July 29th, 2014

TAPE: Burnham Brings Back Brown Death Tax

Another day, another mysterious recording of a candid Labour shadow cabinet minister emerges. Andy Burnham has been caught on tape confirming he wants Labour to resurrect a 15% death tax on estates, a policy he drafted before the last election but Gordon Brown was forced to ditch amid a wave of criticism:

“I put that forward before the last election to support a national care service….My personal view is I still think the best way to do it is to go for the solution that you discussed (tax on estates) but there is a debate to be had on whether that is acceptable the public. I think it is….it’s only where you create a system where everyone is in and everyone is then covered, that I think you’ll be able to help people protect their own homes. If you have that system, people would pay 10/15%….you can see where I’m coming from, these are big changes, we’re going to have start with integrating the NHS first but in time I would also like to see the system you describe, I will hope that what we come up with Labour will embrace the full version.”

Not only do Labour want you to pay 40% inheritance tax, they also want a 15% death levy on estates when you die…


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    Bob Crow says:

    Thieving khunts.


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      Django says:

      Only two certainties in life, death and taxes. And remember that here in Wales very shortly you might have to opt-out of not having your organs removed once you die. Socialism the damnation of humanity!

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        Lord Wellard of No Apologies says:

        He’s just following in the footsteps of the Staffordshire killers, typical of much of Labour’s NHS – they kill ‘em, Burnham taxes ‘em.

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        Cinna says:

        Obviously he was having a little dry run at Stafford then.

        Labour government need to raise a few quid? We’ve a hospital up in Stafford full of prospective “death tax” donors, let’s just finish them off. That’ll bring in a few quid. Under Labour hospitals become death tax revenue machines.

        Well done Andy.

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      • 115
        Horror says:

        ‘Once you die’…….the reality of organ donation is much worse than that


      • 177
        organ morgan says:

        ‘ands off my diapason!


      • 206
        The two Muppets says:

        Miliband could not have picked a worse Shadow Health Secretary .
        How can Burnham airbrush the complete clusterf..k that he made
        of the NHS. when he was in charge . And do not start me off about
        the disgusting Mid Staffs scandal .

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      ancientpopeye says:

      There is something seriously wrong with Burnham, a post-mortem examination might find what it was.


    • 84
      Care under Labour says:

      Taxed from cradle to grave.


    • 87
      Pickpocket says:

      Labour’s Dead Room Tax.


    • 96
      Sprog Levy says:

      A Birth tax would be a good idea mind. With information signs at all the ports of entry into the country.

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      Anonymous says:

      And while moves towards making our benefit system less open to abuse are welcome, there are serious questions as to their legality. According to European legislation, it is quite clear that all EU citizens must be treated equally when it comes to benefits. Dotted through the European treaties are references to this: Articles 9 of the Treaty on European Union and Articles 18, 20, 45 and 48 of the Treaty on the Functioning of The European Union. The most explicit, Article 48, states very clearly that this equality includes the “payment of benefits to persons resident in the territories of Member States”.

      Beyond the treaties themselves, there are EU laws that specify, “nationals of an EU country and persons residing in that country without being nationals of it are equal in terms of the rights and obligations provided for by the national legislation. The provisions of this Regulation apply to all the traditional branches of social security” including, but not exclusive to, unemployment and family benefits. In other words, anything Mr Cameron does to European immigrants, he has to do to British people, too.

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      • 218

        Yes as I was saying yesterday Anonymous .

        Starting and continuing from The Lisbon Treaty /The Single Eurooean Act we can now regale in tbe blissfull situation whereby our national Parliament has been so neutered , eviscerated, doctored , castrated, “eunuched” and speyed to the extent it no longer justifies its existence because all national legislative Bills /Statutes proposed are subject to Holy Roman Empirical scrutiny and if necessary abrogation by its diktat!!!


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    • 175
      LIE-bour = Democrats in Detroit, Chicago, Stockton CA, Baltimore, Camden NJ etc. says:

      Mid Staffs: Labour Government ignored MP requests for public inquiry into deaths (The Telegraph, 17 Feb 2013):

      “Former Health Secretaries Andy Burnham and Alan Johnson ignored 81 requests for a public inquiry into Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust in the two years after it was first warned of poor NHS care, it has emerged.”

      “Both Andy Burnham, and Alan Johnson, turned down dozens of requests for public inquiries into the Mid-Staffordshire scandal, including 20 from fellow MPs.”


      • 183
        Andy Burnham needs to be SACKED! says:


        • 229
          Andy Burnham is a liar, hyprocrite, and a smug says:

          Andy Burnham’s Voting Record (source: ‘TheyWorkForYou’ website):

          Voted strongly for allowing marriage between two people of same sex.

          Voted for the Iraq war.

          Voted against an investigation into the Iraq war.

          Voted for more EU integration.

          Voted against a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU.

          Voted against a reduction in spending on welfare benefits.

          Voted against raising the threshold (personal allowance) at which people start to pay income tax.

          Voted against higher taxes on plane tickets.

          Voted against lower taxes on fuel for motor vehicles.

          Voted against higher taxes on alcoholic drinks (to encourage binge drinking).

          Voted for a banker’s bonus tax (so Labour can waste more money on themselves and failed projects).

          Voted for an annual tax on the value of expensive homes (popularly known as a mansion tax).

          Voted against reducing the rate of corporation tax (on small/medium size businesses).

          Voted against measures to reduce tax avoidance.

          Voted against reforming the NHS so GPs buy services on behalf of their patients.

          Voted against academy schools.

          Voted for university tuition fees.

          Voted against a transparent Parliament (so Labour can continue claiming more on expenses).

          Voted against an equal number of electors per parliamentary constituency.

          Voted against fewer MPs in the House of Commons.

          Voted for introducing ID cards.

