August 1st, 2014

SPEAKER WATCH: Bercow’s Choice for New Clerk of Commons

The new Clerk of the Commons has been selected but not appointed, Guido understands. The letter is at No. 10, and David Cameron will now decide whether to pass the Speaker’s recommendation to the Queen.

And who is John Bercow’s choice for the £190,000-a-year guardian of Commons propriety? Who will be sitting at the table in the chair vacated by the abused and brutalised Sir Robert Rogers?

Not the senior clerk David Natzler, his encyclopaedic knowledge of parliamentary procedure is not required. No, the nomination for the next Clerk of Clerks has gone to an Australian with no experience whatsoever of clerking.

Carol Mills is the administrator of the Canberra parliament. She represents the latest example of the Speaker’s strategy of Diminish and Rule. She won’t have the knowledge or authority to resist Bercow’s procedural innovations in the House, nor will she know enough about the Gormenghastly complexities of Westminster to act as an independent-minded chief executive (the other part of the job).

She can only aspire to be Bercow’s tool.

Guido’s advice? Cameron shouldn’t reject the nomination. Seeing a ludicrously unqualified person sitting in Sir Robert’s place may cause MPs to realise how far gone the Speaker now is.


  1. 1

    Cameron has to act on this.

  2. 2
    non taxable pikey says:

    “Aspire to be Bercow’s tool,” could have perhaps put that better Guido. Little things matter.

  3. 3
    His Honour Judge Judge says:

    In my limited experience of Australian ladies, they can be, what`s the cant word, feisty, is it? Might she prove someting of an encumbrance to milord Bercow in his drive to turn the House of Commons into something Mumsnet would be happy to sponsor?

  4. 4
    Bercow the little prince says:

    Gormenghastly! Gormenghast is extremely weird, I remember there being a Miss Haversham character surrounded by cats in a maze like Gothic castle.

  5. 5
    Cynic says:

    Has she got a work visa?

  6. 6

    Has the young lady donated to the Squeaker’s re-election campaign fund? People should know thid kind of thing.

  7. 7
    Albert's chainsaw sharpeners says:

    Great, the more damage Bercow does to the House of Corruption the better, it will be easier for the dictators in the EU to rule and it will be easier for them to get rid of all MPs, turn the place into a car park we don’t need the Palace of Westminster anymore, give Bercow a free car parking space and a three blocks of wood and get them fitted to his pedals in his car, fair exchange, for being a puppet on a string.

  8. 8
    Anonymous says:

    #London #DeathToIsrael

  9. 9
    Cynic says:

    Oh come on. The man is a tool

  10. 10
    Anonymous says:


  11. 11
    David "Cast Iron" Cameron says:

    I welcome this appointment because it enriches our parliament and makes it more diverse. Only sexist misogynists who support patriarchy and r4pe culture would oppose this woman being given this post as it is a scandal that we have so few women working in parliament.

    The BBC and Guardian are both supporting me.

  12. 12
    Hitler had the right idea says:

    Does anybody have some crotch shots of the lady in question ?

    I have finished reaching an earth shattering climax whilst looking at Farrah Sasoons beef curtains and now require fresh meat

  13. 13
    Dame Edna Everage says:

    Why was I overlooked?

  14. 14
    Moussa Koussa says:

    £190,000 pa for a clerk? What happened to no one being paid more than the PM?
    The post should have been abolished under austerity.

    They’re all in it together.

  15. 15

    Vote UKIP :-D

  16. 16
  17. 17

    Has she got a valid work visa ?

    Vote UKIP :-D

  18. 18
    Gary Bloke says:

    Cameron could seek the advice of the House in a debate and vote.

  19. 19
    Jesus says:

    So just as America, the UN and even my good self were growing uncomfortable with Israel’s wrath against the Palestinians, Hamas go and break a ceasefire by killing two soldiers and kidnapping a third.

    At least I have one thing in common with Hamas. We both think one Israeli soldier is worth a thousand Palestinians, and over the next few days thats what he’s going to cost you.

  20. 20
    william says:

    What do David Natzler, David Cameron, Justin Welby,Boris Johnson,,Sam Laidlaw,Eddie Redmayne.. have in common?That is why the Dwarf would not appoint Natzler,who was a brilliant King’s Scholar at Slough GS.

  21. 21
    Pookie Snackumberger says:

    Should we have foreigners in these important roles in the British parliament at all, regardless of their gender or qualifications?

    Perhaps if we could find a better PM we might employ him/her, oh wait.

  22. 22
    Skippy the Bush Kangaroo says:

    Crikey mate!

    I could have sworn it was going to be someone called Farah Sassoon. Something must have happened to change Lofty’s mind.

  23. 23
    One of Dirty Desmond's pathetic rags says:

    FURY erupted today after the EU gifted cash-strapped Portugal a £20 billion handout to help boost its crumbling economy.

