July 21st, 2014

SPEAKER WATCH: Bercow Cracks Joke in Ukraine/Gaza Debate

The PM was updating the House on the situation in Ukraine and Gaza, with MPs paying tribute to those who lost their lives and discussing what Britain’s response should be.

Enter stage left, John Bercow. Carrying a tin ear.

The Speaker interrupted the House’s discussion about Hamas with a joke about Cameron playing tennis:

Another black mark. 

UPDATE: A Westminster wag points out that Bercow has a book out soon on tennis.


  1. 1
    Handy Pandy TonyPandy says:

    Evil fuckers, the lot of them !


    • 7
      The Truth leaks out says:

      While there may have been looting, and combat conditions that made it hard for officials (though not journalists, it seems), to reach the site, it seems there has been more cooperation than Kiev maybe realised. Local police and emergency workers, it transpires, worked through the night under OSCE supervision to carry bodies to refrigerated trucks; last night, more than two-thirds of the 298 had been recovered. The black boxes are in the regional centre, Donetsk, waiting for investigators to collect them. Far from being kept away, investigators were asked, when they arrived, ‘where were you?’.



      • 24
        The Kosher 'British' Establishment says:

        Oy vey, our False Flags are no longer believed, even by the brainwashed and dumbed down English plebs! We’re screwed. Anyone got EL AL’s bookings desk number?


      • 29
        M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

        I bet all the sixpences have been nicked out of the black boxes though.


      • 56
        Anonymous says:

        Interesting debate on the Spectator site:


        “Typical lefty resentful of American freedom and success, always wanting to ignore the crimes of others as if America is the worst country in the world instead of the best (or one of the best). I don’t talk to America-haters, as I said below. Don’t address me again.”

        So, as far as “Freedom” is concerned, the US can do no wrong. Sadly for the NSA, many of us Brits can think for ourselves, and are willing to question the on-going anti-Russian BS. For, unlike our MSM and the Washington neo-cons banging the war drums, many of us reject a new Cold War. For the UK, the price is just to high.


        • 65
          Anonymous says:

          “Because it’s real you think it’s a joke
          Because it’s on your doorstep you have to have a poke
          At someone
          It’s only a cliche because it’s all true
          Time after time it happens through and through
          To a new generation

          You’re just so smug in your elected seat
          You’ve got your papers sorted out but you can’t find your feet
          Well, I’m not surprised

          Hey mister with your head in the clouds
          You can’t see further than the shillings and pounds
          The things that you say don’t mean nothing anymore
          You have no control they’ve broken down all the doors
          And the only way that you’ll fix them up
          Is another war

          If you think I’m gonna die in a financial war
          You’ve got another thing coming and
          And what’s more there’s lots like me

          You juggle lives around with the stroke of a pen
          But we’ve paid to see that move and now we won’t pay again
          The cost is too high

          Hey mister your smiles been erased
          You can’t understand why we’re losing face
          Perhaps it’s the promises that you never kept
          “Never had it so good”
          Well do you want a bet?”

          Hey Mister, The Jam

          (I Have Been Wanting For The Right Time – to use that one)


        • 81
          Anonymous says:

          For me the price of maniacs shooting passenger planes down is too high, Vladimir.I know which side im on and its not yours.


    • 10
      Sir Nicholas Fairbairn says:

      You and I had some fun times didn’t we, Tonypandy? All those boys. Lovely memories.

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    • 11
      Liar.Politicians says:


  2. 2

    I fart at your father’s funeral.


  3. 3
    The court of public opinion says:

    Poison dwarf

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  4. 4
    Final Solution says:

    Funny how there’s no mention here of the Deputy Speaker of the Knesset who’s called for a Final Solution to Palestinians. Or the Knesset member who said every last Palestinian should be killed.


    • 16

      it’s probably having 1,500 rockets fired at them that pisses them off.

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      • 18
        Final Solution says:

        On that logic, Britain should have wiped out the whole of Northern Ireland in retaliation for IRA attacks on the mainland.


        • 27
          One very obvious difference. says:

          You accept that Hamas are terrorists then.
          The Northern Irish are still UK citizens and the UK government was correct not to want to inflict casualties on their own innocent citizens whilst chasing a handful of murderous republicans. People in Gaza are not Israeli citizens so Israel have a lot less qualms about going after murderous Hamas types if the collateral damage are hostile foreigners.


        • 39
          Heavy Metal says:

          Bollox of a comparison. Better would be Britain’s response to the Blitz.


      • 25
        Guido's 4cm shmekel says:

        Hasbara troll or just a common or garden psycho motherfucking Yhid?


      • 58
        FedUp with the zioloons says:

        Having over 5 million people herded into refugee camps at gunpoint and their land stolen tends to piss people off. The Jizzraelis even helped set up Hamas.


      • 60
        Anonymous says:

        That said, it looks like having hi-tec fight-bombers and Modern Main Battle Tanks attacking a relatively defence-less people is finally pissing-off the whole world. And yet, while Israel have always had their Uncle Sam to protect them – is there not limits to what the US is willing to put up with?


        • 68
          FedUp with the zioloons says:

          Even ordinary yanks are beginning to twig. After all the fiascos, they have worked out they can’t trust the ZioCons.


        • 71
          It's not difficult to understand says:

          If Hamas want to start a fight with a far superior military power, then they’ll get clobbered. Stop fireing rockets and suicide bombings and they will have peace, if not, the Israelis will use all the methods at their disposal to stop them. If Hamas want to use human shields of Palestinians then they’ll be collaterall damage. The Isrealis do everything to protect their citizens, Hamas encourage the deaths of Palestinians because it makes for great propaganda. Whose worse?


