July 29th, 2014

Tories Map Ed’s Inadequacy in Labour Quotes
Interactive One Nation of Labour Criticism

This morning as Labour continue their summer assault the Tories are reminding everyone of the Labour Party’s own doubts about Ed Miliband with a new website, JustNotUpToIt.com:


The interactive map is populated with pins, click on a pin and a local Labour critique of Ed pops up. The map is, to coin a phrase, Ed’s One Nation Labour in their own despairing words. Have a browse here


  1. 1
    Anonymous says:

    But significantly ahead in the polls which speaks volumes about the British distaste for the Conservatives.


    • 3
      McPoison says:

      ‘Significantly’, Ed ?


    • 4
      British public says:

      speak for yourself you lefty twat


      • 22
        Anonymous says:

        A bit unfair “you lefty twat ”
        I dreaded cameron and clegg and I have been proven correct I likewise dread the Eds but they will win.
        After the break all labour will wish to talk about is welfare reform and the heartrending tales from the alleged victims of Camerons Eton buddies, uncaring ,nasty party.If you add to this the never ending financial debacle of Ian Duncan Smith and his Universal Credit and the horrendous cost of subsidising the pompous asses like Gove and co…… Labour victory and another series of disasters


    • 11
      Tim Yeo-Yo says:

      Significant at this part of the election cycle would be somewhere between 8-10%. 1-3% is not significant.

      Maths never was Labours strong point was it.


      • 20
        Dead Hand Miliband says:

        It’s OK, we say that raising the top rate of tax from 40% to 45% is a “tax cut for millionaires” and we get away with that too


    • 23
      Cheap immigrant Labour is the new slave trade says:

      Listened to a play set in the time of the African slaves the other day and it was an eye opener to hear that exactly the same economic arguments were made then about slaves as are made today about the immigrants. That is, the economy would collapse and British firms become uncompetitive if Britain did not have access to a cheap and plentiful external labour force.


      • 33
        Dixie doodle dandy says:

        There weren’t that many African slaves in Britain, were there?


        • 44
          Kunta Kinte says:

          Yes Sir Massa


        • 123
          Robert the Biker says:

          No, but there were a great many in the sugar plantations in Jamaica


        • 141
          History repeats says:

          The argument then put about by politicians and business leaders. End cheap slave labour and Britain’s economy and its companies would collapse.

          The argument now put about by politicians and business leaders. End cheap immigrant labour and Britain’s economy and its companies will collapse.


        • 191

          The West Indian sugar plantations depended upon slaves. the areas were fever-ridden and white workers died too easily. African slaves lasted longer, but who cared when a slave died? Sugar was so important to England that during the War of american Independence, the Navy’s priority was to defend the Sugar Trade, not to defeat the fundamental terrorist and traitor Washington.


      • 90
        visibly shaken says:

        unless it was a play written at the time it cannot be taken as factually accurate.


        • 194

          The Oxford History of England has much to say about the slave trade, and indenture, which was effectively slavery for poor whites. Sounds like the play has at least some basis in reality.


    • 86
      Hey Nonny Mouse says:

      And what are the Tories saying about Cameron ? Come on Labour, get your map built too. Remember its all about having a go at your opponents, its nothing to do with running the country


    • 112

      D’oncaster has them rattled now.

      Vote UKIP :-D


      • 152
        Mycroft says:

        Their worst fears are becoming a reality, the run up to the 2015GE will see the Labour party involved in so many ‘volte faeces’ :) that the electorate will get giddy keeping up.

        We at UKIP are keeping a record of these changes of direction in this last year for all the main Labour and Tory voices.

        The weather vane is slowly rotating at the moment but by May of next year it will be spinning like a good’n.

        The four points of the compass will be Left(W), Right(E), Confusion(N) and Obfuscation(S)

        It’s spinnin’, it’s spinnnnninnnnn’

        Chris Rock clip… NSFW… loud and rude, but spot on.

        Repeat, NSFW NSFW NSFW NSFW


        • 156

          Cons are sort of doing the same – but will likely try to more draw alongside UKIP on policy.

          Should be easy for UKIP – just pick a few choice battles, stay on a steady course. People prefer a consistent line – it is synonymous with stability and implies honesty.

          Choppy seas and all that.

