August 7th, 2014

Iraqi MP Breaks Down in Parliament Over Yazidi Slaughter


  1. 1
    Samwell says:

    Clearly, invading Iraq, overthrowing the secular government and then funding jihadists in Syria was a sterling idea.

    Kudos to everyone who supported the Iraq war. Kudos to everyone who wanted to bomb Syria in support of ISIS. I hope you’re proud of everything you’ve achieved.


    • 4
      Tony Blair says:

      Here…you ain’t seen me, right!


    • 7
      M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

      Nothing so patronising as 20-20 sanctimony. What the fuck do you know about the price of eggs?

      ISIS is funded by Mossad to take the heat of their Gaza expedition.


    • 85
      Zio-nist says:

      @Samwell – One could equally say that ISIL (ISIS) would not exist had Russia agreed to allow the quick removal of Assad, the conflict could then have been contained within Syria’s borders, perhaps with the moderates taking the upper hand. Now people are caught between Assad’s bombs and the religious savagery of ISIL and Al-nusra with nowhere to go. Russia gets to keep it’s strategic Naval base in Syria, which is all that matters to it.

      However, I acknowledge that would also have led to unforeseen circumstances that no one could predict.

      My advice to the lady is: buy shares in kleenex, nothing will be done and no one cares enough. I speak from bitter experience of the same thing.


      • 120
        The two Muppets says:

        “Zio-nist” I agree with you 100% . It was Miliband who sided with
        Putin against the West some months ago in parliament and voted
        to let Assad continue to murder his people . As you say I do not think that
        ISIS would exist in its present form if the threat of military action were there.


        • 124
          M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

          Quite. They filled the vacuum created by the West’s inaction.

          ISIS did not rise up against Assad but ordinary folk, just like they did in Tuniisa, Libya, Bahrain and Egypt.


          • Winston says:

            Yes, just like the original 50 or so people who peacefully protested about Duggan’s death outside Tottenham Police station. Then what happened?


    • 104
      • 164
        White minority says:

        Mossies like to cause trouble,whoever sets the wheels in motion. The ROP are scum,contribute fuck all to humanity and need to be wiped off the face of the earth.


    • 172
      Anonymous says:

      ISIS is the creation of Britain, America and Israel – the axis of evil!


    • 180
      Face for Radio says:

      If you can’t see the difference between a war in support of international law against aggressive war (invasion by Iraq of a fellow UN Member State) and a war designed to support Islamists (Cameron’s proposed Syrian adventure), then you are seriously myopic.


    • 197
      Anonymous says:

      Keep it to yourself but I heard that Tony Blair had gone to Jerusalem so that Jesus could be closer to him. Not the other way round.

      Yes . Great work all round generally.

      So. Does God really bless America?

      As an aetheist ,sometimes I wish that God did exist as there is an awful lot of smiting he could be getting on with.


  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    Tony Blair and George Bush are responsible for yet another genocide.


    • 45
      táxpáyér says:

      Not ISIS/ISIL?


      • 48
        Owen Jones says:


        Poofs Enjoying Rogering in State of Ingland?


      • 188

        Seeing that Uncle Sam equipped ISIS with a variety of weaponry, including Stinger, it’s only right that he should sort out the mess.
        Mind you, given the American pilots’ ability to blow the arse off anything that they find, I don’t rate the Yazidis’ chance of getting off that mountain alive.
        And I don’t think it will be God’s voice they hear coming from all those burning bushes they were hiding behind when the Predator missiles go whacking in. “Oops, Sorry” isn’t in the same league as “Moses…..What the fuck are you doing up here?”


  3. 3
    Frederick says:

    tony blair’s legacy


  4. 5
    Mike Hardcock says:


  5. 8
    Vlad the Loudhailer says:

    This won’t make the BBC News.


  6. 10
    Tony Blair says:

    The greatest danger is that we fail to face up to the nature of the threat we are dealing with.

    Did I really say that back in 2005?

    Oh well, never mind.


  7. 11
    BBC says:

    Meanwhile back in Gaza


    • 87
      Anonymous says:

      I will not be contributing to the Gaza relief fund. The Palestinians voted in Hamas as their government so go along with all they do. Hamas is part of ISIS- do not forget that.The Palestines must rid themselves of Hamas – only they can do it. Just think of those who are suffering at the hands of ISIS- defenceless men,women and children. Look beyond Gaza to realise how bad things are in the Middle East. Make no mistake,George Galloway and his religious bigots want turmoil here in the U.K. and they are succeeding. Where is our government when Galloway’s spouts his hateful messages?


