose the battle, and the thing that they fought for comes about in spite of their defeat, and when it comes turns out not to be what they meant, and other men have to fight for what they meant under another name.”
    ― William Morris

    We now have to fight ‘democracy’!

  223. 223
    Fozzie Bear says:


  224. 224
    Not a pro EU anything says:

    Is the Pro EU machine pro the EU anexing the Ukrane?

  225. 225
    old chap, old chap calm down dear says:

    And Arabia wasn’t renamed Saudi Arabia and suddenly had a king after a guy with a similar name didn’t take all the Arabian land when the Turks took a runner and then when oil was found by the Yanks after 1920?, the old mud fort which Al Saud took in Riyadh is still there and is venerated, so that wouldn’t be other peoples land, would it? .

  226. 226
    Peace, bro, peace says:

    This blog is getting like the laughingly called “United Nations” seems everybody is having a go at each other.

  227. 227
    Owen Jones says:

    Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer!

  228. 228
    Anarchy in the UK says:

    Well, the Lefties – who were already pretty repulsive nasty little shits – have morphed into Nazis, supporting rabidly anti-semític Nazi-clone Hamas which, in addition to its desire to kill all J3ws, wants to kill whatever LGBT community that exists within its reach.

    Pointing out to Lefties that they’ve all just become, overnight, extreme Righties is cracking good fun.

  229. 229
    JustSayNo_toFriendsofIsrael says:

    The original Guido Fawkes – ‘the only man to enter Westminster with honest intentions.’

    The 2014, bought and paid for appeasing Guido Fawkes – has a thoroughly dishonest approach to ‘free speech’ on this website.

    Denigrating the legend of the original terrorist !!

    Oh, the irony…

  230. 230
    Peace, bro, peace says:

    Each generation doesn’t learn from the last generation and fights the same fight which the last generation fought but calls the last generations fight a war, this generation is fighting a similar fight and is calling it a proportional response, until the world is full of bodybags , the each generation will still not learn from the last generation, the names change but war is still war and death is still death.

    –Me (c)2014

  231. 231
    Baron Van Pallandt says:

    We could sing a jolly song together….

  232. 232

    No – Pro U’kraine being a sovereign independent State.

    If U’kraine chose to join the EU that should be considered carefully. Extend the trade zone and help them modernize as they request, but otherwise no strings.

    Better question is: Should independent U’kraine seek to join NATO ?

    Vote UKIP :-D

  233. 233
    Bozo Xavier says:

    Here’s a better name:

  234. 234

    Café or Deli ? Sarnie or Bagel ? ;-)

    Vote UKIP :-D

  235. 235
    England kicked out religious dogma for a reason says:

    If your religion is worth killing for how about you start by killing yourself.

  236. 236
    Awww diddums? says:

    You really are a fucking great BIG GIRL’s BLOUSE flapping in the wind.

    Try again or piss off back to mammy.

  237. 237
    Awww diddums? says:

    That’s what Israel is doing my little xalif – resisting occupation by the Seljuks.

  238. 238
    The Wild Colonial Boy says:

    The original Guido didn’t give a damn about free speech. He only wanted, as he himself stated, “to blow those Scotch beggars back to their native mountains.” Today’s Guido has carried on this purpose in his treatment of Gorgon Brown, Son of the Manse, Frankenstein from North of the Tweed, Wizard Economist, and other sobriquets.

  239. 239
    Awww diddums? says:

    Fascism follows socialism just as surely as night follows day.

  240. 240
    The two Muppets says:

    How can it be accidental to bomb London ?

  241. 241
    Hair Bear Bunch says:

    You need to eat our cereals

  242. 242
    Anonymous says:

    like this one

  243. 243
    ..JustSayNo_toFriendsofIsrael says:

    “Studios blacklist Cruz over Gaza letter.”

    Time will tell if this story is in fact true : but the implied threat is there for all to see.
    Speak negatively about Israel and there will be consequences.

    Why do we accept this bullying?!

    The delightful Penelope is definitely not a Friend of Israel.

  244. 244
    Anonymous says:

    or this one

  245. 245
    The Growler says:

    The Puppet Master pulled your strings didn’t he

  246. 246
    Wankers says:

    If the ‘original terrorist’ Guido Fawkes had succeeded there would have been little or no free speech in England and growing up you and I would have been either bummed by a priest or slapped by a nun.
    The bloke was a c*nt that’s why we burn an effigy of him every year.
    I get moderated some of my posts disappear but it isn’t my blog and I don’t pay to be here.
    So shit happens.
    However the BBC’s ‘Have your say’ I do pay for and those bastards default position is to moderate everything and reject a lot of comments.
    Now THAT is worth getting angry about that.

  247. 247
    Ronald Muckdonald says:

    The lawyers are absolutely right. Whatever is the world coming to when little guys who mind their own business can go around threatening to take trade away from international mega-corporations.

  248. 248
    The two Muppets says:

    Come on Israel,You have to retaliate to stop the rocket and missile
    attacks to protect your own civilians .

  249. 249
    ..JustSayNo_toFriendsofIsrael says:

    I feel somewhat validated – now that I have acquired my very own online stalker.

    Have a nice day. ;)

  250. 250

    Some of the MH17 investigation verdicts are beginning to come in:

    Vote UKIP :-D

  251. 251
    Edward E Bear says:

    Come down to the woods and say that. Running your own own company is no picnic.

  252. 252
    The two Muppets says:

    You have to be fair ,It was a female camel .

  253. 253
    SWP et others says:

    We are what we are, with fiancial help from Col Gaddify. Plenty more where that came from.

  254. 254
    FYI says:

    Very few posts are removed. There is however an automod which will block posts with certain banned words. Newbies often get confused by this and think Guido is haunched over his Mac, merlot in hand, reading through every single post looking for the slightest criticism of Rupert or Israel. Sorry to disappoint the keyboard revolutionaries, but he just ain’t.

    The banned list contains some innocuous little words which often leads the uninitiated to believe they are being singled out, that they’ve said something contentious or hit a nerve, indeed that they have become INTERNET MARTYRS but no, the explanation is much more mundane. So calm down and carry on, girls.

  255. 255
    FriendsofIsrael recruitment officer says:

    I’ll put you down as a ‘no’ then

  256. 256
    automodbot says:

    Guido can you delete this please.

  257. 257
    The Growler says:

    You sound like St. Tone de B’Liar

  258. 258
    Awww diddums? says:

    Validated? What the fuck are you now, an Oyster card?

  259. 259

    Ch!na should not have too many problems this winter.

    To partially answer the important point you raise:

    Vote UKIP :-D

  260. 260
    Cinna says:

    Plus the accidental bombing of Freiburg ( a German town) by their very own Lutwaffe in May 1940.

  261. 261
    Englishman says:

    All these people with beards look the same to me. None of them are to be trusted, you never know what’s going on in there.

  262. 262
    anon says:

    “Call for Assistance”…

  263. 263
    Cinna says:

    That is the inevitable end of all this. We need to face the facts. The problem is all the fifth columnists we have allowed and are still allowing into this country.

  264. 264

    Cold War II is getting colder…

    Vote UKIP :-D

  265. 265
    Awww diddums? says:

    Aye a female camel – nothing qu­eer about BW.

  266. 266
    Cinna says:

    Michael Cashman.

  267. 267
    ..JustSayNo_toFriendsofIsrael says:

    OK then.

    I had the comment -quoted in full below – deleted: what was the offending word (or opinion? )

    “A terrorist state v. A terrorist organisation.”

  268. 268
    Bloomers in rain-soaked Bongo Bongo Land says:

    Don’t be daft.

  269. 269
    Mad,mozzie Medievalist says:


  270. 270
    Cinna says:

    I thought the a rabs had the odd inch lopped off as well Abdul.

  271. 271
    John Bercow Speaker and part time bog snorkler says:

    I have to surface for air quite often when I’m licking Sally out.

  272. 272
    The Growler says:

    Geedes appreciated that “comment” and thought he would let it stand as in does not criticise the Master and the chosen ones.

  273. 273
    Cinna says:

    They’re all thieving b’stards. Wherever I pitch my bedouin tent is home.

  274. 274
    Cinna says:

    With Ed Milliband? That’ll be two chocking on their bacon then.

  275. 275
  276. 276
    FYI says:

    Did you read what I said? The modbot blocks posts it does not delete them.

    If it was posted and subsequently deleted then that was the work of a human (allegedly) hand.

    I won’t comment on the crassness of your post fee speech an’ all that.

  277. 277
    M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

    BW has more sockpuppets than Harry Corbett lol

  278. 278
    Clive Mowforth says:

    Cat Menace Notice

    Control your cats or face drastic action.

  279. 279
    Cinna says:

    So what are you doing about to resist the occupation of the UK then?

  280. 280
    Essex Girl says:

    There’s something unusual about those boobs…they’re real.

  281. 281
    Expat Geordie says:

    The Luftwaffe were under orders NOT to bomb London, but one bomber got lost and dumped its bombs in what it thought was a safe area, but it turned out to be London (not sure which area).

    What you have to remember is that you don’t drop bombs when you are directly over a target. Aircraft speed, wind speed and direction, visibility and cloud cover, and the fact that you are dropping from 20,000 feet all have a role to play in accurate bomb placement. The Luftwaffe thought that they were bombing a safe area and missed.

  282. 282
    The Growler says:

    Geedes might be into this sort of thing who knows

  283. 283

    Our friends across the water have some experience in the matter of sinking convoys. Never thought we would need it again…

    Meanwhile the sidelink about Banyas, in that article, could never be printed in a UK paper without an outcry of Savile proportions.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  284. 284
    Anonymous says:

    I heard that four million pounds have been raised in one day for the Gaza appeal. That means thousands more rockets to be sent into Israel. Does anyone honestly believe that the Hamas government in Gaza will spend any on feeding the poor and displaced? The people of Gaza voted in an terrorist government and what they must do, in order to get peace, is to vote them out.

  285. 285

    Control your politicians or face catastrophe.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  286. 286
    RSCPA says:

    RSPB to stalk cats?

    Do we condone?

  287. 287
    Expat Geordie says:

    So what? I still have a t-shirt from GWI with the slogan “BFBS Rocking Riyadh Bombing Baghdad”. In Afghan you can get “Taliban Hunters Club” t-shirts with crosshairs on them. It’s only a t-shirt FFS.

  288. 288
    Expat Geordie says:

    Why spoil it by issuing parachutes?

  289. 289
    Major Bumsore says:

    Clearly the correct tactic is to retreat in the face of the Jizzadist hord, let them have their Islamic State, encourage all out nutjobs to go there and then nuke the fuckers.

  290. 290

    Yes, the Banyas piece does highlight a lot of differences between UK and R’ussia quite nicely, and the US for that matter.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  291. 291
  292. 292
    Anonymous says:

    To Schrödinger’s cat

    be very careful what you eat

  293. 293
    The Growler says:

    An awful lot of them seem to have a very North American accent. Geedes works for the Master who pulls his strings, not directly but by various lackies who devote them selves to serving the Master.

  294. 294
    Habeas Corpus says:

    Very good question. Where is Bin Laden? Absolutely no evidence that they got him.

  295. 295
    E L Whisty (Head Groundsman) says:

    Here is a disparity for you to conjure with, Mark Regev.

    If Hamas abandoned their weapons right now, what would happen?

    If Israel abandoned its weapons right now, what would happen?

  296. 296

    And of course they will heed the vote , hand in their weapons and go quietly into parliamentary opposition!

  297. 297
    Habeas Corpus says:

    Good old fashioned tits, like you used to see in me mate’s dad’s PARADE hidden in the bottom of a drawer in the bedroom.

  298. 298
    get off my land says:

    To Schrod-ginger Cat

    be very careful over what you eat

  299. 299
    The Growler says:

    ” In the western plains of Ukraine, a massive gas deposit was recently discovered.” 40 years ago a constantly burning crater there, all this could be what is behind Russia’s present manoeuvering in Ukraine, Mr Putin would not like Ukraine to be a gas producer

  300. 300
    this may work says:

    Add bromine to their coca-cola

  301. 301
    Expat Geordie says:

    Bin Laden can’t see eye to eye with anyone since the yanks shot them out.

  302. 302

    The police are not fit to call themselves such , since the Blair regime they have been a marxist controlled politically correct gang of uniformed social workers ,turning a blind eye to the criminal activities of ethnic minorities and socialist politicians ,Cameron allowed the Labour placemen to remain in all government institutions where they have been biding their time awaiting the return of their masters.

  303. 303
    Essex Chick says:

    When chase comes to score Schrödinger’s cat gets nowhere!

  304. 304
    ..JustSayNo_toFriendsofIsrael says:

    automodbot is a Friend of Israel.

  305. 305
    Anonymous says:

    I have just read (Breitbart London ) that the most popular name in Britain is Muhammed. Be afraid- be very afraid.

  306. 306
    Expat Geordie says:

    Just to scare you a bit. By 2020 China will have 30 million more men in the 18-30 year old age range than women. Give each one a rifle and some basic training and it doesn’t matter if their tanks aren’t quite up to our standards.

    And we used to worry about the Soviets!?

  307. 307
    ..JustSayNo_toFriendsofIsrael says:

    Circular conversation.

    GF censors comments he just doesn’t like.

  308. 308
    Grand Master, Grand Lodge, Great Queen Street says:

    Jahbulon Handy.

  309. 309
    The British media are cunts says:

    The BBC will lie and tell you it isn’t, that is simply because the Muzzie mongs have different spellings of it. All them all together and it dwarfs every other name.

  310. 310
    Can't beat a cracking pair of norks says:

  311. 311
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Try a little searching about the Shitty (inner) of London – phps GF The Lard mayor of London, the on. the sq.uare mile et cetera and then there’s what GF does know about Op Huntryman – which others are now lookin at …

    Handy and his handlers think they’ve got it all covered Huh!

  312. 312
    Wotak Hunt says:

    ‘Control your politicians’. Er, how do you do that ?

  313. 313
    Vlad says:

    Bread and games old comrade the proletariat must have their bread and games.

  314. 314
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Was handy cock ‘exalted’ to the H.oly Roy.Al

  315. 315

    Mohammed is only one muzzie name think of all the Alis, Husseins, imrans ,Mahmoods etc.

  316. 316
    Kevin Cuttlefish says:

    Glad to see Obama helping out people displaced by Isis loons, but would prefer him to launch it as Operation Crusader with object of destroying all muslim nutters in the area.

  317. 317
    The Wild Colonial Boy says:

    Blocked or deleted, it all amounts to the same thing, censorship. The Gueed censors things that he dislikes sufficiently – the same with most any other blog. Some months ago, my comments got blocked and my moniker was for a time prohibited, because I made fun of one of G.’s advertisers (a damned Yank politician who was trying to buy his way into office via advertising). That was a rather obvious offence. As in the world of political parties and pacs, don’t touch the in-coming money stream, or those who stand behind it (you can guess who they are), if you want to continue gassing around on the website.

  318. 318
    Expat Geordie says:

    I look at Gaza and think that it could all be so different. The reason that the Palestinians are there is because no other Arab country will have them as they are a threat to the established order. Unlike other Arabs the Palestinians are actually prepared to work for a living and value education. The Palestinians are basically the Arab version of Jéws.

    The Gaza strip is blessed with some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean and an educated, willing, business savvy workforce. If there was peace Gaza could quite easily become a popular holiday resort and business/banking centre, to the benefit of its population and its neighbours.

    So why isn’t this happening? A terrorist organisation has taken charge and has been conducting a low to medium level campaign of terror against it’s more powerful neighbour, and has had its borders closed by both of its neighbours to stop the spread of infection. Every time the neighbour has made peace moves, such as troop withdrawals, relaxing security restrictions, etc., HAMAS has thrown it back in Isráéls face, with rocket attacks and suicide bombings.

    The answer is a two state solution (or a three state one if you include the West Bank). Sovereign countries dealing with each other in a grown up and civilised way. There is no place for HAMAS in this solution, and the only people who can get rid of them are the people of Gaza.

    Personally I look forward to the day when First Choice are providing all inclusive holidays to Gaza, where I can spend the day on the beach before getting the bus to Tel Avív for a night out on the lash. will it happen? One can only hope.

  319. 319
    Owen Jones says:

    Islam is peace.

  320. 320
    Hoots! It's Clown says:

    Suddenly fancied a ‘Meat Treat’, quick phone-call and a chap was round within 30 minutes.

    Later I had a pizza

  321. 321
    Expat Geordie says:

    Agree but I’m not a fan of tattoos. Why ruin perfection with some chavvy scribblings?

  322. 322
    Cinna says:

    It’s a piece.

  323. 323

    Easily fixed with a nuke. It would take them quite a while to move that many men also.

    More a concern for !ndia and maybe A’ustralia.

    Ch!na’s numerical superiority has been a concern for a while. See O’rwell for example.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  324. 324
    UNWRA says:

    We can absolutely say that with a straight face ……

  325. 325
    Vote LibLabCon for Unlimited Immigration says:

    The MSM propaganda is so strong the idiots vote for their own demise.

  326. 326
    Friar Tuck says:

    It comes as a surprise that you can reach.

  327. 327
    Alan Wicker says:

    Ah yes, I remember those holidays in Beirut with its wonderful beaches. Of course that was 50 years ago…

  328. 328
    Holly Berry says:

    You need to find some plucky birds first.

  329. 329
    Owen Jones says:

    And not forgetting throwing opposition members from roofs

  330. 330
    Owen Jones says:

    Pallywood really cracks me up man . Well funny .

  331. 331
    Never take that for it. says:

    Oh yes and your trip to the local cafe and a guy with friendly smile would come up saying “you have 30 seconds to leave and get as far away as possible”, which you did, nice people the Lebanese, never figured out why they would say that, but if you went back the following day the place was just rubble, they were always demolishing buildings.

  332. 332
    Never take that for it. says:

    How much of the cut will be business expenses and how much will it cost to transfer what’s left to Gaza, gotta pick a pocket or twooo, gotta pick a pocket or two.

  333. 333
    Unenriched Crimean Bike Show... says:

  334. 334
    Anonymous says:

  335. 335
    Anonymous says:

  336. 336
    Too Feckin' Right says:

    Nuke them until they glow, wait until night and then you can see them to pick them off.

  337. 337
    The two Muppets says:

    Yes ,what will happen is a world crusade against all aggressive
    Islamic Countries and regions. If that is what they want ,
    bring it on . They have no respect for even their fellow Muslims .
    Until they learn tolerance towards other sects and religions
    there will never be peace .

  338. 338
    Sado-massarchism says:

    Surely Athens is the USA, the Delian League is Nato. I suppose that makes Britain Sparta. I think an analogy of political thought is more pertinent, toryism (Spartanism) in opposition to whiggism (Athenianism). Perhaps as the whig world view falters with barbarians at the gate this once great seat of toryism will return to its senses.

    At this point ukip are equal parts whig and tory.

  339. 339
    The two Muppets says:

    Gordon Browns bag carriers ,Miliband and Balls have some
    explaining to do . Even though they knew that he was
    a couple of cards short of a full deck ,he was still allowed to
    wreck the economy .

