August 4th, 2014

MacShame on Christmas Behind Bars

No Guardian column for ex-con Denis MacShane, so he’s publishing his prison diaries instead. Readers will have nothing but sympathy for the crook who spent Christmas Day in the clink:

Christmas Day

9.50am: My door opens and a screw barks, ‘Catholic service…’ The mass is brisk and to the point.

To my surprise, Asil Nadir reads one of the lessons. I vaguely know his story as the Polly Peck tycoon who gave hundreds of thousands to the Conservative Party in the 1980s then went back to his native Turkish Cyprus where he avoided extradition after his company went bust.

I chat briefly to him afterwards. He has read about my case and shrugs his shoulder as if to say, ‘British politics, what do you expect?’

It’s a time to shower, to make a phone call, play pool, clean out your cell, fill in forms and chat. Officers can allow it to run for up to two hours or just thirty minutes.

More than anything, I want to call my children, Laura and Benjamin, and my partner Vicky. But there is only one phone for 80 prisoners on the spur.

I wonder if any Prison Minister knows what it is like when you cannot say happy Christmas to your children.

At the final meal of the day. I opted for a half-chicken – a special for Christmas – only to be told all the chickens had gone. In other words, the servers had given the half-chicken to their mates.

Instead it was two thin slices of industrial turkey. At least there was a tiny cocktail sausage with a bit of bacon and a smidgen of stuffing.

The heart bleeds…


  1. 1
    Bricktop says:

    You shouldnt be giving this thieving twats memoirs the oxygen of publicity with this story. Let him fucking starve.

  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime

    Whinging Socialist.

  3. 3

    Industrial Turkey should be to his taste.

    Is he still knocking about with H’uhnes ex ?

    Vote UKIP :-D

  4. 4
    Sungei Patani says:

    How very sad. My heart bleeds.

  5. 5
    The Green Fairy says:

    If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

  6. 6
    If you cant do the time, dont do the crime says:

    I wonder if any Prison Minister knows what it is like when you cannot say happy Christmas to your children


  7. 7
    Chris Huhne says:

    Was he also infected with crab lice by his cellmate?

  8. 8
    The only good MP is a dead MP says:

    Indeed, the heart bleeds.

    Hopefully his ar*se was bleeding, too, after his Christmas-day shower.

  9. 9
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Publishing his prison diaries? You didn’t pay for this shite, did you, Forks?

  10. 10
    OxfordSimon says:

    Don’t you just love self-pity?

  11. 11

    What an awful thing to say! Shame on you!

    If Turkeys could write, this page would be full of complaints.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  12. 12
    Ed Miliband says:

    Mazel tov.

  13. 13
    Bill Quango MP says:

    Seems so. Says he wanted to call Vicky over Christmas.
    Not sure Holloway accepts incoming calls for prisoners.

  14. 14
    The only good MP is a dead MP says:

    Quite. What a fucking thieving c*nt. I wonder if any thieving MP knows what it’s like not to be able to buy their children the special toy they want at Christmas, because of all the income tax they’ve had to pay – tax that’s then been nicked by a thieving fucking wanker like MacShane.

    And why isn’t the thieving c*nt David Laws rotting in prison? He nicked £40,000 from us and is still in Supreme Imbecile David Cameron’s cabinet.

  15. 15

    ‘… my partner Vicky.’

    What a fine pair they make. And she certainly knows how to pick them, doesn’t she? Still, with a face like that she can hardly be choosy.

  16. 16
    McShame says:

    Urggh and they passed the port to the right the damn philistines.

  17. 17
    Bill Quango MP says:

    Christmas card from Ed Miliband to Denis McShane
    Message reads

    From the leader of the opposition

  18. 18
    CharlieTheChump says:

    Oh I am Sooooo Haaapeee!

    Here’s to many more Christmases inside you lying toad.

  19. 19
    Ed Miliband says:

    To Ummm, errrr, no it’s gone.

    All the best Mr Leader

  20. 20
    Paniagua says:

    The Labour party don’t do Christmas cards anymore as they no longer chase that demographic.

  21. 21
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    So MacShane has gone from sharing a cell with a man to living at home with a man.
    MacShane is in denial, oh and a thieving twat.

  22. 22
    Bill Quango MP says:

    Yes. Terrible judgement.
    She’s probably shacked up with some lowlife, crack dealing, pimp by now

    Has anyone seen her with George Osborne?

  23. 23
    SpAd says:

    He shrugs his shoulder as if to say “You broke the law, you were caught and you were punished. What do you expect?”

    Fixed that for you, Denis.

  24. 24
    The only good MP is a dead MP says:

    If there were any justice in the world, yes. But the thief only got 6 months, back in December, so he’s been out for a long time.

    Pity he didn’t have his hands cut off. Bit of Sharia. You know, MPs keep telling us to ‘celebrate diversity’, well that’s how I’d have liked him to ‘celebrate’ it. And I’d have cut them off with barbed wire, or a blunt garden fork. The ‘celebration’ would have taken some time..

  25. 25
    Eid Miliband says:

    Happy Mecca day!

    from the leader of the opposition.

  26. 26
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Ed Miliband came unstuck over the card on the wreath. All because he tried to score political points against Cameron.
    It always comes back to bite you Eddie boy. You are a fucking idiot, of that there is no doubt.

  27. 27
    Ser No 565433 - Wandsworth says:

    My heart bleeds purple piss for the thieving twat

  28. 28
    Eid Miliband says:

    I love the ‘Congratulations on your Honour Killing’ cards

  29. 29
    Denis McShawshank says:

    Hey, I’m innocent. My lawyer fucked me!

  30. 30
    Eid Miliband says:

    And ‘Sorry to hear your leaving, you apostate Kuffr’ ones are lovely also.

  31. 31
    Colonel Lawrence says:


  32. 32
    cured lefty says:

    Oi you bastard I was going to post that!

  33. 33
    Colonel Tony Smooth says:

    War! What is it good for?

    Send me a cheque £10,000 and I’ll tell you.

    {the sending of the cheque is also your answer}

  34. 34
    Mercian says:

    I’ve forgotten which one Vicky Price was. Was she the one who became a bloke, or the one who just looked like a bloke? It’s worse than East Enders (I expect).

  35. 35
    Mark Duggan supporter says:

    Wot time is , like the riot, like? Coz’ i need some new trainers, innit? And I want to nick me a tattoo machine ting.

    Oh yeah..i also, like support, da memory of Mike Deegan who got murdered by the police for juz parking in de handicapped spot, innit.

  36. 36
    Rotherhampoofta says:

    Aww! Diddums!

  37. 37
    Al Catraz says:

    It’s funny from the very first line. ” A screw barks”. What is he, Charles Bronson now, after his couple of months in a minimum security hotel for VIPs caught doing fiddles? Fuck off MacShane.

  38. 38
    Al Catraz says:

    Second big laugh: Azil Nadir thinks MacShane was hard done by. Well there’s a great character witness for you, knob.

  39. 39
    Owhine Jones says:

    Hopefully the publisher will forward any profits to the state to pay for the costs of his trial and imprisonment. If not they should be named and shamed.

  40. 40
    Contra mundum says:

    It’s Pryce (Price just sounds cheap). Nothing could be worse than Eastenders, or so I believe.

  41. 41

    What we’ve got here is failure to communicate.

  42. 42
    Al Catraz says:

    And it gets better. MacShane can’t call his kids on Christmas Day, or professional gangster’s moll Vicky Price.

    AND he didn’t even get a half chicken for his dinner!

    Anyone would think the poor man was in prison.

  43. 43
    Chris Huhne says:

    Don’t be rude about Vicky. Not many women will dress up as Nick Clegg and take it in the back entrance. I miss her.

  44. 44

    His love for his children didn’t extend as far as remaining faithful to their mother.

  45. 45
    Pope Frankie says:

    What a raving gaylord.

