July 24th, 2014

Ruffley Speaks: “I Would Never Condone Domestic Violence”

David Ruffley has bowed to mounting pressure and released a statement on his caution for assaulting a woman, as the story goes mainstream on the Today programme and BBC Breakfast this morning. He says “I would never condone domestic violence under any circumstances,” presumably with the exception of when he is the perpetrator. Here is his statement in full:

“In March this year, an incident occurred between me and my former partner, resulting in inappropriate action on my part, which I deeply regret, in respect of which I accepted a police caution for common assault.

Some time later, I telephoned my former partner to apologise.

I am pleased to be able to say that she has accepted my apology. I have refrained from making any public statement on this matter as it is a deeply personal matter.

It is my understanding that my former partner wishes the incident to remain private.

I wish to stress that I would never condone domestic violence under any circumstances.”

Wonder what the woman he assaulted thinks about that.

Meanwhile, the Beeb’s Chris Mason reports that Tories at local and central level are now privately discussing his future, ahead of next week’s crisis summit. In Suffolk, Ruffley is topping the news agenda and is the only subject on this morning’s local radio phone-ins. The calls for him to go are getting louder…

See also: Gove Dragged Into Ruffley Assault Rap – Dean Tells Chief Whip Violent MP Must Resign


  1. 1
    Ockham's Razor says:

    Brain of Britain?

    I would never condone domestic violence

    Who would?


    • 2
      Stan Collimore says:



      • 22
        Howard says:

        What Ruffley did was nowhere near as bad as what David Ward did!


        • 37
          Bored now says:

          Really, supporting what he believes to be an oppressed people. From David Wards opinion the Palestine are an oppressed people. If I was David Ward I would also sympathise with Hama firing rockets.

          Hes wrong but at least he is sticking to his guns so to speak


          • Norma Stitz says:

            Predictably one-sided report on the Today prog – much from a UN rep about ‘a child killed every hour’ in Gaza, no mention of Hamas hiding rockets in UN schools, firing them from beside hospitals, their total indifference to civilian casualties which serve to help their PR efforts. It was left to the Israeli to point out the hell of living under constant rocket attack, that Hamas fighters are running around in ambulances, that Hamas has no interest in a ceasefire. And, challenged on why Israel won’t lift the blockade, he pointed out that there would be a flood of Iranian-supplied new weapons coming in.


          • HypocriteSpotter says:

            You are suuuch a slimy hypocrite!
            Your ilk have been killing on average one Palestinian child every three days for years!
            Everybody has twigged that you don’t want a two-state solution so quit pretending you’re some kind of pacifist victim.


        • 45
          ... says:

          Yea, David Ward was being honest. A weakness in Shlomoland.


          • EeeYepBl­­owing Whistles says:

            Being anti-semitic like you ya twat.


          • Yawn says:

            Eeer, the Palestinians are the real Semites, you hypocrite Idoit. The stolen landers are mostly convert stock from Kazakhstan and thereabouts.


          • Jesus says:

            Who cares who is the most Semite of them all? One side is a peaceful modern culture and the other side kill their own babies for photo ops.


          • EeeYepBl­­owing Whistles says:

            Palestinians are Levantine not semitic arab. Phoenicians.


          • HypocriteSpotter says:

            Quit spamming Guido’s blog with your Hasbara and your endless hatemongering, Shlomo.


          • Moshe says:

            Could have been worse, he could have threatened the Palestinians with a holo caust, like our deputy defence minister Matan Vilnai.


          • I cannot fathom if the word IDOIT is meant to be a half way house between IDIOT and DOLT … or merely a typo ….


      • 40
        Doggie Fashion says:

        Forget beating up (or whatever he did do) his ‘former partner’ he should resign for his atrocious syntax, poor grammar and punctuation.

        Go, go now!


    • 4
      Mad,mozzie Medievalist says:

      Umm ah. Ummah.


    • 6
      Ibrahim Abdullah says:

      White womens are whores and must be beaten and ràped, for allah commands it. Al ham diddle la.


    • 69
      The Growler says:

      “Ruffley Speaks: “I Would Never Condone Domestic Violence”” Is this guy psychotic or something, he doesn’t seem to equate what he has done or relate to what he has done. The girl friend seemed to be obessed with him, as Ruffles seems to have done it before, otherwise she would have left him after the first time and not gone back to him.


      • 97

        It’s possible that he realises that he realises that what he did was wrong, in which case he can truthfully say that he does not condone domestic violence. He may, however, regret doing it only because it has got him into trouble. That would be hypocritical but rational.


      • 103
        Ockham's Razor says:

        Perhaps he meant something like this: “The Dean deserves a good slapping, the uppity biatch. The big question is – if she was here, would I do it? Probably yes”

        Vote UKIP :-D


    • 114
      Prodigy-'avin a bit of slap and tickle says:


    • 120
      Stalking Horse says:

      Hanging’s too good for anyone who ‘worked for Ken Clarke’

      Come to think of it he’s a slightly younger, slighter less podgy version of that arsehole.


