July 31st, 2014

Sally’s Pass Pal Claimed to be ‘Agent’ and ‘Miliband Adviser’
Mystery Over Farah Sasson’s Donation and Access Grows

The row over Bercow’s donation/pass mystery is escalating. Tory MP Simon Burns has weighed in:

“I do not quite see why at the request of the wife of the Speaker a friend should be given a pass to the House of Commons – in that they are not usually given to MPs’ friends. It makes it look rather difficult for the Speaker when he then receives a rather nice cheque for his election campaign – and leaves him open to criticism and questions.”

David Morris MP tells Guido this morning that Farah Sassoon introduced herself to him on the Commons Terrace as ‘an adviser to Ed Miliband’ saying she advised the Labour leader ‘on all sorts of things’. Another Tory MP, speaking on the condition of anonymity for now, says that on a separate occasion Ms Sassoon claimed to be Sally Bercow’s agent. If this is true it adds a rather unsavoury commercial angle to why she has been allowed unfettered access to Parliamentary estate. Who is this mysterious character, and to what end is she really using this pass?

Whether she’s a friend, a Labour adviser, or Sally’s agent , the line from the Speaker that this is all dandy does not hold water. Crucially, Bercow’s spokesman dodged the question of whether proper advice was sought before he accepted a donation from this mysterious business woman. Even if there is an innocent explanation, as an example to all MPs, the Speaker must be whiter than white. Yet each day brings new questions…


  1. 1
    Tyrion says:

    An Argentinian never pay his debts.


  2. 2
    Big John says:

    Morning mongs!


    • 10
      Long John Silver' s parrot says:

      Morning Master.


    • 14

      There is a c’unt almost depicted in the photo, if you follow it up to the right and I am not talking about our esteemed host.

      Vote UKIP :-D


    • 108
      The Growler says:

      Good mornin me old matey. Geedes if she was a Teddy ‘band advisor, surely Teddy would have issued the HoC pass, so it’s a good chance that she has told at least one porky. She should be down as a lobbyist shouldn’t she, she is tying to get business for her company or some other company but without revealing she is an actual lobbyist. The whole system of lobbying should be revised, the whole thing has just become a farce.


  3. 3
    MI5 says:

    We’re on to this!


  4. 5
    L'il John Bercow says:

    Stop it! You’re all just picking on me!


  5. 6
    Jack Russell says:

    I predict a post about John Prescott’s c0ncentr@tion c@mp comments coming soon.


  6. 11
    Hoots! It's CLown says:

    Visited the Edinburgh Sea-Life Centre at the weekend, but didn’t stay long. Looking at beavers isn’t really my thing.


  7. 12
    Gelfdulknut says:

    She is Labour’s fixer for party conferences. And she is absolutely vile.


  8. 13
    generic taxi driver says:

    just put on an innocent face and everyone will believe you … honest!


  9. 15
    Farah S says:

    I was demonstrating the ‘squeezed middle’ to Mr Miliband.


  10. 16
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    95% of Israelis, that means J*ws, Arabs, Muslims, Christians, and 13 other religious affiliations, support Israeli action in Gaza.

    In the circumstances I think that I had better take the refund and fuck off.


  11. 17
    12 says:

    Perhaps she is the person who advised Miliband how to eat a bacon sandwich with repose.


    • 49
      Jimmy Young says:

      No, she is the one who books all the hotel bedrooms for the Labour Party.

      She is very good at it apparently and is very successful.


  12. 18
    A Chinaman says:

    The crotch shot in the Daily Mail is much better than here.


    • 90
      Jack Ketch says:

      Exactly what is “the Sun” offering a free trial of? The blonde one, the dusky one with Swatch on show–or both?


  13. 19
    Swedish birds says:


  14. 24
    Will says:

    It will be the lies that get the speaker trying to dig his way out of this. She could well be a bit of a chancer as a lot of lobbyist are, but the speaker should have refused the donation.


    • 38
      Cinna says:

      I confess to being a little confused. I was under the impression that the Speaker was unopposed, by tradition, at elections. That being the case, why would he accept a donation on behalf of his “election campaign”. To what use, exactly, will this money be put?


  15. 27
    Will says:

    One of the Tory grandees as chairman of the party would get donations and if he thought they could damage the party would return them, as he was whilst an old duffer at least he had the experience to realise that donations could come with strings attached or potential embarrassment to the party inthe future.


  16. 28

    Can’t help but wonder who lent her the knickers she’s wearing in the photo. Wouldn’t have been Sal…


  17. 29
    Pompous Ass says:

    I have spoken. The long and the short of it is that my wife and I are hors concours.


  18. 31
    The Bogmonster says:

    There’s no point to all this.

    None of the highly paid MP’s have the balls to really have a go at the minature menace for this, he knows he can get away with it.

    There’s no real mechanism to suspend the speaker over such claims as he will simply lie and which of the chinless wonders (i.e any MP’s) will do anything, even say anything in public???

