July 31st, 2014

80% of Tory Candidates Selected This Week Were Men

52 year old Graham Cox will defend Mike Weatherley’s 1,868 majority down in Hove, after he beat the slightly more photogenic female candidate Kristy Adams at last night’s selection.

That means four of the five Tory selections that took place this week were won by blokes.

Peter Anthony won in Blackpool South, Jeremy Moulton was selected for Southampton Test and Andrew Atkinson will be the PPC in Wrexham.

At least one woman is a shoo-in, Victoria Atkins has been selected to take over from Peter Tapsell in Louth and Horncastle.

Dave’s women problem is not going away…


  1. 1
    TJ says:

    Obsession with tokenism is killing politics. And, it seems, political reporting.


    • 11
      dai versely says:

      dave should apply the old city principle:

      if it floats flies or otherwise f…s – RENT IT


    • 49
      rick says:

      It’s all tokenism. You would think Maggie would have been an icon among feminists – having got to the top on ability, determination and hard work. But no, she wasn’t a token – she was the real thing – thus hated by the Left.


    • 52
      Voodoo Ray says:

      Vote UKIP, get Witchcraft and Angels. Bonkers

      Cheers, A Guy Called Gerald.


    • 56
      táxpáyér says:

      Were 80% of candidates men?


    • 59
      táxpáyér says:

      Guido’s site quality problem…

      80% of posts are now shite.


    • 67
      Fishy says:

      It seems like GF is advocating Labour’s ‘any woman will do, even if she is an idiot’ strategy.

      It’s not serving them very well. Worse, they’re applying it to their front bench team too;

      Whingey Whiney Balls-Cooper
      The Eagle Brothers
      Champagne Thornberry
      Rent-a-gob Flint


    • 79
      The Growler says:

      Well it looks as if it going to be all boys together, nice or is that nithe


    • 128
      Anonymous says:

      Fair enough 80% of Candidates are men.

      How many of the candidates are actually Conservatives – not UKIP sympathisers?


  2. 2
    TJ says:

    And i’ve noticed that 100% of Guido Fawkes staff are men. Looks like Guido has a woman problem. Or is it an hypocrisy problem?


    • 7
      R U Shore says:

      I heard that Neo was a hermaphrodite.


    • 9
      rocknrolla says:

      Thank you. Expertly skewered guido.

      Yes, why on earth guido is so obsessed with this is a mystery. He sounds like Cathy Newman or Jessica Valenti. Maybe he is hoping for a job with the BBC/Guardian.

      Men and woman are different. Everyone except unhinged feminists understands this. Why Guido wants to associate himself with such unthinking nonsense is anyone’s guess. My guess is Harry Cole is behind it.

      Why can’t anyone in authority just say – the best person for the job, and all else is nonsense. If a team is 100% men then who cares? They should look at top mathematicians, composers, physicists. Nearly 100% men. It doesn’t mean anything. What about convicted serial killers? Nearly all men. Again doesn’t prove anything beyond men and women are different.

      FFS guido, man up and drop the feminist nonsense. He and Cameron must be the tow biggest beta-male pussy-whipped conservatives going.


    • 12
      rocknrolla says:

      Thank you. Expertly skewered guido.

      Yes, why on earth guido is so obsessed with this is a mystery. He sounds like Cathy Newman or Jessica V.a.l.e.n.t.i. Maybe he is hoping for a job with the BBC/Guardian.

      Men and woman are different. Everyone except unhinged feminists understands this. Why Guido wants to associate himself with such unthinking nonsense is anyone’s guess. My guess is H.a.r.r.y C.o.l.e is behind it.

      Why can’t anyone in authority just say – the best person for the job, and all else is nonsense. If a team is 100% men then who cares? They should look at top mathematicians, composers, physicists. Nearly 100% men. It doesn’t mean anything. What about convicted s.e.r.i.al k.i.l.l.e.rs? Nearly all men. Again doesn’t prove anything beyond men and women are different.

      FFS guido, man up and drop the feminist nonsense. He and Cameron must be the tow biggest beta-male p.u.s.s.y-w.h.i.p.p.e.d conservatives going.


      • 15
        David Cameron says:

        I think Guido is a closet bumsexer like me and Willy.


        • 18
          Toxic Labour for Spongers, Scroungers, Parasites, Criminals, Layabouts & other Wasters says:

          I think Guido is right on this as the disgusting Labour Party will focus on the difference between their number of women and other parties. A perception of a party being female friendly can only help at the ballot box.