          • Known says:

            You are obviously not very bright. The Izzies need to give back the stolen and occupied lands . Remove all the illegal settlements and pay all the Palestinians compensation for the theft, displacement, disposession, hardship and crimes they perpetrated on them.
            If the Chews were entitled to compensation for what was done to their grandparents, so are the Palestinians!


          • Norma Stitz says:

            The Israelis use their weapons to protect their people, Hamas uses its people to protect their weapons. Big difference.


          • Known says:

            LOL!!! The Jizzraelis use their weapons to steal land and kill Palestinians, you weird, twisted slime!
            Present tally is over 500 dead Pal Civilians v 24ish Zionazi Stormtroopers.


  5. 5
    Unlucky Alf says:

    He really is a c’unt. Typical lefty.


    • 42
      sally up an alley says:

      My little Johnny even has to fake having a good wank.


      • 73
        Sally says:

        As I was saying too my friend, John could be a tripod if you cut both his legs off.

        But if you did that, you may as well finish the job and take of the hoons head.


  6. 6
    Wah wah pedal says:

    I never cease to be underwhelmed and disappointed by that oik Bercow.


  7. 8
    Little Johnny B13COW says:

    The public have written to me and said they dislike intensely the braying and shouting which has become the hallmark of Prime Minister’s Questions every week but they all simply love my pathetic attempts at schoolboy humour and put-downs of the Tories.


    • 19
      Joe Public says:

      This “public” must be a figment of bi-polar one-dimensional imagination as every member of the public I speak to either do not know of you, or know you as a total cretin.


    • 41
      Anna's (pa)Thetic says:

      Shouldn’t ALL Tories be put down? Isn’t there a Bill in the Commons for that?


      • 57
        Anonymous says:

        If there ain’t – there should be. At the very least, we need the Right to Insult a Tory MP. Well done that man!


  8. 12
    frenchjohn says:

    Must be having the Westminster Tart sat on his face most evenings that make him talk like a Hunt. nasty little onanist.


  9. 13

    I have one of Mr Obama’s toenail clippings and a paper hankie that he nearly used. I keep them wrapped up in a special box with a red satin cover, on which I have embroidered “Ed’s Special Treasures” in chain-stitch.

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  10. 15
    Busby Barclay says:

    Bercow is actually Ukrainian for Twat


  11. 17
    Jealous Yankee says:



  12. 20
    Rabid dribbler says:

    I do not advocate violence against anyone in any form but in Bercalf’s case I would look the other way… As Norman Stanley Fletcher might have said ‘Charmless nurk’.


  13. 21

    That went well, Idgit Midgit, innit.


  14. 31
    Sally Bercow says:

    My little one needs a jolly good spanking. And if he behaves himself he’s going to get it. *excitedface*


  15. 32
    Final Solution says:

    Yes, I do agree Hamas are terrorists. I don’t accept all Palestinians are terrorists. I’d agree with your general point except that Israel is illegally occupying land it has no right to. If you were to follow your logic of not being so concerned about foreigners in contrast to the Northern Ireland situation, you may remember a lot of funding for the IRA came from America. Did we launch strikes on the homes of Americans who were funding the IRA and bomb their hospitals?


    • 35
      Heavy Metal says:

      Have you ever been there or indeed East of Antalya?


    • 59
      FedUp with the zioloons says:

      You can’t talk reasonably with twisted loons who think they are the master race.
      Google “Talmud tidbits” to get an insight into the Zionut psyche.


  16. 33
    john in cheshire says:

    Is Mr Bercow having a nervous breakdown?


  17. 34
    Heavy Metal says:

    Perhaps like everyone else, they don’t know what the fuck you are on about.


  18. 36
    The Late Lord Tonypansie says:

    This little bugger is bringing the speakers chair into disrepute, and I intend to get to the bottom of him as soon as possible.


  19. 38
    You canna be Sirius! says:

    Will Jerkoff Bercoff’s book be entitled:

    “MPs receiving service from balled boys?”

    Or is that too near the line?

    What a fine tosser (copyright Dan Maskell)

    No! Wiggy Fabricant, I did not say ‘Bald boys’ :-)


  20. 44
    H@m@s are anti semite terrorists. says:

    Bercow is an idiot.


  21. 45
    David Cameron says:

    My values are J e w i s h values


  22. 48
    *yawn* says:



  23. 49

    What a pathetic little man


  24. 50
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Bercow is a twat.


  25. 51
    Radio Bollocks says:

    Pride of our Alley – I don’t think!


  26. 55
    Jimmy says:

    Very poor taste considering the murders were carried out by spoonface’s tennis partner’s ex-boss.


  27. 62
    Sally says:

    That was really in bad taste …but hubby is bad taste as I should know.


  28. 64
    Sympathiser says:

    Poor little Bercow. He’s obviously not getting enough.


  29. 69
    Telling it as it it says:

    Bercow’s a Hunt.


  30. 74
    Jim Halpern says:

    Bercow’s book is actually on ping-pong. It’s just that it looks like tennis to him.


  31. 75
    And this, at the end of a day, is what you call a blog? says:

    Let’s see how long the Ladies of this page let this stay up…..RLY….3/10. Could do better.


  32. 83
    Anonymous says:

    Can Guido change that puerile 30 second advert for “Warframe” that we have to endure every time we click on a link. I know the site needs to be funded but really – something a bit more appropriate would be nice


    • 87
      Norma Stitz says:

      The Corecities banner at top is illiterate as well. The usual fuckwit losing/loosing mistake.


  33. 84
    Anonymous says:

    “Bercow Cracks Joke in Ukraine/Gaza Debate”
    When you have nothing of merit to contribute to a discussion, at least try to leave ‘em laughing. What do you call an in-depth, adult, cogent and productive open exchange of views in the House of Commons?
    The cleaner’s tea break.


  34. 89
    tglkrugyjb says:

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