          Voted against capping civil service redundancy payments.

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      pbt says:

      its the false logic of a tax obsessive:

      we propose this tax because something (health service -generally favoured by the electorate) ‘needs’ lolly

      therefore anyone opposing higher taxation opposes the health service



    • 213

      Don t worry Bob . Your council house is safe . No retrospectivity ( phew what a long made up word !)


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    Col. Nut says:

    Looting the dead. Does he have Russian ancestry?


    • 31
      Spartacus says:


      Guess he must have got the idea from Vince Cable – bastarrd


    • 128
      The Growler says:

      15% tax fair enough IF it is used for purpose, BUT as everyone knows any tax goes into the annual tax take and spent as the government of the day thinks fit, that was the reason for road tax and perol / diesel tax, you only have to look at the roads to see where it is not spent. Dementia can strike anyone, be they President, Prime Minister, banker millionaire, doctor, blogger, clerk, technician, road sweeper, it creeps up on people, very often they cannot workout why things seem to be going wrong, until a relative persuades them to go to their GP. There is NO cure for dementia it’s assumed it is an ailment of old age, but it can hit those in their 40’s in rare cases, there are many types of dementia some forms can be induced, you know the ones Geedes, and there is a type induced by having strokes.


      • 181
        Anonymous says:

        Couldn’t agree more, both dementia and Alzheimers is on the rise – and in the 50’s age group plus. The point being 15% is just one point on a slippery slope, (just as taxes when the old age pension was first introduced was 3%,5% land tax 20% and that was all)…now tax is already over 50% of income… for those paying more tax than they receive benefits; (same in Germany, tax at 50% of income and municipal govt there going broke). People paying the taxes will start to figure out that it’s just not worth retiring in the UK – then what happens?. They just have to drastically downsize govt spending so what they have they spend on needed services. They’d have been all too ready to go out to Syria guns blazing spending billions in the process- no thought about dementia at home then.


    • 220

      Actually I happen to like Putin for the sole reason he abhors shirtlifters and all their publicity scams to try to impose their lifestyle on the majority.


  3. 3
    Ghost of Leon says:

    Tristan the whip ?


  4. 4
    MaryWhitehouse says:

    Its not his money, anything i got from my dad he worked like a dog while slimey Hunts like Burnam wasted all the tax revenue on jollies expences wars and flights of fancy. Its about time we bought in the guiotine


  5. 5
    scrotie says:

    MidStaffs *kerching*


    • 116
      M says:

      Living off the dead :- Andy “fungus” Burnham


      • 235
        geordieboy says:

        Living off the living taxpayer and now the dead taxpayer. Spend all your dosh before you pop your clogs and leave them fuck all.


    • 187
      The Grim Reaper says:

      Ho Ho ho – A DEATH tax from the man in charge of killing thousands at Stafford Hospital – you could not make it up.
      I see this morning’s paper has an article on how much a hypocrite this man is in being against NHS privatization when it was revealed he signed NHS private sector contracts.
      Perhaps he will be using the Liebor mantra on their past performance of “in hindsight…..”


  6. 6
    Comrade Joyce says:

    Disgraceful! 15% is far too low when Mother State has suckled you at her breast from birth to death!

    Nationalise all inheritance and the bodies of the dead!


    • 222

      Well there you go Joyce .
      Indeed why not cryogenically freeze the dead and resuscitate them at a future point when technology will have made it possible for them to do another 40 years hard graft and taxpayin’…


  7. 7

    Born into debt and taxed for having the audacity to die.


  8. 7
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    ‘Pressure’ – billy joel.

    Couldn’t the Isareli firsters take the pressure on the last blog ….

    Are they all throwing hissy fits and getting all ‘fulminated and frothing at the mouth’ at being questioned?


    • 172
      EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

      No wait, my mistake, that frothing is just a mouthful of fluoride! As you were.


  9. 9
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    So are the Board of Deputies up in arms tonight and giving GF a threatening old time?


    • 53
      Jesus says:

      You have to be the most boring poster this blog has ever seen. In fact, you might be the most boring poster on the entire internet. A downs syndrome case trolling a model railway forum would contribute more to the sum of human knowledge than you. You are clearly a very lonely man who wants to feel important, who wants to believe that he has been shunned by the world because he alone sees the truth. You need to believe that everybody rejects you because of some enormous brain washing conspiracy of lizardonian proportions. The frequency and lack of content of you recent postings sugests you are becoming desperate. You need ever more reasurance that your delusions are real. You cannot face the truth that you have no friends, no woman and no job because you are an ugly redundant human. There is no purpose for you. If you vanished tomorrow nobody on this site would even remember you in a week.


  10. 10

    95% tax on socialists is the only answer.


    • 118
      RomaBert... says:

      That will have them writhing in masochistic ecstasy :)


    • 182
      Anonymous says:

      Novel idea – opt out on services+taxes by vote – you don’t pay – in you don’t share, you do your own shopping, socialists end up paying for themselves


  11. 11
    Socialism is a filthy disease that needs eradicating says:

    Put a meat hook through his jaw and drag him off to the furnaces.


  12. 12
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    The sooner we kill you the quicker we get our 15%.


  13. 13
    sometime I wonder, then I think who cares says:

    May 2015 voting is going to be fun, Cameron shooting himself in the foot and lieing his head off yet again with immigration and putting fuel prices up because the EU tells him to and Liebour with a weird leader and a lunatic who thinks he can count and now this mad git, vote UKIP maybe we will get a bit of sanity.


    • 17
      Blue Peter Goldfish says:

      Doomed I tell ‘ee, doomed!


