July 25th, 2014

Q2 GDP +0.8%: Figures in Full


  • Change in gross domestic product (GDP) is the main indicator of economic growth. GDP increased by 0.8% in Q2 2014, the second consecutive quarter on quarter increase of 0.8%.


  • Output increased in two of the four main industrial groupings within the economy in Q2 2014 compared with Q1 2014. In order of their contribution, output increased by 1.0% in services and by 0.4% in production. However, output decreased by 0.5% in construction and by 0.2% in agriculture.
  • In Q2 2014 GDP was estimated to be 0.2% above the peak in Q1 2008. From peak to trough in 2009, the economy shrank by 7.2%.
  • GDP was 3.1% higher in Q2 2014 compared with the same quarter a year ago.
Via ONS.


  1. 1
    Winning for Britain says:

    George Osborne is winning for Britain

  2. 2
    Ed Balls says:

    Is that bigger or smaller than 0% ?

  3. 3
    The court of public opinion says:

  4. 4
    vote tory says:

    So the rich are getting richer again while the poor continue to get poorer.

  5. 5
    Great British Public says:

    Labour’s Great Recession is finally behind us.

    FFS let’s not allow the two Eds ‘Nightmare on Downing Street’ to become a reality.

  6. 6
    Toxic Labour for Spongers, Scroungers, Parasites, Criminals, Layabouts & other Wasters says:

    Ready for Labour to destroy it all yet again.

  7. 7
    Gordon Brown says:

    I saved the world you know.

    ps – Has anyone got Malalas phone number as she isn’t answering my emails.

  8. 8
    Benny Fitz-Clements says:

    #I was much richer under Gordon the Moron.

  9. 9
    DC says:

    But GDP per capita is still down, so this mass immigration seems to have had a negative effect on the national finances must therefore be negative… as GDP/capita problems due to population increase, largely due to migrants.

  10. 10
    The Great British Public says:

    GDP per person is lower….

    Why would that be ?

  11. 11
    Hoots! It's Clown says:

    Due to the extreme heat, I shall today perform my constituency duties wearing only a pair of Speedos.

  12. 12
    T.B£iar - the People's Messiah says:

    I wouldn’t completely agree with that.

  13. 13
    Red Ken Lyingscum says:

    Celebrate the rich, multi-cultural diversity !

  14. 14
    The Green Destruction of the countryside says:

    It is not surprising that Agriculture is down and financial services are up when our green food producing fields are becoming covered in toxic black solar panels that make financial consortiums very rich and our environment very poor.

    Is it too difficult for the government to realise that it is lunacy to cover CO2 absorbing land with panels that require environment destruction to obtain their components? And if they must have them then rather than cover the countryside, cover the big shopping sheds and industrial units.

  15. 15
    christ almighty (or nrst eqvlnt) says:

    ‘services’ is such a large category it needs broken down in detail

    if all that’s happened is that property inflation/turnover has risen that ain’t much use

    look also at the rate of increase of national debt – that’s to be covered by more property inflation/speculation?

  16. 16
    Mycroft says:

    He’s not.

    So, put back in growth loss over cost expansion and the numbers at work and the Country is 14% down on the peak.

    That is the reality, raw figures for the size of the economy means very little.

    We are 14% down still.

    Not really anything at all to crow about.

  17. 17
    White Dee says:

    Search me. I’m producing more than I ever did.

  18. 18
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:


  19. 19
    BBC says:

    How do you want this story spun Ed? Len?

  20. 20
    Alex Salmond, formerly the cleverest politician in Britain says:

    It’s exactly this sort of economic success that Scotland neither wants or needs.

    After independence I will preside over a socialist failed-state which is bailed-in by the EU Troica and run from Frankfurt. And rightly so.

  21. 21
    Kevin in accounts says:

    Can we see the month on month Income Tax Corporation Tax and Vat returns please.

    They are much much more interesting.

