July 29th, 2014

HuffPo Bizarrely Equates Help for Heroes With Gaza Campaign

The political direction of HuffPo is becoming more niche every day, Mehdi Hasan divides his time between broadcasting on the Qatari government funded Al Jazeera channel and setting the tone of HuffPo UK’s coverage, which schizophrenically runs bikini-clad starlet stories next to Middle East coverage with a consistently anti-Israeli line. Last week they managed to combine the two issues by running a story attacking IDF soldiers’ girlfriends for sending selfies of themselves posing in their underwear with “I love IDF” slogans…

Al-HuffPo is covering itself in glory again this morning with a bizarre attack on the Help for Heroes charity for wounded soldiers. After England cricketer Moeen Ali was told he would be facing investigation for wearing “Free Palestine” and “Save Gaza” wristbands yesterday, a Mehdi minion writes for Al-HuffPo

“The ICC [International Cricket Council] should be braced for accusations of hypocrisy after they became the latest institution to embarrass themselves over the Gaza conflict. England bowler Stuart Broad revealed their Test shirts against India featured the “Help for Heroes” – the charity formed to help those wounded in Britain’s current conflicts – slogan.

In 2011, the England national football team were initially denied permission by Fifa to have poppies emblazoned on their home strip for a November friendly with Spain. Eventually, Fifa backed down and agreed a compromise with the Football Association that allowed the players to feature poppies on their black armbands to mark Armistice Day.”

The key difference being that the poppy campaign and Help for Heroes are charity campaigns to raise money for wounded soldiers and war heroes. “Free Palestine” is by definition a political statement. Not to mention that poppies and Help for Heroes support soldiers from the country for which Ali plays, rather than another country. Al HuffPo say the ICC should be “braced for accusations of hypocrisy”, but from whom?


  1. 1
    Lefties are Weird says:

    Lefties are Weird


    • 7
      Get it right says:

      Wierdness is just a perception of something unintentionally non-conformist.
      Lefties are so much more sinister and worse than that.


      • 69
        Historian says:

        So, now the Israelis are complaining that the Palestinians have “Terror Tunnels”From Palestinian land (That the Israelis want to steal) to Palestinian land (that the Israelis have already stolen)!
        Classic Z ionst hypocrisy.

        The solution is simple: Give back the stolen land on the other side of the tunnels to the Palestinians and there won’t be any more attacks from them!


        • 79

          Land that was taken as a result of legitimate military action. That’ll teach the Muslims not to attack the Jews.


        • 80

          The land was taken by legitimate military action. That’ll teach the Mooose Limbs not to attack the Jooos.


          • Someone says:

            Well no, Slimebag, Not allowing Civilians to return to their land is a war crime and contravenes the Geneva convention. Settling said land is another crime in itself.


          • Well I suppose history makes Someone right.

            After all didn t the Allies like a bunch of very correct button-down Gentlemen give sovereign freedom to Germany , Italy and Japan once the Berlin/Rone /Tokyo axis was defeated?

            So much for ” To the Victor the Spoils ” !!


        • 91
          Socialism is a filthy disease that needs eradicating says:

          Burn all mooslims out and that includes Britain.


      • 89
        Someone says:

        Equating “Help for Heroes” and pro Gaza wristbands is absolutely correct, since both are victims of ZioCon warmongering.


    • 8
      Toxic Labour for Spongers, Scroungers, Parasites, Criminals, Layabouts & other Wasters says:

      Lefties are dangerously weird. Get ready for loss of assets and massive tax if the socialists get into power again. The UK never learns a Labour Government always, always, always trashes the economy and swamps the Country with parasites.


      • 53
        JH4236323453276 says:

        The parasite will definitely outgrow the host if they get back in again. Disaster all round, but they will always think there is one more roll of the dice.


        • 62

          The parasite is outgrowing the host without Labour being in. The Heir to Blair is carrying on where Labour left off. Come in world and make yourselves at home and here’s a welfare cheque to be getting on with.


      • 107

        “KNEEL” SAYS

        I said it before ( when DIDN T get in ) and I’ll say it again .
        Watch your wallet !!!


    • 41

      Yes. It’s a combination of the Napoleon delusion, that they are brave standard-bearers with the massed ranks of the working class marching behind them; the narcissistic class self-loathing; the sanctimonious conviction that they are morally better than others (“Lord, I thank thee that I am not as other people”); the crackpot historicism; the ultra-simplistic worldview; the assumption that wordy obfuscation implies intelligence, and the fairytale economics.


    • 45
      Shooty* says:

      Was going to post a long, long rant, but you’ve summed it up fantastically.


      • 70
        Hasbara Spotter says:

        Another thread diversion from the ZioLoon Hasbara merchants.

        Because they are right wing extremist supremacist religious nutters, they attempt to turn their genocide and land theft into a Leftie V Rightie thing.