    • 40
      Jesus says:

      In 2015 the USA will be fighting a war with Russia in Europe. Iran and Suadi Arabia will be at war in Iraq. Isreal will probably push its parasites into Syria, then push Syria into the Iraqi slaughterhouse. Argentina will retake the Falklands whilst South America erupts into a narco-apocalypse. China will decide its time to seize pretty much the entire South pacific and all nations within. And every day, thousands more will fall to ebola, which will be spreading faster than Sally Bercow’s legs.

      Who gives a crap whether Spoonface or Squidward is at the helm? We’re all fucked.


  14. 14
    The Voice of Reason says:

    The tax take in the UK is pathetically low by European standards.


    The UK tax take is about 35% compared with 48% for Denmark. Denmark famously tops all the happiness indexes among European countries.

    The problem with taxation in the UK is that it is loaded on to lower and middling income families.

    We need to increase the tax take and begin investing in productive areas of state spending like the health service, like public transport, clean air, green energy and good housing.

    Perhaps people here would prefer we went to Bulgarian and Romanian tax take levels – 27-28% – and reap all the benefits of their socio-economic arrangements.

    Currently our model seems to be keep tax low, but use benefits to reward all the wrong sorts of behaviour like: careless procreation; overlarge families; drug addiction; domestic violence; work-shyness; criminality; and failing to take care of your body.

    I would prefer to see higher taxes and benefits geared to rewarding good behaviour.


    • 21
      Fruit loops says:

      La La land next door, you seem to have missed about 20 years of life in Britain, been somewhere nice.


      • 41
        The Voice of Reason says:

        Fruit Loops – You seem to prefer indulging in insult rather than looking at the facts.

        The UK is a very low tax economy compared to its GDP level. The figures bear that out. If you are feeling overtaxed it’s probably because you are not wealthy – in the UK wealthy people pay very little tax – sometimes no tax at all.

        What is your argument? That only low tax economies can be successful? Well that is obvious bllx – just compare Latvia with Finland or Spain with Denmark.


        • 65
          Kulak murdered by Marxist filth. says:

          The economic stagnation we suffer is caused by Over Taxation. People need Jobs. Productive Employment.
          Denmark has competent Civil Servants, working for the benefit of the Danish people.
          We have Neo-Marxist Public School Poofs and Perverts running our Civil Service.


          • Kulak murdered by Marxist filth. says:

            The economic stagnation we suffer is caused by Over Taxation. People need Jobs. Productive Employment.
            Denmark has competent Civil Servants, working for the benefit of the Danish people.
            We have Neo-Marxist Public School Poofs and Perverts running our Civil Service.

            They are not in the Euro ? Or are they ?


    • 22
      Django says:

      Grow up will you and stop deluding yourself with your being ” reasonable”! Just because higher taxes might make you happier it doesn’t follow that we are all happier. This idea of creating the perfect harmonious state for next generation is only for the gullible. We need a smaller more efficient state and greater emphasis on individual responsibility.


      • 39
        The Voice of Reason says:

        Where is your model for a good low tax economy? Or is it just some idea you have floating in your head? Where are we supposed to look? –

        China? Zimbabwe? Romania? Bulgaria? They are all low tax countries.

        Personally I would prefer to live in a country like Denmark, Finland, Germany, Sweden or indeed Italy where they have a relatively high tax take.

        Only an idiot believes in a “perfect harmonious state” as you put it – but without the idealism of previous generations we would still be ruled by feudal lords, still have children working in factories and still have people starving to death on the streets.

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        • 59
          Hmm, I wonder why that would be? says:

          They’re happier in Denmark (or were until recently) because they could look at their neighbours and say ‘Yeah, he’s’ one of us, he’s pulling his weight, he just needs a helping hand’.

          Here, in the UK, we look at our neighbours and say ‘What is that c*unt with the dish-dash, a dalek-like wife who doesn’t speak a word of English and half a dozen kids even doing in this country – let alone why am I paying for his fucking house, his mobility car and the health care of his entire fucking family.’

          Since you ask.


          • Paniagua says:



          • inside out says:

            Compare life in Pakistan or Bangladesh with living on benefits in East London.House paid for,Council tax payed for,Children educated,Free health care
            so life is hard on benefits, but if you have basics paid for and no aspirations life is great.


          • The Voice of Reason says:

            The percentage of Muslims in the UK population (4.6) is virtually the same as in Denmark (4.1) so your argument falls. Not that it was ever meant to be an argument, just a venting of your views.

            Some people are only too eager to use the ills of mass immigration, real though they are, as an excuse to junk a civilised welfare system.

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        • 86
          Django says:

          Switzerland, Canada and Australia all have a lower tax regime than we do. Are they any less civilised as a consequence? It’s the lack of imagination that socialists have in organising a society that’s so depressing. The solution is always the same….. More money needed and we need to tax you!


          • Well I think Switzerland and Canada ARE more civilised actually if only because they are more boring and nothing ever happens there
            ( like Norway).

            But I ll give you Australia . They re definitely animals !!


        • 103
          Maqboul says:

          Simple YOU go and live in Denmark if that’s where you prefer to live.

          Italy does not have a high tax take. They have high tax rates, because nobody pays them and nobody pays them because they are too high. Consequently the economy is fucked and it’s nigh on impossible for young people to get a decent job there.

          The consequences of relatively low taxes in UK is that we have a healthy economy where there is plenty of work for those who are prepared to study and work hard.

          The only people who want higher taxes are those who think it will not apply to them. And to suggest that rich people do not pay tax is pure bullshit.

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        • 113
          Cardinal Biggles says:

          Sayeth ‘The Voice of Reason’ :
          Personally I would prefer to live in a country like Denmark, Finland, Germany, Sweden or indeed Italy where they have a relatively high tax take.

          Well, if you are living in UK and you don’t like it here, you are perfectly free to move to any of those countries as they are all, like us, members of the EU. All your problems and unhappiness at how things are run here will be a thing of the past for you.