    Most of the money will be spent on training and education in a bid to cut rampant unemployment and revive Portuguese economic fortunes by the end of the decade.
    Critics warned it means British taxpayers’ will be effectively forking out up to £2.7 billion over the next seven years to help prop up one of Europe’s basket case nations. Unemployment in Portugal is currently surging at 14.3 per cent, while one of its biggest banks is teetering on the brink following massive losses. It was also suggested that the ‘growth fund’ was a parting gift from Portuguese European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso before he leaves later this year. Ukip MEP and the party’s Economy spokesman Patrick O’Flynn blasted the deal, saying that it was “tipping money down the drain”.

  24. 24
    Jesus says:

    So if I kill less than a hundred socialists that’s not really terrorism? OK well maybe its time to free Anders Behring Breivic so he can get back to not being a terrorist again.

  25. 25
    Watcher says:

    Never mind the little shit. WTF is Cameron going to do about the Izraeli WAR CRIMINALS? (apart from selling them arms?)

  26. 26
    Laurie Penny says:

    Mehdi Hasan: Hamas kidnap of Israeli soldier is “outrageous”

  27. 27
    Watcher says:

    British government is totally overrun with Izrael Firsters. Kind of late to worry about that.

  28. 28
    Jimmy says:

    Sad thing is could actually imagine the pussy-whipped dish face actually thinking and speaking like that. What a decline for our civilization.

  29. 29
    Watcher says:

    Quit spamming your ZioLoon propaganda here, Shlomo.

  30. 30
    Jimmy says:

    I’m a dickwad

  31. 31
    Morgan's Organ says:

    Now is Dave’s chance to strike despite the fact that Bercow is banking on Dave not putting him in the anti feminist firing line. Even at his height Bercow is far too big for his boots and needs cutting down to size, so get out the micrometer.

  32. 32
    Watcher says:

    WTF? Now you whine that Palestinians are DEFENDING themselves against the attacking IDF. How twisted are you, ZioNAZI?

  33. 33
    Own goal says:

    Laurier penny
    Its only half time they will have time to catch up in the second half.

  34. 34
    Watcher says:

    IDF shouldn’t be attacking Palestinians if they don’t want to get in trouble.

  35. 35
    Tachybaptus says:

    On the same principle, Miliband should be prime minister. Seeing the grotesque mess he makes of the job will remind the British public what a toxic failure Labour government is.

    Oh no, wait a moment, Labour voters neither see nor think.

  36. 36
    Anonymous says:

    Is that beef jerky then?

  37. 37
    Jesus says:

    Good comeback, you really got me there.

  38. 38
    Vote Ukip, Get Labour says:

    The country cannot afford the luxury of voting Ukip as this will let Labour in to wreak more havoc with the country’s finances. Ditch Ukip, vote to stop Labour. :D

  39. 39
    Jesus says:

    Breaking a ceasfire knowing it will lead to handreds of deaths amongst you own people. Yeah good defense stategy.

  40. 40
    Donkey says:

    I like we’d woses

  41. 41

    Vote UKIP. Don’t vote Labour.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  42. 42
    non taxable pikey says:

    Give up mate, nobody gives a flying f*ck about them.

  43. 43
    the IDF says:

    Oh no, we’re in trouble!

  44. 44
    Jesus says:

    Who? Me or the muppet?

  45. 45
    Gooey Blob says:

    There is the possibility that if Miliband were to somehow become PM in 2015 Labour could subsequently find themselves out of power for a generation.

    Frankly, it’s not worth paying the price of 5 years of Miliband and Balls. There’s every chance that the country’s finances would be in a similar state to Argentina’s by then, our savings and pensions raided and investments not worth the paper they’re written on.

  46. 46
    Col. Nut says:

    Australian women can spit further than the men.

  47. 47
    Mr Galloway says:


  48. 48
    Bloomers in rain-soaked Bongo Bongo Land says:

    Don’t be daft.

  49. 49
    Sue Denim says:

    Good job there are no Palest1n1ans in Britain.

  50. 50
    Alex Salmonella says:

  51. 51
    Sue Denim says:

    They don’t even give a flying f*ck about their own people.

  52. 52
    Pookie Snackumberger says:

    It’s not them I’m worried about, it’s the head loping brigade.

  53. 53
    non taxable pikey says:

    My mate Dave told me he recently made a new friend. He says his new pal is a freethinking Muslim who loves everyone regardless of religion, wishes peace for all the peoples of the world, hates violence of any kind, believes women are equal to men and opposes female genital mutilation and child marriage.

    Poor Dave. He’s never outgrown having imaginary friends.

  54. 54
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:

    So what ?

  55. 55
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Rif kind ….of, he’s a one – always promoting arms sales…?

  56. 56
    The Growler says:

    “Guido’s advice? Cameron shouldn’t reject the nomination.” Surely Dave Boy has the final word to say yes or no, the Queen rubberstamps the final decision, Dave is in command isn’t he, did David Natzler go to Eton and/or Oxbridge, if so he will get the job, Dave always wants those about him whon are most like him.

  57. 57
    Bruce "Dunny" Bruce says:

    Hello Sheila , fancy a shag?

  58. 58

    British jobs for British workers. Sod the australian bint.

  59. 59

    Here we fucking go, another pathetic fucking loser with another pathetic fucking blog. What is it with sad case fucktards popping up on here making un-fucking-funny comments and then posting links to their equally un-fucking-funny shitty little blogs? I’ll say it again fucknuts, no one is gonna read your shitty blog, Sky won’t call and ask your opinion on anything. No one gives a flying fucking monkey fuck about what you fucking think you dull fucking mong.