    Where are the TV reports about this?

    Hey Guido how about getting yourself on the Daily Politics and get it out in the open, invite the poison dwarf too!


    • 72
      Winston says:

      Quite. Bercow is untouchable, as Speaker, but also, as the ultimate LibLabCon politician. He has no party loyalty, no political principles and does not give a toss about the public. He’s in it for himself and to maintain the One Govt establishment.

      Support UKIP to break the political/media establishment.


  19. 33
    Britain's Obama is the New Ed Milimong says:


    • 37
      Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:



    • 39
      Ebola? Will we be so lucky... says:

      When’s he next off on his taxpayer funded jolly to Nigeria?

      Should be immediately if you ask me.


      • 48
        he Critic says:

        Perhaps a trip to Guinea or Liberia would be in order?


        • 52
          non taxable pikey says:

          Guinea, where cerebral malaria is rife, double whammy, if Ebola doesn’t get him the Malaria will.
          A few years ago a collection of Oil Companies (is there a collective noun for them?) said to Mbasogo that they would like to make a programme to wipe out Malaria on the island of Bioko since it was affecting not only the indigenous population but also the oil workers, and that they were prepared to spend about $10 million to do it. Mbasogo said fine, and here is the Swiss bank account for the $10 million.


        • 56
          prayers answered says:

          i’ll pay for the flight if he takes diane abbopotomus with him


  20. 34
    Misandrists says:


  21. 36
    Joe Public says:

    Westminster is stuffed full of corrupt hypocritical ConLibLab thieves.

    Why pick on poor little squeaker? Surely he is entitled to his fair share?


  22. 42
    Chuka ( you can call me Harrison ) Urmunneyaround says:



    • 127
      inside out says:

      Ha Ha very funny Glasman,perhaps we should move all our assets off shore that would work.


  23. 43
    Eadon says:

    So, let me get this straight, the Speaker is a Tory MP who has given his wife’s mate a pass to act as an adviser to the Labour party. Then he accepts a donation from the same woman to fund his own campaign.
    I wonder if this “Milliband adviser” declared to Millliband that she’s a donator to the re-election fund of a Tory MP.
    I also wonder if the Tory party commends one of it’s MP’s giving a “Milliband adviser” a pass at the request of his left wing wife. I was going to say, “free pass” but it seems it wasn’t entirely free.
    If this woman has been declaring herself an Advisor to Milliband and then funds The Speaker then I cannot see how the Speaker can stay in office. He’s either incompetent or corrupt (or both).


    • 76
      Winston says:

      Wise up. Modern Tories, New Labour, Lib Dems are all one. Superficial political tribalism is a sham for the peasants. Stop voting for them.


      • 124
        Eadon says:

        When the “Speaker” of the house allows himself to seem to have compromised national security in order to accept a bribe for his re-election, he has put himself in a position where a decent man would resign.


    • 91
      Dangerous Brian says:

      I’ll go with corrupt.


  24. 44
    Cocky Dave says:

    Never mind this bollux.
    Why has Argentina defaulted?
    Why don’t they just Quantitatively Ease some more pesos or dollars or whatever out of their arses and run a growing Deficit like me?
    I’ve doubled the U.K. National Debt to £1.4 TRILLION and it hasn’t caused any problems.
    The fucking stupid public neither understand nor care.


    • 57
      Tyrion says:

      QE only works for so long. This from 2012:


      “Argentina is printing money five times faster than Ben S. Bernanke’s Federal Reserve, fueling a surge in inflation that’s saddled debt investors with the worst dollar-based returns in emerging markets this year.”

      Socialists never pay their debts. Who would have thought it?


      • 102
        Ad hock says:

        Exactly – there but for the grace of Osbourne, go we. Perhaps Kirchner’ll concentrate on a decent economy now instead of rabble-rousing and annexation?


      • 113
        Un descamisado says:

        Argentina’s policies in all fields are based on the principle of compulsive repetitive disorder. Peronism/socialism/nationalism – call it what you will – they think that policies which have failed seventeen times in the past will actually work one day.


        • 118
          Cocky Dave says:

          Just like we ConLibLabbers. Fuck manufacturing and construction — concentrate on services and public spending instead.


  25. 46
    Let's celebrate murder! Wooooo! says:

    That infamous leftie socialist rag The Telegraph is being typically leftie and communist again! Oh dear! Time to shut down the Leftiegraph for being racist and communist!

    Right-wing Is*aelis celebrate the deaths of Gazan children
    Video from a demonstration shows the crowd chanting, “there is no school tomorrow; there are no children left in Gaza”



    • 54
      non taxable pikey says:

      Just like the west bank arabs when Saddam’s Scuds landed in Israel. Dancing in the streets of Jenin and Hebron as I recall. Plus ca change.


    • 121
      Jesus says:

      This is the mindset you need to defeat your enemies. Go Israel!