          Vote UKIP :-D


          • Mycroft says:

            Indeed they are, every week now and every day as we approach the GE they will turn their back on all the rubbish they’ve spouted in the last 4 years then turn their back again on those words as they get slated for it, great times ahead.

            I have to say it’s very fulfilling to go on the stump and find people want to talk to you, when in the past I campaigned for the Tories it was often dire, go to the door with UKIP and the response is amazing.

            I could drown in the tea and become an Abopotamus on the cakes proffered. (Diane, join UKIP, f’ck the diet… oh, you already did :) )

            I run out of leaflets taken from my hand more often than not, often I don’t have to post them, people take them and read them.

            There is real resentment locally from the local tory office, we have their ground crew almost entirely.

            Scared witless is our local tory office… kill-off the useless and VOTE UKIP.


          • Folk chatting positively about UKIP on trains, not on the phone – among themselves, unprompted but audible, reflects profound public sentiment.

            The real power lays in the housing and council estates. Those folk are seeing benefit cuts by all parties, but see a credible future in return offered only by one.

            Despite the derision most who are state dependent do not want to live that way.

            The message of reclaiming and then rebuilding Britain appeals as they will be in the front line there. Maybe trading benefits for a share of this national responsibility is a truly powerful message which is beginning to resonate.

            The L’ibL’abC’on credibility is close to zero with many, but the clear message of national direction which means something to the majority is what betrays their intent, and undermines them.

            UKIP style civic nationalism is where the real post-EU appeal is, and people are figuring out that once the UK exits the EU such a representation from themselves is needed in W’estminster to set the tone.

            Vote UKIP :-D


          • Apthorpe says:

            UKIP are starting to be seen as the best hope of bringing about real change. The thinking part of the electorate have seen their living standards eroded and their localities transformed in an unplanned way by immigration sanctioned by LibLabCon and then have been held in contempt by this same elite when they question the grand politcal project of the EU we’ve been signed up to without being asked. And they wonder why UKIP are on the up!
            The danger of Ed getting in to No 10 is a worry, but less of one than not doing anything to change things in the long term. Yes he could do damage but not a great deal more than Dave in full flow. We have to risk it because if we fail this time I suspect that we won’t get another chance for a very long time.


          • The two Muppets says:

            At my local Conservative Club ,the majority of the members
            that I have spoken to voted UKIP for the European elections.
            but have said that they will revert back to the Tories for the G.E.
            They like myself fear a Labour Government that will trash
            our Country much more than a fear of Europe .


          • Mycroft says:

            TTM, you are right, many in the higher reaches locally have become detached from the ground and think all is well.

            But when they try to campaign they can’t find a quarter of what they could just 3 years ago.

            We’ve got them.

            It’s a looming disaster for both parties, Labour as just as aloof to voters and despite an almost tribal allegiance many are coming to realise that, we are in year 2 of a 12 year campaign culminating in the 2020GE, where (just as the date suggests) people will see clearly what we have become.

            We’ll make a good show and effect the role of the state in 2015, but the real fruit of our labour will be in the 2020GE.

            That is our advantage, we think ‘long term’, make solid gains, bolster them then build on them.

            Evolution lasts, revolution ends in disarray.


          • The two Muppets says:

            If Labour get in next year it will be too late to pick up the
            pieces after 2020 .
            Miliband along with the rest of his incompetent Shadow Cabinet
            will have bankrupt the Country by then .


          • Mycroft says:

            TTM, I have to admit that Labours commitment figures are worse than the Tories and their fear of appearing anything but the greenest green on fracking etc will cripple the UK.

            But as we are killing Labour chances just as much as we are the Tories that excuse/fear-mongering aspect is really run it’s course and it didn’t work then and as time passes it works less as each side make the same claim. The EU vote proved it’s a dead meme.

            You should first vote for what you believe, if there is no chance of your choice gaining traction then the option of tactical voting is good, but it is second best, low rent politics of despair and this time around entirely redundant.


    • 132
      labour's lost loves says:

      ..and about gullibility


    • 196
      Orson Cart says:

      They are ahead in the polls, because 40% of the electorate are feckless, immigrants, or both. These are added to those that had it drummed into them since birth, that you vote for a bin of horse manure, so long as it’s sporting a red rosette. They then have the advantage of an unfair constituency seat allocation. Milibland does not need substance, he has it all sorted by fat Len!


    • 216

      I have to agree.


