August 6th, 2014

Speaker’s Choice for Commons Clerk Faces Oz Spying Scandal

Carol Mills, the Speaker’s choice for the new Chief Clerk of the Commons (salary £190,000 pa), has good reason to want an escape route from her current job down under. The Australian parliament’s Department for Parliamentary Services, run by Mills, has just been placed under investigation by the authorities in Oz. Earlier this year Mills confessed that her department may have used CCTV cameras to spy on a whistleblower and a Labor senator. The report into the scandal is due early next year, by which time Mills should have settled in at Westminster…

There’s something fishy about this entire selection process. If the Speaker particularly wanted the job to go to a woman, why did female clerk Phillipa Helm not even get on the long list? Bercow may have thought she didn’t have enough experience to clerk the Commons – but then he arranged the appointment of someone who has no experience of Commons clerking at all.

How did Carol Mills surface? Was she approached directly by the Speaker? There are rumours that the outside candidates were given improper information about their chances. And how will MPs react to a foreign administrative functionary with no experience of the Commons sitting in the Clerk of Clerks chair? If this is reform, the reforming Speaker may find himself increasingly isolated.


  1. 1
    Di Abbott says:

    Just like to give a shout out to the guy who plays triangle in our orchestra.Thanks for every ting


  2. 3
    Jack Russell says:

    He seems to like women that look like pre-op trannys.


  3. 4
    Good riddance from Oz. says:

    Another friend for wide open Sally?. He needs his ego massaged, so to speak.


  4. 6
    ref says:

    Something smells. bercow will need to provide answers. Whole thing is fishy from start to end.

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  5. 8
    Squeaker Bercow says:

    Where does Warsi stand over Cameron’s failure to condemn 1,500 Pakistani civilians killed since government offensive began mid June?

    The House demands that Warsi answer this question.


    • 120
      SICK OF THE P.C. BULLSHIT! says:

      Why has my inoffensive post been modded? No doubt by the time it appears the issue will be passé. The modding on this site is worse than CiF and the BBC.


    • 146

      Ii do not answer in this place . I answer only in the other place . And only the one question each day —and it costs £300 a throw.


  6. 12
    An awkward bastard says:

    This mess is all Labours fault.

    They deliberately chose Bercow to take the piss out of Parliament and the “hard working” taxpayer.


  7. 13

    Bercow iust loves women. He cannot resist the temptation to get close to them for more fun.


  8. 15
    Anonymous says:

    Time for a foreign speaker?


  9. 16
    Rolf says:

    According to the job spec from posh London headhunters Saxton Bampfylde, Ms Mills will lead a staff of 1750 and administer a budget of $367 million.

    The job calls for “the ability to represent the House of Commons, at both national and international level” and “experience in policy decision-making at high levels and under pressure”


    • 22
      Actually.. says:

      That’s not the Clerk’s job – it’s the Serjeant at Arms’s? (Also contrived to be a woman last time, with disasterous results)


      • 90
        Englishman says:

        As I’ve told several of your identities in the past, it’s ‘disastrous’ NOT ‘disasterous’.


        • 107

          The public who pay these massive salaries of course get no say in who gets these jobs.
          Just what the fuck is meant by ‘represent the house of commons’, I was under the impression that ‘representing’ was what the house of commons is there to do, who will represent the the representers and to whom will they fucking represent them , the people who voted for them in the first place to be fucking represented!!!!


      • 116
        Anonymous says:

        It is the Clerk’s job.


  10. 17
    Lard Everard - Giant Cockroach says:


  11. 20
    Will says:

    This would be a poor appointment given that she might be compromised via a scandal down under. Also given the election next year and the possible outcomes it needs a safe pair of hands and a capable administrator able to provide guidance not radical change as we could end up with a hung parliament again (mind you many MPs need to be hung)


  12. 24
    A Stounded says:

    you can bet if she has to go down under to give evidence when the time comes.

    We’ll be footing the fucking bill!


  13. 25
    Anonymous says:

    Corrupt idiot….


  14. 26
    Carol Mills Esq says:

    Dear John,

    Can I have the next two weeks off please? As you know there’s that pesky thing darn under I have to see to, also, is there any possibility of a character reference?