  46. 46
    bergen says:

    No. She signed up for a dating site for women who fancied dodgy politicians.

  47. 47
    C. Huhne says:

    I can’t help but laugh

  48. 48
    A Belmarsh Old Lag says:

    They don’t like it up ‘em when they come in here.

  49. 49
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Entirely predictable, every time the thieving f*ckers are caught bang to rights, they then have to compound the offense by writing a book about it,
    “Poor me” Xmas dinner in the pokey left me traumatized.

  50. 50

    What a scum bag, he deserves a longer sentence

  51. 51
    Captain Panick says:

    Perhaps he felt he should have been allowed to serve his time in his personal office or garage as otherwise known

  52. 52

    Simonides of Ceos (c. 556 – 468 BC) was a Greek lyric poet whose work characterised human affairs succinctly. He was celebrated as one of the wisest of men of his day and he created the ‘method of loci’ in mnemonics. He also was credited with the letters ω, η, ξ and ψ in the Greek alphabet. Aristophanes cast him as a miser which may have been solely for the fact that he charged fees for his work. He was undoubtedly a major innovator of the classical era.

    Richard Garnett C.B. was Keeper of Printed Books at the British Museum who wrote about Simonides some 2300 years later.

    I hardly ever ope my lips one cries;
    Simonides, what think you of my rule?
    If you’re a fool, I think you’re very wise;
    If you are wise, I think you are a fool.

    Richard Garnett [1835-1906]

  53. 53
    Big Bubba says:

    No lube bitch

  54. 54
    Henry Crun says:

    Boo fucking hoo

  55. 55
    concrete pump says:

    2/3rds will be pulped, you might get a copy in the skip out the back of Poundland.

    When I said ‘might’, I meant ‘definitely’.

  56. 56
    Gobble, gobble.....£10 says:

    I’m offended! I don’t know what about yet, but I’m still offended!

  57. 57
    cured lefty says:

    Like every bang to rights establishment crook this fucking c*unt tries to reclaim some high moral ground (from smartly advised Aitken ,s simple sword of truth to il help to better the prisoner’s lot …to Jim ..”.whit the fucks a vat number when its at home?”…Devine
    could someone tell me why Laws gets away with thieving smith uddin blears
    dont waste all night just a couple of reasons will suffice

  58. 58
    Soft Liberal Twot says:

    I felt sorry for him. Why weren’t dozens more crocked MPs in there with him?

    The bog was filthy and he had to clean it with Harpic. Poor chap and no Sky Movies either. What is the prison service coming to?

  59. 59
    Soft Liberal Twot says:

    I meant crooked!

  60. 60
    His Toryian says:

    Tinned fruit for pudding, lads?

  61. 61
    Albert's chainsaw sharpeners says:

    Feel sorry for him, well I will if he paid the money back plus the daily charges for his “hotel”, otherwise I really couldn’t care a monkeys about him.

  62. 62
    Bill Quango MP says:

    How many eggs do you reckon he can eat ?

  63. 63

    But he’ll flog his ‘Life in Parliament’ ‘Life in the Nick’ follow up with ‘Life after the Nick”
    money there from should be confiscated by the State.

  64. 64
    ahmonika says:

    Eye to eye

  65. 65
    Jack Ketch says:

    Darling Mr Laws is special, he didn’t actually steal the money, he just used it for, um, lubrication.

  66. 66

    Under feminist illogic, you only have to feel offended for it to be the case.

    Get your claim in.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  67. 67
    ahmonika says:

    Never heard an African Grey called a fool.

  68. 68
    The squeaker of the hoose says:

    Labour wimmin are immune from prosecution.

    David Laws also qualifies as a Labour women under the minorities and gender equality act 2009 of Hattie Barking Harman.

  69. 69

    Aye! Aye!

    But what happens to all your variants?

    Vote UKIP :-D

  70. 70
    Ian Katz says:

    I don’t know if I can wrangle it. We already have Pryce and Huhne as ‘prison experts’ on retainers for Newsnight.

    Ahhh, what the hell…he’s one of us..put McShane on a retainer for prison related issues, too.

    £90k should be enough.

  71. 71

    Anyone else notice the conspicuous absence of D’aily M’ail front page – about C’alais Crisis due to M’igrants bound for UK – missing from much of the ‘net today ?

    Vote UKIP :-)

  72. 72
  73. 73
    RomaBert... says:

    Infamy, infamy, they all had it informe……… thieving turd!

  74. 74
    Polly Pot says:

    Was going to join in the World War one celebrations. But I’ve just been told that here in Tuscany, World War one doesn’t start until next year.

  75. 75
    RomaBert... says:

    Infamy, infamy, they all had it informe… hahahahahahaha

  76. 76

    Here’s the story by the way – can’t find an image of the front page of the paper itself…

    Vote UKIP :-)

  77. 77
    ahmonika says:

    conspicuou’s FFS

  78. 78
    AJC says:

    Will be in the Oxfam Bookstore before long. But at what price?

  79. 79
    RomaBert... says:

    Hmmmmmmm sums up Liebore politics……

  80. 80
    RomaBert... says:

    or even “in for me.” :)

  81. 81
    Easy life for cons these days says:

    Poor, poor dear.
    My heart bleeds for you (not).
    Serves you fucking right you swindling con.

  82. 82
    ahmonika says:

    Mehdi’s Morning Glory ( Earlier Thread )

    Morning Mehdi, you appear to have copy and pasted the wrong link into your tweet:

    Has he responded yet?

  83. 83
    Albert's chainsaw sharpeners says:

    Let them go home and rebuild their own countries, they fcked them up and if they have the ingenuity to try and get to Britain then they are the ones that their own country’s need to get the country rebuilt and on track, turning this country into a replica sh1thole of their own country’s won’t help them to be British.

  84. 84

    As much as he deserves all he fucking gets so do plenty of others in the fucking greed fueled cesspit we call our Parliament. Every single one of them should be investigated, remember when the expenses scandal was revealed by the Telegraph? Weeks of hot air from them about changes to the system and all that bollocks. Nothing was done, they all fiddle, lie, deceive and thieve and we fucking let them.
    If only we had a tradition of journalists and reporters (or bloggers) who regularly kept these bastards in check rather than just publishing the establishment line time after fucking time.

  85. 85
    concrete pump says:

    Solon was a dude.

    (From prev thread), you’re very kind.

  86. 86
    ahmonika says:

    I have and will vote UKIP, but don’t get the variants question……
    Ah! thinks
    Got it,
    They come and go. Lazy I suppose
    Sometimes think the variant gives a better lead in
    And thus far, not being copied,

  87. 87

    They could always follow the example of these two:

    Free food, see the world, build an empire etc.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  88. 88
    Jesus says:

    Congratulations! You have five minutes to leave your house before we shell it and to show you we’re serious you now have two minutes.

  89. 89
    Conchita Wurst says:

    Stop confusing matters! I’m already dizzy!

  90. 90
    Ha ha ha ha! says:

    Come on Guido, nail him for next Xmas. Who is going to buy his memoirs? Leech!

  91. 91
    Anonymous says:

    “I wonder if any Prison Minister knows what it is like when you cannot say happy Christmas to your children”

    This guy is unreal. I served in the Merchant navy for many years away from home for months on end. We did not have the technology we have now to make calls. My youngest daughter was 6 years old before I even saw her at Christmas let alone spoke to her.

    So fuck off you thieving Cnut you did not get everything you deserved and shame it wasn’t more. Burn in hell you grotesque specimen of a human being stealing oxygen from the rest of us.

  92. 92
    Hamish Macbeth says:

    “””I wonder if any Prison Minister knows what it is like when you cannot say happy Christmas to your children.””

