July 22nd, 2014

Ruffley Faces Tory Crisis Meeting as Voters Call for His Head

Bury St. Edmunds Conservative Association has brought forward a meeting of its executive from 9 September to 31 July – Thursday week. They will grill David Ruffley over his caution for assaulting a woman, unsurprisingly once again both Ruffley and the association declined to comment when approached by the BBC last night. Jenny Antill of the Suffolk Domestic Abuse Partnership, who is also a Tory county council cabinet member, has added her name to the growing list calling on him to resign:

“He is a part of a government who has stood out firmly against domestic abuse in all its forms and I think under those circumstances he really must consider his position.”

Ruffley now has nine days to come up with an explanation as to how he can be a candidate for parliament after accepting a caution for violently assaulting his ex-girlfriend. Staying silent didn’t work…


Elsewhere BBC’s Look East is now following the issue closely and the local Green Party is meeting tomorrow to consider how to make Ruffley’s behaviour an issue during the election campaign. Now the issue has spread out into wider civil society locally with the Dean of St Edmundsbury Cathedral having now written to Ruffley calling on him to consider his position as calls mount for his resignation. The issue won’t go away…


  1. 1
    M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

    Rufty Tufty is hiding up his tree.

  2. 2
    Ruffley fucked says:

    I think the best defence is a good offence. I’m going to kick the shit out of the whole panel.

  3. 3
    BBC is Labour's media arm says:

    The BBC are reported to be following this closely, thus keeping the issue in the limelight. Whilst this is desirable, would they do the same if it was a Labour MP (think of Harman and PIE)?

  4. 4
    silent majority says:

    isn’t dead silence a hard-earned professional privilege?

    try asking any solicitor or chartered ffart-ffettler a question they don’t want to answer – one gets – dead silence

  5. 5

    A good grilling for the Ruffley one

  6. 6
    lojolondon says:

    The Biased BBC always enjoys the opportunity to bring down a Tory. I think that action should be taken, but remain aware that not all pigs are treated equally by the taxpayer-funded media.

  7. 7
    lojolondon says:

    PS. Guido, your adverts are too long IMHO.

  8. 8
    Madame Fifi 'The New Statesperson' says:

  9. 9
    BBC says:

    Are you insinuating that we have a blindspot?

  10. 10
    Pale, Male and Stale says:

    No doubt another young female will be parachuted in to fill the seat.

  11. 11
    Routine says:

    Well you don’t need to point out the obvious. It’s now routine BBC behaviour, their regional news services are also thinly disguised labour propaganda.

    Look North dreams up ever more inventive ways to mention the Miner’s Strike once or twice a week. They are trying to herd the older voters away from UKIP.

  12. 12
    Anonymous says:

    Seconded, and impossible to fathom.

  13. 13
    David Ruffley says:

    Why do I keep seeing adverts for Durex on this site?

  14. 14

    UKIP would be a good fit for Bury St Edmunds.

    Green party would be a disaster.

    But if R’uffley was targeted through the new D-V laws / procedures (guilty until you’re proven innocent on the basis of coached victim-witness testimony) then there is a question mark here. What exactly did he do to the woman in question other than shouting at her ? If he had given her a black eye for example he would hardly have gone to the concierge to get her thrown out.

    In other news:

    Vote UKIP :-D

  15. 15
    Anonymous says:

    Bit like the easy NN interview Paxo gave the Rev. P Flowers shortly before he pissed off. It was a disgrace. It was obviously done under the instruction of their new editor Ian Katz (J*wish btw) who has now enlisted that liberal lefty gayer of all gayers, Evan Davis, to front the show.

    They’re not even pretending to be impartial any more.

  16. 16

    R’ussian cover up:

    Probably cut up to help destroy move evidence, like with the S’molensk wreckage, and maybe altered to make the impact holes more arrow shaped in order to fit their b/s about U’krainian air-to-air missile being used to down it.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  17. 17
    Bumsex Dave says:

    Meanwhile Gideon and I have successfully increased the Deficit again in June to £11.4 BILLION. That’s approx £170 for each and every man, woman, child and immigrant in the U.K.

    What’s more we’ve even achieved a Deficit rise of 7.3% so far in 2014 over 2013!

  18. 18
    Anonymous says:

    Because so many dicks read it?

    Just a thought!

  19. 19
    Mustupha Pint says:

    A good slapping now and again is good for your woman and will stop her turning into another Harriet Harman .

  20. 20
    Casual Observer. says:

    No knickers and waving her legs about to improve the view as she comes into land hopefully.

  21. 21
    Phhwoooaaarrrr! says:

    “I’ve never found anyone to wind my biological clock,’ says new Cabinet minister Esther McVey”


  22. 22
    BBC Spokesman says:

    erm, erm, have you seen the pictures of the Royal Baby?