  340. 340
    Not a pro EU anything says:

    I agree with Henry, but the Pro EU machine keeps stoking-up the anti Putin rhetoric, but never mentions the war mongering EU rhetoric, as Sahra Wagenknecht said in the German parliament did

    What the Pro EU machine does is summed up nicely in the comments on Henry’s page.

    @PRO EU
    “What you are doing is trying to pathologize Putin, you are not inside his head, nor are you a mind reader. Putin is not Russia. He doesn’t act alone or make decisions alone. These are cognitive traps. So is getting your emotions involved, projecting your own feelings on to one group or another.”

  341. 341
    Fred the pensioner says:

    Won’t be transferred to Gaza – Doha more like. Renting the royal suite at the Doha Hilton for a year or two doesn’t come cheap you know

  342. 342
    Fred the pensioner says:

    Mohd, in any of its version is de rigueur for all mozzies, so not really much to write home about. Bit like the Koreans where every one of them is either a Kim or a Park.

  343. 343
    David Cameron says:

    Chillaxing in Portugal…

    Pip pip.

  344. 344
    No More Mr Dhimmi says:

    Sharia screws up everything.

  345. 345
    P Shooter says:

    If Israel returned to its legal borders things might be better.

  346. 346
    4.5 Billion People Are Not Friends of Sharia says:

    It’s in pieces. They just don’t realise yet.

  347. 347
    Yup, spot on says:

    Yup, Alan, spot on. I was there in the very early 1970s and it really was a fab place with a wonderful Casino just north of the town. Became known as the Paris of the east where you could go skiing in the mountains in the morning and swimming in the Med in the afternoon.

    But they only started demolishing buildings after 1973 when the natives were attempting eject the warmongering Pallies who had tried to set up a state within a state in the south of the country. A bomb on a bus in Beirut was what kicked off the mid-70s civil war – and the place was never the same thereafter.

  348. 348
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    One for you and many others:

    JAH = Jahweh the God of the Hebrews
    BUL = Baal the ancient Canaanite fertility god associated with “licentious rites of
    imaginative magic”
    On = Osiris the ancient Egyptian god of the underworld.

    Fuck ‘wm all i say.

  349. 349
    4.5 Billion People Are Not Friends of Sharia says:

    Surely it’s time to establish a Permanent Protection Zone for Christians, Mandeans, Yazidis, and others facing religious persecution in the Middle East, a large corridor that could in time turn into a prosperous area and who knows an independent state. It would be based on complete rejection of Sharia law and acceptance of tolerance for all tolerant religious beliefs.

  350. 350
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    ‘em all

  351. 351
    Sayeeda Warsi says:

    Heil Hitler!

  352. 352
    Sigmund Fraud says:

    Maybe. I’d prefer to just seal-off the entire Middle East, no ‘planes, no trains, disconnect it from the Internet, don’t sell them any more weapons, or anything at all for that matter, leave them to either kick the crap out of each other forever, or learn to join the civilised world. Maybe check on them once every 150-200 years to see how it’s going.

    Of course, the oil does rather foul up my plan royally. Maybe when it’s run out?

  353. 353
    EU Mong says:

    No chance; we have spent the last 50 years, and your money, to ensure that Europe turns into part of the same muzzy shithole.

  354. 354
    Cameron's given us the pip too many times already says:

    Don’t bother coming back.

  355. 355
    Expat Geordie says:

    So if Isráél was to go back to it’s “legal” borders do you think that HAMAS would stop? If the Palestinians would stop trying to wipe Isráél off the map then you might get an Isráéli agreement to modify the borders. Isráél has given up land for peace in the past. Look at Egypt.

  356. 356
    Colonial archaeologist says:

    except for:

    ISIS = ancient Egyptian goddess of many kinds of persons and things, including the downtrodden

  357. 357
    Expat Geordie says:

    Just set up white enclaves where the oil is. They need our technology to extract it, so it rightfully belongs to us, since without us they can’t get it out.

  358. 358
    Historian says:

    An even bigger crime was the STARVING OF 9 MILLION GERMANS after the war, instigated by ZioLoons.

  359. 359
    Sam the Skull drinking Buckfast says:

    The cats of Glasgow will not be controlled!

  360. 360
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Oil not a problem, USA has more reserves now than all of the OPEC put together and has just released a ban on exports, it’s only the EU that rely on Mr Putins tap.

  361. 361
    Historian says:

    Israelis are a bunch of immigrant squatters. They would, quite rightly, have to give back the land they stole from the Palestinians.

    If Palestinians stop resisting, the Israelis will steal the rest of Palestine as well.

  362. 362
    Historian says:

    Sure Shlomo. Start with disbanding Israel first though!
    You might then find that the Muslim world gets a lot more friendly.

  363. 363
    Historian says:

    Cinna, it’s YOU Zionutters who are the fifth columnists!

  364. 364
    Anonymous says:

    Do we know what percentage of these innocent adults voted for Hamas?

  365. 365
    Shimmel says:

    Fuck you yer mivvi.

  366. 366
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    relinquished a ban on exports. [erratum].

  367. 367
    MP5 says:

    It was named for them

  368. 368
    Hamas says:

    got any more rockets for us?

  369. 369
    Anonymous says:

    “Palestinians are actually prepared to work for a living ”
    So subcontract the central extensions of Crossrail to Hamas? They’d feel right at home there.

  370. 370
    WWW says:

    Buckfast. You know it makes sense!

  371. 371
    Historian says:

    Talking to yourself again then, Shlomo.

  372. 372
    Gooey Blob says:

    All parties are not the same. Labour will happily see your savings and pension destroyed to fund their pet schemes, the other two will not. Ukip cannot get a single MP elected and aren’t even in the game.

  373. 373
    Ma­­qb­oul says:

    Guilty as charged.

    Vote UKIP :)

  374. 374
    Long John Silvers parrot says:

    What is all this crap about Clegg having a country residence at your expense.

    FFs the guy is only a deputy ( and not a particularly good one at that). He has a nice house in London and used to have another big house in Sheffield.

    He is always jetting off to Spain to stay with his in laws so it really is taking the piss out of you all having another pad.

    If he needs an official country residence when he deputises for Cameron he can fuckin use Chequers.

    You are paying all of this during these austere times.

  375. 375
    Historian says:

    Go back home to the Ukraine, Shlomo.

  376. 376
    Ma­­qb­oul says:

    Hope it was Kilburn.

  377. 377
    Historian says:

    You are so full of shit, Shlomo. Israel now has more stolen land than ever.

  378. 378
    Anonymous says:

  379. 379
    Habeas Corpus says:

    Corrr strewth!!!!

  380. 380
    M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

    You confuse oil with gas ferchrissakes

  381. 381
    The Growler says:

    Try again, I used to vote LibDem but I voted UKip last May, at the moment the LibDems are a spent force, once the party of protest but that mantle has been taken over UKip. The LibDems are associated with the Cons, they are the public’s eyes a sort of pinkish Con. The Cons and Liebore are losing voters to UKip and to some extent the LibDems are losing votes to UKip, the ordinary “Joes” have no where to go to register their feelings but UKip, the activities of political leaders over time has destroyed any faith the public had in them, except of course for party diehards (those that vote Liebore and Con come hell or high water)

  382. 382
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    i don’t like muzzie or izzie terrorists.

  383. 383
    Habeas Corpus says:

    Oh fuck I’m gonna cry in a minute. So someone stops you spouting off on his private *geddit* blog? Demand your money back! It is not Guido’s responsibility to provide you a platform for your numpty ravings.

    Go somewhere else to spread your shite if it’s that important to you. It’s a free fucking country.

    Thank you for your attention.

  384. 384
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Obviously not been around here for the past 3 to 4 years then. i could tel yeu some stories about stalkers ‘n smearers.

  385. 385
    C12 says:

    We know where you live muzzer.

  386. 386

    Quite a good analysis – worth a read:

    Vote UKIP :-D

  387. 387
    The Growler says:

    Arsenal 50 – T. H. 0 I hope that meets with your approval

  388. 388
    David Ward says:

    I’m hiring a dozen Muslim women on my farm as bee-keepers.Saves me money on protective gear

  389. 389
    The Growler says:

    Ishmael was the first born to Abraham, Isaac was the second born so who is heir?

  390. 390

    D’anny B’oyle eat your heart out.

    Vote UKIP :-)

  391. 391
    The Growler says:

    And Abraham was a native of the city of Ur which is in present day Iraq

  392. 392
    Owen Jones says:

    3 pints of Tribute, pint of Tetleys, 2 pints of Pedigree, now enjoying a pint of Hobgoblin, to be followed by quaffing several bottles of Bollinger vintage champagne.

    Good Evening.

  393. 393
    Major Bumsore says:

    Heil Boothby

  394. 394
    The Growler says:

    No, it would be over too quickly

  395. 395
    The Wild Colonial Boy says:

    If you take my previous remarks as a criticism of Guido’s website, rather than a mere description of its prevailing conditions, you are tone deaf. You should consider removing yourself to the unsubtle, self-proclaimed Land of the Free, which is filled with shallow loudmouth persons like yourself. No thank you for your imperceptiveness.

  396. 396
    Expat Geordie says:

    No problem with blowing away/up obstructions.

  397. 397
    Geroge Galloway says:

    Anyone caught flying a non-British flag in this country should be repeatedly sodomized.

  398. 398
    Norm Normal says:

    Lookup UN resolution 181 creation of I’srael. Palestinians didn’t own the land, there had never been a Palestine. It was partitioned, the Arabs lost their claim to independence after a genocidal war. It’s all historic fact. Those maps that show a Palestine pre 1947 are a fantasy.

  399. 399
    Norm Normal says:

    Un resolution 181?

  400. 400
    Norm Normal says:

    Un resolution 181?

  401. 401

    @Gooey Blob

    I would ask you to consider the soft-Marxism charge raised in my previous post. They all do that now. That is why they have become labelled the LibLabCon.

    Voting UKIP is the only sensible path :-D

  402. 402
    Long John Silvers parrot says:


  403. 403
    non taxable pikey says:

    Camoron and Pasha both want Turkey in the EU.
    Vote UKIP.

  404. 404
    non taxable pikey says:

    No he is right. USA has largest oil reserves anywhere. Tar sands.

  405. 405
    Norm Normal says:

    UN resolution 181?

  406. 406
    Anonymous says:

    @EU Funded Pro EU Troll. The girl on right a message for you 1:46. :-)

  407. 407
    Anonymous says:

    Pissoff Patel

  408. 408
    The only izrailee in Bradford says:

    Fucking shithole muzzie scum pae’does.

    Life can be lonely.

  409. 409
    elliemae9 says:

    No way Owen Jones can manage a hobgoblin, you’d be in lav making a call on the porcelain phone

  410. 410
    George the pussy says:

    You’re banned, the elders from The Valley are agreed.

  411. 411
    Can't beat a cracking pair of norks says:

  412. 412
    stun() says:

    And then we nuked the c*nts

  413. 413

    Weird news that makes you laugh:

    U.S. Judge Threatens to Hold Argentina in Contempt of Court

    Unsurprisingly, Argentina has defaulted. But it has placed full page adverts in the NYT and WSJ which purported that it had not defaulted.

    Popcorn time.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  414. 414
    non taxable pikey says:

    Quite agree, tattoos on a woman are a complete turn off. Similarly weird piercings.

  415. 415
    non taxable pikey says:

    It’s the only way he can hear anything.

  416. 416
    Hypocrite muzz watch says:

    Not yet heard…”you’re killing my people” from the sarf London massive. It’s twenty for hours since the yanks bombed them. Perhaps they’re still on the laughing gas.

  417. 417
    concrete pump says:

    Pusscat will be an along shortly….

  418. 418
  419. 419
    elliemae9 says:

    Yeah, but Argentina got their licks in first…I’ll get the beers

  420. 420

    Not yet heard…”you’re killing my people” from the sarf London massive. It’s twenty for hours since the yanks bombed them. Perhaps they’re still on the laughing gas.

  421. 421
    concrete pump says:

    Popcorn time..?

    I do hope so.

    This is something that has annoying me for a while.

  422. 422
  423. 423
    Huntwatch says:

    Birmingham’s City TV has become the first of Jeremy Hunt’s ambitious network of local TV stations to go bust

  424. 424
    Tachybaptus says:

    Another Omnishambles brought to you by ‘H’unt Corp. No doubt his sponsors in the city have figured out a way of writing it off against his personal tax bill,

    …if he ever pays any tax that is

  425. 425

    All we need to do with the Argies is to send in ACϟDC:

  426. 426
    Baroness Warsi says:

    Without war I would be Si.

  427. 427
    Major Bumsore says:

    haven’t they got any islands or oil drilling rights they can pay with ?

  428. 428
    The European Union does its dirty work behind closed doors and holds ordinary people in contempt. says:

    EU Chief: Our Work Should Not be Transparent

  429. 429
    JR Spewing says:

    So where’s all the money gone, Jeremy Hunt?

    Somebody call the fraud squad

  430. 430
    Warburtons says:

    No war and our biscuits would be gone for a Burton.

  431. 431
  432. 432
    Paddington says:

    Fuck off

  433. 433
    non taxable pikey says:

    Labour fears brain drain with 15% of MPs ready to quit
    Doubts about Ed Miliband’s leadership are said to be driving an exodus in the runup to next year’s general election.

    Grauniad headline no less.

    Brain drain?

  434. 434
    Anonymous says:

    City Oligarch: “I’ll have a knighthood, a couple of OBEs, how much?”

    Dave: “Do you want fries with that? Would you like to Go Large for an extra £1/2 Million contribution to party funds? “

  435. 435
    elliemae9 says:

    You’re right, the brainless might get in, elected by the drained brains….dumb and dumber scenario…oh f*ck I’m channelling Mr McCluskey

  436. 436
    Never take that for it. says:

    Public approves of MPs brain drain, public thought MPs brain already drained with nothing to do but put in expense claims, public will be pleased to see 640 MPs brains drained.

  437. 437
    non taxable pikey says:

    In the next 48 hours or so we should see if the Portugese Jelly fish’s action over the Somerset Levels flooding has worked. It it doesn’t he might just as well stay where he is.

  438. 438
    Anonymous says:

    I’ve had enough of this Lords/Dames for the boys and girls who’ve given dosh or support to the bastard tories. Why should we put up with the cronyism and favours for the rich. “Oh give us a few quid and we’ll give you a peerage and you can swan about the place calling yourself Lord toryman. It stinks and Christian Cameron knows it, even when he’s posing in a fish and chip shop in France. God, I’m so sick of these Bullingdon boys

  439. 439
    Nick Cleggo says:

    Oi! Dave! Stealing my tips! Wahhhhhh wahhhh!

  440. 440
    Pookie snackumberger says:

    Libore do things differntly, ask Lord Cashpoint.

    Or ask plod, I think they knew something too.

  441. 441
    Bomber Harris says:

    My peace policy for northern Iraq would come out of the underbelly of a Lancaster.

  442. 442
    Anonymous says:

  443. 443
    non taxable pikey says:

    Bail? FFS Bail!

  444. 444
    Nigerianoilbaron says:

    So long Cleggy and thanks for the use of your pipeline.

  445. 445
    non taxable pikey says:

    Initially this struck me as funny but in retrospect this is a strategic pipeline. If thieves can steal so much so easily, then terrorists could blow the damned thing up.

  446. 446
    True comrade says:

    how many more people will have to visit foodbanks ;meanwhile we,ve just given £3oo per day to another 21 freeloaders …????

  447. 447

    My understanding is that Alberta, Canada oil-sands contain over two-thirds of the entire world’s known bitumen.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  448. 448
    Never take that for it. says:

    We only have one Lancaster, how about a few quadcopters, we could take the camera off and put a few 10p bangers and a long fuse, Camoron sold everything we had on the Internet apart from the MOD and that’s PFI..

  449. 449
    Chris Mould says:

    No! I need more foodbanks, I’m helping promote the socialist dream for all you plebs, the leaders quaff bolli and earn gongs, you peasants get tins of beans…it’s called the dependancy state.

  450. 450
    Hang on says:

    Labour wrote the book on crony corruption and cash for honours.

  451. 451
    Don't be vague, ask for H@gue says:


  452. 452
    #Fail says:

  453. 453
    Polish Pete says:

    I wonder if the standard of Saturday posts will improve when the football season gets under way? When all the ret@rds have something else to occupy them.

  454. 454

    Call me Chet Baker?

    My connection was to the River Plate (partly prompted by your reference to licks…) Mine’s a Guinness!

    Vote UKIP :-D

  455. 455
    Polish Pete says:

  456. 456
  457. 457
    Lord Janner - cutcock and lover of young boys says:

    Sadly it was Stamford Hill.

  458. 458
    Genghiz the kahn says:

    Events since Cameron’s strategic defence review implies that he should now revise his defence strategy.

  459. 459
    Major Bumsore says:

    presumably this pipe is under pressure and so many litres goes in so many litres goes out ? they seem to know how much they’ve lost and how long it would take to extract that much so how come nobody noticed ? I would have thought monitoring what comes out the other end would be important to be aware of possible leeks.

  460. 460
    Who does he think he is fueling? says:

  461. 461
    It's all about the bumsex says:

    “Cashperson” – he’s a shitstabber.

  462. 462
    Major Bumsore says:

    or leaks

  463. 463

    Not being in Putin’s head is a good thing, but when the pathology is correct it should be followed. That is not a block, but is an advantage.

    P’utin has fired a lot of senior officers lately: Mainly any and all who have expressed dissent at either his vision or his plan:

    In particular, anyone who has tried to warn or publicize the negative implications for his U’kraine adventure. List of those removed:


    U’kraine in NATO is a no. There are some issues with K’issenger’s analysis – The K’ievan-R’us narrative is itself being challenged by B’elarus among others who are pointing out that the conventional wisdom there is not accurate.

    U’kraine has far less importance to R’ussia historically, and the S’lav people in particular, than has been made out. As an ardent supporter of !srael, H’enry will be quite familiar with such historical sleights of hand to justify occupation of the lands of others. One should not expect accuracy from him on such matters.

    He also seems to be unwilling to state the crystal clear reality that R’ussia under its current administration, and in particular whilst it is subject to ‘Put!nism’, is itself unable to integrate meaningfully with any international system. The falling out with the EU is testament to that, as is recent performance at the UN.

    (For all of its faults, you have to be doing something very special to sour a relationship with the EU…)

    H’enry also fails to note that the nationalist forces which P’utin has and is continuing to unleash have not only locked himself on an irrevocable path to conflict, but have also guaranteed conflict for E’urope. At present we are simply watching the clock count down.


    Emotionally am not engaged with P’utin at all. Understanding that in office he is of a Chekist mindset is enough. He is making some bad decisions at present. They might work out for R’ussia, but then the downside risks if they are do not would see most rational leaders exercising more caution.

    The two most concerning aspects are that his judgement may have been affected by his involvement with the Orthodox church, and that he may have lost control of some of his policies. As a Chekist he will be expert at managing chaos, but if he truly believes that G’od is on his side and he is ordained to lead R’ussia towards new glory then we all have a real problem.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  464. 464
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    SC – i believe you missed the article referred to earlier on today [see below no 98 / the link]

    Within it i part quote it starts: “Finally, there was a meeting in Helsinki …
    … The Soviet Union was guaranteed “non-interference into their internal affairs” which fillied Leonid Brezhnev with satisfaction … In return, the Moscow Communist Party had to guarantee the West “respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms, including that of thought, conscience, religion or belief”.

