July 21st, 2014

Washington Unmoved By Miliband Visit

There is no mention of Ed Miliband’s unscheduled ‘brush-by’ with President Obama in Mike Allen’s Playbook, the morning round up of anything going on in Washington that matters to anyone who is anybody in Washington. Sebastian Payne at the Post reports that Ed is scheduled to meet national security adviser Susan Rice this afternoon, officially the White House pointedly says there is “nothing to announce on the president’s schedule”. Presumably at this point Obama will drop in, if he doesn’t have a world war to avoid. Damian McBride, recounting the President’s five snubs of Gordon Brown and subsequent humiliating chat in a kitchen, has his fingers crossed:

“Team Miliband will have left nothing to chance before their man’s meeting at the White House today. For starters, they will have ensured he gets at least as much ceremony and time as David Cameron enjoyed in his first visit to President Bush as leader of the opposition. Aides will have their stopwatches out, ready to squash any suggestion that Mr Miliband was given less time than he was due…

The reality is that every presidential summit, visit, brush-by, drop-in, and walk-and-talk is nowadays so stage-managed that only someone as afflicted by bad luck as Gordon Brown could ever come a cropper. Provided Obama turns up and the White House doesn’t serve bacon sandwiches, today’s meeting will be the diplomatic equivalent of the speaking clock.”

Miliband’s intellectual henchman Stewart Wood was responsible for White House relations under Gordon Brown, surely he will ensure that this time there is no screw up. Interestingly McBride names Dougie Alexander as the source of the leak of the ‘five snubs’ story back in 2009. Which goes some way to explain the enmity between him and Michael Dugher, then Brown’s comms chief…


  1. 1
    Anonymous says:

    Fucking Hoons


  2. 2
    jonny says:

    god it’s fucking embarrassing


    • 13
      White House staffer says:

      It will be a walk and talk. If you let them sit down they only stay longer. No tea and sandwiches either and NO his fucking brother can’t tag along either.


    • 17
      Mycroft says:

      It really is!

      Stupid stupid spaccer-ed, in the worng place at the wrong time yet again.

      He has limitless depths of stupidity and we’ve seen only the shallow waters of it so far.

      If any English speaking person in this Country votes for labour and as a consequence making this man our PM then I despair, I really do.

      He gives my ahse-hole the ear-ache every time he presents himself on the screen.

      A loathsome and self-dissonant spaccer.


  3. 3
    The man who Always gets his numbers wrong says:

    Liked by 1 person

  4. 7
    Some noticed says:

    Curious that the latest post on Boy Wonder was removed.

    Apparetly without explanation.


  5. 8
    2 lovely multi-coloured eyes says:

    A Kenyan from nowhere meets another lefty idiot who also rose from nowhere.

    How the west was won. Coming to a cinema near you soon.


  6. 9
    Barrry O'Bama says:

    Hi, this is Jim Rockford. At the tone, leave your name and message I’ll get back to ya.


  7. 10
    Gordon Brown says:

    ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ You’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties Brush-bys ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪


    • 18
      Mazher Mahmood says:

      Fake Sheikh Sheikh,
      Fake Sheikh Sheikh,
      Sheikh your booteh!
      Sheikh your booteh!


    • 62
      Gordon Brown sings Radiohead says:


      I’m a creep
      I am a weirdo



  8. 11
    Simon says:

    At this rate Obama’s likely to be in his job for longer than Ed Sillyband.


  9. 14
    Ockham's Razor says:



  10. 15
    Poisonous pen of lies. says:

    McBride is back with his poisonous pen and the magic ink has dried up. Slimey Socialism is back.


  11. 19
    @US_politicsguy says:

    We’ve heard of Boris, Cameroon and Nige Gararge. #WTF Millband? Does he lead some sort of commie party? Is he from the Teamsters?


  12. 21
    David Minibanana says:

    I think Ed missed a bit under the desk during his brush by.


  13. 22
    sky Tv says:

    Sky is proud to announce we will be showing clips of our new documentary and having them featured on the BBC news today, the working title for this documentary is – A fucking idiot abroad


  14. 25
    Let them get on with it! says:

    Obama: “Hello David…did you do Hillary?”


