August 1st, 2014

Reality Check for McPangloss


John McTernan must surely be nearing peak McPangloss in The Scotsman this morning…

“…today, no-one has ever doubted Ed Balls’s brilliance. What no-one could anticipate was quite how brilliantly he would grow into his role.”

Guido likes McTernan, he has a dry wit, with a certain concentrated menace that lurks in his soul, eager to be released. His new self-appointed role as a panglossian Labour media cheerleader just doesn’t suit him. He just goes over the top and humiliates himself.

For example, just before the European elections he told nervous Labour loyalists to relax, they were going to win the Euros. UKIP convincingly won the Euros…

Claiming no one doubts Ed Balls’s brilliance and events have proved Balls right is just silly. Half the shadow cabinet have their doubts, Ed Miliband did not even want to give the job to Balls – giving it at first to Alan Johnson. Most importantly and in direct contradiction to McTernan’s central thesis, as the economy recovers sceptical voters doubt even more the supposed wisdom of Ed Balls and have increasing confidence in George Osborne:


Go back to attack, McPangloss, it is what you do, cheerleading just doesn’t suit you…


  1. 1
    Sarah Millington says:

    Balls, Burnham, Miliband – same old Labour – cultural & economic vandals.

  2. 2
    bergen says:

    Ken Dodd’s finally found a worthy successor.

  3. 3
    ancientpopeye says:

    Paid or dumb, maybe both?

  4. 4
    Things Ed Balls is good at: says:

    Ed Balls is brilliant at:
    – ruining the economy
    – knifing colleagues
    – wasting money
    – racking up debt
    – flipping houses
    – bullying civil servants
    – boosting the Tory vote

  5. 5
    Lord Digby Jones says:

    Ed Balls should apologise for his economic failure.

    In the week the economy returned to pre-crisis level… Why I, as an ex Labour Minister, think Ed Balls MUST apologise for the mess he left us in.

  6. 6
    concrete pump says:

    Is there a psychiatric term for this level of delusion..?

  7. 7
    Guffaws says:

    Where can I find this comedian at the Edinburgh Festival. He sounds hilarious!

  8. 8
    Steve No-One says:

    I doubt Ed Balls’ brilliance.

  9. 9
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:


  10. 10
    Philip the Accountant says:

    No one doubts Ed Balls’ “brilliance” …I certainly don’t I taught him all he knows and a damn good cup of tea he made too ..pity about him being unable to add up a column of figures but that’s not a liability in my line of work more an asset

  11. 11
    He's brill says:

    Ed Balls predicted a “triple-dip” recession and it turned out there wasn’t even a double-dip recession. Brilliant!

  12. 12
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:

    Hi there, Ed Balls, nice to meet you. Are you buying fish ???

  13. 13
    The Libor party says:

    You’re doubting too far, too fast.

  14. 14
    Four-eyed English Genius says:


  15. 15
    Toxic Labour for Spongers, Scroungers, Parasites, Criminals, Layabouts & other Wasters says:

    Yes same old incompetent, useless idiots. Give them an economy and they’ll trash it. give them a Country and they’ll trash it. Give them a NHS and they’ll trash it. Give them a whelk stall and they’ll trash it, ad infinitum.

  16. 16
    Tory Bare! says:

    Definately better suited to Leg Breaking than Cheerleading…

  17. 17
    Howdy do dere honey says:

    Yeah Man !

    Dis sure is de Black Friday innit ?

    FTSE 100 6659.99 Down -70.12 -1.04%

  18. 18
    IslandiaGirl says:

    What have Walter Mitty and Ed Balls have in common.

  19. 19
    still walking into darkness says:

    yes, it’s called the Labour party.

  20. 20
    Ed Balls says:

    Ed Balls?

  21. 21
    Anonymous says:

    Why should we even question ED’s abilities? When everyone knows that he was,with his leader, excellent disciples of the master of economic principles and market forces the great, one and only Gordon McMental Brown. Saviour of the world by his own admission!