    That last bit SC read a lot like – Freedom of Expression – something you and many of your Crafty ilk don’t want an ordinary an and woman to have … just saying like …

    Get to SC.
    And you too EUPET – you fucking masonic dupes.

    Odds favour ? says:
    August 9, 2014 at 10:17 am

    Handelsblatt has very interesting piece dealing with what it calls froth from both rabble-rousers and roused, re Russia and wider world context.

    Reproduced, in summary and in full, here. Warning: won’t suit certain readers.


  465. 465
    oxy morons says:

    Labour MP’s have brains.
    Who knew?

  466. 466
    Anonymous says:

    Buenos Aires has one of the larget J*ewish populations in South America.

    It could be popcorn time indeed.

  467. 467
    Not a pro EU anything says:

    and it also pays the major European broadcasters to promote its message, but not in an open way, the same method is used with its paid trolls (traitors to their own countrymen) who bombard social media with propaganda.

  468. 468
    Expat Geordie says:

    But the Canadian Lancaster is coming to the UK this week. There will be two Lancs flying at airshows up and down the UK for the next two months. Now if they would only give Just Jane her certificate of airworthiness then there would be three.

  469. 469
    Expat Geordie says:

    Never heard of Operation Manna?

  470. 470
    Wirral the people of Liebour says:

    See the guy is playing sandcastles by Fort Perch Rock, he can’t even use his own English flag

  471. 471

    Israel-Gaza conflict: 150,000 protest in London for end to ‘massacre and arms trade’ by and for I’srael and an increase in rocket supply to Gaza so that they can make thousand more random attacks, mostly over the border but with some misfiring and killing of their own, particularly those in schools and hospitals, as those make even more good headlines for the bedwetters. – Indy today

    OK, I made up that last bit of the headline – even though the facts are correct.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  472. 472

    Izlam…..the World is not big enough for you. Find another planet.

  473. 473
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    If i may be so bold oh i am being …
    The current Lord Mayor of London

    Yet another shyster no less. No one needs to look very far to ‘see’ where all the corruption and immunity from prosecution lies – what a crafty bunch of bastards the whole CoLonCorporation are.

    Alderman Fiona Woolf
    The Lord Mayor of the City of London 2013-14
    Born 1948
    Spouse Nicholas
    St Denis School, Edinburgh
    Keele University
    University of Strasbourg
    Senior Fellowship Harvard University
    Business career
    1973 qualified as a solicitor
    1973-8 Assistant Solicitor Clifford Chance
    1978-81 Assistant Solicitor CMS Cameron McKenna
    1981 Partner CMS Cameron McKenna
    Previous/current professional and charitable involvement
    Justice of the Peace
    Past President of the Law Society of England and Wales
    Former Member of the Competition Commission
    Senior Adviser with London Economics International LLP
    Non-executive director of Affinity Water Ltd (until December 2013)
    Trustee of Raleigh International
    President of the Chelsea Opera Group
    Member of the Council of The London Regiment of the Territorial Army
    Governor, Guildhall School of Music & Drama
    Honorary Bencher of Middle Temple
    Civic career
    2007 Alderman for Ward of Candlewick
    2010 Sheriff
    Guild and livery companies
    Junior Warden, City of London Solicitors Company
    Court Assistant, Worshipful Companies of Builders Merchants, Plumbers, Wax Chandlers
    Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Arbitrators
    Honorary Liveryman of the Worshipful Companies of Security Professionals, Paviors, Fuellers, Turners and Lightmongers
    RAC, City Livery Club
    Music, fine art, furniture history, turned wood

  474. 474
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Bombs and bullets – its just business for the fucking masons.

    Grow some testicles SC.

  475. 475
    Wolfie says:

    Wow, …..duh.

  476. 476

    Protest marches don’t usually change anyone’s mind on big issues but the demonstration against Israel in London today has.

    Everyone I spoke to now agrees that Muslim immigration has gotten out of control.

  477. 477
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    The shame is Maqboul and SC – don’t realise that the US & Russia have a ‘joint’ venture to exploit oil in the arctic – drilling just opened.

    And btw – if of course the people everywhere actually knew that there is an abundance of oil – well the price would plummet and …. wait for it – their profiteering would be zilch … but why tell the masses the truth eh?

  478. 478
    Mad,mozzie Medievalist says:

  479. 479
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    above your IQ capacity then?

  480. 480
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    So – Who’s been pitting christians V mozzies – and laughing their Rses off in the background at both?

  481. 481
    E L Whisty (Head Groundsman) says:

    Answer the questions you have been set in the exam!

  482. 482
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Don’t understand Russian – but the sign language works.

  483. 483

    Goebbels would be so proud of his fellow fascists.

  484. 484
    Handycock the Pervert's Pervert says:

    Jachin your Right Worshipful. Well done on protecting Lord Janner from the police,

    Just like to did for me.

  485. 485
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Shouldn’t Lord G Janner be facing similar to what CH Huhne faced – i.e. The crimes done before he was elevated?

    After all ‘alls fair in love ‘n war’ – Have some Issies.

  486. 486

    History Rhymes:

    … and both sides make similar mistakes.

    (@SC: The post above is worth reading – I did read this after I left reply above, not before…)

    Vote UKIP :-D

  487. 487
    Expat Geordie says:

    Can’t see the face and she has a slag tag near her naval.

    Out of the three I think that the first one just has it, i.e. the “it”. Absolutely stunning.

  488. 488
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    And he’s the biggest wet tampon in the UK – Crafty fucking deluded masonic pig.

  489. 489
    E L Whisty (Head Groundsman) says:

    Grow up!

  490. 490
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    And he’s a climate change bedwetter along with the Brussels arm of his mafia mob.

  491. 491
    President Sisi says:

    We are planning to use the Hamas workers on building ourselves the new Suez canal. Never thought of having it underground. We their industry, and no pay, it will be completed before their next fast.

    Cross-rail can have its usual twenty year delay.

  492. 492

    P’utin or H’itler ?

    Climate change as it is currently being sold is garbage.

    Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise just ignore or call them out very loudly. If they attempt to extort money from you on the basis of their fraudulent claim use force if necessary to deter.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  493. 493

    W’arsi worships Shaitan:

    Vote UKIP :-D

  494. 494
    A Former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury says:

    Washington Threatens the World

    “When I’srael murders women and children, Washington calls it “I’srael’s right to defend their own country”–a country that I’srael stole from Palestinians–but when Palestinians retaliate Washington calls it “terrorism.” By supporting I’srael, declared to be a terrorist state by a few moral governments that still exist, and accused of war crimes by the UN General Secretary, Washington is in violation of its own laws against supporting terrorist states.”

  495. 495
    Anonymous says:

  496. 496
    There's nothing like a cracking pair of norks, and these are nothing like a cracking pair of norks says:

  497. 497
    Norm Normal says:

    Is that the place where Prescott played croquet?

  498. 498

    W’arsi should just say:

    Vote UKIP :-D

  499. 499
    Jose Jones says:

    South Argentina has the biggest number of welsh people, with sheep, outside wales, and remain ever grateful to the UK, unlike Kirchner.

  500. 500
    Anonymous says:

    Montalbano always has top Italian totty in every show.

  501. 501
    Expat Geordie says:

    Despite everything we are STILL not taking the threat seriously.

    We deserve to lose.

  502. 502
    Norm Normal says:

    You’re jealous because I’m lightmonger but you’re just a mong?

  503. 503
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    We need more bird choppers.

  504. 504
    Expat Geordie says:

    So tell me Baroness, why are you supporting muslim terrorists?

  505. 505
    Norm Normal says:

    UN resolution 181?

  506. 506
    Expat Geordie says:

    Reminds me of the Iran Iraq War where both sides were lobbing scud missiles at each other in the Battle of the Cities, but somehow only managed to hit “children’s hospitals”.

  507. 507
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Stupid thick Diane Abbott doesn’t realise that she is helping to indirectly fund Hamas. Or maybe she does!

  508. 508
    Bloomers in rain-soaked Bongo Bongo Land says:

    Don’t be daft

  509. 509
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:


  510. 510

    Vote UKIP :-D

  511. 511
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Yeah … whatever gets yeur goat Norm ….

  512. 512
    Mad,mozzie Medievalist says:

  513. 513
    Norm Normal says:

    Worse than that he thinks homeopathy works. If it were true, people would overdose on flavoured water.

  514. 514
    The British MSM are cunts says:

    Christopher Booker is one of the few honest journalists to report the truth rather than dish out puff propaganda pieces to the sheeple.

  515. 515
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Top top totty.
    Does anyone know where the hotel was?

  516. 516
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Diane A is much like Trevor Phillips and much like Condie rice – used for their stoopidity.

  517. 517
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    He’s only interested in the shekels for hiss..elfness – end of.

  518. 518
    MILFlicious says:

  519. 519
    Bloomers in rain-soaked Bongo Bongo Land says:

    Don’t be daft.

  520. 520
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Q. What do you call media that doesn’t see Hamas fighters?
    A. The BBC and C4.

  521. 521
    Expat Geordie says:

    When Jéws settled in Palestine prior to 1948 they bought land so that they could build their homes. Since the British were running the place at the time, and we are very strong on property rights, unlike some southern European countries today (Spain, Portugal, Greece, etc.) you can guarantee that the sales were legal and above board.

    So who sold the Jéws the land? Yep, that’s right, the Arabs. So now the Arabs want to take back the land that they sold fair and square – a bit like those southern Europeans.

    Note that I’m only referring to the pre-1948 territory and this argument doesn’t go as far as the 1967 territory, etc. Although I wonder the if Isráélis had lost in 1948 would the Jéws who had bought land from the Arabs be allowed to keep it, or would it be stolen off them by the Arabs?

  522. 522
    Norm Normal says:

    Say where do we send FOI requests to see what you have noted down about us?

    no doubt it’s against your principles to have secret files?

  523. 523
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    OK – i have held back for “far too long now”:

    Climate Change / The AGW business

    has been sold like the dud that was the Hollow C propaganda – figures / stats / Johan Harri / ed Milibandwagon – the whole lot of ‘em

    A whole fucking industry created from B/5hit

    It (AGW) was their dirty plan to tax us all AGAIN … Money, money, money

    They didn’t odds for the net and social media – to fuck their little game up tho did they?

  524. 524
    The British MSM are cunts says:

    Didn’t Chuky visit Israel again earlier this year?

    He certainly knows which interest group he has to butter up to get ahead in UK politics…isn’t that right Tony?

  525. 525

    The R’ussian’s let the cat out of the bag when they hacked Univ E A’nglia.

    They did that in order to boost their own exports of gas / oil which were being impacted by the G’reen lobby, and also counter the political pressure that was being exerted on them to cut their production.

    Strangely it has sort of back-fired as it gave a good boost to the fracking industry which should see many become independent of R’ussian hydrocarbons.

    Localized Urban heating is real and an issue, but that has nothing to do with carbon emissions. CO2 produced by humans has zero impact, and temperatures have not moved.

    You should prepare your beating stick for the environment agency if large parts of the country end up under water as a result of B’ertha…

    Vote UKIP :-D

  526. 526
    Norm Normal says:

    Aaaaaand what about land awarded under UN resolution 181?

  527. 527

    Vote UKIP :-D

  528. 528
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    The British PEOPLE did not fuck up – the Politicians of the day (1900 / 1939) fucked up for their own personal gain be it blackmail or entrapment – they caused it all not the British People.

    Get with the truth of history Expat – not what conveniently suits your ‘belief and want to believe structure’.

    “They thought they could fool all of the people for all of the time” – They have resoundly fucking failed.

  529. 529
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    The EU have been ‘caught with their fucking pants down’ as have those who they acted ‘in concert with’ [legal term]

    Time for some truth trials and admissions.

    Stop fucking lying to the people – you demented political puppets.

  530. 530
    A voter says:

    Israeli’s are white ….. pallys ain’t. I’m white. So i’ll go with Israel…

  531. 531
    Expat Geordie says:

    I’m in love – she’s gorgeous.

    Reminds me of an ex in my younger, slimmer days.

  532. 532
    Adviser says:

    Lying again, Norm Shlomo.
    There were almost no J3ws there before WW1. Plenty of confessions by IDF now, about the ethnic cleansing and murdering they did to steal land.

  533. 533
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    i take it you are referring to i Norm.

    In the first instance – try the Home Sec Theresa may; but you may also want to do the MoJ Chris Grayling as well. You want to make a complaint … make one to the Board of Deputies (chews in Lon) – quite happy to bat them off seeing as they do not have jurisdiction in the UK and are a bunch of jumped up – mantra loving firster shills / 5hits and p.ricks.

  534. 534
    The British media are cunts says:

    Saw the protesters at the mong pro Pally rally. All Muzzie twats and white middle class lesbians.

  535. 535
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    EUPET – your argument falls down in the second paragraph. “They did that in order to …”

    B/5hit – AGW and all of it is still B5hit – don’t make out a flawed excuse and them move past it framing up after the fact matters. FAIL – EUPET.

    Bertha – smetrtha … Fearmonger i why don’t you?

    Weather happens ‘get the fuck over it’.

  536. 536
    Adviser says:

    In the absence of anyone else defending the Palestinians, GB should send arms aid to the real victims of its policies: the Palestinians.

  537. 537
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    What about the Accountancy crooks promoted by the EU – Mazars … The MOS don’t want to ‘remember’ that issue – wonder why … also wonder why their publications were removed from their webpages …. NOT.

  538. 538
    Adviser says:

    Norm Shlomo: Israel doesn’t give a fuck about UN resolutions.

  539. 539
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Deluded stoopid christian ‘tool fool’.

  540. 540
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    The EU – there’s just … “no accounting” for them … is there?

  541. 541

    Well BW. You have made an attempt here, I will recognise that at least. I’ll give you 3 points out of 10 and round it up to 4 for getting your name right.

    It is a pity you could not resist some rudeness and barbs but we are all used to that. Notwithstanding, here I am, putting that to one side for now and trying to answer you civilly. It will probably be wasted but let’s try…

    Most important for you to understand is that you made an assumption which turns out to be wholly false. I did read that Zerohedge article this morning, indeed I also read all the comments to the bottom until I realised there were 9 pages of them and left it at that.

    I also read the article in the following comment which was by Henry Kissinger, someone with sufficient experience and place in history to at least give the time of consideration to, even if he comes from the ‘wrong’ peoples as far as you are concerned. “The test for politics is not how something starts but how it ends.” If you had read my other posts, you would have seen that I even requoted that article with particular respect to the suggestion made by @EU Funded Pro EU Troll that Ukraine should be admitted to NATO. Henry had said no, both seven years ago and in his piece. Because I quoted him does not mean it necessarily carries my endors’ement. The truth is that I am fairly evenly split on it.

    There are similarities to Turkey, being as it is on the cusp of one culture to another. It looks as if Erdogan will become their first ever elected head of state. One wonders what Kemal Atatürk would have made of it, a man who, despite being our enemy in WW1, I hold in very high regard for his considerable foresight after the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

    Back to the Zerohedge article. I challenge anyone else here to read it as other than a hagiographic account of Putin and his rather extraordinary reclaiming of the reins of power – when he was previously constitutionally barred from holding office again. Did you see how he did that? Reading the comments and all but the most myopic will see that no dissent is brooked. How come?

    Now, if you were to read my comments, even on this page, I am not always kind to the US, European or British governments. I support Freedom of Expression and exercise mine. So your kindly charge of being a fucking masonic dupe is unwarranted in the extreme.

    I was mentioning this to @EU Funded Pro EU Troll this morning, as we walked together from the synagogue to the Lodge with our long beards, black fedora and tailcoats (that is a joke in case you read it as literally as you appear to with some other stuff.) :-)

    But I am free also to distrust Putin too. I do not take kindly to people who shoot defenceless airliners out of the sky. It is very important to note what Putin has omitted to say about this incident. That always speaks louder than what is said.

    To pick a specific, the article refers to RF being “a developing nation”. When I was young, it was one of the two world superpowers. What went wrong? Please tell me?

    To pick another, the article mentions Afghanistan, each time in the context of America’s failure. No mention of 1979-1989. Now that’s chutzpah!

    Oh! I went through Checkpoint Charlie in the height of the Cold War. From the other side I was able to view the intervening strip where escapees from the communist paradise had been machine gunned to death by the dozen. What on earth was happening here?

    So Zerohedge demonstrates itself to be an instrument of the RF propaganda machine. Are you paid to support it or are you just a (I will not mention the term as it contains an impoliteness and I am not being rude to you. It’s initials are UI.)

  542. 542
    ### says:

    It’s the way of the ZioSCUM.

  543. 543
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Afor i go – is Rupert still sucking Irwin Stel.zers cock?

  544. 544
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    dig that modded rubbish huh!

  545. 545
    Diane Fatbott says:

    Those are my supporters you are insulting !

  546. 546
    Allan, you at t'bar says:

  547. 547
    Owen Jones says:

    I’ve studied the teachings of Hamas, and they seem entirely reasonable.

    Kill J3ws, lezzas, homos and jip’os. And beat the shit out of feminists, too.


  548. 548
    Islam: death cult, severe mental illness, or both? says:

    Answer: Muzzies.

  549. 549
    Islam: death cult, severe mental illness, or both? says:

    Israelis aren’t white, you fucking tool.

    And it’s “Israelis”, not “Israeli’s”.

    You fucking Nazi mong. Went to school in Birmingham, did you? (Inshallah!)

  550. 550
    St Tony of Iraq says:

    you stupid little jizzmop

  551. 551
    Bob Fleming says:

    Just got back from a lovely holiday in Australia. Any news? What’s the religion of peace up to?

  552. 552
    Vote Tory, get unlimited immigration, HS2, EU arrest warrant, sharia law & the snoopers' charter says:

    Hoo hooo hoooo hoo! You’re sooo funny!

    I just can’t believe you get funnier every time you type those same words! Month after month.

    Ha ha ha ha ha haaa!

    People say Dimmy Dave’s dwindling band of clueless fake-Tory cretins are witless eurotarded liberal imbeciles, but boy oh boy you sure demonstrate that his cotterie of cowardly Brussels lickspittle cretins have a keen sense of humour!

    Ha ha ha ha! Yeah, vote Dimmy Dave!

  553. 553
    Vote Tory, get unlimited immigration, HS2, EU arrest warrant, sharia law & the snoopers' charter says:

    Religion of Peace? Oh, basically killing everyone.

    The Conservative Party’s Supreme Imbecile is still pushing ahead for Turkey to join the EU, so another 75 million impoverished Muslims can move here and claim bennies.

    Other than that, nothing new.

  554. 554
    Expat Geordie says:

    Not bad.

    Got any more?

  555. 555
    Jesus says:

    He takes notes.

  556. 556
    Bob Fleming says:

    Holy Jesus

  557. 557
    Jesus says:

    It’s true. Fuck the UN.