  22. 22
    Zio-Nazi says:

    Faces of the liquidated fallen zio-nazis:

  23. 23
    A Fool's paradise says:

    And why is producing ever more something to crow about? This exponential curve can’t possibly go on forever. Just how much tat do humans want to make and consume?

  24. 24
    BBC says:

    We can round it down to a -1% double dip. Peston’s the man for that.

  25. 25
    concrete pump says:

    Aren’t you rubbing your hands with glee..?

  26. 26
    Jean Claude Drunkard says:

    Meanwhile, over here in the EU…..

  27. 27
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    But when you vote to stay in the Union and Mr Cameron, as he has promised, gives you all of these new devolved powers, economic growth in England and Wales will probably double overnight.

  28. 28
    Tired of numskulls with chips on their shoulders says:

    If the poor keep getting poorer how is it that we live as we do? My Grandparents didn’t have half of the things that I do today. Neither of them ever flew in an aeroplane to go on holiday either.

  29. 29
    UKIP like kittens says:

    6 years to standstill. have a cigar coalition

  30. 30

    I thought your constituency duties consisted of staying as far away from the shithole and the HoC as possible.

  31. 31
    Anonymous says:

    Paying of the debts created by Labour.

    Even with increased GDP, we still have to pay the labour Debts and this will hit the cost of living for years to come.

  32. 32
    Great British Public says:


  33. 33
    Jim Royal says:

    UK economy back at pre-crisis level. a crisis built on fraud and deceit and downright theft.
    It has taken 6 years to change the way the figures are manipulated so as we can get the supposed growth.

    Smoke a spliff and pay for sex your helping the economy we are all in this together….

    My Arse.

  34. 34
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:

  35. 35
    Marcus Barkus says:

    GDP means diddly squat anyway.

  36. 36
    UKIP all the way says:

    If 90% of the people disagree with Miliband, that computes to a large %age of Labour voters he cannot count on.

  37. 37
    Cwispy pants Bwyant says:

    I’m first ! Bend over, big boy !

  38. 38
    UKIP all the way says:

    Perhaps the introduction of some new thinking instead of the same old, will enhance progress.

  39. 39
    Zio-Nazi says:

    good, fuck germany

  40. 40
    BBC - Labour Says, Labour Says. says:

    We really had our knickers in a twist this morning with this news.
    On our Toady Programme we tried to cover it in a negative way to support our Labour comrades, but due to our limited arsenal of left wing mantras and sound bites we were not totally successful.
    We will put a team of BBC left winger activists under Robert Peston and his father onto this task as the “negative” news on our UK economy could get worse for us.

  41. 41
    LOL prank call to muzee says:

  42. 42
    Jimmy says:

  43. 43
    David Ward says:

    British town of Preston to fly Palestinian flag > oh dear >

    http://m.asianimage.co.uk/news/11363624.City_Council_to_fly_Palestinian_flag_above_town_hall/#comments … lol

  44. 44
    Mycroft says:

    A valid point and often voiced by certain people.

    Production can and will go on, or we elect for self-extinction.

    The tat often finances the great, just as evolution creates numerous dead-ends we do the same with ‘stuff’, it’s natural, if Beavers had taken over the world in the way we did then it would resemble ‘Water World’… every creature exploits its habitat.

    You are on a computer, is that tat? Do you still run the computer you did 10 years ago?

    Where will it end?

    In a very environmentally kind way, in 2 perhaps 3 generations we will each have our own Nano-Constructor and 3d printer, we will download a program for the NC to make the materials we need from just bare earth, you shovel in a few kilos of sifted earth, it will re-arrange the molecular structure and out will come whatever we need, we’ll then download a program for the 3d printer to make whatever we need, no more will you have to first buy, then have sent from a huge warehouse almost all consumable products, that is very green, it is also very smart and it is where we are going.

    So progress and the continuing expansion will lead to that.

    The age of steel and Iron will be gone, the material used will be Ceramic and that is far more robust than either of the old materials.

    Ceramic knives are sharper, harder and stronger than their old counterparts.

