August 1st, 2014

Speaker Responds… Sort Of
Bercow Answers Raise More Pass-for-Donor Questions

John Bercow has replied to Rob Wilson’s letter, and once again the Speaker’s response raises more questions than it answers. Bercow has largely rehashed the statement his spokesperson gave to the press on Wednesday, failing to giving any explanation for why he gave a pass to a woman who is funding his re-election campaign:

Bercow says the pass only permits Sassoon access to Speaker’s House, so why is she so often seen elsewhere on the parliamentary estate, most obviously on the terrace? The Speaker admits she is security cleared, so why has he eased access to parliament for one of his donors? Bercow has as yet given no explanation. Note also that he dodges the last question – “Did you consult with any of the Parliamentary authorities” – failing to confirm whom he spoke with about the arrangement.

Crucially, the key question remains unanswered: Does the Speaker think it is appropriate to award special access to parliament to a woman who is funding his re-election campaign?


  1. 1

    The Spaker thinks what he wants to.

    Vote UKIP :-D


    • 2
      concrete pump says:

      He was thinking that Sassoon bird would look great in a Snow White costume.


      • 11
        Toxic Labour for Spongers, Scroungers, Parasites, Criminals, Layabouts & other Wasters says:

        The usual oily, greasy, sleazy and obfuscatory answer. What did you expect?


      • 12
        Jack Russell says:



      • 13

        You would have all sorts of people sniffing then. It’s quite addictive, so I hear.

        A very happy UKIP to you this morning :-D


      • 23
        Djangos' flying circus says:

        Back of the taxi..nudge nudge wink wink say no more! Back to the Speakers gaff nudge nudge wink wink say no more guv’nor..Close friends, money changing hands, Short skirts, heels, leggy and pissed wink wink say no more!! Any more pics..

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  2. 3
    Paul Nutall of the UKIPS says:

    How many other members of Parliament also give their friends/donors special access to parliament?

    I don’t believe for a second its just Bercow.


    • 59
      The Growler says:

      I think you are spot on there, this all part of get the speaker out and put one of ours in. The whole system wants totally reorganising, who can go where etc who has access to whom, the name of the lobby firm as well as the name of lobbyist visibly shown, if the lobbyist changes firm he/she has to re apply for a pass, better control of who has a pass, electronic gates which record who goes where, time etc.


      • 69
        Sniper Spotter. says:

        I think this is a live one and will get the cat out of the bag in Westminster.
        Setting my sights on the little runt.


  3. 4
    Daft Punk says:

    How many other members of Parliament also give their friends/donors special access to parliament?

    I don’t believe for a second its just Bercow.


  4. 4
    Legal Landlord says:

    So which one is he as he clearly isn’t Happy ?


  5. 6
    Seriously says:

    What sort of person would vote for Bercow?


  6. 7
    Paniagua says:

    I pray every morning that Farage will take this fucker out in the GE.


  7. 9

    Welcome the Houses of Parliament. Insert coin(s) to continue.

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  8. 16
    Wes says:

    Q – Bercow says the pass only permits Sassoon access to Speaker’s House, so why is she so often seen elsewhere on the parliamentary estate, most obviously on the terrace?
    A – He says she can go elsewhere, but would need a full pass holder to escort her.
    Q – so why has he eased access to parliament for one of his donors?
    A – Pass issued in 2012, donation made in 2014 – hardly giving access for cash.
    Give it up its going nowhere


  9. 17
    The Bogmonster says:

    Any MP can use security as a concern to request that her clearance to parliament is reassessed.

    At that point the minature menace would be taken out of the loop, he’ll continue to interfere of course due to his cronies in certain agencies (their names are well known)


  10. 24
    Jack Russell says:

    I see the !srailly tanks have f’ucked the ceasefire already and killed four.


    • 30
      Not In My Name says:

      And you were expecting?

      Those sitting around tables with polished shoes know things are very different for those with dusty boots.

      But we tried, so what can we do? (More ammo? Certainly)


    • 32
      Lord Croker says:

      Oh dear!


    • 50
      T Blair says:

      Not enough!.


    • 71
      Not so Naive says:

      Israeli soldier taken captive. Gaza statement to the supportive BBC that it was a criminal act and if Hamas is to blame it will be punished.
      Laughed all the way to the pub.


  11. 25
    Anonymous says:

    Why is anyone funding anything for Bercow – particularly re-election.


    • 53
      rick says:

      It’s all to do with certain groups having informal access to our politicians (especially when the pol is drunk) – any information gained is power.


  12. 27
    non taxable pikey says:

    Kerry’s 72 hour truce has lasted just 3 hours. Which part of “cease fire” doesn’t Hamas understand?


    • 28
      Jack Russell says:

      See #22 you dolt.


      • 36
        Monkey boy says:

        Israel and Hamas have put into effect an unconditional 72-hour humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza.

        However, hours after the truce began, Palestinians said four people had been killed by Israeli fire, apparently in response to a rocket attack.

        From Al Beebera website


      • 72
        Not so Naive says:

        See #70 one dimensional moron.