          • Ruffley says:

            The Conservatives ARE female friendly.


          • rocknrolla says:

            I understand where you’re coming from but i think you’re wrong. Most women are not feminist extremists that spend their days whinging on twitter about r4pe culture. Most are normal decent people who have a fairly traditional view of life, are happy to be feminine, don’t hate men and largely will support candidates regardless of their sex.

            We have though a media and the feminist loons who while small in number are vociferous and have caitlin moran, laurie penny and the rest constantly on the bbc.

            Women are as capable I believe of understanding conservatism. They often struggle with abstract concepts but they can be expressed in ways women find appealing. I think if Cameron spoke honestly and told women he will not indulge in tokenism, he will give jobs to the best and if more are men then that’s life, I beleieve women would come around. Let’s face it the extreme feminazis will never vote Tory anyway but what he is doing is pushing away normal women, conservative women, housewives, mothers etc. In the end it will hurt the tories i think.


      • 17
        Observer says:

        Is Guido actually involved in this site at present, or is he on hols? That might explain some of the leftie rubbish that’s currently being presented.

        And if he *is* involved, he clearly does need a serious holiday to get his mind straightened out.


        • 19
          Statist left in charge of the Blog says:

          You are blocked for harbouring anti communist sentiments.


        • 46

          Or is this a kite being flown for an even bigger concern? :idea:

          Is there a chance that a certain KRM might consider supporting a different party altogether and is safely testing the water?

          Now that would be something. This is the place for rumour. Where are all the TFH people when you need them? :-)

          Vote UKIP to stay in the Sun :-D


      • 118
        please give me a job in lamestream says:

        Harry Cole is Neo Guido; this post is by Wiki Guido, Alex Wickham. He’s the one who looks like a gay and whines about have his arse pinched.


    • 133
      Sir Toffington says:

      Heard Neo is a self declared women. What’s with you and your offensive labels! Can’t you just let them be!


  3. 3

    Five is too small a sample from which to draw any inferences.


  4. 4
    Anonymous says:

    Um, so?

    And why is this a “women problem?”


    • 14
      Cathy Doris Newman says:

      Because I say it is and am joining a twitter campaign to say it it. And Laurie Penny is with me. And HAdley Freeman.

      Don’t try to stop us you patriarchy supporting r4pe culture white male.


      • 39
        Birmingham City Council Dept. for Education says:

        Shut up, you filthy western whore.


        • 80
          Cathy Doris Newman says:

          I feel so enriched by your presence here. Please bring your extended family of 300 to enrich this hideously white island.


  5. 5
    East India Company Wallah says:

    Big deal
    Men are under-represented in Teaching,Nursing and Prostitution


  6. 6
    Rickytshirt says:

    Tony Blair ensured a pack of awful harridans elected. They helped to send this country further down the pan. That’s a real women problem for you.


  7. 13
    Statistickz, Statistks, Statisticcs says:

    100% of the OO blog readership (who expressed an opinion when asked) thought this was a load of old bollox.


  8. 22
    Anonymous says:

    99.9% of the casualties in the army are men, clearly there is a woman problem there as well, but I don’t hear or see feminists complaining.

    Funny that. Oh and note that the army is full of those horrible white males that feminists also hate, where are the calls for greater diversity then?


    • 28
      it will never get off the ground says:

      you have to be able to take orders, wear the clothes given and accept you will be able to have a chat every twenty minutes for half an hour.


  9. 26
    Scottish Voter says:

    ”Slightly more photogenic female candidate”…..tut tut.


  10. 31
    Ctesibius says:

    So what? The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Association has a women problem too. They refuse to allow women to compete against men, and they refuse to allow men to compete against women.


    • 51
      Anonymous says:

      Note in the Open Golf tournament women are allowed to try to enter the mens competition but men are not allowed to try to enter the womens. I wonder why that might be?


    • 54
      Evonne Billabong says:

      Their problem is that the men play a possible five sets, and the women only three.


      • 112
        A Woman says:

        We do tire easily. I think it’s something to do with what we womens call the curse. And we have lots less muscles than men. We might be able to manage it spread over 2 days though. We are weak and feminine and depend on you big strong men to look after us and shelter us from the nastier things. Must dash, Mrs Dale’s on the wireless.


    • 65
      It's the way I don't tell em says:

      Seems modern women wants to be like modern man and modern man wants to be like modern woman, I think someone has pi55ed in the tap water, life has gone topsy turvy, lets send the modern woman to war and the modern man to the hairdressers and to a dress shop.