    • 94
      Lisa says:

      Mehdi Hasan is no Leftie. He’s a tribalist Islamist who deeply, deeply hates this country and its native people

      He’s the definition of the filth multiculturalism and immigration has wrought upon us.


    • 105

      Well sorry but …

      I have a smidgeon if sympathy for The Mad Mehdi .

      After all it s ( in these politically hypercorrect tines) a freedom of expression akin to the airport worker wearing a religious brooch n ‘est pas ?

      If we are allowing gay marriage publicity placards why should we not allow a non – violent professional sportsman to wear a harmless armband supporting one or other cause ? Israeli sympathisers could obviously do the same .

      MCC may live to regret . This one could run and run out of all proportion and get to the scrutiny of that august institution The Court of Ewwmmmmaaaann Rights !!

      I would not rule out the possibility if the great MCC /ICC backing down …..


  2. 2
    Arse IV says:

    Since when has the left ever used a logical or rational argument? It’s 99.9% emo. With Mehdi and Huffington, it’s also 100% bollocks.


    • 18
      Big Momma says:

      Gave up reading Huffington Post when she sold it on.
      Even the BBC only quote them sparingly as they are such a joke (both that is)


  3. 3
    West Country Tory says:

    HuffPo really are the scum of the Earth. Does anyone believe anything they say?


    • 14
      I thought it had gone bust ages ago says:

      Does anyone read anything they say?


    • 16
      Norm Normal says:

      Unfortunately yes and many other ‘alternative news’ sites that are pure nonsense.

      They don’t realise the main aim is advertising revenue, not truth.


  4. 4

    Vote Eid Milly, we will be victorious. Birmingham school standards for All.


  5. 5

    What an odd connection to make. Agenda?


    • 99
      Messenger says:

      Not odd at all. Both the troops and the Gazans are victims of Z ionist hatemongering.
      Their tactic is to set West against Muslims.


  6. 6
    Wallace or Muppet? says:


    • 12
      Tachybaptus says:

      Government by Muppets would be much preferable to either of the present lot, with Kermit as PM. Go for it, I say.


      • 54
        Ed Weirdoband says:

        I’m surprised he did not come back and say”this is someone that I can do the business on”


  7. 9
    Anonymous says:

    The key difference being that the poppy campaign and Help for Heroes are charity campaigns to raise money for wounded soldiers and war heroes. “Free Palestine” is by definition a political statement. End of conversation.


    • 103
      Mr. Common Sense says:

      There is also the ‘minor’ point that the first two charities are for British people in need, whereas the third relates to a far away, foreign land.


  8. 10
    HR Dept' Daily Mail. says:

    Gissa job I can be anything you want me to be.


  9. 11
    Fat Chance 4 UK meaningful renegotiation says:

    “The Swiss voted in one of their many referenda to limit EU migration and introduce a quota system.

    Yet the EU treats Switzerland with contempt. Brussels is clearly displeased with the results of the referendum, so it has completely rejected the Swiss proposal to review their free movement agreement and renegotiate a new settlement, thus riding roughshod over the wishes of Switzerland’s voters.

    The Swiss may have the last laugh however; the referendum has bound the government to either renegotiate the free movement deal or revoke it within three years.

    A letter to Swiss President Didier Burkhalter, signed by Catherine Ashton (the EU’s High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy – a role created by the Treaty of Lisbon) says:

    “The EU states the free movement of people is one of the EU’s fundamental principles and thus cannot be negotiated or restricted through the use of quotas.”



    • 15
      Ghost of Lady Thatcher says:

      Cast Iron Dave

      I do hope you’ve read “The Correction”. I can’t wait to see your face when it all comes true.


    • 22
      The witless mong in Number 10 says:

      Nonsense! I’ll revoke our commitment to free movement! It’s just one of many powers I will get back from Brussels.

      Right after I’ve signed the European Arrest Warrant, irrevocably committing Britain to arresting its own people and chucking them into foreign prisons where they’ll have to disprove their guilt.



    • 26
      albacore says:

      Did you get to vote on halal killing?
      Nah – Parliament knew that you were willing
      Same with immigration and the E U
      They know your mind much better than you do


    • 29
      Mr Woy says:

      I thought you would know by now that Brussels is only happy when you vote their way of thinking. If you think for yourself and don’t toe the Brussels line then they get very unhappy……because they’re undemocratic scumbag piss pots.


    • 34

      The Swiss should definitely tell the EU to piss off. Tell the USA as well.

      And become a free country again, as it has been since 1291.