  60. 60
    HenryV says:

    I expect Dave will do a Blair if, when, he doesn’t get to No 10 next time; do two years or so then piss off. As for Bercow our best hope is that somebody does across him what he likes to do to us, fuck tradition and hope somebody stands against him at the next election. Dave

  61. 61
    The Growler says:

    And they can drink Geedes under the table ;-)

  62. 62
    Bruce "Dunny" Bruce says:

    I hear that Russell Brand girl is handy

  63. 63
    Lord Croker says:

    Support them more. He has no choice.

  64. 64
    Jean Claude Drunkard says:

  65. 65
    Oh!, the fun to come. says:

    I wanna hold your hand, I wanna hold your haaanndd , North Britain doesn’t want to leave us nasty English, ahhh!.

  66. 66
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Have you read Applebaums Gulag a history – let’s be avin you?

  67. 67
    Fees Office Clerk says:

    Bercow: “A hefty donation to my re-election campaign or the ribbon gets it”

  68. 68
    elliemae9 says:

    I suspect Little John doesn’t care now, he’ll be banking on the tradition of making the speaker a peer…so he’s on the gravy train for life….smug little shit

  69. 69
    new speaker must be says:

    Gordon Brown.

    Parliament will seldom sit. No new laws.

  70. 70

    It may be needing an extra appendix.

    Vote UKIP :-)

  71. 71
    IDF too says:

    We ARE trouble!

  72. 72
    The Growler says:

    Some others would have to do some work

  73. 73
    Jimmy says:

    Fuck you asshole

  74. 74
    Cinna says:

    There’s a vote winner.

  75. 75
    John Bercow says:

    Yes, she is my nanny

  76. 76
    Screaming Banshees says:

    We always get our way, despite living under an oppressive patriarchy. Companies and politicians all fear us – one twitter campaign from the amazing and so liberated Caroline Criado-Perez then all the misogynists quake in fear.

  77. 77
    Dave 'giving it all away' Dave says:

    Yes, as long as they decide the right way.

  78. 78
    John Bercow says:

    Paid for, by Parliamentary Estate, drinking companion for Sally Bercow

  79. 79

    Either fucking or. Bored to fucking death watching a load of fucking four be twos getting all sanctimonious because a bunch of ra’g head nonces are firing shitty little rockets at them. Oh we’re the chosen people, remember what happened to the mythical six million! Fucking sick of it. Then we get the middle class wankers marching in London with their shitty little slogans and shitty little socialist workers placards, fucking tards aint got a clue. Why not just arm all sides to the fucking teeth, pull all western media out of the area and let them bomb each other back to the fucking stone age. Both sides base their who fucking belief systems on stone age texts so let them have it their way. At least then we get to sell a load of fucking weapons to both of them.

  80. 80
    Pookie Snackumberger says:

    And he will never show up.

  81. 81
    non-sweary person says:

    It’s quite funny, really.

  82. 82
    *Waves goodbye to Sammy and Joan* says:

    Does any of this sound familiar, dears? I think he was better at it, though.

  83. 83
    Sunday Canberra Times says:

    April 29, 2012

    Carol Mills, New Parliamentary Services boss declares war on bullies

    John Bercow needs a Matron

  84. 84
    Sunday Canberra Times says:

    Barely latest two years. Who kick whom out?

  85. 85
    Hoots! It's CLown says:

    Thought I had caught the ebola virus, then realised the emissions from every orifice were due to a large vindaloo and 9 pints of ‘heavy’ last night.

  86. 86
    DK says:

    Scanning Electron Microscope or X-Ray Diffraction Microscope!!

  87. 87
    Laurie Penny says:

    That’s a load of cock.

  88. 88
    Watcher says:

    Oh you want more?
    “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Izrael.” —CHIEF Rabbi of Izrael, Ovadia Yosef

  89. 89
    IDF Point Of Order says:

    If you capture a uniformed soldier but you yourself are not wearing a uniform—you have a hostage, not a POW.

  90. 90
    Watcher says:

    Iz advance during ceasefires.

  91. 91
    Anonymous says:

    I’m sure Mr Speaker will always be ready with advice if Mrs Mills gets stuck on procedure. And hey there’s always Lynton round the corner if things get really tough.

  92. 92
    Watcher says:

    Problem is that the ZIoLoons drag us into fighting wars for them.
    That is the crux of the problem!

    Without leeching on the west they would have failed long ago.

    That’s why ZioLoon Jeebus and his Hasbara chums are here, boring the shit out of everyone spreading their Iz propaganda shlt.

  93. 93
    Watcher says:

    You ARE racist supremacist scum who think they are the master race.

    IDF: Outhitlering A-dolf

  94. 94
    Watcher says:

    Izrael: Outhitlering A-dolf

  95. 95
    jimmy says:

    You need mental help.

    Fuck you asshole.

  96. 96
    Anonymous says:


  97. 97
    concrete pump says:

    We don’t care.