  2. 3
    Lard Everard - Giant Cockroach says:


  3. 5
    Hàrvey Pròctor says:

    Morning duckies. I condone spanking. Any fellow Monday Club members want to slap my botty?


  4. 7
    Violent Asquith says:

    Domestic violence belongs in the home. Airing condemnation in public only destroys personal reputations. Many an MP has fallen foul of the public in this way. It invites popular levity and questions such as, “Was this lady Ruffley handled?”

    The Very, Very Reverend Ward should be pouring Christian oil on these troubled waters.


  5. 8
    Birmingham school governor says:

    Today we will learn about how humans were made from clay and that kuffars all deserve to die.


  6. 9
    Barracco Barner says:

    Watched Antonioni’s “Blow-up” last night! How very nice to see London in the ‘Sixties before it became truly fucked up with “enrichment” and property “developers”!


    • 14
      Owen Jones says:

      It was a terrible time! No mosques, no halal takeaways, no faith schools, no female genital mutilation. We’re now luckily in much more civilised times.


    • 34
      Ockham's Razor says:

      Wonderful film. The tennis court mime troupe scene was brilliant.

      Delightful Jane Birkin and Gillian Whozzername showing everything to the cinema camera for the first time.

      Happy days!

      Vote UKIP :-D


      • 48
        A film fan says:

        Whilst I liked the film, I thought the tennis-court scene at the end was a load of self-indulgent pretentious twaddle, to be honest.


        • 51
          A film fan says:

          PS: vote UKIP.


        • 65
          Ockham's Razor says:

          @A film fan

          Think I understand your viewpoint, when looked at through the lens of a modern perspective.

          But this was back in 1966, nearly half a century ago and still emerging from the shadow of war. We all expected to be wiped out by the hydrogen bomb with the two superpowers engaged in cold war.

          Here was a famous, rather self indulgent fashion photographer (modelled loosely upon David Bailey), taking the trouble to extend the illusion for the mime troupe who had put on an excellent show, without expensive lighting and effects.

          There was a sort of “coming-to-the-party” feel about it which is almost impossible to convey in these times of mass celebrity culture and comparative wealth. Imagine Mariah Carey, say, getting out of her chauffeur driven car, strolling into a Skegness fish and chips shop, having a nosh up at the plastic tables and nattering to the locals! It ain’t going to happen.


  7. 11

    ” I would never condone domestic violence , now fuck off bitch before i slap you daft”


  8. 12
    St. Anthony Bliar says:

    11 years ago, an incident occurred between me and a former enemy’s-enemy in Mesopotamia, resulting in inappropriate lying to Parliament on my part, which I don’t regret, and tens of thousands of people being killed, in respect of which I accepted the position of Middle East Peace Envoy and a lot of money from dictators and hereditary noblemen.
    Some time later I never apologised.
    I am pleased to say that I never intend to apologise and have refrained from making any statement on this matter as people might ask whether any of the money I received, whether for pointless speaking engagements or through other channels, before 2010 would or would not be considered a bribe had it been received after the Bribery Act came into force.
    It is my understanding that Mr Gaddafi won’t be talking now anyway.
    I wish to stress that I am a man of peace, just like that nice Martin McGuinness and his counterparts in the UDA.


  9. 13
    Peace Envoy says:


    • 18
      Man on the clapham omnibus says:

      Go stick the flag of fukkin islam up your arse


      • 53
        ZZZ says:

        Sure would make a change from the star of David.


        • 81
          concrete pump says:

          Yeah, cos that flag is just fucking everywhere in this country.

          Every time I go out it’s fucking stars of david all over the show.



    • 19
      R. Youshore says:

      You’ll have been dead, buried and long forgotten many thousands of years before that happens.


    • 20
      Vlad the Loudhailer says:

      Little outrage at the BBC or a word from our benefit sucking Middle Eastern friends regarding the ethnic cleansing of Mosul of Christians. Why?


    • 36
      A very pissed-off taxpayer says:

      I look forward to the day IDS finally stops this c*unt’s benefits and makes him get a job. Or preferably deport him.


    • 76
      Mornington Crescent says:

      I look forward to the day it gets blasted up your fundament on a rocket, propelling you all the way home in the process.


    • 82
      Yeesh, my life says:

      He desperately needs to be evicted and his passport cancelled, anything less is a surrender to islamism and every day he remains he radicalises more thick young muslims.


    • 94
      The Growler says:

      It looks as he could do with a good shave.
      By the way did anyone notice a small snippet in the news about an outbreak of bubonic plague in north eastern China, the affected area has been isolated. Without early treatment death follows within 4 days.


  10. 16
    Alf Garnett says:

    Weasel words from this man, who is clearly in need of some help. There is a big difference between “condoning” domestic violence and carrying it out yourself.


