July 19th, 2014

Saturday Seven Up

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You’re either in front of Guido, or behind…


  1. 1
    non taxable pikey says:

    30 year old ferry soon to be replaced, upper car deck collapses and injures 4 people. Philippines? No, the PileofShite ferry out of Fishbourne, welcome to the 3rd World.

  2. 2
    Dave Spart says:

    Worse things happen at sea.

  3. 3
    Rob Roy says:

    This is Westminster in action.

    Billions spent on non operational aircraft carriers which even if operational would be 20 years behind the times.

  4. 4

    Have there been any arrests about this yet?

  5. 5
    Lunacy says:

    Be proud of the billions of borrowed money we send to Islamic shitholes in so called international aid

  6. 6
    non taxable pikey says:

    Talking of Islamic shitholes, this is nasty.

    Kirkuk (Iraq) .. France Press

    “In the evening of the deadline given to them by ISIS, the Christians of Mosul leave their homeland towards Dohuk and Erbil in the Kurdish region according to the Chaldean Patriarch in Iraq and the world, Louis Sako. He said:” this is the first time in the history that Mosul is emptied of Christians” .. He added:” The city of Mosul contains 30 churches some of which goes back to 1500 years, and this happened when ISIS has distributed since nearly a month posts that instructs all the Christians to leave the city.

    The statement frankly called on the Christians to convert to Islam or pay (Jizya) without specifying its ceiling, otherwise they have to depart. the statement also allowed them to take their personal luggage only as their homes have become the property of the Islamic State”.

    According to some eyewitnesses, the mosques loudspeakers instructed the Christians yesterday (Friday) to leave and anybody who will refrain will be filtered out.”

    filtered out, now that is a nasty phrase.

  7. 7
    Where is the toppled President of Ukraine says:

    Where us Kay Burley when you really need her?

  8. 8
    Malcolm Muggeridge says:

    A City without Christians you say.

  9. 9
    Rolf Harris says:

    Could someone please clarify the position regarding Christian prisoners in the jails of Mosul?

  10. 10
    UKIP: Hacking at the roots with the truth says:

    Don’t worry for only £70 billion (yes 70 billion [and counting]) you will be able to get from London to Birmingham fifteen minuets quicker nearly always than you do now.

    Oh I know there will be years of disruption, loss of quality of life for many and everything, but the people’s EU want to be able to link up Europe and beyond by a High Speed rail network – I suspect pretty much for the same reasons as the Romans built their European road networks – and ‘our’ leaders want to help them.

  11. 11
    The BBC says:


  12. 12
    Spartacus says:

    Mosul is not in the World Cup Football jolly circuit and not been shot down. Therefore it does not exist for the BBC.

    And now the Royal Baby

  13. 13
    albacore says:

    Well, Dave is – as proud as he can be
    He made aid a top priority
    That plus gay weddings and sod all else
    Apart from P R whistles and bells

  14. 14
    An Op Tomist says:

    Who wants to go by train though? Sitting beside a great unwashed loud mouthed lefty with homosexual tendencies while travelling faster than a bullet along a track that has just been robbed by the pikeys and over a bridge about to be blown up by a jihadist vegetarian schoolteacher and paying seven hundred pounds 20 p for a one way ticket.

  15. 15
    non taxable pikey says:

    Well she is a Sky News Anchor.

  16. 16
    Family Values. says:

    That should teach him,a right proper slap on the wrist..


  17. 17
    Family Values. says:

    or maybe not…

  18. 18
    It don't make no sense. says:

    But why?

    Why should I get a bus to my local station, get a train up to Brum, Get the HS train from Brum to Smoke which actually goes by my house, get a tube to where I am going and finish the journey in a taxi. When I could have just got in my car and done the journey in a quarter of the time and at a fraction of the cost in comfort?

    Does the government think everyone lives in the middle of Brum?

  19. 19
    lefty on the BBC says:

    I am proud, very proud that you have donated 0.7% of my GDP to help my good causes and satisfy my noble conscience.

  20. 20

    As someone said a while ago it would be cheaper to rebuild Birmingham 10 miles closer to London

  21. 21
    Owen Jones says:

    BBC Health News ….. Playing a Saxophone while making love doggy style, can lead to Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease… Stay Safe BBC

  22. 22
    W says:

    Will ISIS refer to where they send them as a ghetto?

  23. 23
    Room 101 says:

    Is HS2 still happening or has it gone in the same bin that the Big Society and the cast iron guarantee went in?

  24. 24
    Family Values. says:

    Strange,the BBC appear to have missed this one?

  25. 25
    Sky News HQ says:

    She’s an anchor all right. An anchor around all our necks.

  26. 26
    Ockham's Razor says:


  27. 27
    non taxable pikey says:

    The joys of diversity.

  28. 28
    Geography Lessun says:


  29. 29
    Call me Dave says:

    Morning folks.

    Lovely day for more enrichment.

  30. 30
    E W Swanton says:

    What a tragic waste of a cricket bat.

  31. 31
    Nick Clegg says:

    I blame the teachings of traditional Christian values in our schools. Well the discussion about introducing it anyway.

    Cant stop and chat as I’m just off to the Post Office to pay my Jizya before I get beheaded for late payment.

  32. 32
    albacore says:

    You ever wonder who really won the Cold War?
    The communists now have all they ever wished for:
    Fellow-travelling Parliaments, such as we’ve got
    E U, immigration and the rest of the rot

  33. 33
    Birmingham is a third-world Muslim cesspit says:

    Not only “who wants to go by train” but “who the fuck wants to go to Birmingham? “

  34. 34
    keats says:

    A cricket bat is a thing of beauty.

  35. 35
    David Cameron says:

    I think I may have to make another speech to appease people.

  36. 36
    Nanny State knows best says:

    We should ban cricket.

  37. 37
    Dave Spart says:

    Dobra utra

  38. 38
    Birmingham is a third-world Muslim cesspit says:

    After a short item celebrating diversity.

  39. 39
    Hoots! It's Clown says:

    I’m a big supporter of assisted dying, especially for bigoted wimmins

  40. 40
    D G Boycott says:

    I would never be seen without a well oiled cricket bat near to me.

    A forward prod is just not the same without a bat in you hands.

    Those magistrates just dont understand.

  41. 41
    I just give up. says:

    I thought this was the first thing conquerors did in conquered lands make sure their lines of communication are up to date so they can move their invisible armies Glegg says the EU doesn’t have about.

  42. 42
    Birmingham is a third-world Muslim cesspit says:

    Start it with the words, “I have decided to resign because..”

  43. 43
    A monkey found hanging in Hartlepool says:

    What exactly has this cricket bat done wrong?

  44. 44
    ISIUK says:


  45. 45
    Malaysian Airlines check-in staff says:

    Are you feeling lucky, punk?

  46. 46
    I just give up. says:

    Here is today’s news, Putin, plane, bodies with no tape around them, Putin, Russia, Obambi, Putin, MH17, Ukraine, searching, Russia, war zone, Putin, luggage in small piles, Ukraine, Russia, Prince George’s 1st birthday, give us your money for these dying children for the next 6mins, Russia, Putin, concern, trampling all over,Putin, Moscow, Putin, Russia. tv off button

  47. 47
    Sam Cam says:

    Daddy says the interest on our interest makes us millions!

  48. 48
    Ockham's Razor says:

    Kako ste?

  49. 49
    ned ludd says:

    You sad bastard.

  50. 50
    noix says:

    All thought up by a bunch of CEO’s of multinationals at a round table meeting in Dublin during the 90’s and adopted by the EU.

  51. 51
    William Vague says:

    We must start negotiations with the moderate Buk surface-to-air missiles

  52. 52
    Islamabad Annex says:

  53. 53
    Sky Hacks says:

    There is always an up side. It gets her out of the office and gives us a break from her whining.

  54. 54
    Ed Moribund says:

    Ed Miliband at the policy forum, later today.

    There can be no return to labour’s insane spending addiction.

    When I am prime Minister we will dial the Labour’s party spending habit back from “Nation destroying” to a more manageable “Totally out of control” level.

    {audience boos loudly.Len McCluskey prepares cuts to his funding of the Labour party. Rumours of Miliband being deposed circulate in lefty press.)

  55. 55

    They might be your leaders , they are certainly not mine.

  56. 56
    Neville Chamberlain says:

    Appeasement doesn’t work.
    trust me on this. I gave it a really good go, but it just encourages aggression.

  57. 57
    Tory grandee says:

    Will I be remembered as a rampant or as a predatory ho mosexual?

  58. 58
    BBC Red Bottom says:

    What news were you hoping for? We can’t run Nigel Farage is a Nazi 24 hours you know?

  59. 59
    BA, All US planes, Qantas,China Airlines etc avoided so why didn't all? says:

  60. 60
    Ockham's Razor says:

    In 20 or 30 years time from now, there will be the most enormous scandal in whatever remnant of the UK still exists.

    They will look back at this week and wonder how headlines like ‘Historic moment’ as UK peers debate right-to-die bill did not set off deafening alarm bells in people’s minds. It will be an even bigger fuck up than the Jimmy Savile débâcle.

    Set your watch now.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  61. 61
    Denier_Supplier says:

    Most Buk’s are peaceful, law abiding, moderate weapons.

  62. 62
    Toxic Labour for Spongers, Scroungers, Parasites, Criminals, Layabouts & other Wasters says:

    Get ready for the new Labour rain and snow Tax. As they can’t afford their new extravagance they will tax everything in the future.

  63. 63
    Vladimir Putin, mass-murderer and gay icon, says:

    I send big missile up your bum-hole. You like that, da?

  64. 64
    Herr Junckers says:

    All High Speed railway lines lead to Brussels.

  65. 65
    Toxic Labour for Spongers, Scroungers, Parasites, Criminals, Layabouts & other Wasters says:

    Anyone that wants to claim on our tax.

  66. 66
    Ockham's Razor says:

    Sharia law will find her guilty of being dressed inappropriately and without a burqa at such time when all women should be indoors. She will be sentenced to 100 lashings in public.

  67. 67
    UKIP: Hacking at the roots with the truth says:

    I did use the old exclamation marks thingy on ‘our’.

  68. 68

    Five Burton on Trent “men”.

  69. 69
    Jeville Granner says:

    When will the persecution of G_d’s false flag perpetrators, child rapists and mass murderers ever end?!

  70. 70
    UKIP: Hacking at the roots with the truth says:

    Hot and backward countries all.

  71. 71
    Vladimir Putin, mass-murderer and gay icon, says:

    Da. Russian surface to air missile is thing of beauty, unlike warmongering corpses of imperialist western tourists that rain down on mother Russia, I mean, rain down on autonomous Russian-speaking region of Ukraine, defiling her.

  72. 72

    Three Charlton “men”?

  73. 73
    Ockham's Razor says:

    They are so easy to set off accidentally too!

    I sneezed near one once and the entire city of Novosibirsk was wiped off the map.

  74. 74
    I can't believe she's not saved the world yet says:

    Butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.

  75. 75
    Ockham's Razor says:

    Er, missed off New York City there.

  76. 76
    non taxable pikey says:

    But Nanny, I thought you liked hard balls.

  77. 77
    Propaganda 1...truth 0 says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Whoever shot the plane down should be a side story and those shouting loudest are making political capital out of it.

    It was a war zone and you don’t fly civilian aircraft through war zones, especially ones where two aircraft a DAY are being shot down. And that is the real story.

    BA, all US airlines, Qantas and most major airlines with the notable exception of Lufthansa had barred their aircraft from the area. So why did a small but significant number still go through? I hope it wasn’t the EU trying to make a point in their support of Ukraine v Russia.

  78. 78
  79. 79
    non taxable pikey says:

    No loss to the world.

  80. 80
    Moggy Dish U says:

    And Tower Hamlets.

  81. 81

    I see now, but the inverted commas would have been better placed on the word

  82. 82
    Pookie Snackumberger says:

    “Umber Farrouq, 18, held the view that his sister Shagufta’s wedding ‘disrespected their culture’, Burton magistrates were told.”

    See that word ‘their’ he used in that sentance.

  83. 83
    Gazza says:

    I’ve been stoned hundreds of times. Quite enjoyable ’till you pass out.

  84. 84
    I just give up. says:

    Solyent Green coming to a town near you, first step get rid of the ones who want to go, then everybody who is over 35 years of age.

  85. 85
    The Great EU Vanity Project says:

    If the HS2 is supposed to be for leaders of business and the EU, then why don’t they conference call instead? Failing that then a zil lane on the M40 would be a lot cheaper.

  86. 86
    Vince er er Cable says:

    Who are you?

  87. 87
    Bless you says:

    I think you will find it didn’t explode

  88. 88
    Albert's chainsaw sharpeners says:

    And away from Brussels, when the next EU dictator decides Brussels is to far away from where he lives in Austria or Lithuania, he just orders a new line and EU parliament built, after all he has the keys and access freely given to him to all the money and jewels and art in the 20 odd countries exchequers ,

  89. 89
    The other side says:

    The picture all the papers are showing of the “Russian separatist” fighter holding a child’s toy in the air above the wreckage, which they say makes him an evil gloating bastard. It is just as likely he’s holding it up to show what carnage and misery that the EU/US sponsored puppet government of the Ukraine has brought about.

  90. 90
    Ed says:

    That’s nothing. I’ve had my brain pulled out through my nose. Didn’t hurt a bit

  91. 91
    Quite says:

  92. 92
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    Putin supplied separatist rebels Eastern Ukraine with missile systems capable shooting down airliners. He has direct responsibility tragedy.

    High time that Trident was taken out of mothballs for some target practice.

  93. 93
    non taxable pikey says:

    Should have contracted Hamas to dig the Cross-rail tunnels, would have been a bloody sight cheaper and far quicker.

  94. 94
    The Good Old Days says:

  95. 95
    Nigel Farage says:

    I repeat “Putin has played a blinder”

  96. 96
    Owen Jones says:

    Hear ! Hear !

    You forgot to give bumsex a mention!

  97. 97
    Catherine Ashton Baroness and CND says:

    I’m coming home

  98. 98
    Ivor the Engine says:

  99. 99
    The Track Record says:

    The Tories Had:

    The first Homosexual Prime Minister
    The First J3wish Prime Minister.
    The First Female Prime Minister.

    Labour Had Gordon Brown.

  100. 100
    Caroline Mucus says:

    My beaver is getting moist at the thought of another Greenham revival.

  101. 101
    See what I mean says:

    Vladimir Putin arrives at Schiphol airport to sign condolence book

  102. 102
    Joan Ruddock MP says:

    And Me

  103. 103
    Sir Rhodes Boys-on says:

    That’s right, lad. Keep up the pretence you’re really disgusted by gays by mentioning bumsex 40,000 times a day. I also talked about how I thought gays should all be wiped out whilst secretly attending orgies where I buggered 15 year olds plied with drugs and alcohol. No one suspected me of anything. It’s ok, lad, your secret’s safe with me, even though most people aren’t fooled any more and know about all the gays and nonces in our party except for a few naive deluded grannies who still think we’re all hetero family men. The poor dears still wonder why that nice Mr Joseph never found the right girl. :-D

  104. 104
    Pookie Snackumberger says:

    That, sir, is how 99% of the peoples of all lands are duped all the time.