    Your keyboard will be ceramic and last virtually forever, the future holds so much, but you have to get there and that is why expansion is so important, the World was set back 10 years thanks to the bankers and speculators and put off that future for that 10 years.

    If you care about the environment, then expansion and making headway toward that future is essential.

  45. 45
    LOL prank call to muzee says:

    Sorry, wrong video.

  46. 46
    Mycroft says:

    It’s not even a standstill, we are actually 14% down.

  47. 47
    Just Saying. says:

    Interesting that US economists stated one month ago that Germany will stop growing probably for the rest of the year.
    Part of the reason was the energy policy going wrong and costing more than planned.
    A lesson as to what happens when the Greens are allowed political power.

  48. 48
    Viperous Old Vince says:

    Here is today’s first official LibDem lie.

  49. 49
    Just coincidence? says:

    I’m not a conspiracy type but two plane crashes in one week following last week’s Malaysian plane being shot down – something’s not right.

  50. 50
    Ed Miliband says:

    but i weally wove sociawism

  51. 51
    hmm says:

    was it a discussion on the state of the Ibizan holiday home rental market?

  52. 52
    Brylcream says:

    It don’t work like that. A Knife of a keyboard that lasts forever will still get thrown away to make way for the latest model.

  53. 53
    hmm says:

    holy fuck nick, what have you been smoking

  54. 54
    Vlad the Loudhailer says:

    It’s very easy really, Ed Davey (Libdem) is in charge.

  55. 55
    Big Momma says:

    Is he talking to Mums Net?
    What the hell does Chuka Moneyatit know about any future except his own, and we all disagree with him on this.

  56. 56
    The Growler says:

    Easy one, more of working age, wages not going up, increased number of immigrants, but how much in all these statistics in the centre ground of margins of error, statistical figures are notorious for inaccuracy, statistics are a good indicators of trends but not very good in one off indicators. Statistics require accurate information gathering to give a good view of what is happening, rubbish in the mix and the statistics are worthless. Selected categories should not be changed just so that the statistical output matches what politicos or others want to see. It would be interesting to give a regional breakdown of the categories so that the different regions growth or decrease can be seen, London and the south eastern region is not the UK.

  57. 57
    Mycroft says:

    No, you chuck in the NC and it will break it down, you’ll download the new design and then print it.

  58. 58
  59. 59
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Don’t let Liebore wreck the recovery.

    Vote tactically to keep Liebore out!

    Hell even the weather is better under the Tories :-)

  60. 60
    Anonymous says:

    It could be that people who were claiming and working cannot do it anymore. Therefore they go from unemployed statistic to employed without any change in production and a reduction in productivity on paper.

  61. 61

  62. 62
    The Growler says:

    Mr B’Liar, isn’t it strange what the super rich will pay someone to spout hot air to them, and grease their path so that they get richer, for which of course you take your cut.

  63. 63
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:

    There would be less sunshine and lower temperatures without the LibDems.

  64. 64
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    You won’t have to worry about plane crashes when the price of oil skyrockets towards $1000, as the Saudi fields run dry, because all airlines will go bank-rupt :-)

  65. 65
    No No No... says:

    Fucking DISGUSTING…..

  66. 66
    MPs says:

    Sham weddings increasing at an ‘alarming rate’

  67. 67
    Jacqueline Dromey says:

    ‘well hung’ ?? :)

  68. 68
    Chris Fanshawe says:

    A damning condemnation of state school failure.

    Let’s hope these people can continue Gove’s reforms so kids from state schools can get a decent education and get a shot at the top jobs across the land.

  69. 69
    John Bellingham says:

    So cancel the office subscription for the “Beano” and order “Bodybuilding Illustrated” instead.

  70. 70
    Chris Fanshawe says:

    I’ll have a bit of that!

  71. 71
    David Weird says:

    The Bradford chroncile
    Your MP’s diary.

    Today I shall be holding a constituency surgery in the village hall in Beneficiary Road.
    Then I will be visiting the pensioner’s and scouts fun day which is up at Bookham Fields.