  2. 2
    Hamspam Chowder says:


  3. 7
    Bibi says:

    Prepare for a prolonged conflict. We’ve only killed a thousand civilians. There’s still many thousand more we need to kill.


    • 15
      Tim Yeo-Yo says:

      I’m sure they’ll stop as soon as Hamas stop firing rockets.


    • 16
      Long John Silver's parrot says:

      From where I am sitting it looks to me as if those Palestinians have bitten off more than they can chew this time around.

      Leaflets outside Tescos won’t get them anywhere despite what they might think.


    • 40
      Allah's little soldiers appear to be losing says:

      A thousand civilians with guns and rockets..


      • 133
        The Growler says:

        They have no air force or tanks. All these states in total uproar were all part of the old Ottoman Empire that was dissolved after WW1, parts meted to France and the UK, Israel was formed out of Palestine at the instigation of the USA who told the UK that Palestine should be given to the *ewish diaspora against the wishes of the UK government’s wishes, after WW2 the *ews had their own terrorist groups ending in the blowing up of the King David Hotel, killing some Brits.


      • 143
        HasbaraSpotter says:

        So let Palestinians have a proper military to excercise the right to defend themselves!


        • 169
          Marquis of Queensbury says:

          Take everones weopons away and sort it out like a man.Leader of A rabs vs Leader of the chews.Winner get the land the loser can fuck off to Australia,theres plenty of room there.


      • 221

        Resuscitate Moshe Dayan. He ll finish it in Seven Days.


    • 105
      Norm Normal says:

      Some useful info including:
      The fake images from Gaza – BBC study finds many images re-tweeted were taken in other countries such as Iraq and Syria. BBC video.


      Those Hamas tunnels mapped, estimated cost of materials in longest tunnels $3million:


      Hamas Rockets fall short and hit hospital and refugee camp, some 200 rockets fell short during current hostilities:


      IDF opens hospital for Gaza, Hamas prevents access:



      • 211
        The Growler says:

        They say that the under the Temple of Solomon is a rabbit warren of tunnels and there are a lot of legends associated with them, the J3wish state does not want these tunnels to be investigated.


      • 222

        Surely cannot Israel just locate the exit area of the Hamas tunnels on their own side of the border and pour quicksetting concrete down there . That should delay the ragheads for a few years.


  4. 8
    JustSayYes_toFriendsofRussia says:

    OK, so Russia urgently needs free military equipment, training and funding from the US & UK.

    We don’t need you to criticise us on how we use the weaponry on our neighbours.

    And you are not allowed to criticise Russia in your MSM.

    Is that clear ?!

    And don’t expect anything in return.

    Only then will you become a valued ‘Friend of Russia’.

    President Putin.


  5. 9
    McPoison says:


  6. 10
    NicNiewart says:

    Ein Volk! Ein vaterland! Ein Euro! Ein Danzig!


  7. 12
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    Rejoice that you will never have to have him spending 60% plus of all your money.


  8. 13
    Shooty* says:

    Hmmmm…. needs a pin on Luton saying “Death to the Western, intellectual Shai-tan! AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”


  9. 14
    albacore says:

    The dirty kettle calling the pot black?
    This one-party state, ain’t it alright, Jack?
    It’s time the mugs gave Parliament the sack
    And, at last, we got democracy back


    • 17
      And the bodies were flying out of the sky says:

      Do you really think the BBC will let the voters vote as they want for a Far Right Parliament ?

      Of course they won’t.


      • 32
        albacore says:

        The BBC has had its chips
        Stuff the guff from its lying lips
        Now folks have got the Internet
        Who needs a mouldy TV set?


        • 224

          Hear hear. But how many of the Retardati can actually USE the Internet ?

          Most are still watching Coronation Street and Eastenders and when it comes to Elections will dutifully place a cross for Labour believing Clem Atkee is still on the ballot ……


  10. 18
    JustSayYes_toFriendsofRussia says:

    I think we will just bomb a neighbouring country, because I want to steal some more land.
    Actually I can’t be bothered – I’ll just ‘loan’ some soldiers and military hardware to a neighbouring country’s ‘separatists’.
    If they shoot down a civilian plane by mistake then it’s just collateral damage.

    …well it’s not like we are bombing a known UN school, now is it…?

    President Putin.