  105. 105
    The Judgement of History says:

    Have you lefties all finished spunking up over how many hundreds of thousands of Afghan and Iraqis you killed?

    Putin has a long, long way to go before he can even begin to match the blood letting record set by Labour’s longest serving prime minister Tony Blair

  106. 106
    Pookie Snackumberger says:

    Ah but 1 Gordon Brown is worth a 1000, er . . . wait, err, no, I’ve got it, no it’s gone again, err . . .

  107. 107
    Ruskies go home says:


    Ruskies told at Farnborough air show, pack up and fuck off home

  108. 108
    The Red Pen says:

    Wrong. The term “Brownings” comes from Labour MP Diane Abbott.

    To Quote.

    ” De Blasio has a black wife, Chirlane McCray, and two mixed-race children. And his wife is no “browning”. She is an unashamedly dark-skinned, Afro-centric woman with a radical past.”

    Taken from this article which she wrote.


  109. 109
    Jasmin Beckett says:

    I hate all Malaysian airline passengers. I want all Malaysian airline passengers..


  110. 110
    Rightie Putin fan says:

    300 dead yellows and sambos. Tremendous stuff! Time to break out the bolly.

    What’s that? There were no third worlders? There were ten Brits?

    OK, I’ll just stick to wanking over pictures and footage of dead Pali kids and wimmin with their heads blown open and their intestines strewn on the ground. Tremendous stuff! Heeuuuugh!

  111. 111
    UKIP: Hacking at the roots with the truth says:

    Gordon Brown arrives in the wee small hours in Brussels to sign away British indipendence (aka the Lisbon Treaty).

  112. 112
    Jimbo Jones says:

    1 Brown = 0%

  113. 113
    The Growler says:

    Dave kept changing his mind over the type of aircraft to be used so tat ta to £500M
    so each time the design had to altered to accomodate the chosen aircraft. An example of government joined up thinking, no one will be charged with wasting public money, it’s just one of those things.

  114. 114
    Yawn says:

    With this many repeats you should apply to the BBC for a job.

  115. 115
    Putinesque says:

    You mean Blair whom Maggie called her greatest achievement? Blair whose best buddy was Republican George W Bush? I agree wholeheartedly that Blair and Labour are war criminals for what they did. Just as well we had a principled opposition who voted against the war. Oh, wait…

  116. 116
    Anon. says:


  117. 117
    Mr Galloway(Human Shield) blogging live from Gaza says:

    LATEST: IDF claim to have eliminated 3,000 Hamas rockets

  118. 118
    Rightie Putin fan says:

    Hello old chap. Remember those great nights at Dolphin Square? And the parties where we watched the London Tape? Great memories, eh?

  119. 119
    Norma Stitz says:

    For 70 billion it would be cheaper to knock down Brum and build it 15 minutes closer to London.

  120. 120
    The Growler says:

    You could be sitting next to a very loud mouthed rightie pissed out his brain, plebs will not be able to afford to travel on HS2 as it was on Concord, oh and by the time they are finished it will be well north of £100B. Stop this farcical glory project before it goes too far, most Northerners don’t want it. Use some of the money to maintain the excisting rail network and improve that, all our dear leaders are bothered about, is producing a producing a glory product but they never take into account maintenance.

  121. 121
    Confucious the Voter says:

    EU Parliament is expected to declare the game of cricket illegal and existing grounds must be used for Pétanque (Boules) unless donated to The German Handball Bundesliga.

  122. 122
    The Growler says:

    “Does the government think” now that is the question, do they think.

  123. 123
    Confucious the Voter says:

    HS2 to be awarded major acolade as “World’s Most Useless Folly of 21st Century”

  124. 124
    Vote Dave? Get stuffed says:

    Even the Daily Mail puts all the blame on Putin instead of on the warmongering EU empire builders.

  125. 125
    It NEEDS SAYING says:

  126. 126
    Confucious the Voter says:

    Plus two huge aircraft carriers “HMS White Elephant” and “HMS Folly” built in UK, which will have been lying idle for four years pending donation as part of UK’s Foreign Aid as a payment in kind.

  127. 127
    Glow Ball War Mist says:

    Neither would ice.

  128. 128
    Confucious the Voter says:

    I’m sure Upholland residents will put out their best bunting to welcome you home.

  129. 129
    The two Muppets says:

    You sound like an apologist for Putin . All the evidence so far points
    to a tragic mistake by the pro-Russian rebels supplied by Putin .
    If he had any decency or backbone he would acknowledge what has
    happened and ensure that it could never happen again .

  130. 130
    Confucious the Voter says:

    It’s time you were sectioned

  131. 131
    Uncle SAM says:

    Anti-aircraft missiles are known to have been in Tower Hamlets not all that long ago.
    Were they all counted back in ?

  132. 132
    Anon. says:

  133. 133
    Birmingham is a third-world Muslim cesspit says:

    Or just knock down Brum and not rebuild it.

  134. 134
    The two Muppets says:

    Russia has a greatly diminished Empire with a very rocky economy.
    Fracking in Western Europe would solve our energy problems and
    with Russia dependent with over 50% of its economy reliant on
    gas sales to Europe , would soon be in serious financial trouble .

  135. 135
    Brain Sewell says:

    Why don’t you learn to speak the Queen’s English dear boy?

  136. 136
    Grace Slick says:

    That wasn’t hard, now, was it ?

  137. 137
    Tonypandy's coming to play, tea la la la laaaaa says:

    With a name like that it should have been obvious something was amiss.

  138. 138
    Gordon Brown says:

    it’s +0% to be precise.

  139. 139

    Perhaps when P’utin stands down, but I would not hold your breath.

    Vote UKIP :-)

  140. 140
    Toby Belching-Felcher says:

    I hear she does a good hand job.

  141. 141
    Medical Advice says:

    Grow up son.

  142. 142
  143. 143
    Toby Belching-Felcher says:

    You ever landed at Leeds Bradford in a storm? Ferkinell…

  144. 144
    Shame you ever crawled out of the priministerial soup, Dave says:

    I’m surprised that you haven’t revoked Frank Whittle’s knighthood as he was involved in developing the jet engine.

  145. 145
    Herr Hitler says:

    Germany is poised to join the 1% club: http://bv.ms/1oSa5s8

  146. 146
    Owen Bones says:

    A whole swathe of the planet is occupied by fucking nutters…and they all have something in common…

  147. 147
    Vladimir Putin says:

    This is the most most beautiful thing I have heard for ages: David Bowie’s isolated vocal track for ‘Ziggy Stardust’ https://soundcloud.com/brainpicker/david-bowie-ziggy-stardust-vocal-track

  148. 148
    Confucious the Voter says:

    If this can happen in politics, what price May 2015 ?
    Polls totally irrelevant
    Newly-founded party wins the Slovenian general election: A six week-old party has won Slovenia’s general election, with its leader, Miro Cerar, expected to become prime minister. The Party of Miro Cerar (SMC) won around 37% of the votes on a centre-left platform, pledging to cut Slovenia’s budget deficit and fight against major corruption scandals. The elections were called by President Borut Pahor after Prime Minister Alenka Bratusek resigned in May 2014. European Voice; EUObserver; New Europe; Deutsche Welle; Financial Times; Financial Times; Bloomberg; BBC News; European Voice

  149. 149
    No Fly Zone ?? says:

    Apparently Virgin had their regular flight from Delhi to London flying the route within 140 miles of area a a couple of days before too according to reports

  150. 150
    Change of Team but same old message says:

    Heis longer in job it’s Philip “The Accountant” Hammond now in charge

  151. 151
    Change of Team but same old message says:

    For a minute I read that as IDS…another victim of the bedroom tax ??

  152. 152
    haddock says:

    you’re missing the point; it will allow you to leave Birmingham quickly… that must be worth money.

  153. 153
    Owen Jones says:

    Diverse my bum cheeks.

  154. 154
    Apathy Party Spokesperson says:

    But in Slovenia the electorate actually vote whereas in the UK most of them are unaware that there is even a General Election taking place in May 2015 let alone who the candidates or even party leaders are AND judging by the fact that BBC reporters in Scotland found a significant section of people they asked whowere unaware of the Independence Referendum taking place in September that is a fact I can well believe.

  155. 155
    PC Bone-Brain says:

    Were they athletic?

  156. 156
    A Non says:

    The only way to prevent civilians getting killed in a war zone is to not place them in a war zone. War is not clean and clinical and bad things will happen if you go near it, whoever you are.

    We all know that in reality no one said “oh look there is a plane carrying hundreds of innocent civilians let’s shoot it down” and it would have been a case of if there is an unidentified plane up there in an area above a war then it means trouble, big trouble.

    Those who placed them there are the ones responsible.

  157. 157
    Sophie Tit-Wank says:

    Fucking hope so.

  158. 158
    Noel Coward says:

    Who cares dear boy?

  159. 159
    Bradley Wiggins says:

    Like the sideboards. Can I borrow them?

  160. 160
    non taxable pikey says:

    IDS needs a rocket, or two.

  161. 161
    Would you get on this plane? says:

    “Today we shall be cruising at an altitude of 33,000 feet above an area where SAM missiles are considered likely to down aircraft flying up to 30,000 ft if there is no radar cover and considerably higher if there is.

  162. 162
    Bumservative Partaay says:

    I remember the Viscount.

    Round chocolate covered biscuits about 2 inches across wrapped in tin foil. Niiiice.

  163. 163
    Sean Connery says:

    Does 0.7% of GDP donated include Scotland, as a country in need?

  164. 164
    Mr Obama says:

    Would love to listen in on a conversation between Owen Jones and Russell Brand.

  165. 165
    bat in hell says:

    UK State Schools cricket no more. Pitches sold off. Well done property developers, UK tax man and council accounts (one year only).

  166. 166

    As R’ussia have realized that the ‘plane was in the wrong place’ narrative is not going to fly for too long, and the ‘Sharknado’ narrative is a non starter due to videos already posted, R’ussia are now reverting to type.

    Why not make the most of a crisis ?

    In this case the logic is Cheka and works like this:

    Don’t move the bodies. Leave them out. No morgue, no autopsy, just leave them until some sort of deal has been cut with the ‘enemy’ to move them.

    Why ? There are 2 principal reasons:

    1) Provokatsiya : Desecrating the bodies will be provocative to foreign governments, and more importantly, their target populations.

    Can expect R’ussia to make the claim that bodies were left laying around, to be subject to predation by animals and rot in a field, because foreign governments could not be bothered to pick them up.

    The principal target will be civilian populations abroad who will have opinion inflamed by that narrative, and then experience demoralization when their governments do not respond.

    No one wants a war over this – R’ussia is betting on that, but perhaps is attempting to incite. In their terms they have nothing to lose as they are locked into a U’kraine or nothing mode of thinking.

    But the impact in H’olland (and maybe across the Eurozone generally) might be strong.

    Governments abroad will need to manage this carefully: R’ussia will want the Mail’s front page for example to change from:

    ‘P’utin’s killed my son’


    ‘P’utin’s killed my son and left his body to rot in a field’

    to finally:

    ‘P’utin’s killed my son and left his body to rot in a field and be eaten by rats because my government prefers to demonise R’ussia and not negotiate to collect the dead’

    The final narrative is of course a fallacy on the reasoning but may work due to the active measures campaign. Look to apologists to see what is meant there. What the blog space carefully, and the S’panish media also.

    2) Maskirovka: Deception

    Allowing the bodies to rot down, bits to be carried off by animals, and not performing autopsies etc. will provide good cover for concealing bona fide crimes against humanity which have taken place in that region under R’ussian direction.

    Also: No bodies etc. in their logic means maybe no crime. We have passports, we have some bodies, cannot tie one to the other, so, we don’t really know what happened here. That is a distinct line which could be taken. See provokatsiya for why it would even be attempted.

    There is a real terror campaign being run by GRU in the DNR area at present and there will be a number of local individuals who have died in traumatic circumstances. Either as a result of GRU interviews, or simply to project an appropriate message to coerce local populations to not resist.

    For example, ensuring certain key political figures ‘disappear’ is standard practice for coercing target populations. But, what to do with the bodies in the event of death ? If they are not in a ‘good state’ at time of death then it may work counter to release them to families.

    Not releasing preserves positive perception by maintaining myth that detainees are alive, however, inaccessible, and coerces by the implied threat that resistance will see them killed. Perfect undetectable disposal of bodies is straight forward in these circumstances, but the Cheka would seek to use an opportunity like this to demonstrate their strength, and perhaps send a counter message to those without.

    A plane crash provides very good cover for ensuring such bodies vanish: With the intense fire at the crash site, cremated remains can be scattered without attracting undue attention and perhaps would not be detected even by a proper forensics team.

    There will be a number of casualties from recent ‘military’ activities in that region which commanders would perhaps also like to cover up.

    It should be noted that burying bodies delays decomposition and helps with forensic identification. Mass graves are not really the best solution. C’adavers left in the open decay faster. A bag of bones and partly chewed putrid flesh is difficult to identify, and on this scale and would buy time for R’ussia to proceed with whatever the next part of their ground strategy is.

    On that note see again provokatsiya and understand that one of the precise targets here are the families of the victims. This will be a headache for authorities in the countries where the victims came from to deal with.

    Even if it was proven that more bodies were returned than went there, or DNA tests showed U’krainian, even R’ussian remains in what is returned, R’ussia would simply dismiss that as counter ‘propaganda’. That negative propaganda is simpler and more easily absorbed than what would be necessarily a somewhat technical explanation explaining how a possible true fact was determined.

    Looking at what is not happening, sometimes helps to make sense of what is.

    R’ussia could have moved in to deal with this situation responsibly. Their handling so far has undermined the accident narrative which could have got them off the hook. They are taking on many levels a very offensive position.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  167. 167
    NO SEATS NIGEL says:

    :( :( :( :( :(

  168. 168
    Albert's chainsaw sharpeners says:

    We have a great way of voting, May 2015 Liebour will get in after Camorons Conservatives carried on destroying Britain, after Liebour had 3 terms of destroying Britain after the Conservatives had screwed up and so it carries on, the country gets poorer and the politicians get richer and even more arrogant as they know the people of the country are too thick to use the only thing that can make the country a richer happier country is the use of the vote where they vote for politicians who know that if the screw up they will never get back in again, oh sorry I’ve just woken up from a dream.

  169. 169
    Do nothing, say nothing, be nothing says:

    Can’t you stay.

  170. 170
    Anon. says:

  171. 171
    Stuart Hall says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha penguin suit ha ha ha ha ha penguin ha ha ha

  172. 172
    IDS ad visor says:

    Sergent Smith has never made a claim about anything. Those claims made on his behalf have never been delivered.

    Correction: Never failed to claim for expenses.

  173. 173
    Anon. says:

  174. 174
    BBC Pornographic Workshop says:

    Can we film it?

  175. 175
    knock knock says:

    Knock down service industry and their housing, housing for those from the textile industries and MPs offices.

  176. 176
    Glenda Jackson says:

    God, I thought you were dead!