  22. 22
    The British media are cunts says:

    This is the same guy who still thinks invading Iraq and Afghanistan was a great idea AND that we should also be attacking Syria

  23. 23
    still walking into darkness says:

    Balls was on LBC on Wednesday. The idiot was briefly talking about flat rate tax and how it didn’t raise the overall take of revenue as predicted by basic economic theory.

    Except for the fact it has where it’s been applied, Russia, Mexico, Latvia, Romania and so on. If it’d been anyone else that would be a shock to have such a lack of knowledge for someone who could be the Chancellor, then again why am I surprised as he has such extensive experience of economics having never worked in a bank or had his own business or even run a business.

  24. 24
    Tim Yeo-Yo says:

    You just know that Ed Balls only went into politics because he was bullied relentlessly at school.


    Your just know that the entire opposition front bench went into politics because they were bullied relentlessly at school.

  25. 25
    Hear All See All says:

    Last week, the EU told Switzerland that it was not prepared to negotiate quotas on free movement of people despite the result of their referendum in which the Swiss electorate voted in favour of renegotiating rules on the free movement of persons.
    Interestingly, the decision not to negotiate was apparently reached by unanimity amongst EU governments, meaning that the UK opposed allowing the Swiss to ‘renegotiate’. This is awkward for David Cameron, he was left with a choice of either giving Better Off Outers fresh ammunition (“see what the Swiss can do outside the EU”) or accusations of denying the Swiss a similar right to which he wants to give Britain. In addition, in that old EU tradition, the Swiss are effectively being asked to ‘vote twice’, with a view to them voting ‘the right way’ the second time around.
    Swiss President Didier Burkhalter has announced that Swiss voters will be asked to vote on the future of their bilateral relationship with the EU “by the end of 2016 or the beginning of 2017.”
    If David Cameron is re-elected, Switzerland’s ‘renegotiation and referendum’ could coincide or foreshadow the Conservatives’ efforts.

  26. 26
    One Pound Fish Man (tricky second album) says:

    One pound fish, very very good
    Ed Balls, very very fishy

  27. 27
    Wonderin none red star says:

    Would you buy a used car from that guy in the picture, would I hell, every time he comes on telly, I turn it off , just in case he he nicks my money jar, he and his mates screwed up my pension and destroyed any values the country had, I want to see him and Bliar and Brown and Balls and the rest of Liebour sh1t that were in between 1997 to 2010 given a minimum of 20 years hard work in a high security prison, even if we have to build one for them.

  28. 28
    Theory of Relativity says:

    Compared to a black hole then I suppose Ed Ballsup is brilliant, as he emits the stench of failure of which some of the particles may well be photons.

  29. 29

    Who said ‘polishing turds’?

  30. 30
    Ah! Balls says:

    Looks more like a condom to me, with the working end snipped off

  31. 31
    Rickytshirt says:

    His ideas are certainly ‘fringe’.

  32. 32
    Mr Clifford says:

    I understand that the condition of Rolf Harris is now satisfactory and stable.

  33. 33
    DeadWood Milliband says:

    Look at how brilliant he is, most people blame the bankers for the financial crash not labour now that’ brilliant!

    No-one points out that before Brown/Balls the business plans followed by banks like Northern Rock/Bradford and Bingley was not possible, it was excessive borrowing that was the main cause that lead to the down fall of RBS & HBOS again rule changes by Brown/Balls where required to allow this to happen.

    The other problem with Blair/Brown/Balls is that they confused light regulation with turning a blind eye to regulation, just look at all the scandals that where allowed to develop under their watch.

    In business, the NHS, police, government etc… there will always be a % of evil people and the bigger the door our politicians open, the more evil these people will spread ! The last government opened the barn door and this government has only just started the process of closing it.