    • 150
      Scorer says:

      … especially one with a pile of rockets hidden in the basement too…


    • 154
      Scorer says:

      Oh bugger – forgot you can’t use the word to describe downstairs on here for some reason:
      Try again:

      Scorer says:
      Your comment is awaiting moderation.
      July 29, 2014 at 10:15 am

      … especially one with a pile of rockets hidden in the base ment too…


  11. 19
    Tim Yeo-Yo says:

    The fact that it contains a quote from Sunny Hyundai slightly ruins it for me. Still pretty hilarious and Fatbott hasn’t even opened her gob yet!


  12. 21

    Miliband or Cameron? It’s like choosing between the last two items in the food bank.


    • 27
      Anonymous says:

      A particle of sense at last


    • 42
      Come in number 1 your times up says:

      Usual the last two items of anything, are their because people don’t want them, the packaging is tired and ripped and the writing is hard to read because so many people have had their hands on them and put them back on the shelf, people are waiting for the newest item to be put on the shelf, that will only happen when people realise the last two items should be dumped and new items with fresh untouched packaging should be on show.


    • 185
      Luke Eemier says:

      It’s like choosing between lung cancer or prostate cancer


    • 226

      .. both rancid cheeses well past their Use By Date and oozing listeria…


  13. 28
    Come in number 1 your times up says:

    Soon as I saw Yeo yo on tv last night agreeing with fracking, then I knew it was the totally wrong thing to do, even though I originally agreed it was a good thing, with Yeo yo involved, I want it stopped right now or until he has fcked off out of our lives and has gone to other countries selling his type of greenery.


    • 46
      Vote Dave? Get stuffed says:

      Fracking or rely on Putin for our energy needs? No brainer.


    • 60

      Yeo is clearly following the money, Green crap is out, fracking is in, Tim is looking for a directorship or two old boy…


      • 81
        Mycroft says:

        He always has, it’s all he’s ever done.

        The very worst sort of MP, his back-pocket dictated his ‘moral compass’ just as forcefully as any Lodestone.

        Fracking has always been kinder on the eye and environment than the Windmills he advocated for so long.

        As you say, the ‘renewable’ Directorships are low on pay now that the subsidies are going down the Swannee.


    • 119
      Dear Green morons says:

      Windmills will not power my boiler and it can get rather cold here. Fracked gas is more environmentally friendly than gas shipped in from Qatar. That’s all.


  14. 30
    And? says:


    • 34
      England is becumin a ferd world cess-pit innit says:

      yeah cos london is full of ferd world scum


    • 36
      Fatties of the world unite says:

      What about an obesity tax Diane my love?


    • 41
      Matron says:

      Oh I so wish London was in Scotland. Abbottapotamus is the right BMI to be Scottish after all.


    • 47
      nell says:

      could that be something to do with the fact that London incomes and property prices are also significantly higher than national averages?


      • 159
        Economist says:

        No! It is the result of idiot Tory policies that set benefits at a lever at least twice what they should be. It is no surprise whatsoever that landlords look at tenants’ benny income and pick a number accordingly. Sod all to do with supply and demand.


    • 50
      anon says:

      Obviously whitey’s fault init.


    • 51
      Red Ken Lyingscum says:

      It’s called supply and demand. Once we opened the floodgates to rich,multicultural diversity, they came in their millions.

      P.S. What’s Red Ed done about my Peerage ?

      Liked by 1 person

    • 54
      An Import says:

      Diane, me and 68 of my Muslim Brothers are living in a 20ft transport container in the back yard of a local Imam. He is charging each of us £100 a week (well the Soshul service to be precise).

      Is this a fair rent?


      • 157
        Scorer says:

        No it is nowhere near a fair rent. It should be at least 950 per head – that way you may get the hint that you are not wanted here and to effoff back where you came from.


    • 55
      Ma­­qb­oul says:

      Rent controls? Ha, all that will do will remove property from the marketplace. The reason rents are high is primarily because there is the demand.

      Council properties all seem to occupied by council officers and employees.


      • 121
        bank account details please says:

        just do what the whole of hounslow do and stick up an illegal shed in your back garden for illegal types to live in illegally


    • 62
      Ed Miliband says:

      Diane, shut these fools up.

      Invoke the Bankers Tax.


    • 108
      Fatbot likes to quote Sweden says:


      • 173
        Ma­­qb­oul says:

        Rents in the rest of UK are only half the average cost of a property in London.