    Probably not – because he has not been charged and convicted with ROBBING THE TAXPAYER !!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. 93
    Jack Ketch says:

    They are both sodding foreigners. Let one in and then………………………

  94. 94
    Jackie Dromey says:

    Its a simple mistake to mistake.

    for instance you might wish to purchase a farmyard animal, as a present, to awaken your good lady wife when she has to arise early in the morning, for work.
    When researching this animal you discover the best types are macho ones, good at fighting. With a forward protrusion of their neck and head and distinctive feathers. And you want a good fence post that this bird can rest upon at dawn.

    So you search “big, hard, thrusting coloured cock grips pale white shaft.”

    And people get completely the wrong idea!

  95. 95
    generic taxi driver says:

    “I wonder if any Prison Minister knows what it is like when you cannot say happy Christmas to your children.”

    I wouldnt think so…. unless he had stolen from taxpayers when he deserves EXACTLY what you got you thieving g!t

  96. 96
    John Bellingham says:

    Oh but they do, they do……………………eventually.

  97. 97
    Poor Labour Victim says:

    What about the poor homeless sods who have not been convicted of a crime? They don’t get a Xmas dinner or a chat with their mates or a roof over their head. He is lucky he got a Xmas dinner and a roof over his head. Ungrateful moron. Why doesn’t he just sod off?

  98. 98
    RomaBert... says:

    TO THE LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION…… yes, you really do represent the working class of the country!

    Vote UKIP.

  99. 99
    RomaBert... says:

    +1 on that :)

  100. 100

    Rolf’s Cartoon Club…

    Vote UKIP :-D

  101. 101
    Senior Civil Servant says:

    Summer time. Nobody reads the news, just leak this one a bit, to start getting them used to the idea we are really going for the Big Brother game and there’s nothing they can do about it.

    And just in time for a 5 year Labour government thanks to the stupidity of Cameron’s ‘Fixed Term’ parliaments…

  102. 102
    Anonymous says:

    don;t do the crime if…..

  103. 103
    cured lefty says:

    Ok I’ll leave it at at that…. till the first time the thieving bastard fetches up reviewing the papers on telly .if his indoors gargoyle can get post clink media gigs the media c*nts will do their utmost to arrange a rehabilitation show akin to a mike and bernie winters retrospective
    And boy were those two absolute shite as well!

  104. 104
    Outraged of Toxteth says:

    “a tiny cocktail sausage with a bit of bacon and a smidgen of stuffing.”

    Funny, Vicky said the same thing.

  105. 105
    ahmonika says:

    Will somebody please remember to put McShames lights out at 11.00pm

  106. 106
    Jealous Yankee says:

    What a tosser.

  107. 107
    Owen Jones says:

    He doesn’t need it.

  108. 108
    Ippikin says:

    And even his ‘smidgeon of bacon’ comes out of the public urse!

  109. 109
    Rolf Haggis says:

    I use them as a protein supplement.

  110. 110
    Ippikin says:

    Talking of Mr. Nadir, I have a close friend who lost £100k to that little weasel. His accountant advised him to either buy a ‘chopper – he can fly, or invest with Mr. Nadir. Sadly he committed to the latter.

  111. 111
    Ed Miliweirdo says:


    I’ve cum.

    From the Leader of the Opposition


  112. 112

    So if R’ussia is so groovy and all, why is this happening Mr P’utin ?

    Vote UKIP :-D

  113. 113
    Cosmo Smallpiece says:

    Show us your tits…and I don’t mean the two Eds.

  114. 114
    Stir Crazy says:

    Deos he still have his front teeth?

  115. 115
    Cpl Hicks says:

    Was Richard any relation to the more famous Alf?

  116. 116
    587692 Jonathan William Patrick Aitken says:

    Oiiii you twat, that’s my gig.

    BTW I’ve just finished that piece on reach-arounds for you.

  117. 117
    Sir Peter Tapsell says:

    You were right the first time.

  118. 118
    Krishnan Guru-Lefty says:

    Why didn’t McShane stick a little Motorola up his arse?

  119. 119
    Owen Jones says:

    I prefer the girth of a Nokia Communicator.

  120. 120
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    Eretz Yisrael Forever.

  121. 121
    Fatty Pangs Butler says:

    I am serving Lord Pang oysters and champagne. He sends best wishes.

  122. 122
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Worthless parasite. A ‘man’ who has achieved absolutely nothing in his life. Nothing.

    Who only knows the word ‘take’ – not the word ‘give’. Go home, wanker.

    Compare and contrast him with this fine man:

    What a star. Despite their fine words, you can bet the local council and/or HMRC will screw him.

    Welcome to Britain.

  123. 123
    concrete pump says:

    Wonder what the yanks think of this, specifically Palin.

  124. 124

    On Topic:

    But according to C’anadian porn-Number Crunchers, A’nal Sex is more popular among heterosexuals than homosexuals – which apparently backs up studies (no cite given though…)

    Vote UKIP :-D

  125. 125
    Norman Stanley Fletcher says:

    Christmas Day ruined. Some fiddler called McShane scoffed all the chicken and hogged the phone.

  126. 126

    A half chicken for prisoners !!!?

    I could nt afford a half chicken for my funeral let alone every Chrustmas !!

    Try raw rat in a North Korean gulag .. if you re lucky enough to find
    one ,washed down with a glug if your own urine .

    These wimpo s don t know they re born……..

  127. 127
    Leader of the opposition! says:

    Well now. Hmm!

  128. 128
    Nerd slapper says:

    AH – don’t you feel sorry for him – the thieving cvnt.

    Still, I hope he had the evening showers to look forward to for his
    Xmas treat.

    No soap on a rope for you Mr McShame.

  129. 129
    Michael Corby says:

    “He was fired by the BBC after using a fake name to call the radio phone-in programme he worked on at the time. During the call, MacShane accused leading Conservative politician Reginald Maudling of being a crook, with the MP threatening to sue as a result.”

    So he has been up to not good for a long time.

    No kiddies visit on Christmas day – he was supposedly in PRISON – the prison guards cannot cope wit h Christmas day and a vast influx of visitors.

    He should ave been sent to Siberia on a one way ticket.

  130. 130

    It’s what this blog was missing: An association between P’ryce and industrial Turkey.

    It has always been there, just beyond reach, and is now captured in pixel form for posterity.

    Thankfully no one made the gobbling association. But that was there also, just beyond reach…

    Vote UKIP :-D

  131. 131

    I should have refreshed the page before putting down the last paragraph there.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  132. 132
    Pfwoar! says:

    Why are her fingernails different colours? I mean, was she running short of purple and switched to silver, or..

    Never mind, I wouldn’t kick her out of bed on a cold night. Unless she was going to the fridge for more beer.

    Not that you’d need a fridge in Siberia.

  133. 133
    The British media are cunts says:

    No doubt this fucker will be getting a gig on the BBC soon enough.

    Remind me of how many Labour MP’s have been locked up now?

  134. 134
    Anal Duncan says:

    I thought you would prefer a K6?

  135. 135
    The only good MP is a dead MP says:

    Great minds think alike! :-)

  136. 136
    elliemae9 says:

    Makes you want to spit…

  137. 137
    The only good MP is a dead MP says:

    3 or 4; none from any other parties (although David Laws deserves a very lengthy spell in the clink for thieving £40K from us, not that the Supreme Imbecile will let that happen..)

    Your moniker’s interesting – I’ve just given up watching the BBC’s coverage of the WWI commemorations, mainly because the BBC cameramen covering the event in Belgium couldn’t hold their cameras steady (the footage of the Royal Marine reading a WWI poem being a case in point), but also because the BBC just simply had to go all PC and say the battleground was “multicultural”.

    Pass the fucking sick bucket. Fucking lefty BBC fucking scum. They just can’t help themselves.

  138. 138
    Santiago Thrust QC says:

    I did no such thing you little white honky

  139. 139

    Captain’s log stardate 23-47-92.72. Rendezvous in the Denubian System to receive copy of Chilcot Report.

