July 20th, 2014

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George Osborne tells Guido that David Cameron was not to blame for his awkward high-five with Juncker in today’s Sun column, revealing he has also given the new European Commission president some skin. Pick up your copy of the Sun on Sunday to read all about:


  • New Education Secretary Nicky Morgan’s private school dilemma

  • Sacked Owen Paterson swears bloody revenge on PM
  • Which big name is being lined up by Labour as the replacement for outgoing Frank Dobson in Holborn?
  • How does Lynton Crosby keep in the running with the Tory leadership?
  • Red Ed’s mojitoh no

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  1. 1
    Anonymous says:

    ‘My father was a sexual predator like Jimmy Savile’ says son of former Tory MP


    The son of a former Conservative MP has told The Telegraph he believes his father was a “prolific sexual predator” who he fears might have been linked to an alleged Westminster p*edophile ring.

  2. 2
    Dr G Galloway says:

    The Israel field hospital being set up for Palestinians in Gaza will start operating at 8 p.m. It will be run by the IDF Medical Corps.

  3. 3
    He's the PM? says:

    Yeah, I always do a high five when I don’t want to.

  4. 4
    Stop The War Coalition says:

    Assad is starving Palestinians to death in a Syrian camp, and nobody cares http://www.timesofisrael.com/three-years-of-civil-war-in-syria-no-end-in-sight/

  5. 5
    Mitch says:

    Who cares about an upcoming war with Russia when there are sacked, boring Agriculture secretaries to think about??

  6. 6
    Dave - The high-five federalist says:

    Snake oil anyone?

  7. 7
    Vote Dave? Get stuffed says:

    The sacking of Paterson has made me more determined than ever to vote UKIP.

  8. 8
    Mr Galloway says:

    ISIS have started to mark homes in Mosul, Iraq, with ن – “Nasrani” = Christian

    Familiar? ………………………Nazis?

  9. 9
    John Bellingham says:

    Sleepless in the early hours (no air-conditioning) so I flipped through the channel listing on the TV. The parliament channel was airing a show called “In the Commons-Child abuse”. Well that’s what it said on the programme guide.

  10. 10
    Vote Dave? Get stuffed says:

    Dave is obviously not a conviction politician but he should be a convicted one.

  11. 11

    Syr!a: Isn’t R’ussia meant to be helping Assad sorting that out ? They are his main backers.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  12. 12
    Mornington Crescent says:

    “I received more de’ath threats in a few months at Defra than I ever did as secretary of state for Northern Irel@nd. My home address was circulated worldwide with an incitement to trash it; I was burnt in effigy by Greenpeace as I was recovering from an operation to save my eyesight.”


  13. 13
    Owen"The Human Shield In Gaza" Jones says:

    Days ago, we warned civilians in Shuja’iya to evacuate. Those idiotic thugs known as Hamas ordered them to stay. Those idiotic thugs known as Hamas put them in the line of fire.

    Help ,I want my mummy.

  14. 14
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:


  15. 15
    Harridan Harmanhater says:

    Thank you for your support. :)

  16. 16
    Bloomers in rain-soaked Bongo Bongo Land says:

    Don’t be daft.

  17. 17
    Anonymous says:

    Are the Israelis Planning Another 9-11 Using the Missing Boeing 777?


    “THE ISRAELI TWIN – Why would Israel have a plane identical to the missing Malaysia Airlines plane in storage in Tel Aviv? The plane in this photo is Boeing 777 2H6(ER) first flown in July 1998, Construction No. 28416* (Original Reg. No. 9M-MRI), an identical twin of the missing plane, which was given a new registration number (N105GT) and flown to Israel in November 2013.”

  18. 18
    CO2 emissions and all that says:

    I’m sure setting effigies alight is environmentally unfriendly.

  19. 19
    Load of bollocks says:

    He was a closet gay. That clearly annoyed his family who are selling this story to the newspapers. But of course the most telling sentence is.

    “There is nothing in the evidence so far gathered by Mr Atkinson that offers any clear proof that his father had had sex with under-age children. ”

    So a load of smears against a dead man.

  20. 20
    Answer on the back of a postcard says:

    Are the Israelis Planning Another 9-11 Using the Missing Boeing 777?


  21. 21
    nermal says:

    Christ you need your meds increased 10 fold.

  22. 22
    Load of bollocks says:

    depends how much of a demented , internet conspiracy, making bullshit up type of fruitcake you are I suppose.

    Fvcking hell! The nutters really are inhabiting the comments section of this blog these days. I mean even more than they used too

  23. 23
    concrete pump says:

    The lunatic in the sticky batman costume will be along shortly to agree with you.

    You lucky nutjob.

  24. 24
    A consequence of describing your own party's members as "swivel-eyed loons" says:

    Dave won’t be PM after May 2015.

    Get over it.

  25. 25
    Soicialism in one country says:


  26. 26
    Fishy says:

    Some like the farmers (so we are told) like Patterson.

    To the rest of Britain he came across as a gormless prat.

  27. 27
    Adolf Putin says:

    Nothin’ to do with me, guv’nor.

  28. 28
    Conspiracy Theorist says:

    But did you look at the date of the article?

  29. 29
    Nothing To See Here says:

    In summary: “People didn’t like me, but nothing actually happened.”

  30. 30
    Fishy says:

    So you keep saying.

    Should you be in Milton Keynes at the moment, plotting the return of Britain to the Marxist Labour Party?

  31. 31
    The bear the EU has pissed off says:

    So this is not the plane they found on the moon, is this the one they found on Mars, and it’s identical to the one that went missing, can I interest you in a few London bridges I have up for sale or If I speak to mate he will let us into the secret of turning Lead into Gold only cost you a few quid.

  32. 32
    Diane Flabbutt says:

    At yesterdays pro Jihadist rally

    ” End the illegal occupation of Gaza…..erm….erm…….by….erm…by Hamas??”

  33. 33
    Fishy says:

    And constituency boundaries

  34. 34
    non taxable pikey says:

    Backers? Putin is doing it for hard cash and oil exploration rights.

  35. 35
    non taxable pikey says:

    One bright spot in all of this, the Back Street Boys have cancelled a tour in Israel citing security concerns so at least the Israelis don’t have to suffer that.

  36. 36
    Squaddie says:

    Weren’t these nutjob Stoppers calling out that “We Are all Hezbollah Now” at one of their earlier rallies?

    100,000 dead Palestinians in Syria later (killed by Assad, Iran, Hezbollah)…we are now all Palestinians now. Apparently. Forgotten about Hezbollah eh?

    How long before they screech: “We are all ISIS now”……

  37. 37
    Fishy says:

    There are some very, very sick people out there. Narcissists all of them.

  38. 38
    Sensible comment says:

  39. 39
    Join Sun+ on a free one month trial.... says:

    …..HA HA HA HA HA. Good one.

  40. 40
    Fishy says:

    + 1000 (squared)

  41. 41
    Fishy says:

    You’re Elvis and I claim my $5

  42. 42
    Fishy says:

    ‘The President discussed with Mark Rutte guarantees of independent inquiry into the airliner’s crash over Ukraine’

    ….and said you ain’t getting any?

  43. 43
    Gaye Mann (Mrs) says:

    I’m expecting friends arriving on Malaysian Airlines but I don’t know when, they said they just ‘drop in’.

  44. 44
    Sensible comment says:

    …by his own family!

  45. 45

    He was meant to be doing it for humanitarian reasons in preference to the West intervening with bombing – something about CW and gas attacks ?

    On that matter, since R’ussia took over, haven’t there been a some chlorine gas attacks by A’ssad in happening since ?


    Get that it could just be party smoke, but c’hlorine does have a distinctive presence. Look forward to seeing what the OPCW come back with.

    Syr!a is learning from the R’ussian playbook fast. Next they will be putting folk to sleep in theaters…

    Vote UKIP :-D

  46. 46
    Red team vs Blue team Watch says:

    A consequence of describing your own party’s members as “swivel-eyed loons”.

  47. 47
    Anonymous says:

    The problem is so many who are in the establishment are perverts, mostly gays of course into little boys that no one dared say anything. But it’s not just that, how the fuck can anyone take people seriously who appear on TV dressed up as Bo Peep?

    Then you have the drug users, the creeps, the criminals and the other nonces. Fact is the media and establishment is so full of creeps no sex act is seen as abnormal except that between a consenting man and woman and the likes of the BBC want to outlaw that.

  48. 48
    The bear the EU has pissed off says:

    Bliar, Brown and Camoron, Camoron said he was heir to Bliar, so I would like to see him convicted of incompetence. the other two should be sent to Holland for war crimes.

  49. 49

    Discussed an independent inquiry with Rutte whilst the bodies of his citizens lay rotting in a field providing food to the D’onetsk rat population.

    President of R’ussia should really Twit-Longer :-D

    Vote UKIP :-D

  50. 50
    zap her says:

    There are three things that smell of fish….

    ….one of them is fish….

    …the other two………

    …….are growing………….




  51. 51
    I believe everything I'm told by the MSM Watch says:

    Obviously not.

  52. 52
  53. 53

    WHO is going to fight this upcoming war ,and with what.

  54. 54
    ZioSpotter says:

    Sure Shlomo, shot any more Palestinian kids lately?

  55. 55
    ZioSpotter says:

    They should be at home in Palestine, presently occupied by Izz squatter scum.

  56. 56
    Anonymous says:

    If we ask him nicely, could we persuade Putin to be British PM (in his spare time)?

    Two birds with one stone:
    we rid ourselves of the moronic prat Cameroon who is always putting others’ interests before the interests of the indigenous population – and at the same time avoid a war with Russia that the Cameroons’ puppet-masters are so desperate for.

  57. 57
    Green Left fascists says:

    Death threats R Us.

  58. 58
    Cinna says:

    Has the Tower Hamlets result been declared yet?

  59. 59
    not putting my name to this says:

    Just a flying visit, then?

  60. 60
    ZioSpotter says:

    The Izzies are the modern day Nazis. They do, after all, want a racial Heimatland and more Lebensraum for their supremacist race of chosen ones.

  61. 61
    Good source says:

    Bollyn – a well known anti-Semitic fantasist.

  62. 62
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    How do Hamas afford the thousands of missiles that they launch into Israel. I thought Palestine was a poor country. So the missiles must be being supplied by someone else. Now who could that be?
    Over to those of you in the know.

  63. 63
    ZioSpotter says:

    Actually, they found that identical plane in Izz.

  64. 64

    Just what is this bedroom tax?
    Will it be deducted from my pensions or paid through the local authority in the same manner as the council tax,I have received no communication from either HMCR or the town hall revenue administration.

  65. 65
    non taxable pikey says:

    Lots of Chlorine gas attacks now, the last one just a few days ago. Together with Barrel Bombs these attacks seem to be killing the Syrian civilian population. Assad is running out of men, his equipment is re-supplied by Putin (at a price) and the IRGC together with Hezbollocks are reinforcing his army. Whenever the FSA get close enough to the Iranians or Hezzies they send them home in boxes, there are never any prisoners. All very bloody, still nothing to do with us although removing his aircraft and helicopters might have saved a lot of lives. This way Iran is being bled dry and who cares about the Syrian civilians.

  66. 66

    I am determined not to tolerate ministers taking a personal interest in the responsibilities of their departments, much less having some relevant expertise.

    Jelly on my plate
    Jelly on my plate
    Wibble-wobble wibble-wobble
    Jelly on my plate

  67. 67
    non taxable pikey says:


  68. 68
    Cinna says:

    Tinfoil hat?

  69. 69
    non taxable pikey says:


  70. 70
    Good source says:

    A large and very shiny tinfoil hat.

  71. 71
    Wankers says:

    Fvcking hell you cvnts are the real traitors.

  72. 72
    garden shed dabbler says:

    Missiles? I shouldn’t think chair legs packed with weedkiller are prohibitively expensive.

  73. 73
    non taxable pikey says:

    How do they afford all the concrete for the tunnels? The money rolls in (from Norway and other dumb countries) straight into Hamas leaders pockets. The people in the Hamas fiefdom are the ones who are poor and suffering, the leaders are billionaires. Most of the missiles are home made but some are from Iran whilst others originated in Putinland.

  74. 74
    Oy! Ve Are Chosen! says:

    Well put, ZioSpotter.

  75. 75
    Still pissin up the wall says:

    Thought they were still waiting on the results from Savar region in Bangladesh, after all an extended family that votes has a lot of votes to count.

  76. 76
    Abdel from Tooting says:

    That Owen Patterson was supposed to be investigating how all the horse meat got into my frozen beef burgers.

    I have been waiting months now.

    I hope the new Minister is better and that Mr Patterson is waiving severance payments for a job not well done.

  77. 77
    Load of bollocks says:

    You won’t find much evidence to support a pack of lies.
    The internet is great for spreading wild bullshit about anything. You don’t have to prove anything and bother with something as piffling as evidence.

  78. 78
    Mr Galloway says:

    Our enemy get stronger every day
    Islamic extremism is the enemy, Parliament and Senate chicken out,
    Islamic nutters are laughing at us,

  79. 79
    tabblenabble05 says:

    Indeed, and with their adoption of endogamous marriage are the ones that originated the practice of eugenics.