        • 183
          Tim Yeo-Yo says:

          Diana is doing a fine job of keeping rents down in her constituency. It’s remained a shit hole since the day she became an MP.

          The mongs who keep voting for her are thicker than one of her bingo wings.


    • 231

      Even worse if in a room with Fatbot as her waistline reduces the potentially occupyable space by 50%


  15. 39
    David Axlegrease says:


  16. 43
    nell says:

    ‘ as labour continue their summer assault ‘ What on ? The bacon sarnie? I thought they’d fell off the edge of the earth – haven’t read or heard anything in the news about them for weeks!!


  17. 48
    JustSayYes_toFriendsofRussia says:

    So, if you really want to be a Friend of Russia…

    We need you to influence UK foreign policy in our favour – no questions asked.
    If anyone steps out of line we will intimidate/smear/harass them until they submit.
    So basically, just do everything I tell you to do and just ignore any UK criticism of your efforts to shine as the bestest Friend of Russia.

    President Putin.


    • 56
      Ironymyarse says:

      FerChrissakes, shut the fuck up.


      • 66
        Matron says:

        He is waiting for his daily copy of the morning star to fall through his letterbox. Then he will STFU while he masterbates furiously over the copy.


  18. 57
    Chukka Umunna says:

    Should I be worried that some Muslims are renting my place in Ibiza next week?


    • 70
      Fishy says:

      So was the White House actually around in 600 AD?

      I must have got my War of Independence dates wrong.

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    • 76
      Mad,mozzie Medievalist says:

      So we’ve got to wait about 50 millennia before that marvellous day eventuates then.


    • 93
      Monkey Boy says:

      We’ve got Ebola to worry about ahead Jam Jam’s nonsense. Could be in the UK and the reat of the borderless EU thanks to the whole of Africa slowly migrating here.

      Anjem Choudary – hasn’t the DWP assessors sorted out why the lazy fat nutcase isn’t working yet?


    • 147
      HasbaraSpotter says:



  19. 58
    Is the Ukraine in the EU? says:


  20. 59
    Mr Galloway says:

    Not all Muslims are nasty, evil people.

    For example, my neighbour Ahmed offered to lend me his rucksack for my journey to CIA headquarters this morning.


  21. 61
    Are you going to stand Guard Gordon? says:


    • 68
      Executive Summary says:

      YOU must ensure that schools are never targeted in armed conflict


      • 155
        HasbaraSpotter says:

        So stop being a fecking Izrael fan then, Gordo.


        • 178
          Norm Normal says:

          The IDF radar surveys Gaza 24/7. No projectile goes unnoticed. If McMental and his silly wife could use google they would find the radar plots and info showing the school, the hospital and the refugee camp were all hit by Hamas’ own malfunctioning rockets.
          Can’t post link modbot will not allow it.


      • 206

        Not allowing the use of schools as arms dumps would be a good start.


    • 74

      What if they are firing rockets from the cover of them though? I guess they would have to go in on the ground then to stop it. Oh I think I see a problem here. They cant do that either. So in other words they just have to be bombarded with 1000’s of rockets and shut up about it.


      • 87

        Hang on – the Israelis kee telling us what a wonderful anti-rocket system they’ve got, how they’re prepared to spend money protecting their civilians, unlike Hamas. You can’t have it both ways.


        • 91
          WTF says:

          Why are you replying to your own posts?


        • 95
        • 104
          FSB says:

          Classic sockpuppetry.


        • 127
          Cynic says:

          So why don’t they get their own anti-rocket system and protect their own civilians?

          Oh but then there wouldn’t be any victims to photograph to try and get sympathy.

          They could also fire their rockets away from populated areas… but again no sympathy pictures.


          • HasbaraSpotter says:

            1,115 Palestinians, most of them civilians, have been killedy while Israel has lost 53 soldiers and three civilians – two Israelis and a Thai worker.

            Says it all!

            The Iz have ordered all Gazans to conentrate in the Coastal half so their shelling of them is more effective and they can bulldoze housingand infrastructure in the cleared half without pesky interference.


          • Flat earth society says:

            … and then send the bill to that fat cowardly git hiding in the Doha Hilton.


          • Norm Normal says:

            Radar plots show over 200 Hamas rockets fell short in Gaza this month. Mysteriously no data was released listing deaths, injuries and damage. Odd that isn’t it?

