July 29th, 2014

Quote of the Day

Damian McBride writes in the epilogue to his memoir…

“At the time of writing, nine months from the election, I’ve concluded that Labour currently has no positive messages to communicate to anyone about why they should vote for the party, no policies which will persuade them, and is being run in a totally dysfunctional way.”


  1. 1
    Tim Yeo-Yo says:

    Hasn’t that been the case since McMental was PM?


    • 6
      labour's lost loves says:

      perhaps so – and its also a description of ‘traditional’ labour supporters’ lack of purpose ethos or whatever else underlies political motivation

      they are today’s lost tribe


  2. 2
    Same old Labour says:

    “I’ve concluded that Labour currently has no positive messages to communicate to anyone”

    That’s a bit rich, coming from McPoison.


    • 3
      Vlad the Loudhailer says:

      Vote Labour, poverty for all.


      • 4
        Sitting in his £2million mansion paid for by you, Ed Miliband says:

        Not quite..


      • 5
        Tone and SlotGob says:

        Poverty is only for the useful idiots. Thanks for making me and all the other warmongers in my government filthy rich.

        Special shout goes out to Jimmy and Moussa. We’d probably only have a couple of houses in stead of several if it wasn’t for Labtards like you guys.


  3. 7
    Ed Miliband says:

    We have the Bakers Tax.

    Oh sorry the Candlestick Maker Tax

    *Spad whispers in ear*

    The cost of living crisis for the squeezed Banker


  4. 8
    Nokia says:

    INCOMING ………


  5. 9
    Demetrius Skortou says:

    Like the Tories, Labour has created so much poverty amongst our own people (thanks to their stupid open door policy on mass immigration) Ed “Milliebonce” and that cretin Cameron will never win the next election outright!

    Vote UKIP and get rid of these academic schoolboys & girls once and for all.


  6. 10
    Red Ed Milibandwaggon says:

    Who cares as long as my party can feed at the public teat.


  7. 11
    Henry Crun says:

    Ed Miliband: taking all the fun out of dysfunctional


  8. 13
    Poison pen letters from Brown says:

    ” no positive messages”

    But the weirdos and thickos will still vote for them. Positively one dumb nation. Ed is sooooo fucking lucky that the double dim arsewipes know no better. Vote SHITE get SHITE.


  9. 14
    The only thing positive about the folk of Edinburgh is the H.I.V test results. says:

    Socialism is for thickos and nationalism is for the deluded.


  10. 15
    The only thing positive about the folk of Edinburgh is their H.I.V test results. says:

    Tired of hearing the socialist bull. Labour should apologise and pay out compensation for treating us all like daft Hunts. They should be heavily fined for having the audacity to insult our intelligence.

    How many socialists does it take to change a lightbulb? Five Socialists. It takes one to determine the light bulb needs changing. It takes a second to agree. It takes a third socialist to phone a social worker to confirm they have not gone blind. It takes a fourth socialist to club the money together and go and buy the lightbulb and it takes a fifth socialist to read the instruction manual to replace it.

    Labour have no bright ideas on how to run the country.


  11. 16
    Referendum says:

    Politics today is like giving the electorate a choice to watch crap magic or to play shit poker.


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