    Love to Sally

    Carol xxx


    • 38

      Dear John,
      I’d love to swan round parliament looking important.
      I’ve found a few coins down the back of the sofa and
      will happily bung them your way if you could fix it for me.
      A shallow socialite.


  15. 30

    This stinks even more than Bercow handing over pass
    to a woman who donated thousands to himself and Labour.
    No wonder voters have no confidence in our political system.


  16. 32

    If you are not very good at your job and feel insecure, you want subordinates who are even less competent and are dependent on you. Anybody selected on merit will be a threat.


  17. 34
    Novus Ordo Seclorum says:



  18. 35
    A wife seeking revenge says:

    Did Sally Bercow recommend her?


  19. 36
    Cinna says:

    Another odious, unelected, box ticking woman in the HoC. What with this appointment, the HoC pass for the Sassoon woman, and his other antics (not to mention his wife), the judgment of Bercow must seriously be questioned.

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  20. 39
    Hugh Janus says:

    Not ‘Labor’ Guido, it’s Liebour.

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  21. 41
    Warsi says:

    Will David Cameron buckle under this tide of venomous malice and lies now consuming UK over Israel? Will he abandon truth and decency?


    • 47
      Mohammeds News and grooming parlour and place of worship Dewsbury says:

      Shut it! He’s busy pointing at dead fish…


    • 48
      Dodgy D. Laws says:

      If he’s going to abandon truth and decency, Cleggy will line up a place for him amongst the LibDems.


  22. 43
  23. 49

    This crook Sheila has made B’ercow look a right G’alah.

    Vote UKIP :-D


  24. 54

    Well, I am a fifth columnist as you all thought so go fuck yourselves. Hah Mass will be victorious Infidels.

    And fuck Dewsbury too.


  25. 57
    Moral Phil Officer says:

    Of course, notwithstanding the arguments of Wittgenstein, there is a moral position that can be made in the nailing of Bercow to a large wooden door.


    • 83

      Could you kindly point me directly to that part of Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus which deals in moral philosophy? Clearly not Ethics is unsayable (6.421)

      Or do you speak of the later Ludwig?

      Vote UKIP, rationally :-D


    • 121
      Maximus says:

      It’s the “whereof we cannot speak, thereof we must be silent” (IIRC) pseudo-profundity. All it means is that Wittgenstein couldn’t see a way of extending his (quaintly mimetic?) “picture theory of meaning” to modal words like “must”, “should”, “ought” (notwithstanding later modal and deontic logics), ergo all language without referentiality is meaningless in his view. The joke at #57 is that not having a view, staying silent, etc could therefore be considered logically equivalent to having or articulating an absurd or meaningless view.

      On slight but conclusive reflection, I concur with Moral Phil about what is to be done with the Poison Dwarf.


  26. 58

    If one were to say that John Bercow, Speaker of The House of Commons, was a “chiselling little crook”, would that be a matter over which he might feel inclined to take legal action?

    If he were not to be a “chiselling little crook” would that mean that he was recklessly incompetent?

    Surely he is not merely wilfully incompetent, is he?


    Vote UKIP :-D


  27. 62

    Picked the wrong week didn’t i?

    Eid Milligram said pick this week, tit.


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  29. 67
    David Cameron says:

    I love high income taxes.


  30. 69
    Cynic says:

    How did Carol Mills surface?

    She was recruited be Headhunters. She said this in an interview in Aus


  31. 72

    Another nail in the coffin for Bercow


  32. 74
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    The first Muslim woman in a British government has quit to support Hamas who won’t let women join their government.


  33. 76
    Berkoff says:

    It was arranged through a friend of a friend. Now shut up and know your place.


  34. 78
    Ludicrous says:

    So, the Prime Minister is to stand there and look at a clerk who is being paid higher than him….


  35. 78
    The Critic says:

    They used a head hunting agency(Saxton Bampfylde) Not difficult to find out as it’s in the Sydney Morning Herald.

    ‘The job calls for “the ability to represent the House of Commons, at both national and international level” and “experience in policy decision-making at high levels and under pressure’

    Chief Clerk to the Commons does all this? Really? Or is the Berk overegging something yet again at our expense?

    The Speaker is supposed to provide a dignified balanced presence in the house -about time we had one who did.

    Apparently she has managed to stem the flow of bad news stories in her current job. Quite how is not explained.


    • 87
      Anonymous says:

      Why does the HoC need representing to anyone, especially internationally? It’s just a meeting hall after all, not part of government.