  558. 558
    We fought Nazis once now we are scared to say the word blackboard says:

  559. 559
    Vote LibLabCon for Unlimited Immigration says:

    The usual Bob, how was the Ozzy winter?

  560. 560

    Thanks. Yes, it was good and I saved it. I looked back at my comments at the time you originally posted that too and, although I have learned much more since then, would still repeat them.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  561. 561
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    @SC – so you finally ‘snapped’ and responded to i.

    Take a long look and read through the city of London stuff posted around.

    Ki$$inger is an a55hole of the highest order – always has been always will be. He and his ‘set up’ all the intrigues behind Nix0n. He has changed his tune so many times to suit arguments of the day – yet people like you ‘still fall for the B/5hit. EUPET is a dead duck – why? because his continual and lopsided drivel while claiming to be of factual content is more wishful imparting of beliefs (leading idiots to believe) and fiction than most on here can actually disemble.

    Point is – SC you have ‘snapped back into’ at least some form of communication – if indeed it really is the SC of Old – and in which case you are required to express your opinion on the failure by the authorities to ‘indict’ Grevi.lle a la Chris Huhne.

  562. 562


    Vote UKIP :-D

  563. 563
    The British MSM are cunts says:


  564. 564

    You might want to try re-reading and compare against what actually happened. You’ll find it is accurate and the reasoning is plausible.

    B’ertha only mentioned as a lot of rain is likely to be dumped and the Env Agency have not fixed the problems which caused problems earlier in the year. Weather does happen – no argument there either way – but water management is something that the State is paid to do, but hasn’t been doing for a while as was learned earlier this year.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  565. 565
    Bob Fleming says:

    Beautiful and pretty much Muzzer free. Might have to live there full time if they start kicking up in the UK again. The only ray of light is that most of them are as thick as shit in my experience

  566. 566
    4.5 Billion People Are Not Friends of Sharia says:

    Usual stuff – pretending to be peaceful then beheading anyone they don’t like the look of..that sort of thing.

  567. 567

    Oh dear! Rather as I had feared.

    I responded because you were actually making a point, well not you the Zerohedge article you posted was making one. I certainly did not ‘snap’ as you put it. People might say that I was very reasonable and restrained (having blasted off at you two nights ago.)

    Listen, if you would rather think I am a different SC, then go ahead, fill your boots! It really does not matter one iota (Matthew 5:18).

    Actually I find @EU Funded Pro EU Troll very interesting. I do not agree with him on everything, nor he with me. But there is a very large amount of convergence. We can engage in dialogue without resorting to insults or allegations of spurious religious preference, the more especially when we meet resistance to our views.

    You can ‘require’ as you may but the admittedly troublesome matters of alleged p4edophilia are not a subject area which has any direct input into the international situations with which I am currently preoccupied.

    I say that realising all about honey traps set by the security services of some nations but it is not fundamental to any of these matters – merely derivative. if you wish to pursue them, then good luck… providing you do not wrongly accuse someone. It used to be the case that one was innocent until proven guilty. In this febrile atmosphere, the positions have switched. People think that is a good thing. It is not. Time will demonstrate this.

    You write as if you have not taken in a thing I have said. How can you be surprised if I decide that it is fruitless to converse with you on this basis? Dialogue is, at minimum, a two way street.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  568. 568

    I saw your longer post above. Nothing needs to change on the basis of this, but you may be able to see why some would regard K’issenger’s position as flawed and understand why E’urope / US may confront R’ussia if it goes ahead into U’kraine.

    That is not a given though due to R’ussia’s peculiar nuclear doctrine and their somewhat more relaxed view of use of nuclear weapons. That is somewhat more important than many have admitted which is why their flagrant breaches of the INF treaty I have been mentioned numerous times recently.

    R’ussia may have calculated that their State could survive a nuclear war. They might be right. The West may be a little overly cautious in its own protocols. Those protocols are likely tight, in the case of the US, for two reasons:

    i) The US does not want to ‘nuke’ another nation – especially anywhere in A’sia. (That latter point has come up since the end of WWII – Use of nuclear weapons was discussed during the K’orean conflict and V!etnam conflict and it was decided not too mainly because it would paint the US with an indelible mark that they like using nuclear weapons against A’sians. This is also a reason why the US has no interest in dropping a nuclear device on DPRK despite the direct nuclear threat that nation presents the US)

    ii) By overly propagandizing the negatives of nuclear weapons this builds a natural deterrent within the civilian populations of nuclear armed States that acts as an effective brake on those State’s from venturing away from nuclear arms treaties and considering nuclear weapons to be usable in war.

    R’ussia has no such restrictions.

    It is perhaps time for the West to reconsider its position on nuclear weapons, perhaps if only to stimulate R’ussia to reconsider its own.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  569. 569

    Rather than physiological references of dubious merit, read my reply above.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  570. 570
    4.5 Billion People Are Not Friends of Sharia says:

    If she’s such a principled person ask her if her principles including condemning unreseverdly, as heinous and abhorrent, the torture of old men in pursuit of finanical gain, the taking of non-Muslims as slaves by Muslims, Ji*ad, polygamy, child marriage, killing of polytheists, and killing of people deemed as heretics by Muslim clerics. She won’t because she’ll know that to do so is to condemn the guy they revere so highly – the Big Mo. Instead she’ll give you the usual blather about condemning all killing of innocent people and the importance of women’s rights.

  571. 571

    Completely accords with my belief that, putting aside conventional weapons, there is an unhealthy asymmetry between the views of the opposing sides here.

    The calculus of the RF side is suspect, I suggest. At this level of conflict, there are no certainties at all and a high possibility of extinction for both combatants civilisations and for countless others.

    It is arguable that this is a new departure in the field of international security since 1945.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  572. 572
    Tachybaptus says:

    Still sockpuppeting, poor wee thing?

  573. 573

    The big unknown is the religious aspect on the part of P’utin.

    The asymmetry has been there from the start – going back to the 1950s. Note that in Cuba, R’ussia backed down. If that was rerun today they perhaps would call the bluff.

    The nuke deal signed with A’rgentina in all practical senses represents an actual effort to proliferate to LATAM. That will of course come up next if the deal starts to be implemented.

    Lots of things are changing, and it is increasingly looking like the West is going to have to relent and become a little like its enemy in order to win, no mater how unpalatable that is.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  574. 574
    boredhousehusband says:

    I watched the footage from the besieged Iraq mountain top by the first helicopter to manage a landing and, as they took off carrying a few lucky ones who had managed to clamber aboard and escape, it struck me how very few of them were women and children and none of the men looked as if they were eager to enlist and fight the Islamikazes…

    “women and children first”: that’s a British value we should promote and use to educate the uncivilised 3rd world (which appears to be occupying more land mass every year!). I reckon the growth of the 3rd World might outstrip ‘global warming’ it terms of speed of ‘climate’ change.

    The climate of civility is shrinking..

    (root cause, of course, is Socialism)

  575. 575
    boredhousehusband says:

    interesting that they link As Sad with ISIT and ProculHarem, despite the fact that As Sad is sort of on the side of the good guys.

    Perhaps it’s a clever measure to induce an Analysis Paralysis infinite loop within the Socialist protester groupthink…

  576. 576

    Just why is the Mail trying so hard to keep us in the clutches of the communists who run the EU?

  577. 577
    boredhousehusband says:

    Of course, the obvious way to deal with IsIt in Iraq and ProculHarem in Nigeria is with a mercenary force paid for by the UN with contributions from all nations who wish to chip in.

    100,000 private security contractors to take on c15,000 IsIt fighters in Iraq. Then invite the mob in Bigeria to “come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough” style of propobanter.

    It will become the Global Islamikaze’s version of July 1st 1916 in France…

    Job done.

    because it wouldn’t be the usual blue beret trick of using 3rdworld soldiers, where a General pockets the difference between what the UN pays and the 3rdWorld army pays.

    No, this would be like a clarion call to THEM on the Circuit. With a great rate of pay, proper retirement package with top notch insurance cover in case of making your flight back to the World in a zipped bag…

    It would be like Lord Kitchener, once again, and his First Hundred Thousand volunteers.

    They don’t like it up ‘em, y’see?

    When they see the bayonet glint
    they flee to Alan and his Snackbar

    Only way to fight them, Sir!

    perhaps we could cloud-fund it?

    An army to fight for Civilisation

  578. 578
    boredhousehusband says:

    and that idea is so commonsensical it should become a UKIP policy immediately as a resolution suggestion…

    Just like Sierra Leone, back when (apparently) a man could still be reckless and irresponsible while drinking with Ukrainian helo pilots at Paddy’s Bar as the waves gently washed the beach. Ever seen a Ukrainian pilot, off his face on Wodka, do a 30mm rocket strafe on retreating rebels from a HIND, lol (hearsay)

    Was that the Hind painted in white with UN in big dark letters on the side, just to fool em? (apparently)

    Can’t remember. “if you remember the 90’s…” as they say…

    But it’s still a tactic which would work for a short time (but it will only take a short amount of time) and be ‘legitimate’.

    It equally should be UN legitimate to put into the Big Hole any Islamiravers who get caught: those who put their hands in the air and wave them like they just dont care, cos it’s not a flower laser pointing at your chest, mate.

    This should be a No Surrender affair.

    Just to re-teach good manners

  579. 579
    4.5 Billion People Are Not Friends of Sharia says:


  580. 580
    Fofi says:

    A typical, mood depressing CV.

    One reform I would bring in is to prevent any lawyer from partaking in the making of law, however humble that law may bem (e.g. City bye laws), since they have an obvious conflict of interest i.e. they have absolutely no interest in devising simple and effective laws.

  581. 581
    Lakadaisical says:


  582. 582
    ..JustSayNo_toFriendsofIsrael says:

    I am a big supporter of genocide.

    I quite like children but if they are killed / maimed / orphaned as a result of ‘collateral damage’ then I don’t really care.

    …so where do I sign to become a Friend of Israel then…?

  583. 583
    Norm Normal says:

    So you looked up UN resolution 181 and the subsequent attack by 5 Arab armies?

    No Arab was moved under 181. It was unoccupied state land. Many other areas were purchased from Arabs. If you pay for it, it isn’t stolen.

    There has been an Islamic religious based rejection of a 2 state solution since 1948.

    I’srael left Sinai, Lebanon and Gaza and was attacked from each. There are still issues over the occupation of the Golan and West Bank.

    There is other land controlled by I’srael where Arabs live. They were given a referendum on returning to P’alestinian Authority control which they rejected.

    No need to call me shlomo. I’m not J’ewish.

  584. 584
    Norm Normal says:

    Errr UN 181 created I’srael from unoccupied state land?

  585. 585
    Norm Normal says:

    Of course you are a supporter of Genocide. After the creation of I’srael under UN resolution 181 from unoccupied land. 5 Arab armies atempted the genocide of all J’ews in the region. It’s been an Islamic policy ever since. It’s the policy of Hamas.

    If I’srael truly wanted the genocide of all Arabs in territory under it’s control, they would be long dead by now. Instead those that rejected a return to P’alestinian Authority control by referendum have a democratic vote.

    The Arabs that live in Gaza get killed because of the policies of their own government. Every single ceasefire this year has been broken by Hamas.

    No need to call me shlomo btw, I’m not J’ewish.

  586. 586
    Norm Normal says:

    Baroness Warsi, muslim 1st, democratic and British 2nd?

    Does she also realise her petty behaviour has just set back muslim participation in government years.

    Will future PMs invite muslims into cabinet when there if a huge question mark over their loyalty and respect/ understanding of the democratic process.

  587. 587
    Cameron's given us the pip too many times already says:

    Cameron should stay away permanently and have his passport revoked.

    As for the weather, found this from the Bolshevik Bollocks Corps :
    “Wind gusts of 30-40 mph are expected inland and could reach 40-50 mph in coastal areas.” So what ? That’s trivial. In fact, here in the south right now there’s not a breath of wind. (There’s no rain either, although that will likely change.)
    The thing is, this sort of crap has been going on for some time with the media regularly going into a deranged frenzy over weather predictions that keep on proving to be a load of complete bollocks. Perhaps they think they can get away with it because the imported third world scum have no idea what is normal in the UK anyway.
    There’s no point reading or listening to the media’s gobshite. Stop buying “newspapers” and stop paying the propaganda tax – it only encourages the lying bastards. You’ll feel better for it too once you’ve put an end to the self-imposed brain-rot.

  588. 588
    Lord Lucre says:

    The Daily Mail is often referred to as the Daily Hitler, and with good reason.
    80 years later it’s still not fit to wipe your arse with.

  589. 589
    Yeesh, my life says:

    ISIS terrorists are crucifying innocent civilians, burying children alive, engaging in mass murder tantamount to a genuine genocide, tens of thousands of innocents are being deliberately murdered, not accidentally killed BTW.

    Hmmm, whats that? Got nothing to say? No snide comments or chippy insults?

    The reality is that hamas and ISIS are one and the same, both murder civilians without restraint or hesitation and yet a deathly silence about the heinous crimes of islamofascism simply pass you lot by.

  590. 590
    non taxable pikey says:

    Really knocks the British myth of the fat, black clad Italian momma into a cocked hat, as does strolling around the streets of an Italian town in the evening, Italian women seem to take pride in themselves. . No loud, lard Rs tattooed chav tarts running riot on cheap booze either.

  591. 591
    Yeesh, my life says:

    Meanwhile back at the ranch….

    Turkey is slowly being conditioned and prepared for islamist rule, a process of gradual islamisation slowly strangling the secular democracy Attaturk created. And still the establishment cartel is determined to invite this proto islamist state into the EU.

    We see the MSM almost completely ignoring ISIS/IS or whatever those savages call themselves nowadays, no pictures of crucifixions or mass murders or children buried alive. No Gaza style hysterical reporting from the BBC/CNN at the death or injury of every human shield civilian.

    An over promoted ignoramus Warsi screaming like a spoiled kiddie throwing a tantrum and making threats if her religion doesnt get its own way, nothing in the MSM about her stunning hypocrisy and failure to speak up for Christians and other minorities in Iraq now subject to a real genocide.

    The screaming hypocrites of the stop the war rabble crying and pulling their hair over the deaths of civilian human shields in Gaza while tens of thousands are being murdered just up the road by extremist muslims, psychotic savages not seen in modern times and driven by a religious fervour being whipped up right here in the UK.

    No, you couldnt make it up could you? The tragedy of an unreformed religion and a weak cowardly liberal regime and an extreme left to stupid to understand who and what they are supporting.

  592. 592
    Pookie snackumberger says:

    . . . and when caught ALL his friends and family say “well, buger me, I never new he was like that at all. He was always such a nice boy, always helping people; he wanted to be a doctor, a scientist or a footballer, and save people, he did. He never mentioned the word Alkie Akbar, or anything; oh, and we don’t believe in Shiralee law, honor killings, and a making this island into a musalm country, oh no.”

  593. 593
    Geroge Galloway says:

    I am sick and tired of: “Activists” preferably blonde & good looking, such as the very lovely Owen Jones, who every Friday egg on Arabs to riot against Israel in Bethlehem

  594. 594
    Baroness Warsi says:

    Saying “end the siege” and “stop arming Israel” doesn’t mean peace you fucking moronic twats. It’ll lead to a bigger war ffs.

  595. 595
    Anonymous says:

    You mean like this?

  596. 596
    Laurie Penny says:

    Why isn’t the Sunday Sport the biggest selling paper in the world?

  597. 597

    It’s an ill wind that blows no good!!

  598. 598
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    So the President of Nigeria wants to contain the spread of the Ebola virus.Goodluck Jonathan.

  599. 599
    Islam Pure Evil says:

    Is lam the purest evil yet created by man.

    Why in God’s name would anyone subscribe to it.

    Is it really worth living in this world’s hell.

    It has to be the Devil behind it.

  600. 600

    BBC news crowing about the first ever presidential election in Turkey , what they fail to mention is that the motive is to politicise a position that was largely ceremonial,and concentrate power into the hands of the Islamist nut jobs who are poised to fully take over the country, the same nut jobs that Cameron is so desperate to see wielding power in the EU.

  601. 601

    He should change his name to Hard Shit Jonathan !

  602. 602
    Anonymous says:


  603. 603
    Cinna says:

    Yep. Putin gets on my t’its as well.

  604. 604

    The BBC news crowing about the first ever Presidential election in Turkey with no mention that the motive is to politicise a largely ceremonial position in order to concentrate power into the hands of the Muslim nut jobs who are poised to fully take over the country .
    Will Cameron be so keen to see Turkey admitted into the EU after the the process of islamisation is complete ?

  605. 605
    Anonymous says:


  606. 606
    I Roger Boys MP says:

    The guy is a glory hunting thick useless twat , has he met with the parents of the 200 missing schoolgirls yet ?

    Thought Not

  607. 607
    A voter says:

    It keeps abreast of the times

  608. 608
    Guy News Room says:

    Israel Communications Minister Baroness Warsi: “Wide ground entry leading to the toppling of the Hamas regime is being weighed.” -

  609. 609
    Owen Jones says:

    I also support their seething hatred of poofs.

    Heil Hitler.

  610. 610
    Ta boom tish! says:

    “Wide ground entry” – isn’t that Sally Bercow lying on a nudist beach with her legs open?

  611. 611
    Not MILFlicious says:

  612. 612
    The cunts in parliament have allowed this says:

    And within 20 years the muzzies will have the deciding vote in our elections – any party that doesn’t pander to them won’t have a chance of forming a government.

    Wave goodbye to equality, decent education and the modern world in general, say hello to Sharia, persecution, unlimited muzzie immigration, mosque construction and FGM on the NHS.

    Thanks a bunch, LibLabCon.

  613. 613
    Wirral the people of Liebour says:

    Interesting the picture of the guy in the corner has been changed to a mugshot.

  614. 614

    There is asymmetry and asymmetry. The difference is who has the upper hand. The situation has become decidedly unhealthier in the last decade.

    Your last paragraph recognises my stated belief.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  615. 615
    Owen Jones says:

    Isis takes it from behind

  616. 616
    Who cares, they don't, greed before people says:

    Seems years of lefty Liberalism and political correctness around the world and a dose of the EU has put us into a corner where we will end up fighting a real war with all the religious fruit loops who have decided that it’s time to take the decadent west on, as they know the shouting will go on longer than any action, thanks LibLabCon, two fkin world wars and the only thing that you could do is get us deeper into the EU which is the real warmonger and at the same time take away our military to make us defenceless.

  617. 617
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    Thank you so much, Owen.

    The U.K. is fast becoming a socialist cess pit pandering to a future European Islamic caliphate. ISIS needs obliterating.

  618. 618
    Anonymous says:

    So, the US, UK and Turkey armed Isis last year to fight Assad, and we were going to bomb Syria to help them overthrow the government, but now we are bombing Isis because they swept across the border and continued their sectarian murder spree in Iraq?.
    Is that it?

  619. 619
    Idiot says:

    No they didn’t you fvckwit!

  620. 620
    Who cares, they don't, greed before people says:

    Went slightly wrong didn’t it, the UK and USA leaders were told by the UK and USA’s people to stay out of it and their “intelligence” as usual failed and they went underhand and fed the fire with petrol instead of sitting back, now the people of the area’s and the people of the UK and USA are now watching or are in a real whirlwind that will take more than talk to make go away, thanks you arrogant b,stards for putting us into more harm, maybe the braindead in both countries will wake up.