  140. 140
    RichUpNorth says:

    Eid mubarak.
    From the leader of the opposition.

    Vote UKIP.

  141. 141
    Ed Milideath says:

    Don’t like bacon…………makes me gurn

  142. 142
    John Motorola Bercow says:

    I resent that comment

  143. 143
    Doc Maccoy says:

    Can you tell us who Butler-Sloss’s replacement is while you’re at it Jim, are they dead yet?

  144. 144
    The cunt in Number 10 says:

    Wasted journey. Fly around the galaxy at Warp 6 for .. 15 years years, it’ll be ready by then.

    Or not.

    Tee-hee hee heeee!

  145. 145
    Nick McGuinness says:

    Speaking as a Prison Officer let me say this to Mr McShane..

    As an M.P. (Honourable Member etc) you should not be referring to Officers as “screws”. Would you go into print referring to Policemen as “pigs”?

    In my experience it is only nick conditioned thieving lying pieces of human waste that use this term!

    Oh shit.. I forgot!!

  146. 146
    RichUpNorth says:

    Diddums! Sneaky, beady-eyed McShitbag. The voters in Rotherham should have their heads looked at for voting for that bleeder. If the Jocks vote to go it alone in september can’t we kick him out?

  147. 147
    elliemae9 says:

    You are Len McCluskey and I claim my £5

  148. 148
    concrete pump says:

    Prison officers are called ‘Guv’.

    The actual governor is called ‘sir’.

  149. 149
    Little Ed says:

    So…. today was another good day not at the office for the image team I don’t have.

  150. 150
    Cpl Hicks says:

    Does that mean Siberian sluts don’t have to clean behind the fridge?

    Someone should tell Bloomers!

  151. 151
    Mcshawanker Redemption says:

    Should have been made to serve every day that he was sentenced to. This parole business is bollocks. Never agreed with it!

  152. 152
    Cpl Hicks says:

    Just did exactly the same. Fucking dreadful BBC.

  153. 153
    Cpl Hicks says:

    I doubt even Vicky would pay to read self pitying drivel like this.

  154. 154
    cured lefty says:

    Ch4 news they never fail to deliver hilsum first so repetitive can’t even remember what the fuck she was on about
    next up (these media fuckers really believe we’re stupid)
    obscure village in Belgium with the obligatory 190 year old who saw those nasty german bastards line up the whole local factory workforce then massacred them at this point cathy is creaming her knickers , she’s gagging to get the interview started
    and does she so
    relative of wilfred owen , um big yawn
    ex army officer reverently honouring the memory of a century ago
    Next up lefty cow ……sacrifice of young men….Gaza….futility of w….Gaza ..lets not forget the mistakes ar..Gaza…
    army guy tries get everyone anchored in the same planet if not the same time line
    but no cathy, s knickers are so wet ….blurts out GAZA …butcouldn’t this memorial be linked to the present crises in GAZA
    well lefty cow just fills her fucking boots doesn’t she.

  155. 155
    Al Zeimer says:

    “there was a tiny cocktail sausage…”

    Did he get a Christmas visit from Lord Prescott then?

  156. 156
    Al Zeimer says:

    The champagne was a particularly poor vintage too…

  157. 157
    DaveA says:

    Very moving. I’m tempted to join the Howard League for Penile Reform

  158. 158
    Sovietsalami63 says:

    Sovietsalami63 here

    I saw Lord Lucan riding Shergar. I also know know the real identities of SC and BW. Unless the DWP and Leeds council and the police and the Army and the Crab People don’t give me the money I will reveal their identities.

    Or I could just sell my phone/iPad/computer and cancel my broadband connection to get some money.

  159. 159

    A good summary:

    But the N’ationalism of P’utinism is somewhat based on a lie, or two…


    Vote UKIP :-D

  160. 160
    The British media are cunts says:

    None of the media can be trusted, they are the rubber strap on of the political elite, used to fuck the people over.

    I shit better down the toilet than work at the BBC.

  161. 161
    non taxable pikey says:

    The bombing of a UN school in Rafah by Israeli forces may not have actually happened, according to an analysis of footage of the aftermath by blogger Thomas Wictor.
    According to many press reports, Rafah Preparatory ‘A’ Boys School was hit by Israeli fire, killing 10 people, when Israel targeted three militants from the Islamic Jihad group who were riding past on motorcycles.
    World leaders have condemned the strike, with UN Secertary General Ban Ki-moon calling it a “gross violation of international law”, while U.S. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said America was appalled by the “disgraceful” attack.
    Most press sources admit that the attack happened outside the school, with some saying it happened on the street while others claim it was at the entrance, yet video and photo footage shows injured people inside the school.
    Wictor notes that there are several inconsistencies in the footage. The two dead men are first of all photographed outside the school, yet in subsequent images are shown inside school grounds, suggesting their bodies have been moved.
    A little girl then appears apparently lying dead and covered in blood, however in some pictures she has her mouth open and in others she has it closed. A man then picks her up and gets ready to take her to an ambulance, however a few seconds later a different man is shown carrying her. He then runs away from the school with her in his arms, but we never see where he takes her.
    A video has now also appeared (below) showing the little girl actually being placed next to the two dead men for the benefit of photographers.
    The girl also has an open wound on her hand, but there is no blood pouring from it, leading Wictor to conclude that it is in fact fake. Her hand is also clenched in one photo, clawing in another and her index finger is straightened in another.
    In a final photo, taken outside the school again, various things have changed since the first picture. Scaffolding has been removed that was obscuring the name of the school, cardboard boxes have also gone, and there are trails of blood on the ground that suggest the two dead men were dragged from the place they were killed to inside the school.
    Wictor concludes:
    The press is utterly without value when it comes to reporting on Israel. No Israeli should ever believe a single accusation that western journalists level at the IDF.
    We’re witnessing immorality, corruption, and insanity on a global scale.

  162. 162
    The British media are cunts says:

    Oh god now we’ve got the old dykes in the BBC.

  163. 163
    Cpl Hicks says:

    Almost kicked the TV when I heard the dozy bint ask if the WW1 commemorations risked glorifying war and distracting from the conflict in Gaza.

  164. 164
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    ‘Turkeys voting for Christmas’ – remember that saying. Rupert and James fucking Murdoch know it well.

  165. 165

    Yes how terrible for women, sitting on their arses and getting drunk and getting shagged by yanks.

    Funny how when women went into munitions factories they became dangerous places to work but when men worked in them they were not.

    If women wanted to prove themselves why not go fight the Germans themselves.

  166. 166
    duty pedant says:


  167. 167
    Long John Silver' s parrot says:

    What a load of old bollocks.

    If he expects people to pay to read that then there are plenty more about to join the gravy train.

  168. 168
    carlo gambino says:

    UKIP’s second policy – Arm the Mark Duggan’s of this world’

    or as they put it,

    ‘Repeal the hand-gun ban.

    Vote Conservative

    (with any luck they’ll get rid of ‘The Sham’).

  169. 169
    Huhne, MacShane, Aitkin & Archer says:

    Read our books about pision life. They’re nice little earners and we get on “Newsnight” to fight for prison reform

  170. 170
    Mehdi Hasan says:


  171. 171
    Fed up fucker says:


  172. 172
    Overpaid council official says:

    I hope those motorists realise they are uninsured while travelling on that private land. And it does not meet highway constructional standards.

  173. 173
    Lenny Godber says:

    I kept some back for you Fletch, under my chef’s hat.

  174. 174
    OzzyMoselyus, King of Kings says:

    I see the Lib Dems are parodying the Blackshirt Mail’s Sperm Bank story by sticking ‘for Lesbians’ on the tail end of every headline.

    Lib Dem Voice is telling us that Lib Dems ‘Deliver for Lesbians’. What colour is their van? Do they do purple tomatoes and Jerusalem artichokes? Is the driver of the van called Richard? In which case he’d be a Dyke van Dick?