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    • 77
      Malala says:

      Email me or call one more time and I’m getting a restraining order you creep.


      • 130
        Robert the Biker says:

        Don’t you have a home to go to? In, like, another country? Or are you another one who is permanently our problem?


    • 80
      Liam Byrne ( aka Baldemort ) says:

      We must also ensure that Labour are never again allowed anywhere close to stewardship of the UK economy.


    • 193
      The Critic says:

      He is quite right and no-one will disagree. However,that’s not what is happening in Gaza. ‘Schools are not being targeted’ I doubt the IDF is deliberately killing children. They may be missing targets,or have misidentified them, as may Hamas.

      War is not a precise business.It is however a bloody one.


    • 204
      Boko Haram says:

      But where else are we to find nice christian girls to kidnap, convert, mutilate, subjugate and rape?


    • 232

      Sleep with one eye open, gripping your pillow tight


  22. 64
    Ed Weirdoband says:

    Its not that bad for Ed on his interactive map of critique. At least that seem to like him in John o Groats and Lands end.


  23. 65
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    Guess what’s hiding underneath a bathroom vanity cabinet in Gaza ? Yes, a Hamas Terror Tunnel http://youtu.be/nJO9LzLOfxs


  24. 71
  25. 78
    Fishy says:

    I see that mass murderer Burnham has piped up again this morning wanting the Tories to end Labour’s policy of allowing the NHS to use the private sector, including some cancer care in his favourite county, Staffordshire.

    Providers say that if Burnham got his way he would be denying patients prompt and much needed treatment.

    Burnham will never learn – he puts the NHS above people even if they have to die because of his dogma. It remains a mystery why Weird Ed ever made the creep Shadow Health Minister after his performance as Health Secretary.


  26. 83
    Yes,you've guessed correctly,they're black says:

    A lot of people are reading this story about a knifepoint ‘gang robbery’ at a park in Ashford at the weekend http://www.getsurrey.co.uk/news/surrey-news/gang-rob-teens-knifepoint-ashford-7521916


    • 92
      Owen Jones says:



      • 182
        Colourful world we live in says:

        If the darkly-hued thugs had been smiling, the lads involved might have seen them coming…


    • 111
      Diane Abbott says:

      Let me ax you sum ting. Do you tink doze boyz wanna be stereo typed like dis?


      • 149
        Gok Wan says:

        Seriously though luv, if you are going to go out and rob someone at knife point, you could at least look good, i mean man bags are a so 2010, this isn’t Angola you know dear (yet) smarten up, i for one know that if I get taken roughly from behind, i want him to be a snappy dresser


    • 164

      Something similar was said by R’ussian commander in E’ast U’kraine yesterday:

      And it was a M’iliband weird presser…

      Vote UKIP :-D


  27. 84

    As everyone says, if the Tories were that confident they wouldn’t spend so much time attacking Miliband. We all know they’re shit-scared. (Though I can’t imagine why).


    • 89
      Ed Weirdoband says:

      They are shit scared. So am I because if Weird Ed gets in it will be a disaster for us all.


    • 99
      Last Bastion says:

      Or perhaps we’ve simply reached the point in the electoral cycle where replacing a party leader, even one as terrible as Red Ed would be even worse than keeping him, and so the Tories can attack him as much as they want, safe in the knowledge that he’ll still be a giant shit covered millstone come election time.


  28. 85
    Chris Fanshawe says:

    A bit mean!

    Poor bloke’s a loser but everyone knows it, there’s no need for yet another website.


  29. 97
    Monkey Boy says:

    Did ‘Ed’ really think he was PM material? What a deluded c*unt. When the autistic sixth former was elected as leader after that humanoid disaster zone Brown it was clear to most people he was a temporary. That said anyone who would vote for a party that contains so many dysfunctional wankers, fuckwits, liars, thieves and fantasists must be MAD. Do names like Brown, Balls, Abbott mean nothing? Same for the current Tory party – what a bunch of c*nts.


    • 103
      Ellie-Mae (9) says:

      Yep, come 2015, we might as well have 3 piles of fudge, one with a blue rosette,another with a red one and an orange one on the third pile.
      Let the party politicised sheep pick their favourite fudge and save all the money we spend on the crap representation we currently have.

      My flavour is purple.