  621. 621
    Incapable Vince, deputy Chief Cockroach says:

    I’M OFF !!

  622. 622
    UKIP says:

    Copy Hitler’s charisma!

  623. 623
    Vote LibLabCon for Unlimited Immigration says:

    Morning mongs what’s occurring?

  624. 624
    John Prescott says:

    That thunder you just heard was actually me. Sorry. Had three vindaloos last night. P*uline’s not happy with me after I spent all night parping in bed. Can’t beat a good ruby.

  625. 625
    Bill Ether-Idge 卐 says:

  626. 626
    Expat Geordie says:


    Bring the eye bleach!

    Now that is just wrong.

  627. 627
    Vote LibLabCon for Unlimited Immigration says:

    Typical of the mongs running the show I dare say we’ve only more clusterfucks to look forward to.

  628. 628
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Merkels trying to.

  629. 629
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    Rather chippy comments made by Baroness Warsi for leaving government. By all means beat your drum of disappointment but endless dirty linen?

    Kindly just take the refund and fuck off, there’s a good girl.

  630. 630
    Polish Pete says:

    On 22 July 2014, UK Prime Minister David Cameron made a secret visit to Scotland’s Shetland Islands

    Off the the west coast of Shetland there has recently been drilling in an area known as Clair Ridge.

    Apparently, an oil find in the Clair Ridge is huge.

    BP has refused to speak on the size of the find

  631. 631
    Vote LibLabCon for Unlimited Immigration says:

    Come Guido get that fat hairy arse of yours outta bed and post an advert for the Sun newspaper and how popular you are, this page takes far too long to load!

  632. 632
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    He’s just clocked up another 40,000 air miles attending freebie Green events across the globe, what an ex ships steward is supposed to know about AGW is beyond me.

  633. 633
    Mo Ansar says:

    Horrific scenes Islamic state ex ISIS killings, 50,000 people half of them children under threat. Silence from that stupid bitch Baroness Warsi.

  634. 634
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Was he dropped off by a submarine, then paddled ashore in a rubber dingy?.

  635. 635
    Alex Salmonella says:


  636. 636
    T.B£iar - the People's Messiah says:

    It’s the religion of peace.

  637. 637
    Owen Jones says:

    I’m guessing it’s high time for another Bollinger champagne breakfast !

    They don’t call me a champagne socialist for nothing.

  638. 638
    Who cares. says:

    Thank fck! another weight off our back, bet he stays as an MP, less than one year to go, how many pensions does have, he’ll be able to get a job as an “xepert” at the BBC.

  639. 639
    Pookie snackumberger says:

    He is the archetypal useful idiot, or stooge; but he does alright out of selling his own down the line.

  640. 640
    Oh the fun son says:

    Shame that, I was hoping the Scots idiots would see sense and say YES, still the benefits will last as long as they remember they voted NO, North Britain it will be, a piece of land tagged onto EU England, seems they forget that the LibLabCons will get their own back for the electorate voting SNP the first time, never ever will I have to visit the country of the Scots and be told about the history of the Scots and what the English did and the freedom they want from England without laughing my head off at them and telling them they voted NO to remove the freedom they wanted and it was all done without England getting chance to vote in the referendum and even to where STV stopped the English having a chance to hear what was going on in real time,

  641. 641
    The two Muppets says:

    I am reasonably broad minded ,but why is porn allowed on this site ?

  642. 642
    John from Hull says:

    Of course I want to stamp out AGW. I’m sick and tired of people shouting at me.
    “Another gin, waiter !” Harumph !

  643. 643
    They says:

    You mean we have to pay you as well ? Shit !

  644. 644
    non taxable pikey says:

    ISIS beheaded Christian Children in Mosul and put their heads on stakes. How’s that for collateral damage?

  645. 645
    The BBC are cunts says:

  646. 646
  647. 647
    Diane Fatbott says:


  648. 648
    Baroness Warsi says:

    I am being asked by many Arab/Muslims, and this is my answer: I am NOT against you! I fought & will fight Arab/Muslim fascist Islamists!

  649. 649
    M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

    Athens may have been a democracy but it was a power with great imperial ambitions. Sparta, an oligarchy, with the most powerful army, or at least the best warriors, was actually loathe to go to war whether it be because of religious reasons or concern for defence of the homeland. If USA is your Athens then Britain would be Thebes or Megara, hardly Sparta, which was Athens rival and enemy during 27 years of the Peloponnesian War. The political analogy doesn’t work: the whigs were not imperialists and Sparta was closer to fascism or socialism in the way they lived off the fruits of the proletarian Helots. I view true “toryism” and fascism as diametrically opposed ideologies.

  650. 650
    The two Muppets says:

    Will Salmond if he gets yes in his referendum , then offer
    the Shetland Islands a referendum to see if they can be free of
    Scotland ? The Islanders have more links to Scandinavia than Scotland .

  651. 651
    Mo Ansar says:

    Rescuers in Mt.Sinjar find 70% Yazidis dead from thirst:

    ” Every media editor ,especially that imbecile, Mehdi Hasan, who sat on this story has blood on ther hands.”

  652. 652
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    SC – as you know i call a ‘shot’ when i read stuff – like plenty of EUPET’s which ventures beyond fact and into fiction – i.e. Future / possible events wherein he frames things couched with feramongering language. Facts / Opinions as you know.

    You will obviously have noted where EUPET and i have exchanged views and info (UDec HR Article 19 Freedom of Expression). EUPET having written so much – is clearly biased in favour of one side. i do not like the rhetoric from either side – for their sheer propaganda / duplicity worth.

    People everywhere are now tearing to shreds ‘legalese’ written by shysters with vested interests and non declarations of such.

    As you know SC i overall detest the legal TRADE because it does not do what it proclaims to on the tin – to put it it simple terms. Thus i agree with your sentiment of innocent until proven guilty.

    Ponder – who framed up all the ‘Political Correctness Madness’ and for what reason and who’s benefit – other than to suppress and oppress those who dare to speak out?

    As for the p4edos as you write – there is OVERWHELMING evidence of dark arts and legal interference going back decades – the more the ptb try to evade from the issues the worse it will get for them. The Sec Services have been chasing their own tales for decades – they do so to justify in a large part their own existence.

    Lastly you state of a ‘two way street’ leaving you and i aside of that – isn’t it glaringly obvious that there is a disconnect between the political whores in parliament and the British people? They are too beholden to the lobbying ‘merchants / bank.sters’ – and the C of Lon Corporation ‘acting beyond the law’.

  653. 653
    non taxable pikey says:

    The same nut jobs that Pasha Johnson also wants in the EU.

  654. 654
    No surprises there then says:

    A British former Primark employee has died fighting with jihadists in Syria, according to reports.

    Muhammad Hamidur Rahman, who grew up in Portsmouth and had previously worked as a supervisor at the clothing chain, was killed fighting alongside Islamic State fighters late last month.

    The 25-year-old left the UK in October last year, telling relatives he was joining on a “convoy” to deliver aid

  655. 655
    non taxable pikey says:

    thick as pig shit
    there you go Bob, fixed it for you.

  656. 656
    Owen Jones says:

    I hope Primark will be opening books of condolence for their staff member mortally wounded fighting for ISIS in Syria.

  657. 657
    Argentina says:

    We claim the Shetlands.

  658. 658
    non taxable pikey says:

    Diane, you have been here a long time, even reputed to have studied at one of our Universities, why do you still keep coming out with these American words? The word is

    Get it right.

  659. 659
    Peter Tapsell says:

    I once walked passed a Primark. The patrons truly horrific – vertically challenged, over weight and accompanied by the stench of a chip pan.

  660. 660
    non taxable pikey says:

    No mate, that’s the Blackwall Tunnel.

  661. 661
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:


  662. 662
    boredhousehusband says:

    It was Al Jazzy I think, cant see the footage online (quick look) but they have replayed it on the channel. Iraqi helo, two of them. The bloke from the Telegraph was on one, the footage of the escapee’s was filmed on the other…

  663. 663
    IZIZ says:

    Israel holds the world record in rejecting the UN and has decided its relolutions don’t apply to it so why do you quote UN resolutions?

    The civilian inhabitants have a right under international law to return to their homes which Israel keeps denying. That is why millions are crammed into refugee camps.

    Quit supporting a despot colony of racist extremists.

  664. 664
    Vote LibLabCon for Unlimited Immigration says:

    That many work for Primark it’s a wonder they have any employees left.

  665. 665
    And now for something completely different says:

    Legendary boxing manager and promoter Frank Maloney has revealed he is undergoing a sex change and is now living life as a woman called Kellie.

    As promoter and mentor to Lennox Lewis, Maloney was responsible for managing one of Britain’s most famous boxers and an undisputed World Heavyweight Champion following his title triumph in 1992.

    For decades he operated in the high-pressure world of boxing, dealing with the greats of the game as he carved out a memorable career, but all the time he was harbouring a secret that he felt was incompatible with the world of sport.

    But now, Kellie has revealed in a world exclusive interview with the Sunday Mirror that she is living as a woman after years of suppressing her true identity.

  666. 666
    BBC says:

    She needs a bigger sign.

  667. 667
  668. 668
    Marvin Hagler says:

    For the next boxing contest Frank Maloney’s promoting he said there’s going to be a big purse.He’s asked for a Louis Vuitton.

  669. 669
    IZIZ says:

    Ah yes, The Morgenthau Plan!
    Genocide of the Germans was stopped at NINE million between 1945-50.

  670. 670
    Shetlander says:

    lenge leve øya skjegg

  671. 671
    Gok Wan says:

    Like so OMG darlings!
    Haven’t you heard, the stench of a chip pan is the new black this season!

  672. 672
    IZIZ says:

    UN resolutions don’t apply to Israel.

    It’s written so in Talmudic law.

  673. 673
    Vote LibLabCon for Unlimited Immigration says:

    I bet he enjoys a good pounding now.

  674. 674
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    ISIS sounds like a good name for a clothing store.

  675. 675
    BBC Thought Police says:


  676. 676
    Its now an inevitability. says:

    We shall be at war within two years. Not a local war as before but one that engulfs the entire Middle East and Eastern Europe. I suspect we will be extremely lucky if it doesn’t end up nuclear as the mass turn on Israel in the confusion.

    We cant win because quite simply the enemy does not care if they die when we actually do. the skaughter in the WW2 Pacific is going to pale into insigbificance compared to the losses about to occur.


    Nice weather again today despite the warnings.

  677. 677
    Owen Jones says:

    Personally think Frank Maloney looks much fitter as a woman.

  678. 678
    BBC Thought Police says:


  679. 679
    Chris Bryant says:

    But no Y-fronts and more importantly no cock Owen :(

  680. 680
    LibLabConEU Mong says:

    Shut Up, get on your knees, face Mecca and praise Allah you infidel kuffar.

  681. 681
    Mr Portillo says:

    Frank Maloney sex change: ‘Telling my wife I’d lived a lie was the hardest thing’

  682. 682
    M Oaten says:

    Still got a hairy arsehole though… right?

  683. 683
    Abu Qatada says:

    Whats even more shocking than the rumour that Frank Maloney is now a woman is the news that Audley Harrison wants to carry on boxing.

  684. 684

    Steven Seagal was in S’evastopol for the Bike Show:


    Vote UKIP :-D

  685. 685
    non taxable pikey says:

    She’s got the moustache for it.

  686. 686
    Anonymous says:

    The answer lies in Porton Down.

  687. 687

    A sex change is an impossibility despite what the PC propagandists try to tell you, at best all that is achieved is superficial changes brought about by plastic surgery , internal organs and physical characteristics remain unalterable .

  688. 688
    FYI says:

    If you don’t want to p*ss off the locals you call it Shetland not Shetland Islands.

  689. 689
    Hans Ovstone says:

    did he ever start?

  690. 690
    Sayeeda Warsi says:

    People who change their gender are Satanic devils who defy the will of almighty Allah.

  691. 691
    Ibrahim says:

    Girl? In our blessed religion any female over the age of 6 is middle aged and over the age of 13 is elderly.. Al ham diddle ah.

  692. 692
    David Cameron says:

    Just took me 20 mins to get my girlfriends Bra off, I really wish I hadn’t put it on now

  693. 693
    Mr Flamethrower says:

    That’s nothing compared to what I wanted to do to two screaming brats in Waitrose yesterday.

  694. 694
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    It’s a Cockout! (said surgeon).

  695. 695
    Margaret Beckett says:

    Wanna see my norks, love?

  696. 696
    Kerch-ah says:

    They’re ours. They are the McVinas

  697. 697
    One-term Dave says:

    That’s why we have an open-door immigration policy, old chap! Employers need immigrants to replace the immigrants who have left to fight Jihad against our allies.

    Tally ho!

  698. 698

    A very expensive operation ,leaves you without a sausage !

  699. 699
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Reference to Lib alliance?.

  700. 700
    Owen Jones says:

    Iraqi Militants Kill 500: Mass Grave Found – I await the mass protests in London. I won’t hold my breath!

    Neither Baroness Warsi or Mehdi Hasan were available for comment

  701. 701

  702. 702
    Is is me? says:

    Trying to remember what happened before WWII?

    Despite the evidence that an organised group of fanatics, bent on ensuring their
    evil philosophy would dominate the world, had gained control of a country and it’s resources. The UK the armed forces had been run down and the politicians and population were terrified of another conflict , so closed their eyes and appeased the fanatics.Eventually the inevitable war to preserve civilisation began with enormous sacrifice and suffering.
    Couldn’t happen today ! Anyway they would have to cross the Channel

  703. 703
    Gordon Brown says:

    700th! Fizzy orange time.

  704. 704
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    Amid genocidal horror in Iraq, these Gaza marchers prove Brits, especially that champagne socialist and imbecile ,Owen Jones have been brainwashed as useful idiots of the Jihad.

  705. 705

    Plane crash in !ran:

    The U’krainian pilot appears to be confirmed, R’ussian Emb. in !ran has tentatively stated that it is ‘likely’ there were no R’ussian’s on board as this was a domestic flight:


    Initial reports indicate at least 48 dead, 8 crew, some children. It crashed in a densely populated area.

    Some interesting details about the AN-140, U’kraine and !ran:


    Apparently !ran build their own AN-140’s since U’kraine sold them the license back in 2000. They produced their first plane in 2003.

    R’ussian / !ran media coverage appears to be somewhat pointed against U’kraine at present.

    BBC also face continued ban on operating within !ran:


    Vote UKIP :-D

  706. 706
    camp mikey Wham says:

    Alow me and my friday night crowd in to “paint it pink party time ” and her appearences will seduce anybody. May even swing me back.

  707. 707
    No light, just darkness says:

    Tick, tock, tick, tock.

  708. 708
    Baroness Warsi says:

    Bacon butties all round.. :-)

  709. 709
    Buy bigger Testes $12.99 monthly says:

    Looks permanently glummy. Can “it” smile.

  710. 710
    Buy bigger Testes $12.99 monthly says:

    Can “it” still piss standing up?

  711. 711
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    The truth. Why are the left wing nut jobs ,such as Owen “Bollinger” Jones in the UK obsessed with the J*ws?

  712. 712
    No light, just darkness says:

    The open door policy has sure helped this country, soon into slavery and war, both inevitable, no army, trusting the EU after two WWs from their main membership, sure is interesting times for the Liberal elite when they find out they will have nowhere to flee.

  713. 713
    Anonymous says:

    UN resolution is quoted be cause it proves the land wasn’t stolen as is often claimed.
    The 1948 Je’wish refugees do not have the right of return to their homes in A’rab countries so why should others have that right?
    How many J’ews live in Gaza? Answer 0, they were forced to leave. Anyone selling them a house or land faces summary execution by Hamas. So who is racist?

  714. 714

    C’anadian agitprop. H’enry M’acow would be proud.

    (The photo was taken in Yonge-Dundas Square, T’oronto, O’ntario)

    Interesting choice of socialist coloured paper.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  715. 715
    Bob Fleming says:

    Because obsessing publicly about the J’s is hazard free and ‘right-on’, obsessing publicly about the M’s however is likely to get you beheaded, or worse, accused of Wacism

  716. 716

    Survivors found flight 5915 – The plane was a locally modified AN-140 Turboprop:

    Engine failure suspected. Pilot managed to get plane to woodland, avoiding homes – hence no ground casualties.

    Of the 48 on board, 7 were children. No news on identities or numbers of survivors yet. Previous source for all dead was an ‘airport official’.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  717. 717
    Anonymous says:

    go away patel

  718. 718
    Anonymous says:

    go away patel

  719. 719
    non taxable pikey says:

    If Allah is almighty, could he make a stone so heavy that he could not lift it?