  175. 175
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Like i’m fucking bothered:

    The fucking Establishment / Mossad / MI5 & MI6 / The CIA The FBI AND every fucking msm / National newspaper AND news Corps … oh and every dirty lying duplicitous judge of the legal fraternity – and i’s local corrupt plod & CPS fucking ‘know damned well’ who BW is – So wow! Mr Soviet salami – slice that one up – FU.

  176. 176
    Vladdy says:

    We have no homosexualists in The Motherland. We used to, people like Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. But we have dispensed with them.
    Anyone fancy a topless bareback ride?

  177. 177
    Denis Matyjaszek says:

    I’m fed up with the comments on this thread. I’m going to Poland.

  178. 178
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Here is one from this am’s first blog

    i am thankful to Maqboul – for his ‘tiny mind mindset’ – save i don’t need and ‘do not have to use’ – sockpuppets.

    i have i’s own testicles intact but moreover a brain that thinks for itself unlike Maqboul.

    Think again Maqboul – beyond what suits your limited and confined ‘mindset’.

    Ma¬¬qb¬oul says:
    August 4, 2014 at 9:24 am
    No, “WE” is that idiot Blo¬wing Whi¬stles and his legion of antisemitic sockpuppets.

  179. 179
    Peter Sutcliffe says:

    You couldn’t make it up.

  180. 180
    A Ship's lawyer says:

    But how will the children know who to call mum and who to call dad ?

    If the child is male and wants to go to swimming lessons who will accompany him into the male changing rooms ?

    How do you go about claiming Child Benefit if mummy and daddy are a pair of lesbians ?

    What do you do about Mothers Day and Fathers Day ?

  181. 181
    Ippikin says:

    Ah, but why is the fence post white?

  182. 182
    Ippikin says:

    You gurn anyway.

  183. 183

    Don’t do kind.

    I do truthful. ;-)

    We don’t know, of course, how much Solon claimed on expenses! (Not much probably.)

    Vote UKIP :-D

  184. 184
    Mike says:

    If you book with Ryaniar before 10.00 P.M. tonight it will only cost you 15p plus an additional £58.76 p for Government taxes and levies .

  185. 185
    Georgie5Bellies says:

    Ever tried the ‘northern’ delight of bacon & egg sandwich between two slices of untoasted bread? If Milibland had tried that he’d still be trying to prise his tongue off his teeth.

  186. 186
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    The Anti-s card has made many a crooked J very rich indeed – they the most crooked of them use it ‘to silence lawful criticism of their crookedness’ – have done to the financial detriment of millions world-wide since 1945.

  187. 187
    JustSayNo_toFriendsofIsrael says:

    I support Israel’s right to defend itself.

    I also endorse the premeditated murder of civilians.
    I also endorse the premeditated murder of innocent children.
    But I call it ‘collateral damage’, as it sounds better.

    I am a Friend of Israel.
    …and if you dare criticise any of the above, then we will smear you as anti-semitic.
    Hamas is a terrorist group? OK.

    Israel is arguably a terrorist state.

    Israel is unarguably becoming a pariah state.

    Which side of the conflict is better ?

  188. 188
    David says:

    I’m David, howd’you do?

  189. 189
    Jack Russell says:

    He’s a 4×2 though so that’s probably why this blog is giving him a leg up with his publicity.

  190. 190
    Ippikin says:

    Coz he’s already got three up there.

  191. 191
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    What was Kissinger doing having a meal with Rifkind and another recently? Huh -The sins of their fathers.

  192. 192
    A green person who likes talking utter crap says:

    The Government has now passed directives banning the pricing of airfares in this way .

    The only legitimate price that can be quoted is now £58.91p meaning most people are oblivious as to how they are being ripped off.

  193. 193

    Thanks for the gonad update.

    Again, something this blog seriously needed – always there, just of out reach, but now codified in pixel form for the benefit of broader mankind to dispel any conceivable doubt.

    But what that has to do with P’utinism, R’ussian N’ationalism or D’ennis M’acShane’s prison X-Mas dinner and subsequent whining begs divine explanation.

    E pluribus unum ?

    Vote UKIP :-D

  194. 194
    Ippikin says:

    Hope the enterprising bugger makes a fortune.

  195. 195
    Grou y says:

    Thank you letting me know Fletch.

  196. 196
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Look at who owns the publishing houses …

  197. 197

    Sir Robin Day asked the then female head of the prison service, live on TV, Are you a good screw?

    One has cause to believe that, if he were still alive, he would exhort us to Vote UKIP :-D

  198. 198
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    i beg to differ with you there – but you won’t come out to play for some reason …. or multiple reasons … Ho Hum.

  199. 199
    Ippikin says:

    You still have pale skin?

  200. 200
    Cardinal Biggles says:

    Ah yes, the great comedy duo, the Winters (Weinstein) brothers. The most talented one was Snorbitz.

    Don’t you think that ‘The Leader of the Opposition’ looks somewhat like Bernie Weinstein? Spookily, the Weinsteins hailed from Islington, where the talented comedian Ed Miliband now resides. I wonder if they are related?

  201. 201
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    And the winning lottery number for tomorrow night, please Jim.

  202. 202
    JustSayNo_toFriendsofIsrael says:

    Penelope Cruz and her husband voice their humanitarian concerns on the plight of Palestinian civilians and children – in a tempered tone, and in line with how most of the UK public feel.

    Then – reportedly – the actor Jon Voight – attacks the couple in the media;
    “You should hang your heads in shame.”
    “…angry…[they] could incite anti-semitism all over the world”

    You are not allowed to criticise Israel.

    Jon Voight is a Friend of Israel.

  203. 203
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Surely Left wing commander Kier Starmer is on the case … oh no … he’s sold his lot for a political sincure … ‘he’s got form’.

  204. 204
    Ippikin says:

    That’s easy, when I take my grandaughter swimming we have to use the Male changing rooms, so she stuffs a sock down her bathers.
    Dunno how we’d manage if I was HIS Grandmother though.

  205. 205
    Mrs. Biggles. says:

    God though those Hershey Bars were just fantastic – well worth a quickie porking to get my gob around one of those.

  206. 206
    Jack Russell says:

    @90 What a selfish cuunt you are. Why couldn’t you get a job in a factory or something so you could see your kid at christmas rather than poncing about in the merch? Was the CSA after you?

  207. 207
    Jack Russell says:


  208. 208
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Do you or Cpl Hicks – actually know a single fact of what truly lies behind Zio.nism? i dare say yuo know SFA.

  209. 209
    Ippikin says:

    With your trusty sword of truth and shield of justice?

  210. 210
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    it’s callad ‘lawful and legal revenge’ on the net. Cutting down idiots.

  211. 211
    Jack Russell says:


  212. 212
    Ippikin says:

    Don’t forget to take your own lavvie paper.

  213. 213
    Guess the country of the Euro lotto winner says:

    It’s Portugal’s turn to win the Euro Lotto, maybe in a few week’s or a month from now a Brit will win it.

  214. 214
    The Ghost of Yasser says:

    And I of course will reserve the right to make my rockets inside hospitals and launch them from the local schools.

  215. 215
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    It’s in the mail also – Voight – is a hollyweirdo of course so we know who’s cocks he sucks.

  216. 216
    Ippikin says:

    Don’t foget the uphill tunnelling

  217. 217
    Dave splashing another £13m on Gaza shithole says:

    Free food, tunnel equipment, guns and stuff….just ask.

  218. 218
    Tony Eden from Eton says:

    Have you got a spare candle, old boy ?

  219. 219

    The interesting question you raise here, in the way of family connections, I attempted to research before posting my piece. I was looking to a connection between the Garnett family of the Isle of Wight and the above mentioned. Although I failed to find it, I have a strong suspicion that there is one.

    The maiden name of Baroness Bottomley of Nettlestone (IOW), formerly known as Virginia Bottomley (cue tin-foil hat brigade, who will rightly get the pants sued off them), was Garnett.