  80. 80

    Good video on the SA-11/17 (Buk) SAM system:

    As can be seen, the only feedback an operator gets is a fairly basic radar screen. There is no direct visual views as such.

    This is the difference between a shoulder launched system such as a MANPAD (where you are looking at the plane – as to the Syr!an terrorists testimony on mis-identifying aircraft) and this system which is believed to have been involved.

    On the screen the plane would appear as a blip.

    The system is equipped with IFF: Identify Friend or Foe.

    The operating crew would have been able to distinguish if the plane was civilian through checking its transponder code. Operating procedure should have included a check of that prior to missile launch.

    Of course that is just a check. If used properly, this system can take out anything in the sky assuming a radar fix and no electronic countermeasures are deployed to confuse the missiles.

    The missiles home in on the radar reflections from the target which are sourced from the ground station.

    It does require more than one operator and would require training in order to operate and use successfully.

    Maximum range: 13NM with a ceiling of 39,400 feet – So capable of taking out any commercial airliner assuming the aircraft is flying within parameters.

    It is also capable of informing operators as to whether their target is civilian or not by reporting the transponder code.

    Good engineering, a little clumsy on the interface, but it would have given enough information to make the decision to knowingly shoot down a civilian airliner.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  81. 81
    David Caneron the Hi 5 Federalist & EU Expansionist says:

    “those who began the current war in Ukraine – the direct cause of the frightful murder of so many innocents on Flight MH17 on Thursday – really have no excuse.

    There is no doubt about who they were. In any war, the aggressor is the one who makes the first move into neutral or disputed territory.

    And that aggressor was the European Union, which rivals China as the world’s most expansionist power, swallowing countries the way performing seals swallow fish (16 gulped down since 1995).

    Ignoring repeated and increasingly urgent warnings from Moscow, the EU – backed by the USA – sought to bring Ukraine into its orbit. It did so through violence and illegality, an armed mob and the overthrow of an elected president. ”


  82. 82
    Esther from Primark says:

    If I were you Abdul I would not be holding my breath on this one.

    I wonder whether you have considered going vegetarian. Some of these quorn vegetarian burgers are really excellent; healthy nutritious and not too expensive.

    You really should try them.

  83. 83
    At Least Qestion Events says:

    + 1000 (squared) x -1

  84. 84
    Load of bollocks says:

    Farage is a big fan of Putin of course. We will see how many votes that winds for UKRAP next year.

  85. 85
    The Yanks want a war and the EU are preparing the ground says:

  86. 86
    Lutfur Rahman says:

    For how many years ahead would you like those ?

  87. 87
    The Yanks want a war and the EU are preparing the ground says:

  88. 88
    Yasser Araffat says:

    I left a very healthy pile in a Swiss bank account.

  89. 89
    Why is the EU expanding ever Eastwards? says:

  90. 90
    A wimmin you righties can like! says:

    I’d have thought you righties would welcome Nicky Morgan as new education secretary. She voted against gay marriage.

  91. 91
    Cocky Rebel says:

    We’ve got the plane bodies – now we just need some Red Bull and we’ll have ourselves an air-force.

  92. 92
    Vladimir Putin says:


    “You won’t find much evidence to support a pack of lies.
    The internet is great for spreading wild bullshit about anything. You don’t have to prove anything and bother with something as piffling as evidence.”

    My sentiments exactly.

  93. 93
    Load of bollocks says:

    Russian bullshit propaganda. SO kindly fvck off!

  94. 94
    An Octopus called the EU says:

  95. 95
    Mr Galloway says:

    6 Million J*ws surrounded by 300+ Million Zombies and we are the aggressor. Antisemitism is shameless idiocy by welfare parasites

  96. 96
    It takes 2 to Tango says:

    Like Dave’s cast iron guarantee of a referendum then.

  97. 97
    Knob Watch says:

    You work for RT and I claim my 5 rubels

  98. 98
    Load of bollocks says:

    To think, some people call people like you Swivel-eyed loons!

    Fvcking idiot

  99. 99
    Ben Gunn says:

    Very good. But the definition fits ISIS followers much better. They are taking over areas and killing those who are religiously inferior.
    Or shipping them off.

    Tell us, once your Ham&ass mates occupy Telviv, will you suddenly switch sides?
    You’d have too wouldn’t you?

    To help the poor, oppressed, occupied, homeless peoples of the former izzyland?

    Otherwise, you know, you’d be nothing but a pretend martyr, fashionable causes, hypocrite, isn’t that so?

  100. 100
    Dave the HI 5ing Federalist says:



  101. 101
    Dave the indefensible says:

    So Dave didn’t give a cast iron guarantee of a referendum if he became PM?

  102. 102
    BBC Red Bottom says:

    It’s a tax on poor people.

    Now pay your licence FEE..not a tax, despite the universal obligation, on pain of imprisonment. It’s just a nice, friendly sounding, fee.

  103. 103
    Mossad says:

    Yes, but we made sure it would remain radioactive for a very long time!

  104. 104
    Remeber or choose not to? says:

  105. 105

    Intercepts (with English translation) of DNR-GRU conversations where M’oscow is demanding to know where the flight recorders are:

    The crash occurred within U’kraine so this is highly irregular.

    Note that M’oscow is apparently explicitly instructing that the OSCE be kept out of this.

    Something else to note: even without the actual intercepts of communications (were these on a secure channel ??? haha if they were…) the SIGINT would have given the game away. That by the way is why we can relax and confidently await the next R’ussian lie.

    P’utin should perhaps cut his losses now. But he will not.

    Honey Badger don’t care.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  106. 106
    Ashton a stupid Woman who has edged the world to WAR says:

  107. 107
    The bacofoil company of Baton Rouge says:

    Some of our best customers visit the blog.
    It keeps us in business.

    Sometimes we even post up a few articles, just to bump sales.

    For instance, that airliner you said was on the moon..well, the CIA turned the passengers into zombies and are going to use the zombies to form a zombie army that will take of a France for reasons that we can’t think of, but won’t stop the rumours.

  108. 108
    brown-dog says:

    +100 squared

    It’s also partly explained by the behaviours of those with narcissistic personality disorders (think of the types like Russel Brand). They seek supply, whether it be drugs, public adulation, or even children. These types are attracted to the “performance” industries.

  109. 109
    Typhoid Mary says:

  110. 110
    Anoneumouse says:


    Owen Paterson will become the next leader of the Conservative party and when in government David Davis will become Foreign secretary, Osborne will stay as Chancellor of the Exchequer and Oliver Letwin will remain the tea boy.

  111. 111
    Typhoid Mary says:

  112. 112
    Cinna says:

    Think yourself lucky it was horse and not pork Abdul.

  113. 113
    non taxable pikey says:

    Mrs Arafat lives nicely on the proceeds, in Northern Cyprus. Estimated wealth stolen by Arafat is in the region of 1.5 billion USD, somewhat less than Machal of Hamas who has accumulated well in excess of 2 billion. Meanwhile the people of Gaza live like dogs.

  114. 114
    T'sco says:

    I told you not to mention the Pork.

  115. 115
    ZioSpotter says:

    Shoot Civilians and then pretend to heal them!
    Real Humanitarians they are, those Chosen ones!

  116. 116
    Anonymous says:

    …but that’s the date when I first read it!

  117. 117
    Something is Wrong says:

    As the west are now saying that they had intelligence that the Ukrainian rebels had SAMs and radar. Then why did they route a plane full of civilians into the area?

  118. 118
    Benn Gunn says:

    No, he didn’t.

    And that fact has been repeated over and over on this blog alone, yet the kippers keep asking it anyway.

    Cameron CLEARLY said if the treaty had not been ratified, have a referendum. Brown ratified it, so no referendum.

    It’s like asking, did the sun turn green? And everyone says no.
    But you think it did, so you carry on saying it did. But it didn’t. And each time you say it did you look a little more loony.

    Like a man shouting at a postbox that his letter to the council hadn’t been replied to. Everyone moves away. But at least you must always get a seat to yourself on the bus.

  119. 119
    ... says:

    Flag-waving Patriots are thick, Tabloid reading, Tossers.

  120. 120
    HSSE Jobsworth says:

    He’ll have to do a training course and write a 25 page risk assessment beforehand.

    Anyone know what the second S stands for?

  121. 121
    Two wrongs don't make a right says:

    Ah But Benn. They use the same thing on Farage . He never said he respected Putin as a person.

  122. 122
    Benn Gunn says:

    Must hurt, having to use the word RIGHTy in your description.
    But I suppose, being a lefty, you are used to being wrong.

    Neocon was the favourite from the rapid rebumming unit. Not very UK though. ConDems was a good one, but we think as little of the Liberals as you do.

    So, Right we are.


  123. 123
    ZioSpotter says:

    WTF makes you think I am “one of them”, Shlomo?
    Say, what are you doing on a Western blog anyway?
    Shouldn’t you be living in your ZioLoon Nirvana with the rest of your chosen race killing Palls?

  124. 124
    Benn Gunn says:

    All right no need yo shout!! Jeez!
    Caps boy

  125. 125
    I count myself among the rest says:

    No, he didn’t.

    To some gormless prats, perhaps.

  126. 126
    Oliver Leftout says:

    Is that part of the test?

  127. 127
    Anonymous says:

    The Westminster Peadophile Trojan Horse

  128. 128
    The Russian Oligarchy says:

    Don’t be so naive…we currently fund the Tory party. But shhh, don’t repeat it too loudly!

  129. 129
    A Nigerian princess needs your help for a big reward says:

    Can you explain why Malaysia would feel they would put civilians at risk, the consequences of which are almost certainly going to be the collapse of their national airline?

    And why do you post “as the west are now saying” ?

    Where are you from? The east? Hello Russia, how ya doing?

    Normally you say “as the EU or as the USA are now saying..”

    Otherwise you sound like a man pretending a woman and him saying, oh it can feel one of women’s periods coming.

    Women don’t say that. The just say periods.
    Hope this helps your future postings to be more credible.

  130. 130
    There's always one. says:


  131. 131
    Odds favour ? says:

    Hitchens also demolishes the Cameron-Juncker myth.

    “See how quickly the Government’s fake hostility towards the EU has vanished?”

    “This picture of David Cameron performing a high-five with new European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker shows the truth about the relationship.”

    “Both men understand Mr Cameron has to do a bit of play-acting now and then, to try to whittle away the Ukip vote,” he says, of Cameron’s so-called spat over Juncker earlier.

  132. 132
    The internet doctor says:

    Such anger!
    Take your medication.
    If you don’t you’ll go all weird again and have to go back to the special hospital.

  133. 133
    LOL... Wet behind the ears or what says:

    Where have you been? The west is the term that has been used since WW2.

    By thinking EU is the correct term then one can only conclude that you are a Europhile and probably a product of Blair’s 3 Es

  134. 134
    The west takes us ever closer to war says:

  135. 135
    Sovietsalami63 says:

    Sovietsalami63 here,
    Mr Hammond shoul GET out of Scotland and Let Russia alone if it were not for the Russians we the English would not be alive today , so think on that , instead of following those JERKS in America, the. Americans are on the road to SELF destruction , and I for one will not be following those plonkers.
    We know that all the worlds problems , war disease , hunger and Tragedies Like the Malaysian airliners are the direct and indirect consequences of letting the Yanks run and rule. Like the fool.
    unfortunately the Monarchy in this country love the. NEO-CONS , People over the globe want real and lasting change , and that involves getting rid of American influence everywhere.

  136. 136
    Lizardspotter says:

  137. 137
    Genghiz the kahn says:

    Gargoyle of the Month.

  138. 138
    dangerous times says:

    When a Bear is cornered by his hunters he is only has one choice.

  139. 139
    Rightie hypocrisy says:

    I suppose that must mean Cyril Smith and Tonypandy were also innocent and are being smeared now that they’re not alive to defend themselves?

    You righties really do crack me up. There’s no question Labour and Lib Dems have covered up the nonces in their parties and they should be exposed, but when the attention turns to your lot, it suddenly becomes smears and a witch hunt. Here’s a handy tip: almost no one buys the “we’re the party of heterosexuals and families” line any more save for a few senile grannies who still wonder why the nice Mr Keith Joseph never found the right girl. There’s too much on the record now about all closet gays in the party and all the kiddie fiddlers. I suppose the reason why some of you are able to pull off this cognitive dissonance is that you excuse the rampant abuse committed at Dolphin Square and at conference time because the victims were just orphans or working class boys and therefore “vermin” as one Tory MP told a whistleblower.

    Another handy tip: constantly screaming about bumsex is actually a giveaway. That’s another trick that no longer works. Boyson said gays should all be wiped out. And then went and buggered 15 year olds during conference. Virtually every public figure here and in the US who’s been caught either kiddie fiddling or having sex with men had been vocally anti-gay. Not for nothing is it calling protesting too much.

    As you were.

  140. 140
    Handycock says:

    She could do with a pearl necklace to match those pearl earings!

  141. 141

    Another good splash from Guido today

  142. 142
  143. 143
    táxpáyér says:

    As far as I can see Assad’s lot are killing the jihadis that would be attacking us.

    Our best interest is to slightly moan at putin but makes sure the war carries on killing as many saudis as possible.