  34. 34
    Wonderin none red star says:

    Camoron won’t be in after May 2015, so who cares, we will be too busy fighting red Ed and his Liebour trashing whats left of this beautiful country, I wonder if the Scots after next month will they be singing Scotland the brave or England I wanna hold your hand, oh! the delights that the English will have if the Scots say NO, we will be able to go to North of England and sell them some beads, never will we have to watch Mel “Brooks” dressed up in a kilt shouting “freedom”.

  35. 35
    Col. Nut says:


  36. 36
    Only a Mong would vote for him says:

    Will Balls lose his seat come the election?

  37. 37
  38. 38
    Spazmong bell-end says:

    Milliband, Balls and Harman. If that holy trinity cannot win the election for Labour, I don’t who can!

  39. 39
    nell says:

    “ed balls brilliant” +++++laugh+++++

    well maybe he meant edballs is brilliant at being a complete economic dunce!!

  40. 40
    Mustaffa Postal vote says:

    He might do, if it wasn’t for us.

  41. 41
    Ed Balls says:

    Ed Balls

  42. 42
    Economics 101 says:

    Before he wrecks the country again, please can someone explain to Ed Balls what the difference is between a subsidy and a tax?

    And that raising the top rate of tax from 40% to 45% isn’t a” tax cut for millionaires”?

  43. 43
    The Growler says:

    “Guido likes McTernan”, now then Geedes, that can be taken two ways, depending on your mind set. With Ballsie he did have one very irritable boss who threw Nokias and goodness knows what else at his underlings, do you honestly think if that boss had a thing in his mind he would be put up with being corrected, on paper Balls should be more than adequately qualified to do the job of CoE, Gordy was listening to the banksters and other financial businessmen lobbying for less and less regulation. Maybe the the things that were missing in great quantities were, common sense, logic, and a questioning mind (nobody askes for anything without it being advantage to themselves)

  44. 44
    The two Muppets says:

    You could not make this up if you tried , this must be the most
    incompetent Shadow Cabinet there has ever been .headed by
    the two muppets who helped trash the Country last time .

  45. 45
    There's no doubting says:

    The brilliance of this:

    Ed Balls 2011 – “I don’t think we had a structural deficit at all”.

    Ed Balls 2012 – ” Of course there was [a structural deficit]. I’ve never denied that”.

  46. 46
    Owen Jones QC says:

    Here we go chaps.

    Entertainer Rolf Harris applies for permission to appeal against conviction for indecent assaults, officials say

  47. 47
    Mad as a Hatty says:

    I think Ed Balls was right to do it, and right to apologise

  48. 48
    Officer Dibble says:


  49. 49
    Socialism is theft says:

    In order to prove his ‘brilliance’, Ed Balls must provide firm evidence that magic money trees exist.

  50. 50

    “No one doubts Ed Balls’s brilliance” Eh ?

    The only time I did not “no one doubts Ed Balls’s brilliance” was when he was wearing a Nazi uniform.

    Otherwise “Ed Balls’s brilliance” I use as a weathervane – if he says yeah, I KNOW to say nay is right.

    Perhaps the most destructive force (after Brown) in UK politics: Ed Balls.

    Alan Douglas

  51. 51
    The two Muppets says:

    I think that Ed Balls must have a GCSE in media studies or some such
    other useful academic achievement . What he knows about the real world and economics you could write on the back of a postage stamp .

  52. 52
    Jack Pieman says:

    That reminds me, txt Santiago.

  53. 53
    Jean Claude Drunkard says:

  54. 54
    The two Muppets says:

    You forgot death camp Burnham .

  55. 55
    DK says:

    ebola ummuna narcissum wiki n. medic. , a particularly deadly virus from the swamp region of Southwark, it has a propensity not to affect local indigenous chav species, symptoms are delusional behaviour, a greasy coffee coloured sheen on the skin, withdrawal symptoms when faced with contact with a lesser species; experts on the left point to what they think is a close cousin virus prevalent in the USA – ebola obama – but this is subjective; avoid contact at all costs!