  720. 720
    Lividword 4 Nick & Ned to figure out says:

    This one’s for Nick : 7,3,1,5,2,5
    And this one’s for Ned : 8,2,1,5-7
    Many of the usual suspects have been pulled in for questioning too :

     .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 
    1  2  :  :  3  :  4  ■■■■■■■■■5  ■■■■■■■■■6  ■■■7  ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■8  :          .
    :..:..:..:..:..:..:..■■■■■■■■■:..■■■■■■■■■:..■■■:..■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■:..:          .
    ■■■:  ■■■■■■:  ■■■:  ■■■9  :  :  :  10 :  :  :  :  ■■■11 :  12 :  :  :          .
    ■■■:..■■■■■■:..■■■:..■■■:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..■■■:..:..:..:..:..:         .
    13 :  :  14 :  ■■■:  ■■■:  ■■■:  ■■■:  ■■■:  ■■■:  ■■■:  ■■■:  ■■■:  :          .
    :..:..:..:..:..■■■:..■■■:..■■■:..■■■:..■■■:..■■■:..■■■:..■■■:..■■■:..:          .
    ■■■:  ■■■15 :  :  :  ■■■16 :  :  :  :  ■■■17 :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :          .
    ■■■:..■■■:..:..:..:..■■■:..:..:..:..:..■■■:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:          .
    18 :  :  :  :  ■■■:  ■■■:  ■■■:  ■■■:  ■■■:  ■■■:  ■■■:  ■■■:  ■■■:  :          .
    :..:..:..:..:..■■■:..■■■:..■■■:..■■■:..■■■:..■■■:..■■■:..■■■:..■■■:..:          .
    ■■■:  ■■■■■■19 :  :  :  :  :  ■■■■■■20 21 :  :  :  :  :  ■■■:  ■■■:  :          .
    ■■■:..■■■■■■:..:..:..:..:..:..■■■■■■:..:..:..:..:..:..:..■■■:..■■■:..:          .
    ■■■:  ■■■■■■■■■■■■:  ■■■:  ■■■■■■■■■■■■:  ■■■■■■:  ■■■:  ■■■22 :  :  :          .
    ■■■:..■■■■■■■■■■■■:..■■■:..■■■■■■■■■■■■:..■■■■■■:..■■■:..■■■:..:..:..:          .
    23 :  :  :  24 ■■■■■■25 :  :  26 :  ■■■:  ■■■27 :  :  ■■■■■■:  ■■■■■■:          .
    :..:..:..:..:..■■■■■■:..:..:..:..:..■■■:..■■■:..:..:..■■■■■■:..■■■■■■:          .
    :  ■■■■■■■■■:  ■■■■■■■■■:  ■■■:  ■■■28 :  :  ■■■:  ■■■29 ■■■■■■30 ■■■:          .
    :..■■■■■■■■■:..■■■■■■■■■:..■■■:..■■■:..:..:..■■■:..■■■:..■■■■■■:..■■■:          .
    :  ■■■31 :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  ■■■■■■:  ■■■32 :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :          .
    :..■■■:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..■■■■■■:..■■■:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:          .
    :  ■■■■■■■■■:  ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■:  ■■■33 ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■:  ■■■■■■:  ■■■:          .
    :..■■■■■■■■■:..■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■:..■■■:..■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■:..■■■■■■:..■■■:          .
    34 35 :  :  :  :  ■■■36 :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  ■■■37 :  :  :  :  38 :          .
    :..:..:..:..:..:..■■■:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..■■■:..:..:..:..:..:..:          .
    ■■■:  ■■■■■■:  ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■:  ■■■:  ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■:  ■■■■■■■■■:  :          .
    ■■■:..■■■■■■:..■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■:..■■■:..■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■:..■■■■■■■■■:..:          .
    39 :  :  :  :  :  40 :  ■■■41 ■■■■■■42 :  43 :  :  :  :  :  :  ■■■:  :          .
    :..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..■■■:..■■■■■■:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..■■■:..:          .
    ■■■:  ■■■■■■:  ■■■:  ■■■44 :  :  ■■■:  ■■■:  ■■■■■■■■■:  ■■■■■■■■■:  :          .
    ■■■:..■■■■■■:..■■■:..■■■:..:..:..■■■:..■■■:..■■■■■■■■■:..■■■■■■■■■:..:          .
    ■■■■■■45 ■■■■■■46 :  :  ■■■:  ■■■47 :  :  :  :  ■■■■■■48 :  :  49 :  :          .
    ■■■■■■:..■■■■■■:..:..:..■■■:..■■■:..:..:..:..:..■■■■■■:..:..:..:..:..:          .
    50 :  :  ■■■51 ■■■:  ■■■■■■:  ■■■■■■■■■■■■:  ■■■52 ■■■■■■■■■■■■:  ■■■:          .
    :..:..:..■■■:..■■■:..■■■■■■:..■■■■■■■■■■■■:..■■■:..■■■■■■■■■■■■:..■■■:          .
    :  ■■■:  ■■■53 :  :  :  54 :  55 ■■■■■■56 :  :  :  :  57 ■■■■■■:  ■■■:          .
    :..■■■:..■■■:..:..:..:..:..:..:..■■■■■■:..:..:..:..:..:..■■■■■■:..■■■:          .
    :  ■■■:  ■■■:  ■■■:  ■■■:  ■■■:  ■■■58 ■■■:  ■■■:  ■■■59 60 :  :  :  :          .
    :..■■■:..■■■:..■■■:..■■■:..■■■:..■■■:..■■■:..■■■:..■■■:..:..:..:..:..:          .
    61 :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  ■■■62 :  :  :  :  ■■■63 :  :  :  ■■■:  ■■■:          .
    :..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..■■■:..:..:..:..:..■■■:..:..:..:..■■■:..■■■:          .
    :  ■■■:  ■■■:  ■■■:  ■■■:  ■■■:  ■■■:  ■■■:  ■■■:  ■■■64 :  :  :  :  :          .
    :..■■■:..■■■:..■■■:..■■■:..■■■:..■■■:..■■■:..■■■:..■■■:..:..:..:..:..:          .
    65 :  :  :  :  ■■■66 :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  ■■■:  ■■■:  ■■■■■■:  ■■■:          .
    :..:..:..:..:..■■■:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..■■■:..■■■:..■■■■■■:..■■■:          .
    :  ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■:  ■■■:  ■■■■■■■■■:  ■■■■■■■■■67 :  :  :  :  :  :  :          .
    :..■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■:..■■■:..■■■■■■■■■:..■■■■■■■■■:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:          .

    Across :
    1. One who finds you out. (7)
    9. Plant trees to save the entire wood, for instance ? (9)
    11. Winger might look down on indoor football. (5)
    13. Politician’s seat which we’d love to give him ! (5)
    15. Take the plunge that affected Cameron ? (4)
    16. He loved and built an empire but ended in nought. (5)
    17. Theory that Elvis has left the building ? (9)
    18. Warsi feels no need to dress up an apology as this, we hear. (5)
    19. Handycock’s initial intent towards Princess ? (6)
    20. Louise’s Persian souvenir might tickle Gideon’s fancy ! (7)
    22. Lots of love from “One Term”. (3)
    23. Wanted : replacement for butler lost in deep space – bring blunt instrument. (5)
    25. Ashley’s lost fifty yet furnishes certain charms. (5)
    27. Sort of broom badly needed in Westminster. (3)
    28. Donating a thousand might speed bills through the Westminster madhouse. (3)
    31. Bats way-finder without unvoiced glottal fricative in self-contained world ? (9)
    32. Donkey leads one ahead of number behaving like MPs ? (8)
    34. Sounds like fraudsters who get the point. (6)
    36. In which Bananaman was knifed in the back ? (4,5)
    37. Going downhill fast ? Ofcom look set to ban it ! (6)
    39. They’re unbuttered by the utterings of our gutter politicians. (7)
    42. They might aid Vince’s power of recall. (9)
    44. Belongs in a world without greengrocers ? (3)
    46. In a state of undress, uncle goes shortly leaving young boy. (3)
    47. Flier without most of the war-time distraction. (5)
    48. LibLabCon manifesto content. (5)
    50. How many layers there are to politician’s tall tales ? (3)
    53. Proper Charlie’s day retreat ? (3,4)
    56. Means of making Gideon’s passages clear at bedtime ? (6)
    59. Oceanic worker makes soft bread by the sound of it. (5)
    61. Of course it’s Ned’s tool for squeezing the middle classes ! (5-4)
    62. 27 Across, only more so. (5)
    63. Circle of old judge with itchy feet ? (4)
    64. The ugly monsters lurking inside every “progressive”. (5)
    65. Dangers of hard bread ? Rather me than you, we hear. (5)
    66. One way to stop ends meeting materially for a would-be conductor. (9)
    67. Makes certain speaker is held to account after a hundred goes missing. (7)
    Down :
    2. Vaz has no need of this medium, we can see through him already. (8)
    3. Only Essex contractors may bid for these bridges ? Ned blames the other lot ! (6)
    4. Repeatedly loads the operating system to display icons ? (7)
    5. No lady with a loud rear end ! (5)
    6. More than one Clay had a sting worse than his bark ! (6)
    7. Sees mortal arrange that they stretch. (10)
    8. Old rune flies around in time of war. (7)
    9. Front of Hancock’s garage where texting was a prelude to pumping ? (9)
    10. Naughty old Bucks boy with book stuffed in his pants ? (5)
    11. Balls supported by four legs on the flat with extra fifty thrown in ! (6)
    12. How Harriet lays on the hypocrisy. (7)
    14. He gets a strop on to start waxing lyrical. (3)
    21. Played by chav going round around a ring ? (5)
    23. Evidence of inebriation ? (5)
    24. System whose output goes down the tubes ? (8)
    26. Spanish maritime practice ? (6)
    29. Sensitive to being ribbed by the French ? (8)
    30. Soon might be an unnamed inert gas ! (4)
    33. Old school chums may promote flocculation and end up in Northern Ireland. (6)
    35. Out to lunch with the fairies ? (4)
    38. One in the eye might lead to 57 Down. (5)
    40. Like popular sea-food, drifting like spineless Dave ? (10)
    41. You must be squeaky clean before casting one in any house. (5)
    43. In common with shafted phoney Conservative, purposefully way off-centre. (9)
    45. Sound representations might lead to altercation. (7)
    49. Disarm a swordsman to arm him ? (8)
    50. Get on stage before first act. (7)
    51. Could be cartoon cat used to hit ‘em for six. (6)
    52. Often taken by voters in response to politicians’ platitudes. (7)
    54. Cures old Scottish cows, perhaps ? (6)
    55. Caused by being unoccupied – due to being occupied ? (5)
    57. Outcome of failing to apply PPE, perhaps ? (6)
    58. Dance moves might explain Bryant’s discomfort. (5)
    60. Knock him back after gin to spice things up. (3)

  721. 721
    Next flight to Karachi says:

    Infestation of Moz here

  722. 722
    obvious option says:

    All Muslims in England to be forced to convert to Christianity.

    Or they can fuck off to Gaza.

  723. 723
    Next flight to Karachi says:

    Go away patel

  724. 724
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    – More than 500 Yazidis slaughtered
    – Women, children buried alive
    – 300 women kidnapped, held as slaves

    Wake up Owen Jones ,stop tweeting for a moment and organise a demo you blithering idiot.

  725. 725
    Anonymous says:

    As subtle as bumsex in a mosque

  726. 726
    JJ says:

    An unenriched audience there I wonder why that is?

  727. 727
    one out all out says:

    So you’ll be wanting to free the UK from Moz then.

  728. 728
    Tony B£air says:


    it’s just moslems being moslems, you know?

  729. 729
    Vote LibLabCon for Unlimited Immigration Forever! says:

    + 9999999999999999.E

  730. 730

    The Tatars have just been relocated back into the middle of nowhere is a big part of it.

    That was done because despite appearances, the R’ussian’s are not totally stupid.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  731. 731
    Anonymous says:

    Karachi is the correct destination.

  732. 732
    Anonymous says:

    Fuck off you lefty cretin

  733. 733
    George double yurr Bu$h says:

    You sound like a straight up kinda guy Tone!

  734. 734
    watch out there's a moz about says:

    Someone siding with Israel is a Nazi, are they?

    You really are a fucking moron.

  735. 735
    Alex Salmond says:

    We will welcome them to Scotchland with open arms once independent from you English pigs!

  736. 736

    Observant readers may have noticed this was broken on this blog and elsewhere first :-)

    Some of the names of the 18 detailed here:


    Formal R’ussian confirmation still awaited.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  737. 737
    No light, just darkness says:

    Straight into a Dutch jail one day eh, Tone, I wonder if English law would backdate a treason charge, to a thousand years in prison for you, we know you dropped the treason laws, now we know why ,eh Tone.

  738. 738
    Nursey says:

    Ok… bend over Gordon!

  739. 739
    Ummuna is an arsehole says:


  740. 740
    Captain Nemo says:

    You should learn to read.

  741. 741
    Major Bumsore says:

    All Muslims in England Europe to be forced to convert to Christianity.

    Or they can fuck off to Gaza.

  742. 742
    Putin Spring Clean says:

    Clearing out MI5, CIA, CSIS, DCRI, BND, AISI and ASIO moles needs to be done annually for a health democracy.

  743. 743
  744. 744
    Vote LibLabCon for Unlimited Immigration Forever! says:

    Now you’re talking!

  745. 745
    Owen "Brownshirt" Jones says:

    One of the best things about Hamas is that once they’ve defeated Israel and killed all the J3ws, they’ll begin killing all the poofs and lezzers.

    Sieg Heil!

  746. 746

    Stronger reason to believe that those cleared out were perhaps expressing dissenting views about his U’kraine and broader plans for R’ussia.

    R’ussia has plenty of historical precedents for such purges.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  747. 747
    Eau de toilette de Chip Pan says:

    Primark £0.29.

  748. 748

    Chris Booker is a Useful Idiot.

    Next ;-)

    Vote UKIP :-D

  749. 749

    @SC: You may find this article quite interesting

    Ignore the headline. Recasting P’utin as a realist / practitioner of realpolitik is not completely accurate, but there is a lot of valid analysis in there which may appeal.

    The attempted recasting of P’utin as a realist is interesting. It could open the door to him to de-escalate and freeze the conflict in East U’kraine rather than press on. However, it can paints a go decision as being rational.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  750. 750
    boredhousehusband says:

    It’s why a party like UKIP should make it a pledge to not only re-introduce it but to make it applicable retrospectively. Vote winner

  751. 751
    Super says:

    Good article. I’d have missed it if you hadn’t linked to it, so many thanks for that.

  752. 752
    Major Bumsore says:

    I have no view on that. Are you saying that it is inaccurate that EU gave pro european groups nearly 500million euro ?

  753. 753
    Cunning disguise says:

    No, he wore a wetsuit with a big fin on the back so he looked like a shark. Or a dolphin, I suppose.

  754. 754
  755. 755
  756. 756
    boredhousehusband says:

    now you know why so many zombie films were made in recent years – to get the people acclimatised to the idea of that sort of Opposing Force!

    Still, all the Burma VC, DCM, DSO, MC and MM citations testify the reality of what a good bayonet can inspire and we won that one against human wave tactics


  757. 757
    Herman van Rompuy says:

    Ah, yes, we give them this money. Cameron, he give us lots and lots of money, more money than we know what to do with, so we give it away. We say to him, “but your hospital system is collapsing and your elderly are being thrown out of care homes which you’re closing, surely you want to spend your money on them?” and he says, “no, no, please take £55million every day, it’s fine,” and so we think, “what the f*ck are we going to do with it all?” and we guessed using it to pay Ukrainian electricians to cheer Baroness Ashton was as good an idea as any.

  758. 758
    Now we have whiteboards says:

    So much better.

  759. 759
    Norm Normal says:

    I notice Laurie Penny and Owen Jones have books to sell – expect many tantrums, it’s important to be noticed during book tours.

  760. 760
    Cinna says:

    Not a question of christians v muzzies. More of civilised people v muzzies.

  761. 761

    Read his article – all of it.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  762. 762
    boredhousehusband says:

    what’s more, they’re producing very slick video packages edited with the best gruesome bits for the global media. They’re not exactly hiding their choppychoppy attitude! It’s just not being reported for the ‘Rapture’ madness it is becoming…

    I wonder if any of the old fellas in the Lord’s Rebel Army have converted over, considering the choppychoppy opportunities

  763. 763
    Lividword 4 Nick & Ned to figure out says:

    PS ‘Deliberate’ mistake at 61 Across. Shame :(

  764. 764
    Norm Normal says:

    Owen and Penny have books to sell – they go to protests then “buy my book” appears at the top of their twitter feed. Be sensible guys, throw logic, IQ and integrity out of the window. Become left wing, it’s more profitable.

  765. 765
    Cinna says:

    I think you may have missed the main thrust of that which is, I believe, that the muzz are are you’re basic murdering thugs.

  766. 766

    Tweet was on the MFA english feed, but deleted after a couple of minutes. Version still exists on R’ussian feed. Odd.


    English feed is only confirming that meetings were held separately, and were not trilateral.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  767. 767
    Norm Normal says:

    ISIS is funded by private donors – there are currently several Federal financial investigations in the US to find out who they are. The US, UK and Turkey isn’t arming or funding ISIS, they provide non lethal assistance to the FSA. Different group.

  768. 768
    what a gay dave says:

    I respext frank maloneys bravery but if a soldier stands on a landmine and loses his cock and balls does tgat mean he suddenly becomes a woman?

  769. 769
    Cinna says:

    That’s what she’s known as by her “friends”.

  770. 770
    Vote Ukip Get Labour says:

    No, Gooey’s right. Labour will help themselves to your savings, pensions, investments and whatever else they fancy. They would never have increased the ISA limit to 15K.

    Further, polling shows Ukip take more votes from the Tories than they do from Labour. If you want to do something useful for your country go and post your Ukip stuff on a left-wing blog. I might even join you in doing that. Bigging up Ukip on a right-wing blog like this only splits the right and lets Labour down the middle.

  771. 771
    Cinna says:

    Say what you like about the Hun, they could always write a good tune. I’m surprised the haven’t won the Eurovision Song Contest more often.

  772. 772
    IZIZ says:

    Proves nothing. The land was stolen at gunpoint, by ZioLoons, ZioLoon.
    The Jizz are STILL occupying the occupied territories and millions are herded into REFUGEE camps..
    Your slimy conniving and shystering doesn’t alter the bottom line, Norm ZioLoon.

  773. 773

    What is ‘brave ‘about having yourself mutilated ,and then crowing about it ,stark raving bonkers barking mad , yes , brave no!

  774. 774

    Oh! Do you mean Kellie? ;-)

    Vote UKIP :-D

  775. 775

    Whatever the poor misguided creature decides to call itself !

  776. 776
    Major Bumsore says:

    fucking good job we are armed to the teeth eh ?

  777. 777
    The Piss Artiste known as Owen Jones says:

    The sun is over the yard arm. Time for me to head to the boozer.

  778. 778
    Fog on the Tyne says:

    Vigata is Porto Empedocle in Sicily.

  779. 779
    Major Bumsore says:

    Kellie Whichbottom ?

  780. 780
    Odds favour ? says:

    A point worth noting:

    The article in question was produced by Handelsblatt, not Zero Hedge which merely reproduced it.

    Schrodinger’s Cat may well dismiss Zero Hedge as an instrument of Russian propaganda, but that would be a strange claim to level at Handelsblatt.

    I posted the Zero Hedge item because, for the possible benefit of certain readers, it carried a summary as well as the lengthy essay in full.

    For those like SC, who wrongly refers to it as “the Zerohedge article”, the full version is of course available at source:

  781. 781
    Bloomers in rain-soaked Bongo Bongo Land says:

    Don’t be daft.

  782. 782
    Cinna says:

    Just make sure you take at least two with you.

  783. 783
    Allan, you at t'bar says:
  784. 784
    Which ones the old bag says:

    It looks fucking awful. What’s it made out of a kiddies raincoat?

  785. 785
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    box 411 – have replied to you. in civil fashion.

  786. 786

    The Pres of A’zerbaijan essentially declared war on A’rmenia the other day via Twitter. Or rather, he used social media to defrost somewhat the frozen conflict over N’agorno-K’arabkah.

    P’utin was just knocking some heads together demonstrating how R’ussian diplomacy can smooth such tensions in his near afar.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  787. 787
    what a gay dave says:

    Brave in the sense that he/she knew he/she would face criticism and ridicule after making this announcement

  788. 788
    non taxable pikey says:

    The INDI gets something right for once.

    “Warsi turns on public school Tories who dismissed her as a ‘brown, working-class woman not good enough for Government'”

    Just about sums her up correctly.

  789. 789
    Ad hock says:

    Oh yes, go Vince, in god’s name, go!! (where was he MP of again?)

  790. 790
    Barminess Warsi says:

    To be honest if she didnt have the connections she would struggle to be a floor assistant at Primark

  791. 791

    This site is at least 16-bit, possibly 64. Definitely not 2.–lJOtubi2zx

    W’arsi on the G’uido F’awkes website:

    ‘I worry about being on the wrong side of history rather than being on the wrong side of some two-bit right-wing blog site.’

    Vote UKIP :-D

  792. 792
    Cinna says:

    That reminds me, I need a crate of Guiness for next weekend’s barbecue.

  793. 793
    Techno Warrior says:

    Time to invest in robot soldiers then.