  144. 144
    táxpáyér says:


  145. 145
    A wimmin you righties can like! says:

    Really? Well heavens to betsy, thank you for admitting that you think Sir Peter Morrison, Sir Peter Hayman, Sir Rhodes Boyson, Keith Joseph and Harvey Proctor are all right as well! Excelsior!

  146. 146
    táxpáyér the arab spotter says:

    Fuck off back to your sand pit shit hole and take your inbred retard family with you.

  147. 147
    Cameron the PR Man, advised by the world's top PR man. says:

    Just tells us what we already knew. Dave’s cabinet making was for the good of Dave’s election chances at the expense of the good of the country.

  148. 148
    táxpáyér the arab spotter says:

    Do fuck off with your ridiculous conspiracy nonsense.

  149. 149
    Sovietsalami63 says:

    Sovietsalami63 Here,
    there is a saying relating to Americam military , IT IS. , THE YANKS HAVE ALL THE GEAR BUT NO IDEA this also relates to their foreign policy and financial ideas which are all Flawed because of the NEO CON influence cex secretly behind the scenes , the CIA is a Neocon organisation. Which kills innocents worldwide illegally , they can be beaten into submission , and we can use them to do it to themselves.

  150. 150
    táxpáyér the arab spotter says:

    Greenism is a violent expansionist religion we should spend as much on watching greens as we do on islamics.

  151. 151

  152. 152
    Social contract well and truely trashed says:

    Farage is a big fan of Putin of course. We will see how many votes that winds for UKRAP next year.

    Yeh, a potential war with Russia is gonna be such a big vote winner for us liblabconners.

  153. 153
    táxpáyér the arab spotter says:

    Do fuck off arab conspiracy theorist nutbag.

  154. 154
    Racist Watch says:

    Nasty little racist. F off back to jihad

  155. 155

    Erm – this is not really worth having a war over.

    Unless that is R’ussia’s new coercive line to try and stop people criticising the people who took this plane out and their foreign policy generally.

    Nice people, eh ?

    Vote UKIP :-D

  156. 156
    Alfred the grater says:

    Read back what you wrote.
    Nigerian princess has a point. It does read like a soviet press release.

    Also you haven’t answered the airplane question?

  157. 157
    Maggie was friends with Harvey Proctor, who's a real ladies man, isn't he? says:

    You righties must be struggling with how to react to the mass murder of over 300 innocent people by Russian backed Ukrainian terrorists. Had the victims all been effnicks, there’d be no problem and you’d be celebrating. But as the victims were all Western and included Brits, you’re struggling to reconcile your outrage with your admiration for Putin and his hardline anti-gay policies and his contempt for Obama. I suppose ultimately on balance you’ll give him a pass on this act of mass murder because, in the long run, traditional rightie real politik demands that you stay supportive of Putin and his policies that you like.

  158. 158
    táxpáyér says:

    exactly people attracted to the “arts” (mostly the extortion funded) are mostly over-the-borderline personality disorders.

  159. 159
    We all knew nothin' says:

    If only Cameron and the rest of the Westminster filth could be as angry at the criminal perverts within their own parties.

  160. 160
  161. 161
    Ashton loved Putin when he was a KGB Communist says:

    Baroness Ashton and all her left wing mates who sought to ban the bomb and promote this image of the USSR as some poor misunderstood ‘child’ have been proved wrong again.
    Their naïve view of Russia almost exposed us to a regime full of Putin’s during the cold war.
    Their naïve view of Russia led them to think advancing the EU empire into the Ukraine would have no consequence.
    Stupid naïve lefties should have stuck to sucking Russia’s cock like they did throughout the cold war then maybe this clusterfuck wouldn’t have happened.

  162. 162
    E L Whisty (Head Groundsman) says:

    That would be the Keith Joseph who was married twice, to women, the first time for 34 years?

    We are not yet in the left wing promised land where justice is unnecessary and people are tried and executed by ‘the court of public opinion’. It will, of course, be a double edged sword – what if someone persuades many others that you are a kiddy fiddler and should be shot?

  163. 163

    On the other hand, consider Russia’s record of setting up and maintaining puppet mini-states in Transdniestria, Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Ajaria; and of annexing Crimea. This is based on a ‘Greater Russia’ concept of uniting all ethnic Russians under Moscow’s protective wing which is horribly reminiscent of NSDAP policies.

  164. 164
    E L Whisty (Head Groundsman) says:

    Why not save a whole lot of taxpayers’ money on trials and lawyers and give the police powers to kill suspects because they look a bit like Brazilian electricians or paediatric surgeons.

  165. 165
  166. 166
  167. 167
    táxpáyér says:

    Should the Magna Carta be taught to police?

  168. 168
    King of Swedes says:

  169. 169
    táxpáyér says:

    CND was funded by the USSR. They knew they were getting funding from the USSR. The BBC knew they were getting funding from the USSR. The BBC never told viewers though.

  170. 170
    táxpáyér says:

    Somebody should constantly launch rockets into their palaces.

  171. 171
    Monroe doctrine says:

    I wonder what America’s reaction would be if Russia and China staged an overthrow of the Mexican government, then armed and trained the new government to crush any pro-American elements within the country.

  172. 172
    Cathy Ashton says:

    Me or her Handy?

  173. 173
    Rightie hypocrisy says:

    Peter Hayman was also married. As is Rolf Harris and Stuart Hall. Oscar Wilde was married too. I think Rock Hudson also got married. Yep. You’re absolutely right. Apologies.

  174. 174
    Britain 2014 says:

    When I complain about what’s happening to my people and country they call me a nationalist reactionary bigot.

  175. 175
    Leaders support israel.people don't?.. says:

    Lebenstraum,now wasn’t that living space in the er Ukraine?

  176. 176
    táxpáyér says:

    I think it’s marvellous that computers have got so easy to use that people who normally lick windows can use them

  177. 177
    táxpáyér says:

    Oh dear.

  178. 178
    The World has turned. says:


    The EU has adopted the communism that the former USSR dumped. Russia and China have adopted capitalism and the USA has a Socialist quasi commie president.

    Itsa mess

  179. 179
    Enola Gay says:

  180. 180
    Friendly advice says:

    Get on the phone to your doctor tomorrow and ask him to up the dose on your meds.

  181. 181
    Jolly Roger says:

    It looks like he’s giving her a “rocket”.

  182. 182
    táxpáyér says:

    and you think gay marriage is going to be a good thing?

    Personally I think get the government out of marriage full stop.

  183. 183
    táxpáyér says:

    They could’ve just gone to flight24.com to see the planes flying…

  184. 184
    Adolf Putin says:

    We blew up airplane in Ukraine sky, so it is obviously Ukraine’s fault plane blew up, da?

  185. 185
    Lucky Jack Aubrey says:

    Methinks finding an honest man in Parliament is harder than finding the Acheron.

  186. 186
    Nice people these Pro Palestinians says:

  187. 187
    Lucky Jack Aubrey says:

    At least Russia keeps the Muzzles in check.

  188. 188
    Anonymous says:


  189. 189
    Vote LibLabCon for unlimited immigration says:

    It does appear that her head has been severed at some point and then stuck back on.

  190. 190
    táxpáyér says:

    It’s where the “joke” “Arafats condition is stable” came from. He died (of Aids) it took a week (where his condition was described as stable) of squabbling for the assets to be divided and the looting Hunts death to be announced.

  191. 191
    Anonymous says:

    So when the US shot down the Iranian airliner back in 1988:

    1) It was murder?

    2) President Reagan, as Commander-in-Chief, was directly responsible ?

    Or is it a different set of rules apply cos that aint evil Ruskies,

  192. 192
    Look at these Nazis then Shlomo says:

  193. 193
    Leaders support israel.people don't?.. says:

    Lebenstraum wasn’t that living space in er Ukraine?

  194. 194
    Pfwoar! says:

    And she seems to be enjoying it.

    And in public, too!

  195. 195
    Load of Bollocks says:

    It’s about evidence you socialist scumbag!!!!

    Why the fvcking hell should Left-wing wankers like you, be allowed to spread a pack of lies about dead Conservative figures from the 1980’s to satisfy your own need to trash the Conservatives by any means necessary and deflect and equivocate on behalf of the Labour Party.

    ““vermin” as one Tory MP told a whistleblower.” WHERE’S YOUR FUCKING PROOF THIS WAS SAID AND BY WHO?

    There has to be clear evidence that they committed crimes for fucks sake! Cyril Smith was the centre of hushed up police enquiry in Rochdale at the time and then admitted to David Steele that he was guilty when the story surfaced in Private Eye in 1979

  196. 196
    Chuka Umunna, the tailor's dummy with built-in discrimination says:

    Only window-lickers can use computers, not UKIPpers.

  197. 197
    Ultimate Responsibility that our Hystesrical MSM can not see says:

    If you sent your child play on the motorway.

    Who is to blame when the child is run over.

    The driver of the vehicle or the person who placed the child in the middle of the motorway?

  198. 198
    Head Case says:

    A bit of a bodge too, not one but two joins.

  199. 199
    The Tory Party says:

    We’re funded by the Russian oligarchy, but shhh…don’t repeat it too loudly.

  200. 200
    Naive lefty alert says:

    Putin used to be a red flag flying communist KGB agent you know.
    The type of guy left wingers here admired from afar.
    What has changed to piss you off?
    His and Russia’s attitude to Homosexuality?
    That hasn’t changed at all it’s the same as it ever was.
    Even in the good old commie days when you loved them and would jump through flaming hoops to justify whatever horrible thing Russia did.

  201. 201
    The British media are cunts says:

    You work for the BBC and I claim my 30 pieces of silver.

  202. 202
    ZioSpotter says:

    Always funny when a ZioLoon (prone to over a dozen genetic diseases through not interbreeding) hypocritically whines “racist”!

    Hey Loon, you’re the ones claiming to be the chosen race and ethnically cleansing millions of Goy into refugee camps at gunpoint so you can thieve their land for a private racial/cultural Heimatland.

    ZioLoons: Turning hypocrisy into an artform!

  203. 203

    I am not sure if Soviet SAM systems have internet access built in.

    Perhaps a worthwhile upgrade to suggest to R’ussia. I mean, if my fridge can do it should be easy to fit into a Buk.

    Just Sayin’

    Vote UKIP :-D

  204. 204

    The son looks bizarre too .

    Mother /wife looks a lovely lady though .

    It s the unsuspecting loyal wives I feel sorry for ….

  205. 205
    Dee Capitate says:

    Twice by the looks

  206. 206
    Just a bit of spanking says:

    Michael Foot said Tonypandy was a dreadful caner as a teacher

  207. 207

    Sounds great.

    What happened next ? Did they get him ?

    Vote UKIP :-D

  208. 208
    Socialist worker party Twat says:

    American and EU backed Ukraine good
    American and EU backed I*rael bad
    Try not to demonstrate outside the wrong embassy you simple minded mongs.

  209. 209
    Meerkats says:

    Here’s a simple solution. Why doesn’t the world ask / tell Hamas to stop launching rockets at Issrayel and to stop hiding the launchers in civilian areas. This would achieve two things
    1) stop the war instantly
    2) stop the israylees having to enter Gaza to destroy the launches as accuracy can not be guaranteed from the air without risking casualties.


  210. 210
    The BBC says:

    We completely disagree with this. He should be doing it to another man. Preferably a disabled one.

  211. 211
    Good source says:

    A photograph from eight years ago. Those shells were destined for Hezbollah in Lebanon. But of course you knew that and chose not to revea itl. Well done you.

  212. 212
    Shlomo Watch says:

    Define “they”.

  213. 213
    Mandibles says:

    The South African embassy had regular demos now after change its a basket case.
    Then when Zimbabwe did the same but this time to whitey not a peep and again its an utter basket case.

  214. 214
    Two state solution says:

    Or alternatively, Israel could stop stealing/sequestrating Palestinian land.

    By the way, how’s the weather been in Tel Aviv today?

  215. 215
    Anonymous says:

    Your reply can simply be left without comment.

  216. 216
    Good source says:

    That photograph is from August 2013 and it was not at a protest. But of course you knew that and chose not to reveal it. Well done you.

  217. 217
    Shlomo Watch says:

    Has school term finished for summer now at the JFS?

  218. 218
    Eh! says:

    So your point is she could be one firing them into Gaza now?

  219. 219
    Owen Jones says:

    As most of the hatred towards Russia and Putin appears to be based on Russia and Putin’s attitude to bumsex has any lefty thought of asking Hamas or any other Palestinian what they think of bumsex?
    Stupid lefties might find their backing the wrong horse.

  220. 220
    haddock says:

    how’s it going getting China out of Tibet ? Or the Turkish out of Cyprus ? How’s the weather in Gaza ? ask one of the kids you are hiding behind to go out and check if you are too frightened to go.

  221. 221
    But Abbott spent all yesterday protesting about the J3ws says:

  222. 222
    Ghost of Stalin says:

    Maybe they should have thought of the consequences before murdering those 3 teenage hitch-hikers?

  223. 223
    Rightie hypocrisy says:

    You mean the evidence that went missing in 114 dossiers and which Norman Tebbit said two weeks ago was covered up to protect the system and the evidence which victims brought to police but nothing was done because the police were told to back off as with the cabinet minister who was caught with child porn by customs officers but were told to leave him alone, and the cover-up of child abuse and child porn by Peter Morrison and Peter Hayman?