          Once you are living in your new paradise you might like to read about the Laffer curve.


        • 194
          Anonymous says:

          Sounds like a comment from a ‘dalek’ state worker – ‘just pay more tax’


        • 224

          What ? You mean to say times have changed and there are no longer any peasants to throw on the fire in winter or pankah wallahs to operate the cooling fans in summer ?!

          It all went downhill when someone passed the Corn Laws !!


    • 70
      The Critic says:

      It’s not necessarily the tax rate I have an issue with, it’s rather what politicians spend it on. Cameron has not given me a tax break on anything. Miliband will spend it on vote buying.

      LibDems -I pray they never have the chance to spend it based on current experience.


      All the public services I use offer patchy performance which has not improved in decades. In fact it’s declining behind the excuse of ‘savage cuts’ Yet money can be found at the drop of a hat for pet projects.

      If the political classes would,for example:

      Stop attacking retirement benefits
      Ensure the elderly don’t have to fund their own care
      Ensure the care provided is by people who actually care

      That would be a start and yes, I would pay more tax for it


      • 190
        Anonymous says:

        I wouldn’t pay any more tax for it , precisely because none of it is ever ring fenced and just goes into a general pot to be spent on anything the govt of the day chooses to, and allows many civil servants to expand and create their own little ‘kingdoms’, the vast majority of people according to the ONS receive more in service ‘spending’ than they spend on tax. By that I mean my allocation of £4k pa benefit in the cost of running the NHS means I could have surgery every year in a private hospital if I was spending my own money- and I was a net payer of services rather than a net receiver.

        The ONS calculation didn’t inform me by the way – what I’m buying in benefits for police /prison and defense services, or my cut of the arts budget or overseas aid.

        The books don’t balance, according to one paper I read at least £10 billion could be saved by restructuring the state to a level which is on a par with the no of depts in the US – and the US fed govt is severely over-sized, their annual budget is around a $trillion now. Once on the slipper tax slope, there’s no getting off it.


        • 192
          Anonymous says:

          People who say they would pay more tax – are probably not the ones who’d actually end up paying most of it, and if they would, can’t speak for those who are struggling financially on the brink and just can’t afford it.

          The idea of taxing the top 1% – when many top earners are making use of foreign domicile tax loop holes to live in the UK anyway, and if closed would surely leave – (why would they stay and pay substantial British tax when there are alternatives..come-on?) are just living in cloud cuckoo IMO…capital is liquid, moves globally, and it sticks where there is least tax, not most. Also top 1% money is investment in business money – every example in history of taxation on investment has ended badly.

          FYI the top 1% on a worldwide basis, includes the average British income.


    • 186
      Anonymous says:

      I would prefer to see much lower taxes and smaller state, no income tax at all, and a consumption tax of 10% that everybody pays and can’t get out of (including tourists). This would encourage wealth to stay at home and support business investment and jobs. Much lower taxes coupled with school education that includes economics and business studies for all, to encourage personal investment, increase social mobility and personal wealth creation. This would also encourage private sector business growth and reward good habits. Also I’d like to see the entire financial system restructured away from a debt based system that doesn’t allow sovereign debt to be loaded onto future generations, and a move towards greater freedom within a greater/stronger democratic voting system .


      • 202
        Anonymous says:

        Low tax economies are sustainable . Switzerland for example is a low tax economy. so is the US with about 30-35% tax, (although Obamas cadilac tax reforms could well kill the golden goose)

        From Wiki on Laffer Curve -( thanks for the link !)

        The Macroeconomic Effects of Tax Changes: Estimates based on a New Measure of Fiscal Shocks by Christina Romer and David Romer theorizes the effects of taxes on GDP. The paper found for every 1% increase in taxes above the peak, as a percent of GDP, will cause a 3% decrease in GDP. As an example: If a country with a GDP of $100 billion has a tax rate of 33%, the country will receive $33 billion in taxes. Once this country raises the tax rate to 34% of GDP, it is theorized to decrease the national GDP to $97 billion. This will lower tax revenue to $32.98 billion.

        If this paper is proven to be accurate, this means a tax rate for a country above 33% will decrease a country’s Gross Domestic Product and decrease taxes collected. This paper was not theorizing on tax rates for an individual. This is an aggregate number for all income in a country.

        Relationship with supply-side economics

        Supply-side economics is a school of macroeconomic thought that argues that overall economic well-being is maximized by lowering the barriers to producing goods and services (the “Supply Side” of the economy). By lowering such barriers, consumers are thought to benefit from a greater supply of goods and services at lower prices. Typical supply-side policy would advocate generally lower income tax and capital gains tax rates (to increase the supply of labor and capital), smaller government and a lower regulatory burden on enterprises (to lower costs). Although tax policy is often mentioned in relation to supply-side economics, supply-side economists are concerned with all impediments to the supply of goods and services and not just taxation.


    • 208
      Invicta says:

      You’re perfectly entitled to write a cheque to the exchequer for the amount you are happy to pay for good behaviour. I’ll even lend you a pen if you need one.

      Have you done it yet?

      Thought not.


  15. 15
    Rickytshirt says:

    Would the extra tax be to make up for the fewer people being killed off by the NHS since he left office?


  16. 18
    The squeaker says:

    Socialism = tax, lies and death ( then tax again)


  17. 19
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    50% tax on eye shadow is needed.


    • 26
      Ed the weird says:

      Wasn’t he the one who photoed himself in his jocks

      Labour so weird its hard to keep track


      • 43
        The Voice of Reason says:

        Er no…that was Mr Bryant – the one who, on QT, also criticised what he’d said on a previous occasion and then looked very surprised on being reminded of what he’d said. In other words a complete liability.


      • 56
        Jacobites forever says:

        Surely you mean to say, “photoed himself with his Jocks.” Let the men of the North stand together.


