August 5th, 2014

#ScotDecides Blurrt Twitter Worm: Darling Narrowly Wins


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    Darlings secretary says:

    Get Duncan Shite to annouce he wants Scotland to go Independent and he to be first minister


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      Darlings secretary says:

      (wrong lead, sorry)

      I known he is half Welsh but he does not show much empathy to the english person.


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        The really bad news is that strengthens Miliband’s chances.

        Vote UKIP to prevent that! :-D


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          Django says:

          Take a regular look at political, you will see that the polls at the moment are showing Labour will win a working majority next year. The Cons will probably win more actual votes as in GE2005 but fewer seats, thanks to the eccentricity of first past the post. Worth noting that UKIP are currently on course to win no seats at all. So there we have it vote UKIP and get Labour.


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          Ippikin says:

          I have informed my namesake of your intentions and from his fastness upon Wenlock Edge he will listen for the maiden’s moans of delight, followed by your triumphant whoop of joy drifting across the Corvedale.
          He will then send me word from the nearby Clacks Tower and I shall raise my glass of the Papal best to your (and the maiden’s) good fortune.


          • Ippikin says:

            As to Nicholas, I must agree. When presented with the evidence, it filled an entire A3 sheet and I suspect even included Eve somewhere.
            What I do regret though is that whilst I do share his watered down genes, I do not share his lands, watered down or otherwise.


          • How kind sir!

            Bearing in mind that For animals, the entire universe has been neatly divided into things to (a) mate with, (b) eat, (c) run away from, and (d) rocks., at least I will be dealing in the preferred order. :-)

            Across the border from you, the locals tend to conflate (a) and (b). But I do miss The Paragnostic and hope he is happy.

            On the matter of property, many forget that even if we enjoy our parcel of fee simple, absolute in possession, our modest lifespans mean we are really no more than custodians.

            Vote UKIP :-D


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          Schrodd Feline

          I agree a Scottish NO will sign CamiSole s and Tory s political death warrant at the May GE that s a given .

          I disagree it makes one schrodd sorry shred of difference whether ukip get any seats or not . These would be garnered from a minority/shrinking market share of a Right pool and the Left will any way take the prize given a) the Labour Scottish MP chokehold and b) the non occurrence of Boundary changes south of the Border vetoed by the villanous and duplicitous LibDems which robs the Right of any chance of even a repeat ConDem result . This because the Left will get an overall fairly small but working majority as the sheeple have short memories and will be inveigled by their manifesto into believing Socialism will improve what they consider to be their deteriorating personal circumstances since the coalition ( read Tories ?) came to power .


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      Anonymous says:

      It’s all talk. No way on earth are the Scots going to vote for independence from the UK. They hate the English, but at the same time accept the goodies – subsidised further education, better social care – even their own parliament – all at the expense of the English. Whereas the English will be given no say on the matter whatsoever.


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        Scotch egg has more courage says:

        In other words a bunch of fucking Jessie’s. when it came to it for all their screeching and hollering about fucking Freeeeeeeedom

        They never had the balls


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        Scortish Nort Brettish says:

        We’ll see. I think it will be a lot closer than the polls say now. The campaign has only just started. It will only take one Treasury leak to blow the “you can’t have the pound” liner out of the water.


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          Pissed of English taxpayer says:

          Of course they know they can have the £. We wouldn’t allow a bankrupt nation on our border. An unpoliced, open border.
          If the scots said yes they’d have currency union the next day. Otherwise they would be more bust than the socialist paradises of Argentina or Venezuela.

          But do they have the balls to do it?
          Probably not.

          And the same would probably be true of a UK EU referendum too
          We wouldn’t quite have the courage to break free.


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          Anonymous says:

          Billions of gilts have been issued on the back of the explicit promise that they won’t let that man anywhere near the MPC, so would be an odd thing for the Treasury to say.

          And to say the campaign has only just started: you ain’t Scottish in the sense of living here


        • 170

          What are current odds AGAIINST a Scottish NO.

          Even if long odds ON I ll put £10 k on now if Paddy P lets ne .

          Money for old rope !