    Funny how Smith was at the centre of a hushed up inquiry but no Tory was at the centre of a hushed up inquiry even though even Tebbit says otherwise. It’s hilarious you call me a socialist. You just gave yourself away there, old chap. Everyone’s acknowledged there are perverts in Labour and Lib Dems. Your indignation suggests something deeper. Come on, out with it. Your buggery parties at Dolphin Square are no longer just your private memories. Did you enjoy watching the London Tape and seeing an 8 year old boy buggered, castrated and decapitated? Calm down, dear, it was only a matter of time.

  224. 224
    Were these taken last year then? says:

  225. 225
    Odds favour ? says:

    For Dave the indefensible, Ben Gunn, and any others:

    Actual quote and context here (on Guido’s blog site, of all places)


  226. 226
    Let's All Poke The Bear says:

    Or just wander down to your local mosk and ask the worshippers what they think.

  227. 227
    Chuka's Hormones says:

  228. 228
    Rightie hypocrisy says:

    Funny you cite Private Eye. The same Private Eye which reported on Morrison and a certain LB.

    As for equivocation on behalf of Labour, you did notice I said Labour has its own perverts it’s protected? Is Tonypandy also being smeared now he’s dead?

  229. 229
    Ambitions above his ability says:

    So Chuka does want Ed’s job

  230. 230
    Jimmy says:

    Whatever happened to putting the stupid brother into the Church?

  231. 231
    Palestine for Palestinians says:

    I can’t ask my kids anymore.

  232. 232
    Anonymous says:

    I wonder if his rule for staying calm involves little children?

  233. 233
    Jimmy says:

    No idea. Spam the internet with stupid analogies?

  234. 234
    A nony mouse says:

    The Ruskis might do well to remember what the state religion is of a country whose prime Ministers grandmother was just blown up by their allies.
    The repercussions could be awkward….

  235. 235
    Kosher Eugenics says:

    We made sure only the brightest and best Catholics became celibate in the church.

    It’s all about ensuring we block the best genes of our competitors but maintain and promote our best genes.


  236. 236
    James the coward says:

    Afraid to face the truth.

  237. 237
    Rightie hypocrisy says:

    Talking of evidence, Peter Hayman left an envelope of child porn on a bus which police traced to his address where they found diaries filled with sexual fantasies about children. He was also a member of PIE, the same PIE which Harman and Dromey campaigned on behalf of. The Attorney General Michael Havers decided Hayman shouldn’t be prosecuted.

    Come on, old chap, no one’s fooled any more. There are perverts in all parties but being as you are a tribalist lunatic and most likely a boy buggerer yourself, you wish to propagate the truly hilarious line that there have never been any abusers or gays in the Tory party.

    Next you’ll be telling me Harvey Proctor is totally straight and just hasn’t found the right girl yet. Incidentally, why WAS his name on the register of visitors to Elm Guest House? And were you a member of the Spartacus Club? Come on, call me a socialist again old chap. Funny how no Tory has mentioned lifting the D notice that Blair slapped on Operation Ore. Much like how Cameron told his MPs not to comment on Harman and Dromey re. PIE, the same PIE Peter Hayman was a member of and Michael Havers prevented him being prosecuted. The jig’s up, fella.

  238. 238
    Dave's Warranty. says:

    Today, I will give this cast-iron guarantee: If I become PM a Conservative government will hold a referendum on any EU treaty that emerges from these negotiations. No treaty should be ratified without consulting the British people in a referendum.

  239. 239
    Jimmy says:

    Will the last grown up to leave the Nasty Party please turn out the lights?

  240. 240
    A small Tralfamadorian grey says:

    Can’t see a problem as long as it keeps missing.

  241. 241
    A small Tralfamadorian grey says:

    She’s trying to hide the rope-mark on her neck, isn’t she ?

  242. 242
    Rhody Dendron says:

    Mandela lived to about 95 (as I recall, but happy to be corrected); Mugabe is well into the upper 80s; Banda, Kaunda, Michel and Joe Slomo also had a good innings whilst totally buggering up the southern half of Africa. The only conclusion must be that medical science has a lot to answer for.

  243. 243
    Irish trade union twat in Belfast says:

    I stand alongside IRA terrorists and spout hypocrisy about the murder of children in Gaza

  244. 244
    The Warranty Ombudsman General says:

    There was absolutely no wriggle room in the unambiguous pledge he made in September 2007. He offered a “cast iron guarantee” to put any treaty in front of the voters. Why has he changed his mind now? What has changed his mind now?

    “It cannot be good enough for a man who wants to be British Prime Minister to hide behind the leader of any other European state. Václav Klaus is a hero in his own country for having stood up to Communism. David Cameron seemingly can’t even stand up for his own past promises.

    “What is the point in David Cameron upending one pledge on Europe , but promising he’ll offer us yet more European promises in his general election manifesto? Why will they be any more credible than the ‘cast-iron guarantee’ he has just broken?

    “How can David Cameron claim he’ll fight to repatriate powers from Brussels when he won’t even fight to implement his own past words?


  245. 245
    Rhody Dendron says:

    A simple solyushun would be to clear the Turks out of Cyprus back to Turkey, and the Greeks back to Athens. There would then be a nice empty island which could be donated to either Izzies or the other other lot as their homeland.

    See, not difficult when you think outside the coffin.

  246. 246
    A small Tralfamadorian grey says:

    I wasn’t aware that there were any grown-ups in your party, Jimmy.

  247. 247
    Jeez, I'm glad I'm not FATTTTTTTTTTTTTT says:

    Fact of the day:
    Only fat arses tweet ‘Fact of the day’.

  248. 248
    At LAST the MSM are waking up to the FACTS says:

    Two cabin crew refused to fly on doomed plane over war zone safety fears: Senior pilots and cabin crew flagged concerns about flight path weeks before tragedy
    Airline staff refused to fly over airspace deeming it too dangerous
    Two Ukrainian planes, a fighter jet and a transport aircraft, shot down by rebels on the flight path
    BA, all US airlines, Lufthansa, Air France and Qantas already avoid war zone in Ukraine


  249. 249
    Load of Bollocks says:

    Tonypandy or anyone else needs evidence against them, you dribbiling fvck wit. I don’t give a shit what rosette they are wearing.
    The reputation of people shouldn’t be trashed on the say so of politically motivated keyboard warriors like you or anyone else with an axe to grind and only innuendo and no substantive evidence.

    And I was child in the 1980’s, you on the other hand seem to know a lot about child abuse films. It’s not me with shameful memories.

  250. 250
    Rhody Dendron says:

    Most people interested in politics already knew that. A chip off the old block and has learned nothing despite her parents spending all that money on her “education”.

  251. 251
    Ben Gunn says:

    Exactly. That post says exactly what I wrote.
    Now, you can claim quite convincingly, that the intent of the promise was to make people think he would hold a referendum regardless of Labour?’s actions. But that isn’t the same as saying he said one thing and find another.

    He said one thing and did one thing. If you misunderstood, well, that’s really your lookout, isn’t it?

    And it’s not as if he hasn’t paid for that comment. 13% odd UKIP support.
    If he’d never said it UKIP numbers might be half that.

  252. 252
    Jimmy says:

    I see what you did there.

    You must be the cartoonist.

  253. 253
    Red Ken Lyingscum says:

    Me too.

  254. 254
    Ben Gunn says:

    You managed to find my agreement with that mad statement did you?
    Could you be so kind as to point it out?

    Otherwise so e might think you are just a foolish person yelling random words at clouds.

  255. 255
    HSSE Jobsworth says:


  256. 256
    A Labour-Party spokesmong says:

    We told a string of lies to start an illegal war, killing half a million men, women and children, we doubled income tax for the lowest-paid workers, and allowed the NHS to kill thousands of patients (and we tried to cover it up).

    We flooded the country with immigrants, so now houses and jobs are in short supply, rents are high and wages have been lowered, causing wide-spread poverty among our core working-class voters. We did all this.

    But it’s the Tories who are nasty.

  257. 257
    Jimmy the Dhimmi says:

    If Red Ed and Twelvety Balls are in Downing Street next year, the lamps will be going out all over this Country.

  258. 258
    táxpáyér says:

    Everyone except the islamics colonising the UK

  259. 259
    readwhathyouwritebeforeposting says:

    he is only has one choice?

  260. 260
    táxpáyér says:

    I and everyone who hates terrorislam is supporting Isreal.

  261. 261
    non taxable pikey says:

    Having seen the size of Mr Fawkes I can believe he always makes a good splash.

  262. 262
    táxpáyér says:

    and then firing 100’s of missiles the “poverty stricken” (i.e. looted by hamas) at Isreali civilians.

  263. 263
    táxpáyér says:

    Pray more arabs make it to hell.

    Everyone except arabs and traitorous lefties (1939 repeats) supports democracy over islam.

  264. 264
    Had to be done. says:

  265. 265
    táxpáyér says:

    Wow, you’ve finally realised Labour are nasty Jimmy?

    After all they are the party of hate.

  266. 266
    Ben Gunn says:

    Ok. Children motorway etc.
    Still haven’t answered the question.

    The assertion is that Malaysia airlines decided to send their children knowingly onto the motorway to play.

    The question to be answered is why would They do that?
    The tinfoilers seem to imply CIA/EU/FBI/DIY/KFC made them.

    But why and how is not mentioned.

    It’s a piece of piss to start an internet conspiracy idea.

    Moon is made of cheese. Now as long as I say it is it must be. You have to disprove it.

    If you say NASA. Armstrong. Apollo 11, I say it’s all a conspiracy by big cheese and the international cheese bankers of the EU cheese mountains.

    and simple people will believe that big cheese and phatmacheese corps are mining cheese from the moon and that’s why Edam is so expensive.

    A normal person would ask why do all that ? And say Edam isn’t expensive anyway.

    Only a conspiracy theorist goes “doesn’t matter why! They just did it because of the world wide conspiracy that only I know about!”

  267. 267
    The Lone Ranger says:

    Strange the DM has just woken up. Perhaps they’ve realised their readers don’t buy the pro-Russians-r*ped-my-mother-and-stole-Christmas-presents line.

  268. 268
    táxpáyér says:

    or you could boot the mainly booted out of jordan people who claim to be palestainian and Isreal can have to whole of gaza, without anyone to launch rockets at it’s civilians.

  269. 269
    Diane Fatbott says:

    Fat of the day.

    the practice among those with power or influence of favouring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs.
    “his years in office were marked by corruption and nepotism”

  270. 270
    táxpáyér says:

    Hoorah for Pallywood.

    Google green hat guy

  271. 271
    I'll pilau you says:

    Don’t think he is. The truth seems to be that Russia and China haven’t overthrown the Mexican government.

  272. 272
    táxpáyér says:

    or anti-fracking greens.

    Greenpeace is collecting Putins roubles.

  273. 273
    Troll watch says:

    Sometimes I get bored too.

  274. 274
    Ghost of Stalin says:

    We’re arguing with retards taxpayer!

  275. 275
    Troll watch says:

    Having David Ivke as a source doesn’t seem to put you off?

  276. 276
    The Lone Ranger says:

    As a hawk during the whole of the Cold War, I now wonder if the USSR has simply been re-born into the EUSSR.

  277. 277
    Edward Grey says:

    And we won’t see them lit again in our lifetime

  278. 278
    albacore says:

    What a shame, ain’t it, British folks have no voice
    And they never have had the ghost of a choice
    Bestowed by even one arsehole Parliament
    On whether they’re ruled by foreign excrement?

  279. 279
    Bore off cockstain says:

    Were you dropped on your head as a child?

  280. 280
    Still pissin up the wall says:

    Camoron is going to be in shock come May 2015 vote, we are going to be in shock the day after Liebour take control from Camorons Conservatives, but as we will be skint and on the rampage 6months later who cares.

    Vote UKIP if you want change.

  281. 281
    Rightie hypocrisy says:

    I notice your deathly silence on the 114 dossiers, Tebbit’s comments, Morrison, Hayman, Hayman’s membership of PIE, the minister caught with child porn by customs officers, Proctor, Elm Guest House, the Spartacus Club and Cameron’s direction to the party to not comment on Harman Dromey over PIE, the same PIE Hayman was a member of and Michael Havers said shouldn’t be prosecuted after police found child porn at his address and diaries filled with child abuse fantasies.

  282. 282
    Group Captain says:

    They should have checked with this before flying


  283. 283
    Small Print says:

    *Not legally binding, intentional or contractual. This is a forward facing statement provided to fool the idiots who still fall for it.

  284. 284
    haddock says:

    That’s the trouble when you push them to the front and hide behind them, they cop it first. I could buy enough concrete blocks and re-bar to make a passably good shelter for my family for the cost of a mid range rocket…then my kids wouldn’t be at risk. Perhaps Israelis love their kids more, they build plenty of shelters.

  285. 285
    Ockham's Razor says:

    In the balmy days of early August 1980 a solicitor, later to turn soft furnishings salesman, shot his load into his missus after a busy day and rolled over exhausted. He was snoring within seconds.

    The issue was Luciana Berger. From the moment of her conception, she was the putative great-niece of Emanuel Shinwell.

    How the great dark Highbrow of Hackney, can present this as fact of the day, exactly 12,121 days after the date of Berger’s birth, is even less explicable than the path integral formulation of quantum mechanics.