  56. 56

    Another loser just desperate for power

  57. 57
    Mycroft says:

    So this chaps job is creating derision and mockery right!?!

    He must really hate Ed Balls to say such things, does he work for us?

    I love this guys schtick, we at UKIP couldn’t pay people well enough to do this sort of sh’t, the master of mockery.

  58. 58
    Ed Balls - My brilliance says:

    My boss, mad Gordon McMental, had the ambition to be an elected Prime Minister, not just an appointed heir to Blair. To that end, he laid waste to the British economy. I aided and abetted him all the way, and in so doing destroyed the future of the many, not just the few.

    Brilliant? You decide.

  59. 59
    Mycroft says:

    Us, we’re the magic money trees, give us all a shake and we spill money and if you don’t you’re in court.

    You can’t any longer withhold money, they can now just take it from you.

  60. 60

    Presumably, that’s the one that Gideon found and has been pouring wonky wonga into the Economy called The National Debt. No risk of it being a Bonsai. It just keeps getting bigger, even faster than when McMental was notionally “in charge”. And someone says that Blinky McMental MK II is “brilliant”? Oh shit, not again.

  61. 61
    Mycroft says:

    So, does anyone know what ‘qualifications’ the chap has?

    Does he get paid for taking the p’ss?

    If so, why?

    The more I hear this chap the happier I am, he is a recruiting sergeant for UKIP and the Tories but I read he’s ‘pro-labour’… how does that work?

    Does he ruin Labour’s prospects on an official basis, does he realise the amount of ridicule he generates on every subject he speaks about?

  62. 62
    VoteEdGetBalls says:

    Wow, this guy McTernan must be sad he never had the chance to work with Stalin and Beria.

    Most odd that his article should be published in the Scotsman. I guess one of the reasons Scottish voters handed an unprecedented parliamentary majority to the Nationalists was their revulsion at this sort of Stakhanovite nonsense that regularly spews from the mouths of Labour Party hacks.

  63. 63
    Vlad the Loudhailer says:

    Interesting that Balls is complaining the the gross GDP figure may be bigger but the GDP figure per person is lower. Guess what, there are now 4.5 million more people in the UK than in 2008. So the reason people are still feeling poorer is because we have been culturally enriched and 2 million of the 4.5 million aren’t economically active.

    Labour have made us poorer by trashing the economy and at the same time allowing unbridled immigration. Brilliant!

  64. 64
    Old Blue Eyes says:

    “…today, no-one has ever doubted Ed Balls’s brilliance. What no-one could anticipate was quite how brilliantly he would grow into his role.”

    Is he taking the pees? If not the man is a bigger idiot than Balls.

  65. 65
    Mycroft says:

    Absolutely right!

    The great mystery to me is that we have a rubbish Decorator of the Exchequer atm and yet the opposition field someone that is worse!!!

    If the Labour party had a financially nous Shadow Chancellor he could destroy the Decorator in a trice.

    But if you have financial nous you won’t be able to join the Labour party because that very ‘nous’ excludes you from doing so, the Labour party has a vacuum in it’s financial heart, they invested so much faith in the the Grim Gordon only to be let down in spectacular style and that has destroyed them not only in our eyes but also right to their own core.

    It is hard to believe this, but Ed Balls would be actually worse than the Decorator and that is astonishing, truly astonishing.

  66. 66

    This is the “elegant”, Civil Service based, concept of democratic choice. The system has been finessed to the point where it purports to “represent” a majority of the Electorate but no identifiable group of voters that exercises any real control of the actions of those claiming electoral authority not by the de facto choice of them but the unsolicited agreement to implement and pass Laws that the Electorate did not seek, approve or indeed agree with.
    It is time to scrap the system, rusticate the self-serving twerps, kiddy-fiddlers, GLTs, fraudsters and the rest.
    Balls… “Brilliant”? No chance. Very ordinary, just knows where the bodies are buried and who put them there. He should stick with crashing his car, not the Economy.