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        Anonymous says:

        Reality. UK currently is subsidised by the imbalance in what Scots pay to the London treasury, and what is reluctantly given back. That is fact. Rest of UK will be the poorer post Yes vote,once Scotland is rid of the Westminster millstone.


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          Anonymous says:

          True, but the oil won’t last for ever, a couple of decades at most. Then what happens?


          • Jim says:

            If you conceed that is indeed, true, then why so many half wits on here talking about England subsidising Scotland, etc etc?

            Or the bollocks about Scotland hanging on to Englands’ shirt tails, or the bollocks about not having the balls to vote for ‘Independence'(sic)

            You southerners should be grateful at having us subsidise your overcrowded, flat piece of land.


          • surlyscot says:

            what is not common knowledge is that under international law Scotland is only entitled to 8% of oil/revenues – Scottish Nazi Party kept that quiet eh!! so did Westminster come to that.


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        English Nationalist-You Know What I'm Going To Say says:

        Just give me a vote on independence. It’d be ‘bye bye Wales’, ‘bye, bye Scotland’ and ‘bye, bye NI’. With ONLY LONDON receiving as much/head state funding from Westminster, this appeasing fucking dross can kiss my arse. Scotland, Wales, London and NI, YOU ARE STEALING MONEY OUT OF OUR LOCAL SERVICES. Fucking cuts? Try earning the money in the first place!


      • 155
        Get a fucking grip of yourself says:

        All you need to know is that the SNP are a Nationalist Socislist party. Vote NO.

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        • 165
          surlyscot says:

          er SCOTTISH NAZI PARTY shurely!! they would make North Korea look democratic, sick of the little Commissars – DON’T SMOKE – DON’T DRINK ‘ ETC.
          ETC. why donn’t they just fuck off -


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        Scots Diaspora says:

        Yes, and even we are not allowed to vote.
        Shame on the less than 5 million Scots living in Scotland to the over 5 million living outside Scotland. Scotland’s biggest and most valueable export.
        Now I see the Green Party trying to get into the act, together with another 300+ Scots “organizations” – all trying to get on the political privileged trough feeding bandwaggon. Makes us puke.


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      The BBC are a racist biased disgrace says:

      ITV news deserve great for leading their 10 o’clock news with this story. As the Scottish independence vote will decide the very future of the UK. And not the resignation of some biased token Moslem woman from the government who has decided to take sides with moslem terrorists attacking a democratic country.

      Of course the BBC is having a wankfest over Warsi’s petulance.

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        Vlad the Loudhailer says:

        Having just watched the BBC News at Ten, Hamas could not be better served.


        • 50
          Ian Katz, chief lefty of BBC news and current affairs says:

          Thanks. Switch over to Newsnight right now for some more pro-Hamas propaganda.


    • 130
      The worm turns says:

      Warsi defecting to Labour?


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    Genghiz the kahn says:

    Salmong lost.


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      W.W. says:

      I think I speak for most English people when I say I couldn’t give a sh1t one way or another.



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        Anonymous says:

        You’d bettter have give a sh1t.

        If you don’t your proportion of paying for more austerity will increase. By about 12% more.

        By the way I would prefer the Scottish to stay in the Union because we really don’t need the Tories ruling permenantly in England and Wales. I’ll leave the NI Unionists out of it because they are more Tory than the Tories.

        Prediction: UKIP will get 2 seats max and the incoming Labour Government will sh1t themselves and do as they’re told by the banks.

        In essence Alastair Darling ( the idiot who was in charge of the Treasury at the time of the too big to fail crisis ) is still working for the banks.

        The removal or threat of the Pound is blackmail pure and simple.

        They ( the Bourgoise ) are all in this together.

        Make no mistake about that. They are saying and you are paying.


        • 124
          M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

          How exactly do you pay [more] for austerity? That’s like calling the reduction in the spare room subsidy a tax. I read no further into your ramblings.


    • 15
      Only cretinous cunts vote for Dimmy Dave's anti-English Tories says:

      Fuck. So we get fucked-over indefintely. (Supreme Imbecile spoonface Cameron has already said the parasitic Jockanese scum can set their own tax and bennies with England making up any shortfall).