  98. 98
    concrete pump says:

    Ain’t your blog c*nt..!

    Don’t like it….fuck off.

    Still don’t care.

  99. 99
    Jizra muzzie tax opponent says:

    16th Century practices returning to haunt us all

    Is ‘foreign aid’ not the same thing?

    Is it time the World rid itself of these peace loving barbarians?

  100. 100
    Jimmy says:

    No, I really am a complete fucking knob.

  101. 101
    Jimmy says:

    We don’t care….

    Fuck ‘em

  102. 102
    penny for no thoughts says:

    what gets stuck up stays stuck up

  103. 103
    Samuel Tree Alpha 6 Inventor says:

    His empty plastic box never worked as convincincingly as our empty plastic box. Plus, he was charging, like, twenty thou more than we was. Ours were very resonable at 2k up to 8k, if you wanted top of the range with four bits of paper in, as opposed to just the one.
    Life just isn’t fair. How come that bitch, Simon Sherrard, got off scot-free, and that? He was flogging MY empty plastic boxes, weren’t he?

  104. 104
    Snake Oil Dave says:

    Get back to my cock!

  105. 105
    Anonymous says:

    Is she still making records?

  106. 106
    Norm Normal says:

    Bang, crack, whoosh, boom, ratatatatat, zip, crash, bang, boom……..did someone say ceasefire?

    72hr ceasefire lasted 60mins before Hamas broke it with a suicide bomber rofl. No, no, no not terrorists rofl.

  107. 107
    Red Beard says:

  108. 108
    Anonymous says:

    Eastbourne Pier: It’s an ill wind that doesn’t blow someone a picture opportunity.

  109. 109
    Norm Normal says:

    Why haven’t any Gaza citizens complained to the media about the disruption and being woken up in the middle of the night by Hamas rockets being fired?

    Odd that isn’t it? 1000s of rockets fired over many years and no palestinian in Gaza ever acknowledges having seen one?

  110. 110
    Fuck Nose says:

    I guess he got lucky with the God Squad/normal people ratio on his jury. The faerie-worshippers are reluctant to find fault in anybody with more faults than than they, themsevles, have.

  111. 111
    Natalie Rowe says:

    Is it time to set up an owl bacon sarnie stall, yet?

  112. 112
    Anonymous says:

    If he knows what’s good for him and his family – he’ll stay silent – as will most of the bought media. Let’s look over there instead at Rolf Harris. I know he didn’t kill and horribly injure hundreds of children and other civilians, but he did have sex with a 15/16 year old girl 40yrs ago. The monster – he deserves to die in prison.

  113. 113
    GOD says:

    If you think the jury system is clogged down with people of “faith”, spare a thought for those of my Plasticene people that would, literally, give their heads to be tried by these types.

  114. 114
    Samuel Tree Alpha 6 Inventor says:

    Our devices don’t work for plasticene.

  115. 115
    Witty Monker says:

    In an age of tokenism, The Clerk’s main qualification must be an ability to work under a dick, rather than have a dick under her.

  116. 116
    Wonderful Days of TV Variety says:

    Mrs Mills had a ready smile and dextrous fingers…perfect fit for the job of Clerk, never mind her lack of knowledge of Parliamentary procedure.

  117. 117
    Death to all Fanatics!! says:


  118. 118
  119. 119
    Simon Sherrard says:

    Mine does. You just need to rub the ariel thingy with play-dough and think pure thoughts.

  120. 120
    Anonymous says:

    Let’s have a little more detail please, SpeakerWatch. Given that you appear to have a snout on the inside track:

    How did this appointment get past the panel? Was the panel divided? Was there a formal vote? Were formal opinions against registered?

    I think we should be told.

  121. 121
    HenryV says:

    Shame it is not “pier” then we could set the bugger alight.

  122. 122
    Trigger says:

    Which of the contestants was the best looking?

  123. 123
    Vote Tory, get unlimited immigration, HS2, EU arrest warrant, sharia law & the snoopers' charter says:

    “There are no circumstances under which I will take Britain out of the EU.” – Supreme Imbecile David Cameron.

    Or as Dominic Cummings pointed out, “members of [Supreme Imbecile] Mr Cameron’s inner circle believe he can “dodge” the need to hold a referendum in 2017″

    Don’t vote for faux-Tory liars. Vote UKIP.

  124. 124
    Vote Tory, get unlimited immigration, HS2, EU arrest warrant, sharia law & the snoopers' charter says:

    “There are no circumstances under which I will take Britain out of the EU.” – Supreme Imbecile David Cameron.

    Or as Dominic Cummings pointed out, “members of [Supreme Imbecile] Mr Cameron’s inner circle believe he can “dodge” the need to hold a referendum in 2017″

  125. 125
    Socialists are dribbling retarded subhumans says:

    Well, given that Socialists are fuck-ugly DNA-rejects, one genetic mutation shy of being miscarried from their mothers’ wombs, my guess is the best looking wasn’t the shitty little Squeaker-dwarf.

  126. 126
    A JB Official Selection Process says:

    We picked her out from a party at Dancing Bear knees-up Party in Canberra. Takes her time over times. Always got a secound go. Big cheer every time. We naturally judged she was popular with the girls.