      • 158
        sometime I wonder, then I think who cares says:

        Sadly the idiots in the North West especially Liverpool and the area’s around it will vote Liebour, they’re dads voted Liebour and they’re granddads voted Liebour and so will they vote Liebour, the hate for the Conservatives is real and they believe everything from the year dot is the Conservatives fault and they will blame the Conservatives for the meteorites that are hitting them on the head when the end of the world happens, the area’s apart from Liverpool centre are left wing sh1tholes and will always be.


  30. 101
    The Worst Recovery Ever says:


  31. 102

    It’s getting to be a case of “stating the bleeding obvious.”


  32. 106

    It would have to be completely covered with pegs if it was a true representation


  33. 113
    • 125
      Ed Millibandwagon says:

      Look, it’th not about photo opth, and it’th not about image……and it’th altho not about opinion now ether.

      *thinks* If only I had one decent policy to shaft these doubting Thomases with.


    • 126
      A cheeky scouser says:

      Apprently if a 17 year old girl gets her jugs out, photos them, and sends a copy to her boyfriend she is committing a criminal sexual offence.

      If it wasn’t for the British Press none of us would have known this.


    • 172
      Education, Edyerkayshun, Eddyookaashun says:

      Your spelling is ‘weird’.


    • 192
      Si Koanilist says:

      He’s not autistic, he’s a twat.


    • 199
      Vlad the Loudhailer says:

      Is Ed Milband autistic? He’s admitted he’s not photogenic. Has he any other hidden qualities?


  34. 134
    A flying seagull says:

    Lawyers are up in arms now because Employment Tribunal cases are down 80 %.

    Just because the punters are being asked to make a real contribution to the costs of the system the old access to judgment argument is wheeled out.


  35. 137
  36. 138
    Anonymous says:

    Meanwhile: Trust government assurance that London Looting and Flooding Fiasco Insurance, also doesn’t cover Fracking Fallout claims from the suffering public. On this ruled over by Dave of the Dump soon to be septic isle; set in a find it, frack it, and forget it short-sighted sea of self-serving chicanery. P.S. An abandoned bankrupt high speed vanity railway runs through it. That place now known as the land real democracy, and any form of sustainable future, forgot.
    Although on the plus side, at least Pitchfork Futures are skyrocketing. So all that’s needed now, is the compilation of a comprehensive Prick-List.


  37. 142
    I'm in bits at this news says:

    Owen Jones @OwenJones84 · 17h

    Right I’m off on hols to Gay Paris and nudist beach in San Sebastián. Ugh, I need it. Couple of pieces out this week, otherwise on orders to be offline. Byyyeee


  38. 151
    Die Mutter says:


  39. 162
    The Growler says:

    A lot of these MPs chose Teddy, he cannot do it on his own thet have to get together and sort themselves out agree a series of policies that are workable and affordable (a bit difficult where they do not have all the figures). The best idea is to work out what are the most important items to reform or revise and then a number of policies which they would like to implement as when it is possible, they cannot do everything at once so they have to be realistic because they will convince nobody if too many unachievable objects are propsed, that goes for Dave and Co as well as Teddy and Co.
    What’s the betting Little Billy Hague will be made a a life peer?


  40. 179
    ian blackburn says:

    Our MPs should keep stum if they have nothing to say. Here is why when the Tories are trawling for quotes. Ian


  41. 181
    The British media are cunts says:

    Fact is Milimong might be a twat but he’s still most likely to be PM next year.


    • 189
      Fred the pensioner says:

      Entirely Cameroon’s fault for not fixing the boundaries and banning postal voting. Serves him right. Vive le revolution!


  42. 186
    The Critic says:

    Is this a heat map of locations where Labour voters can spell their own names?


  43. 190
    Balls Ed says:

    I’d like to wish a happy Ed Wheelbarrow to Eds everywhere!


  44. 214
    1948 Crap Cricket says:

    One dumb nation and 3 devolved nations. Ed’s dumb nation is just a gimmick that no one with an ounce of sense believes in. Tripe!


  45. 234

    Rail Freight Intermodal Terminals is a co-business of iPort Doncaster UK. iPort Doncaster is a largest business ever UK.

    You Can Visit Once
    Warehouse Doncaster | iPort, Doncaster, UK

    Liked by 1 person

  46. 235
    yawn says:

    Hmmm… After all, no Tory has ever said anything against Dave.


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