      Camoron is an anti-English Euromong: what a fucking c*nt he is.


      • 28
        concrete pump says:

        Well put.


      • 36

        Cuunteron like all Tories hate the English except as cannon fodder to be used by the chinless public school cuunts.


        • 175

          Y -e-e-e-e-s

          I now begin to understand why Camiknickers wants a NO vote in Scotland.
          He patently wants permanent opposition for the Right and a continuum of a pasty faced Centre LibLab type nonentity administration ruling indefinitely thus finishing English yeoman ( sorry Tim) principles off completely and delivering a supine uncomplaining vassal kingdom to be a Protectorate of the Holy Roman EUSSR for the foreseeable future.

          Fourth Reich Forever –Simples !


      • 57

        Campitup Cameron has never reckoned he could fool enough of the people long enough to get a second term. He clearly is expecting to be rusticated after the next vote, so is preparing to have done as much damage to whoever is left before he crawls out of the wreckage and a strategic withdrawal to Europe. We should prepare a double cremation for him and Clegg. We can stick their frazzled bits together, save on fuel. As for the Jocks, they’re going to get devo – max so there is no reason to bribe them to stay.


      • 59
        The Wild Colonial Boy says:

        It’s been said before, but it should be said again (and again and again): Cameron hates most of the members of his own party.


        • 101
          Nothing new here then, says:

          One may sneer at Hitchens.

          But, is there another party leader that anyone can think of, who allowed party membership to crash by nearly one-half ?

          Who smeared many of the core Conservative membership, and thought it was smart to do so?

          He couldn’t win the last election outright, but the smears continued.

          His metropolitan cronies love scaremongering: “Vote UKIP, and you’ll get Labour.”

          Blaming disaffected Conservatives (real conservatives) won’t wash. How on earth can Cameroons expect those he’s repeatedly smeared to vote for his lot again.


          • A Real Conservative, also, I'm a fkin' Libertarian says:

            Cameron is a fool. His false words not only endangered UKIP candidates’ saftey by drooling (but well meaning) fools, they painted a lie. The Conservatives have surrendered to the EU. There’s no debate there, it’s DONE. There is only ONE party that will take us away from the EU, and you know who that is. The Conservatives aren’t ‘Right Wing’ any more. They’re centrist. Fkin’ Blair lookalike’s, aimed at getting the old granny and £20-40k voter into their grasp. They’re Fkin’ liars and deceitful Cnuts. People are waking up now, and the ‘quite frankly the imbecilic chant of “Vote UKIP and get Labour” doesn’t work any more. It’s a good job we’ve weaseled this deception out early and not next year, because you know how the British People really hate being deceived…


      • 167
        Jim says:

        Talking of cretins, do you realise Scotland pays more in tax than it receives back?

        That means, for the hard of thinking, that Scotland subsidises England, and Wales, and NI.

        One day, you lot down south will work that out. It’s not a difficult concept after all.

        And I’m voting NO.


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    Darlings secretary says:

    I known he is half Welsh but he does not show much empathy to the english person.


    • 8
      Tarquin says:

      Maybe they should have got Gordon Brown to lead the debate with his enormous political statue and towering history of economic success.


      • 61
        Gordon, from Kilkaldy says:

        Shut it, ya bas!


        • 98
          Hail; Caledonia says:

          Kirkcaldy ya daftie. Alumnus of Winnie Mandela comp and Guardian reader i’m sure.


        • 112
          English Democrat-Asking For A Fair Deal For Everyone That's Not In London, Scotland, Wales Or N.I. says:

          Is fairness too much to ask here in the UK? Is equality too much to ask? If this is what the UK stands for in 2014 then you can guess how it’s going to end up…BYE


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    Hey noney no says:

    Seems Scotland doesn’t want England to have anything to do with the live debate, the STV so called viewer is still out, YES or NO Scotland, England doesn’t care anymore, the Union is dead, kil led by the politicians, democracy what’s that.


  5. 6
    The British Obama says:

    It would be interesting to see how much each side studied the Clegg/Farage debates earlier this year for preparation. The two events did have some clear similarities.


  6. 7
    Alex Salmonella says:

    If Darling won, I must be really shit.