      Anyone else think there is another agenda here? Common Purpose? World government in development?


    • 92
      Whack-a-mole says:

      Perhaps she agreed to be transported for her crimes?


    • 105
      nell. says:

      according to bits in the news she spied and harassed whistleblowers to silence them – obviously someone with that sort of skill set would be useful in stopping the real truth about bercow’s behaviour and activities getting into the press. So that’s going to be her real job – bercow’s pr person – or perhaps one might christen her his ‘bag lady’ !!


    • 117
      Anonymous says:

      The job is Clerk of the House of Commons and Chief Executive of the House of Commons Service.


  36. 81
    Anonymous says:

    How will she get a visa to work here?

    Also, Cameron has promised to clamp down on immigration and cut the budget deficit. Is he going to bust both policies with this outrageous appointment just before a general election? Own goal if he does.


    • 89
      Oh the fun son says:

      She could still have relatives in this country, after all most of the Aussie’s are the backward cousin’s of a family living in Britain or are we the backward cousin’s for allowing the damage this country is getting from the EU and corrupt politician’s.


  37. 82
    concrete pump says:

    I know it’s shallow to judge someone on their looks and I’m sure she’s a clever lady.

    But by fuckery, she is ugly.

    Bercow will never get the image of a naked mole rat out of his tiny brain


    • 91

      That argument can be taken well beyond its breaking point.

      Plenty of the FemiNazi brigade actually go out of their way to look as unappetising as possible. She is a prime example.

      The male of the species has a high ethical calling not to do any such thing which might lead to their impregnation and reproduction. That, no doubt, is as welcome news to you as it is to me. :-)

      Vote UKIP :-D


      • 94
        Whack-a-mole says:

        Lol, you just couldn’t drink that much – after consuming the correct amount alcohol a bar stool would still be more attractive!


      • 106
        Oh the fun son says:

        She gives the impression , that she would be the last one still sitting down at a barn dance and would still be sitting down when all her mates had clicked and buggered off and left her seated while the staff cleared up around her.


  38. 97
    Oh the fun son says:

    How dare Sky cream their knickers over dearest Darling winning the referendum debate last night , when nobody in England was allowed to watch or take part because the STV viewer failed in England until the debate finished and none of the media tv companies including the BBC transmitted it, it’s corruption in it’s purest form by the politician’s in this country, no wonder nobody wants to vote for any politician.


    • 101
      nell. says:

      they didn’t let gordon have a say then?


    • 136
      green ink says:

      just watched the entire thing on youtube … salmond just will not spell out his plan b to the currency question and his general tenet of ‘its a once in a lifetime opportunity’ hollow.

      he is a man that can inspire the scots but his appeal is very limited and quite clearly his handling of the scottish political goldfish bowl has shown many scots he is flawed in strategy and simply a nationalist through and through.


  39. 99
    nell. says:

    ahh so the underhand backstabbing bercow is appointing a clerk with serious questions over her current career – he does rather seem to surround himself with such people doesn’t he? Or is it that decent, well qualified, intelligent people have no wish to be associated with him or employed by him? As a consequence he is left only with dross to choose from.


  40. 102

    Apointing an Australian spy in the heart of the British government ?

    W T F ?


  41. 109

    Will Mills be offering McTernan a job? They’ll have a lot to talk about during their brief time in post.


  42. 110

    Carol Mills, you are Vicky Pryce and I claim my £5.


  43. 112
    My little eye says:

    Didn’t she play a piano on BBC TV with Billy Cotton? Same era as Rolf.


  44. 113
    Novus Ordo Seclorum says:

    Ozitcozsheezalezzie or Ozitcozsheezalezzie zsheezSHORTER than Berkowitz?


  45. 114
    Anonymous says:

    “something fishy”
    Couldn’t this entire pantomime be avoided? Simply by having GCHQ perform the pre-prescribed procedure remotely, via a down-link from distant Cheltenham? Utilising a massive screen behind the speaker, for displaying an even bigger Giant Head.


  46. 118
    Anonymous says:

    Not ‘Chief Clerk’, Carr, you eejit. And it’s Philippa Helme.


  47. 153
    Puzzled Observer says:

    So when she is found guilty of contempt of the Australian Senate, what then Bercow?


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