    Selection by the wisdom of crowds.
    She should down well in Parliament

  127. 127
    Long John Silver' s parrot says:

    £190K ?

    You must be having a laugh.

  128. 128
    Fishy says:

    I don’t think anyone should be afraid of outspoken women.

    The first requisite, though, should be that they’re not fucking thick or stupid.

  129. 129
    albacore says:

    That’s very commendable of Mr Speaker
    He’s a P C, right-on, equality-seeker
    There’s a subsidy, too, for her apprenticeship
    Perhaps, as she’s not some common white British drip

  130. 130
    Sheila says:

    Not till now you smooth talking bastard

  131. 131
    Bibi says:

    Mass murder is fun!

  132. 132
    Bloomers in rain-soaked Bongo Bongo Land says:

    What’s behind their fridges ? SLUTS !

  133. 133
    Pizza Delivery Man says:

    I dont think the Prime Minister gets that.

  134. 134
    Norm Normal says:

    You’re thinking logically again. They don’t use that system in Gaza.

  135. 135
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Malcolm Rif Kinda has a handle on all them arms sales – at arms length he could be an Israeli firster don’t yeu think … with all his ‘rhetoric’ and the backhanders he’s had from the armaments industry for ‘decades’?

    No he did not call diana and tell her to shut it either or did he?

  136. 136
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Lefty socialists ‘have to be SEEN to be anti Israel’ because most of the tribal lefty socialist wanchors – haven’t worked out who’s been funding them from behind for at least 100 years.

  137. 137
    Andy Burn-em says:

    Agreed. We should meet for a drink sometime.

  138. 138
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    There is not a jot of difference between The Labour and Conservative parties … save ‘the spin’ by the political msm meddlers – to imply that there is a difference.

  139. 139
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Cap’n Bob Maxwell – Pension thief. Bernie Madoff – thief …

    Them two are the tip of the iceberg.

  140. 140
    Betty says:

    This twit Bercow and his ……’er wife are continuing to bring the position of speaker into Disrepute. if politicians want us to take them seriously they need to get rid of Bercow: after all he was only elected by Labour to embarrass the Tories.

  141. 141
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    @watcher 7:04.

    The last time the UK were almost sucked into doing Iz’s dirty business ‘at arms length’ was around the fox werrity imbroglio. Remember ‘criminal homo’s’ will do anything ‘barbaric’ for their paymasters.

  142. 142
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Isn’t Justin – really a J and doesn’t he have a history in the financial circles of the 5hitty of Lon?

  143. 143
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    It is beyond time that Fred the shred’s ‘pension’ was – ‘grabbed back’ from the slimey git.

  144. 144
    Australian Foreplay says:

    “Brace yourself, I’m coming aboard.”

  145. 145
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    This ‘Gravy Train’ for life – sincure thingy of the past and in many areas – has hit the BUFFERS – it is a disgusting establishment pay off trick that belongs back in the ‘dark ages’.

  146. 146
    british government used alpha 6 as policy-detector right up to 2010 says:

    Following controversy over a similar device, the ADE 651, the UK Government issued an order under the Export Control Act 2002 that came into force on 27 January 2010, banning the export to Iraq and Afghanistan of “‘electro-statically powered’ equipment for detecting ‘explosives'”,[7] on the grounds that such equipment “could cause harm to UK and other friendly forces”.[3] The export ban covers all such devices, including the GT200.

  147. 147
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Dave and his Marxist mates are only holding out to 2017 – to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the Russian Revolution. i have mentioned this before – but too many ‘blinkered ones’ – fail to make the connection.

  148. 148
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Can you have a word with your son – he’s been spouting lots of contradictory stuff around here for a few weeks?

  149. 149
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Hope she’s not ‘yet another’ sheila shyster from downunder.

  150. 150
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    For the really thick there’s a dig in there at Hewitt.

  151. 151
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    The Geneva Conventions go out the window when it comes to Israel – they have also blatantly ignored hundreds of UN rulings – but hey what does that say about the pitiful UN?

  152. 152
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    ‘Someone “owns” her’.

  153. 153
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    The true reality is to first work out – who the ‘extremist feminists’ are in their midst?

  154. 154
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Oi Vay – some even Ed’s Cousin might say it could have been a J stocktake!!!

    It’s a joke …

  155. 155
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    i want’s to see Ed Mili – fingers a fidgiting – rolling up a ciggy.

  156. 156
    BlogBot says:


    Our weblog deals with lightweight tittle-tattle, gossip and rumours. Please dump your heavy meanderings in the comment section here:

  157. 157
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    He’s got the wife’s family income from global warming / climate change to keep him cushty.

  158. 158
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    About that 6 million – didn’t your forefathers have a hand in ‘selling it on’ Propaganda like?

  159. 159
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    He’s in as much ‘disrepute’ as the whole lot of them – why else do you think they are so ‘neutered’ to do anything about him?


  160. 160
    Lt Col. Nutter, BlackOps says:

    My advice is to take him out now.

  161. 161
    Anthony Fumblefuttuck MASc ( failed ) says:

    behead the poisonous dwarf and be done ( moving forwards)

  162. 162
    I probably can't change the world but I'll give it a fucking go says:

    Oh do piss off you nonce.