  18. 24
    This is madness says:

    It is being reported that the gut with the Ebola virus who flew to Nigeria has died and 58 people who came in contact with him ante being monitored.


    The airlines refuse to hand over the manifest so no one knows who else is involved or where they are.

    WTF !!!

    The airline boss should be frogmarched to thebnearest Ebola ward and put in close confinement with someone who has been infected.


    • 226
      inside out says:

      West Africa, no chance of any corrupt practices on behalf of airline is there.I suppose the airline is spouting “data protection”.


  19. 25
    It's the way I don't tell em says:

    Time for a poll tax to be paid by all people who vote Labour at the next General Election, the country can’t afford Labour to get back in and have the EU drawing billions and Governments giving billions to foreign country’s as charity money


  20. 27
    Alf Garnett says:

    Scouse git!


  21. 28
    Hitler had the right idea says:

    soylent green next

    Vote Putin for a fairer Britain

    just imagine mwambe turning up in Moscow with a suitcase full of Ebola
    his feet wouldnt touch


  22. 30
    Serf says:

    Evil speaks through tax.


  23. 32
    Burnham cereal killer in the NHS says:

    Labour are brain dead or are they deliberately trying to lose the next?


    • 35
      WoRaft Chihuahua says:

      Ridiculous, isn’t it? All they have to do is keep quiet, look sympathetic and lock Ed Balls in the cupboard. Cameron has not consolidated his leadership, nor did he manage to get the boundaries changed.

      Yes, Miliband is useless. But so long as he says nothing and tilts his head slightly to the side, maybe nods and mutters: ‘I hear what you are saying’ , that will be enough.


    • 37
      Eicher says:


      Who’d want to win it anyway, the country is rapidly becoming a third world shithole drowning in public and private debt and just waiting for the next financial crisis.


      • 227
        inside out says:

        However wins the next election is going to have to impose massive Greek like cuts to public services.The alternative is the UK ends up like Argentina,bust with hyper inflation.
        Does any of our political masters have the Balls to do it.Not a chance,Argentina here we come.


    • 105
      bergen says:

      He is either utterly stupid or he wants Labour to lose the election so he can become leader. As I also want Labour to lose the election I suppose we should all work to the same end and publicise his thoughts.


  24. 33
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Andy really is a card


  25. 34
    • 42
      Labour (we never clear up our own mess) says:

      Not only can you walk down the street and buy a curry at any time of night you can catch a deadly tropical virus too! What a bland and boring country we were before Tony Blair and New Labour came along, now that’s what I call real progress.


  26. 44
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:

    Is the 15% Death Tax after deduction of the Mansion Tax and on top of the 40% Inheritance Tax ??


    • 45
      Mad,mozzie Medievalist says:

      Will Labour’s Death Taxes be for kuffars only ? Surely martyrs will be exempt ?


  27. 46
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:


    • 47
      David Axlegrease says:


      • 54
        The Voice of Reason says:

        Tories are f’d if UKIP’s vote stays around 10-12% and this time I think it will…for a range of reasons from Ebola to Europe.

        Labour are doing better in target seats than in the national poll in any case and Labour are leading strongly in London.

        I think it’s game over for the Tories who have nearly doubled the debt, who have let in another 2-3 million foreigners into the country, and who have presided over a huge transfer of wealth to the super-rich.

        By the time of the election the lack of improvement in real income for most families will be painfully obvious.


        • 139
          Ma­­qb­oul says:

          If you believe that, then who are you trying to convince?


          • The Voice of Reason says:

            Just giving you my considered view. :)

            I’m countering those who argue the Tories are going to romp home thanks to an alleged (but pretty much non-existent) economic feelgood factor.


        • 204
          Anonymous says:

          The transfer of wealth is

          a) from debt to the banking system, every mortgage and business loan is a banks asset and others liability, until loans are paid.
          b) from private sector to public sector ( we pay 1/2 salaries of final salary public pensions to every one of those in current employment )

          This is another reason why many more public sector workers have to move in to the private sector with much lower taxes until the economy can re-adjust itself.


          • The Voice of Reason says:

            Well this would make sense if countries like Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany with far better social provision weren’t doing much better than us.

            The mortgage system is really a glorified system of renting – the asset is always there so has little economic effect in and of itself (but see below in terms of additional infrastructure).

            Pensions are expensive, but then so is social services provision – unless you’d prefer to have pensioners dying on the streets.

            The fact is that pensioners take far less than their per capita share of the nation’s productive wealth – that goes for public sector as well as private sector pensioners.

            Most of the wealth transfer going on is (a) between ordinary employees and the bonus brigade – the ever expanding super-rich class who have got control of the casino and are skimming for all they’re worth (b) subsidising capitalists so they can offer low wage employment (c) building additional infrastructure for immigrants to this country and their offspring – every additional new unit of housing costs at least £250K to provide. And we’ve probably had to find something like a million new units over the last 4 years. That’s £250 billion – aka “a lot of money”. And that’s just for housing – not counting transport, health and other infrastructure.


  28. 48
    England is becumin a ferd world cess-pit innit says:

    The ebola virus is shortly gonna erupt through east and sarf londaan like diarrhea in a Mumbai street khazi

    Ole fucking communities are gonna be fucking wiped out


    • 49
      Chuka ( you can call me Harrison ) Urmunneyaround says:

      Celebrate the rich, multicultural diversity !


    • 60
      Oh dear, how sad says:

      As long as it can be confined there to run its course I think that could only be a good thing for the future of the UK.