      • 92
        táxpáyér says:,7340,L-4555631,00.html

        Report: Hamas spokesperson attacked by Gaza civilians

        Egyptian news report claims that Palestinians attacked Sami Abu Zuhri out of anger at Hamas for causing the latest round of violence with Israel.


        • 137
          Vlad the Loudhailer says:

          This won’t make the BBC News either.


        • 152
          Eeeer.... says:

          Sure, an Iz Hasbara site is then place for “balanced” news about Gaza… If you are a rightwing supremacist ZioLoon.


          • Jesus says:

            The best thing about being a rightwing supremacist ZioLoon is that not only do we get to win every war, but afterwards we get to celebrate by drinking wine and kissing girls. Some of us kiss boys and smoke weed, which is not exactly considered kosher but hey ho each to their own.

            Have fun celebrating the death of your village by getting sober and shooting AKs into the air.


          • Eeeer... says:

            Yes, the ZioLoons really do consider the alleged 6 million Hollowcost and being turfed out of a record number of countries “a Win”.


  8. 13
    Jon Slow Ch4 token white male says:

    nothing to see here, move along


  9. 14
    Tosspot says:

    ISIS is made of those Muslims of a sunny disposition so don’t expect much condemnation from Galloway.


    • 36
      Paniagua says:

      I thought Galloway was a little Sh’ite.


      • 68
        Paniagua says:

        My real name is Moshe and they pay me to do Hasbara here. It’s a boring job but every Shekel counts! Oy Vey!


        • 75
          Paniagua says:

          The sooner you camel shâggers understand that not everyone who dislikes the Religion of Piss (SWT) is not a shlomo the better.

          Anyway isn’t it prayer time? your sky pixy is calling.


          • táxpáyér says:

            He’s probably distracting himself from the temptations of 6 year old girls.


          • táxpáyér says:

            Straight from our Chewish Tal mud:
            Sanhedrin 55b . A Joew may marry a three year old girl (specifically, three years “and a day” old).

            Sanhedrin 54b . A Joew may have sex with a child as long as the child is less than nine years old.

            Kethuboth 11b . “When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing.”


          • Anonymous says:

            3rd world moron


  10. 15
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Why don’t they pray to their particular invisible sky fairy to save them :-)

    Karl Marx nailed it with regards to religion, it’s a load of codswallop spouted by frauds and charlatans.

    The sooner religion and socialism are consigned to the dustbin of history, the better.


  11. 16
    Meanwhile in a bedsit far far away a lefty stirs from his afternoon wank says:

    I reserve my anger and shouty protest for Israel only.


  12. 17

    Another class act from Blair


    • 25
      Catch something horribly incurable Tone says:

      One wishes that his God would make appropriate demands on the man, but not so.


      • 30
        Judge Judy says:

        I sentence you to a lifetime of having to look at Cherie’s fat arse and pretending you love it.


    • 26
      A grining Bliar says:

      Look, I made a shed load of money out of thst war, so it wasn’t all that bad, was it?

      Anyway must dash, I’m off to earn some more dosh as Middle East peace envoy.


  13. 27
    Smelling children's coffee says:

    What’s wrong with following a sky fairy who’s man on the ground liked sex with kids? It’s all the joooz fault anyway. They put heavy fluoride in the water in the Middle East and it’s turned all of is into blood thirsty suicide bummers.


  14. 32
    Judge Jeffreys says says:

    I wonder if Slotgob still believes that history will show her husband to be a great man,as she once claimed?


  15. 33
    Bill Quango MP says:

    The Iraqi, militant, fundamentalists are forcing Christians out of their homeland.
    These Christians are now refugees in need of a home.

    The Palestinian Islamic militants want to annihilate other religions.

    The Israe/lis have to periodically occupy and attack Hamas so never has a lasting peace.

    So … if we get the palis to move to Iraq, into the vacated homes of the Christians that solves a long running refugee problem.

    And if those Christians move into the now empty Gaza, that gets rid of a long running war problem.

    The Christians can exist peacefully with their neighbours in ‘New Gaza’.
    The Palestinians can chop off heads and happily fire rockets at neighbours along with the rest of the Iraqi fundamentalists.

    Both sides will be much happier.


    • 43
      Tony Blair says:

      Listen Bill, what is important is that you keep your pro bono advice to yourself and let the pros give the advice.

      PS – I don’t mean give in the literal sense of course.


    • 63
      Anonymous says:

      Pity you could not tell Balfour about this solution ninety years ago!