      • 115
        Anonymous says:

        A similar observation from a teacher friend thatthe boys at his school were becoming more feminine and he put it down to increased hormones in the tap water from contraceptive pills.


  11. 32
    Renegotiation and referendum: history repeating? says:


    Provides an insight into the background re 1975 Common Market referendum and two cogent comments following the article.


    • 42
      inside out says:

      Sadly I was conned in 1975,I voted for a free trade association involving 6 countries.I rejected the views of Peter Shore and Enoch Powell, if given the chance I won’t make the same mistake again.


      • 58
        táxpáyér says:

        PPE mis-selling costs a few billion.
        EUSSR mis-selling costs billions EVERY YEAR.


        • 113
          A Sane Person says:

          PPE ‘miss-selling’ should have cost anything at all. Caveat Emptor. It is quite scandalous the industry that has built up around supposed miss-selling claims.


      • 108
        Village Idiot says:

        ….It was you was it??….Look what you did!….I was 22 and voted NO!…and have endured the years of change and decay,the dilution of our population,the religious tensions and unfettered immigration eversince!….I could go on about lack of deference and civility,probably brought on by our elites ineptitude that has been exposed!


  12. 33
    John77 says:

    BUT the only safe seat went to a woman. The four men were selected for seats that Labour won in 2005, mostly by massive majorities – Hove is only winnable one. So Cameron gets one more woman in Parliament to replace a man and has three men fighting unwinnable seats. The only marginal is Hove where the local association picked the person they thought was the best.


  13. 34
    At least half my logic is Politicaly correct says:

    Kick out all the compromised homosexuals and replace them with women.
    They might be shit but at least they’ll have less skeletons in the cupboard.


  14. 38
    Gary Bloke says:

    Guido’s phrase “down in Hove” is somewhat Londoncentric. How about simply “in Hove”?


  15. 40
    Happy Families says:

    Westminster continues to appeal to descendants of previous occupants.Victoria Atkins is the daughter of the former MP and MEP, Sir Robert Atkins.


  16. 41
    MB. says:

    What proportion of people applying to be Conservative candidates were men?

    If 80% of candidates were men then I can’t see what the problem is.


  17. 45
    It's the way I don't tell em says:

    The woman MP for Wirral West will have to use her networking skills in May 2015 after she’s booted out and replaced with a piece of Liebour crap, the hate for the Conservatives in Wirral West is really warming up to a lot of swear words, at a local wedding over the weekend and I just got out alive when someone kicked off on politics and I stupidly mentioned I voted Conservative in 2010, I said in May 2015 I will be voting UKIP and the mob settled down a bit.


  18. 48
    Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar says:

    You have to ask yourself what percentage of the candidates for selection were men. If it was 80%, there’s your answer.


  19. 50
    Speaking of quotas says:

    How many MPs are 4×2’s and how does that compare to the less than 0.5% representation of them as a percentage of the entire UK population?


    • 77
      Jack Ketch says:

      In this Parliament 24 – Conservatives 12, Labour 10 and Liberal Democrats 2. However, if one includes the ethnic, but not religiously practicing, variety, one gets 33.


  20. 53
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    What I want to know is how many of the 80% went to Eton or are into bumsex perhaps Dave will redress the balance regarding the other gender at a later date.


  21. 55
    common sense says:

    Hattie harperson
    and Diane Abbopottamus are a good reason to advocate less women in politics


  22. 57
    IslandiaGirl says:

    I simply do not agree, the Tory Party is Full of Old Women…


  23. 60
    IslandiaGirl says:

    Plus, more Gays than Women…but no one mentions that…


  24. 61
    I. Candy says:


  25. 62
    IslandiaGirl says:

    Perhaps Tory Spin could count Gays as Women… Perhaps..


  26. 64
    Anonymous says:

    It’s Guido’s obsession with tokenism. He can’t help it. Slow news day. Not something I’d sign up to his newsletter for.


  27. 68
    Jim says:

    100% of people giving birth are women.

    It is simply not acceptable for them to have such a monopoly on childbirth.

    I shall start a campaign to root out this blatant sexism.

    I know a lot of politicians DO attempt to inseminate the men, but none of them seem to end up pregnant?

    It’s just not fair, I’m sure plenty men would make great Mums.