  177. 177
    Mr Galloway says:

    The National Demonstration for Gaza has been called by the following organisations:

    Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Friends of Al-Aqsa, Stop the War Coalition, British Muslim Initiative, Palestinian Forum in Britain, Muslim Association of Britain, Islamic Forum in Europe, Homosexuals for a free Gaza(led by Owen Jones).

  178. 178
    Esther McVey says:

    His weapon’s big enough. Trust me.

  179. 179
    Timothy McVeigh says:

    Is lunch ready yet Mom?

  180. 180
    2,717 ft from pavement to chimney pot says:

    Above sea level or mountain peaks.

  181. 181
    Dave Spart says:

    Or the Queer’s English like you Mr Sewer.

  182. 182
    Free homosexuals for Gaza says:

    Do we count towards the 0.7% of GDP?

  183. 183

    Another productive week for Guido. Keep exposing what they dont want us to see.

  184. 184
    non taxable pikey says:

    AKA the usual suspects, or just plain rentamob.

  185. 185
    beyond scotland, beyond moscow, beyond Hong Kong says:

    Beware of volcanic eruptions.

  186. 186
    Donetsk People's Republic with Buk system missiles says:

    Good Afternoon comrades

  187. 187
    Jezza says:

    Can’t imagine the turn out will amount to much. Did they free those Christian school girls from the muzzers in Nigeria yet?

  188. 188
    Mr Galloway says:

    Deadline from ISIS today for Christians to leave Mosul, pay a tax, convert to Islam – or be killed.

    And to think that I support these ISIs fuckwits, am I crazy ?

  189. 189

    Vote UKIP :-D

  190. 190
    Anon. says:

  191. 191
    Agamemnon says:

    And there I was thinking my words had been taken in vain.

  192. 192
    Manic Street Preachers says:

    If you tolerate this then your children will be next…to be groomed by a gang of Muslim blokes.

  193. 193
    Owen the Jones says:


  194. 194
    Anon. says:

    Looks like she quietly deleted that tweet. :-)


  195. 195
    Stephen Fry says:

    Oh no you don’t you naughty young larrikin.

    I havn’t had a bath yet today lover.

  196. 196
    Anonymous says:

    Look, fool, one of those lads is wearing sunglasses in the interview and the other does that smug speaking with the eyes closed thing like Paddy Pantsdown does and therefore they are so much deeper and intellectual than mere mortals like you and I

  197. 197
    Braveheart says:

    Sick of paying taxes to fund housing benefit to prop up the London rental property market. Doesn’t that count as third world aid?

  198. 198
  199. 199
    The desperate noncing british establishment says:

    Thank fcuk for our shit stirring in the Ukraine. We knew it’d pay off some day.

  200. 200
    Socialists are full of shit says:

    lefties love calling what they do ‘fighting’ for something.
    Fighting is what soldiers do even when they are tired sick or injured.
    Playing is what lefties do.
    Playing silly buggers on behalf of Gaza.
    I’d have more respect for the C*nts if they sold all their worldy goods and fucked off over their to fight.
    You know proper fighting not their start a revolution from a shit stained bed Laurie Penny version of ‘fighting.

  201. 201
    MH17 says:

    The Buk stops here.

  202. 202
    Chukkus Yermoney says:

    I taught them to do that.

  203. 203
    The Hawks will push now says:

  204. 204
    Dave Cameron says:

    The devastating accuracy of Buk missiles shows the wisdom of not having any aircraft on Britain’s aircraft-carriers. They wouldn’t last 20 minutes!

  205. 205
    Neocon controlled west says:

    The daily wail has been anit-Putin along with all the other UK MSM.

    It was gagging for war with Syria back in September last year, running constant petty personal attacks during the winter Olympics, and has been solidly pro EU/US actions in the Ukraine right from the start.

  206. 206
    VOTE UKIP says:

  207. 207
    What the Peace Prize EU Did says:

  208. 208
    NWO says:

    Fcuked up economies, restlessly plebs, immigration reaching critical mass, establishment pee-dough scandals finally coming to light – we desperately need a war, and need it now.

  209. 209
    Herman van Rumpoy says:

    Malaysia isn’t in the EU. Yet.

  210. 210
    Scrap the lot says:

    I am ashamed that Tommy Atkins is sent to fight abroad by our low life politicians so as to keep Winston Bumberclat and Ali Kiddygroomer safe to get on with their criminal activities back here at home.
    Britain doesn’t deserve our armed forces anymore.

  211. 211
    Middle Aged Man says:

    My 84-year-old tory-party-member mother was the one who told me my MP is gay

  212. 212
    Too Far says:

    I believe the systems the military aircraft use are able to deal with those type of weapons, unlike the poor sods in that aircraft.
    Putin has given a group of monkeys a very large “six gun” The man and his military advisers are dangerous incompitent prats

  213. 213
    Middle Aged Man says:

    “Brownings” is a termed introduced to this audience by Diane Abbott

  214. 214
    no safety net says:

    You are undoubtedly gross.

  215. 215
    Gaye Mann (Mrs) says:

    IIRC El Al equip their aircraft with a variety of counter-measures inc. an anti-missile system called “Flight Guard”

  216. 216
    Norm Normal says:

    Anythings better than air travel. With delays, security, check in and immigration queues we calculated that twice as much time was taken getting to and from the aircraft than flying on it.

    Will be holidaying in blighty next year. Sick of it.

    PS UK border officials. After standing in a queue for 3/4 of an hour just to get back onto my own fucking country, I’m not interested in spending 10mins listening to witty anecdotes about your job. Just scan the passport look at my ugly mug and let me through ta very much.

  217. 217
    Mr Galloway says:

    Anti-Isr*elism is the new anti-Semitism: Vicious racist slogans and chants are part & parcel of pro Palestinian rallies everywhere.

    That rampant, champagne quaffing, homosexual ,Owen Jones,in no exception.

    He’s a bloody idiot.

  218. 218
    Albert's chainsaw sharpeners says:

    Russia minus 10, EU minus 1000, thanks EU you always wanted to try and take Russia and in two centuries your grandfathers in France and Germany tried by force and you have now tried by guile and again you have brought the world into a near WWIII, with 24 hour a day PR attacks on Russia, time to pull back, because playing chicken can lead to both camps being losers.

  219. 219

    No. The EU did not do that.

    The EU did miscalculate R’ussia’s intentions perhaps because it applied game theory and the rational actor model blindly, and ignored history.

    A’shton as a F’oreign A’ffairs chief appears to be desperately out of her depth – not good for Europe.

    But on a positive note, Europe is not in a state of hot war with R’ussia – yet – despite R’ussia’s blatant provocations. More due to NATO than the EU.

    R’ussia itself set off the uprisings which ousted Y’anukovych in order to justify their invasion / annexation of Cr!mea. Now their activities in the East U’kraine. Pretext of protecting ethnic R’ussian’s was provided.

    EU accession talks simply cannot be held up as credible reasoning for justifying those actions.

    Understanding how R’ussia’s doctrines for political warfare work and some of the history of how they operate in that region makes this obvious and helps cut through the false narratives which they have injected into w’estern media.

    The broad objective of R’ussia is that it itself needs U’kraine in the EEU in order for their Euras!an Union to work. Becoming a global hegemon is their broader objective, but to get there they need to become a credible dominant regional hegemon first.

    They are taking advantage of the west’s recent failures of coercive diplomacy (!raq / A’fghanistan etc) to themselves gain support globally to their end.

    R’ussia’s apparent abhorrent incompetence in handling this downed plane incident should expose what is behind their mask and maybe give a chance for folk to reflect and reassess.

    Taking an offensive PR position now in order to defend their gains is awful, but to type.

    R’ussia has perhaps just jumped the shark ?

    Vote UKIP :-D

  220. 220
    Jimmy says:

    What is it with your righties? Saddam, Assad now Putin. Have you ever seen a dictator who didn’t make you weak at the knees?

    Some of you have some serious Daddy issues.

  221. 221
    Norm Normal says:

    And the Russian Rebels are preventing OESC monitors from access to the crash site because….

  222. 222
    Lefties are dickless says:

    If only that were true. But it isn’t. Its the US aircraft design that is the problem. It doesn’t work.

    But then Gordon McMental knew that when he ordered 2 giant aircraft carriers, costing the entire defence budget, to be built in his Jockanese constituencies, to shore up Labour’s dwindling votes.

    McDoom knew that the aircraft were F-35 prototypes and everyone advised him to go for smaller ships using existing technology. Old kilt face wouldn’t listen and spunked the nations finances over his porrigey mates.

    He should have been arrested and charged with gerrymandering .

    Can only hope Cameron spends his last days signing a 500 billion quid executive order for the Maggie Thatcher space centre, to be built at Ascot.
    With no possible release clauses.

  223. 223
    Vlad says:

    You western pig dogs have it all backwards. The plane crashed into our missile and travelled into rebel airspace without permission.
    We demand $100million compensation for the cleanup and bruising to our potato crops caused by falling imperialist bodies.

  224. 224
    Tony Blair says:

    Can be of any help? For a consideration of course,

  225. 225
    NHS GP Locum @ £1,000 per shift says:

    Laurie…..Stop going on Twitter then you won’t need to bother or feel ill will you ??…that’ll be £100 for the consultation thanks

  226. 226
    Like this says:

  227. 227
    Mr Galloway says:

    Sort of stuff you’d only expect from Owen Jones. He has discussed with Prime Minister David Cameron the possibility of banning Pro-Palestinian demos in the UK.

    Great stuff Owen, and keep it up,

  228. 228
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Has he got a brother called Andy? :-)

  229. 229
    Mr Molotov and Mr Ribbentrop says:

    Islam & the Left – what could possibly go wrong.

  230. 230
    Jimmy says:

    I think you’ll find that was Farage’s hero’s handiwork.

  231. 231
    Nigel Biggles MEP says:

    You’re talking about the man I love.

  232. 232
    Middle Aged Man says:

    > The Tories Had:
    > The first Homosexual Prime Minister
    > The First J3wish Prime Minister.
    > The First Female Prime Minister.

    And the first token Asian cabinet minister (Warsi) and possibly the first not-entirely-token (Javid)

  233. 233
    Get all foreign infiltrators out of Britain says:

    What a pity we can’t tell the Neocons, assorted friends of ‘other countries’, PNACers, our ‘friends’ the Saudis and the EU to do likewise.

  234. 234
    Bollinger(Sponsors of Owen Jones) says:

    ‘We will demonstrate until Gaza is flattened and the inhabitants returned to Syria Inshallah” says Owen Jones outside Isr*eli Embassy

  235. 235
  236. 236
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    You neocon warmongers are getting as desperate as the Liebore party.

    Both of you are heading for the dustbin of history, and good riddance :-)

  237. 237
    Bollinger(Sponsors of Owen Jones) says:

    ‘Who actually has weapons of mass destruction?’ asks Owen Jones -‘Hamas ,the murdering bastards” answers the crowd

  238. 238
    Cinna says:

    On the upside, you’ll only have to put up with for a shorter time. Cheer up; the journey will be over sooner.

  239. 239
    Cinna says:

    Not to mention the religion of peace reigns supreme in most of them.

  240. 240
    MH17 Martyr for EU Expansionism & US Imperialism says:

    War fever.

  241. 241
    Anonymous says:

    The growler

    I design and build ships for a living. You are full of crap and there is nothing in that comment you have made that is in the remotest bit true or correct. The only thing you do was move blame from Labour where it lies to the Tories where it does not.

  242. 242
  243. 243
    Anonymous says:

    I always get asked “where have I just come from” normally I say from that huge great queue over there while other non residents get into my country quicker than I do


    ” a fucking aeroplane”

  244. 244
    Cinna says:

    Coming soon to a town near you…in the not too distant future.

    Realistically “Europe” has been at war with the religion of peace a number of times over the centuries. It shouldn’t come as surprise if/when it happens again. Only difference now is that Europe is brimming with fifth columnists.

  245. 245
    Cinna says:

    They destroyed the cricket bat because some lunatic tried to batter down a door with? This country has gone mad. We’ve no hope.

  246. 246
    E L Whisty (Head Groundsman) says:

    For all the MoD likes to talk about risk management, the project was up to its gunwales in technical risk right from the start. Some of this was eventually removed by chance (EM catapults) or by eventually realising basic assumptions were flawed (podded drive). The F35 has been a catalog of cockups and is roundly criticised by some of the world’s greatest authorities in fighter design.

    The MoD is a national disgrace. These ships should have been in service by now and the costs will be 10 times initial estimates. There is huge waste of effort due to the belief that better management can overcome gross insufficiency in technical expertise. MoD is just one of the government departments that considers anybody who can do maths or engineering is of inferior class.

    We could have had the carriers in service now with several squadrons of Super Hornets and proper AEW aeroplanes. Enormous numbers of over padded arses need very firm kicking.

    The second ship should be named FRED (* Ridiculous Economic Disaster).

  247. 247
    Anonymous says:

    Never saw a dictator who didn’t kill millions. Take Tony Blair for example

  248. 248
    The Growler says:

    They might be getting own back for the actions of The Catholic king and queen (Ferdinand and Isabella) for that is what they did with Moslems

  249. 249

    On other news:

    R’ussia and !srael both have interests in not seeing that deal signed.

    R’ussia requires sanctions to remain in place to keep !ranian oil off the market thus supporting oil at a price which it needs in order to fund its military expansion, and stuff like U’kraine.

    One can expect much to happen in U’kraine in the next 4 months.

    !srael does not want the deal signed as that would transfer pressure onto it in order sign an agreement with the P’alestinian’s and moreover recognize the State of Palest!ne.

    Just in case anyone was wondering why R’ussia and !srael are ‘allied’ at present – there you have a major part of it.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  250. 250
    Come to think of it says:

    Is there such a thing as a bad hand job ?

  251. 251
    Cinna says:

    +/- 0% I think.

  252. 252
    Cinna says:

    Viscount? I remember that it was the Vicar’s Viscount.

  253. 253
    !!! says:

    True about British “journalists” being complicit in killing kids.
    Note how they aren’t reporting the death toll in Gaza.
    Two Izzies (one miltary the other probably reservist) killed versus
    300 dead Palestinian civilians and kids.

  254. 254
    !!! says:

    They should spend the 70 billion on electric car promotion and batteery tech.

  255. 255
    Come to think of it says:

    Lets not forget the Daily Mails ridiculous stories on the fictitious White Widow. She is their very own Keyzer Soze. They also published CCTV pictures from a bank robbery in the United States and claimed they were from the inside of the Kenyan Shopping Mall during that siege which incidently they claimed was being orchestrated by ….you guessed it….the White Widow. The paper is a fucking joke.

  256. 256
    ... says:

    Yes, 70 billion could buy nearly half a million electric cars. GB presently has about 32 million cars. That would mean roughly one in 64 cars would be electric.

  257. 257
    Curious says:

    Was that before or after the EU/US-sponsored coup? I always think it hilarious to hear eu-mongs banging on about how the EU kept the peace in Europe!!

  258. 258
    Mr Galloway says:

    Owen Jones quaffing his 5th bottle of Bollinger champagne in full swing outside 10 Downing Street.

    Clearly, this queer twerp has no shame.

    He’ll probably be mooning next.