  286. 286
    Bob cuntface Crow says:

    It would have to be in picture form for them,maybe an intro by Peppa Pig to ease them in.

  287. 287
    Fidel Castro says:

    I’ll give you gringos a day by day account of what will happen!!

  288. 288
    The Western Propaganda Machine says:

    We have finally got our hands on the black box recorders from the MH17 plane, and after careful and totally independent analysis we can reveal that the box recordings clearly show that the plane was shot down by Vladimir Putin, who personally pressed the ‘kill’ button while torturing homosexuals, lesbians, transgender people and non-Russians at the very same time in his lavishly appointed Kremlin office.

  289. 289
    Curious says:

    Horror in the Ukraine’s sky; is she airborne then?

  290. 290
    A wimmin your righties can like! says:

    Well either you’re right or you’re not. Are you saying all those fellows aren’t/weren’t right, as you put it? Right you are.

  291. 291
    John Tandy says:

    Good point!

  292. 292
    non taxable pikey says:

    Not a bad plan, I wonder if we could use it in Tower Hamlets?

  293. 293
    It's time to go back to basics says:

    I’m really fed up of all the gays in politics. I wish we had more politicians like Lord Boothby, Sir Peter Morrison, Sir Peter Hayman, Harvey Proctor, Nigel Evans, Crispin Blunt, Margot James, Alan Duncan and Michael Brown, all thoroughly straight family men and woman who believe in marriage and relationships being between only a man and a woman. If only there were more like them in public life.

  294. 294
    Fishy says:

    Hitchens has gone back to his Marxist / Trotskyist youth and once again is a friend to the Kremlin.

    The EU and Russia? Two lots of Marxists arguing, as per usual.

  295. 295
    Owen"The Human Shield In Gaza" Jones says:

    ISIS are a bigger threat to the Middle East than Israel but omg yeah we don’t call out Sunni tyrants

  296. 296
    Zioloon Watch says:

    Provide the source then to back that statement up.

  297. 297
    Mandibles says:

    Serious question

    Who the fuck is manny shin well and why the fuck should I care?

  298. 298
    Sick to death of the MSM says:

    BH on Radio4 this morning had an ex ambassador from the Court of St. James to Russia. He claimed that Putin was oppressing his own people. Obviously so since even the West has to agree the Russians freely and fairly voted for him. If he’s the calibre of our Diplomatic Corps then God help us.

  299. 299
    your supersoaraway sun says:

    He DID mean the Labour Party as it happens.

  300. 300
    Anonymous says:

    Nasty party? LOL
    Stafford, Iraq etc etc. no wonder we always end up completely fucked after a term of Labour government

  301. 301

    Russ!an counter-propaganda is going to focus on this issue. Mail is just pre-empting or responding.

    Final part of report is important:


    A Malays!a Airlines spokesman said last night: ‘No crew members have discussed any concerns about flying over U’kraine.

    ‘Malays!a Airlines, along with many other airlines, has been flying in this airspace, which was declared safe by !CAO and !ATA.

    He added: ‘150 airlines each day were using the same air corridor.’


    Report also stated that Malays!a Airlines had not received any complaints from staff.

    So – 150 airlines each day fly through the same airspace and this one plane was targeted. That implies that the operators of the Buk perhaps knew how to identify civil from military aircraft as their equipment would allow them to.

    The question is – what led them to mess up on this one ? Had the equipment they were using only just been moved into the area ?

    Bear in mind that the plane was in the wrong place argument is the equivalent of arguing that the r’ape victim should not have been wearing the short skirt on the night in question.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  302. 302
    táxpáyér says:

    You’re projecting you p43do-profit worshipping cousin marryer.

  303. 303
  304. 304
    no money left, hehe says:

    You can’t get more nasty than getting the country into trillions of pounds in debt and leaving someone else to clean up the mess can you?

  305. 305
    Fishy says:

    But he won’t be badgered into standing

  306. 306
  307. 307
  308. 308
    Al Beano says:


  309. 309

    Of course you only use part of the quote as always and use it again and again and fucking again. When you put up the entire quote and include the part about Lisbon then we will take you seriously. To think that Hattie complained about being quoted out of context when this is the biggest misquote and lie to be told in years.

    You should blame your leader Gordon Brown as he made this impossible by that “tidying up” exercise. Yet another set of lies form a evil man who led what is still an evil party.

  310. 310
    táxpáyér says:

    You can. Debt can be written off. Importing a load of islamic foreign colonists to metastisize their virulent parasitic religion around the country is a harder problem to deal with.

  311. 311
    Bloomers in rain-soaked Bongo Bongo Land says:

    Don’t be daft

  312. 312
    rita mae brown says:

    “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

    Socialist haven’t had an original thought in their head since the publication of Das Kapital.

  313. 313
    Anonymous says:

    Sadly it will be UKIP that ensure the two eds get into government again. Its enough to make you weep really that the one idiotic party with a slither of votes will allow the one party that has no intention of leaving the EU or giving any kind of vote back into power. UKIP then achieves precisely the opposite of what they wanted and through shear stupidity condemn us into socialist disaster and a United States of Europe

    The vote UKIP is worthless you won’t and can’t get any seats but will allow Labour to get into powers and destroy us all over again.

    May you UKIP fuckers burn in hell for ever for what you are about to do to us and this country.

  314. 314
    BBC News-Editor says:

    Count on us to gloss this to the voters

  315. 315
    Not a lot of people know that says:

    Manny Shinwell later enobled as Baron Shinwell


  316. 316
    no money left, hehe says:

    Piss off you fucking nitpicker. You, me and your fucking cat are paying it off at this very moment.

  317. 317
    The Lone Ranger says:

    Hear! Hear!

  318. 318
    Anonymous says:

    Not been there have you. Why not pop over and try being critical of the government or even Putin for that matter. Even blog like you are doing now. See where you end up.
    Fed up with these armchair fucking pixel makers talking utter bullshit about countries they have never been too let alone know anything about.

    It is nasty oppressive regime and undemocratic to the core with the candidates selected and all lefty communists. A bit like an election here where the only choice is between on Labour Party member and another.

  319. 319
    Al Beano says:

    I bet you would like to abuse little ethnic children wouldn’t you?

  320. 320
    Bob cuntface Crow says:

    They could use a Malaysian Airways jet.There will never be anyone boarding them fuckers in the future.

  321. 321
    Al Beano says:

    +6 million

  322. 322
    Oenophile (NB plebs -- do not throw bricks through my window, ta) says:

    No, it’s a £3.99 sauvignon blanc at Oddbins.

  323. 323

    There’s no T in Lebensraum.

  324. 324
    Neville Chamberlain says:

    Am I alone in thinking that cuts to Britain’s defence should be reversed? No RAF, no RN and hardly any soldiers. No maritime protection and anyone can fly into UK airspace and no-one would know.

  325. 325
    I've got a combine harvester says:

    Patterson was about as useful as a chocolate teapot in this year’s floods.

  326. 326
    catholic jimmy sad he couldn't get to dress up says:

    I don’t know Jimmy, perhaps you could enlighten us.

  327. 327
    Benn Gunn says:

    I never mentioned them at all. you brought it up.

    must say you seem a bit obsessed by talk of gays.

    Bit of a pale schoolchild, were you? Thin chested? Had slightly too long hair and poor ability at sports? Once innocently said you liked a male teacher, and the class laughed and even though you protested you meant you thought he was a good teacher some cretin always went on how you ‘luv Mr SeaBiscuit” ?

    Well, I shouldn’t let it worry you so much now. If you have homosexual feelings towards other men, no one will mind. best to just out yourself than live in the closet.

  328. 328
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Fuck the Dutch anyway.Wankers.

  329. 329
    Confucious the Voter says:

    You might have thought of that possibility before your favoured party failed to take any notice of its own supporters who have now deserted those parties by the millions.
    Reap what ye sow.

  330. 330
    Al Beano says:

    Putin enjoys a popularity rating amongst his own population that western leaders could only ever dream of.

    But hen Putin does’t promote bum-sex marriage to children at every opportunity.

  331. 331
    humanity, been there got the t shirt says:

    Yep, that’s war for you, casualties on both sides.

  332. 332
    a regular says:

    Make that a chocolate dildo.

  333. 333
    Tony Blair says:

    I’m just a regular kinda assehole.

  334. 334
    Mad,mozzie Medievalist says:

  335. 335
    SLOTGOB says:

    That’s the first time you’ve said something truthful since 1994.

  336. 336
    The two Muppets says:

    The idea of Miliband and Balls running the country along with their
    puppet master McClusky pulling the strings ,makes my skin crawl .

  337. 337
    Dave Wisteria says:

    I am appalled.

    I mention this phrase at least twenty times every week and grimace as if I am stuck on top of the toilet.

  338. 338
    Edward Snowden, The Guardian's hero says:

    I love living in Russia. Nice Mr. Putin saved me from those horrible Americans.

  339. 339
    Eardstappa says:

    This is the George Thomas who spent much of his time time banging on about the NCH? ‘National Childrens’ Homes’, now called ‘Action for Children’. Strange how changing a name wipes out collective memory. The NCH would bear some scrutiny, what went on in some of their ‘homes’ has not come to public attention yet. The change of identity has worked up to now, they’ve been untouched by all the scandals so far.
    So, anybody fancy opening up a new world of abuse need look no further than the god fearing Methodist child abusers of Stephenson Way.

  340. 340
    Irish Congress of trade unions says:

    Nor do we

  341. 341
    Mr Galloway says:

    Are these Hamas scum worth our 13 dead brave soldiers, who went into Gaza knowing they would die?


    Hamas scum has to be wiped off the face of the earth.

  342. 342
    Mehdi Hassan says:

    Praying for strength and safety for you, the troops, and all of Israel.

  343. 343

    We stood for a minute’s silence in solidarity with Gaza on the bidding of Gerry Adams…yet we never mentioned the indiscriminate rocket attacks on civilians from Hamas

  344. 344
    The two Muppets says:

    Because Brown had already signed the Lisbon Treaty . Duh !

  345. 345
    One-term Dave says:

    But that would mean making cuts to the foreign aid budget, you silly little man! Unlike defence, the foreign aid budget is vital, because it allows me to make you all proud as I give £11billion per year to countries that don’t need it.

    I know how to spend your money better than you do, so jolly well shut your little mouth.

    Toodle pip!

  346. 346
    The two Muppets says:

    What are you smoking ?

  347. 347
    E L Whisty (Head Groundsman) says:

    ‘never found the right girl’ is clearly an implication that the man was gay – which is something that lefties, like yourself, fall over themselves to celebrate. Except that you don’t really, you just like to sneer at every thing and every body.

    In fact, people like you constantly bore others with your politically correct views because you crave the self satisfaction of your moral senses. Have a wank, it is more honest and harms nobody else.

  348. 348
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    Hamas Bears the Moral and Legal Responsibility for Every Dead Palestinian Child http://bit.ly/1qoMYMt

  349. 349
    Al Beano says:

    You’ve got the god’s chosen kosher bankers for that.

    Never forget it.

  350. 350
    Gerry Adams, murderer and Nazi, says:

    That’s because we’re anti-Semitic.

  351. 351
    A nony mouse says:

    You are correct of course.
    Those of my acquaintances who have been there would back your assertions completely. Russia is apparently a gangster heaven.

    However, I wonder what would happen if an oil / gas rich country tried to flog its resources in any currency (such as the Euro) that is not dollars?
    Sadam H. could have answered that question.

    Might also explain why the EU was actually at first very reluctant to prop up the Ukraine, and was actually quite happy to leave it to the Ruskis, until some pesky locals decide that they did not want to be part of what you describe.

    After all, the Germans would have been quite willing to pay for their gas in Euros.

    But the Yanks probably took a different view.
    Might explain the spying issue currently affecting USA / DE relations, and also the unfriendly attitude of the USA to the EU when the problems first started in the Ukraine, and the reluctance of the EU to impose those USA sanctions.

    These are dangerous times, and USA big-headedness does not help, any more than Putin meglomania.

  352. 352
    Abu Qatada says:

    One more thing. These people who get led around by the nose by these terrorist clowns deserve what they get. You will never be free. What does Hamas or any other terrorist group promise you? Freedom, pursuit of happiness? no if you don’t agree with them you get beheaded in the name of God. Stop being mindless cattle.

  353. 353
    Edward Snowden, The Guardian's hero says:

    Whatever it is, it’s working. You should try it.

  354. 354
    Jimmy says:

    Hope springs eternal, but if it were feasible I suspect it would have happened by now.

  355. 355
    Al Beano says:

    Mehdi, I see you’re still looking for a top job in the western pro zi*nist msm then!

  356. 356
    Edward Snowden, The Guardian's hero says:

    I’d include the EU in the big-head league.

  357. 357
    A wimmin you righties can like! says:

    “Right we are”.

    I didn’t notice any qualification of that statement. So are you saying everyone on the Right is right?

  358. 358
    A nony mouse says:

    AH was quite popular with his people.
    So is that North Korean chappie (apparently)

  359. 359
    Viperous Old Vince says:


  360. 360

    They’ve got the power already; just not got the right.