    In the evening I shall be speaking at the rotary club where I shall be telling members that Filthy Juice spread disease and manipulate international finance for their own perverted ends.

  72. 72
    The two Muppets says:

    This must break Miliband and Balls heart . Please ,Please do not let
    these two crash the car again .

  73. 73
    John Bellingham says:

    Just a minute! Nick Gibb is reported as attending Maidstone Grammar, noted as a private school. It wasn’t when I was attending another Kent grammar school and playing sport against them. Surely it is a State Grammar school?

  74. 74
    Chris 'pantomime' Bryant says:

    Ohhh I do hope so, ducky

  75. 75
    Have you noticed? says:

    Labour don’t wheel out Ed Balls to talk about the latest figures anymore. They just tell him to shut the f*ck up.

  76. 76
    edyookayshun says:

    No one with a state education was able to fill in the job application form.

  77. 77
    The Growler says:

    I have only been abroad once in my life and that was with a school group for an educational holiday, I have never had a passport and never will, I only have a small car, I have my own bungalow which I inherited, I haven’t been on holiday for 34 years, and I am an OAP, I haven’t got a flat screen tv (the programs even though there are more channels seem to be repeats from other channels), I don’t go out boozing, when much younger I used to go for one or two but that was it, I gave up smoking over 13 years ago for health reasons (it finally dawned on me why I got so many headaches after smoking) ciggies don’t smell like they used to, they smell like smoldering brown cartridge paper. Most importantly I am not on bennies thank goodness.

  78. 78
    Shooty* says:

    Mithter speaker, mithter speaker, mithter speaker, why is it now 2%? Or 3%? Too far too fast. It’s a cost of GDP cwithith, mithter speaker.

  79. 79
    The Critic says:

    GDP is a measure of production not prosperity. GDP has nothing to do with a country’s standard of living. Economic production provides no insight into the literacy rate, life expectancy, access to healthcare, leisure time or general level of happiness among a given populace.There are other emasures which could, but governments don’t use them. I wonder why?

  80. 80
    The two Muppets says:

    I doubt that UKIP wants to hear that we are the fastest growing
    country in the G7 . They are quite prepared to see Labour back
    in power just so they can win a couple of seats at the most .
    The electorate should do anything to stop Labour trashing the country again .
    After a Conservative win then we can turn our attention to electing a strong
    true Tory Leader .

  81. 81
    Great Dollops of Plop says:

    These figures are dire.
    An economy that runs 77.8* on services, 15.2% on production, 6.3% on construction, and 0.7% on agriculture is doomed unless it has either the world’s reserve currency, or has got free energy and mineral wealth.
    Since we have neither, this headline 0.8% growth is entirely down to foreign money pouring into either buying up our infrastructure assets and the whole of Londonistan, or laundering their money through the City of London.

    If we are going to fool ourselves for much longer, we’ll wake up broke.
    What? we are already broke? and worse?

    Don’t praise Osbourne or Cameron one iota. They have no clue how these numbers appeared; pretty much everything they have done has been useless and counter-productive. Did ‘help to buy’ do anything for our GDP, it certainly increased house prices ….

  82. 82
    The Critic says:

    One has to ask. What reasoning process,if any, leads someone to the opposite conclusion to that indicated by a set of data? Answer: a political one – ignore the evidence and rely on dogma regardless.

    And he’s a superior intellect to the rest of us? Bring on a few thickies FFS

  83. 83
    Mad,mozzie Medievalist says:

    It’s a Labour Council. They need the Postal Voters to be onside for May 2015.

  84. 84
    John Bellingham says:

    If 12% of people in the UK intent to vote Lib Dem then there is a serious morality issue. If 32% intend to vote Labour, there is a serious mental health issue.

  85. 85
    Dad's Army says:

    We’re all dooooomed !! DOOOOMED, I tell ye !

  86. 86

    I’ve succeeded in RAISING the Deficit by 7.3% year on year 2014 vs. 2013 so far.