  26. 47
    Not In My Name says:

    Ah the ripe stench of…


  27. 53
    Paniagua says:

    Given that photo, shouldn’t she actually consult for the Labia Party?


  28. 58
    Gideon Spandau Ballet Osborne line dancing. says:

    Now if he was a UKIP parish councillor this would be on the BBC news headlines every 15 minutes, with 24/7 in depth analysis in between.


  29. 59
    Old Blue Eyes says:

    Come on Buckingham Conservatives – deselection.


  30. 60
    Tim Yeo-Yo says:

    Keep going Fawkes. I would love to see this little shit throw out of the HoP along with his slagbag wife.


  31. 62

    If there is an innocent explanation for all this, why isn’t it in the public domain? But it goes on and expands getting dodgier on the way, Is this another Dishonourable geezer waiting for the chop????


  32. 68
    We're leaving! says:

    My wife and I have already made our plans if Ed Militosser gets in. Ferry booked to France anyway for Friday 8 May 2015 06.30 hours for a 2 month holiday round various parts of Europe, and we may extend it for 5 years!

    If you think we’re going to stay in this country whilst Milicrap, Ballsup and Harperson misrule us and fuck us up, egged on by that little cretin of a speaker and crazy wife then think again!


    Of course if everyone gets sensible and votes Tory then we’ll come back!!!!


    • 71
      Little Cretin of a Speaker! says:

      My crazy wife and I would like to join you and your wife in France. You’d like us really. We’ve got leather clothes too!


  33. 70
    Not playing the games says:

    How come the plod do not know firearm laws? It is perfectly legal to carry/transport a shotgun in the UK as long as you have a current certificate, the gun is not loaded and covered and cartridges in a secure container.



    • 98
      John Bellingham says:

      The British have become gunshy. Plod is too poor or ill-bred to attend shoots or even own a decent weapon for overseas hunting trips. Firearms are now the preserve of psychotic pest control officers dressed up like Judge Dredd and only to be used against Brazilian electricians, South London thugs, Islamic radicals and stockbrokers.


  34. 74
  35. 75
    non taxable pikey says:

    Coincidence surely? BBC2 8pm this evening “Beavers behaving badly.”


  36. 78
    yawn says:

    “Yet each day brings new questions…”

    from you


  37. 79
    Bercow Bingo at the Youth Parliament says:


  38. 81
    nell says:

    ‘ an advisor to ed miliband’ +++++Laugh+++++

    that’s why labour’s campaign is in such a mess then. And does she cavort around the HoP in that black mini nightie thing she’s wearing in that photo?


    • 95
      Birmingham City Council Dept. for Education says:

      She is a filthy white whore. We are right to warn our children about these filthy Western infidel scum.


  39. 84
    Anonymous says:

    “I do not quite see why at the request of the wife of the Speaker a friend should be given a pass to the House of Commons”
    Surely to some non-existent deity. If science’s own religion of atheism, yet another belief system based entirely on personal conviction, is to be believed. All incarcerated there should be constrained to apply for passes to be allowed out, not in! I mean security is currently a complete fiasco. Just look at all those police officers on duty in Downing Street… Yet politicians still somehow manage to escape protective custody, and put the electorate at risk.


  40. 85
    Un descamisado says:

    Just watched the news on the telly. This is it:
    1. In world’s most stunning city, Scotland achieve best ever result , ninth, in Women’s T31 egg and spoon race (ten minutes)
    2. Gaza shelling (five minutes)
    3. ISIS advance (three minutes)
    4. Baby hedgehogs found on steps of Kensington Palace (two minutes)
    5. England win 14 gold, six silver medals in one day (30 seconds)


  41. 87
    Hitler had the right idea says:

    You cant trust asians or indeed those of the self chosen variety
    If she is the former Id still fuck her to an earth shattering climax before sending her into the kitchen to knock up a nice vindaloo for me
    “dont forget the poppadums love”


  42. 88

    Tim Montgomerie is somewhat effete, it would appear.

    Is he all man?


  43. 89
    The Gnome Project says:


  44. 93
    Please Sir? says:

    But If my flat was in the HoP I too would want visitor passes for my friends and family. Seems reasonable to me.


  45. 96
    Owen Jones says:

    Guido “Five Bottle Lunches” Fawkes will be forced to wear alcohol bracelets in four London boroughs http://dlvr.it/6TKlS0


  46. 109
    Weird Ed says:

    I did not have political advice from that woman, Miss Sassoon.


  47. 117

    This all stinks. Just goes to show who is really in control


  48. 122
    0/10 says:

    Sally Bercow is the roughest broiler in the butcher’s shop. She looks like a special-needs dinner lady on a night out to the bingo.


  49. 126

    Guten abend mein sehr gehrrte damen und herren .

    Heute sprecht wir nur Deutsch !!


  50. 128
    Another Headshrinker says:

    She should just admit that she is a cheap slag and sucks off Bercow for fag and booze money and does threesomes with them.


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