  259. 259
    Fishy says:

    Putin, embarrassed and angry at being implicated in the murder of 300 souls (i.e. getting found out) is likely to organise his retribution.

    The Commander who pressed the trigger, Igor Strelkov, will not get to see 2015.

  260. 260
    Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

    The Liberal Democrats, mind you, are most likely to have the first Pervert Prime Minister. Boaz.

  261. 261
    Harriet Harmchild says:

    All we need is to get PIE back on the agenda and we shall be complete.

  262. 262

    With respect, given the latest conflict between !srael and H’amas, it is very much rocket science.

    Don’t ignore the impact of C’hristian Z’ionism in this particularly tawdry tale – in particular the 1917 B’alfour D’eclaration. That is important if you want to get a real understanding of the picture.

    Just look a little deeper and beyond all the irrelevant details. There is a very simple logic at work, one that is excruciating for some now S’ykes-P’icot is in the balance, and P’alestine has filed the State paperwork.

    It is very much a matter of beliefs.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  263. 263
    Curious says:

    Don’t forget all those lefty dictators that make you wet your knickers with excitement; Pol Pot, Kim Jung Marks 1, 2 & 3, Stalin, Mao and not forgetting the leader of the German Democratic Workers Party (AKA Nationlist Socialists) Adolf Hitler.

  264. 264
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    One positive thing from the downing of the Malaysian airliner is that NATO will be shitting bricks about the superb performance of the BUK missile system.

    They won’t be doing anymore aerial bombing campaigns once the Russians have sold the BUK system all over the world.

    Russian BUK 1 American F-35 0

    The phone at the Kremlin has probably hardly stopped ringing, with world leaders ordering as many BUKs as the Russian military can deliver :-)

  265. 265
    The EU is an EVIL organisation says:

    Before and after the Bloody coup organised by the EU

  266. 266
    The EU has blood on its hands says:

    N ever forget that this was started by the EU who funded a violent coup which deposed the elected leader of the Ukraine

  267. 267
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    The Russian BUK is currently selling like hotcakes, while sales of the American F-35 are reported to be disappointing to say the least :-)

  268. 268
    obviously a woman aren't you says:

    Yes there are very bad hand jobs and blow jobs because women lack basic bedroom skills. I blame the rise of feminism and the fact that women don’t watch enough porn and it’s not really possible to provide on the job training.

  269. 269
    BBC Mong says:

    Practice safe sex; play the trombone with your boyfriend….

  270. 270
    Jimmy says:

    You righties really love your tyrants don’t you?

  271. 271
    The EU backed by the USA are just as culpable says:

    Do not forget one Baroness Ashton who backed the violent and bloody coup which resulted in the illegal overthrowing of the elected leader of Ukraine and started this whole mess.

    If you blame Putin for the actions of the rebels you must blame Ashton for the actions of the illegal government of Ukraine.

  272. 272
    T.B£iar - the People's Messiah says:


  273. 273
    BBC Mong says:

    We know that a dog born in a stable is not a horse; however if we at the BBC explicitly say White, Christian or Tory then the perp is black, muslim and labour.

  274. 274
    Bloomers in rain-soaked Bongo Bongo Land says:

    Don’t be daft.

  275. 275
    Who elected Ashton, Barroso and Rompuy? says:

    The only Tyrants around those parts are the Unelected leaders of the EU who started all this.

  276. 276
    The Lone Ranger says:

    Trouble is we don’t know how well the BUK would do against aircraft equipped with anti-missile systems – fares + electronic jamming.

  277. 277
    Drop the diasycutters on the paedo politicians says:

    I can think of one good use for our armed forces !

  278. 278
    The Lone Ranger says:

    flares even

  279. 279
    Tony Blair says:

    `I think I’m a pretty straight sort of guy’

  280. 280
    But they voted for NO military Action...how they gonna stop it? says:

  281. 281
    Tories had Justin Fashanu and Stephen Milligan killed to protect boy buggering ministers says:

    Dig deeper. The truth is out there.

  282. 282
    The Lone Ranger says:

    I’m not aware that anything happened to the Capt. of the USS Vincennes.

  283. 283
    Here's another nice mess you've gotten me into says:

  284. 284
    Fishy says:

    Putin and you may not like the EU (I don’t either), but Putin is not your friend (unless you are Weird Ed or work for the BBC).

    PS: Strelkov, a Russian Commander attached to the rebels has said that those who perished on the plane had been dead for at least two days and were dead when the plane left Amsterdam.

  285. 285
    Guy News Room says:

    “Act of Owen Jones consuming 6 bottles of Bollinger champagne and then reciting the Koran cover to cover show the Palestinians they are not alone,” Tariq Ali tells 100,000 in London

  286. 286
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Well it has allegedly shot down several Ukranian airforce jets in recent days :-)

  287. 287
    The two Muppets says:

    Well don,t read it then ,stick to the Mirror Group .

  288. 288
    Fishy says:

    Nor me, but what’s that got to do with it?

  289. 289

    Two equally deluded sets of superstitious sky fairy worshippers is now down to one set of deluded superstitious sky fairy worshipers .

  290. 290
    I propose Owen Jones as successor to Tony Blair as Middle East Peace Envoy says:

    Following on from the successes in Venezuela Owen Jones ( the peoples imbecile) turns his attention to the middle east.

  291. 291
    MP says:

  292. 292
    I like Joshua Rozenberg says:

    What’s he doing being married to that loon Melanie Phillips? She’s certifiable.

  293. 293
    AN=n American Christian waiting for the rapture says:

    Hallelujah a nuclear war in the middle east would be a clear sign of the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  294. 294
    Dial D for Donkey Sanctuary says:

  295. 295


  296. 296
    Shhhhhhh... says:

    He, and the air warfare officer were given a medal…

  297. 297
    rinse and repear says:

    What these dead heads don’t want to know is 825 other aircraft used routes over eastern Ukraine that week and there were 2 other passenger aircraft within 50 miles at the time.

  298. 298

    Nobody wants that, particularly not J’esus :-)

    Perhaps his Holiness Saint Dave of Sodom could add a new commandment seeing as he enjoys re-writing Canon law and stuff:

    ‘Thou shalt not nuke each other, play nice kids.’

    Am sure many in the party could lend him an ice pick and hammer for that little task…

    Vote UKIP :-D

  299. 299
    Pot calling the kettle Black says:

    Have the press forgotten that less than a year ago Cameron wanted to provide arms to the Syrian Rebels?

  300. 300
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    I’ve heard of a ‘Trojan horse’ but this is just ridiculous :-)

  301. 301
    Anonymous says:

    Modern day Russia has returned to the dark Stalinist era. Russia has always been expansionist and even Imperialist. Putin is a modern day dictator albeit with a well managed electoral majority.

  302. 302

    It’s worth following: @RuGovEdits – In Russian but Google Translate works well for R’ussian.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  303. 303
    Harvey Proctor, Monday Club member and personal friend of Maggie says:

    Are you calling me a filthy pervert? How dare you! I’m personally endorsed by Maggie you know you anti-Thatcherite!

  304. 304
    Propaganda says:

    Nah. No it hasn’t. The EU is the one to be wary of, it’s almost a blueprint of the old USSR.

  305. 305
    EU Von Rumpy Pumpy says:

    Just like us then; a dictatorship with a veneer of democracy!! Although at least Russians get to vote for their president; how silly is that!!!

  306. 306
    Socialists = Sociopaths says:
  307. 307
    http://bit.ly/WkF3SP says:

    Flares are so sixties.

  308. 308
    Curious says:

    Are you the same lefty Jimmy who used to post on Political Betting? You know the one who claimed that he was a farmer, the one who thought that Britain in the 70’s was an economic powerhouse, the one who thought that the UK was the garden of Eden until Maggie came along. If it is, have your balls dropped yet?

  309. 309
    Meaning? says:

  310. 310
    Bill Quango MP says:

    I’d say dealing your daughter Shagufta was pretty disrespectful.

    Like calling your daughter slapper. Or Harlot. Or Sally.

  311. 311
    Wotak Hunt says:

  312. 312
    Team America Fuck Yeh ! says:

    Yes those dumb fuck Yanks gave him a medal. Then came Lockerbie, move along nothing to see here.

  313. 313
    Ed Miliband advises his countrymen says:

  314. 314
    Follow the trail... says:

    Labour’s Harriet Harman, Patricia Hewitt and Jack Dromey campaigned on behalf of PIE

    Tory diplomat and spook Sir Peter Hayman was a member of PIE and an active nonce

    Brave Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens exposed Hayman as a nonce and called for his prosecution

    Maggie’s Attorney General Michael Havers and the DPP decided not to prosecute Hayman

    Havers attended boy buggering parties during Tory conference along with Keith Joseph and Rhodes Boyson

    Dickens died prematurely in 1985

    Tory whistleblower writes to Maggie with information about her nonce ministers

    Whistleblower is called to meet William Hague and senior Tory who asks him why he’s written to Maggie with this information. People are angry and he’s told to shut up. Hague remains silent during meeting.

    Tony Blair puts D notice on dossiers about Labour child abusers

    Tom Watson remains silent on Operation Ore and the D notice

    Harman, Dromey and Hewitt’s involvement in PIE receives widespread coverage

    Cameron notifies cabinet and backbenchers not to make any comment on Harman, Dromey and Hewitt and PIE. Possibly because Tory Sir Peter Hayman had been a member of PIE and Tory Attorney General Michael Havers protected him.

    Dame Butler-Sloss, sister of former Attorney General Michael Havers, omits name of bishop p*edophile from report on child abuse because, as she tells the victim, she “cares about the church” and conducts whitewash inquiry into Cleveland child abuse.

    Butler-Sloss appointed to head inquiry into child abuse by politicians and establishment figures but steps down when her whitewash of the Cleveland child abuse inquiry and her cover-up of the bishop gets widespread coverage

    They’re all in this together.

  315. 315
    Dave Spart says:

    if they ain’t there how can they report it, jerkoff?

  316. 316
    Fake Tan says:

    The power of ‘bearding’ more like.

  317. 317
    Devolved to who? Not my local councillor I hope. says:

  318. 318
    Get real says:

    Congrats. That’s the most retarded comment I’ve ever read. Even igonikonjack is less of a retard than you.

  319. 319
    Chuka Umunna says:

    No big deal.

    Everyone does that.

  320. 320
    Not one of the little people obviously says:

    Butler-Sloss by her own admission has committed the crimes of Perverting the course of justice and Misconduct in Public Office. Why is she not being investigated ?

  321. 321
    HMS Sea Slug says:

    Growler is the troll of the week.

    Next week it will be PLEB again.

  322. 322
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    It’s got all party support to bury any investigations and don’t forget the BBC, senior judges and the Police.

  323. 323

    When are they going to investigate one these nonces who is actually ALIVE ????

  324. 324
    Roma Bert. says:

    Our Foreign Sec. referred to the downing of the Malaysian aircraft as a “..terrible accident.” WTF ???

  325. 325
    Sir Rode Boys On says:

    That’s right, lad. We need to remind people that only Labour and Lib Dems have kiddie fiddlers, not us. Some of my friends and supporters have been outraged this week at the way I and Keith Joseph have been smeared now that we’re dead and can’t defend ourselves. It’s not the same as Cyril Smith and Tonypandy. We know they’re guilty, so it’s not a smear, but we’re completely innocent and naming us is just a witch hunt. Thanks, lad.

  326. 326
    Anonymous says:

    Oh I see,well could you kindly send me some of those ‘not very good women’ as I’ll settle for that. Cheers.

  327. 327
    The tit in no. 10 whose purpose is common with Vacant Ned's says:

    Gnome Fortnightly has been banging on about corruption at local level for years.
    Ned’s proposal is just what’s needed to redress the balance and support my partners-in-crime.
    Bring it on !

  328. 328

    We don’t want regional assemblies we want a proper ENGLISH PARLIAMENT

  329. 329
    Come to think of it says:

    Ah good argument, I take it all back those pictures and stories about the White Widow were clearly on the money. Great Paper.

  330. 330
    Get real says:

    Do you enjoy embarrassing yourself or are you actually as stupid as your posts suggest?

  331. 331
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:


  332. 332
    Kay Burley says:

    The condition of Owen Jones is thought to be satisfactory and not life threatening.

  333. 333
    non taxable pikey says:

    Like to see you try it with Israel.

  334. 334
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Even Putin is not pretending it is what you would call an accident, he is busily getting all the evidence shifted, the Russian BUK, the black box and it seems even some of the bodies of the deceased while blaming the Ukrainian nationals.

  335. 335
    non taxable pikey says:

    Harvey Proctor is still alive. Hasn’t been thumped lately though, more’s the pity.

  336. 336
    Professor Green says:

    Quite. Terrible crime. These are illegal groups operating illegally and outside international law.

    No doubt Putin is already making plans to create the chief architect of the crime a Russian MP so they never have to face justice abroad.

    When will democracies learn? You don’t need to sup with the devil and it does no good in the long run.

  337. 337
    Kay Burley says:

    Incredible and enormous demonstration in London today . This is just the beginning: until Owen Jones gets pissed and streaks down Whitehall.

  338. 338
    Yes that really ws his name says:

    From a BBC report in 2001 when allegations about Thomas first appeared.

    “But the allegations about Lord Tonypandy were branded a “disgrace” by Labour peer Lord Cocks.”

  339. 339
    They just don't geddit says:


  340. 340
    Usual suspects says:

  341. 341
    From the Atlantic to the Urals says:

    How dare Putin move his borders right up to the EU. How dare he.

  342. 342
    Anonymous says:

    MOSCOW — Russia has noticeably stepped up efforts to foster relations with North Korea, focusing on economic cooperation. As they embrace, both countries are casting a wary eye on China.

    There are plenty of signs that the two are cozying up. According to Russian media reports, the authoritarian regime in Pyongyang has decided to grant Russian business executives unrestricted use of cellphones and the Internet. Apparently, this privilege applies to Russians alone.

    North Korea has also decided to simplify business visa application processes for Russians. And in June, the two countries agreed to settle their trade bills in rubles, with a goal of boosting bilateral trade tenfold by 2020.

    At a meeting in the eastern Russian city of Vladivostok on June 5, the two governments discussed a significant number of joint projects, according to diplomatic sources from both sides. They struck a deal to explore for gold in places such as Pyoktong County, in the province of North Pyongan. They continue to consider an arrangement through which gold from those mines would be exchanged for old Tupolev 204s, a type of Russian commercial jet.

  343. 343
    Cinna says:

    Probably. It is a medieval religion when all said and done.

  344. 344
    Anonymous says:

    Why not a sign that’s ways end Palestine rocket attacks on Israyel. 500+ in the last two weeks alone.

    Fucking hypocritical Hunts

  345. 345
    Jimmy says:

    Never posted there. Prefer Kellner’s site myself.

  346. 346
    Islam O'Phobia says:

    English woman on Radio 4

    Since I’ve converted and started wearing g a burka, my friends ignore me in the street

  347. 347
    Wall st & on the sq mile says:

    It was so much better under Yelsin, when we were free to loot the place and rub the Russians’ noses in it.

    How dare the Russians show any concern for their own people.

    Those Russkies must be taught a lesson.