    • 40

      Just when things are at their most desperate and bloody, just when all hope seems to be gone, up waddles that lantern-jawed idiot John Kerry to make things worse…..


      • 42
        concrete pump says:

        Even Al Gore would’ve been better.



      • 51
        Dog's bollocks says:

        The ceasefire will give some respite to the battered population. Afterwards there will be some more ransacking by Israel and about 40% of Gaza will be quasi annexed. Nothing will be done about the ongoing plight of Gaza, the embargo, etc.

        To recap, these were the grievances of Gaza, expressed through Hamas:

        1. Return of IDF tank positions so that farmers can work their lands
        2. Freeing of all prisoners arrested since June 23, and improving the conditions of those currently in prison.
        3. Lifting of Israel’s naval blockade around Gaza along with the complete opening of the land border crossings.
        4. Establishment of an international airport and seaport in Gaza.
        5. Expansion of Gaza fishing zone by six miles.
        6. Open the Israel-Gaza Rafah border crossing permanently under UN supervision, instead of under Israel’s watch.
        7. 10 year truce with Israel along with the deployment of an international observer force on the border.
        8. Israel must never enter Gaza under any circumstances and protect Palestinian Muslim worshippers at Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.
        9. Israel must refrain from interfering with the newly created unity Palestinian government between Fatah and Hamas.
        10. Rehabilitation of Gaza Industrial Zones and allowance for Gaza to create a border protection force


        • 54
          Jesus says:

          1. A reasonable request.
          2. A reasonable request providing Hamas unconditionaly lay down their arms.
          3. Not a chance until Hamas unconditionaly lay down their arms.
          4. Not a chance.
          5. A reasonable request.
          6. Not a chance. Ever.
          7. A very reasonable request.
          8. Not a chance. Ever.
          9. A reasonable request.
          10. A reasonable request providing Hamas unconditionaly lay down their arms.

          So out of the 10 demands, only three were reasonable under the current circumstances. Hamas could have just asked for withdrawal of tanks, investment in industry and more fishing rights and with a bit of give on thier side, would probably have got somewhere. But thats not what they wanted was it?


          • non taxable pikey says:

            If number 7 comes to pass I might go back to the northern border and re-open the Byzantine dig that I once did there, dolt that I am. Two nice mosaic floors and surrounding walls before I left last time.


      • 73
        Just Asking says:

        This morning the BBC stated the 72 hour truce was brokered by the USA and the UN. Kerry and that Moon secretary were not even on the ground, yet they claimed the honour.
        The BBC is now telling such porkies that they will lose even more credibility than they have now.
        The NYT has given an answer to why it never shows pictures of Hamas fighters. Have not read it yet, but we all know that their boss was DG of the BBC.
        Nuff sed.


  13. 29
    Hugh Janus says:

    Keep up the good work, Guido. This is an opportunity to nail the puffed up, self-serving bastard – something that 649 spineless MPs have so far failed to do.


  14. 31
    Mehdi Hasan,Spokesperson for Hamas says:

    We have learnt and we understand.


  15. 34
    Anonymous says:

    Guido – much as I don’t like the little guy, there’s nothing in your substantive suggestion. The donation was 2 years after the pass was issued – not cash for access unless he had a late payment arrangement.

    The best line is why did he accept the money if clearly a conflict of interest, even if one did not exist in reality, could be perceived to exist. The fact he chose not to seek advice puts the responsibility squarely on the Speaker’s shoulders


    • 47
      The Boys from Kincora says:

      The fact he did not seek advice proves what a pompous, slimy, arrogant little c’unt he is.


  16. 35
    RutlandReliable says:

    Bercow stands head and shoulders above all other true parliamentarians currently at Westminster.


  17. 37

    Did Sally ever pay the judgment awarded against her?

    Vote UKIP :-D


    • 41
      Ebola breaks out in Westminster: public expresses delight says:

      Better check her husband’s expenses..


    • 46
      The Boys from Kincora says:

      Yes, she did.

      She sold all of the furniture from their grace-and-favour (Speaker’s) Westminster residence to partially pay the damages. This was shortly before the complete refurb of said residence at the tax payers expense.

      Please don’t wipe your knob on the new curtains.


  18. 38
    A Brazilian Rentboy says:

    Bumsex anyone?


  19. 49
    David Cameron says:

    My values are J e w i s h values


  20. 52
    Liam Foxx says:

    Israel is well-restocked with american ammunition.

    Thank god for an honest broker when you need one


  21. 58

    Money equals power equals access with this guy


  22. 64

    Horse. A. Dead. Flogging.


  23. 66
  24. 79
    Polly Toynbee ate my hamster says:

    Rumours about Bercow being caught on camera wth a coke-snorting hooker were swiftly dismissed when the Speaker claimed that the woman in question was his wife.


  25. 80
    Bonar Law says:

    No, Guido, NOT “his spokesperson”. You mean “his spokesman” – the grammatically correct generic term. “Spokesperson” is achingly right-on, precious political correctness – which we expect from Labour or the LibDerms, not from you.


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