August 7th, 2014

Quote of the Day

Soundness from Matthew d’Ancona:

“Israel is bigger than Gaza and the West Bank, but it is smaller than almost everywhere else. Less than a century old, it is a democracy surrounded by hostile nations and under permanent attack by terrorists who wish to see it wiped from the surface of the Earth. What is a “proportionate” response to a hydra-like enemy who sees the Final Solution as work in progress? All terrorism aimed at Israel is genocidal in spirit. What would a “proportionate” response to that ambition look like?”


  1. 1
    Baron John (Jacky) Arbuthnot Fisher says:

    Panglossian bullshit. Israel is a false state created by US money, lands and homes stolen from a usurped nation of people pushed to absolute desperation by an oppressive and brutal regime with a great line in Cultural Marxism and the Black Arts that the Palestinian’s could never match.


  2. 2
    David Miles says:

    The French are lobbing 200 missiles a day into Kent. What are we going to do – attack them or just accept that Kent is a no-go area?


    • 5
      Clark Kent? says:

      Build a shield that allows us to protect the population in Kent and use technology or special forces to surgically take out enemy forces while trying at all costs to avoid civilians.

      Or, blockade all cement, food and medicine from coming into France? Randomly blow shit up from Calais to Cannes? Blame Germany?


      • 8
        Witty Monker says:

        But the French are putting human shields on top of their weapons facilities. Oh, and according to the world’s media, whatever the UK does, it’s in the wrong.

        Your move.


      • 10
        Anonymous says:

        Or carry out attacks on civilians. Bomb schools, hospitals, power stations, water works? All terror tactic that are outlawed.

        “Indiscriminate targeting of civilians and medical facilities is against international law. And if countries, including the UK, continue to supply weapons to Israel they will be potentially facilitating war crimes.” Amnesty International


  3. 3
    Michael Corby says:

    Very well said.

    I have not forgotten the 6 day war which was designed t annihilate Israel, apparently baroness Kharzi has.


  4. 4
    Buzz Buzz says:

    If my neighbour has a wasp nest in their yard, is nuking their house a proportionate response?

    If one insists on treating all people of the Middle East with more than a grudge against Israel as one then you will treat each attack as a continuation of an ongoing struggle against a massive enemy instead of an individual event perpetrated by radical members of a small group within a wider population of innocents.


  5. 6
    Bob Crow says:

    There are lots of Palestinians darn ‘ere!


  6. 7
    Peter Ellis says:

    Much is made of Israel’s supposed democracy.The problem is that because of its proportional representation system,it is constantly at the mercy of the extremist minority parties whose votes are forever critical.


  7. 11
    Anonymous says:

    “We are not innocent bystanders

    Last year the UK sold £6.3 million-worth of arms to Israel. We know that some arms sold by the UK government have been used to commit human rights violations in Gaza in the past.

    And if the UK continues to supply arms – even indirectly – it is likely the UK will be helping to facilitate war crimes.” Amnesty International


  8. 12

    It is strange that ISIS are wiping out and raping all non Moslims and the Liberals are saying nothing


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