    • 75
      F##k the LibLabCon says:

      You’re on to something there Jim…

      Just think of all the lovely bennies we could claim.
      Child tax credit, child benefit, get to the top of the list for a free council house, housing benefit, council tax benefit. Oh and there’s the maternity pay, oh and the CSA, we could get them to hunt down the bastards that impregnated us and rob them blind. Not to mention always getting a seat on the bus or train, front of the queue at the airport, jumping queues where ever they’re I could go on and on.


    • 89
      Anonymous says:

      I think the politicians are going about the insemination the wrong way.


    • 91
      Gordo McMong says:

      I go impregnated by Tony once and nine months later I gave birth to a deep fried Mars bar. The bastard he never paid me a penny!


  28. 70

    American bombs and bullets for Israel, god bless America and its dumb Goy tax payers!


    PS. Did I mention 6 million?


    • 84
      _JustSayNo_toFriendsofIsrael says:

      Israel has abundant resources – thanks to the US – to easily win the ‘battle’ in Gaza.

      But Israel has already lost the propaganda war amongst global public opinion.

      And how will the US be able to justify supporting/arming/financing a pariah state ?


  29. 71
    Music Is A Great Weapon In A Political Struggle says:


  30. 76

    Real women Vote UKIP – Best female representation by %’age.

    Vote UKIP :-D


  31. 81
    albacore says:

    Dave’s problem’s not token women. It’s token Brits
    He imports them in millions to get on your tits
    Neither is it having to take E U orders
    That might be an excuse for wide-open borders
    Except that he picks the E U rules he’ll obey
    And won’t forbid halal slaughter in the U K


  32. 82
    Pookie Snackumberger says:

    I sell mens shoes. Will I have a woman problem if I don’t sell a percentage of them to women?


  33. 83
    F##k the LibLabCon says:

    I know this maybe considered heresy in this day and age but has it ever crossed anyone’s mind that maybe women just don’t find politics as interesting as men.

    There, I’ve said it. I shall now don my hard hat, close my twitter and wordpress account and wait for the police to arrest me.


  34. 92
    A Labour voter says:

    I will be voting for Labour no matter how many times they bankrupt the country. They have a better quota of wimmin, and that’s the main thing.


  35. 93
    Bloomin' Godfrey says:

    Who the bloody hell is going to clean behind all the fridges?


  36. 96

    Shark jumping ?

    Vote UKIP :-D


  37. 98
    Killing is fun! Let's kill thousands more!! says:


  38. 99

    Oh no, the PC brigade will be so upset!


  39. 103
    Bubbles says:

    That 80% can be chimps for all I care, as long as they are qualified and capable of doing the job…..


  40. 104
    • 121
      Kulak murdered by Marxist filth. says:

      This girl needed to bin that job and get a life. What she needed is a good Royal Navy Stoker.
      She will then not need the second class sexual gratification of toys. Only 15 ? I hope my ex missus reads this. Still on her own. Ungrateful bint.


      • 122
        Kulak murdered by Marxist filth. says:

        Oh sorry. The Royal Navy standard is. Twice a night and once a morning.
        To make it clear. Night counts as any part of the 1st or Middle watch. Morning is last 2 hours of the Morning watch and 1st 2 hours of the Forenoon watch.
        Out side of these hours are designated as Afternoon Delights, after the song.
        NOTE !! These are minimum standards as laid down in BR 69. Guide to minimising reputational damage. ( Expect more ladies )


  41. 105
    Anonymous says:

    So those you voted at the Hustings made the wrong call?
    It is getting hard to separate Guido from Westminster Elite who know better than the electorate on some issues


  42. 107
    Socialism is theft says:

    Dave has a species problem. All the Tory MPs are human, FFS. Well with maybe an odd exception.


  43. 109
    Edward Balls says:

    Could be worse Guido.
    20% of Tory Candidates could be women!


  44. 110
    Anonymous says:

    What wrong with selecting the best qualified person for the job.

    Oh yes that only works if they also have the right bra size


  45. 111
    BlackpoolsGayBopper says:

    Oh yeah **Sing it Peter**


  46. 116
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    What is so very very wrong with being a man these days ?


  47. 117
    Cocky Dave says:

    We bumsexers don’t need those wimmin things


  48. 120
    Rupert says:

    They should have chosen my Becky. She would bend over backwards to accomodate her boss, and I should know sport.


  49. 123
    Denise Pennis says:



  50. 126
    Ken Brown says:

    I hear Liam Maxwell has been offered a safe seat? Funny since he is still screwing up his public sector job.


  51. 127
    gildedtumbril says:

    Rubbish! They’ll all be bent. Those that are not bent will not be straight.


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