  67. 67
    J. Fred Muggs says:

    Other people seen (by some) as brilliant: Adolf, Pol Pot, Stalin, Ally McLeod, Russell Brand, Jimmy Savile, Tony Blair…

  68. 68

    Stark, staring bonkers.

  69. 69

    No. The Brownian plan was to “grow” the Economy by printing money. However, there are only two ways of doing this ie through your Central Bank or through the public Banking System. Both ways destroy the inherent value of the Currency and savings, but doing it whilst making the electorate feel good and keep voting for you is a cunning stunt. Thus one uses the public banking system. Come on stage “Derivatives” and sub-prime mortgages, stir in the Wholesale Money Market and almost unlimited leverage of borrowings to unlimited consumer borrowing and spending, widespread property bubble providing camouflage for spurious paper-profits “supporting” unearned spending. Call deficit running Governments and PFI “Investment”. And just keep going until the system implodes when there is a growing realisation that the whole thing is one big fraud. Seeing that The BoE invented the Derivative Instrument. RBS and HBOS merely did what permitted and even rewarded with Gongs and funded the PFI splurge we will pay for over the next 25 years. And Balls was in at the beginning as an adviser to Brown’s folie de grandeur. And all it needed to start this enormous Ponzi scheme was most of our Gold Reserves…….
    Most master criminals are quite bright, but what makes them criminal is their total absence of any sense of guilt for their actions. Enter, stage Left…..Ed Balls.

  70. 70
    Dangerous Brian says:

    You forgot Stephen Fry, the idiots idea of what a clever person is.

  71. 71
    Charlie says:

    Sounds like a courtier at Louis XIV’s court or a Hapsburg in the XVII century

  72. 72
    Llareggub says:

    Sounds like an excellent candidate for Private Eye’s “Order of the Brown Nose”.

  73. 73
    Not In My Name says:

    Well what can one say in the face of such crass nonsense?

    Clearly adoption the North Korean School of political analysis.

  74. 74
    Jesus says:

    Why shouldn’t he appeal? If you or I were convicted of a crime we would have the right to appeal so why shouldn’t anyone else? Its an important part of our justice system.

    What we should be outraged about is why convicted perverts like Ian Watkins, Rolf, Max and the rest get to serve thier sentences in special safe pervert prisons, where heirachy amongst inmates is dictated by how aweful your crimes were.

  75. 75
    The Establishment is infested with Nonces says:

    Well, if you understand the difference between deficit and debt, then you will know that the deficit has been decreasing. So long as a deficit exists at all, debt will continue to increase and was always going to increase for the entire length of the current Parliament.

    Yes, failing to reduce the deficit to zero and balance a budget by the end of this parliament is a failure of this coalition government.

    However, labour were not even going to do that, and planned only to half it, regardless of increasing taxes and spending to ever more insane levels, which means that if labour had won in 2010, that the current level of deficit, would be much higher than now, and the overall debt would be heading towards 200 billion more than it is now. What is terrifying is that those where the plans of the moderate Alistair Darling.

    Ed Balls and Ed Miliband are far far worse and would tax, borrow and spend much much more than the coalition has.

    The coalition managed to stop our economy plunging off a cliff, but they have not properly turned it around and it is still balanced precariously near the ledge.

    Balls would strap rockets to it and fire it over the edge and into the abyss.

  76. 76
    Yvette Balls says:

  77. 77
    Mycroft says:

    We are yet to pay the price for QE, the reality is that the moment you print any money or stamp a coin, it loses value, not just from the influx of the cash into the economy but due to it having to be paid for in a Fractional Banking system.

    So, effectively when we read that ‘promise to pay’ bit we should view that in the light that we will at some point the Nation as a whole has to pay for it.

    This is how that works ‘on the ground’… you get a pound, you have to do something for it, I’ll use work for the moment but ‘product’ is a better name for the pay back, a pounds worth of work/product.