    Targetting +10%

    I’m doing realyy well, aren’t I?

  87. 87
    The Growler says:

    Say it enough times and people will start to believe you, Gideon is still borrowing more and promising to spend even more with the glory project HS2 and other such high spending projects, most people don’t want it. The economy is so fragile built on primarily one sector which is the one which got us in the mess in the first place, and there are still investigations going on what the little tinkers were getting up to with LIBOR

  88. 88
    Incredibly dumb Labour voters says:

    Don’t count on that.

  89. 89

    H’arman was on national TV and across the papers for more than 30 years with her P.I.E. links.

    Why have moves not been made to squeeze her out vs. R’uffley ?

    Is child abuse more acceptable or something ? (Did I miss the memo?)

    Vote UKIP :-D

  90. 90
    The enemy within and a tame political blogger says:

    The campaign against R uffley comes from factions of the Tory party, the Labour party is united behind Harman.

  91. 91
    Mycroft says:

    ^^^SPIN ALERT^^^

    It’s a start, but we are crippled by our EU membership and dragged down by them, so these figures in fact prove our case, not detract from it.

    The EU as we are in it at the moment has cost us dearly and our GDP would be so much better than the reality of -14% that is told by these figures.

  92. 92
    Mr Snotty says:

    Because she is protected by the British Bolshevik Corporation and the other fellow travellers.

  93. 93

    Still need to add metal to the ceramic knives otherwise security can’t easily detect them.

    It is a bit brittle as well – Wouldn’t be suitable for building a warship or tank.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  94. 94

    My point. Child abuse is accepted by Labour.

    But the Tories are taking a political lead set by a church cleric.


    Vote UKIP :-)

  95. 95
    Liebour Translation Services Ltd says:

    wide-ranging talk

    Chuka sprays the room with multi-topic bullshit.

  96. 96
    Mycroft says:

    That is today, by the time we reach this Ceramics will be truly composite diamond-like material we’re there now, but it is eye-wateringly expensive.

    Brittle will not be an issue, remember at the start of the Iron age that was also a problem, solutions were found.

    In the past the idea of ships made of Iron was seen as a joke and wooden ships traversed the globe.

    Things change, we think and then we innovate.

    Tanks already have a huge ceramic material content as does armour, it is only modern ceramics that can withstand Titanium tipped and DU tipped ammunition, they can now bounce Sabot shells off undamaged, but cost kills the adoption.

  97. 97

    Vote UKIP and it will be double!

  98. 98
    Fuck Labour says:

    Sadly, appallingly, that’s what voting UKIP will achieve.

  99. 99
    Vote Labour says:

    Yes indeed. However, a vote for us will see that gap get wider faster just like it did last time we were ruining this country….I mean….like it did last time we were in Government.

  100. 100

    Am not disagreeing – materials research is important, but the notion that ceramics will replace metal might be false. (I do get that ceramics are defined as being non-metallic :) )

    Cost of working with that material will be a factor that should come down once scaled.

    Would be good if engines are sorted out.

    Ceramic piping could reduce corrosion issues in refineries handling sour crude which could bring down maintenance overheads quite a bit.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  101. 101
    The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

    Why is it that local councillors think they are in Westminster. Just keep the streetlights on and empty the bins for pity’s sake. Did the people of Preston clamour for this overtly piece of ridiculous political posturing? No, I thought not.

  102. 102
    No No No... says:

    Its just further proof that ENGLAND has become a fucking world wide joke….The decent people of Preston should burn the fucking town hall down with all the traitors inside..every single day OUR country is slipping further into the shit and nobody gives a fuck..enough is enough…

  103. 103
    Liebour says:

    No. You see everyone thought differently about these things back then. It was all about liberating people. We erroneously thought of Paedophile Liberation as an extension of Gay Liberation. This is what happens when we start thinking. What? You say everyone didn’t think like that back then. Well they did in our circles, I assure you.