  348. 348
    Full Marks says:

    Useful idiots never learn.

  349. 349
    Jimmy says:

    Why is abusing young women on the internet such a popular hobby with righties? Is it like pulling girls’ hair at school? Aren’t some of you a little old to be doing this?

  350. 350
    The Lone Ranger says:

    WTF would Putin would order the airliner to be shot down. He has now interest in seeing the situation get out of his control, which is exactly what’s happened. The hysteria in the msm is sickening – the DM telling us that “Pro-Russian looters pulled Tesco binoculars from British MH17 victim’s suitcase – but threw them back because they were broken”. This is the sort of crap that used to be fed to the great British public to heat us up for war. Well no more. We forget the US has downed airliners themselves. Hypocrites!

  351. 351

    Does the stupid faced fat c-unt think that Gaza would be worth the expenditure of ammunition if the ragheads were not firing rockets , Isreal has no interest in attacking the shithole whatsoever, it is simply not worth the trouble.

  352. 352
    Jimmy says:

    Yup that’s me and I’m still a total dick.

  353. 353
    The Lone Ranger says:

    Lots of typos because I’m fed up the cauldron of bullsh*t from the msm.

  354. 354


    That guy was Tim but he flounced off after being exposed as a total hypocritical twat.

    He also welched on bets so like all lefties untrustworthy.

  355. 355
    Diane Fatbott says:

    There are more votes in backing the muzzies.

  356. 356

    It is worth framing the corrected ‘rocket science’ properly as recent events are very much tied to this. It is a good and fun m’etaphor.

    Folk are not asking why H’amas are drawing down their inventories in this way. Certain visits both sides of the wall answer that question.

    With respect, your commentary on much of that particular international issue is not actually relevant period and simply plays to the lunatic wing of the Godw!n lobby.

    Whatever it is you ‘think’ may be relevant is probably not so as there are certain truths in this case which are actually falsehoods, and some truths which are true but are too incredible to be readily accepted. Then there is that which remains occult.

    There is no deflection – just relax, reflect and try to think rationally. You’ve been given some pointers so it should be possible to figure out from them how to separate useful facts from disinformation. Some of that disinformation planted by the targets as a discrediting trap btw.

    Good question to ask yourself also: Why is P’ennyred getting it in the neck big time for her expressed position ? There is a BBC Newsnight interview where she accuses someone of being a fasc!st on uTube the other year – odd that the P’alestine situation now is pushing her into a position of harmony with her accused.

    Keep at it. You may figure it out soon enough.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  357. 357
    Jimmy says:

    A farmer called Jimmy nostalgic for the 70s?


  358. 358
    Joss Ayinglike says:

    She can always emigrate to the Middle East.

  359. 359
    The Lone Ranger says:

    She should see a shrink.

  360. 360
    Anonymous says:

    They could always get Egypt to open the border but ten all would be well then so nothing to moan about to the world.

  361. 361
    Jimmy says:

    “I’m still a total dick.”

    Why can’t my stalkers be funny?

  362. 362
    Redward says:

    I will be devolving all power to my EU masters

  363. 363
    Westminster Raj says:

    No chance of that happening when our political class is infested with the anti-English, determined to ethnically replace the English population.

    Call ethnic cleansing ‘diversity’, and it suddenly becomes respectable.

    Never mind. By Jingo there’s a war brewing, and we English are meant to run out into the streets and cheer for the very political class that has engineering our replacement, and at the very least turned a blind eye to the r@pe of thousands of our ch!ldren.

  364. 364
    Mad,mozzie Medievalist says:

    Hope she’s enjoying ramadan.

  365. 365
    Sky news says:

    Sky news breaking

    A missile launcher allegedly used to shoot down flight MH17 has been moved over the border into Russia after video emerged purportedly showing it on the back of a truck, Ukrainian officials have claimed.

    The video appears to show the Buk launcher with one of the four missiles it carries missing.

    The film was allegedly shot by a police surveillance squad at dawn on Friday as the truck headed to the city of Krasnodon in the direction of the Russian border.

    The footage, released on the Facebook page of the Ukrainian interior minister, cannot be independently verified.

    Interior minister Arsen Avakov wrote on his page: “Criminals try to hide the traces of this heinous crime (but do) not succeed.

    “Security Service and Interior Ministry of Ukraine has collected and collects more irrefutable facts and evidence.”

    In another Facebook post, Anton Gerashchenko, a senior advisor to the Ukrainian government, wrote: “The Buk installation by means of which the rocket launch was produced was moved onto the territory of the Russian Federation, where it will be most likely destroyed.”

  366. 366
    Fair one says:

    Too true – the EU/US Kiev crew brought down a Russian airliner just over a week ago; took the Kiev Crew 8 days to admit that they killed 98 pasengers.

  367. 367
    Putin's folly says:


    It definitely has a single rocket missing on in from left

  368. 368
    Mr Galloway says:

    Sgt. Adar Barsano, 20, and Maj. (res.) Amotz Greenberg, 45, were killed today while fighting Hamas terrorists.

    The sooner these Hamas scumbags are blown away ,the better.

  369. 369
    this country is full and overflowing says:

    Nothing about Christians being expelled or executed (Mosul) on that independent organ of news, the BBC. Quelle surprise.

  370. 370
    Mad Cow disease strikes again says:

    These demented wimmi are the Unity Midfords of out time.

  371. 371
    Vladimin Putin, mass-murderer and gay icon, says:

    The hundreds of civilians on passenger plane we destroyed were actually CIA agents spying on glorious Mother Russia and besides it is obviously all the fault of the Ukraine in whose airspace the plane was flying, they should not have allowed us to shoot plane down, not that we shooted down a plane because we didn’t do anything and you can prove nothing.

    Mother Russia respectable country worthy of place in modern world.

    We sell you some Polonium 210, da? It nice in tea and/or coffee. You drink many nice sips.

  372. 372
    The witless mong in Number 10 says:

    Why should she emigrate to the middle east when my jolly spiffing policy of unlimited immigration is bringing the jolly old middle east here?

  373. 373
    ZZZ says:

    They have no trouble endlessly reporting the “plight” of the Izzies (and the hollowcost), Shlomo.

  374. 374
    Birmingham is a third-world Muslim cesspit says:

    I think we can all thank Almighty Allah, from the bottom of our hearts, for creating a heatwave during Ramadan.

    Muslims: even Allah hates them.

  375. 375
    Jezza says:

    I suppose you imports should stick together

  376. 376
    They are whipping themselves into a frenzy says:

    Well said.

    The MSM is Hysterical, even the so called highbrow papers are joining in.

    But in a few days calmer heads will write reasoned articles…AND THEN GET FUCKING trashed a second time.

  377. 377
    Snowy Dennis says:


    If it is on Facebook then it must be true.

    And who controls Social Meeja now?

  378. 378
    FTFoff says:

    Yet it’s the Izzies who profit from much of it.

  379. 379
    Keep the dumb plebs distracted at all costs says:

    Ah, but the last thing our bent political class want is for us to ponder the utter sewer our own country has degenerated into.

    Much better to get the gormless to worry over places they never knew existed or could even pronounce, than to let them worry about what’s happening right under their very noses.

  380. 380
    Cardinal Biggles says:

    They already have, haven’t they?

    Didn’t W.E. Gladstone go out on night time missions to ‘save’ fallen girls? I’m not sure who he was saving them for, probably himself.

    Oh, yes, Jahbulon.

  381. 381
    FTFoff says:

    They think they are the chosen ones?

  382. 382
    Anonymous says:

    Well said Ivan.

  383. 383
    Old Bag says:

  384. 384

    A war with whom, and with what?

  385. 385
    Tachybaptus says:

    I had to go through this. The Socialist Workers Party had made many of their placards.

  386. 386
    FTFoff says:

    And a good thing too. Cricket is a boring, stupid effing “game”.

  387. 387
    Times Observer says:

    Labour Peer the Late Lord Tonypandy accused of child abuse:


  388. 388
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Who tells the most lies, Ed Balls or Putin?

  389. 389
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    So where is Juncker’s leadership over the Malaysian plane being shot down?
    Why no word from Merkel. Are energy supplies more important than european lives?

  390. 390
    The British media are cunts says:

    Labour peer and kiddie fiddling and all of a sudden the usual lefty mongs go quiet.

  391. 391
    Dr K-e-l-l-y says:

    If only Russia could be more like us in the west.

    We’d never shoot down a plane, arm crazy rebels or manufacture a pack o’ lies to start a war.

    Vote rigging is unknown, corruption and p-doughs non-existent in the higher echelons of power, the people’s opinions always consulted and governments respect and value their native populations.

    Yep, our political class are a shiny example to one and all.

  392. 392
    Anonymous says:


    Grainy video ‘allegedly shot by a police surveillance squad’ …
    FB posts…
    Ukrainian intelligence…
    ‘Unnamed US officials’ on Fox News…

    They really are scraping the barrel for propaganda.

  393. 393
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Sturzkapfflugzeug Junkers

  394. 394
    Tony B'liar says:

    Me me me :-)

  395. 395
    Tony B'liar says:

    Me me me! :-)

  396. 396
    concrete pimp says:

    I would, and have.

  397. 397
    Mr Galloway says:


    20 tons of medicine, medical supplies transferred to Gaza Strip through Erez crossing http://dlvr.it/6MqGMw

    Why don’t you report that ,you faggot .Owen Jones.

  398. 398
    Anonymous says:

    Owen Jones wasn’t there.Did he have a paid gig somewhere else? #Moneytalks


  399. 399
    John Bellingham says:

    FYI, such was the venom unleashed upon Richard Goldstone, he was banned from his own synagogue and was unable to attend his daughter’s wedding by the Jerusalem-controlled community in Johannesburg. He later “apologised” for the findings of his commission of enquiry when he suddenly realised that, despite detailed and obvious evidence, the Izralites had only been dropping andrex toilet paper on Gaza and not white phosphorous, cluster bombs or “area denial weapons” and are really very nice chaps indeed.

  400. 400
    FTFoff says:

    Sure, Shlomo. Thing is that Izzie fans like you are a bunch of race ist supremacists who don’t give a sh1t about anyone else but Izzies.

  401. 401
  402. 402
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:

  403. 403
    Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot, etc says:

    We weren’t tyrants, we were progressives. That millions were killed was just collateral damage.

  404. 404

    It was a bit of a weak tweet.

    I mean, the women in G’aza who are fighting to protect their children – they manage to do it in 40C heat with no air con etc.

    Just sayin’

    Vote UKIP :-D

  405. 405
    Beastly Huns and Belgian Nuns says:

    Puke inducing the crap that’s being written in the MSM rags.

    You can positively taste the desperation of our betters to start something big and soon.

    Perhaps they know the economic collapse isn’t that far off.

  406. 406
    Roma Bert. says:

    Let us hope the IDF keep up the attacks :)

  407. 407
    Liblabcon says:

    We do silly.

  408. 408
  409. 409
    Moishe Jones says:

    As sirens wailed Saturday evening in southern and central Israel, a barrage of rockets hit Isr*el, mostly in open areas outside major cities. Over Rehovot, the Iron Dome defense system intercepted a rocket. Another rocket hit an open area in the city, sparking a fire. Police and fire-fighting units are oat the scene.

    In the south, two rockets landed in open fields in the Eshkol Regional Council. The Iron Dome intercepted three rockets over Beersheba and one over Ashkelon.

    Twenty-nine Isr*elis were wounded in rocket attacks over the weekend, including a 30-year-old man killed in a Beduin area near Dimona on Saturday, Magen David Adom paramedics said Saturday afternoon.

    In that incident, during which the man was mortally wounded by shrapnel that entered his chest, a three month old girl suffered serious head wounds from the shock-wave blast, a 30-year-old woman was badly hurt by shrapnel, and a four year old boy suffered shrapnel injuries to one of his legs.

    MDA said that altogether they have treated some 394 Israelis have been injured since the start of the operation

  410. 410
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    It took the trigger happy Ukrainian military 8 days to admit to shooting down a Russian airliner.

    I hope they aren’t going to take that long this time :-)

  411. 411
    Western Media says:

    What about us?

  412. 412

    Kim Jong Un was seen limping in a recent public appearance.

    One wonders if he was still recovering from a P’utin style dead leg.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  413. 413
    Owen Jones's Press Officer says:


    Hello Gaza protest wankers – where were you when Assad fired rockets into Yarmouk & starved it like Homs?!? Eh? Where were you? Tossers!!

  414. 414
    Roma Bert. says:

    The IDF play by the rules, the opposition do not give a fig!

  415. 415
    Roma Bert. says:

    The same turnips supported the IRA :)

  416. 416
    Owen Jones says:

    Good Evening Benders

    I’m at the O2 to see Monty Python. Sadly I can recite some of the sketches from memory. I hope the air con is working!

  417. 417
    Ned Ludd says:

    That is a sick and tasteless remark, Malaysian check in staff. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  418. 418
    Anonymous says:

    Iraqi Christians are fleeing Mosul after Islamist militants threatened to kill them unless they converted to Islam or paid a “protection tax”.

    We should do that to our own muzzies, become Christian, or pay up – call it the muzzie tax, that would get the deficit under control.

  419. 419
    Tell us more... says:

    Tell us more about this…

  420. 420
    Dave Spart says:

    Bollocks. Where?

  421. 421
    Bob cuntface Crow says:

    Im very confused.For the last four years the mention of the word,commonwealth,was frowned upon at the BBC .Now they cant stop banging on about it.

  422. 422
    M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

    Anyone who works in engineering can see immediately that “The Growler” is fucking clueless. Who pays this bozo?

  423. 423
    cynthia says:

    You and EU-Troll spout such convoluted nonsense

  424. 424

    Tweet du jour:

    ‘Or what ?’ Is a very important and deep question, for Europe.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  425. 425
    aviary lookalikes says:

  426. 426
    non taxable pikey says:

    160000 dead Syrians and not a sign of protest from the left.

  427. 427

    Remember “Logan’s Run”?

  428. 428
    Bob cuntface Crow says:

    Cause shes a c unt.

  429. 429
    Anonymous says:

    #SavagesAtItAgain #Paris

  430. 430
    Fabians are Evil says:

    Then turn your bloody phone off you daft bint

  431. 431
    Anonymous says:
  432. 432
    Anonymous says:

  433. 433

    Hear Hear,
    Like Like Like Like Like Like

  434. 434
    Ruskies stay put! says:

    I don’t believe it.

  435. 435
    The Nile says:

    No problem – but here’s what will happen if you ask me to reveal my source.


  436. 436
    Bob cuntface Crow says:

    Hadnt heard of the Gilligan ,Fashanu stuff.Very interesting.

  437. 437
    f'cukwits corner says:

    well this entire thread was pretty much a complete waste of time reading apart from a few respected posts

  438. 438
    The Portuguese Hat Monkey says:

    I read your incessant diarrhoea of idiotic opinions, your pompous hectoring, your self-obsessed maunderings, mostly with pity mingled with a certain disgust. But that last remark was beneath contempt. Why don’t you fuck off and torture kittens, or whatever your preferred leisure pursuit may be.

  439. 439
    a second look says:

    Go back and take a look at number 429.