    • 67
      Tony Blair says:

      What we need is a negotiated solution like N Ireland.
      Like Ulster Israel will only exist as long as the majority in the region want it to.
      Of course Muslims like Catholics have lots of kids so in 30 years Israel will probably cease to exist.
      After that the remaining J*ws not killed in the inevitable genocide can run around cap in hand begging to be let into any country that will have them.
      Just like they did in the 1930’s and 40’s.
      That is my roadmap to peace.


    • 73
      Paniagua says:

      Bill, you ignoramus. Everyone has twigged that the Israelis aremore dangerous to us than the Muslims.


  16. 38
    Anonymous says:

    I fully expect not a single outraged post about this to appear on my Facebook feeds from all my freethinking and rational lefty acquaintances forthwith. The same people who have been posting non-stop for days about Israel.


    • 83
      táxpáyér says:

      The Yazidi’s should’ve spent all their money kidnapping and executing civilians and launching rockets into towns if they wanted sympathy from lefties.


    • 88
      A hand wringing lefty says:

      The situation is completely different.

      In Gaza they have really attractive headscarves that we can wear on demos.

      But the Iraqi Christians don’t have any cool symbols. So fuck ‘em.


  17. 40

    Sorry, there’s no space in my column for this story. Anyway, I’ve used up all my indignation.


  18. 42
    Blairs representative on earth says:

    We don’t do religion………. however religion may do for us!


  19. 46
    The cunt of Monte Cristo says:

    Ah yeass the peaceful Yazidis

    the very same people who were filmed twice in 2008 stoning teenage girls to death for dating Muslim boys

    I do hope the heroic warriors of the Islamic State slaughter them


    • 59
      Cpl Hicks says:

      Just remind me the last time they were filmed shooting 100s of unarmed men lined up in a ready dug mass grave?


      • 123
        The cunt of Monte Cristo says:

        Combatants are one thing,,,and the mass executions were of shiite ISF dogs of Al-Maliki

        I watched two videos uploaded by these fucks of the stoning to death of two teenage girls, simply because they had dated Muslim boys

        So i have zero pity for these fucks now they are dying of thirst


        • 150
          Cpl Hicks says:

          The “dogs of Al-Maliki?” My what a fuckwit you are!

          I’m sure absolutely no innocent teenagers were rounded up by those splendid chaps from ISIS and randomly slaughtered. Not that it matters because…wait for it…they were shi’ites and thus deserved to die because they prayed to the wrong non-existent sky fairy!

          You utter fucking twat. The world would be such a better place if skidmarks like you weren’t on it.


    • 64
      God says:

      What a f..king mess, that Christ I’m an atheist.


  20. 54
    Person Non Grata says:

    Obama is itching to put US troops back into Iraq, and it’s odds on that dodgy Dave would back him up with British troops, so could this be another false flag?


    • 65
      The British media are cunts says:

      You are joking? Barry is off golfing for the summer and Dave is trying to fund a Boris fish.


  21. 56
    The BBC/CH4/Guardian copy on this subject says:


  22. 62
    The British media are cunts says:

    Can we expect a statement from Baroness Warsi on this situation then? Oh hang in it’s Muslims doing the murdering…so no.

    Will Cathy Newman be wetting her Tampon on C4 news….er no.

    Will comrade Mason and Jon gay boy Snow be expressing outrage in C4 news…er no.


    • 181
      Jon Snow's Puts On Odd Coloured Socks Now He's Officially Demented says:

      As Mrs Thatcher said, that’s NO, NO, NO!!!


  23. 71
    T. Blair says:

    Told you there was a humanitarian crisis in Iraq.


  24. 79
    Sir John Chilcot says:

    I feel yet another delay coming on.


  25. 80
    David Cameron says:

    We must do something about ISIS, and Goldie too for that matter.


    • 100
      Ed Twelvety Balls says:

      When Labour get elected, we’ll abolish ISIS. Nobody will be allowed tax-free savings or shares when I’m chancellor!


  26. 82
    SS says:

    And that fat fuck Warsi bitch resigns over a few Hamas, what a Hunt.


  27. 84
    Tony Blair says:

    If it meant killing millions more, then yes I would do it all over again.


    • 109
      Ed Twelvety Balls says:

      It might be simpler to send Andy Burnham over and get them to appoint him as health minister.


      • 135
        Andy BurnThem says:

        I’m too busy crying over the secret files of Hillsborough.

        {I was too busy to open that file during the 13 years I was in government}


  28. 90
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    This mess can only be sorted out by Owen Jones and Aled Jones the Dynamic Duo. Experience, know how, negotiating skills, no of course not but they do have arrogance, hypocrisy and can drink champagne.


  29. 97
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    Islamic State kills 47 Shiites in Baghdad market. Again: I call on Baroness Warsi and George Galloway to end their silence & hold a demo.