      • 67
        Kulak murdered by Marxist filth. says:

        Quarantinein side the M25. We can use it ss a killing zone. The British can then live out side it in peace and secirity.
        Anchor one of the Bombers on the Themes with the silo open and Whitehall as ground zero.
        Let no one escape. Let them eat their own dead.
        Harsh ??? No. A justifiable response to a clear and obvious threat to our existence.
        ( the real voice of reason )


  29. 52
    Jesus says:

    If the ebola spreads through ethnic communities and everyone they come into contact with, i.e. benefits agency staff, social workers , probation officers and the NHS, by 2015 Labour’s core vote will barely be enough to poll single digit percentages in the election.


  30. 57
    Dennis the Menace says:

    Perhaps there should be a birth Tax? Oh! hang on we are paying children and single mothers to breed rather than get a job and pay their fair share of tax – ….’er …..’er perhaps we should stop rewarding them???


  31. 62

    BTW – we need to be careful that this ‘15%’ tax is shown for what it is – a (40% + 15%) 55% death tax. Otherwise people will think that death tax has gone down from 40% to 15% and will actually welcome the move.


  32. 68
    non taxable pikey says:

    Oh look, the MSM have finally noticed Ebola, after it travelled through a “major international hub,” i.e. Lagos. However, we should all not worry about this because the Nigerians have the situation completely under control. Nigeria has 50% of fukall under control, it can’t even rescue its school girls. So we should trust Corruption Central to do the right thing? I have in the past bribed my way around West Africa, as have many others. Perhaps it’s time to re-run the excellent Channel 4 documentary series entitled “Lagos Airport” just to show how we can all sleep peacefully knowing how well West Africa will protect us.


    • 75
      A Socialist researcher says:

      Do you think we should put sanctions in place against Nigeria then ?


      • 104
        Gordon McDoom says:

        I like sorting out foreign problems, send me! I just need £1billion a day to throw at the problem, I’m sure within 5 years I will have eliminated viral boom n bust!


        • 114
          Typical Liblabcon nutter says:

          We should open our doors to all Ebola sufferers. We are a rich country. Our NHS can cope.


    • 125
      Cardinal Biggles says:

      Ah yes, how is that #BringBackOurGirls hopey feely thing going?


  33. 71
    A cheeky scouser says:

    Spend it while you are alive mate.

    There are no shops or insurance salesmen in the graveyard.


  34. 74

    Rail Freight Intermodal Terminals is a co-business of iPort Doncaster UK. iPort Doncaster is a largest business ever UK.

    You Can Visit It Once
    Warehouse Doncaster | iPort, Doncaster, UK


  35. 76
    Hower Tamlets says:

    First Muslim mayor to face fraud trial: Tower Hamlets borough boss accused of promising houses for votes

    Lutfur Rahman, 48, is accused of using illegal tactics to win the mayoral election in Tower Hamlets, East London, in May.



    • 78

      Let us hope this is the first of many successful prosecutions.


      • 79
        A man on the Rue Du Cirque says:

        have you heard the story about the middle aged politician who began an affair with an actress 20 years his junior.

        She said nice things about him on TV during an Election campaign and told everyone he would make an excellent President.

        When the politician became President the actress was lined up for a nivce little earner in State funded TV.


        • 81
          Nicky from Paris says:

          Have you heard the one about the Presidential candidate who sent a few hundred letters out in the post with second class stamps but his Gofa put them in the first class mail.

          They are now trying to imprison him.


          • Fred the pensioner says:

            Unclear! Who is the for high jump, the gopher or the candidate? Surely Willyums would be proud of you.


    • 119
      Ebola Hamlets says:


  36. 83
    Phil from Pentonville says:

    Have you heard the one about the lying bastard of a politician who promised if you voted for him he would cull 10% of MPs but instead kept them all and guaranteed them a fixed term five year contract.


    • 101
      Fred the pensioner says:

      Is that the one who also promised a Recall Bill, a Grand Repeal Bill and lots of boundary rationalisation?


      • 131
        Cardinal Biggles says:

        Didn’t said, ‘honest as the day is long’ politician also promise a ‘Bill of Rights’ (although we already have one) and an end to unnecessary snooping and intrusion into our private affairs?

        I wonder how he is getting on with that. Surely the promises were not just electioneering hot air for the gullible to lap up.


    • 141
      Duplicitous Dave says:

      That’s me you’re talking about!


  37. 85

    So how to pay for a care service then?


    • 102
      Fred the pensioner says:

      Simple – just cull 98% of NHS “middle management” drones.


      • 126
        Philip the Accountant says:

        and 50% of MPs…


      • 147
        Ma­­qb­oul says:

        And six figure civil servants; no bonuses for local authority executives; scrap the BBC and use the telly tax for care; no taxpayers money to the Unions; no taxpayers money to “charities”; no benefits payments to scroungers; no benefits to migrants; I could go on…

        Point is, there is more than enough taxpayer’s money sloshing around it’s just that it’s syphoned off by the greedy before it gets to the needy.


    • 122
      Vote Dave? Get stuffed says:

      1. Cut all foreign aid. We paid for it. We should be the ones to benefit from it.
      2. Leave the EU and save £55 million a day.

      That’s a start.


  38. 88
    Crisp Ackham says:

    They’ll tax the living, they’ll tax the dead.

    Labour long to control your money and waste it on their pet projects.


  39. 89
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    “The lack of criticism of Hamas by journalists actually in Gaza has become almost comical.”… http://fb.me/6U7vaNze1

    In the interests of me I am placing a copy of this email in the public domain.


  40. 91
    Maybe it's mass murder, maybe it's Maybelline says:

    Burnham was given an easy ride on Newsnight last night by Robert Green Pesto. Pesto had caught him out about his role in privatising the NHS but failed to pursue the issue when Burnham interrupted and dodged the question by saying “I want to make a broader point”. How I wish Burnham would die a painful death.


  41. 93
    Bricktop says:

    How to pay for a care service ? Stop all child benefit after the second child with immediate effect. Its an immigration baby boom anyway & not needed.