  440. 440

    There is a small country who have just had over 150 of their folk killed and can’t do anything about it.

    The cognitive dissonance you refer is the mis-calculation of R’ussian intent. You would be better to call it foreign policy failure as that is what it is.

    Labelling mis-leaders only applies if it can be shown that they are working double for R’ussia or genuinely incompetent. Beyond the media presentation that is not going to be the case – They will represent the ‘best’ choices for their respective peoples.

    Given the recent EP elections and appeal of W’ilders in H’olland, it may be clear that this could push Dutch public opinion in a very negative direction if the government does not manage public opinion better.

    The biggest cognitive block that seems to exist is the notion that: ‘This cannot happen in this day and age’.

    Well guess what: It is and it has and it will do again very shortly.

    The D-W article is one example – perhaps – of how not to handle this situation. It sets an impotent sense of expectation (hope) that no one is in a position to deliver on at present.

    It could hand R’ussia a propaganda victory as well. Something that is not in our interest. Note that this appeared in a G’erman publication.

    As P’utin is on the record now stating that the crash is the responsibility of the government over whose territory it happened (check his exact wording carefully) this demand for responsibility could be taken as a cue to escalate overt R’ussian involvement in U’kraine – perhaps an intervention.

    DNR-GRU could be considered government in that territory, P’utin will want them liquidated now for this screw up – they can be held accountable. That will need to happen in order to prevent proof emerging of R’ussia’s involvement here which could stand up in a war crimes trial for example.

    If U’kraine doesn’t step in (which it cannot), R’ussia will do and spin that as it’s positive response for this atrocity.

    The DNR-GRU are leaving bodies out to rot etc. under orders that will be coming from R’ussia. This is to inflame public opinion without mainly, and send a clear message within that this is how things are done in U’kraine now. R’ussia wants people there not to resist.

    It could go further and justify moving on K’iev if it sees an opportunity to further extend blame for the DNR actions (who are R’ussia’s GRU) to U’kraine’s govt on the basis that U’kraine’s govt clearly does not have control of its territory.

    Given the location of this incident to the R’ussian border, R’ussia could also try to make the case at some point that they have a legitimate security concern now.

    Need to be very careful in this game – the ball is in P’utin’s court. Need to see what spin he places on the return volley. They are playing for time a little at the moment and waiting for the initial shock of this to pass before proceeding. A standard technique in managing public opinions.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  441. 441
    Grand Master, Grand Lodge, Great Queen Street says:

    Jachin Boys.

  442. 442
    Muslims are third-world parasites says:

    ” that would get the deficit under control”

    I doubt it – most of them are on bennies.

  443. 443
    nell says:

    If anyone thinks Ru ss ia is not responsible for the downing of MH17 they’re idiots!!

  444. 444
    Retired Politician says:

    If any Ukrainians have collected a child’s body-part, I’m keen to add to my collection. M/F not important.

    Please call, cash waiting!

  445. 445
    nell says:

    Is that because you did not contribute anything useful?!

  446. 446
    Harriet "PIE" Harmong and her husband Mrs Dromey says:

    We were right to support kiddy-fiddlers, and we are right to remain very very quite today.

  447. 447
    nell says:

    So what is cameron going to do now about MH17? We are waiting.

    I notice militwit and his ilk haven’t even attempted to make a statement – difficult when the labour party support this leftwing rabble that have shot down this airliner which such tragic loss of innocent life!!?

  448. 448
    T May says:

    You truly do write a crock of shit on every single post.

    Yankee Go Home

  449. 449
    Vladimir Putin, mass-murderer and gay icon, says:

    Of course glorious mother Russia is not responsible for murdering hundreds of civilians.

    Yes, we provide rebel forces with rocket launcher, yes we teach rebel force in use of rocket launcher, yes we even push ‘launch’ button on rocket launcher and yes, we quickly hide rocket launcher in bottom of river, but remember: civilian air-plane was in air above Ukraine, so responsibility for many deaths caused by Mother Russia lies with Ukraine, not glorious Mother Russia. Da?

    You want some Polonium 210 in your tea tomorrow?

  450. 450
    Hey, Guido! says:

    Did you ever manage to identify that Saturday Seven Up baby?
    Did it turn out morbidly obese, from all the sugar in that 1960s 7UP?
    Or diabetic?

  451. 451
    Bob cuntface Crow says:

    She could get her burka printed with a photo of her face so they recognise her coming towards them.

  452. 452
    Tachybaptus says:

    You can wait till you grow stalactites. There is nothing that the feeble Cameron can do, except mouth platitudes.

  453. 453
    Cardinal Biggles says:

    @ E L Whisty (though should it not be Wisty?)

    I like the acronym you assign for FRED, the putative name of the second carrier – very appropriate.

    I would also suggest that naming the second ship ‘Fred’ would be a suitable commemoration of that genius of banking, Fred Goodwin, so much favoured by our last, unlamented PM, the economic colossus who had the carriers built in his backyard.

  454. 454
    David Cameron says:


  455. 455
    Death is Her Legacy says:

  456. 456
    Anonymous says:


  457. 457
  458. 458
    One-term Dave says:

    Crikey, this is all confusing, what what. We had a big military and lived in a relatively peaceful world, so I decided unilaterally to disband our military, and – gadzooks – all of a sudden the world becomes very dangerous indeed. Bally Hell! What a coincidence. Rotten luck, eh, what what?

    Well, I’ll tell you what, what what, I’ll bally well send the Ruskies a photo of the tanks, ships, planes and troops we used to have (indeed, I might even send them several photos, but I’ll obviously put it on the jolly old expenses) and that’ll show them, what what.

    PS: I’m increasing foreign aid again. It makes the world a much safer place, what what what.

  459. 459
    Jiz jazz says:

    Called “jiz’ra”.

    Has a short snappy ring to it. They cause so much shit for us that it would be fair. In Mos’ul there is no ceiling figure but in the democratic West perhaps £11k pa would be right.

  460. 460
    Cameron is Toast says:

    Less than a year ago, Cameron was arming rebels fighting the government in Syria. He done no different to what Putin has done. And as for the Yanks when have they never not been arming rebels?

  461. 461
    Biased BBC spokespersonon Labour says:

    What you moaning about?
    You should know by now that we never mention political affiliation if it is Labour misdemeanor.
    We only pronounce loudly, (as often as we can), if it is Conservatives paedo, (or Lib Dems since they in Coalition with them), at every opportunity we can.
    This matches our left agenda and Muzzie paedo protection policy, (you know ‘man in Birmingham has just been charged with sex with 13 year white girl ….).
    It helps in our diversionary tactics to avoid mentioning the wicked deeds from our own National Broadcasters very substantial Peado stud we had going great guns until lagtely, with many DJs and other BBC stars. Just keep pay your viewing tax..ha ha – we got you babe!


  462. 462
    Crazy Dave says:

    By the way the rebels in Syria that Dave was arming go by the name ISIS. Heard of them?

  463. 463
    Hitler was right: Russians are subhumans says:

    Yes, our drunken squadies shoot down civilians airliners all the time.

  464. 464
    Hitler was right: Russians are subhumans says:

    “He done no different to what Putin has done.”

    Tell that to the 298 people murdered in cold blood by Mother Russia.

  465. 465
    Jiz jazz says:

    Nell with her astute mod bot defender spacing. That’ll fox it.

    You silly moo.

  466. 466


  467. 467
    Jiz jazz says:

    Perhaps he should call up all silly old biddies.

  468. 468
    Hitler was right: Russians are subhumans says:

    Yes, it’s Baroness Ashton’s fault that Russia gave a missile launcher to Russian separatists, and told the Russian separatists to fire the missile and murder 298 civilians, including 80 children.

    All Ashton’s fault.

    Not Russia’s.

  469. 469
    But that was different wasn't it? says:

    Sober sailors do


  470. 470
    Anonymous says:

    …what, against children?

  471. 471
    Journalist says:


    1. Immediately after the tragedy, the Ukrainian authorities, naturally, blamed it on the self-defense forces. What are these accusations based on?

    2. Can Kiev explain in detail how it uses Buk missile launchers in the conflict zone? And why were these systems deployed there in the first place, seeing as the self-defense forces don’t have any planes?

    3. Why are the Ukrainian authorities not doing anything to set up an international commission? When will such a commission begin its work?

    4. Would the Ukrainian Armed Forces be willing to let international investigators see the inventory of their air-to-air and surface-to-air missiles, including those used in SAM launchers?

    5. Will the international commission have access to tracking data from reliable sources regarding the movements of Ukrainian warplanes on the day of the tragedy?

    6. Why did Ukrainian air traffic controllers allow the plane to deviate from the regular route to the north, towards “the anti-terrorist operation zone”?

    7. Why was airspace over the warzone not closed for civilian flights, especially since the area was not entirely covered by radar navigation systems?

    8. How can official Kiev comment on reports in the social media, allegedly by a Spanish air traffic controller who works in Ukraine, that there were two Ukrainian military planes flying alongside the Boeing 777 over Ukrainian territory?

    9. Why did Ukraine’s Security Service start working with the recordings of communications between Ukrainian air traffic controllers and the Boeing crew and with the data storage systems from Ukrainian radars without waiting for international investigators?

    10. What lessons has Ukraine learned from a similar incident in 2001, when a Russian Tu-154 crashed into the Black Sea? Back then, the Ukrainian authorities denied any involvement on the part of Ukraine’s Armed Forces until irrefutable evidence proved official Kiev to be guilty

  472. 472
    David Cameron says:


  473. 473
    Biased BBC spokesperson says:

    What you moaning about?
    You should know by now BBC never mention political affiliation if it is Labour misdemeanor.
    What you expect from a lefty stuffed organisation?
    This matches our left agenda and Mu*z*ie paedo protection policy, (you know ‘man in Birmingham has just been charged with sex with 13 year white girl ….).
    Just keep pay your viewing tax..ha ha – we got you babe!

  474. 474
    Jiz jazz says:

    Ruskie jet downed a week before MH17, 98 dead. Not a coincidence then.

    When will blame turn to Air Control, the airline company saving ten minutes and the profit motive?

    Jus taskin

  475. 475
    Tachybaptus says:

    All the countires who lost nationals should demand to examine the site right now as a collective to return the dead to their respective families and use the UN to enforce their collective will to clear the area. (yes i know the complications)..

    Why isn’t Mr Cameron demanding this? 10 Britons dead, no action. We should be there now to take those bodies home. I’m sick of conspiracy theories that I’ve read on here. The will of the 10 countries who lost family and children should be considered above the political will of Russia or the Ukraine or the US.

    Fuck international politics for a sec, return the dead first, assign and argue over blame later.

    No Americans, Russians or Ukranians died in the crash.

  476. 476
    cheche says:

    Why has nobody told us that the vast majority of Russian separatists are peaceful law abiding people?

  477. 477

    I’ve nothing to do now.

  478. 478
    Vladimir Putin, mass-murderer and gay icon, says:

    Yes, we give missile launcher to Russian separatists, yes, we show them how to launch missile, yes, it kill 298 civilians, but no, it not Russia’s fault because all who die died in Ukraine, so it Ukraine’s fault, da?

    Now, have nice cup of tea with Polonium 210. It like Sweetex, it help you lose weight.

  479. 479
    An Enquiring mind... says:

    …can’t decide if you’re an armchair warmonger or hysterical tw@

    ‘murdered in cold blood by Mother Russia’

  480. 480
    Vladimir Putin, mass-murderer and gay icon, says:

    If we keep pretending Williams Hague gived weaponses to Isis, then it perfectly OK for Mother Russia to murder 298 people, includings 80 childrens.


  481. 481
    vbdf says:

    It happened because a strict no fly zone was not enforced for civilian aircraft in a theatre of war where planes trying to destroy the rebels are shot down daily. As the rebels have no air craft and would never have even considered a civilian passenger plane would be allowed through, the inevitable happened.

    Who ever decided that it was safe to fly civilians through there bears the ultimate responsibility. And by God it was one almighty stupid decision.

    By the way all the major airlines with the exception of Lufthansa avoided East Ukraine, not just the war zone. It was a decision they took made from intelligence available to them.

    Some one in the media should be asking EU ATC why they were sending Asia bound Aircraft over to Ukraine ATC to be routed through a theatre of war.

  482. 482
    Vladimir Putin, mass-murderer and gay icon, says:

    Because ALL Russian separatists are peaceful law abiding people!

    And anyway, Ukraine is responsible for the deaths of 298 civilians whom we murdered because it happened in their airspace.

    Not that we killed anyone.

  483. 483

    KAL 007

    Vote UKIP :-D

  484. 484
    Advice says:

    Grow up or sober up.

  485. 485
    U S says:

    …and we gave the Captain & Air Warfare Officer on the USS Vincennes responsible for the airliner shoot-down medals.

    Besides shhhhhhhh, this is rank amateur work by orders of magnitude compared to our civilian body count in Ir’aq and in Sy’ria though our sponsored rebels.

  486. 486
    Overton says:


    But you must remember that anyone who points out his paranoid delusions of an insidious R’ussian conspiracy…. must be working for THEM!

  487. 487
    I'd like to boycott Russian products, but what the fuck do they make? says:

    So, apart from gas (which we don’t import) and state-sponsored terrorism, what the fuck does Russia actually produce?

  488. 488
    July 2013 says:

    William Hague sent NBCD (Nuclear, Biological Chemical Defence) equipment to ISIS (Syrian Rebels). And also would not rule out sending weapons


  489. 489
    Vladimir Putin, mass-murderer and gay icon, says:

    You no like Mother Russia murdering hundreds of civilians? Or you no like me being described as ‘gay icon’?

  490. 490
    Anonymous says:

    Its the fault of the EU for trying to con Ukraine to join th EU, thus upsetting the balance and causing the split with pro Russians.

    Ashton, as the mouth peace, is out of her depth. Where is Rumpoy ? Where is Barroso ? Keeping their fucking heads down. What will they do when Putin turns off the gas ???

  491. 491

    Leon Brittan -Andrew Mackay – Ian Kirkbride – Julie Kirkbride – Steven Milligan – Alan Duncan – et al (who?).

    It is NOT a circular route.

  492. 492
    dickheads says:

    but complete bollocks made up about dead people by sad wankers on the internet!

  493. 493

    Leon Brittan -Andrew Mackay – Ian Kirkbride – Julie Kirkbride – Steven Milligan – Alan Duncan – et al (who?).

    It is NOT a circular route.

  494. 494
    Overton says:


    Come on now that’s far too much of a non-partisan and sensible analysis.

    Why can’t you just get with the media propaganda narrative?

  495. 495
    Hitler was right: Russians are subhumans says:

    We sent defence equipment to ISIS? Seriously?

    Ah! I see! You inserted “ISIS” into your post!

    Oh, well, your lies totally justify Russia’s mass-murder of nearly 300 civilians.

    So that’s OK then.

  496. 496

    Leon Brittan -Andrew Mackay – Ian Kirkbride – Julie Kirkbride – Steven Milligan – Alan Duncan – et al (who?).

    It is NOT a circular route.