      Vote UKIP :-D


    • 37
      Didier Burkhalter says:

      Dear Cathy

      Please fuck off

      yours upwardly


  10. 13
    Ghost of Lady Thatcher says:

    er if it helps the HuffPo readers the difference is this :

    Hamas, PLO, the Peoples’ Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the Judean Popular Front and all hte other Muzzbot fanatics would like to murder your gay friends and stop women working outside the marital home. If you doubt me just run through the list of gay and “wimmin” friendly peoples’ republics in the Middle East and see which you would choose as an emigration destination.

    Help for Heroes provides some assistance to working class lads and lasses, whose mummies and Daddies couldn’t get them into “Uni”, injured in the cause of preserving your freedom to write and read complete nonsense while living on your trust fund.

    Let me know when you find any sign of real democracy anywhere in the third world, or indeed anywher eoutside the Anglosphere.


  11. 17
    Crrraaaiggg David says:

    I always have a lot of time for what Mehdi “All non Muslims are animals” Hasan has to say. Always balanced and fair, never with the underlying hint of anti-semitism, constantly at the cutting edge of news and current affairs…


  12. 19

    Vote UKIP :-D


  13. 20
    SW says:

    Just imagine the uproar in HuffPo’s home country of the US if it had drawn the same parallel with a charity represnting the interests of US veterans. Ms Huffington would be dodging bullets the next time she apepars in public!


  14. 21
    Anonymous says:

    It is not just “lefties” who are confused like this, many who would be regarded as cenre-politics (rightly or wrongly) cannot identify with their own nations. They are so bound up with the international political elite who think they run the world as a NWO cooleaiate government, they cannot bring themselves to view anything according to nationality and interests. Eg. BBC never refers to “our” but “the British”.


  15. 22
    Ed Miliband says:

    I like turtles


    • 35
      Ellie-Mae (9) says:

      Whoaaa Ed, you’re an Owl man, c’mon say it “owl”…oh all right forget “owl” just try “Hoot” or even “Twit-twoo”


  16. 24
    Big Bang Theory says:

    Britain is becoming a ‘one world’ nation where in future you are just as likely to see parades remembering the Taliban war dead as you are the British.
    My advice to any young chap thinking of joining the armed forces.
    Don’t do it.
    There is bugger all worth defending anymore.


    • 30
      Mr Woy says:

      One world or 3rd world?


    • 33
      The British media are cunts says:

      Yes but Hattie Harpic and Yvette Dyke need lots of young white males to sign up as cannon fodder for their glorious return in 2015.

      She has another long list of countries that she wants to fight using white male blood.


      • 96
        Ghost of Lady Thatcher says:

        for example that Rascal Putin who has the temerity to disagree with the European Bum Sex and Kiddie Fiddling Directive


  17. 25
    The British media are cunts says:

    I wonder what Jew hater Medhi would say if a player wore a badge calling for the obliteration of Hamas.


  18. 31

    Something for the left to chew on:

    Vote UKIP :-D


    • 46
      WWIII as a result of Bumsex says:

      In the run up to the winter Olympics the amount of stick Putin got because of his attitude to bumsex was ridiculous.
      I would hate to think the EU ‘progressive’ incursion into the Ukraine during those winter games was purely based on that one reason.


  19. 32

    Either the ICC should permit any (legal) wristband or none. The ICC should not arrogate to itself the power of censorship.


    • 50
      Twampersand mk II says:

      It would help if they stopped picking people who are clearly not English to play in the national squad.


    • 59
      visibly shaken says:

      your allowed to wear any wristbands on the cricket pitch just not knocked of theme park ones.

      is that what you mean?


  20. 36
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Not a single close up picture of Hamas fighters firing rockets , from the BBC, ITV or C4. Why not? What has our media got to hide?


  21. 42
    Rob says:

    Mehdi Hassan should be reporting from Gaza preferably from inside that hospital that doubles as a rocket base and Hammas headquarters

    Liked by 1 person

  22. 44
    JustSayNo_toFriendsofIsrael says:

    “…HuffPo UK’s coverage, which schizophrenically runs bikini-clad starlet stories next to Middle East coverage with a consistently anti-Israeli line…”

    Guido doesn’t do irony then ?!

    Can’t believe you think you can take the moral high ground when criticising the quality and bias of any other website.

    How about;

    “…Order-order which schizophrenically runs hysterical, personal witchhunts against nonentity MP’s next to Middle East coverage with a consistently pro-Israeli line…”

    GF should actually encourage any outlet that he deems ‘anti-Israel’ because it would provide readers with balance against the predominantly pro-Israel MSM.
    But that might cost him some shekels…


    • 60
      visibly shaken says:

      its because its obvious to everyone who isn’t enjoying eating with the sun up that one side is in the wrong and needs to grow up.


  23. 47
    Green Thing says:

    Wearing a Help For Heroes slogan shows that you are emphasising with people who’ve been injured and wounded, and so does wearing a Save Gaza wristband. Not that difficult a connection to make surely, even for the swivel-eyed rabids on here.