  794. 794
    Bloomers in rain-soaked Bongo Bongo Land says:

    Don’t be daft.

  795. 795

    Ignore the headline? :-)

    It must have been one they had lying about spare! Emphasis on the lying.

    The cartoon is quite amusing too. The poor little reasonable man in his vest (English version!) trying to make himself heard over the decadent (where have I heard that before?) people cavorting around in the room above.

    We must never forget Putin was Yeltsin’s appointee (Almost hard to remember that we used to say ‘Boris’ and actually mean someone else.)

    So the narrative bravely went back to 1999 when The Unpredictable did The Unprecedented and actually stood down of his own volition. We did not have the political grammar to appreciate that in a Russian leader before. All the previous leaders of the USSR were carried off in their boxes only when they failed to lift the pen to sign the latest decree. That was the only real functionality required. It is rather like the pope’s silver hammer test. Another church/state similarity, if you will…

    I followed the history through to those critical words “But after Putin’s return to power in 2012…” and “Until his third term…” and “After his return…

    It could not be more natural and flowing, like the great Dniepr itself. But hold on a moment. There was something that I remember in history which seems to have been airbrushed out… And that river I was looking at a few seconds ago has suddenly become the Volga! And damn! It is much colder!

    But it does read like a hagiography. What a fine fellow this near-saint is? What a reasonable man? I so wish I could vote for him, I find myself muttering almost aloud. :-)

    I remember, when I first studied logic, encountering Russell’s conundrum: “The present King of France is bald.” It violated the Law of Excluded Middle. The sentence was perfectly valid logically, even though it contained not one shred of truth!

    One returns to that perennial favourite, which you will know well, about the two main Russian papers Pravda and Izvestia (translates to: Truth and News). The word was that any Truth had no News and any News had no Truth.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  796. 796
    LEST WE FORGET says:

  797. 797
    Guess she doesn't come cheap says:

    Warsi obviously doesn’t care much for the UK.
    Can’t help wondering where she’d prefer to be quartered.

  798. 798
    No light, just darkness says:

    I’ll check their books out when they go on the bookshelves of the dead books dept in Poundland.

  799. 799
    Mark Regev says:

    Today we shot dead an 11-year-old Palestinian boy. I would like to reiterate that this boy’s unfortunate death was a result of his having been present in a militarized zone. Basically it was his fault that we shot him. One must also consider the likelihood of the boy becoming a terrorist, meaning that we were also right to shoot him. If all Palestinians would just remove themselves from the Palestinian territories then Hamas propaganda like this can be avoided and kids would stop shooting themselves.

  800. 800
    I've forgotten says:

    Who he?.

  801. 801
    Dr Witchbottom says:

    an analogy occurs to me.
    If the human body contains a parasite which is not beneficial tho’ does no harm but which can occasionally mutate into an ebola type virus would it be better to find a cure for the mutation or for the original parasite ?

  802. 802
    The British media are cunts says:

    The silly cow needs to try getting elected by the people first.

  803. 803
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    I call it Shitland.

  804. 804
    IZIZ says:

    Nicer than fat chav women with their blubber hanging out.
    Why don’t you fuck off back to the Ukraine if you don’t like it, Shlomo?

  805. 805
    Me mind nah. says:

    How many Christians including kids have been buried alive by ISIS has their been to date and how many had their heads lopped off, it’s sort of half a dozen of one and half a dozen of the other, one can be stopped by dumping HAMAS, the other needs American bombers nuking the whole lot who are in American vehicles.

  806. 806

    Pravda is the nationalist nut-bar rag these days. Very good for some details though – like !ranian flight numbers.

    Got the 5915 from P’ravda first – rest of report could not use. Ria-N et al. seem to have confused !ran-140 and !ran-141 with AN-140 the plane and a random number 141. TASS not much better… confusion may have started with IRNA / FARS. Odd that P’ravda had the flight number nailed from the start.

    Izvestia am reading a lot these days. It is the pro-K’remlin rag. Useful for some details, and to get a flavour of what the K’remlin wants folk to think.

    TASS I think is about the most reliable alongside Interfax.

    Ria-N sort of sits in the middle-ish. Am beginning to regard it a bit like the M’ail now, minus the sidebar of shame etc.

    M-Times is interesting as that is meant to be ‘independent reporting’. However, even though they do give sort-of counter-narratives they are not really that independent. Still a useful read.

    You perhaps did not pick up on the significance of the colours in that P’utin cartoon. Subtle, but the flag reference is of primary importance. Not sure if anything subtle with the upstairs footwear.

    Trivia for you (and others reading):

    Contraction of V’ladimir is V’ova, not V’lad. V’lad derives from V’ladislav.

    Funniest mis-spelling seen so far today was a confused F’rench guy who referred to VVP as V’lad P’outine ;-) R’ussian’s would not have a clue about that.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  807. 807
    Mad,mozzie Medievalist says:

  808. 808
    David "oo-what-a-giveaway" Cameron says:

    Cross my heart and hope to get away with it.

  809. 809
    non taxable pikey says:

    Hung and drawn first please.

  810. 810
    Anonymous says:

    Pissoff Patel.

  811. 811
    IZIZ says:

    But obliterate the IDF first.

  812. 812
    IZIZ says:

    Israel has made it clear that UN resolutions don’t apply to it. It also says so in the their Talmud.

  813. 813
    IZIZ says:

    Zioscum are not Civilised, they are conniving backstabbers only interested in advancing their putrid racist colony at the expense of non-4x2s.

  814. 814
    They'll put any old crap on display at the Tate says:

    If she was drawn and hung first she might get the picture.

  815. 815
    Booker fan says:

    Look, just because I get paid by the EU to stir it up with Putin, and deflect any real critique of the EU, doesn’t mean I’m a dumbo, just a traitorous snide.

  816. 816

    And R’ussia is really pushing humanitarian aid deliveries with ICRC into East U’kraine today…

    ‘MFA: the issue of providing humanitarian aid east of Ukraine is urgent’

    Peacemaker credentials wheeled out, and humanitarian aid as well at a time when R’ussia wants to occupy East U’kraine under a peace-keeping banner.

    Hmm… ** strokes beard **

    Vote UKIP :-D

  817. 817
    Cinna says:

    It appears that the BBC and the UN are hedging their bets and humming and harring over the exact nature of the casualties in Gaza:

  818. 818
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Grateful to ‘Odds favour ?’ – for the proper attribute. Well spotted and i admit i missed that in the ‘fog of argument’.

  819. 819
  820. 820

    Capital Controls were discussed also the other week – to prevent the capital flight that has seen the R’uble knocked down to its recent lows.

    Currency Swaps with Ch!na may not be enough to repair.

    R’ussian economy has been having problems for a while now – this is not caused by the sanctions that have been introduced post MH17, however, that will not stop their State propaganda from using that as excuse.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  821. 821
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    As John Cleese didn’t say: “Don’t mention the worlds biggest money laundring market in the City of London” Pike!

    Which robs and steals from the British Public every effin day of the year.

  822. 822
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Read the MOS leading comment today – who are this ‘We’ that they refer to several times; BECAUSE it was not the British Public – wot fucked up in !raq – it was the political pygmies (left and right in the HoC) along with their msm puppets / city ceos (gorging for business) and the whole legal fraternity – who fucked up.

  823. 823
    nell. says:

    Preferably as a labour candidate

  824. 824

    @ EeeYepBlowing Whistles
    Following your paragraphs:

    1. I understand what you are saying. But, realistically, we are considering situations over which we have imperfect knowledge to begin with, this is then muddied by propaganda and counter propaganda and we end up with a situation which we know to be unsatisfactory but where two totally conflicting trails of evidence have been set out. The classic courtroom scenario.

    2. Maybe you are beginning to see that I consider the evidence from all quarters and then attempt to make my own mind up. It is my view that propaganda is so engrained in the political fabric of any country that it is pointless to complain about it. Rather, one should attempt to get to a best position.

    3. Noted. Few get far with it though. Just a practical observation, nothing more.

    4. It is a relief that you at least recognise the presumption of innocence (Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat). It traces back to Julius P’aulus in 2nd cy AD. There were long times when the presumption of guilt prevailed. Witches were thrown into ponds and if they drowned they were innocent. No consolation there. This happened as recently as 16 cy. One must remember though that everyone is entitled to the fundamental right of presumption of innocence, no matter how vile one may think they are. Any of us could be the accused at some point in our lives.

    5. PC is madness. No disagreement here. We know where it is promulgated from.

    6. That I called this “derivative” is not to condone it in any way. But given my sphere of interest, knowledge and whatever ability I might possess, I think that there are better people than myself to pursue those leads and bring the light of day upon them. One may not be all things to all men. Focussed fire is so much better than blunderbuss.

    7. There is a disconnect between the various organs of state, between them and other corporate bodies and any entity which might be described as establishment. No question of that – I have been saying that since I first posted here which I recently and accidentally rediscovered was in early 2008.

    There seems nothing to disagree over, does there?

    But we then have to consider how we handle points 1 and 2 in particular. Here is where we inevitably get into difficulties. Measure out a distance by placing two pegs in flat ground. Ask everyone to guess the distance. They will all come up with different answers.

    When you then get the measuring tape out, it is likely that no one will be exactly correct. Even if they do, when you repeat the exercise in a different place, you might well find that someone else gets a closer answer.

    Now consider that one is doing this in a thick fog, no one is keeping a good tally of the guesses and meanwhile, someone else has cut the tape in two places and made off with the middle bit. The visibility was not good enough to see who did it. Someone says X the tailor always has a pair of scissors on him. Everyone tries to pin down the hapless X whilst forgetting that the main objective was to guess the distance.

    Is the Independent newspaper actually independent just because it calls itself so? Is there in fact any such thing as independence or are we all bought up with some form of cognitive bias? Surely an ineluctable aspect of CB is that, if you know you possess it, then by definition you don’t have it. There is a paradox at work here.

    We are buried chest deep in heuristics. In practice, once we doubt people, we tend to continue to do so, even when they may actually be right. “Representativeness”.

    You will know of the Linda Problem, formally the Conjunction Fallacy. It still creates great disagreement even though the formal logic is inescapable.

    Rather than criticise individuals, whether myself or others, it seems better to set your position out and go to the root of where you think they are mistaken using facts and not emotion. If there is a mistake, then that will be unmasked. If there is merely a bias, then it will repeat. You get to a position where you have a chance to prevail. Quite rightly, others will come against you on the same basis.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  825. 825
    You keep kidding yourself says:

    Yeah, right.

  826. 826
    The British MSM are cunts says:

    “We’re all in this together”

  827. 827
    Polish Pete says:

    Where’s the Fawkes plug for the Sun? Has Rupo sacked him?

  828. 828
    The Elders says:

    We don’t give a fuck either

  829. 829
    Andy Burnham says:

    Your analogy can now be dealt with by the NHS.
    I understand that there are spare beds in Stafford at this very moment.

  830. 830

    @Odds favour ?

    Your point is accepted with thanks.

    It does not change the substantive issues I raised.

  831. 831
    nell. says:

    ++++Laugh++++ prescott is still doing it! travelling the world on all expenses paid trips to lecture on climate change and how to stop people using cars and planes!!

    that’s an exact paralell to gordon travelling the world on all expenses paid trips to lecture countries on how to develop thriving economies!!!

    What idiots are paying these fools to spout their rubbish and what idiots go and listen to them??!!

  832. 832
    Sado-massarchism says:

    @Maqbo­­ul yes not an analogy which bears much literal comparison, but broader brush strokes of demotism vs hierarchism are valid imo. In regards to Whig Imperialism (yes an oxymoron), do you baulk from stretching ‘imperialism’ to include the world building of neoconservatives and others on the whig continuum?

  833. 833
    Baroness Arsi says:

  834. 834
    Phil Hammond says:

    Parents in the Middle East should take their minds off the troubles for an hour or two by taking their kids to the cinema and treating them to sweets and ISIS.

  835. 835
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    One thing is for sure about the article – The establishment are ‘TESTING’ public opinion before they do something reckless YET AGAIN – A La Tony fucking Blair and the still outstanding Chilcott report – which ultimately kills those in the highest positions of office (political & legal) who – ‘fucked up’ – by thinking that the msm could / would ‘sell the public such a dummy’.

  836. 836
    __JustSayNo_toFriendsofIsrael says:

    Wonder how the ‘Likud Friends of UK’ are influencing Israel over their strategy in Gaza ?

    What – a foreign self-interest group allowed to directly influence Israel’s government ?!

    …what a stoopid idea…would never be allowed…

  837. 837
    Owen "Brownshirt" Jones says:

    That boy’s death is a crime against humanity.

    He has been deprived of life, of the chance to become a hate-filled medieval homphobic misogynist, or, indeed, a su!cide bomber.

    And if he’d grown up to be gay, Hamas have been deprived of an opportunity to kill him themselves.

    Heil Hitler.

  838. 838

    @Vote Ukip Get Labour

    Since you avoid addressing the very issue I specify, can I put you down as a soft-Marxist then?

    Vote UKIP get UKIP reject Marxism :-D

  839. 839
    Owen "Brownshirt" Jones says:

    Support HAMAS. All Friends of Israel should be killed.

    Then we can move on to killing poofs, lezzers and pie keys.

    Sieg Heil!

  840. 840
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    English Law for the British people – get fucking shot of Sharia and Beth D’in law – if they want to practice it well fucking do so in another jurisdiction.

  841. 841
    Sharia's Coming to Get You says:

    Somehow I can’t see our journos getting quite so worked up about that. Will an SWP front organisation organise street boycotts of shops dealing in goods made in the Islamic State? Can’t really see that happening.

  842. 842
    It's War - See! says:

    Warsism did you say?

  843. 843
    Vote Tory, get unlimited immigration and eco-lunacy says:

    “The flights – more than 4,000 miles each way – were funded by the British Embassy”

    Cameron’s ability to spunk our money away like there’s no tomorrow is really quite remarkable. It would be funny, if it weren’t so serious.

    The Supreme Imbecile will have doubled Britain’s debt by next year – and it’s pretty easy to see how he managed it.

  844. 844
    Barren Mess Arsi says:

    Principles are all very well, but I will not resign from the HoL because the 300 quid a day bung comes in very handy.

  845. 845
    Moussa Koussa says:

    All over the country people are relying on food banks because families can not afford food and 6 million pounds of public money is received by parliament bars and restaurants, why not give that money to the poor and the needy. Absolutely Disgraceful. Days like this I am not proud to be British

  846. 846
    Dr Witchbottom says:

    do you think that Karen Bradey took the Lords rather than a safe tory seat because she is really a ukiper ?

  847. 847
    Baroness Pain In the Jacksie says:

    As do Cameron, Miliband and Clegg.

    And that really does sum up the madness of our political elite.

  848. 848
    Not Blowing Whistles says:

    Thanks to the freedom of information act we learn that our elected leaders like to enjoy a meal and a drink at our expense. I personally resent my taxes being used to subsidise this scum and will therefore be asking my MP for his reasons and when we can expect MP’s to stop the free loading and start paying their way.

  849. 849
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    As predictable as ever i tried to name a particular wig who’s recently parachuted out and it was m………..ed

  850. 850
    Just asking says:

    Is she related to Ian?

  851. 851
    Dr Witchbottom says:

    I’d probably agree if I knew what Beth D’in was

  852. 852
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    She is related to the cesspit of corruption in the football world.

  853. 853
    Not Blowing Whistles says:

    Fracking campaigners criticise ‘censored’ report on house prices
    Government urged to publish sections cut from study into impact of shale gas wells on local communities

  854. 854

    Did notice those colours. See a lot of them on the road between here and the Adriatic. Both commercials and private cars. One gets the impression that some folks are going on very long holidays…

    Bought a house from a Vladimir, who is called Vlado by everyone, including me. Good businessman but nice guy as well.

    L’Académie française probably insisted upon it. :-)

    Vote UKIP :-D

  855. 855
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    And do you think your going to get an honest answer?

    btw where you been i’s old shadow?

  856. 856
    Not Blowing Whistles says:

    And a prodigy of a pornographer or two.

  857. 857
    David Cameron chillaxing in Portugal says:

    Most transparent Government ever..

  858. 858
    David Cameron chillaxing in Portugal says:

    Greenest government ever…

  859. 859


    Vote UKIP :-D

  860. 860

    Don’t like yours. Ain’t too sure about mine either…

    Vote UKIP :-D

  861. 861
    Where's that fucking Sun+ begging post, then? Being autistic, I like everything to be routine says:

    I manage on £300 every six weeks. It’s not a bung but I do have to use my, not inconsiderable, charms to extract it.

  862. 862
    Sir Alan "Big Nose" Shitstrad says:

    I’ll bet my imaginary foreskin she’s a Yom Kippurer.

  863. 863
    Begone Cameron says:

    That’s “greenest” as in “most clueless”.

  864. 864
    EU Funded Kn0b Jockey says:

    Hey Guido, what’s your boy Cameron been doing up in Shetland? Rumors abound that he is covering yp for BP who have just found a fucking shitload of oil and other minerals up there. Cameron was there to tell the islanders that they will save £40 a year on their bills??!!! Come on Guido, get your chubby arse in gear and look into this, if it is true then we could soon be shut of the sweatys, then watch as they slowly fuck it up and the Danes torpedo the shit out of them. Fun times are coming.

  865. 865
    Dr Witchbottom says:

    weird innit ? not only have the spooks got our ip addresses and wotnot but Rupert too.

  866. 866
  867. 867
  868. 868
    electronics expert says:

    That reminds me, Sir Alan:

    In 1987, I purchased one of your Shitstrad AMS563 TeleVid devices and it failed just inside the three week warranty period.

    Despite having filled in the necessary paperwork and writing to your company on numerous occasions, I find myself, still, £599.99 out of pocket.

    Will you be furnishing my account with the required sum, plus interest, any time soon?

    It was the 18 inch model.

    Many thanks.

  869. 869
    Dr Witchbottom says:

    so the fairest solution to the mutating parasite analogy seems to be to proscribe Islam and those as want to keep being Islamic can fuck off somewhere else.

  870. 870
    Year 11 politcal argument says:

    Much easier to attach the messenger rather than the message

  871. 871
    Jimmy says:

    Government of the corporations, by the corporations, for the corporations.

  872. 872
    Norm Normal says:

    Summary of UN General Assembly Resolution 181
    November 29, 1947
    The territory of P’alestine should be divided as follows:

    A J’ewish State covering 56.47% of Mandatory P’alestine (excluding J’erusalem) with a population of 498,000 J’ews and 325,000 Arabs;
    An Arab State covering 43.53% of Mandatory Palestine (excluding J’erusalem), with 807,000 Arab inhabitants and 10,000 J’ewish inhabitants;
    An international trusteeship regime in Jerusalem, where the population was 100,000 J’ews and 105,000 Arabs.

  873. 873


    Vote UKIP :-D

  874. 874
    Diane Fatbott says:

  875. 875
    Wasn't us mister, we were never in charge says:

    13 years of Liebour Mousey what did your lot do to stop the restaurants you complain about being subsidised, sweet fkall, so stop being a two faced ignorant white wash expert, your disgusting.