  42. 94
    Thinks says:

    So if I live forever will Labour call me a tax evader?


  43. 98
    Labour voters says:

    I unfortunately work with a Labour supporter in my office and the level of self-delusion and denial is something to behold. Without the slightest hint of irony she prattles on about Thatcher, the NHS etc whilst singularly failing to acknowledge Labour’s record or its war which killed a million. When I tried to mention this once calmly and politely, she barked “Yeah but we’re talking about the Tories at the moment”.

    I honestly believe Labour voters have managed to convince themselves Iraq was the right thing because it was a Labour war. Had it been a Tory war, they’d be seeking the death penalty for every Tory. The same with Mid Staffs. They’ve made themselves comfortable with what happened and probably rationalise it as “It was one mistake. Thatcher did worse. They were all old and due to die anyway. And they probably voted Tory, so who cares?”


    • 127
      Same here says:

      Had one prattling on last month about Thatcher ruining the country by shutting all the mines.

      I calmly pointed out that labour closed more mines after 1965. 272 vs Thatchers 208. It wasn’t believed of course.

      Productivity also increased and the country was saved from yet another Labour economic disaster.

      Without the Thatcher years Tony and Gordon wouldn’t have had any money to piss away.


    • 142
      Henry Crun says:

      Have you tried explaining cognitive dissonance to her?


  44. 100
    Nick Clegg says:

    Immigrants have fucked Britain. There isn’t a political party that can sort it out. A civil war is needed badly.


    • 168
      Casual Observer says:

      The immigrants are not to blame. They have behaved entirely rationally.



  45. 106
    Anon. says:


  46. 108
  47. 111
    Hugh Janus says:

    Candid = ‘straightforward and honest’.

    That little runt Burnham??????????????????????


  48. 112
    Postal Votes are Labour Loo Paper says:

    What do you expect from socialist scum? Your money is their money to piss up against the wall as they see fit to support their client groups of more scum and thieves.


  49. 117
    Ebola Anyone? says:


  50. 121
    Deathfinder General says:

    At an NHS hospital near you.

    “Now come on, love. Your husband has been dead 15 minutes now. You have had plenty of time to mourn. Now cough up.”


  51. 133
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Any Government with its own people’s welfare at heart would be banning all flights from Nigeria and neighbouring countries. Ebola has the potential to wipe out far more people than a missile in Ukraine.

    But, no – in Britain, we embrace the enriching diversity.



  52. 135
    Duplicitous Dave says:

    Yes, I have to agree that I am a lying knobend. Toodle pip!


  53. 138
    Stop the free loaders first says:


    Let’s start with the basics first and Stop treating those who have not paid into NHS care for free. Is it really beyond their ability to check who is entitled and who is not? And if they can’t then employ a company that does credit card checks or supermarket loyalty cards because they can.


  54. 143
    Centre Parting says:

    Will Burnham be taking all gold teeth as well?


  55. 151
    twinkle says:

    Labour have only one type of policy — tax/borrow and spend on steroids. New Labour created a booming public sector which meant ever rising unfunded liabilities from 2008 on.

    There is no way the UK will have necessary about 4.5% budget balance to meet these so debt will rise to 300%++ by 2040 without large ongoing cuts http://www.bis.org/publ/work300.pdf

    This problem is rising and structural related to ageing demographics so cannot be fixed by the usual tax/borrow spend.

    The size of public sector will have to reduce because there will not be enough workers to work in it and even less to pay for it.

    Labour is pretending the old ways will still work and the UK can go on a spending spree supporting new public services with new unfunded future liabilities


  56. 152
    Andy Burnham says:

    Under Labour we will introduce a levy on anyone who is indigenous carrying Ebola.


  57. 154
    Mother Nature says:

    Meanwhile a fucking stupid think tank is proposing an oath for bankers.

    How about, “I am, and promise to continue to be, a rapacious thieving bastard”

    And they are going to put the customer / clients interests first !!! What bollux, they will put their own personal interests first, followed by the banks’ profits if that doesn’t conflict.

    All due to the corrupt incompetent politicians bailing the banks out instead of letting the fuckers go bust.

    P.S. What about oaths for estate agents and used car salesmen? They are fine upstanding ethically driven chaps as well.


    • 158
      Banking terminology for Dummies says:

      Customer – Host

      Client interest – a conflict of interests

      Conflict of interest – nothing

      Oaths – something you have for breakfast


      • 198
        Sheikh Basha Banka says:

        I promise that whenI have cleared three million net in 18 months I will leave and you will never hear or see me and the money again.


  58. 156

    Labour say, pay all the way from the cradle to the grave and if there’s anything left they want that too.


  59. 157
    I've always liked Sandi says:

    Anyone who pisses of Labour is all right in my book.

    BBC presenter Sandi Toksvig was attacked by senior Labour politicians last night for comparing Ed Miliband to a ‘terminally ill child’. The host of the satirical Radio 4 programme The News Quiz was referring to the Labour leader’s eagerness to visit Barack Obama at the White House. Comedienne Miss Toksvig explained that the meeting this month had been organised by his election strategist and former Obama adviser David Axelrod. She then added that Mr Axelrod may have tricked the President into meeting Mr Miliband by claiming he was a dying youngster. Labour’s childcare spokesman Lucy Powell – who used to be Mr Miliband’s deputy chief of staff – said: ‘It’s in incredibly poor taste. I don’t know what she even means by that.


    • 161
      Sandy Tokesfig says:

      Ed won the dancing competition at the local night club, but he had only got up to get a bag of crisps.


  60. 163
    Mr Biscuits says:

    But Labour aren’t returning to tax and spend… Are they…?


  61. 164
    Casual Observer says:

    Why does Burnbum want to go to all this trouble?