  23. 23
    The Western MSM are cunts says:

  24. 24
    bob says:

    could have asked me, as long as she kept her gob shut. Well not most of the time.

  25. 25
    Prince Rupert says:

    As people don’t know the details of why Ruffley was cautioned, it is a bit rich to demand he steps down. He could have been shouting at his ex girlfriend and the Plod had decided to caution him in order for him to calm down and go away. It does not mean he assaulted the lady. I watched the interviews on Look East last night, coming from Bury St Edmunds, and none of the idiots moaning about Ruffley actually know what he is meant to have done. However, he did throw himself under a train last year and the local Labour Party have been putting it about that he is queer for years, typical Labour smear etc. So he is a bit damaged goods, but the details of the caution is as yet unknown, as such the local vicar can sod off. The problem with the BBC is that it is the Labour Party media arm, and as such is not to be trusted with its intentions or its facts and details any more.

  26. 26
    Vlad the Loudhailer says:

    Would this be muff diving by any chance?

  27. 27
    Eric Darwin says:

    The only reason she hasn’t got any is coz she takes it up the shitter like all proper Tories

  28. 28
    Anonymous says:

  29. 29
    Vote UKIP says:

    Do you live in a different plane of existence from everyone else?

    The BBC only picked this up after the Guido and the Daily Mail did so.

    I hate the BBC as much as the next small state conservative but lets me honest in our criticism.

    On the Issue of Harman and PIE, the BBC are staying away from that incriminating mess because it leads down ‘Savile Road’ – and would also lead to much greater recriminations for the Thatcher and Blair Governments- whom all have dirty hands burying all this dirt.

    For this reason I’ll be voting UKIP at the next GE in the hopes that the conservative party clean house of all these corrupt tossers like Michael Howard and Leon Brittian.

  30. 30
    Unlucky Alf says:

    Will the panel be called the Antill Mob?

  31. 31

    Here is how R’ussia deals with evidence at plane crash scenes:

    PrisonPlanet is simply repeating R’ussian propaganda. It has never been a credible source.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  32. 32
    Norma Stitz says:

    Ruffley – the clue’s in the name, surely.

  33. 33
    David Ruffley says:

    fucking bitch has ruined my career, i’m going to beat the shit out of her tonight

  34. 34
    Looks suspiciously like a Ukranian air-to-air missile fired from a jet brought down the MH17 airline says:

  35. 35

    Amusing that he said that with a straight voice.

    Investigators have been explicitly kept out.

    OSCE are monitors, not investigators, and even they were shot at and denied access.

    In the game of liars poker it the person who knows they are holding all the cards who is guaranteed a win. This is where the US has the edge as they have all the evidence, but would prefer to release it after allowing R’ussia to dig itself a very deep bear pit.

    These words will be very useful – later ;-)

    Vote UKIP :-D

  36. 36
    I wonder why PP seeks alternative news sources says:

  37. 37
    Michael Coward says:

    I got 400,000 quid to commute a drug-dealer’s 17 year prison sentence to 11 months when I was Home Secretary.

    Mmmm, lovely money.

  38. 38
    Anonymous says:

  39. 39

    About 74 years on, P’oland is still waiting for R’ussia to formally accept responsibility for the K’atyn massacre – A bona fide war crime which R’ussia pinned on G’ermany and in fact broke it’s alliance with G’ermany after G’ermany discovered the site in 1943 and started asking S’talin the wrong questions.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  40. 40
    M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

    Looking like Putin’s PR Puppets are back online.

  41. 41
    Say no to tinfoil says:

    Thanks for that word from Tinfoil Central.

  42. 42

    S’tratfor are not really credible.

    That was the organization that were somehow hacked leaking a lot of internal e-mails and credit card details etc. a few years back.

    Still – a nice sandy foundation for P’utin to try and build a defensive position on. Works for us.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  43. 43
    M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

    Anybody with an iPhone has this sort of information. I just find it strange that the Ukrainian forces are crawling all over rebel held territory with impunity.

  44. 44
    Wanda Ringhands says:

    Just goes to show you, never accept a caution. It’s seen as a tacit admittance of guilt.

  45. 45
    sidney the sexist says:

    nice jugs.

  46. 46
    Anonymous says:

    I thought the problem with DR is that he suffers from mental health issues, which have triggered much of his behaviour – problems with staff, his suicide attempt and this latest drama. I have had a friend and 2 colleagues with Bi-Polar Disorder and his behaviour is typical of this condition. Since 2012 you cannot get rid of MPs with such problems. Call me a bleeding heart liberal if you like, but perhaps he needs treatment not punishment. The association will also have to go through ‘due process’ else he could sue them for disability discrimination, so they are quite right not to comment publically until they have discussed the matter in a formal meeting.