  7. 9
    Fishy says:

    What a narcissistic phoney Salmond is. Do people really vote for his make believe politics?

    If Salmond had an army he’d be dangerous.


  8. 13
    Hey noney no says:

    Liked to have watched the debate to make my own mind up, but the STV viewer doesn’t work in England, does that tell you it’s nothing to do with the English, it does to me.


    • 18
      Tarquin says:

      It should have been broadcast on a national TV channel rather then an obscure local ethnic station.


    • 21
      Vote Tory, get fucking mong Camoron says:

      I think it’s fucking brilliant. If the Jockanese scum vote for independence (albeit under the control of Brussels), we in England have to help these fucking Jockanese mongs out of any financial black-hole they create for themselves.

      And yet, we’re not allowed to have any say in whether the Jockanese scum are expelled from the UK. But the Jockanese filth are allowed to send their retarded parasitic mong MPs to London.

      Thanks very much, Camoron, you fucking spastic son of a dead spastic/father of a dead spastic. Thanks a bunch. YOU FUCKING SPASTIC C*UNT.


    • 53
      English STV viewer says:

      All you have to do is lie to your Freesat box and enter a Scottish postcode.


    • 179

      Surely sonebody can stick the recording on youtube.

      ohhh… nobody recorded it ? what still not even VHS s arrived in PictLand
      yet ?

      And what s this tivo thingummy — can you deep fry it along with the Mars bars and the Arbroath Smokies ?


  9. 17

    No I want the smelly socks gone, they can keep their oil but no pound and they can get the fuck out of Westminster. Oh and charge every jock £20 to enter England.


  10. 19
    Orson Cart says:

    Can’t see darling won it. First no pound, then there could be with conditions, then exactly the same for the EU/Euro. All he did was shout loud. i don’t like Salmond, but at least he came armed with figures, including the fact that Darling was FOR currency union a year ago, of course that was before he headed the no bunch and switched to scare tactics.


    • 125
      M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

      Scottish banks already issue their own currency Scottish pounds. No reason why that should not continue except that it should not be legal tender in England and vice versa and it is up to the individual whether he chooses to accept them or not. They can keep parity as the Irish gamely did for many years with their pund but eventually they had to devalue because of the imbalances in the respective economies. Currency union does not work as proven by the Euro fiasco – ask any Greek.


  11. 20

    OK I did design the STV player, but it only crashed once.


  12. 22
    Gordon is a moron says:

    That Guardian exit poll was written on Sunday.


  13. 23

    Fuck me there were some shite teeth in that audience. They looked more like rejects from a horror movie set in Alabama


  14. 25

    Simple question to Alex Salmond and the jocks. Just WHO will be underwriting Scottish debt and Scottish borrowing in an independent Scotland, Sean Connery or the English.


  15. 26
    Gordon McBunker says:

    I hate that Darling.

    I ordered him to spend every pound twenty times over and run the national debt up 400%.

    In the end he only spent each tax raised pound ten times over.

    The cowardly little turd. I should have had him piano wired like ed balls said.i could have won he election with just a few more billion pounds of spunked up the curtains money.

    Get six aircraft carriers I told him! Little shit only got two and only for a few measly billion quid. What a poof he was!


  16. 31
    Scotch egg has more courage says:

    No one won. The scotch after bleating and being a right pain in the fucking arse for hundreds of years haven’t got the balls to do it,. They will not choose independence because they are all a bunch of lily livered, hide behind mothers skirts yellow bellied Jessie’s .

    Finally when they say no we can remind them over and over again when you were given the chance of what you wanted you all turned into chicken shit.

    Scotch bunch a fucking wet nosed winging Jessie’s is what they are


    • 39

      If they really wanted independence, they’d give the English a vote


    • 41
      Oh the fun son says:

      All those tunes they play like Flower of Scotland , Scotland the Brave rewritten to remind the Scots they are still owned by the English, embarrassing to the Scots but to an Englishman a true delight in winding the Scots up.


    • 43
      Pissed of English taxpayer says:

      But instead of letting them vote no and telling them they have made their choice so live with it… we are going to say ” ahhh diddums! Were you wery wery scared? Poor, have some more cash from England to help you forget the wittle scary wary nightmare of facing some wesposibiwity….”