  104. 104
    BBC PC Monitor says:

    But what of any of this is of relevance to bumsex?

  105. 105
    Tell It like it is... says:

    MY country has been invade from world wide gargage..this multi cultural bullshit is as near genocide of a nation as you can get..Africans selling umbrellas, Asians selling fake phone covers, Romainians selling Beeg Issuue…I have had enough of this Pick and Mix diversity game…Close the borders and start the deportation..no healthcare, no benefits, no nothing… FUCK OFF WE ARE CLOSED for business…

  106. 106
    Spartacus says:

    I’m still trying to understand how I am responsible for bailing out private limited banks.

  107. 107
    Spartacus says:

    do you mean lies, damn lies, and statistics?

  108. 108
    Spartacus says:

    Radio Four were still talking about a triple dip last time I listened

  109. 109
    Farmer Giles says:

    Without the CAP & EU bureaucracy, agricultural output would be up?

  110. 110
    visibly shaken says:

    ignore the agriculture figure. its made up.

    you’re only able to estimate the result of harvest in Q4 and really know the result the following year.

  111. 111
    The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

    All we need now is a long overdue change to the electoral boundaries and we can kiss Clegg goodbye.

  112. 112
    peterthepainter says:

    Yes state school. Why don’t people just Google to check info.

  113. 113
    Mycroft says:

    FG, since the CAP rules were changed in the mid-nineties, the CAP has been biased against the UK and production has dropped progressively since then.

    The EU requirement to even get that reduced support has grown 5 fold.

    Just like Heroin the EU makes agriculture dependent upon the largesse whilst actually doing harm.

    It’s not an easy matter to address on a blog, but when our manifesto is released, there will be some parts that give the general outline of the transition sums after leaving.

    Effectively think along the lines of dramatic drop in office time and more time on the land and support for that change.

  114. 114
    Anonymous says:

    This materials engineer disagrees. Ceramics are fine in compression, but they are not good in tension. There is no way to produce ceramic materials with the same degree of certainty in mechanical properties as metals and composites. That’s the reason why ceramic turbine blades aren’t manufactured (and instead coated with a ceramic). You can have 99 that will be fine, but one that won’t and the only way to find out is to test them all to destruction, which defeats the purpose. Even ceramic matrix composites (CMCs) aren’t immune.

    If I were to bet on the material that will change the future, then I’d say graphene.

  115. 115
    Anonymous says:

    So uncontrolled immigration means GDP per head is down.

    Surely that means, on average, everyone is worse off than before ?

    If so, why do politicians keep saying immigration is good for us, when clearly, it’s not.

  116. 116
    Conservatives and Cameron says:

    Urgggh. You sound hideously white and disgusting.

    Even worse you are probably Christian. You people make my skin crawl.

    We certainly dont need your type anymore and the sooner you die so a lovely multi culti immigrant family can move into your house paid for by housing benefits, the better.

  117. 117
    Poorer by the minute... says:

    It’s not doom saying when the proof is there: the “economy” may have recovered but per capita GDP has not. More importantly, for people on low to average incomes, there has been a huge decline in the purchasing power of their earnings – a decline which continues.

    All that’s really happened since 2007 is we have imported another 2 or 3 million foreigners and seen our population grow hugely (mostly as a result of previous immigration), while at the same attracting every evil oligarch and their ill gotten gains from Cape Town to Kamchatka and allowing the super-rich to increase their wealth exponentially.

  118. 118
    inside out says:

    Easy really,all our masters are urbanites,they live in cities.

  119. 119
    Mycroft says:

    Anon, you are again dealing with today.

    Look at Turbine blades, they are grown from single Chrystals, in moulds, that very technology stemmed from research into Ceramics.

    I use Ceramics as a coverall term I also used the term ‘diamond-like’ to also bring into the mix Graphene and the new materials stemming from built processes using that as a matrix.

    But I bow to your greater knowledge on your subject, I’m a Theoretical Mathematician (CERN, MIT, Cambridge) so this subject is not my specialism but one of huge interest to me.