  15. 27
    Common says:

    Millibund: ‘ seems from your tan that climate change is getting to be a real problem here too ‘


    • 31
      Quote says:


      “Diane says you are a browning”


    • 34
      retardEd Miliband says:

      Ah, waiter, could you pweathe fetch me a dwink and thomething to eat while I wait for the pwethident to gweet me? And take my jacket. No, hold on, my wallet’th thtill in there. I’d better hold onto it if you don’t mind.

      Would you take your handth off my thwoat? It’th weally hurting..


  16. 29
    Practical applications of modern warfare says:

    Any chance Russia could shoot Miliband’s plane down when he tries to fly back?


  17. 32
    Barak Obama says:

    Goddam who put superglue on ma motherfuckin chair?


    • 42
      Ed Miliband says:

      Gordon told me you might run away so I used the glue.
      Now we can talk properly…..forever *Gurn*


  18. 33

    Everyone avoids the millipede if they can!


  19. 38
    Mr Woy says:

    Ed who????????


  20. 39
    BBC 24hr rolling bollocks says:

    Edge of the seat stuff.
    By which I mean sat on the edge of the seat because you want to fuck off sharpish.


  21. 39
    Ed Milibands Bucket list says:

    1. Visit football match with millionaire – TICK
    2. Have photo taken with Sun paper – TICK
    3. Apologise for Sun paper – TICK
    4. Eat bacon butty to show human side – TICK
    5. Meet with Barraco Barner – TICK
    6. Commit Fratricide to get on – TICK
    7. Kiss plenty of babies -


  22. 43
    Nyom, nyom...burp! says:


  23. 44
    Fishy says:

    So while the crisis deepens in the Ukraine and hundreds are murdered in cold blood, Miliband flies across the Atlantic to get his photo taken with Obama.

    At least it means he doesn’t have to answer any difficult questions about his friend and komrade Putin’s actions or about those of his puppets in the east of Ukraine and the whereabouts of some of Putin’s missile launchers.

    Miliband’s (and his Daddy’s,,,and the family friend Hobsbawm’s)politics are far closer to Moscow than Washington. Obama should tell the twat to fuck off…or send him to Guantanamo.


  24. 53

    Of course nobody in Washington is interested in Miliband. He’s the leader of the fucking opposition, for god’s sake. How much time did Cameron, Hague, Howard, Idiot Duncan Smith… get?


  25. 55
    Olwyn Jones says:

    both are from leftist immigrant families and neither has ever held down a real job, part £ew15h

    they should get on like a house afire


  26. 57
    "Is this it?" says:


  27. 61
    These are difficult times says:

    I’m glad Miliband is meeting with Obama so that they can discuss current affairs idiot to idiot.


  28. 63
    Circus Open Day says:

    Obama: “blimey! the Palm Readers have gone a bit up market since I was I kid!”

    Red Ed: “I’m not here to ‘Read’ your palm, just to stroke it a bit, and perhaps kiss it…”


  29. 64
    tigerowl says:

    Pointless visit. ANY visit by us Brits. America aint interested in a little island off Europe that shouts a lot but carries no clout. America wants Britain to be a player in Europe. If we aint, then America will see Germany and France as the real powers in Europe. And that is where any American president will seek to do the business. Britain is just a loud noise from a small bit of rock. Cameron and farage et all not doing Britain any favours by isolating us from the Worlds largest trading block, the EU.
    Wake up children. Out of Europe out of the World stage. The futures with UKIP eh???


    • 66
      Kulak murdered by Marxist filth. says:

      Cheers Kruat. Thanks for turning up


    • 71

      Only gutless whimps sell themselves into slavery for imagined economic advantage real men value their freedoms, fuck Europe we WILL take our country back from the socialist traitors .


    • 72
      Jet lag says:

      “Out of the world stage”-nice platitudinous sound bite, but what does it mean and why is it bad?


    • 76
      Badvok says:

      Obama thinks while the UK is in Europe, we will see the Rhine defended, no cost to the US. Looking at the way Europe has responded to MH17 crisis (what response), he must be re thinking , or probably not. Where is the one voice of Europe? What a shower of sh##te. If anything has convinced me to leave europe it’s this. Go Nigel!


  30. 67

    Dunno about a ‘brush-by’ more like a brush off, innit?


  31. 74
    President Obama says:

    Did he really ask me to sign his passport?


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