  361. 361
    Edward Snowden, The Guardian's hero and living in Russia says:

    A bit like the IRA promising freedom from the British, but not freedom from the IRA.

  362. 362
    Mo Ansar says:

    London’s pro-Palestine rally was a disgusting anti-Semitic spectacle http://specc.ie/WqKfFg

  363. 363
    The EU Monitoring Unit says:

    Keep up the good work agent EU Funded Pro EU Troll.

  364. 364

    So was ours in Belfast. We stood alongside IRA killers, and cheered as a woman with a Union flag was assaulted

  365. 365
    Owen"The Scaffolder" Jones says:

    This Muslim I was working with on a tower scaffolding lost his footing and slipped. I managed to grab his hand as he was dangling 150 feet in the air.

    “Please, please,” he begged, “don’t let me drop!”

    “Will you eat my bacon sandwich if I pull you up?” I asked,

    “Yes! Yes! Of course I will!” he said.

    So I let him go. I’m not having a fucking Muslim steal my breakfast.

  366. 366
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    Terrorists have fired 1,780 rockets at Israel in the past 13 days.

  367. 367
    Ockham's Razor says:

    A common criminal.

  368. 368
    No Poofters Allowed says:

  369. 369
    Jimmy says:

    I can’t imagine what it must be like to find out your father may have been a Tory MP.

  370. 370
    Diane Abbott's yes I'm really stupid says:

    Well hi everyone as long as you are black. Emily Thorneberry and me have been hitting the food banks over the weekend, brrrrp. Boy did we ship some food.
    Anyway Emily did a fab bbq this afternoon, how do you want your sausage Diane, she said, just a nice browning please Em, says I.
    Well, got to go, just seen the puddings, brrrp, fart.

  371. 371
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    My friend,Owen Jones has now become a bloody idiot.

    Owen Jones @OwenJones84 · 1h
    Israel is massacring innocent civilians in Gaza because it thinks the West will let it get away with it, and it is absolutely right.

  372. 372
    A small Tralfamadorian grey says:

    That’s stretching it a bit.

  373. 373
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Now how many Palestinians would the cost of those rockets have fed?

  374. 374
    Mike Hancock says:

    Now you can see why I like Russisa

  375. 375
    Penny Red says:

    ..HA HA HA HA HA. Good one.

    You’re fucking well blocked.

  376. 376
    A we've got Gay Dave says:

  377. 377
    ZioNAZI Spotter says:

    Shot any more Palestinian kids lately, Izz Squatterscum?

  378. 378
    Mandibles says:

    Ok thanks , that answers the first question but not the scond why the fuck should I care?

  379. 379
    ZioNAZI Spotter says:

    Or maybe the ZIoNAZIS shouldn’t have goossetepped into Palestine, displaced millions into refugee camps to form a racist colony of slime who seriously believe they are the Master race. ANd then they whine abot their “victimhood”?!
    What about the right of Palestinians to defend themselves, ZIoLoon?

  380. 380

    They are not mine though and they will never be as I would not let a bunch of fucking terrorists put the Mickey Mouse rocket launchers anywhere near my kids or my house. Or are they took fucking scared to tell them to do one and the camel they rode in on.

  381. 381
    Anonymous says:

    You are sowing and reaping something you don’t want. Madness but that’s the UKIP party through and through. Might just as well call you the a kamikaze party its the same fucking thing.

  382. 382
    Still pissin up the wall says:

    If you vote for Camorons Conservatives that’s up to you, UKIP is a new party and is trying it’s best to get a PM in power, you either vote UKIP or the LibLabCon, if you vote LibLabCon you reap what you sow, no use in blaming others for a crap leader of a right wing party that should know better,instead he had 5 years to be a Conservative instead he was a left wing drag, his U turns are better than watching the BBC and his care about the people who voted for him is zero, if we had a right of return then he would have gone two years ago, he’s a person who’s party I will never vote for while he’s is destroying it.

  383. 383
    Sam Cameron says:

    Dave is furious because Vlad Putin has ignored him for three days. He really is becoming impossible to live with.


  384. 384
    ZioNAZI Spotter says:

    In your dreams, Nutter. Most brits don’t give a shit about your racist colony, that’s why it’s so easy to spot the Hasbara Cockroaches on here deperately pretending to appear british.

  385. 385
    Diane Abbott says:

    Egyptian TV Host Osama Mounir to Hamas Leaders: Dream on! You Belong in a Mental Asylum. HAMAS kills the children http://www.memri.org/clip/en/0/0/0/0/0/0/4349.htm#.U8v97LWIRww.twitter

  386. 386
    ZioNAZI Spotter says:

    One might say “LebensTraum” meaning The “dream of a lifetime”, theirs being to establish their Nutter colony for their sel-proclaimed chosen race in Palestine.

  387. 387
    Death to all Fanatics!! says:

    Hahaha! You deluded tw*t, Cameron is the reason Labour will win the next election.
    Gutless, pinko non Cons have only themselves to blame.

  388. 388
    Anonymous says:

    Ah yes, indeed those Innocent civilians that fired 1700 rockets at ISrayel in the last 13 days and a further during a cease fire a further 40 in 6 hours with no shots or response from israyel in return. THis to allow medical evacuations.

    If you harbour a terrorist organisation like Hamas then you are going to get butt fucked by the big boys in town.

  389. 389
    ZioNAZI Spotter says:

    “We” can look after ourselves fine, thank you.
    “You” should quit pretending to be british.

  390. 390
    Anonymous says:

    Sorry my mistake it was 50 rockets during the cease fire and right behind the sky news reported who dived for cover.

  391. 391
    Uncle Abe Jaffa's on line store says:

    Don’t like being used as a Hamas human shield in Gaza- buy the all new taste of “Feck Off Hamas!!” now from Uncle Abe Jaffa’s Happy Holy Land outlet.

    Remember our motto – the customer is ALWAYS right. You fire missiles at us, we’ll send them RIGHT back!!

  392. 392
    ZioNAZI Spotter says:

    Here you are, this is the reg for yopu to google:
    N105GT GA Telesis Boeing 777-2H6(ER) – cn 28416 / ln 155

  393. 393
    ZioNAZI Spotter says:

    Hello Shlomo, still here posting hatemongering and Hasbara shite then.

  394. 394
    Ockham's Razor says:

    I would refer you to mine of 4:06 pm, a short distance above.

    Why anyone should actually care about anything uttered by this Ignoramabottomus is still less explicable than the obscurant matter addressed therein.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  395. 395
    Lord Tonypansie says:

    ooh ‘ello

  396. 396
    ZioNAZI Spotter says:

    Hey, you are the ones trying to establish a racist colony and stealing land there, WTF did you expect, ZioNutter?

  397. 397
    Ockham's Razor says:

    In simplified form here:


  398. 398
    Mr Galloway says:

    Owen Jones mocks the Hamas leaders who are hiding underground as well as Meshaal who’s living in a 5-star hotel

  399. 399
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    With America and Europe in terminal decline it is essential that Britain leaves the EU immediately and gathers together the Commonwealth heads of state in a summit to which the heads of the BRICS nations should also be invited.

    Then the Commonwealth heads of states and BRICS leaders can sign a trade/financial/military pact and ensure an end to the dollar/euro/IMF/World Bank/NATO.

  400. 400
    Ockham's Razor says:

    No! You had it right at 4.7!

  401. 401
    ZioNAZI Spotter says:

    Sovietsdalami is right, if it weren’t for the Russkis, Europe would be Germany. This map shows you beyond doubt why:


  402. 402
    ZioNAZI Spotter says:

    Well no, 400 Gaza civilians V 4 members of the alleged chosen race.
    Even Ad olf was only goping to kill 10 brits for every German.

  403. 403
    EU worse than evil says:

    Blood on the hands of Rumply and commie barrosso, are your hands looking a bit stained by reflection EU tratiorface?

  404. 404
    king herod says:

    Er, have you read the history of any war anywhere in the history of mankind’s inhumanity to man? There’s been much worse than this and probably much more to come.

  405. 405
    ZioNAZI Spotter says:

    More likely the ZioLoons shot the kids and then lied about shooting at someone else.

  406. 406
    'Biggles' Farage says:

    The last time I flew over Ukraine, the only thing on the altimeter was the maker’s name!

    Came in out of the sun, skimming the tree-tops, then let with loose everything we had as the villagers scattered – pamphlets, key-rings, pens and mouse-mats were tactically deployed.

    Everything branded UKIP obviously, that’s the way to win hearts and minds and be back in Blighty in time for tiffin!

  407. 407
    ZioNAZI Spotter says:

    Why are you i9n GB then, seeing you claim your “Homeland” is Izzrael?
    I don’t blame you actually, loads of Izzies want to leave.

  408. 408
    Fight poverty now says:

    Never vote a Labour government in again. Bankrupt economies are not good for the poor.

  409. 409
    Tax Payer says:

    What is the highly paid Baroness Ashton (the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy for the European Union) doing about this?

  410. 410
    ZioNAZI Spotter says:

    Izzrael ueber alles! Heil ze glorious chosen race!
    You should hear yourselves…

  411. 411
    Officer Dibble says:

    Imagine your next-door neighbour having a yappy little dog that keeps jumping over your fence to crap in your garden.

    Eventually you have enough of this and chuck sime of the shit back over the fence, but the world sides with your neighbour and tells you to stop being agressive

  412. 412
    Troubles a Coming Mr Guido... says:

    Esther Rantzen, what a fucking bitch…


    Nonces and y!ds, time to rid the world of them all.

  413. 413
    Mussie watch says:

    The 2015 GE results are expected this week at Friday prayers.

  414. 414
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:


  415. 415
    Dreary Steeples says:

    Is there anyone left in Mexico, I though they had all moved to the US.

  416. 416
    Anonymous says:

    Was Jill Dando killed for investigating the BBC for peedo gang? Surely not? Our beloved BBC full of poofs, ponces and nonces?

    Well of course, it’s not just the BBC but the whole of arty farty land when buggery of little boys is seen as normal along with a good wedge of charlie up the nose.

  417. 417
    Viperous Old Vince says:
  418. 418
    The BBC are cunts says:

    Don’t forget the druggies here.

  419. 419
    Says the failure who fled to America says:

  420. 420
    I Don't Believe it. says:

    FFS You left your UK family.

  421. 421
    Mr Snotty says:

    Surrender monkeys history shows. Be interesting to see how they respond bearing in mind that Auntie Angela won’t want her gas cut off.

  422. 422

    Like it or not Vlad has real power, Camoron on the other hand is just a glorified head of a large county council of the EU.

  423. 423
    Troubles a Coming Mr Guido... says:

    You thick fucking mong, learn some basics before spouting your shit in public you dumb fucktard.


  424. 424
    Ed Dafty, LimpDim MP, Climate Change Chieftain says:

  425. 425
  426. 426
    Mr Snotty says:

    Fuck off banana man

  427. 427
    táxpáyér says:

    No, I don’t follow Mo’ the p43do-prophet.

  428. 428
    Viperous Old Vince says:

  429. 429
    táxpáyér says:

    I don’t have to pretend, I am. You should stop pretending to be British you filth columist ayrab.

  430. 430
    táxpáyér says:

    Out come the conspiracy theories again. You really are a nutbag. Jizlam does that do the mind.

  431. 431

    Why should the heads of government of the old commonwealth countries give a stuff about the UK after being betrayed by every UK government since the traitor Heath. For years they have been forced to apply for visas before being given the right to enter Britain, the same country that their fathers and grandfathers were willing to give their lives for, now they are forced to queue up with third world immigrants as the citizens of the countries of former enemies pass through with barely a glance at their passports, and burka wearing women waved through with a nod.

  432. 432
    táxpáyér says:

    that site makes Icke’s look sane.

  433. 433
  434. 434
    Anonymous says:

    Perhaps Clegg could cook for Putin and poison him?

  435. 435

    Nope. Hands are clean at the moment.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  436. 436
    Alta Vista says:

    err the dead ones…none!

  437. 437
    Rightie hypocrisy says:


    Just as I thought.

  438. 438
    Bore off cockstain says:

    Wouldn’t you just be happy finding out who your father is?

  439. 439
    uyn78 says:

    Spot the ZioNazi cheering the death of children.
    Hey, I bet you were really happy about 911, like quite a lot of other Izzies.
    I’m sure you’re also glad about the Hollowcost because you can pretend to be a victim.

  440. 440
    rtf6h7 says:

    Are you saying that Palestinians don’t have a right to defend themselves?

  441. 441
    rtf6h7 says:

    This is what you and your Sturmtruppen did, ZioNAZI:


  442. 442
    JC Juncker says:

    Vuck off, he is the head of the parish of britain…or somewhere small, bercow or something….you engalanders are f*ck all to do with EU unless we want your money or headless goats like that handsome Ashtoning gargoyle to put th ebreeze up Putins skirt….amyway it is late I heff another barrel to drinky bifore I turn in, tune on and drop out…..enjoy yourselves poopies

  443. 443
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    You are good.

  444. 444
    Alta Vista says:

    …err…I think you’ll find that Putin isn’t as stupid as our fuckwit “leaders”.

  445. 445
    Nick says:

    Just pressing the flesh for a new job come May 2015.

  446. 446
    fyhr67 says:

    You were killing one Palaestinian kid every three days for the last year, and that’s not even counting all the other continuous crimes., you slimy, whining, Hypocrite scum.