  24. 56
    Tim Yeo-Yo says:

    I’d rather read the Express than anything linked to that utter fukwit Mehdi.


  25. 61

    One biased article in any media outlet causes one to view the rest of their articles with suspicion, even ifthey are 100% accurate.
    I’ve given up watching Channel 4 news because of Jon Snow’s bias towards Hamas, as I no linger trust it to provide accurate news on other topics.


    • 77
      JustSayNo_toFriendsofIsrael says:

      Fair enough.

      And presumably you are not watching any news on TV at all now – because there is an obvious bias in all of their coverage ?

      I guess the Jon Snow reporting is getting a lot of reaction because it was honest, personal, moving – and perhaps it was biased in favour of Hamas, but because that bias is rarely seen in the MSM it was well received.

      But you are absolutely correct: there is a serious lack of balance across the print and TV MSM when reporting on all things Israel / Palestine.


  26. 63
    Israeli Defence Force says:

    Please give £3 per Month for the increasing humanitarian crisis developing in Gaza.


  27. 66
    Engineer says:

    Listening to the BBC Test Match Special coverage, this was mentioned. The ICC Code of Conduct for players bans the wearing of any badge or symbol with a political or religious message. In this instance, the match referee has spoken to Moeen Ali and told him that whilst he is free to express his views off the field of play, he won’t be wearing his wristband on it again. No fines, no sanctions, just an explaination of the rules and ‘friendly advice’. It would seem that common sense has prevailed within the cricketing world; whether that will extend to the commentariat is another matter.

    There are times when the ‘rules’ are broken, and common sense suggests that the matter should be overlooked. Players have worn items betokening support for various charitable causes without sanction, and there was the famous case when Andy Flower and Henry Olonga wore black armbands whilst playing for Zimbabwe to mark the death of democracy (as they saw it) in their home country. They faced no sanction from the ICC for that gesture.


  28. 83
    JustSayNo_toFriendsofIsrael says:

    Friends of Israel = Enemies of the UK electorate.


    • 87
      Anonymous says:

      Why? When was the last time one of them blew themselves up on a bus or a tube train in London?


      • 90
        JustSayNo_toFriendsofIsrael says:

        A foreign self-interest group seeking to influence UK foreign policy.
        Working against the UK national interests, and thus the UK electorate.

        [“Working against” : see how the Israeli lobby influences Congress and US foreign policy – and this is not in the US national interest.]

        As far as I am aware there are no ‘Friends of UK’ self-interest groups trying to influence Israeli politics. That would just be daft…but it’s acceptable in UK politics ?

        Shouldn’t be allowed.

        Not Friends of the UK.


        • 104

          Speak for yourself. There is no way I want to be ‘friends of’ or support Palestinians, until such time as they accept Israel’s right to exist and stop threatening non Muslims in general. This scenario will never, of course, come about.


          • Learn something says:

            Israel is destroying and occupying Palestinian lands. Palestinians have a right to exist which the Israelis deny and erode further daily.
            What about the rights of Palestinians to defend themselves or just to return home???


  29. 93
    Spartacus says:

    huff-pooh is what exactly? constipation?


  30. 95
    1948 Crap Cricket says:

    P@lestine could have been an independent state by 1948 but it chose racial war instead. Clowns.


  31. 101
  32. 102
    Mad Mad World says:

    WTF is that Cultist wearing around his chin!! Surely must be the chin equivalent of strap on!

    If these people were not brainwashed from birth with this nonsense they may have turned out almost normal!


  33. 108
    Take 5 steps backward for Hasan says:

    Hasan is a shite journalist. End of.


  34. 111
    cured lefty says:

    He is english? Get yerself tae fuck !


  35. 112
    cured lefty says:

    Sorry he’s a muslim they don’t do nationalities they just colonise them


  36. 114
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    I’m the political editor of the HuffingtonPost. Why are you stupid infidels surprised by this? You are all dogs for complaining.


  37. 115

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  38. 116
    Anonymous says:

    “Help for Heroes”
    would consist of putting politicians in contact with reality. Best done by asking them simple questions. So that the answers, if any result, come from someone they might be prepared to believe. Even if we no longer do.
    Q1. Who sends our forces out to do their dirty work? While constantly bigging them up, in an attempt to personally profit through the use of patriotic zeal?
    Q2. Who then consign the resulting carnage to charity, when those emissaries return crippled?
    It’s now impossible to walk down a high street, without being accosted for contributions to assuage the damage done by duplicitous government dimwits.


  39. 118

    This has nothing to do with left vs right. I class myself as standing staunchly on the right on domestic and immigration policies yet I can never find myself defending the actions of the IDF and Israel both past and present.

    I never read the HuffPo but they are spot on. Every bit as political as a charity campaign for wounded and dead Gazans


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