  876. 876
    Yan Hammer says:

    Funny no mention of Warsi saying the ‘Tories’ are toast at the next election.
    They mentioned it on Sky News earlier on today.

  877. 877
    You are now free to browse the Internet anonymously. says:

    It’s a shocking infringement of my rights. Why are your adverts in Norwegian, ffs?

  878. 878
    Wasn't us mister, we were never in charge says:

    This time they’re in it.

  879. 879
    You are now free to browse the Internet anonymously. says:

    LOL @ the sad git with too much time of his hands.

  880. 880
    Local Bags 4 local prices says:

    Wait a min… I’ll get my pop-riveter out

  881. 881
    Wasn't us mister, we were never in charge says:

    Jimmy,I hate to say it, but I will, your right, but both Liebour and the Conservatives are just as complicit as each other.

  882. 882
    Norm Normal says:

    Summary of UN General Assembly Resolution 181
    November 29, 1947
    The territory of P’alestine should be divided as follows:

    A J’ewish State covering 56.47% of Mandatory P’alestine (excluding J’erusalem) with a population of 498,000 J’ews and 325,000 Arabs;
    An Arab State covering 43.53% of Mandatory Palestine (excluding J’erusalem), with 807,000 Arab inhabitants and 10,000 J’ewish inhabitants;
    An international trusteeship regime in Jerusalem, where the population was 100,000 J’ews and 105,000 Arabs.

  883. 883
    Bloomers in rain-soaked Bongo Bongo Land says:

    Don’t be daft

  884. 884
    Dr Witchbottom says:

    and if I could make another point ? these (deleted) that are r@ping and killing people in the most cruel way are not doing it because it is a religious thing or that they are deliberately instilling fear, they are doing it because they enjoy doing it and that characteristic is genetic.

  885. 885
    Jack Droner says:

    Anyone, with an ounce of brain, knew that on 7th May 2010.

  886. 886
    Joss Taskin says:

    I note that Charles Moore has dubbed Warsi ‘ the Asian Edwina Currie ‘.

    Will she soon be sitting next to ‘rice ‘n’ pe@s’ Fatbott on the Labour benches ?

  887. 887

    Obviously Jimmy is penniless, his constant carping about corporations tells you he has no money invested in pensions ,ISAs ,or any stake whatsoever in the economy.
    Where does he think the money comes from to finance such things as the NHS ,the benefits system, policing , defence etc. like all lefties he is a firm believer in the magic socialist money tree .

  888. 888
    Impartial BBC says:

    We did our bit! Flooding the airwaves with wall-to-wall images of you and the other losers must have left a lasting imprint on the brains of the pliable.

  889. 889

    The poor would never understand the menu and not knowing which piece of cutlery to use when dining in the house it is better that they continue eating frey bentos pies and tinned carrots from the food banks .
    In any case if that money were to be given to the poor it would only go on cheap cider, fake tans, tattoos and lottery tickets.

  890. 890

    See how long the economy would last without a stock market and banking system!

  891. 891
  892. 892
    MB. says:

    Circulating on TWITTER

    “Alex’s sex advice, Brilliant ”

  893. 893

    Good questions raised about sources of photo’s from within IS:

    Documentary is also interesting.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  894. 894
    Tachybaptus says:

    What was this Televid thing? A VHS recorder and a television boxed together? If so, £600 seems bloody expensive for it — I think you could have got both bits separately for £400 at the time.

  895. 895
    andrew neil says:

    I used to sniff Diane’s seat when filming was over. Then, like every addict, I craved something stronger.
    Could I handle a full-on, but fruity, Currie, I asked my dealer?
    He recommended some time out in rehab.
    Now, I eye Sayeeda’s undercarriage with the distorted perception of one who seeks to reach rock-bottom.
    I’ve a notion to give Michael the heave-ho; his bum-print was more Blue Stratos/Air Wick than anything.
    But Warsi’s and Postman Alan’s? There’s a combination not to be sniffed at.

  896. 896
    Sir Clive Sinclair says:

    SIR- Yes, sir. Because this is the internet, I may have embellished my post, slightly.
    The device in question was rather short-lived though.

  897. 897
    Anonymous says:

    BBC can not be trusted,they receive cash from the EU.
    They also turned a blind eye when NATO was carpet bombing Libya.

  898. 898
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    It wants a fucking good clean up – you pathetic blinkered excuse merchant.

  899. 899
    Stone age blog says:

    Bloody hell it takes 10 minutes to load this thread on a fucking ipad

    Is the guido still pithed or what

  900. 900
    Dr Witchbottom says:

    should somebody call the police ?

  901. 901
    Fishy says:

    There’s no fracking effect on house prices…the only likely effect is as a result of the scare stories that the smellies are putting about.

    Fracking is as safe as houses

  902. 902
    Fishy says:

    Don’t know about Eggwina…more like a Tory Harriet Harm-men. An empty vessel that makes a lot of noise.

  903. 903
    Owen "Brownshirt" Jones says:

    The only political parties that will succeed in Britain from now on are Parties that support my brave and noble brothers in Hamas.

    Labour manifesto, 2020:

    Kill J3ws.
    Kill Homos and lezzers.
    All schools to teach creationism, the Koran, and the inherent evil of Western pig-dog Satanic beasts.

    Inshallah and Heil Hitler!

  904. 904

    Alex Salmond threatens to nuke Band of England if they do not share pound with Scots.

    In the face of his clear defeat in the Independence Debate, Scotland’s First Minister has threatened to control the Pound Sterling using “all possible means”.

    This will if necessary include using three of the Vanguard class submarines to launch a Trident II missile at the Bank of England in Threadneedle Street. If it misses first time then there are 47 available missiles left, each carrying warheads in up to eight MIRV re-entry vehicles.

    Mr Salmond said, “In ma heid ah’ll hae a think aboot hoo, if we cannae hae the poon, we can hae the groat. But it shoulnae stop us hittin’ oot an usin all the wee subs tae gie the English rascals their deserts, big fearties.”

    The translator said essentially he was saying “Fuck the English.”

    Vote UKIP :-D

  905. 905
    Norm Normal says:

    I found a Hamas rocket launcher under my one!

  906. 906
    FFS, stop trolling, Russia! Give it a rest. says:

    Yeah yeah yeah, just take Ukraine, we’re not bothered.

  907. 907
    Dr Witchbottom says:

    yes well, he’s said also that if he canna have the poond then he will not pay the scottish share of the debt which seems to me to fuck up his negotiating position

  908. 908
    Mr Helpful (translator) says:

    What he actually said (and the only thing that all Jockanese ever say) was, “Fuck the Ingerlish bastard wanker bastards but make sure they keep giving us lots and lots and lots of their money forever-more because frankly we’re completely fucked without it. Bastard Ingerlish bastards. (More money ASAP..)

  909. 909
    David Cameron says:

    I’m actually stupid enough to go for that.

    I mean, I told the EU that if they won’t agree to renegotiate Britain’s membership, I’d be quite happy to accept the status quo and won’t take Britain out of the EU under any circumstances. Even before negotiations begin, I’ve told them it’s fine by me if they won’t agree to anything. I’ll accept that. I won’t argue. I’ll just take it lying down.

    Yes, I really am that fucking thick.

  910. 910
    Norm Normal says:

    Morning BW! Did you read Prescott’s piece in the Sunday Mirror?

    Peas in a pod you two. Perhaps you could write to him and see if you can become pen pals?

    Whoever posted that vid the other day about the left not only being wrong all the time, but as wrong as it’s possible to be…..QED.

  911. 911
    Dr Witchbottom says:

    did anybody buy one of those email telephones ? ( the future is email )

  912. 912
    Neville Chamberlain says:

    And then Poland, the Czech Republic, whatever – we just don’t care. X Factor’s coming up.

  913. 913
    Guido Fawkes says:

    Help, this is an emergecy.
    I am stuck on the bog.
    Get the local services to breakin and help me out.
    Please help.

  914. 914

    If it does not say Ann Summers on the side, you may have a big problem…

    Vote UKIP :-D

  915. 915
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Good little video – liked the Abe Lincoln Protest.

    The legal fraternity are not going to fool all of the people for all of the time. The legal fraternity who have taken part along with their political friends; are doomed to fail and those who stand by and do nothing have no excuses either.

  916. 916
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    i believe the English (?) judge named in that vid is out of the plymouth courts …

    Oh dear … one of the other wigs out of Plymouth owns a yacht and has ventured over to Jersey many a time in the past – must have known Edward Heath.

  917. 917
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    If you get a chance watch the vid at box 830 …

    And remember part of the deception is that judges are ‘only’ “independent” of the public.

    ref you mentioned independent / independence of earlier – i have tackled the subject matter of the word ‘independent’ on here many times over the past few years. Best recent example Butler Sloss …… pah! independent my Rse.

  918. 918
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Wrong number it should have been 911 Stateside.

  919. 919
    Kellie says:

    The national interest should never be subject to the chequebooks of anybody.”

    And that in a nutshell is the tory government all over. Doesn’t matter who you are what the country you representing are doing. It’s all about the Wonga oops there’s me name dropping another donor kerching!!!

  920. 920
    Kellie says:

    Cameron has lost the support of his party.
    Half of Dave’s own MP’s rate him as weak and the other half loath him. Another half is asking how they ever got stuck with him as leader. (maths is not their strong point)
    Cameron can not reach beyond his core vote and has now decided that he may as well not bother to seek the minority ethnic vote.
    He is too busy trying to keep the Eurosceptic right wing of his party happy and cannot concentrate on anything else.
    He has not yet and never will, win a General Election.
    Many in the Conservative Party have known this for years and the vultures are circling. Boris Johnson has fired the starting pistol, let the civil war begin

  921. 921
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Think you got the wrong person Norm – i have been on here for years throwing dirt at the AGW CC believers. It’s one subjct matter that SC and i agree on.

    1/10 for effort there Norm.

  922. 922
    Anonymous says:

    “Weather predictions that keep on proving to be complete bollocks” ? Good grief! And just when I thought that the Met office had more compute power than any other organisation in UK. Take their toys away if they don’t know how to use them properly.

  923. 923
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    point i at the vid with a date and time or the link Norm.

  924. 924
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Hey Mr EUPET – if your the best the establishment can come up with – JFHC.

  925. 925
    local services says:

    Just sit there for a couple of weeks. Nobody will notice and the natural process, known to the rest of us as slimming, should free you without recourse to heavy lifting apparatus.

  926. 926
  927. 927
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    The Tory party need to take a long good look at all of ‘those’ who promoted / lobbied / spoke highly of voted for him. What dirt lies behind those who put him up?

  928. 928

    This one perhaps is not going to fly:

    Vote UKIP :-D

  929. 929
  930. 930

    Not blinkered just realistic – Who will do the cleaning up ?

  931. 931
    Anonymous says:

  932. 932

    An empty vessel that makes a lot of noise…

    LibLabCon are to the greater part like that. There are fewer than 70 good MPs between them, possibly less.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  933. 933
    Richard Timney says:
  934. 934

    If fracking makes a bit of a mess so what ,we need the gas, the leftie ecolunatics will just have to suck it up , I for one have no intention of living in a damp draughty hut just to please those arseholes .

  935. 935
    Norm Normal says:

    Upon closer inspection it wasn’t a rocket, feck, chick with dick!

  936. 936
    Granny Grunt says:

    They were killing each other before you were born.
    They’ll still be killing each other long after you’re dead.

  937. 937
    Wild Wahzoo says:

    Where is Guido this Sunday? I hope he’s ok. You see the consequence of his absence. Comments have reached the 900’s (with commentators stepping all over one another). Far more than the normal number of tit graphics (What are you guys trying to do? Make this blog look like The Sun?). Hurry back, Guido, and post up some new material so that we can slobber, carp, and howl all over it.

  938. 938
    aliexs Army we are going to ....WC says:

    because of the Ingerlish bastard wanker bastards no one plays us at football

  939. 939

    Another Dave utter fail:

    Vote UKIP :-D

  940. 940

    Not me, sir! Not any longer…

    The Lord President Clyde, ruling on the test case Ayrshire Pullman Motor Services v Inland Revenue Commissioners in 1929 famously said:

    “No man in this country is under the smallest obligation, moral or other, so to arrange his legal relations to his business or to his property as to enable the Inland Revenue to put the largest possible shovel into his stores. The Inland Revenue is not slow to take every advantage which is open to it under the taxing statutes for the purpose of depleting the taxpayer’s pocket. And the tax payer is, in a like manner, entitled to be astute to prevent, so far as he honestly can, the depletion of his means by the Revenue”

    This ruling, which has prevailed for almost a century, is about to be overturned by a civil service diktat, without any intervention by parliament or the Law Lords. Whose judgement is the following going to be based on?

    “HMRC made clear that it does not want the new laws to affect trusts or schemes that ‘are used legitimately in many arrangements by the vast majority of people… The focus will be on “very small numbers of wealthy people … with the focus on those who had taken ‘deliberate’ action to avoid tax.”

    I suggest it might look something like this:
    * Margaret Hodge – She is OK, it is “tiny, tiny, tiny” after all (£28m ish).
    * Lord Ashcroft – He is a bastard – get him!

    It is perfectly legal to take deliberate action to avoid tax. Anyone who does not do this needs their bumps felt.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  941. 941
    One Gazan Civilian = 10,000 Kaffirs says:

    More likely Lib Dem I would have thought. But I am not exactly sure how the clan politics works where she’s from. That might be an issue.

    Why is she so silent about the Islamic State’s atrocities? I thought she operated on principle…makes one ask what her “principle” is here.

  942. 942
    Sam the Skull says:

    The English need, want, and demand “poon” as much as the Scots, if not more so.

  943. 943
    Aiyeee says:

    Ali G’s put on some weight.

  944. 944
    Dr Witchbottom says:

    I think it is important to bear in mind always that the jizzadists that are r@ping and killing people in the most cruel way are not doing it because it is a religious thing or that they are deliberately instilling fear for military reason. They are doing it because they ENJOY doing it and that characteristic is GENETIC.

  945. 945
    Gordon Brown says:


  946. 946
    Needlepoint says:

    Child ra pists avoid prosecution – by saying SORRY
    14 sex offenders dodge court action by admitting crime and using community resolutions, originally intended for minor offences
    More than a dozen Midland child ra pists have avoided prosecution – by simply saying sorry.
    Fourteen sex offenders dodged the courts AFTER admitting their guilt by apologising to their young victims – all aged under 13.
    Astonishingly, they were all dealt with by way of a community resolution – originally designed to dispose of minor offences and yob behaviour.
    Ra pe of a child under 13 by a male (14)
    Sexual activity with a female under 16, offender 18-plus (9)
    Sexual assault on a male under 13 (2)

    Birmingham Mail 08/08/14

  947. 947
    Stop Sharia Now. says:

    Islam without Sharia is an annoyance more than a direct threat to liberty. Proscribing Sharia should be the first step. See how that goes.

  948. 948
    SLOTGOB says:

  949. 949
    Stop Sharia Now. says:

    Yep, got it right there. A major failure of UK-US foreign policy. A bit like the arming of Jihadists in Afghanistan. Fortunately we didn’t actually put arms directly into ISIS’s hands.

  950. 950
    Stop Sharia Now. says:

    This is something I emphasise and I don’t think is yet understood – how an Islamic party could come to dominate our politics within a couple of decades. Think of Respect on steroids. As you imply, they only need to be able to get 30-50 seats and they could hold the balance of power in what is now a multi-party system.

  951. 951

    The Daily Mail is now screaming about foreign criminals being free to remain in the UK , but only today in the Mail on Sunday they were doing their best to undermine UKIP, the only party with any intention of doing anything about it . MAKE YOUR FUCKING MINDS UP!!!

  952. 952
    Bloomers in rain-soaked Bongo Bongo Land says:

    Don’t be daft.

  953. 953

    The blatant brass necked nerve of the man is beyond description!

  954. 954
    Bob Fleming says:

    Not sure it’s genetic. They’re thick as shit, uneducated (at least in anything that passes for education in the civilised world) and therefore easily indoctrinated with mooslim bile. Therefore relatively easy to contain and destroy. Ask the Israelis

  955. 955
    Dr Witchbottom says:

    of course it is genetic, in our society we have families of criminals but mixed with people with more social awareness. some tribes must have had miserable ancestors whose genes have been passed down and exaggerated through inbreeding probably into all the millions of deranged fuckwits who enjoy beheading people and burying children alive.
    Fuck ‘em the world will be a better place when they are exterminated.

  956. 956
    Dr Witchbottom says:

    probably lost the plot

  957. 957
    Dr Mengele says:

    So glad to see that my ideas live on.

  958. 958
    Labour lout says:

    Tony has earned his rest. There are those who would like it to be made permanent.

  959. 959
    Mr Punch says:

    That’s the way to do it!

  960. 960
    Will Fyffe says:

    Ah belong tae Guido,
    Dear auld Guido Hoon,
    But there’s somethin’ the matter wi’ Guido
    ‘Cause he’s gaeing up an’ doon,
    Ah’ve only a common auld iPad
    As anyone here can see,
    But when ah read the comments on Sunday nicht,
    Up an’ doon they flee.

  961. 961
    Lividword 4 Nick & Ned says:


  962. 962
    High in the Highlands says:

    The one-eyed son of the manse characterizes his own oratorical performances.

  963. 963
    Syrinx Aruanus says:

    Sir Clive

    Did your C4 ever make it to market or did it keep blowing up ?

  964. 964
    Constant reader, occasional participant says:

    Ye people of faith, pray for the good health of Guido Fawkes.
    Ye people who lack a faith, hope for the good health of Guido Fawkes.
    Ye dog devils of malice, exercise a little forbearance at this moment at least.

  965. 965
    HMRC says:

    Tax is theft, we are thieves. Simple.

  966. 966
    Commie B*stard says:

    Didn’t you enjoy 99 Red Balloons?

  967. 967
    Commie B*stard says:

    Greenest ? Long way to go before they reach Germany’s greeness… (Helpful note: Germany is Europe’s most successful manufacturer and exporter – go figure, all you Patterson-Luddites).

  968. 968
    Fred the pensioner says:

    He’s a Libdem – so it must be that London borough of Twinkieham

  969. 969
    Uncurable leftie says:

    Is there a bedroom tax on that thing?

  970. 970
    Anonymous says:

    After about a decade of waiting, and a last ditch attempt to get the US government or SuprAfter about a decade of waiting, and a last ditch attempt to get the US government or Supreme Court to block the case, the most significant terror finance case ever to go to trial in US history, against Arab Bank, is set to begin on Monday.

    The Jordanian government implied that if the bank – essentially Jordan’s sovereign bank – loses, its economy and the entire counter-terror cooperation with the US could
    fall apart.

    Whatever the result, the case could shine a light on the world of terror financing.eme Court to block the case, the most significant terror finance case ever to go to trial in US history, against Arab Bank, is set to begin on Monday.

    The Jordanian government implied that if the bank – essentially Jordan’s sovereign bank – loses, its economy and the entire counter-terror cooperation with the US could
    fall apart.

    Whatever the result, the case could shine a light on the world of terror financing.

  971. 971
    Anonymous says:

    Bloody iPads!

  972. 972
    Bob Fleming says:

    Dr W makes a good point

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