  30. 105
    IPBA says:

    I am the spokes scholar for the Iraqi Pig Breeders Association. All this fighting is
    causing great hardship to my members. There can be no distribution of ham, sausages, or faggots. Soon we will have to resort to slitting the throats of the nearest goats.


  31. 107
    Philamina Phanny (activist and part time mum) says:

    Wont anyone think of the children?
    Not those one’s stuck up a mountain without food or water you fool.
    The one’s in Gaza


  32. 112
    Bob Crow says:

    Just another hysterical Muslim MP. They like a bit of hysteria, them Muslims. And beheadins. They like a nice beheadin. Wass she doin’ anyway? Should be in the kitchen.


  33. 114
    Mr Netanyahu says:

    Yet to hear of any Israeli cancelling Costa-Del-Bradford hols due to George Galloway ‘judenfrei’ edict.


    • 191

      And they’re complaint that the Bradford National Film and Media Museum is going to have to close through lack of interest.
      Always said that halal Albatross snacks were never going to catch on. And the ticket booth operator with the AK47 behind her was a bit off-putting. Still, what’s a little diversity. Local Government will find a few more millions from local tax-payers to keep it open. Perhaps Gorgonous George will persuade Gideon to throw money at them. Well it makes a change from demanding money from the Christians to allow them to visit their Cathedral.


  34. 118
    LGBT activist says:

    Me and the ‘girls’ had a great Idea.
    We all go over Iraq and start mincing around in front of those ISIS boys.
    They will be so enraged and busy hanging us from cranes the Yazidi people can escape off the mountain.
    Then we thought no let’s just shove our latex covered arses into the face of pensioners on Brighton beach instead.


  35. 119
    Anonymous says:

    95% of muslims in the U.K. are sunni. Be afraid-be very afraid.


    • 133
      Islam: death cult, severe mental illness, or both? says:

      You would think, given that Muzzies started becoming radicalised after 1967 (because of you know what, and they felt they had to ‘prove’ themselves to their sky fairy who otherwise had appeared to forsake them), and it was becoming really f*cking obvious by Munich in 1972 that something was going horribly wrong with them, that someone in Westminster would have thought, “hmm.. maybe it’s not a good idea to let any more of them move here otherwise..” but noooo… MPs decided to be all politically correct, ignore the public, swing the doors wide open and here we are 40 years’ later, a fractured country that’s at risk of exploding.

      Well done, politicians. Thanks a f*cking bunch.


      • 134
        The no hopes of the little people against the sewers of the politicians says:

        It’s not will it happen, it’s when, it’s past tippy toes time.


      • 182
        Jon Snow's Puts On Odd Coloured Socks Now He's Officially Demented says:

        It was only after 9/11 – that made every member of the political elite in the West cack their pants – that anything at all was done to address the threat from Sharia.

        But it has been a totally inadequate response, like using a hand spray to put out a major conflagration.

        We need a vigorous response:

        Ban Sharia courts.

        Ban Sharia education.

        Strip UK citizenship from anyone conspiring to introduce Sharia in this country or spread it abroad.


    • 136
      An MP from the blue-yellow coalition says:

      Which is which?
      Is them Sunnis the head choppy ones or is that the Shias?
      And which ones like blowing up tube trains or flying airlines into office blocks?

      Its a complex problem. Probably the best solution is to just let as many mossies in as possible and all the indigenous Christians piss off to Siberia.


      • 192

        Ah, yes Sir. You’re describing our super-dooper, extra loonie, chapatti-bomb model.
        Not a lot of call for them at the moment. They come in a variety of beliefs but are dangerous if you don’t know how to handle them. Very high maintenance cost. We find a lot of demand in the Middle East. Temperamental. Tends to explode at the least provocation. Could I interest Sir in something a lot less trouble. Now your average Buddhist is very easy going – and if you really upset them, instead of getting your ass blown off by the Loonie Chapatti-bomb wearer, your Buddhist takes himself off somewhere quiet and sets fire to himself. Haven’t got one in at the moment. Perhaps Sir would like a small case of Ebola, it’s the coming craze! Oh yes. You’ll be the talk of the party. Everyone will want to shake your hand. And it comes with the promise of immediate treatment on the NHS. Your very own private room and up to the minute treatment. Money no object as our PM said. I think we should have our first cases coming in in a week or two.


  36. 138
    Cull the Badgers says:

    Will the BBC broadcast this harrowing plea? How will they twist it to their agenda. I imagine they are working on how to excuse the inexcusable right now.


    • 168
      BBC says:

      Sorry ,we are busy broadcasting bollox that world war 1 was won solely with the blood of commonwealth soldiers,the fuckin pricks,footage a bit white was it?