  497. 497
    A USA Analyst says:

    “Listening to the media news surrounding the MH-17 incident, one cannot help but conclude that the USS Vincennes captain, Will Rogers III, was too dumb and blind not to see the easily recognizable passenger plane, or else, he was/is a terrorist,


    It’s actually much worse than that, the captain of the USS Vincennes would have had a highly trained and equipped with the best equipment available Operations Room advising him plus links to the pentagon. while the Ukraines would have been sat in a field reading the handbook.

  498. 498
    Hitler was right: Russians are subhumans says:

    A Russian telling someone else to sober up!

    Good one!

  499. 499
    Cardinal Biggles says:

    But surely the muzzies got their retaliation in first by conquering the great Christian city of Constantinople in 1453, about forty years before Ferdinand and Isabella booted the Nasrids out of Granada.

  500. 500
    A Non says:

    The Syrian rebels and ISIS are one and the same. Although HMG doesn’t like to say it too often just in case the Daily Mail realises.

  501. 501

    Take the direct route, its easy and obvious – Leon Brittan -Andrew Mackay – Ian Kirkbride – Julie Kirkbride – Steven Milligan – Alan Duncan – et al (who?). Once you have explored this route…….

    It is NOT a circular route.

  502. 502
    Owen Jones says:

    I’ll be joining the stopthewar march this week against Boko Haram and Isis

    O there isn’t one……?

  503. 503

    As a broader part of Putin’s strategy, it is his aim to humiliate the W’est. If you are not aware of that you have been ‘blinkered’.

    Am not sure why you are dragging L’ockerbie in, unless you are trying to make a connection with the fact that a S’cottish Court in the N’etherlands had j’urisdiction for prosecuting the bombers.

    One thing that did not happen with L’ockerbie was the plane being shot down with a missile.

    There was a bomb on board planted elsewhere which brought it down over S’cotland.

    A second difference is that the S’cottish government did not deliberately leave bodies laying all over to rot outside whilst making up excuses about planes being in the wrong place and hiding evidence of involvement / wrongdoing.

    There was respect extended by the authorities to the dead, and to the families of those affected wherever they came from.

    The court in the N’etherlands was established as L’ibya wanted to guarantee fair trial for its citizens so needed a neutral location. Scotland wanted the trial conducted under S’cot’s law. They got the guys, but should not have released the one they did. It clearly failed to improve relations with L’ibya as testified by the intervention a few years later.

    If on reflection you realize that it perhaps is not a valid or appropriate point to raise, your further silence will be accepted as a sign of contrition.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  504. 504
    Anonymous says:

    Andy Mucky still wears cufflinks given by SM and Jools Kirkbed still wears his bracelet. They were such a power trio?

  505. 505
    A potted History says:

    When the USSR collapsed it was decided and agreed by both sides that the Ukraine would be left alone and become a buffer zone between the West and Russia.

    And it worked well with everyone, NATO, civil servants, France, Germany, Britain, USA Russia all playing ball. Then the EU created its own foreign minister and an EU enlargement minister and a president and his vice president. They either did not understand all the agreements over Ukraine and to leave it alone or decided to ignore them, but their actions were to encourage the Ukraine into the EU. This of course is unacceptable to Russia and all the old hands and wise heads understand and respect this. Unfortunately the EU and Ashton had no respect and were further encouraged by the USA to de stabilise the Ukraine and it all came to a head at the end of last year.

  506. 506
    TSR says:

    The straight route not the direct one.

  507. 507
    Anonymous says:

    The truth will out.

  508. 508
    Tachybaptus says:

    Sockpuppet, why pretend to be someone you are not? The fraud is obvious, because I have an avatar and you don’t, nor can you get one under that name because it has been taken. You are just making yourself look stupid and dishonest. Are you too feeble even to think of a name for yourself?

  509. 509
    Hitler was right: Russians are subhumans says:

    “surrounding the MH-17 incident”

    Incident. Incident? Russia murders 300 people in cold blood and it’s an “incident”?

    80 children murdered by Russia and it’s “an incident”.

    You fucking Russian scum. At least the Americans tried to contact the Iranian jet. Did the Russian scum attempt to do that? No, the Russian scum didn’t.

    I’ll tell you what: America is about to send your piss-ant fucktard nation back into the stone age, and we’re all going to watch and laugh. You Russian scum are going to beg. You Russian scum are going to scream. But everyone else is going to cheer, as Russia becomes a fucking impoverished wasteland. Not far off what it is now, but it’s going to get a whole lot worse for your murderous Russian scum.

    Don’t for one fucking second complain – because you fucking murderous Russian scum earned it. This destruction is yours. Your fucking cretins asked for it. You got it.

  510. 510
    Duty pedant says:


  511. 511
    Portuguese Hat Monkey says:

    You expect contrition from a fool whose head is so far up his arse that it’s come out of his mouth again?

  512. 512
    non taxable pikey says:

    I thought they exported Figs

  513. 513

    TWA 800 – You are now talking pure conspiracy theory.


    I have a video of what happened:

    Now – it’s not exactly the TWA 800, but ignore that for the minute, nor is it real. It’s just something off of uTube from a film with a relatively low CGI budget, and screen writers who were clearly on X-stal meth.

    But: Take off the blinkers – It’s true !

    The important detail is that it was a sharks tooth, not a missile fragment, which penetrated the centre fuel tank causing the mid-air explosion, break up and loss of life.

    How do I know ?

    Sharks Teeth are awesome. Check J’aws for details.

    Video shows sharks attacking planes near A’merica – including a shark big enough to bite through an entire plane.

    Of course the NTSB report could not detail this truth as it would have no credibility whatsoever, and it was necessary to dupe the public with a more mundane excuse to cover things up and protect careers and pensions, but that video shows it to be the case beyond all possible doubt.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  514. 514
    Modded? says:

  515. 515
    Why doesn't she wear a Burka? says:

  516. 516
    Anonymous says:
  517. 517
    non taxable pikey says:

    ISIS having captured Syrian oilfields were overflown by Assad’s aircraft today. The aircraft fired not one shot but flew on to Aleppo and shot up the Free Syrian Army. ISIS are never attacked by Assad, you work it out.

  518. 518
    Julie says:

    You tossers and losers simply simply piss me off. Go away.

  519. 519
    non taxable pikey says:

    There is nothing straight about that lot.

  520. 520
    Tachybaptus says:

    Probing a ring? The sub must have written that after a long liquid lunch.

  521. 521
    A passing owl says:

    Who? Who? Who?

  522. 522
    Cardinal Biggles says:

    Yes, Logan’s Run.

    I think you had to reach the age of 40 before you had to report to the ‘suicide booth’. If memory serves, Michael York went on the run, all for the love of Jenny Agutter, shortly after she had gone ‘Walkabout’ after the ‘Railway Children’

  523. 523

    Like so many, I wish she would.

  524. 524
    Herman has cleared off to that well known EU member, Haiti. says:

  525. 525
    Bloomers says:

    I bet those two lovelies clean behind the fridge.

  526. 526
    The British media are cunts says:

    If there is one good reason to leave the EU, it’s over the lack of action the Krauts and snail eaters will take over Putin.

    The Krauts will still sell shit cars and buy their gas and the froggies will still build crappy ships for them.

    Relying on the female Hitler to do anything is a waste of time.

  527. 527
    Tachybaptus says:

    I have something made in Russia. It’s a wooden coat hook in the shape of an owl. When you hang a coat on it, its wings go up. You could boycott those.

  528. 528
    RT says:

  529. 529
    RT says:

  530. 530
    Running the west into the ground says:

    Which one are you? Nutty Nuland, Barmy Billary or Mental McCain?

  531. 531
    Solar panels are just an expensive gimmick says:

    If Putin turns the gas off, Germany goes under and takes the rest of the Euro zone with it. It’s that simple.

  532. 532
    What a mouth, what a mouth, what a north and south... says:

    Light TFH touchpaper and retire.

  533. 533
    Anonymous says:

    Aint you got any shredding to do? 114 files don’t just shred themselves you know.

  534. 534
    Victoria Nuland and Ann Applebaum says:

    EU Troll, you might want to keep your powder a little drier, MH-14 is looking increasingly like a false flag. The missile that brought the plane down was not a BUK-M1 but a multi-pin (ie kinetic) warhead, as used by R-27 Topor or R-73 missiles, which Ukrainians have plenty of and which are installed on MIG-29 and SU-27. Turns out also that the Ukrainian air-force have been using civilian aircraft as human shields to avoid ground fire, and to provoke the NAF into shooting down a civilian airliner.

    The West’s narrative appears to be falling apart. Cui bono, incidentally, points unerringly to Kiev. I’m a septic and don’t like Putin, but I like the neocons less. There are no white hats in this conflict, just bloody Hobbesian reality, and this is no place for old cold warriors.

  535. 535
    Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot, etc says:

    Lol! According to Jimmy Russia is now a right wing dictatorship. Come to think of it he may be right, you don’t have to queue for fucking hours in the hope of buying a loaf of bread.

  536. 536
    Jesus says:

    Make them pay Israel!

  537. 537
    Frau Merkel has the wind put up her says:

  538. 538
    Russian bear the EU has pissed off says:

    Electronics, watches, cameras, camera lenses, airplanes, anti aircraft missiles , lot of money that gets laundered in London, mega rich people who our politicians ar5elick all the way to their yacht’s or airplanes, ask Osborne and Mandy.

  539. 539
    Victoria Nuland and Ann Applebaum says:

    EU Troll, you might want to keep your powder a little drier, MH-14 is looking increasingly like a false flag. The missile that brought the plane down was not a BUK-M1 but a multi-pin (ie kinetic) warhead, as used by R-27 Topor or R-73 missiles, which Ukrainians have plenty of and which are installed on MIG-29 and SU-27. Turns out also that the Ukrainian air-force have been using civilian aircraft as human shields to avoid ground fire, and to provoke the NAF into shooting down a civilian airliner.

    The West’s narrative appears to be falling apart. Cui bono, incidentally, points unerringly to Kiev. I’m a septic and don’t like Putin, but I like the neocons less. There are no white hats in this conflict, just bloody Hobbesian reality, and this is no place for old cold warriors.

  540. 540
    cynthia says:

    whistles – you’re not right in the head

  541. 541
    Roma Bert. says:

    Such a silly lady…..

  542. 542
    The British media are cunts says:

    Merkel would have made a good concentration camp commander.

  543. 543
    The British media are cunts says:

    Militwat hasn’t got a clue.

  544. 544
    Fishy says:

    I hope she’s handed in her car keys

  545. 545
    The British media are cunts says:

    Simple solution. Next time commies send and aircraft into our airspace, the RAF should not intercept it on the way in. Let it enter then cut of its escape, order it down or shoot it down. Execute the crew in public.

    Problem solved.

  546. 546
    Anonymous says:

  547. 547
    Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:
  548. 548
    f'cukwits corner says:

    very wise 448 and no nell it just gets very dull reading whistle and eu troll’s missives ranging from the bizarre to bloody ridiculous

  549. 549
    Fishy says:


    ‘Journalist’ has used his extensive research to cut and paste what RT has posted, something from the very rattled Russian Deputy Defence Minister Anatoly Antonov. And something that is now appearing on crank, conspiracy and weirdo sites all over the world (and on BBC R4 – which confirms where their sympathies lie).

    I think that ‘Journalist’ must be Johann Hari.

  550. 550
    Diane Fatbott says:

  551. 551
    Anonymous says:

  552. 552
    Alex Salmonella says:


  553. 553

    If you are referring to this:


    It would be wise to understand what R’ussian propaganda is when you see it.

    P’ravda is the least reliable source – clue is in the name.

    On a Cui-Bono basis we are back on more solid territory courtesy of this piece. Brief critique:

    i) It offers no substantive evidence.

    ii) Despite protestations about no investigation, R’ussia we know from the OSCE (to which R’ussia is a member) that the site is still not secured, bodies are still laying in fields and no investigation has started, save the swift abduction of the flight recorder.

    iii) The R-27 / R-73 statement has not been issued by any official government source, but rather as speculation in the questions from the news agency (reporter) itself.

    That is quite explicit black propaganda in this particular case.

    iv) The last paragraph kind of gives the game away with what is going on. Especially the language used: Could have been written by @BW.

    Incidentally – no one has actually blamed R’ussia – including myself – as claimed in that report for the accident.

    It was R’ussian backed separatists / DNR-GRU on the ground who were responsible. They very likely did not intentionally target a civilian airliner. But that is not excusing their actions or those of their backers.

    Opprobrium has been rightly heaped on R’ussia for supplying such weaponry to their units operating in U’kraine, and for instructing their units to block the investigation / movement of bodies.

    It is good that R’ussia are now on the defensive as it would appear that they realize they have a spear lodged in their armour. That spear should be twisted slowly.

    This is a place for cold warriors as this is precisely the propaganda / counter-propaganda shenanigans of the cold war, albeit with a slightly warmer feel at the moment as MH-17 is still smouldering in a field.

    Now: For Cui-Bono:

    This points completely to an accident on the part of the R’ussian backed forces operating in DNR.

    Instead of doing the right thing, R’ussia has dropped the ball and is now going to use this as a pretext for overtly increasing it’s own direct involvement in U’kraine.

    That is in part because this incident has just proven that their irregular forces are a liability and no one believes that the ‘separatists’ are not R’ussian controlled either. So why bother keeping up the hazardous pretence ?

    They also believe that this incident is not serious enough to warrant intervention on our part so they are still free to act. They are likely correct there – we will soon find out.

    One hopes P’utin does continue down this path in an attempt to further humiliate the West and advance his goals.

    Can you see why I would wish for that ? ;-)

    (Cui Bono ?)

    Vote UKIP :-D

  554. 554
    Seems reasonable says:

    Look. If your town had had rockets fired at it for days I’m sure most would cheer if the RAF turned up and bombed the twats who were doing it.

  555. 555

    Vote UKIP :-D

  556. 556

    Vote UKIP :-D

  557. 557

    aka: Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  558. 558
    ZZZ says:

    Most western media. Particularly the BBC can’t stop going on and on about the Hollowcost and how Izzies suffer while they steal land.
    What they don’t report is the slimy Izzy defence minister calling for a Hollowcost against the Palls. The Geneva convention doesn’t apply to the Izzies because they really think they are the chosen race. I could post you the proof but the mods here would just censor it again.

  559. 559
    Russian bear the EU has pissed off says:

    Just do that and put your head up your own ar5ehole, you might as well as you will have started WWIII with the Russian bear.

  560. 560
    Not the Daily Mail says:

  561. 561
    Anonymous says:

    Just when you thought the media had bested it’s previous highs of hysterical bollox… you get that headline.

  562. 562
    A1 says:

    What “evidence” !?

  563. 563

    Just the start of the denial:

    Vote UKIP :-D

  564. 564
    Not the MSM Propaganda says:

  565. 565
    A1 says:

    When they Muslims invaded Spain they left it in a considerably better state than before they came. The rest of the time it’s just been The West trashing Muslim countries over and over and dumping the ZioLoons on them.

  566. 566
    By Jingp our MSM are telling LIES says:

  567. 567
    So nthe Facts are different to what the papers print says:

  568. 568
    He does have a valid point says:

  569. 569

    Vote UKIP :-D

  570. 570
    Russian bear the EU has pissed off says:

    Seems the British media are looking for a fight with Russia, I fuckin hope the journo’s are put first in the firing line, why waste decent troops when the trash who are trying to start a war are free and trying to get more more people k ill ed..