    I hope we both agree that we are really at the very start of the Ceramic Age and because the age of steel and iron has been all-pervasive it will take longer to ingrain itself than perhaps we would hope. We haven’t really yet reached in the new age the point of the Iron Bridge in Shropshire was to the Industrialisation period.

    It is good to hear an informed voice and to use a (hopefully) soon to be defunct meme… ‘Steel sharpens Steel’.

  120. 120
    inside out says:

    Any chance of Gay Pride flag alongside,no didn’t think so.Call me Dave will be disappointed.

  121. 121
    FtfingFoff says:

    Just can’t stay away, can you, Shlomo.

  122. 122
    inside out says:

    Be careful the thought police will get you.

  123. 123
    FtfingFoff says:

    So move “back” to the stolen land then, Shlomo

  124. 124
    Alexsandr says:

    Labour like Islamists, Islamists are paedophiles, therefore Labour are Paedophile apologists.

  125. 125
    Bob cuntface Crow says:

    Palys call for a day of rage,AKA Friday.

  126. 126
    Mycroft says:

    There is a fundamental issue here… our growth is 3%pa and our debt (borrowings) are growing by 10%pa, so in ‘return’ for this ‘growth’ we are borrowing from the future and getting a rubbish return on our money.

    It’s like working and for every £10 you put in the bank to save they just credit you with £3.

    This is NOT a recovery, not even close, after the election the real clamp-down will come, be afraid, be really really afraid.

  127. 127
    Mycroft says:

    Not ‘all’ of our debt is Labour generated, almost as much has come about in the last four years.

    I’m all for finding the culprit, but the reality is that spaz-cam and Odd-born have frittered away the last 3 years getting almost everything wrong, this recovery is entirely despite the Govs. actions not because of them.

    This Tory gov. has no right to claim anything but ‘Jeez, that was lucky’ on that front, people, business people knuckled down 5-6 years ago and still they have no succour.

    This Gov., like the previous is f’cking useless.

    It needs us at UKIP to oust the LibDems as the controlling hand and get rid of the mass of pointless and time consuming paperwork, measures, rules and regs that the EU foist upon us to even the field in Europe.

    Vote UKIP, get the country out of the sh’t.

  128. 128
    The Ruling liblabcon Political Elite says:

    Because it’s better for the immigrants, and the English can go fuck themselves.

  129. 129
    who cares says:

    Nick Gibb is a thick ignorant tory cυnt.

  130. 130
    The Growler says:

    Spartacus, bang on me old but you could say,” lies, damn lies, statistics and what the government tells us”
    Anonymous, that is something you would have to ask your local Torwy MP

  131. 131
    vote tory says:

    How wonderfully orgasmic to agree that all the liblabcons are useless cυnts.

  132. 132
    The Growler says:

    Maggie bought that one in in the eighties, there is the preferred government unemployment figures, and the not well shouted about, the actual unemployment figures. Like anything in governmentese the figures are taken which are most favourable to them but there are the true figures if you can find them.

  133. 133
    The Growler says:

    You are dead right there Mycroft, if Dave and chums get a working majority it will get very nasty, we have seen nothing yet, so anyone who is in a vulnerable position better watch out.

  134. 134
    The Thought Police says:

    Already feeling his collar.

  135. 135
    Mycroft says:

    The only way that the fundamental debt can be paid off is through controlled inflation, this is what will happen after the next election, the seeds are already sown.

    A 6 to 7% inflation rate for four years will (effectively) drop the debts real value by 20% and there by the increase in cash from QE and inflation will mean that we will pay off the headline figure but at quite a cost.

    Industry will be hit, but Service Industries won’t, if you have a mortgage, then rates will reach 8%+ during the next Parliament.

    It is also why the ‘release’ of Pensions is in train, this will mean that many will take the money in Apr.2015 and thereby often pay tax on it, a sort of sly levy on our pensions.