    Her brother, William, is a prominent partner in a leading London solicitors practice. (Again before anyone starts, he has defended whistle blowers – so think before bursting into print!)

    They are a highly focussed family and I have the greatest admiration for all of them.

  220. 220
    Fed up fucker says:

    Look up the comments of Mel Gibson And Oliver Stone and what they said “in vino veritas”.

    Hollywood sorted that duo out for their outbursts.

    For many years JV was persona non grata. But he was brought into line.

    Follow the money.

  221. 221
    Ippikin says:

    Its better than that. The origonal £5 prize has been granted an automatic cost of living increase of 10% a year above inflation, so its now £1m, not to mention the free holidays accrued from the number of days spent on strike; all to be spent at out superb hotel in Eastbourne at no cost to you.

  222. 222
    long John Silver' s parrot says:

    And this is on top of the £2M of your money he has given to Eastbourne for a Pier and the £1.7 M to Penzance for an open air Swimming pool which will be used 27 days per year by a total of 1,228 people.

  223. 223
    Jack Russell says:

    Sky News did a good job of it as usual. Plus Sarah Jane Mee was anchor (which helps).

  224. 224
    Ippikin says:

    Nah, she’s the one who drives faster than Lewis Hamilton.

  225. 225

    The niqab with a £2k dslr shoving it in every kids bloodstain was a sight that told us everything.

    Ps muzzies…..weapons and people together means some nutters get hurt.

  226. 226
    Cpl Hicks says:

    I think you’re losing it Pvt Hudson.

  227. 227
  228. 228
    c777 says:

    Well, look on the bright side.
    At least your not Max Hastings or Rolf Harris.
    That means you stand a much better chance of getting out alive.

  229. 229

    Had put it down to an automated symposiarch evasion tactic! ;-)

    Know several here who use a different moniker each time – which is constructed to bolster the particular message.

    I find the only problem is that they always recognise me when I don’t always recognise them. Does it really matter?

    Vote UKIP and fuck the LibLabCon! :-D

  230. 230

    Vote UKIP :-D

  231. 231
    The Belmarsh Tooth Fairy says:

    Its just like Bronco

  232. 232
    The Voice of Reason says:

    Hamas have form on this. It is not surprising at all.

  233. 233
    Fed up fucker says:

    I am so upset that they are doing their very best to desecrate the memory of the Wilfred Owen poems of WW1 with the influence of Sassoon.

    Will they never upset our English memories.

  234. 234
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Will you settle for a years free Sky subscription?

  235. 235
    concrete pump says:

    Whistle blowers….great euphemism.

    Didn’t get Gillian off though.

  236. 236
    still walking into darkness says:

    I’ve long thought that Ed Miliband is doing all this leader of the opposition bullshti as a type of ‘candid camera’ joke, it’s the only thing that makes any sense. I think he’ll have taken comedy to a new height when this truth emerges.

  237. 237
    Cardinal Biggles says:

    Silly Jackie, you should just have searched for Foghorn Leghorn, he would have done the job.

    However, you were right to search for a big black c0ck and right to maintain an embarrassed silence when we laughed in derision.

    Still, you can comfort yourself with memories of the glory days at Grunwick.

  238. 238
    Ma­­qb­oul says:

    Not a shred of contrition.

    Even quotes Asil Nadir providing a vindication.

    The guy needs to do some serious time until he understands the difference between right and wrong. Five more industrial turkeys should do it.

  239. 239

    I’m putting my sign off up here to avoid detracting from the dénouement:

    Vote UKIP :-D

    One can go back a few decades to the, then, rather sultry singer in Jefferson Airplane, Grace Slick, who was discussing John Denver’s music in a music rag of the day.

    John Denver wrote rather saccharine country stuff and resembled a much more male ingénue Boris with twenty years removed. Being American, he maintained this outward appearance right up to the time he shuffled off this mortal coil at the age of 169, or thereabouts.

    In typical fashion she said something along the lines of: Actually, I quite like his music. It’s not his fault he looks like a fucking turkey.

  240. 240
    John Galliano says:

    Don’t forget me!

  241. 241
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    You need to do some serious thinking about how ‘your mind works’ and ‘percieves things – to be there which are not there’ – i noted your scurrilous comment on the first blog today [see above ref to it] – i don’t need sockpuppets / don’t use sockpuppets … so think a little deeper about your mind percieving that BW is the only one posting …

    You need psychiatric assessing.

  242. 242
    Guido's reading says:

    Guido, as you are reading or have finished the diaries what work did MaShame undertake?

  243. 243
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Do some fucking research – on the keyboard in front of you – you moron.

  244. 244

    Indeed, he did not and love the connection here. :-)

    But one of my friends said: The winners don’t always win. The losers don’t always lose. But if you can win 7 out of 10, you’re not doing bad!

    That is the wonderful distinction between private business and public employment. If you cock up in the first, it comes straight out of your own pocket. If you do so in the last, you get moved onto another post, often with an increase.

    I’ll run those alternatives again, but this way 1.) You learn! 2.) You don’t learn!

    UKIP etc! :-D

  245. 245

    Vote UKIP :-D

  246. 246

    Another zombie bank gets rescued today:

    Banco Espirito Santo

    Jesus H Christ! How long is this going to go on for?

    Vote UKIP :-D

  247. 247
    concrete pump says:

    Someone put the fucking youtoob clip up…’s begging for it.

    I can’t paste the url from this phone, it copies it……won’t fucking paste it.

  248. 248
    Hamas says:

    Where do you think you’re going? Get back up on that roof!

  249. 249
    Anonymous says:

    Doubt it.

  250. 250

    Vote UKIP :-D

  251. 251
    Edward - WW1 veteran says:

    How extra shabby the likes of McShane seem on such a sacred night such as this.

  252. 252
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Best thing for McShameskistein would be an undertaker.

  253. 253
    Anonymous says:

    Sacking this site. PIssed off with all that Vote Ukip tedium.

  254. 254
    Cardinal Biggles says:

    I was amazed when Nadir returned to these shores to face the charges.

    I have had a few very pleasant holidays in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus and I believe Mr. Nadir was comfortably ensconced in Guzelyurt, a very nice, fruit growing area. Maybe he had a premonition that he would be able to meet the celebrated ‘British’ parliamentarian Denis MacShame.

  255. 255
    Skid Marx says:

    That explains everyfink innit.

  256. 256
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    ‘Pledges’ – are what lying, two-faced, low-life, toe-rag politicians of the LibLabCon kind promise …

    They (Pledges) actually mean Sweet F All – save for the implied meanings.

  257. 257

    There should be the cheapest, plain food in prison that provides the necessary nutrition, no luxury food whatsoever.
    He should have thought of his family before fiddling his expenses, many people survive on far less than an MP’s salary so he has absolutely no excuse.

  258. 258
    Ma­­qb­oul says:

    You do use sockpuppets you fucking liar.

  259. 259
    Tel E. Caster says:

    Goodness me: a Hollywood Sleb who doesn’t follow the approved liberal line. Whatever is the world coming to?

  260. 260
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Did you access pages 23, 24 and 25 or not?

  261. 261
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Read that bank.ers manifesto – and think deeply about it man. Cast off you blinkers.

  262. 262

    Vote UKIP :-D

  263. 263
    HenryV says:

    Bush tucker?

  264. 264
    Anonymous says:

    Capitalism will eat its self.

  265. 265
    ... says:

    Definitely a Friends of Israel member.

  266. 266
    Mad as a hatter with ants in his pants says:

    BW comrade, any recommendations on who does a good psychiatric assessment? If anyone knows the best place its you!

  267. 267
    Anonymous says:

    Oh give up Shlomo

  268. 268
    The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion says:

    Even we don’t believe this shit.

    It’s a forgery mate! Don’t you understand?

