July 24th, 2014

Quote of the Day

New Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has big ambitions in his first meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu today:

“I came to bring this conflict to an end.”


  1. 1
    @halpoid says:

    He reminds me of the minister in the first few episodes of ‘The Thick Of It’. I keep expecting to see Peter Capaldi glowering at him in photographs.


    • 7
      christ almighty (or nrst eqvlnt) says:

      … & all i got was a pat on the head and a lollipop – can i come home now?


  2. 2
    Boris Quote of the Day says:

    “I come”


    • 10

      Don t we all at some time in our lives Boris .

      I understand men can do so maximum three tines a week and women almost continuously if properly husbanded.

      But I don t know yet coz I m only a baby ….


  3. 3

    War crimes? He ain’t seen nothing, yet. We’re planning on ending this dispute this time, too. We reckon about 5 megatons yield detonated at about 5,000 ft.


  4. 4
    Mark Regev says:


    For those of you who think the relentless Palestinian rockets do not harm Israelis, please if you can stomach it view this footage of the aftermath of a rocket attack on one Israeli town.

    This is what we have to endure every day of our lives and why any response by the IDF, up to and including flechette bombs and depleted uranium warheads is entirely justifiable and proportionate.


    • 6
      The Fashion Police says:

      That bloke in the blue shoes looks a bit dodgy to us.


    • 11

      Seriously I m sure the photo depicts something gruesome and repugnant and I do of course sympathise if someone has been killed or injured or is in pain.

      But what you have circled appears to be a dead rabbit …..


    • 14
      Anonymous says:

      And for those of you who might claim that the relentless Israelis shelling does not harm civilians, please (if you can stomach it), view the latest ITN footage on the aftermath of a shell attack against one Palestinian school.

      This is what the Palestinian have to endure every day, and why any response by the IDF – up to and including flechette bombs and depleted uranium warheads – is entirely unjustifiable and totally dis-proportionate.


  5. 5
    St. Tony Quote of the Day says:

    I came to bring conflict.


  6. 8
    john in cheshire says:

    Is this the level of Foreign Office Diplomacy we can expect under the supervision of Mr Hammond? Well, with just one sound bite he’s outdone the risible Mr Hague. I’ll bet Mr Netanyahu is quaking in his boots.


  7. 9
    H@m@s aint listening says:

    H@mas could have ended the conflict last week and now he is asking the wrong guy.


  8. 12
    RWG says:

    “I came to bring this conflict to an end.”

    Pretentious c­u­nt .


  9. 13
    Roger Dewhurst says:

    He is dreaming!


  10. 15

    But its great for business!


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