    The paying off of 25% the Debt will be in 2019/2020, it will be paid with your own money as there is a huge likelihood is that mortgages themselves will attract a ‘special levy’ to ‘cool’ the market.

    2016/7/8 are going to be hard times for many in the core middle class ranks, the very people who will have voted the Tories in.

    VAT will hit 25% on a large number of goods and ALL the present 5% rates will change to 10% in the late budget of 2015.

    This is the only way that following the Conservative doctrine will partially ‘balance the books’.

    I have to tell you that ‘IF’ (big, enormous f’cking IF) Labour kept to their chosen path, it will be only marginally worse.

    I cannot fathom the LibDem approach as it seems it is all over the shop and frankly makes no sense at the moment.

    I am a UKIP member and I can tell you also, that the Tory route is partially the best, but if we take ourselves out of the EU and re-engage with the Commonwealth we gain the Indian market partially denied us at the moment and through their tie-up the Chinese too, we’d be hugely in the money, we’d also be able to fully capitalise on our Shale gas, which because of our EU ties will mean we will get only 60% of the possible profit as we will be obliged to sell it to our ‘friends’, the excuse will be ‘To safeguard Europe from the reliance on Russia.

    The British Public is being stitched up, pure and simple.

  136. 136
    Not John Bellingham says:

    If everyone was called John Bellingham, you would be right.

  137. 137
    Thought Court says:

    Shome mishtake surely – should be “colour”?

  138. 138
    right un says:

    increases in the shit sector – bullshit and IDS shit have increased significantly in recent months.

    the decrease is due to nobody in the fucking population believing anything the tories produce – except more shit

  139. 139
    Anonymous says:

    Well. Due to the typical British style optimism on here ( we are all stakeholders now) I’m trotting off to the local branch of RSB on Monday to secure a stonking loan on the assurance of higher future wages.

    Or am I?

    You are quite right. GDP is an indicator of production. This can come in all forms.
    You can even incude Quantative easing into the equation if you like.

    The problem for the UK economy is a penchant for shifting Capital around the globe ( Globalisation) and in the past 6 years and even before that the capitalists have been withdrawing Capital and still are not investing in the UK.

    The City of London is a shining beacon for this type of activity.

    The rulers of the World ( the Finance Capitalists ) made an unimaginable amount of bad bets over the years and virtually swindled themselves and us to
    a near stand still. Hence the bailouts. So you me Joe and the average schmo are
    going to spend an awful lot of of our working hourly rate paying for these bad calls. Try around thirty years minimum.

    This is why wages are falling whilst GDP is rising. It’s not a contradiction ( ONS and IMF scratch their heads ) it is a logical process of Capital taking more of a share of GDP in higher profits. You lose they gain per hour.

    This is in my view a rising price led growth of GDP not a productivity rise in GDP because of investment.

    Check your paypackets and relate it to prices ( retail) and you can see exactly what it is.

    Basically all of the big banks own most of the big companies and many medium sized ones. Therefore they are in charge of nearly everything. Sure the government can assist by jacking up taxes but that’s for Corporation tax cuts not for us to theoretically try and cajole investors to invest. It hasn’t worked yet and it won’t work in the future because all Capital accumulation comes through the exploitation of Labour not wonderful machinery which to each Capitalist basically costs the same. The price of Labour is the variable in production. At the moment it is down. This will continue for many more years yet. Who know s where the bottom line will be?

    p.s. Due to the Financiers being too big to fail they are still playing the same games and bets as they were before ( perhaps even more so?) an d like the man with ‘The End of the World is Nigh’ placard I’ll be right one day. Then what occured in Cyprus ( the depositors taking a haircut) will happen times 10000
    in the rest of the World. It’s a sad truth but I’m sure I will be right. Can’t be precise but happen it will.

  140. 140
    Anonymous says:


    We’re doomed all right.

    I visited the Ming Pharmacy today to purchase a packet of Anadin and the
    assistant insisted I pay in Yuan or failing that pay by BRIC charge card.

    Is somebody not telling me something I should know?

    Ken Ukip

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