  47. 47

    Perhaps it would be a good time to look into General Sikorski’s death in Gibraltar in 1943.

  48. 48
    Salivater says:

    Good photo. lovely girl, shame about the dress.

  49. 49
    What? says:

    Err, Stratfor are implying that the separatists did it.

  50. 50

    The P’olish Institute of N’ational R’emembrance have been re-examining that since 2008. Still ongoing.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  51. 51
    Roma Bert. says:

    Re Mr Ruffley, chop off ‘is knob, the knob?

  52. 52

    EU Troll, the Russians did formally accept responsibility for the Katyn massacre about 7-10 years ago.

    While we’re on a ” wouldn’t it be a good time to own up for other appalling behaviour”, perhaps Britain and Macmillan might just come really clean about “Operation Keelhaul”. This was probably the worst, most cynical, act of betrayal ever committed by the British political class of whom Churchill, Eden and Macmillan, with the assistance of such egregious little shits like Brigadier Toby Low or Lord Aldington as he became, and the ongoing protection of the Establishment when it came into a limited public exposure.

    Seeing we’re going to put Churchill onto our plastic £5 note shortly, perhaps we could add a few of Joe Stalin’s enemies that we repatriated to their deaths?

  53. 53

    OSCE is essentially an EU construct, like having a partial witness. It made sense to demand International Investigators.
    Nobody has a yen to let truth interrupt a variety of agendas. We might see the truth, one day, but I would be a little more worried that there are air battles going on within a few seconds of flying time of Russian Airspace. If the EU is planning to insert their own planes because the Ukraine lads aren’t up to it, it won’t be long before it starts to become serious. And those BUK SAMs do work, whoever fires them.
    It was amusing that the Government referred to “Sovereign Territory” of which they had de-stabilised the previous duly elected Government and engineered the removal of its PM. I suppose arming a terrorist rabble in Syria to attack other “Sovereign Territory” is fairly consistent behaviour. And, of course, entirely predictable that these terrorists called “IZAL-Now wash your hands”, are busy shooting up other neighbourhoods and declaring a Universal Caliphate. What is it with politicians in this Country that can’t leave anything alone without wanting to foment a shooting war?
    If I were Putin, with merely a slight curl of the lip, I think I ‘d move my mobile Nukes into range of bits of Ukraine that I didn’t want and then turn off the gas. Well, you wouldn’t want to cause a fire accidentally. Move a few squadrons of Fighters up to the Baltic, where the doughty RAF have 4 fighters reinforcing errr.
    Well, as Comrade Putin might echo, “Better to be hanged for a sheep as a lamb”.
    And you were saying Angela?

  54. 54

    P’utin moving his mobile nukes around would be an overtly hostile act which could draw a response. That is why he will not do that at present, unless he really does intend to use them.

    The Buk system is dated: It is less effective against aircraft equipped with electronic countermeasures. Passenger craft (except those operated by E’l-A’l) are not fitted with those countermeasures. Military transports are generally not either.

    OSCE is an EU operation to which R’ussia is a signed member. They are monitors not investigators. What they report in their monitoring capacity is significant for forming the record.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  55. 55
    Banned says:

    Why do all female clergy look like middle-aged accountant men? Are they all lesbians?

  56. 56
    I am surprised at the Dean says:

    Where I come from we give people a second chance if they are sorry for what they done.

    What is the point in accepting a caution if the end result is as devastating to a person’s career and livelihood is the same as being found guilty in court?

    And who leaked the caution to the press? It is supposed to be a private matter between the person accepting it and the cautioning officer.

  57. 57
    Well said and a good voice of reason says:


  58. 58
    Fred the pensioner says:

    Tell Lojo to stop being so fucking wet and install adblock. It only takes a minute and is free. Thereafter, no more annoying time wasting ads.

  59. 59

    Jeez I honestly thought that WAS a man!

  60. 60





  61. 61

    When one has a bespoke suit made at “Savile Road” is it commonplace for ones personal tailor to ask on which side Sir ” dresses” ??

  62. 62


    Of course you did dear boy .

  63. 63

    Oooooooo Nicky’ s getting all macho wearing black shirts like
    Silvio Berlusconi !!

    Next he ll be up for under age sex with a Moroccan wannabe –NOT !!

  64. 64

    I was in the atrium of Univ College Hospital at 6 10 am on the morning of his passing when around 30 plod in full uniform went to his room unannounced .

    If that wasn t an enquiry I don t know what will be ….

  65. 65

    As Phil Mitchell would say from His Estenders’ car repair garage in The Arches

    ” …obviously a cut and shut job …” !!

  66. 66

    She was only a scallywags sprog .

    But she became the best unmixed slurry on site .

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