  447. 447
    Cardinal Biggles says:

    That was the stuff the Austrians adulterated with ethylene glycol isn’t it?

  448. 448
    Ellie-Mae says:

    why? your marriage in the dumphouse then?

  449. 449
    Ziospotter says:

    Actually, I’m atheist. You are the Crackpot who thinks an invisible sky pixie chose you as the master race. It’s there in the Talmud for everyone to see.

  450. 450
    Di Ann Fatbutt says:

    I could be on a cookery program, I could be a tasting judge….please, please, oh please, oh please,oh please,oh please,oh please,oh please,oh please,oh please,oh please,oh please,oh please,oh please,oh please,oh please,me, me me me me me em eme me em eme me meem em em eme em efoood food food ffod fffffffffffffffffoooooooooooooooooooooooooooodddddd

  451. 451
    Ellie-Mae says:

    We’re going to do baby eels (elvers to the educated)…you up for this Mr slipperyfuck Clegg?

  452. 452
    Ziospotter says:

    No, chummie, you are an Izzreal firsterwho only gives a sh1t about Britain as far as it can beduped to advance Jizzrael.

  453. 453
    George Gobaway ( ex Libor MP ) says:
  454. 454
    KWilliams says:

    Ooh hello, my names Jules and this is my friend Tonypandy

  455. 455
    PlaneSpotter says:

    Here is the plane’s registration number for you to google:
    N105GT GA Telesis Boeing 777-2H6(ER) – cn 28416 / ln 155

  456. 456
    PlaneSpotter says:

    It looks identical to the crashed one.
    Here you are, this is the Plane’s reg for you to google:
    N105GT GA Telesis Boeing 777-2H6(ER) – cn 28416 / ln 155

  457. 457
    Professor Green says:

    Yes, Russians have never ever done that to women have they?

  458. 458
    ZioSpotter says:

    Oh look, comment thread 62 is full of frothing Hasbara slime!

  459. 459
    ZioSpotter says:

    Well no, they don’t go around stealing land and claiming to be the chosen race.

  460. 460
    FFFs says:

    How dare you insult Ed Milliband’s party, you anti-semite.

  461. 461
    Burn Baby Burn says:

  462. 462
    Vikings and Muslims Have a Lot In Common says:

    This Stockholm Syndrome is out of control!

  463. 463
    FFFs says:

    Yearight, who would be stupid enough to borrow money from the chosen ones to go and fight their enemies? Oh, hang on…

  464. 464
    Simpy the Best says:

    And that is EXACTLY what is happening.

  465. 465
    FFFs says:

    Oy Vey, go Shlomos! You’re realling piling on the Hasbara today!

  466. 466
    Fucking Hell says:

  467. 467
    Viperous Old Vince says:


  468. 468
    How Old ? says:

    Somewhat desperate to include anyone over 13- yes thirteen years old- as eligable to vote.

  469. 469
    Great British Public says:

    Nip over to Iraq and start without us. We’ll follow shortly. Honest.

  470. 470
    Mark Regev says:

    Ignored by the MSM, here we see the reality of Hamas’ relentless rocket campaign against Israel.


  471. 471
    White heterosexual hardworking taxpaying male says:

    Why must my people suffer?

  472. 472
    Mr Galloway says:

    A Muslim man on the train asked me “Are you going to occupy this train too?” I responded “If you fire rockets on this train, absolutely”

  473. 473
    Somehow I doubt you lot will leave Britain though. says:

  474. 474
    Handycock (Teen Fondler) MP says:

    I think it is outrageous that honourable members have been shagging little boys. What is wrong with little girls for god’s sake? Boaz.

  475. 475
    He ain't going, voluntarily says:

    Do they pay benefits, hand out free housing and provide human rights lawyers in this Muslim Land?

    Until they do I guess we are stuck with you, unless Dave grows some balls and transports you there.

  476. 476
    Bore off cockstain says:

    When did this site become a comment forum for brain dead, racist, fairy worshipping retards?

    Just fuck off and take your bullshite with you.

  477. 477
    anjem choudary says:

    Brothers carry out jihad as I say, not as I do.

  478. 478
    MP says:

  479. 479
    Banana Republic says:

    You are welcome here David Miliband.

  480. 480
    nell says:

    who are nickymorgan and owen paterson I’ve never heard of them!

  481. 481
    Bore off cockstain says:

    I hear the CIA shot you 18 times in the head. Unsurprisingly they missed your fucking tiny brain.

    Just fuck off and die you utter c’unt.

  482. 482
    nell says:

    No they are terrorists who use Islam as an excuse for their extremist violence. True islamists like true christians decry violence and advocate the pursuit of p e a ce .

  483. 483
    nell says:

    Oh come on = God would have felt awkward with Juncker – this man drinks brandy for breakfast!!

  484. 484
    Cardinal Biggles says:

    You’re a really great ambassador for ‘Cameron’s Conservatives’, aren’t you, Anonymous?

    After your esteemed leader has spent most of his time insulting and denigrating me, a former Conservative voter, you come along and hope that I burn in hell because I won’t vote for the self proclaimed ‘heir to Blair’.

    Cameron, the man who wanted us to support the rag tag islamist fanatics in Syria – currently killing Christians and destroying their churches from Aleppo to Mosul. The man who borrows ever more money to send to various murderous dictators in the third world as well as fund Indian and Chinese space programmes, so called ‘international aid’. He keeps the borders wide open, so as to ‘enrich’ our culture with gun and knife toting, khat chomping denizens from the dark continent as well as criminals, that can never be deported, from all over central and eastern Europe. The man whose government is busily tearing up Magna Carta by allowing HMRC to raid my bank account at will without any legal safeguards.

    Why on earth would any sane, native born, and horrendously white, Englishman vote for ‘Cameron’s Conservatives’?

  485. 485
    Y says:

  486. 486
    Anonymous says:

    MI5 controlled idiot, move along nothing to see, I do wonder what his friends would think if they knew he was a supergrass.

  487. 487
    nell says:

    Yes indeed you send young men who would have had a great future&been a gt source of pride to their families to fight in worthless conflicts instead whilst you live on UK benefits!

  488. 488
    concrete pump says:

    Is there something you should tell us Benn..?

    You don’t have to you know, obviously.

    Whenever’s good for you…

  489. 489
    Fuckwit watch says:

    They’re your parents nell!

  490. 490
    Massa Race says:

    The Chosen People moved to Palestine because they got tired if being subjected to mass murder when they lived in EUROPE.

  491. 491
    nell says:

    Oh Dear!!

  492. 492
    Oh nice says:

    Vote for the party of Dave and get Labour.

  493. 493
    nell says:

    Err Nope! I can trace my family history back at least 500 years in the Fens and Norfolk- I’m absolutely sure neither of them are on my Family Tree whoever they are!!

  494. 494
    Selfie says:

    So many ivory towered Westminster pedos MPs will be so jealous of Ed.

  495. 495
    nell says:

    well let’s face it she can’t be any worse than bliar!!!

  496. 496
    A Muzzie says:

    We is the religion of p’eace init.

  497. 497
    Strange but true! says:

    Update – According to reports from plane-spotters, Israel has an identical
    March 26, 2014

    Identical Airplane Like Flight MH370 Stored in Israel?


    Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200 in storage in Tel Aviv since November 2013.
    The only visible difference between the missing plane and the one in Tel Aviv would be its serial number. What do the Israelis have planned with the twin Malaysia Airlines plane?

    By using the twin aircraft they have in storage, the terror masterminds may have a sinister plan for the missing plane to seemingly reappear in a false-flag atrocity. Public awareness of the twin plane in Tel Aviv, therefore, could prevent the evil plot from going ahead.

  498. 498
    Massa Race says:

    Mass murdered in Europe now only bad mouthed by Europe . Makes a difference to have your own country however you come by it. .

  499. 499

    Vote UKIP :-D

  500. 500
    Better than Gay Dave says:

  501. 501
    People from Peterborough are inbred says:

    I think you may be out of your tree nell.

    For how many years have your family been potato pickers…since before Sir Walter Raleigh?

  502. 502

    Vote UKIP :-D

  503. 503
    Massa Race says:

    Mugabe was regarded as quite OK despite the corruption and human rights abuses taking place in Zimbabwe under his government right up until he said that gays were ‘ lower than dogs and pigs’ .

  504. 504

    Vote UKIP :-D

  505. 505
    Cardinal Biggles says:

    All those rockets, 1780 you say, don’t seem to have done too much damage. Perhaps Hams Я Us should go back to their supplier and demand a refund.

  506. 506

    Vote UKIP :-D

  507. 507

    Vote UKIP :-D

  508. 508
    EU moniroring unit. says:

    Well done Agent EU Funded Pro EU Troll

  509. 509
    F##k the LibLabCon says:

    I have it on good authority that they picked turnips and not these newfangled potatoes from the new world. They have eyes you know, the devils work if ever I’d seen it.

  510. 510
    F##k the LibLabCon says:

    He’s becoming rather tiresome, even for me.

  511. 511
    They can't win says:

    Can’t please the hysterical press.

    The air crash inspectors spent 3 days in Kiev so bodies which are not supposed to be moved until the inspectors arrive were starting to rot and the press said this was evil. So the bodies were put in bags, the press said this was evil. Still no crash inspectors so a refrigerated train was brought in and becomes a morgue, the press says this is evil.

  512. 512
    Falseflags-R-Us says:


    Vote anti-zi*nist :)

  513. 513
    R. Youshore says:

    Tinfoil alert.

  514. 514
    Falseflags-R-Us says:

    Lesson of the tragedy…don’t fly cheap with Malaysian/KLM airlines. Fly with an airline that your elites are likely to travel with i.e. British Airways.

  515. 515
    Frank says:

    Monsieur Francois Hollande (to you The Froggy President) might marry Madame Julie Gayet (a mistress) on August 12 – his 60 birthday.

    What happens next?

  516. 516
    F##k the LibLabCon says:

    Oh yes British Airways, that’s the carrier that doesn’t fly over war zones isn’t it?

  517. 517
    Cardinal Biggles says:

    Absolutely wrong.

    Right from the outset, Islam has been a religion of conquest. Their book, the Koran, makes that plain.

  518. 518
    Oscar Wilde says:

    To lose one plane may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both looks like carelessness.

  519. 519
    Falseflags-R-Us says:

    But the Russian oligarchy secretly fund the Tory party!

    But, shhh…don’t repeat that too loudly please!

    Vote anti-zi*nist :)

  520. 520
    Tony Blair war criminal says:

    Didn’t they have damning evidence of Saddams WMD including pictures. What a crock of shit that turned out to be

  521. 521
    Bloomers in rain-soaked Bongo Bongo Land says:

    Don’t be daft.

  522. 522
    Kermit says:

    Baby frogs… Probably retarded ones

  523. 523
    You need a holiday says:

    Planet Zog is still next door, serial numbers mean fckall, the components that go into a plane are all marked and dated and the components that make components are also dated, all kit has it’s marks and revisions and if the plane was next in the build line or further along the build line, with on time delivery would always be different, antenna’s can be different, what next they used the Titanic’s propellers on the aircraft.

  524. 524
    Falseflags-R-Us says:

    See post #497

  525. 525
    Chuka Umunna, Blairite says:

  526. 526
    Cardinal Biggles says:

    Personally, I think he, or is it they, is (are) operating out of Langley Va.

  527. 527
    Falseflags-R-Us says:


  528. 528
    PCR says:

    Washington’s propaganda machine is in such high gear that we are in danger of losing
    the facts that we do have.

    One fact is that the separatists do not have the expensive Buk anti-aircraft missile system or the trained personnel to operate it.

    Another fact is that the separatists have no incentive to shoot down an airliner and neither does Russia. Anyone can tell the difference between low-flying attack aircraft and an airliner at 33,000 feet.

    The Ukrainians do have Buk anti-aircraft missile systems, and a Buk battery was operational in the region and deployed at a site from which it could have fired a missile at the airliner.

    Just as the separatists and the Russian government have no incentive to shoot down an airliner, neither does the Ukrainian government nor, one would think, even the crazed extreme Ukrainian nationalists who have formed militias to take the fight against the separatists that the Ukrainian army is not keen to undertake–unless there was a plan to frame Russia.

  529. 529
    PCR says:

    One Russian general familiar with the weapon system offered his opinion that it was a mistake made by the Ukrainian military untrained in the weapon’s use. The general said that although Ukraine has a few of the weapons, Ukrainians have had no training in their use in the 23 years since Ukraine separated from Russia. The general thinks it was an accident due to incompetence.

    This explanation makes a certain amount of sense and far more sense than Washington’s propaganda. The problem with the general’s explanation is that it does not explain why the Buk anti-aircraft missile system was deployed near or in a separatist territory. The separatists have no aircraft. It seems odd for Ukraine to have an expensive missile system in an area in which it is of no military use and where the position could be overrun and captured by separatists.

    As Washington, Kiev, and the presstitute media are committed to the propaganda that Putin did it, we are not going to get any reliable information from the US media. We will have to figure it out for ourselves.

  530. 530
    PCR says:

    One way to begin is to ask: Why was the missile system where it was? Why risk an expensive missile system by deploying it in a conflict environment in which it is of no use? Incompetence is one answer, and another is that the missile system did have an intended use.