      • 54
        Oh the fun son says:

        Nah the moment they say NO, they have no more outcomes, so Camoron will forget all his promises and he will the start cutting anything he can from the Scots budgets, like benefits, councils and any thing else, Scots can shout and scream but another referendum could be 50 years away if ever.


        • 67

          Salmond will have another vote within 5 years. Just like the EU, you keep voting until you get the vote you want.


          • Hands up all those who believe the Fenians in the arse end of Glasgow will meekly accept any ‘ no’ vote ,their little playmates in Dublin and Belfast will be itching for another chance, Salmond and the SNP have deliberately sewn so much bitterness that whatever the outcome of the referendum things can never be the same again.


          • By Cuspid says:

            You mark my words, it’ll be just like the Quebec/Canada thing; give us what we want or we’ll fuck off. They’ve had, what, three referenda to date at a cost of untold millions and each time they’ve voted to stay…..just. So you have the Quebec tail wagging the Canadian dog in perpetuity!


  17. 37
  18. 40

    They are both very nice young men but did either of them say when I was going to get my FREE FUCKING OWL !!!


    • 82
      The Wild Colonial Boy says:

      It’s not a genuine owl, but will a tawny frogmouth do?

      Vote Labour, get the following:


      • 99
        Tachybaptus says:

        Sorry, but we demand the biggest and best owls that can be provided:


        • 113
          The Wild Colonial Boy says:

          But my frogmouth more closely resembles the leader of the Labour Party than your owl. Vote Labour and you’ll get a frogmouth lookalike.


          • Tachybaptus says:

            I admit that my eagle owl looks much more like Mr Gladstone. It would probably be a better prime minister than any of the current applicants.


  19. 47
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:

    Check out how brilliantly I forecast how the Tories would ruin everything.


  20. 56
    Salmon, Robinson and whoever the Welsh ball bag is says:

    Isn’t it time the three tinpot Assemblies were scrapped.
    Load of expensive bollcks, the lot of them.


    • 183


      It s me dai bach ME!!. I m from a party spelt Plyd Cymru .

      And tbat s difficult enough to say so don t expect for one moment I can write my OWN name –look you !


  21. 58
    Fishy says:

    Salmond is so frit, he is even telling his supporters what to tweet. He sees himself as a latter day Fidel McCastro, he has to be in control of everything.

    He keeps quoting Norway as a roll model for Scotland. Venezuela would be more appropriate.

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  22. 62

    Alex lost because he couldn’t answer the questions.



  23. 63
    45 Scottish Labour MPs says:

    Phew, that’s our pensions safe!


  24. 66
    Oh the fun son says:

    The STV viewer is back on, but not working for the live debate, democracy at it’s best, the Union is dead, they didn’t want the English involved, the Scots would be better voting YES as we don’t need them and they have proved they don’t need us.


  25. 68

    The wee Eck has more front than Jenners.

    But he still lost. The lights are all on but no one’s at home.


  26. 72

    Question to Salmond.

    If you fuck off when will you start paying back the tens of billions the English provided to bail out your fucked up banks?


  27. 75

    Vote UKIP :-D


  28. 77
    Salmond can do the bullshit says:

    but can’t answer the questions.

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


    • 84
      Ippikin says:

      It does seem so. Also he came across as a bit of a hectoring bully boy and I’m not sure that went down very well either.
      Must confess, it might be the right time to re-assess our position and solve Tam Dalyell’s conundrum once and for all.


  29. 78
    YES says:

    project fear working


    • 95
      Oh the fun son says:

      The Scots are scared sh1tless and still want to hang onto the English coattails, the devo max and all the lies and crap they have been told by the triangle of the LibLabCons will be thrown out of the window when they vote NO, I hope they have deep pockets because these asset strippers in London will now get their own back for having to be nice to the Scots, Cameron should be able to strip the rich Scots councils as he has done the English ones for money, the NO vote will be the last Scottish vote until May 2015 after that will Scotland exist?.