    But the pound you received immediately is worth (in work/product) only 98p and next year it’s worth 96p and so on.

    QE injects huge amounts of intrinsically devalued money into the system, then you add the ‘supply/demand economics to the equation and the pound is worth slightly less again.

    The former is a long term cancer, the latter is far more immediate in its effects, we are suffering these effects at the moment, we are yet to fulfil our ‘promise to pay’ bit yet.

    We will have to in 2016/7/8 and the only ‘way out’ will be the production of Shale Gas as we sell it to our neighbours and buy out the QE ‘promise to pay’ debt.

    I have to tell you that the major Banks and Banking system is NEVER going to be the real solution, even the gas will for 10 years of production just be frittered away to settle that ‘promise to pay’ debt.

    This is the course chosen, it is the only one on offer by ‘everyone’, no escape except to change financial arrangements to a form that excluded the Banks taking that ‘promise to pay’ debt out of the equation, but that is so radical, so ‘extraordinary’ that no-one dare speak of it, let alone promote it as an option in this or any ‘First World’ economy.

    Cutting out the Banks as the means of State finance is a terrifying prospect for the vested interests across the World, there would be no ‘middle-man’ making the serious money and that simply won’t do!

    It can be done, it has in the past been done and it worked.

  78. 78
    Ed Cooper says:

    Ed Balls’ Voting Record: ‘TheyWorkForYou website’.

    Voted for equal gay rights.

    Voted for allowing marriage between two people of same sex.

    Voted against an investigation into the Iraq war.

    Voted for more EU integration.

    Voted against a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU.

    Voted against a reduction in spending on welfare benefits.

    Voted against raising the threshold (personal allowance) at which people start to pay income tax

    Voted against higher taxes on plane tickets (to cash in Britons going on holiday).

    Voted for a banker’s bonus tax (so Labour can waste more money on themselves and useless projects).

    Voted against reducing the rate of corporation (for small/medium size businesses).

    Voted against measures to reduce tax avoidance.

    Voted against reforming the NHS so GPs buy services on behalf of their patients.

    Voted against greater autonomy for schools (so schools can stay under complete control by Bureacrats & Trade Unions).

    Voted against academy schools.

    Voted against a transparent Parliament.

    Voted against fewer MPs in the House of Commons.

    Voted against an equal number of electors per parliamentary constituency.

    Voted for introducing ID cards.

    Voted against capping civil service redundancy payments.

    Voted for measures to prevent climate change.

    (1) Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper ‘flipped’ homes three times: MPs’ expenses (The Telegraph, 15 May 2009):

    “Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper, the husband and wife Cabinet ministers, “flipped” the designation of their second home to three different properties within the space of two years”.

    (2) Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper face probe after claiming more than £14,000 travel expenses for their children (Daily Mail, 7 March 2011).

  79. 79
    Gary says:

    No, its not the ‘same old Labour’. Maybe I’m showing my age but I remember when they were a left wing party! Really, they were! Mr McTernan’s pronouncements are entirely unfettered by fact, reason or morals. He wants to be Alistair Campbell or even Mandy but sadly isn’t up to it, he’s more along the lines of Bagpuss, but not as good natured or well liked, or cuddly..

  80. 80
    Not surprised says:

    Her father beat Jospin into the run-off a while back, so mot surprising. The muzzie problem is bigger there than in the UK

  81. 81
    Wun Hung Lo says:

    McTernan’s a wrong un or I’m a chinaman

  82. 82
    Rupert says:

    McTearful is a wanker. Balls is a wanker. Rachel Reeves used to be a wanker till she had the gender realignment surgery. Now she uses Angela Eagle’s dildo

  83. 83
    Yvette Balls says:

  84. 84
    bill says:

    bless-somebody has to support balls .has balls made any correct calls regarding the economy;no

    what will happen if scotland gets independence with these angry wee guys go home?

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