    What intended use? News reports and circumstantial evidence provide two answers. One is that the ultra-nationalist extremists intended to bring down Putin’s presidential airliner and confused the Malaysian airliner with the Russian airliner.

    The Interfax news agency citing anonymous sources, apparently air traffic controllers, reported that the Malaysian airliner and Putin’s airliner were traveling almost the identical route within a few minutes of one another. Interfax quotes its source: “I can say that Putin’s plane and the Malaysian Boeing intersected at the same point and the same echelon. That was close to Warsaw on 330-m echelon at the height of 10,100 meters. The presidential jet was there at 16:21 Moscow time and the Malaysian aircraft at 15:44 Moscow time. The contours of the aircrafts are similar, linear dimensions are also very similar, as for the coloring, at a quite remote distance they are almost identical.”

  531. 531
    PCR says:

    I have not seen an official Russian denial, but according to news reports, the Russian government in response to the Interfax news report said that Putin’s presidential plane no longer flies the Ukraine route since the outbreak of hostilities.

    Before we take the denial at face value, we need to be aware that the implication that Ukraine attempted to assassinate the president of Russia implies war, which Russia wants to avoid. It also implies Washington’s complicity as it is highly unlikely that Washington’s puppet in Kiev would risk such a dangerous act without Washington’s backing. The Russian government, being intelligent and rational, would obviously deny reports of an attempted assassination of the Russian president by Washington and its Kiev puppet. Otherwise, Russia has to do something about it, and that means war.

    The second explanation is that the extremists who operate outside the official Ukrainian military, hatched a plot to down an airliner in order to cast the blame on Russia. If such a plot occurred, it likely originated with the CIA or some operative arm of Washington and was intended to force the EU to cease resisting Washington’s sanctions against Russia and to break off Europe’s valuable economic relationships with Russia. Washington is frustrated that its sanctions are unilateral, unsupported by its NATO puppets or any other countries in the world except possibly the lap-dog British PM.

  532. 532
    Shtscum says:

    Given Labour have always be in support of a united Ireland, they were never interested in keeping the UK family together,,ever.
    Fucking Hunts

  533. 533
    Lettuce be Friends says:

  534. 534
    PCR says:

    The evidence that Putin did it is a video made prior to the attack on the airliner. The entire BBC report aired over National Public Radio was orchestrated for the sole purpose of establishing prior to any evidence that Russia was responsible.

    Indeed the entire Western media spoke as one: Russia did it. And the presstitutes are still speaking the same way.

    Possibly, this uniform opinion merely reflects the pavlovian training of the Western media to automatically line up with Washington. No media source wants to be subject to criticism for being unamerican or to find itself isolated by majority opinion, which carries the day, and earn black marks for being wrong. As a former journalist for, and contributor to, America’s most important news publications, I know how this works.

    On the other hand, if we discount the pavlovian conditioning, the only conclusion is that the entire news cycle pertaining to the downing of the Malaysian airliner is orchestrated in order to lay the blame on Putin.

  535. 535
    PCR says:

    Romesh Ratnesar, deputy editor of Bloomberg Businessweek, provides convincing evidence for orchestration in his own remarks of July 17. http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2014-07-17/the-malaysia-airlines-shootdown-spells-disaster-for-putin?campaign_id=DN071814 Ratnesar’s opinion title is: “The Malaysia Airlines Shootdown Spells Disaster for Putin.” Ratnesar does not mean that Putin is being framed-up. He means that prior to Putin having the Malaysian airliner shot down, “to the vast majority of Americans, Russia’s meddling in Ukraine has largely seemed of peripheral importance to U.S. interests. That calculus has changed. . . . It may take months, even years, but Putin’s recklessness is bound to catch up to him. When it does, the downing of MH 17 may be seen as the beginning of his undoing.”

    As a former Wall Street Journal editor, anyone who handed me a piece of shit like Ratnesar published would have been fired. Look at the insinuations when there is no evidence to support them. Look at the lie that Washington’s coup is “Russia’s meddling in Ukraine.” What we are witnessing is the total corruption of Western journalism by Washington’s imperial agenda. Journalists have to get on board with the lies or get run over.

  536. 536
    PCR says:

    Look around for still honest journalists. Who are they? Glenn Greenwald, who is under constant attack by his fellow journalists, all of whom are whores. Who else can you think of? Julian Assange, locked away in the Ecuadoran Embassy in London on Washington’s orders. The British puppet government won’t permit free transit to Assange to take up his asylum in Ecuador. The last country that did this was the Soviet Union, which required its Hungarian puppet to keep Cardinal Mindszenty interred in the US Embassy in Budapest for 15 years from 1956 until 1971. Mindszenty was granted political asylum by the United States, but Hungary, on Soviet orders, would not honor his asylum, just as Washington’s British puppet, on Washington’s orders, will not honor Assange’s asylum.

    If we are honest and have the strength to face reality, we will realize that the Soviet Union did not collapse. It simply moved, along with Mao and Pol Pot, to Washington and London.

    The flaw in Putin’s diplomacy is that Putin’s diplomacy relies on good will and on truth prevailing. However, the West has no good will, and Washington is not interested in truth prevailing but in Washington prevailing. What Putin confronts is not reasonable “partners,” but a propaganda ministry aimed at him.

    I understand Putin’s strategy, which contrasts Russian reasonableness with Washington’s threats, but it is a risky bet. Europe has long been a part of Washington, and there are no Europeans in power who have the vision needed to separate Europe from Washington. Moreover, European leaders are paid large sums of money to serve Washington. One year out of office and Tony Blair was worth $50 million dollars.

  537. 537
    táxpáyér says:

    duAl telegraph not duel

  538. 538
    táxpáyér says:

    Since they started using them to target isrreali civilians I think they’ve forfeited that right. Also it’s not a country no.
    Also it’s obvious from the tunnelling that hamas is a mass terrorist organisation invading Isrreal.

    http://www.PizzaIDF.org you can keep a jihadi killer fighting.

  539. 539
    táxpáyér says:

    My homeland is the U.K. where p43do prophet worshippers should be booted out from.

    I support Isrreal as it’s doing sterling work in disinfecting the middle east.

  540. 540
    táxpáyér says:

    So you are an dirty-ayrab (tautology)

  541. 541

    R’ossiya S’pringtime: To be or not to be ?

    Vote UKIP :-D

  542. 542
    táxpáyér says:

    I’m an atheist You support a religious cancer called jizlam so pleased don’t be shocked if i call you a liar.

  543. 543
    táxpáyér says:

    No change, the Palestinazis never learn from history. That’s why they got booted out of Jordan.

  544. 544

    .@johnmcternan expertly illustrates how Labour left the UK in an immeasurably better state than we found it in ’97

    There is no hope.if this lot get back in we are doomed.

  545. 545
    Jimmy says:

    “I understand Putin’s strategy,”

    Well yes, but that’s because you’re both fucking nutters.

  546. 546
    PCR says:


    That’s been at the back of my mind for some time, but I’ve been too blinded to post it!

    He/she/they seem to apply the Wolfowitz Doctrine in every post which states:

    “Our first objective is to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival, either on the territory of the former Soviet Union or elsewhere, that poses a threat on the order of that posed formerly by the Soviet Union. This is a dominant consideration underlying the new regional defense strategy and requires that we endeavor to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power.”

    As T May often states…”Yankee, go home!”

  547. 547
    Jimmy says:

    Spponface has today said that shooting down airliners is “unacceptable”.

    Boy is Putin in trouble now.

  548. 548
    Tachybaptus says:

    Well, obviously Cameron couldn’t trouble a hamster. But Putin may be in trouble. Even if it is eventually shown that he is not responsible — and the argument about this will probably go on as long as the one about the Katyń massacre — there is an organised campaign by the west to pin the blame on him. Putin may be a strongman, but he is riding a very small horse, and it is a one-trick pony: gas supply. The Europeans are vulnerable at the moment, but fracking will bring an end to that. Whatever happens, being held in universal opprobrium will not be good for his shaky nation.

  549. 549

    Cameron is hung like a hamster.

    But spot on with P’utin. However, even though he may have jumped the public opinion shark never forget: Honey Badger don’t care.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  550. 550

    Oh – P’utin is a two trick pony – never forget R’osneft.

    Interesting how with all the extra tension – which P’utin would like – price of oil is not really going up. P’utin must be very angry about that.

    Possible cui bono for shooting down the plane also – putting oil up to cover his costs.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  551. 551
    Middle Aged Man says:

    If they were mine I’d be asking Mrs MAM why they are “bownings”

  552. 552
    Diane Abbott says:

    *NOT* Waaaacist.

  553. 553
    albacore says:

    Now then, don’t fret your little head about
    Who it was that took that airliner out
    With leaders like comrades Dave, Nick and Ed
    You know you can sleep easy in your bed
    Dreaming dreams of how they’re enriching you
    Like, with immigration and the E U


  554. 554

    Irish name pronounced how it’s written
    NEW Irish employee Kyla Burns has surprised her colleagues by revealing there are no hidden letters in her name.

    Admitted to being a member of B*Witched
    Staff at London-based accountants Madeley-Finnegan greeted her warmly, but became visibly nervous when the time came to add her name to the tea and coffee rota.

    Colleague Nathan Muir said: “She seemed nice and very genuine, but we got burned last month when Aisling Kelley visited from the Dublin office.

    “I’m not accusing every Irish person of smuggling a few extra letters in their name, but that’s exactly how they get away with it.

    “So you can imagine our relief when Kyla spelled her name and every single letter could be accounted for – like a proper name.

    “After that she really bonded with the rest of the team, apart from being a little offended with our incorrect use of the word ‘crack’.”

    Meanwhile, a name badge reading ‘Kaieyloagh Ní Byrnes’ was thrown in the bin moments before Kyla was taken on a tour of the office.

    Irish names have been a constant source of irritation to the English since the 19th century, when many Irish families started hoarding extra letters in case of a shortage.

  555. 555
    Dave Spart says:

    Think you mean the third son but never mind, the usual ad hominen sneer wasn’t lost.

  556. 556
    Dave Spart says:

    How do you know what he thinks? Don’t let your prejudices consume you. It would make you an unpleasant person.

  557. 557
    Oxymoron-spotter says:

    “US intelligence”

  558. 558
    N E Oldiron says:

    Time she got a real job and stopped sucking off the taxpayers’ tits.

    Now, where do you think we can find anyone daft enough to actually employ her? Mind you, with all the millions she has stashed away over the past 5 years she probably doesn’t need the money.

  559. 559
    N E Oldiron says:

    With his record in office, it is probably much safer to keep him as far away as possible from anything important.

  560. 560
    Dave Spart says:

    If it is missing then by definition it is not evidence. Simples.

  561. 561
    N E Oldiron says:

    You have to “work” for the EU to be able to afford that little luxury – unlike me who has to (really) work for about 3 hours to even begin to get close to even reading the labels.

  562. 562
    Dave Spart says:

    Not just fracking but other gas pipelines in the ..er.. pipeline.

  563. 563
    Dave Spart says:

    Can any comrade identify the watch he’s wearing?

  564. 564
    N E Oldiron says:

    Pretty pictures, but surely the article at bottom right is far more important that some Irish kid knocking a golf ball about for a day or two?

  565. 565
    N E Oldiron says:

    Nice of big moth Cameroooon to give the Ruskies 36 hours to get all their loot out of UK banks.

    Something smells so fucking fishy round here it is getting to be like Billingsgate Market or the quayside at Grimsby.

  566. 566
    N E Oldiron says:

    * big mouth – obviously!

  567. 567
    N E Oldiron says:

    Chucky proves he really is as green as he is cabbage (or lettuce if you prefer) looking.

  568. 568
    N E Old Irish iron says:

    Dun Laoghaire – didn’t he used to be a footballer or manager of Aston Villa or somebody?

  569. 569
    non taxable pikey says:

    The English use words like a pauper, the Irish like drunks at a Wake.

  570. 570
  571. 571
    Say no to tinfoil says:

    Oh fuck off.

  572. 572
    Hard to say says:

    Which has the greater brainpower – Chuka or the lettuce?

  573. 573
    Say no to tinfoil says:

    Started off in a well reasoned fashion and then went all tinfoil

  574. 574
    Anonymous says:

    Not if like the whicker man ritual or burning man festival it propitiates the higher gods common good.

  575. 575
    Victoria Nuland and Ann Applebaum says:

    ET, very little is as certain as you seem to want it to be. There is new tech about which allows a fighter plane to scramble its military electronic and radar id and, when deemed necessary, electronically affix it to another plane – such as a civil airliner. This is just an extension of the old game of camo and decoy. Your video proves nothing, and your assertions are just assertions. There are still many, many doubts.

  576. 576
    Anonymous says:

    As is the art of finding the right woman like trying to find The Lost Ark of The Covenant.

    Indiana Jones found it and he copped for a nice lady.

    If I try to find the original ‘ missing ‘ Malaysian plane perhaps the ladies will flock to me like like John Kerry to a crisis?

    Nice to see barack Obamas not dead though or has been keptin a cupboard.

    p.s. If any ladies are available on her please let me know as I need to seek the approval of my overbearing mother.

    Normna Bates.

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