  163. 163
    Sally Bercow says:

    Has John’s new aussie pal been vetted for working with children? It is not for my children but it is a good way of accessing whether they are suitable to work with and being kind to a Dwarf.

  164. 164
    Sheila says:

    Oh all right then, you’ve worn me down.

  165. 165
    Anonymous says:

    Cameron will do nothing as usual he loves this stuff, he’ll allow small man syndrome to continue to make a mockery of parliament because Cameron is no better. They are 2 peas in a very small pod

  166. 166
    Anonymous says:

    Exactly Cameron wants to punish Putin for the H125 or whatever you call that plane that got shot down over Ukraine even though the British and American govts have yet to provide evidence to support their allegations. But Israel have murdered over 1000 civilians using weapons they got for FREE from the British and American governments, maybe Cameron should hand himself into the hague if not for war crimes at least for being a stupid POS

  167. 167
    Anthony Fumblefuttuck MASc ( failed ) says:

    I only told one lie today, still it’s only 10:14

  168. 168
    The computer says no says:

    I hope Dave says “NO!”, Bercow is not playing fair to the Tories and is favourably biased to Labour. I really wish Bercow would leave politics as the drunken wife of his is an absolute disgrace, she just makes you cringe at her immature self centred behaviour. Sally has no clear idea of the damage her immature behaviour is doing to her husband’s reputation and to British politics in general. Maybe she simply does care. Once Guido sorts out the corrupt midget perhaps he can help Sally into rehab and so she can get herself sorted out and grow up.

  169. 169

    “UKIP is a busted flush.”

    Vote UKIP :-D

  170. 170
    Kulak murdered by Marxist filth. says:

    Fu¥# Them. It’s 2033 that is the real anniversary. THINK.
    30 th January 2033……….

  171. 171
    Anthony Fumblefuttuck MASc ( failed ) says:

    In the Polish village that I inhabit last week I bought some really good sausage. I went looking for that shop this afternoon because I wanted to buy more of that excellent sausage. I could not find it. I went in all 6 of the Polish shops all next to each other.
    “Where is the shop that has the cooler cabinet at the back that sells the really good sausage?”
    I go into a shop I say
    “Where is the shop that has the cooler cabinet at the back that sells the really good sausage?”
    she says “Ah there is one that is closed for refurbishment, just around the corner”
    “Ok that will explain why I cannot find it”
    then I recollect there is a place that was raided by the VAT for irregularities in sales of tobacco etc, that’ll be the explanation then.

  172. 172
    JB always looking good says:

    Parliament is broadcast now

    Following BBC guidance, who ever is wearing the tights still has to look good. Men don’t fit in now wearing blue tights. That is why i chose a women.

  173. 173
    non taxable pikey says:


  174. 174
    poisonous dwarf says:

    Would one die if you ate a bit of him? No wonder Sally is continuously delirious. She needs some protection.

  175. 175

    C’ameron talks the talk, but can he walk the walk ?

    Vote UKIP :-D

  176. 176
    Anonymous says:

    It’s time to turn on the Gas

  177. 177
    Anthony Fumblefuttuck MASc ( failed ) says:

    I thought I told you to fuck off ?

  178. 178
  179. 179
    RomaBert... says:

    The man is taking the piss!

  180. 180
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Like NATO aren’t a totally Neutered and pathetic outfit like the UN … FFS EUPET – grow some you sad establishment git.

  181. 181
    Anthony Fumblefuttuck MASc ( failed ) says:

    If I can explain ?
    my relatives and ancestors fought and died and were imprisoned for this country and I don’t want fuckwit limpdick Europhiles fucking it up so please desist.

  182. 182
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    To Norm Normal – you ever tried complaining about police / politicial corruption to the msm or the government in the UK – thought not…

  183. 183
    Bob Fleming says:

    Got my vote and everyone I know

  184. 184

    If the threat is not met then that will happen again.

    Better to win, or go down trying than to surrender.

    History is happening again and hope is not a strategy.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  185. 185

    ‘Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.’ – Sun Tzu

    Vote UKIP :-D

  186. 186
    Anthony Fumblefuttuck MASc ( failed ) says:

    you do appreciate that you are a fucking idiot ?
    Where is this threat ?
    CIA sponsored fuckwittery using euro dumbfucks stirred up Ukrainian situation is my guess this is also my guess that Crimea is populated with ex KGB retirement homes, what the fuck do you think is going to happen ?

  187. 187
    Sally says:

    I said to John someone should make a film about me but he said there’s already a film called Whore.

  188. 188

    Bring in the week to cling onto power

  189. 189
    The Ebola Games says:

    Poxy Jocks

  190. 190
    Bottom Bracket says:

  191. 191
    Is Sweat and Spit Bodily Fluids? says:

  192. 192

    M’od b’ot is blocking reply – may come up later.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  193. 193
    On Gordon's doorstep says:

    And Edinburgh is full of Luvies for the Festival

  194. 194
    On your Bike Jimmy says:

  195. 195
    Chuka Ken says:

  196. 196
    Anonymous says:

    I’m sure if a UKIP member tweeted they didn’t like Islam, this Penny bint would be the first jumping up and down calling UKIP a racists party.