  37. 139
    Stingray fan says:

    A Medieval war in a medieval country.


  38. 141

    Evolution exists for a reason.

    Will sound harsh, but if they have managed to get trapped up a mountain without water and cannot fight their way out…

    Vote UKIP :-D


  39. 143
    Daisy dopes and doosey dopes and corrupt politicians says:

    Somebody inform Sky that the Union between Scotland and England stopped existing as soon as the referendum debate wasn’t shown in England, Scotland will vote NO, as benefits are more important than the Scots doing a days work, the fun will be heard when Scotland the brave or any of those Braveheart tunes are heard by the English, after years of the Scots shouting freedom, the English will have freedom to argue back and not keep schtumm anymore, can’t wait.


    • 145
      RomaBert... says:

      I hope they vote yes and the next day we cut off all monies and benefits!


    • 194

      It’s all a cunning stunt to give Scotland Devo-Max whilst keeping us paying for them.
      Of course they’ll vote “No”. When did a kid send a letter to Father Christmas telling him to fuck off and get his Reindeers off their roof?
      The idea is that we are grateful that the grasping, whining bastards want us to keep paying for their free prescriptions, care of the aged, deep-fried Mars Bars etc. and they get to actually run their own midden whilst fucking up ours at the same time.


  40. 144
    RomaBert... says:

    The Hunts in liebour have blood, lots of it, on their hands!!


  41. 147
    RomaBert... says:

    The hypocrisy or the Moosies and lefties in this country is just breathtaking !!


    • 148
      RomaBert... says:

      The hypocrisy of the Moosies and lefties in this country is just breathtaking !!



  42. 161
    Anonymous says:

    instead of writing all this drivel, email no 10 and tell our PM that he should exert whatever influence he has to get some humanitarian aid dropped to the Yazidi asap.


    • 175
      Liz II says:

      It’s not in our country, it’s not even in the same fucking continent.
      Write to the Saudis and tell them to sort their own moz mess up.


    • 183
      Juat in time, I found you just in time etc says:

      Da de da de da de dah! It’s O’barmey tot eh rescue again with his targeted drones and air drops.


  43. 179
    Islam is death says:

    From where has ISIS grown, who is financing them, and who is supplying them weapons?
    Why don’t we apply sanctions to their backers, send their fighters to their heaven (and finding it’s a con is the icing) and drop aid to the Yazidi?

    Muslim militancy that we see every day repeatedly proves that Islam is a poison of the mind – especially in the minds of Arabs.
    As an indigenous Brit I do not want these people over here, they are sub-medieval, culturally incompatible with western civilisation, have no connection with this country and should never have been admitted in the first place.
    Even the “peace loving moderate” muslims (an evident contradiction in terms) rarely criticise their more openly militant “co-religionists”.
    Islam is the emanation of evil. We need to expel Muslims from the West before they undermine our civilisation – England would be better without their ethnic enrichment – and we could do with some reverse immigration – Dave and Ed take note!
    The multiculturalism and diversity nihilistic crap are smokescreens for the destruction of western culture; so Dave and Ed, whose side are you on ? Time for action.


    • 184
      Yup, spot on says:

      Yup. spot on – Bring out the pitchforks!


    • 195

      Well, seeing you ask. It is fairly certain that the roving band of fairly-convincing murderers rampaging around the Middle East, knocking over targets of opportunity emptying Banks, blowing up things that might vaguely be of interest, killing and enforcing the more outrageous Mohammedan edicts like forced conversion or death, compulsory Female genital mutilation, genocidal murder of non-Mohammedan sects are mostly the same ragtag of “Mujahideen” from The fringes of Al Quaeda around the world, quite a few are Europeans. They used to be called Mercenaries, but calling them “Holy Warriors” makes it more acceptable to the lefty Medja. There are quite a few ex – Saddam Baathists with time on their hands and scores to settle.
      And their main Armourer is that famous “Arsenal of the Free World” – America home of the free fire-arms. Well, as long as it’s one lot of Arabs killing another lot, the voters won’t give a fuck. As Obarmy said when someone told him that “IZAL – now wash your hands” were giving this quaint little pre-Christian sect that had been minding their own medieval existence stoning adulterers for a few millennia that he realised that the shit had hit his fan. Christians don’t count, but, shit, Zoroastrians! Send in the 7th Cavalry.


      • 196
        Islam is death says:


        Oh to be a radical lefty – able to be totally relaxed in the face of Mozzie-doom – may be they’ll be really trendy and take a long holiday in Islamic State – unforgettable memories especially for the wimin.


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