    • 128
      M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

      Somebody needs to be afraid. The snake oil salesman Salmond is leading the Scots towards an independent Cloud Cuckoo Land with promises of more oil money for all. Wahay, it’ll be party time.


  30. 83
    Ippikin says:

    I fear it matters not a jot who won. Salmond, despite being denied a vote on DevoMax will get precisely that in the event of a No vote, such is the ‘appeasement train’ currently in motion and of course if he gets a Yes vote then he has also won.


  31. 85
    Ippikin says:

    I fear it matters not a jot who won. Salmond, despite being denied a vote on DevoMax will get precisely that in the event of a No vote, such is the ‘appeasement train’ currently in motion and of course if he gets a Yes vote then he has also won.


  32. 86
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Do Rupert Murdoch and his henchmen know what fuck off means?


  33. 93
    Anthony Fumblefuttuck MASc ( failed ) says:

    now the fuck to explain ?
    ideas of spirituality causing culture are a fucking nonsense.
    It is priests attempting control of populace.
    Tell them to fuck off, it is that simple.
    By examining brain is discovered love of humanity.
    self agrandissment is replaced by self improvement
    self aware humans forge friendships across boundaries of countries
    Sharing fears and doubts and exchanging genius
    pooling resources human creates first Starship
    establishes First Contact
    and explains fears and misunderstandings to new friends non – human


  34. 97
    Hitler had the right idea says:

    keepthe jock wife beeaters in line by banishing them to highlands to live of a diet of oats and eath worms washed down with rubbing alcohol
    An improvement over their current diet


  35. 114
    Anthony Fumblefuttuck MASc ( failed ) says:

    how fucking difficult can it be to explain?
    Ok I try again
    one sad fuck plus one sad fuck equals two sad fucks.

    one happy person plus one happy person equals two happy people

    get a fucking grip.


  36. 115
    Anthony Fumblefuttuck MASc ( failed ) says:

    there was a guy who toyed with words not like Nabacov with hidden puzzles but with the sound of words eliciting a response in the brain, clever fucker he was.
    by words are feelings carried concepts like “love of humanity” can be explained in words
    special feelings and communication of forces can be ridiculed in words because of temporary life span of human
    because life span of human is limited it is pointless to consider ideas of immortality because you will just look silly


  37. 116
    Anthony Fumblefuttuck MASc ( failed ) says:

    By demonstration of hatred is discovered defect
    in love is demonstrated sensibility
    person’s brain that feels hatred is a defective brain and needs to be sent back to the shop for repair.
    By human love is all things made possible
    even the construction of a Starship with Warp capabilities and then all Earthly squabbling will appear like a nonsense, which it is as will will realize when we make First Contact


  38. 117
    Anthony Fumblefuttuck MASc ( failed ) says:

    when we make first contact I hope to fuck it is not Milliwatt on the phone


  39. 119
    Anthony Fumblefuttuck MASc ( failed ) says:

    By addressing issues that might arise by First Contact leaders of World Nations decide to be sensible and pool their genius and resources. Not for success of individual Brain and associated tissue but because of realization of “love of humanity” transcends, So began the First Great Association which led to the development of the Warp drive and the construction of the first Starship coinciding of course with the abolition of priests


  40. 120
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    First contact will probably be shot down by a BUK missile.


  41. 121
    Anthony Fumblefuttuck MASc ( failed ) says:

    when First Contact happens there will be a lot of mentalation to by gone over. By Gangster thought is lacking “love of humanity” success by violence might not be appropriate for new non human fiends, if you understand what I mean ?
    well do you ?
    “this is a plasma rifle in the 40 watt range, do you feel lucky punk ?”


    • 133

      You appear to be somewhat desperate with this long succession of rants that you are holding with yourself. We already have one of your type on here who is surplus to requirements.

      May I suggest you take more water with it.

      Be thankful that at least I have answered you, even if you might prefer I hadn’t. and:

      Vote UKIP :-D


      • 188
        Anthony Fumblefuttuck MASc ( failed ) says:

        yes well, I would probably feel more interested if you had actually said something of interest


  42. 122
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    You can’t see me, I’ve covered myself all over with mud, it’s not life as we know it Jim.