  269. 269

    His homemade road is far superior to the highways full
    of huge pot-holes here in Surrey.

  270. 270
    Cardinal Biggles says:

    I agree.

    Initially the £2 toll seems a bit steep. But when you consider that the 14 mile detour would burn that amount of petrol it is a very good price to charge. I hope he makes a very nice profit out of his gamble.

  271. 271
    Anonymous says:

    ITV’s coverage was good.

  272. 272
    Ma­­qb­oul says:

    We have his IP address. Mossad are sourcing it as we speak and will issue appropriate orders. We cannot allow this person to .er.. spill the beans.

  273. 273
    Ma­­qb­oul says:

    Spot on. He complains that he gets turkey not half a chicken for Christmas dinner. He should get a dish of gruel and no more.

  274. 274
    Ma­­qb­oul says:

    What is your name, Pike?

  275. 275
    Ma­­qb­oul says:

    Same old, same old. Whenever this nutjob can’t prove his absurd hypotheses it’s “do your own research”.

    Sorry, but he should provide the research to substantiate is batshit crazy ravings.

  276. 276

    Sarah Jane is light years better than Burley.

  277. 277
    Richard Thomas says:

    Self pitying pathetic

  278. 278
    Cardinal Biggles says:

    Be fair to Pyotr Ilyich, he was married to Glenda Jackson in the Ken Russell film. I would have thought that that would have been enough to turn a chap all ‘Brokeback Mountain’

  279. 279
    MI5 says:

    Behave yourself Ian or we’ll make sure you don’t get your old job back.

  280. 280
    Anonymous says:

    Find your humanity.

  281. 281
    Anonymous says:

    Maybe you are just outnumbered

  282. 282
    Graham Swift says:

    What a fucking shame but you’re a crook .

  283. 283
    Anonymous says:

    Shirley Williams = Piece of fitlh politician on BBC

    Not worthy.

    Fuck off filth.

  284. 284
    Dickhead spotter says:

    Without people like him you would have fuckall. 90 % of goods come in by sea


  285. 285
    Norm Normal says:

    It’s happened before. Hesbollah found an ambulance on the junk heap in Lebanon with the light removed from the centre of the red cross on the roof.

    The press dutifully reported that a hellfire missile had been fired through the centre of the cross. It was all fakery of course.

  286. 286
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Hypocrites – all of them. Hiding their own dirty deeds.

  287. 287
    Anonymous says:

    He’s right, you need psychiatric help.

  288. 288
    The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion says:


    Eat your underpants BW!

  289. 289
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    What Goebbels around comes around – the truth shall not be decieved – nor:

    The masses duped ‘for all time’.

    Much Thanks to Abe Lincoln.

  290. 290
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Try Dr Tegwhinneyn Williems of Old South Wales / caswell / Bridgend or thereabouts.

    there’s alway The BBC’s celeb quack Raj Persaud or … Sir prof Roy meadows … od infamy or his acolyte Davy South’f’all …

  291. 291
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    You are referred to i’s comment of above to soviet salami

    ‘like i’s fuckin bothered’ Rsole.

  292. 292
    Judge Dredd says:

    Has anyone heard/seen this fucker actually admit he was wrong to commit the offence?

    I bloody haven’t.

  293. 293
    The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion says:

    We are more believable than you are.

  294. 294
    The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion says:

    How is the stalking going today?

  295. 295
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Will you be threatening i that you’ll ‘steal i’s pension as well’ if i do not’ keep silent about the GM crops as well as them DMW’s!

  296. 296
    MurderersAreUS...and Israel says:

    I am a Palestinian child – of primary school age.

    I am dead.

    The school my family and I were sheltering in was bombed.

    Wish I had been a Friend of Israel…

  297. 297
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    toothpast / 235 flouride …. Ha fucking ha … Hea…..vy…. Me…..t….AL!

  298. 298
    The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion says:

    You are just too stupid to hate.

  299. 299
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    BUMSEX! You know it makes sense!

  300. 300
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Did someone mention Danny the Fink …?

  301. 301
    10,000 leagues says:

    He understands, but his tinfoil and his anti-Semitism run deep.

  302. 302
    The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion says:


  303. 303
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:


  304. 304
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:


    I have taken a photo of this! Aha!

  305. 305
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    I’M GOING TO READ THAT ‘MANIFESTO DE LE BANQUERS’ again and think a little deeper about it.

  306. 306
    The Voice of Reason says:

    Oh no, it wasn’t the school, it was outside the school – it was just our compliant media gave the impression it was in the school, in fact Hamas brought the bodies inside the school.

  307. 307
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    i do not STAND UNDER – anyone who is a ‘fool’

    The truth is sometimes stranger than the fiction – take the blinkers off.

  308. 308
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    “We” Maqboul … “We” who is this “We” you scaremonger i with …?

  309. 309
    Mrs Dawson says:

    Have you got any bio-wash on the van today, dear?

  310. 310
    Fucking dis custard says:

    Should have been on bread and water, the cvnt

  311. 311
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    You come up with a counter-argument for that picture i posted yet or what?

    btw – to remind U Pet – i put it up here 3 + years ago …. HaHaHaHaHa …..

    i also made 400 copies of it and sent it to many a ‘man’ and a ‘woman’ out there in the UK … – pyramid style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  312. 312
    Cardinal Biggles says:

    Many, many moons ago, when I first visited the USA I bought some Hershey chocolate, because I had heard it was so good. I thought it was no better and probably worse than the really crappy chocolate we got as ‘stocking filler’ presents in the 1950s.

  313. 313
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Some pets do need to be ‘Neutered’.

  314. 314
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    So how come one family in particular changed their name after an event 100 years ago?


  315. 315
    Denis MacShameless says:

  316. 316

    You should watch this – last years tank biathlon:

    Good family fun, with tanks and helicopters.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  317. 317
    Eye up lad says:

    In paying for the crappy prison memoirs of this lying, thieving, shithead of a former fraudster MP – the Daily Mail rewards someone who basically cheated the British tax payers. They should be ashamed of themselves. How fitting that he ends up in the sack with the ex wife con of a former fellow prison inmate – Huhne. They should all form a political party together.

  318. 318
    EeeYepSelling Issues says:

    Big Issue! Big Issue!

  319. 319
    EeeYepEating Underpants says:

    Already way ahead of you.

  320. 320

    @SC: Spooky coincidence ???

    Vote UKIP :-)

  321. 321
    Wasted comrade, over the hill and round the bend says:

    I understand Grace S. is now totally zoned out from all the acid and everything else that she ingested during those bygone years – the same for many veterans of the Sixties – I speak from personal experience.

  322. 322
    Liz Kershaw, BBC says:

    It’s the idiot’s own fault for not being the star. Some of my staff were sacked for faking phone-ins on my show, so I should know. I can see my kids at Christmas because I got someone else to do my dirty work. McShane’s a moron.

  323. 323
    Humping me bluey says:

    Probably as good as Kangaroo tail soup. But you’d have to take in a lot of the little buggers to get the nutritional equivalent.

  324. 324
    cured lefty says:

    Hey eeyipp blowhard ! Do you never get tired posting so much shite day after day?

  325. 325
    Cured Tory supporter says:

    Unfortunately, he believes that only he has seen the light, and that we eagerly await the pearls of wisdom that fall from his precious lips. No amount of insult will jolt such an entrenched delusion.

  326. 326
  327. 327
    non taxable pikey says:

    So, let’s get this straight…despite being despised by Syrians, Iraqis and every other sane being on earth, the ISIS, a group of fewer than 20,000 extremist throwbacks with the collective IQ of a learning-disabled fruit fly, have now partially or totally defeated the massive combined aerial and ground military might of the US, Russia, Israel, Iran, Lebanon, Maliki, Assad, and every other international and regional government/dictator to control massive swathes of the Mashreq region, established their own $1 million per day oil business in Iraq alone and are apparently more powerful than any military force in human history…

    Yup, that’s…er…totally plausible. Nope, no question of any sort of high-level political collusion, complicity or attempts to terrify the regional public into accepting endless mass repression in the name of an outsourced War on Terror, and infinite dictatorship “for the people’s own good” there, no sirree.
    By the way, I have a lovely bridge you might be interested in buying…

  328. 328
    Bibi La Boobs says:

    No I fucking don’t

  329. 329

    St Vlado! Immortalised.