  11. 21
    Anonymous says:

    Nicely summed up by Matt.



  12. 23
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    Owen Jones can’t go on tweeting like this.

    His tweets are bringing twitter into disrepute.


  13. 31
    concrete pump says:

    Nice photo.

    Keeping the ‘pimp hand’ strong.


  14. 33
    Standards, dear boy. Standards says:

    Shouldn’t we expect the position of Solicitor General to be filled by a person who is beyond reproach?



    • 58
      Oooo look over there ,no not this way says:

      640 MPs and beyond reproach, does not compute, May 2015 is the time to let Camorons Conservatives know, LibLabCons where honesty is only mentioned when they want your vote.


  15. 44
    Clare's Balding says:

    And now, what we’ve all been waiting for, the Cook Islands playing Bongo Bongo Land at netball.


    • 54
      The BBC says:

      There’s an awful lot of white people in Glasgow, but with our powerful telephoto lenses we’re able to pick out black, Asian and minority ethics in the crowd and make the shots longer for as long as possible.


  16. 50
    Anonymous says:

    Guido using his bully pulpit again.


  17. 52
    Just Like Me Dave says:

    A hypocritical t(u)rd. Ideally qualified to be a ConLibLab M.P.

    P.S. As I’ve said many times, I totally support the traditional family. That is why I’ve undermined traditional marriage by legalising the bumsex version.


  18. 57
    Miss Soghinist says:

    Some women quite like being roughed up a bit!


  19. 64
    Anonymous says:

    “I Would Never Condone Domestic Violence”
    Yet why do we seem to accept that, remotely blowing up apartments occupied by civilian families doesn’t come under that same category?
    p.s. Surely a way to Ward-off violent tweets, is obvious. Simply publish a list identifying companies affiliated with the regime. Particularly any profiting from produce, produced in occupied territory. So that customers wishing to register displeasure at the situation, can peacefully boycott those operations. Hopefully resulting in the application of internal lobbying pressure, that moderates the ideological agenda. If those in office here do nothing to reign-in excess, or offer a civilised means for the venting of outrage by the powerless on behalf of the powerless, tweets could soon be the least of that apparently impotent government’s problems.


    • 79
      Yeesh, my life says:

      There is no “occupied territories” until the issues of defined borders has been negotiated and agreed under UN auspices by all parties concerned.

      After the failed Arab wars of aggression and conquest and the refusal of the Arab side to recognize the 1948 borders treaty in the first place which only Israel agreed to and signed Israel has a UN backed right to hold onto territory seized from aggressor nations until a final peace agreement is reached, its right there in black and white if you care to look.

      The sheer scale of ignorance coming from the leftards is amazing to witness.


    • 90
      Fred the (properly ejakatid) pensioner says:

      It’s ‘rein in’ and not as you wrote. You really are a tweet aren’t you?


  20. 75
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    These tweets from The “Bollinger” Boy are now getting to be beyond a joke.

    MT @Hazman_701 Attending a speech by @mehdirhasan @meand apparently @OwenJones84 gets more death threats! > we share them out

    What medication is Owen Jones on ?


  21. 78
    Nick Clegg says:

    You do know I’m English right?


    • 83
      David Ward says:

      “I’m sorry” doesn’t mean shit to me anymore.


      • 95
        Oooo look over there ,no not this way says:

        I prefer the words “sentenced to xx years in jail” has a bit of finality and a shutdown of the verbage that is going about plus it’s green as all those BBC transmitters will use less power when the BBC announcer can’t hiss as they speak the words of total garbage as the cover up saying nothing about the Christians in Mosul.


        • 116
          Moshe says:

          Hello Shlomo! Spamming the place with your inane, transparent Hasbara again? Killed any more Pal kids today? The ho lo caust promised by your deputy defence minister Matan Vilnai is coming along nicely, hey!


  22. 86

    Someone is really dragging up the dirt on this guy


  23. 89
    Mohammed says:

    Mohammed Farah has withdrawn from the Commonwealth Games -he was going to represent Somalia – but only found out last night they are not members.


  24. 100
    non taxable pikey says:

    Aljabeeba does it again. Commonwealth Games Swimming presented by Michal Hussein and Jason Mohammmmmed. The Nation is Fuc’d/


  25. 111
    But w'er paying for this shit says:


  26. 113
    Sir Seen Connery says:

    They all love it. Its what they all want.


  27. 117
    Peter Sutcliffe says:

    David Ruffley? He’s a fkin’ lightweight!


  28. 119
    handycock says:

    In my view its a resigning issue.


  29. 125

    hello angel . Nice afternoon …


  30. 127
    Hate the lot of them says:

    Of course he deeply regrets it: in all probability he’ll lose the job that he thought he had for life because of it!!
    That’s the only reason he’ll be showing any regret or remorse.


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