  197. 197

    Same here. Strange that they continue to make these allegations in the MSM.

    Anyone might be led into thinking that they were scared. :-)

    Vote UKIP :-)

  198. 198

    Would it be rac!st or good public health advice to say that if you want to minimize your risk of contracting E’bola, steer clear of B’lack P’eople and anyone who has been near A’frica recently ?

    Vote UKIP :-D

  199. 199
    Norm Normal says:

    Too BW of course not dear…someone like Guido always gets there before me.

  200. 200
    Anthony Fumblefuttuck MASc ( failed ) says:

    by imitation of Majesty and with trappings even the smallest monkey can pretend to Importance, brain gases excite new areas of fulfillment normal people take for granted.

  201. 201
    Boris says:

    Where did you obtain that masterful command of English? Western bleedin’ Samoa?

  202. 202
    Better Believe It Or Not and pay the Jizya says:

    Why is Mrs Khan wearing a miniskirt when she is a follower of a religion that strictly abjures women to dress modestly?

    Has she apostasised from Islam?

  203. 203
    Driver says:

    Steer clear of cyclists. No actually run over them.

  204. 204
    Norm Normal says:

    Would those be UN General Council resolutions that have no more bearing that a statement of opinion?

  205. 205
    Norm Normal says:

    Looks like the light still doesn’t penetrate the event horizon…..

  206. 206
    Anthony Fumblefuttuck MASc ( failed ) says:

    well that is the independence issue sorted

  207. 207
    Send Labour packing says:

    and you expect lots of pricks.

  208. 208
    Gordon Brown says:

    Is it time to come to the aid of the party already ? I’m bricking it.

  209. 209
    Roger Dewhurst says:

    Once she is there it will matter not how many MPs grasp the magnitude of the disaster. There she is and there she will stay.

  210. 210
    Watcher says:

    Be scum, be a Friend of Israeli war criminals.

  211. 211
    Jesus says:

    The geneva convention doesn’t exist for terrorists, unless it does, in which case fuck the geneva convention.

  212. 212
    Jesus says:

    The Israelis are not the master race, the English are. But they are a lot closer to the top than their neighbours.

  213. 213
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Not as much of a knob as me! The gibberish I type makes your shit read like Wittgenstein.

  214. 214
    Pope Francis says:

    Haven’t I already thrown you out once ?

  215. 215
    Skilled varlet says:

    Surely Sally is meant as a distraction from the damage Little John is doing to his own reputation.

  216. 216
    Early 21st Century man was very partial to fruitcake says:

  217. 217
    Are unicycles meant for one-legged cyclists ? says:

    That’s raceist !

  218. 218
    The invertebrate liar in no. 10 says:

    £250K in a plain brown envelope or I don’t even stop playing Angry Birds.

  219. 219
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    When is the Ebola festival starting, can you still get tickets?.

  220. 220
    Agent Orange says:

    Looks like you’ve pre-exorcised your rogative.

  221. 221
    The incredible shrinking man says:

    I ate a bit of him – look what it did to me.

  222. 222
    Fred the pensioner says:

    Oh dear. Don’t we already have enough bloody foreigners sitting in OUR parliament?

    Time to get this little egotistical runt ejected, along with that wife of his. Neither do anything to enhance the prestige of his Office.

  223. 223
    Fred the pensioner says:

    Be thankful for small mercies – at least he did not not nominate that Welsh ex-PM woman they just got rid of!!

  224. 224
    Fred the pensioner says:

    *oops, got one not too many in there for some reason.

  225. 225
    Fête accompli says:

    We’re thinking of renaming it the tom-tombola – winners get to stay alive and find their way home.

  226. 226
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    None of them have any intention of going home, getting to the UK is better than winning a gold medal.

  227. 227
  228. 228
    Fête accompli says:

    I have heard that once their passports have got them on the plane their aim is to have flushed with success.

  229. 229
    Purple Rose on a Donkey says:

    As it was pointed out on here yesterday. Weird Ed stated again that there will be no referendum on the EU if he is PM. Then consider that if UKIP get 9% plus of the vote the general view is that will secure 5 years for Weird Ed in No 10. They probably would have no MPs either or at most 1 or 2.

    Vote UKIP is lunacy because they will just enable Labour to win and achieve the direct opposite of what they want whie finally allowing the two Eds to trash the country yet again


  230. 230
    E. Bola says:

    It wouldn’t work apparently. A sufferer could leave sweat or similar on a door handle they previously used and transmission to a new host is still possible. It would have to be fairly soon after I understand but the initial victim could have left many minutes earlier before you used the same door would not have met let alone seen the person concerned

    This one is scary stuff

  231. 231
    Chuka up says:

    Only because he said things you like to hear.

  232. 232

    Guess that makes the case for separate doors, gloves, better hygiene and quarantining them.

    If there really is a problem keeping the air routes open is not very smart.

    What I get from the media is that in addition to r’ape, theft, general v’iolence and a cut in living standards, diversity also brings unpleasant incurable fatal diseases.