    When does he start to use that gas for some really strategic purpose?

    There is a whole diaspora out there. They don’t burn themselves.


    Vote UKIP :-D

  330. 330
    Dead Sea Rider says:

    Used to be a very pleasant seaside town back in the 1970. Regrettably all changed for the worse now.

  331. 331
    A cheeky scouser says:

    Is it true that today is the day when Prime Minister Cameron pulls the plug on 80 billion pounds of arms deals in th UK to comply with all the embargoes he has signed up to recently.

  332. 332
    Chockahollick says:

    Ostrich, duck or Easter?

  333. 333
    Fred the pensioner says:

    Surely dinner should have been simply a couple of Christmas Crackers (with a sliver of cheese if you insist).

  334. 334
    Horrible Ives says:

    Pass the soap Fletch.

  335. 335
    Fred the pensioner says:

    ‘post’ = ‘pale'; ‘pale’ = ‘whitish’ etc.

    Isn’t English a wonderful language to play around with?

  336. 336

    He’s already using gas that way – or trying to. Original statements that they would not were really broken within hours – back in Feb.

    The avatar that account has had for ages – nothing new.

    It’s more the text….

    Vote UKIP :-D

  337. 337
    Fred the pensioner says:

    .. you forgot “back where he came from”.

  338. 338
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    Does anyone know the difference between Hamas and ISIS?

  339. 339

    The Isis is the name of the Thames where it runs through a certain university town of no mean repute. Supposedly from the Latin Thamesis, this in turn derives from the Celtic word for ‘dark’.

    [The following paragraph has been redacted under The Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005.]

    Of course, all this may be entirely coincidental…

    Vote UKIP :-D

  340. 340
    DLT says:

    I’m sorry, but I’ve got my hands full at the moment.

  341. 341
    Mr Galloway says:

    Hamas use human shields to exploit Israel’s humanitarianism. If they were fighting other Muslims it would be a waste of time.

  342. 342
    non taxable pikey says:

    Oh, the other place.

  343. 343
    Village Idiot says:

    …..”Yes, ..and life continues to be a lovely roller coaster ride, with a lot of natural beauty and intrigue! The acid,for some, really did expand the mind and left you able to see through all the crap, adjusting your mindset to cope in todays’ madness, with a very happy outlook! If you cant’ change THE world, just make your own little world nice, it works!…Smugly and knowingly laugh at the educated elites who have ruined so many lives in so many ways, yet often do not realise what they have done or the consequences of their actions!…It really is a wonderful life, if you can find that mindset to enjoy it!

  344. 344
    Di Abbott says:

    ISIS Makes Up To $3 Million a Day Selling Oil, Say Analysts – ABC News:

    Oy Vey !

  345. 345
    10,000 leagues says:

    See how deep that tinfoil is?

  346. 346
    non taxable pikey says:

    IDF has just released evidence of this, anyone read Arabic?

  347. 347
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    I don’t sell the Big Issue. I am 100% benefits scrounger.

  348. 348
    E L Whisty (Head Groundsman) says:

    a. Many people achieve contentment without the use of drugs.
    b. Encouraging others to ingest chemical mixtures manufactured by criminals in unregulated premises is probably not very kind.
    c. My observation of acid users is that its main effect is nauseating pretentiousness.

  349. 349
    Peter Tapsell says:

    When does England get to opt-out of UK?

  350. 350
    DM's cell mate says:

    Gissa cuddle.

  351. 351
    JH3285934850923 says:

    The Mark Duggans of the world (rest in piss) do not care if the guns they carry are legal or not. It just means they know law abiding people are less able to defend themselves from their malignant kind.

  352. 352
    MurderersareUS...and Israel says:

    Oh, I am sorry.

    I shouldn’t have been playing in the school playground then – as children do – and then I wouldn’t have been murdered by Israel.

    Bloody irresponsible children, eh…

  353. 353
    Cynical Old Bastard says:

    Actually this is outrageous.

    Whats wrong with giving lags gruel on Christmas Day?

  354. 354
    The Growler says:

    Asil Nadir and Denis MacShane, two cons together, one a Con conner and the other a Liebore conner, just goes to prove that politics seems to attract con artists of all colours

  355. 355
    Cynical Old Bastard says:


  356. 356
    Guess the country of the Euro lotto winner says:

    Don’t expect Scotland to say YES next month, brought up on a diet of fried Mars bars and benefits they want the English to carry on paying for, say bye bye to Scotland next month when they Scots fall into the trap having no cards to play after they vote NO and Scotland just becomes part of England as the EU amalgamates both countries into one, one go ahead little country with an English made dogs lead around it’s neck telling it where to go, all the songs about freedom, us English will enjoy laughing at them when they sing them, the words “you had your chance and benefits were more important than your freedom” as we English laugh at the moaning Scots.

  357. 357
    inside out says:

    Its the rehab programme for disgraced politicos,sponsored by the Guardian.Nobody does anything wrong anymore they are all “victims” of society. Personally I prefer the old system,banish the scum to the ends of the earth.In todays society thats not possible.

  358. 358
    A cheeky git says:

    While he plays his stupid claim of being nice to all and stopping those nasty arms being sold to nasty people, Germany and France and Italy will be putting the cash into it’s banks after selling it’s own nasty arms to these nasty people, when will this country learn , you have to have business before you can buy pleasure, Camoron has to remember he has all those immigrants and thousands more he has to get work for, so he can’t be picky.

  359. 359
    inside out says:

    Pay £2 and avoid a 14mile detour or risk driving on private land.I think I will risk it.Prehaps somebody should put in legal challenge against council for road not being open,must be claim somewhere.

  360. 360
    Anonymous says:

    No you aren’t

    you’re a white middle class liberal fuckwit

  361. 361
    geordieboy says:

    Lucky bastard a lot of people outside the nick didn’t get turkey they got goosed instead.

  362. 362
    The Belmarsh Tooth Fairy says:

    Never to my personal taste either, but think of those poor bints in Lincolnshire with no other aspirations.
    Besides, if they were good, they didn’t have to carry on pencilling seams down their legs either.

  363. 363
    Anonymous says:

    “Christmas Behind Bars”
    Oh to be a lag/landlord now that season’s here…

  364. 364
    Dangerous Brian says:

    But he has the magic teflon of shirtlifterness wrapped around him.

  365. 365
    stushie says:

    She must be lacking in taste.Doesn’t Vicky know you’re judged by the company you keep? Dogs & fleas spring to mind.

  366. 366
    vera says:

    Vicky is used to jail birds, her ex is Chris Huhne. She may be brilliant at her job but she’s got shit taste in men.

  367. 367
    From the J*wish Post (and they should know : ) says:

    Here you go –
    ISIS has no direct connections with Hamas. Indeed, ISIS is a globalized movement that lacks deep roots in any particular society and has no nationalist project.

    In contrast, Hamas, as well as Hezbollah, are nationalist movements. What they do have in common, however, is the use of violence and intimidation to implement a reactionary version of Islam that persecutes women and other religions.

    Whether or not Hamas leaders are emboldened by ISIS’s victories in Iraq, the two terrorist organizations share many of the same objectives, such as the establishment of a Muslim caliphate that operates according to Shari’a (Islamic law).

  368. 368
    Be fair says:

    He did get a little stuffing.

  369. 369
  370. 370
    Norma Stitz says:

    Me too. I am playing the world’s smallest violin.

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