    Just Quantitatively Ease ( i.e. fucking electronically print ) all the money needed. The method perfected by the ConLibLabbers


  62. 165
    David B says:

    The real question is it based on estates or on IHT estates.

    A tax purely on the asset value of estates could see business, farms as well as other investments sold to pay this levy.

    It’s designed to attack those Labour see as BAD – people with aspiration who build up capital to give their children a start in life.

    Labour want us all shackled to the state


    • 179
      Another Engineer says:

      Sold to whom? Nobody would have any money left.

      Will the National Trust end up owning the entire country?


      • 195
        Laurent Fabius says:

        The French Wealth Tax specifically excludes “objets d’art”.

        When Depardieu stormed out and put his house on the market it was chock a block with the things.

        It is very easy to create a false market and still make a killing in a Socialist paradise.


    • 201
      The Boy Plunger says:

      As long as the tax stays well south of the inflation rate its a one way bet if you have some wool on your back.


  63. 167
    Tim Yeo-Yo says:

    A dead hand of Ed tax is required.


  64. 171
    Nonbeliever says:

    Burn’em, Mid-Staffs, PFI, Primary Care (I.e. doctors surgeries – PRIVATE COMPANIES) et al. The list is endless Burnham.

    Answer = jail for saboteurs like him and his ilk. YOU SIMPLY CAN’T HIDE BEHIND POLITICAL ‘IMMUNITY’. The rest of us have to account, in real terms, for the results of our actions


  65. 173
    Anonymous says:

    “Burnham Brings Back Brown Death Tax”
    Does this relate to physical death alone, or does political career death also count? Since there are any number of well-heeled heels, who have profited from their position before the account came due. So recovering some of those ill-gotten gains seems eminently sensible.

    Middle East Thought (Experiment) For The Day:
    Cerebrally exchange just the names of those protagonists in this children of a greater/lesser tribe struggle. If loyalties are also, and automatically, reassigned with that switch. Isn’t that evidence of an existence of anti/pro Semitic sentiments?


  66. 176
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Burnham was on BBC Newsnight last night. It was a disgrace of a performance by Burnham, even by labour and Burnham’s own low standards. It was also a disgrace of a performance by Robert Peston, who is clearly not up to the job, unless this was deliberate BBC policy to allow Burnham to blatantly peddle his lies and subterfuge.


  67. 184
    Anonymous says:

    Seems to be a lot of very rich people post on Guido then. What a lot of squealing going on. Must be quite a few bankers with bonuses post here, of landed gentry.
    Be better having a sixty per cent tax on incomes over £200,000. No one needs that much to live on. Would they hide it from the taxman? NO. Not if we have enough revenue collectors to go after them. Stop hounding disabled people and people on low family incomes and go after the real scroungers. the richest in the country. Pips squeak sounds good to me.


    • 188
      An A level Economics student with an Oxbridge offer says:

      A good Bank is very good for the economy.


      • 212
        The Voice of Reason says:

        No it isn’t. It just means we employ more people from abroad who come to work in the bank, and then we import lots of cheap immigrant labour to clean their offices, to staff the airports, provide security, minicab drivers and all the rest.

        Meanwhile the presence of all those additional people mean we have to spend billions on infrastructure and in subsidising the low wages of the service personnel like cleaners.

        A good factory is good for the economy.

        Back to your textbooks sonny (or Sally).


    • 191
      lets all be equally poor except meeeee says:

      Really deep down you would like a guilloutine with you pulling the lever as your preferred method of dealing with anyone you considered richer than you.
      Anonymous, go on admit it.


  68. 185

    They want to squeeze every penny out of you


    • 193
      An A level Economics student with an Oxbridge offer says:

      But the harder they squeeze the less they get out of you.

      You get more lightly squeezing a full tube of toothpaste.


  69. 189
    The Critic says:

    Once Labour have taxed our entire lives,there won’t be any ‘inheritance’ left. Doesn’t answer the question about how the NHS gets paid for until the ‘inheritance’ money comes in though. Borrow more or kill us all more quickly,once we are rich enough to leave 15% to the state?

    Do tell Andy.

    It will end up with the taxpayer having to cover the shortfall. Higher taxes will reduce our ‘inheritance’ which means higher taxes to cover an increasing shortfall in ‘inheritance’ tax income. So we will really be paying a tax on a tax.

    In fact,bugger all of our income is tax free,so our ‘inheritance’ has already been taxed as has our pensions. So a tax on a tax again.

    So is the 15% to pay for the free service you told me I have been getting? Or to cover the costs of your client state voters? How did you come up with 15%? Guess/focus group/Labour accountancy/prayer?

    Crap suggestion by a Labour lightweight

    A Socialist wet dream no doubt.

    PS why are you campaigning to stop privatisation of NHS services? You fekkers privatised more than Thatcher ever did.


  70. 196
    Im out of here says:

    Who does his eye make-up?


  71. 207
    Owhine Jones says:

    Andy is a multitasker, kills them by neglect at hospitals and then taxes their estates.


  72. 223
    Jimmy says:

    “they also want a 15% death levy on estates when you die…”

    As opposed to when?


  73. 230
    The Bullingdon Club Social Secretary says:

    Weirdly we have a 100% inheritance tax in this country with the reverse lottery of if you are unlucky enough to have parents with Alzheimers which will eat up hundreds of thousands of pounds of residential expenses in a few years, leaving their children with no inheritance at all.

    In more civilised countries, residential care for people with such debilitating diseases is free or highly subsidised.


  74. 234
    Clown Shoes says:

    Just so we’re clear, a 45% tax on income is OK, but a 15% tax that doesn’t get levied until you die and no longer need the money is bad.

    Get a job. Earn your money. Stop demanding free stuff from mum & dad.


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