    May want to keep the infected away from reservoirs and waterways. If this gets into one of the native animal populations here, say a carrier like water rats, it could become a real problem.

    Just saying :-)

    Vote UKIP :-D

  233. 233

    Side by side in prime House of Lords seats, Mr Speaker’s wife and her drinking pal at the State Opening of Parliament
    Sally Bercow and Farah Sassoon pictured at State Opening of Parliament
    They sat in prime spot in House of Lords gallery for the glittering ceremony
    Last night, Speaker John Bercow accused of bringing office into disrepute
    Mrs Sassoon was given ticket to ceremony just days before donating £5,000 to his re-election campaign

    Read more:

  234. 234

    No. Voting LibLabCon is lunacy! People have been doing just this for a century. Look where it has got us:

    * From the greatest nation on earth with an empire which spanned it, all speaking English (at the beginning) to a country which is more indebted per head than any other in the world.

    * From a country which controlled its borders to one which has forgotten how to.

    * From a country of educated peoples who, no matter what background or wealth level, depended on self-sufficiency to a country of gibbering morons who crave state handouts.

    * From a country where the warning inside the front page of one’s passport carried a message which few ignored to a country where all who see the same words now scoff at the undeliverability of it.

    * From a nation whose laws were issued in the name of our sovereign, the ultimate repository of power to absolute and abject subservience to a place which is only five miles north of where we had defeated Napoleon in 1815. Jesus! Do you still not see it yet?

    Labour voters are going to shed more voters to UKIP as they don’t like any of the above either.

    Why do you think Dave is shifting his ground so far now? It would not have happened without UKIP! It will not happen without UKIP!

    Vote UKIP :-D

  235. 235

    Rail Freight Intermodal Terminals is a co-business of iPort Doncaster UK. iPort Doncaster is a largest business ever UK.

    Visit One and See it
    Warehouse Doncaster | iPort, Doncaster, UK

  236. 236
    Brook St. Bureau says:

    When Bercow is allowed to bonk Sally he has to stand on a bucket to reach – her preferred method of contraception is to kick the bucket away at the ‘appropriate’ time.

  237. 237
    Anti-poof liberationfront says:

    Save the sodomy for your boyfriend

  238. 238
    Bob cuntface Crow{Malaga} says:

    When is Ms Penny going to settle down in Buckinghamshire with a nice rich inverstment banker{ironically of course}2 Labradors an aga and shut the fuck up?

  239. 239
    Hear All See All says:

    Simon Heffer’s article ignores the UKIP attraction to those who have favoured Labour in the past.
    Many UKIP followers do not want any agreement with with either Cons or Lab.
    Both major parties have pulled the wool over the eyes of the electorate for too long, such that they are now no longer trusted.Recent disclosures of mps behaviour has lost their respect.
    Once trust and respect are lost, there is really no going back.
    UKIP is neither right nor left wing and its leadership will do well to fully realize this before cosying up to another party, alienating many of their members.
    Vote with conviction. Vote UKIP get UKIP.

  240. 240

    At least it was nt Sally or her dark haired female girlie friend with a oenchsnt for showing her Knickers….

  241. 241

    A tool?

    A tool you say !!!!

    Well .. the man is certainly a spanner….

  242. 242


    Awwwwww……… she s a wonan !!!!

  243. 243

    hoe can you cut a nonentity down to size ?

  244. 244

    Were you ever vernacularly tutored at any point in your educational road ?

  245. 245
    The two Muppets says:

    Bercow has to be sacked in any way possible .He along with his
    classy wife have trashed the office of Speaker and is very
    unprofessional with his Labour bias and the stupid interventions
    when any Conservatives are speaking .
    The worst Speaker in living memory ,even worse than Gorbals Mick.

  246. 246


    He ll never out -Hitler me and Bill. . And then there s Chelsea coming up .

    And she s popping a sprog shortly . So that s the Dynasty secured.

    The Future Belongs to Us!!

    The Bushes and Obamas can —– eat our dust !!

  247. 247
    inside out says:

    He hasn’t acted on anything else,why start now.

  248. 248
    Watcher says:

    Typical ZioLoons, pretending that this started a few weeks ago and that decades of Izraeli crimes, theft conniving and monumental hypocrisy didn’t happen.

  249. 249
    Watcher says:

    LOL, an Izrael Firster trying to ingratiate himself by claiming the Brits are the master race!
    Anyone not see the irony?

  250. 250
    Watcher says:

    If you attack people who are not in uniform you are attacking civilians.
    Not that Israel give a flying fuck about international laws and the Geneva Convention.

    Maybe the world should support the establishment of a regular Palestinian Army to properly defend them.

  251. 251
    Watcher says:

    Spot on. That is why Israel keeps ignoring the UN,
    Because Israel (STILL!) is a despot terrorist colony.

  252. 252
    Watcher says:

    How about a demonstration to protect Christians in Israel?

  253. 253
    RWG says:

    I’ve got a vernier gauge, from back in the day, when we used to make stuff…

  254. 254
    Puzzled observer says:

    She has the job. Australian under a cloud appointed to do job she’s not qualified for. Excellent work Mr Berk-cow.

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