  43. 123
    Sally Bercow says:

    Given the opportunity and right level of attention I’d do a double header porno scene with two horses, #innocentface


  44. 126
    M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

    On in four jobs in Scotland is provided by the UK government. Will an independent Scotland be able to afford that? They could if they had their own independent currency which could be devalued or printed at will. No way the Bank of England would allow that.


  45. 127
    Anonymous says:

    So 12% is narrow is it?


  46. 132

    Some can be more separate than others:

    Vote UKIP :-D


  47. 134
    Rob Roy says:

    If you think Alistair Darling raising his voice and pointing his finger is going to influence voting NO then think again.

    The idea of saying vote NO and get all these nice income tax raising powers is a gimmick straight out of the Westminster Village.

    Care not what the currency in your pocket is called, care what you can buy with that currency.

    If you want to keep the pound come what may, have nuclear weapons stored in Scotland and say thank you Westminster for kindly giving us a new defence contract then vote NO to independence.

    In serious negotiations concerning independence the position is Scotland will first seek to negotiate a currency union with the pound. If negotiations fail then currency unions with the dollar and euro come into play but rest assured it will be Scotland not Westminster in the driving seat.

    You cannot scare the Scots into voting to continue the status quo by offering a few crumbs off the table: that is so English Public School.


    • 144
      Couldn't give a says:

      No-one is scaring the Scots but themselves. The rest of us aren’t particularly fussed which way you decide. Stay or go, it’s up to you

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      • 148
        Davie Balfour says:

        Why would you want us Scots to stay ?

        You could bat on on your own to untold wealth and economic success.


        • 150
          Anonymous says:

          If it is true that Scotland would be much worse off outside the Union according to Westminster then on the other hand the English would be much better off .

          So why try to get the Scots to stay ?


    • 157
      Small minds also think alike says:

      Oh the “victimhood” ! passing blame and the same old story! This is from a Scot.


  48. 135
    Jack Ketch says:

    I’ve just been reading up on Alex Salmond and I wonder if the rest of Britain realises how lucky they are that this man became a Scottish Nationalist after failing to get his way with an English girlfriend (Wiki).
    He is a smug, hard left Marxist, he is dishonest to a extreme degree, he is a venomous, slimy dissembler, he is a bully and a thug, he is a political piranha, he is Scottish: this man could have been leader of the Labour Party any time he liked and could well have been PM even now.


  49. 136
    Dale Farmer says:

    Dreadful performance by Salmond. We need to get rid of the Scottish spongers and he’s not helping.


  50. 139

    If you go down to the woods today,
    Take a J’ustin B’ieber ring tone to avoid being r’aped at the Teddy Bears picnic:

    Vote UKIP :-D


  51. 145
    non taxable pikey says:

    Just a heads up to anyone who does not realise that Rosetta is getting very very close. ESA photographs are brilliant.


  52. 158

    Who cares? The bloody Scots are just getting coverage to shut them up. When will the English get a say?


  53. 159
    Anonymous says:

    “Darling Narrowly Wins”
    A triumph for imported imposed demockracy? By those who are lords of a land where no referendum is permitted. Over those in a land, who are just about to enjoy their very last one. Come on Alex. Do an Ed before Ed gets around to doing it, and offer the people UKIP Max. The ability to mandate actual policies, rather than empowering unrepresentative parties.


  54. 162
    Everard Digby says:

    Alex Salmond will do for Scotland what Fred Goodwin did for the Royal Bank of Scotland.

    Remember that Salmond, a former RBS economist was a supporter of the takeover of ABN Amro by RBS. So much for Salmond’s judgement on financial matters.


  55. 166
    Nostradamus says:

    Salmond’s like a huffy eight-year-old who has flounced up to his bedroom to pack away some clothes and toys, having announced that he is “leaving home.”

    Mother Darling appears wearily in his bedroom doorway.

    And where do you plan to live?


    And his parents are okay with that?


    You won’t mind me phoning them now to check that then?


    Okay…then what are you going to do for money?


    Little Eck grabs his Iron Man backpack and runs downstairs, but can’t reach the latch on the door to get out. He breaks down in tears.



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