  571. 571

    I don’t see a little bit of negative press like this as being war worthy.

    Why so defensive ?

    I mean it is not like they are in the business of shooting down R’ussian civilian aircraft by accident or anything.

    Wonder if P’utin has cancelled his D’aily M’ail subscription yet ???

    Vote UKIP :-D

  572. 572
    Curious says:

    My wife and I have noticed that too; we just boycot the product/company. they obviously do not want my business. The AA were the first; remember all their adverts full of mouthy sarcastic women bad mouthing men? No more AA policies for me.

  573. 573
    So the plot Thickens says:

  574. 574
    Anonymous says:

    You are a psychopath.

  575. 575
    Anonymous says:


  576. 576
  577. 577
    táxpáyér says:


  578. 578
    táxpáyér says:

    Fuck off you piece of cowardly ahistorical arabs-ass licking traitor and take your spastic cousin marrying trash with you.

  579. 579
    Nigel Garage says:

    Next week in the NME I’ll be explaining how to tune a guitar and write a banging riff that the kids can dance to

  580. 580
    But our MSM does not represent their suffering says:

  581. 581
    Wasn't Bourne yesterday says:

    The mkII version of the FSA; the Russian version means business.

  582. 582
    Hasn't Boris straightened out the buses yet ? says:

    So why does this come round with such monotonous regularity ?

  583. 583
    albacore says:

    With more foreigners in London than Englishmen
    It’s late to start getting Jingoistic again
    In a Parliament that won’t guard its own back yard
    Poseur Dave’s tut-tutting don’t arf make him look hard


  584. 584
    Positive Discrimination is still discrimination says:

    It’s been going on for years. The advertising industry was obviously got at a long time ago.

  585. 585
    Is this a fair question ? says:

    Yes to what ?

  586. 586
    Cocky Rebel says:

    All we need now is some Red Bull.

  587. 587
    The valley of death says:


  588. 588
    Anonymous says:

    +1 million. He/she is clearly demented and should be locked up for their own good.

  589. 589
    Lord Raglan says:

    Shoot !

  590. 590
    M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

    a multi-pin (ie kinetic) warhead, as used by R-27 Topor or R-73 missiles

    How can you know this?

  591. 591
    M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

    After actually reading EU Troll’s post I would imagine that the smart money is on “stupid”.

  592. 592
    Anonymous says:

    Bert, You forgot your adjective tray… fat, thick, slimy, racist, deluded etc etc. What on earth convinced Hackney residents to actually keep voting for that woman?

  593. 593
    Anonymous says:

    Bert, you forgot your adjective tray…. thick, slimy, obese, deluded etc.

    What on earth possesses Hackney voters to keep voting for her>

  594. 594
    Victoria Nuland and Ann Applebaum says:

    Given that analysis of the wreckage no longer supports the BUK-MK1 story, but a kinetic weapon fired by a Kiev fighter, only two questions remain.

    1. Was the Kiev fighter pilot a rogue element or acting under instructions?

    2. Are the cold (armchair) warriors on this site knee-jerkoffs, or shills? Given recent examples of Uncle Sam’s skills at manipulating social media and opinion, the question is moot.

  595. 595
    Mr Galloway says:

    Hamas monsters kill two more Israeli soldiers fighting for the liberty of the j*wish people


  596. 596
    non taxable pikey says:

    Hypocrisy from Cameron, well would you expect anything else? “EU dragging its feet on action against Putin, hoping the problem will go away.”

    Hey Dave! Got a replacement for Butler Sloss yet?

    Hey Dave! Anyone arrested over flagrant breach of electoral laws in Tower Hamlets yet?

    Hey Dave! Changed the rules about Postal Voting yet?

  597. 597
    Miss Abbott says:

    UPDATE: IDF reports ‘entire underground Gaza’ as anti-tunnel op expands http://toi.sr/1zTHLOy

    Hamas are bastards

    Hear ! Hear !

  598. 598
    Victoria Nuland and Ann Applebaum says:

    EU troll,

    I had not seen the Pravda report, thank you for bringing it to my attention. A number of non-aligned sources are bringing this up, including at least two with a very good track record.

    It would be wise indeed to be wary of propaganda, from any and all sides. And until the facts are in, you would be wise to assume that the data which ‘point completely to an accident on the part of the R’ussian backed forces operating in DNR.’ are also suspect. This is an agit-prop war, among other things.

    As is your cui bono response; Putin has a large dog in this fight (as do we), but he also has powerful motivation not to indulge in this sort of shennanigan until the Sino-Russian pipeline, the BRIC bank and Russian re-armament are all complete. It is the US which is in a hurry, under pressure of de-dollarisation.

    Would you care to address the argument? This thread is full of hysteria (as are the MSM and our shill politicians), and there are many who clearly do not wish for clarity.

  599. 599
    Barracco Barner says:

    Hey, Guido, what the fuck is all this bollocks? Two posts in twenty minutes and it’s “You are posting too quickly. Slow down”???

  600. 600
    Western political class gagging for war says:

    Yeh, just like an assassination of some Archduke and his misses in a town most Britons had never heard of was also not being war worthy.

    If you can’t see the orchestrated campaign of hate against Putin and Russia, you need to go to Spec Savers.

    The populations of the west are slowly being conditioned for war.

  601. 601
    Hot_Air_Suppliers says:

    The RAF high ranking officers would be prevented by their political masters from bombing anything this side of the Urals. They were powerless during the break up of Yugoslavia, demoted to the position of observing massacres through binoculars.
    No European country has fired real shots in anger for a long time now. Their armies are not fit for purpose. That is part of the malaise that the hedonistic, consumerist Europeans find themselves in.

  602. 602
    State liars says:

    When the shelling of Eastern Ukraine started, all news about the Ukraine virtually disappeared all of a sudden from the likes of the Torygraph.

  603. 603
    Becoming a minority in a Balkanised Britain is going to be so cool says:

    The media, advertising, education, the churches, all must play their part in getting the native population to cheer on their minoritisation.

  604. 604
    Cathy Ashton says:

    Good morning sex bomb, you were so……….vigorous with me last night.

  605. 605
    Village Idiot says:

    ……The sole responsibility for the MH plane, is those that routed it over a war zone!…..
    ….I am ashamed at the way the west has poured scorn and blame on Putin, who indeed, may support rebels, as we have done, but he is NOT directly responsible however the west try to demonise him!…..Is the west deliberately trying to start WW111?

  606. 606

    Have you ever seen a Russian camera ?
    The last ones they made were totally useless and heavier than a breeze block.

  607. 607
    Abbot critical says:

    Commonly the family set is black dad and white mum and some ” Brownings”

  608. 608
    M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

    These are the same two clowns who went to Cuba and whimpered at the feet of Castro, that freedom loving democrat who keeps his people in a cage.

    A fucking average pub band, no more no less.

  609. 609

    May have something to do with the Russian made and supplied (with training) Mobile Sam missile unit.

  610. 610
    M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

    They don’t make Revolutionaries like they used to. Can you imagine if Lenin had had a touch of man flu in October 1917, the world might be a very different place today.

  611. 611
    I am Afraid that you are correct says:


  612. 612
    Owen "Bollinger" Jones says:

    Anyone care to join me fo ra champagne breakfast this morning ?

    I’m feeling rather cocky.

  613. 613
    Vladimir Putin says:

    Guido Fawkes will be pleased to know that @Owen_PatersonMP has started Tweeting…

  614. 614
    It Stinks says:

    Wake up and smell the coffee.

    That plane came from the EU. The health and safety bureaucracy. A regime where even a Librarian must do a working at heights course. Do you suppose no one considered that it was not just a tad unsafe to send a plane through a war zone where planes are shot down daily?

    To compound matters further it is a war where only one side has planes. So it’s not unreasonable for the side without any planes to consider all planes a threat as it would never enter anyone’s mind to think that Western authorities would route a civilian plane through the war.

  615. 615
    The Hypocritical Empire says:

    How can the EU keep a straight face and lecture anyone about democracy?

  616. 616
    Late "News" says:

    Saddam’s troops take babies out of incubators, leave them to die, and steal the incubators.

    Saddam kills opponents in shredding machines, and uses their shredded bodies as fish food.

    Saddam has weapons of mass destruction.

  617. 617
    Boris says:

    Time to send in the RMT.

  618. 618
    Peter Hitchens says:

    So those who began the current war in Ukraine – the direct cause of the frightful murder of so many innocents on Flight MH17 on Thursday – really have no excuse.

    There is no doubt about who they were. In any war, the aggressor is the one who makes the first move into neutral or disputed territory.

    And that aggressor was the European Union, which rivals China as the world’s most expansionist power, swallowing countries the way performing seals swallow fish (16 gulped down since 1995).

    Ignoring repeated and increasingly urgent warnings from Moscow, the EU – backed by the USA – sought to bring Ukraine into its orbit. It did so through violence and illegality, an armed mob and the overthrow of an elected president.


  619. 619
    Lucie Tannia says:

    Let’s send in a passenger plane where only a few days before a couple of military transport planes where shot out of the sky by SA missiles.

  620. 620
    MSM says:

    Sorry, dead Eastern Ukrainian kids are of no political or propaganda value to us.

  621. 621
    Esther from Primark says:

    So the Police are now investigating Lord Tonypandy even though he has been dead for yonks.

    Not bothering to go around and investigate President Putin though.

    I think we will soon have a change in priorities.

  622. 622
    Anonymous says:

    Someone is lying here. I have been 4 times across this airspace in the last 3 months. I have also flown the length of Iraq on route to Dubai. This on 3 different airlines.
    The mid east airlines were all doing it.

  623. 623
    Been here before says:

    News just in….
    Belgian Nuns r@ped by Kaiser’s soldiers in Brussels.

  624. 624
    an onnybod says:

    Bullseye (and not bullshit!) Well said sir.

  625. 625
    concrete pump says:

    No one cares what you think Hitchens, that’s why you write for the Mail.

  626. 626
    The Benn Dynasty ( or is it Bendy Nasty ? ) says:

  627. 627
    +1000 says:


  628. 628
    an onnybod says:

    Next item on their little list is “Who murdered the princes in the tower”. Tune in next week for the next exciting episode.

  629. 629
    T.B£iar - the People's Messiah says:

    attempt to become the FIFTH generation of her family to sit in the Commons.

    Nepotism and patronage are alive and well in the Libor party ( thankfully )

  630. 630
    an onnybod says:

    A shoo in, especially is she speaks fluent Caribbean patois.

  631. 631
    an onnybod says:

    * if

  632. 632

    The only argument is that R’ussia is going to lie through it’s teeth on this as the forces it supports have just screwed up.

    You will need to check your unaligned sources – that is the nature of black propaganda. Especially check those sources for attributions.

    You do not mention specifically either what sources you are speaking of. That casts large doubt on yourself, your statements in that respect and your intentions.

    You may have just advanced a black propaganda.

    NB: The P’ravda response is where I checked your claim. I could not find any other independent verification, and even checking T’witter discovered only one clearly new ‘fake’ account which had tweeted on it.

    If you were unaware of that you have just declared that your sourcing is faulty. If you were you are trying to spread agitprop.

    So, are your sources:

    i) Random blogs / Twitter
    ii) Reporters blogs
    iii) Your hairdresser
    iv) Press Agency
    v) Other ?

    Those would be unaligned sources with varying degrees of credibility. ‘Good Track Record’ means nada, other than your opinion.

    That opinion could indeed be faulty or duped.

    Incidentally, my hairdresser has a good track record on gardening tips, but I would not consider him a good source worth attributing on an article about the care of an Azalea, but his advice has helped the garden bloom beautifully.

    P’ravda, or one of the other R’ussian sources have likely been poisoning the news wires again. This has happened recently, and before, a method of getting R’ussian agitprop into W’estern Press.

    During the Cold War I’TAR-T’ASS was the only credible source usually considered, except of course for direct attributed government press releases. Those reports / releases were still never considered at face value for good reason.

    The MH-17 was shot down by U’kraine planes narrative ties in with the false narrative that were being put out by the fake spainbuca er al. account. That has been exposed, shut down and discredited.

    There were no reports of other planes in the area from people on the ground – a detail that would have been noticed and raised very early. Fighter jets at the least are quite noisy and it would have been the first conclusion had missile launches from the ground not been noticed. More attention grabbing to the locals.

    R’ussia is in a rush as it knows that it will have problems funding it’s activities once !ranian oil comes back on line, which is why they were quite keen to support extension of oil sanctions with the extension of the nuclear talks: Four months is their window now. That would also tie in with fact that hostilities will need to go into hiatus during winter.

    Do not know what the value of the p!peline to Ch!na is as R’uss!a have very carefully not released price details.

    Be assured that they signed up at a loss in order to ensure Ch!na did sign. It was more in R’uss!a’s interest to coercing Ch!na into a de facto confederal agreement with them than raise revenue from their oil sales.

    R’ussia selling to Ch!na at a price less than they are selling to Europe in particular could be inferred from the fact they have not published the price. Europe, and others, are de facto subsidizing C’h!nese oil consumption now if purchasing R’ussian at market price in addition to funding R’uss!a’s military activities.

    If the price was equal they would have had no problem making it public.

    That loss aspect is perhaps a larger motivation for them to continue in U’kraine as they need now to make the EEU work or face financial ruin and possibly the Ch!nese army seeking enforcement of the contract in a few years time.

    The US is not really under any pressure at all. Main concern there relates only to security.

    ‘De-dollarization’ – the term – is another active measure from R’ussia. Petro-dollar cycle not being so important now reduces USD dependency abroad, but $ will remain in place for a while to come yet.

    Check the sources carefully, and it should be noted that for an energy independent US, total currency hegemony is not as big an interest. It is a red herring that plays to the US is greedy meme.

    The conflict R’ussia has been orchestrating has been primarily one of active-measures from the outset. That reflects the simple fact that they are weak and do not have the real military capability or public support domestically to operate directly.

    The propaganda campaign they are waging is to keep their own costs down and a shabby attempt at establishing credibility.

    The fiction that they are a great economic and military force to be feared has been pushed out with varying degrees of success. As with all lies it is beginning to unwind.

    The biggest argument for s’hill politician at present is maybe R’utte’s response. His actions can be explained by the fact that he needs to manage public sentiment in H’olland at present, in particular to quell demand for a military response which could destabilize his government.

    R’uss!an agitprop and a confused public would describe him as shill. Political reality does not.

    The s’hill politician meme is again another active-measure primarily designed to weaken public support in domestic leaders and political systems. Whilst R’ussia continues to believe that this is working they will continue to make serious mistakes.

    The only propaganda to be wary of at present is that which sources from R’ussia.

    Their propaganda is less in our interests than is our own.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  633. 633
    Anonymous says:

    Stay classy, Izzy.

  634. 634
    dryedr says:

    You believe everything “they” tell you?

  635. 635
    The BBC are cunts says:

    Sickeningly white.

  636. 636
    er56ye says:

    They are too busy forever talking about the Holocaust on the BBC.

  637. 637

    W’orld W’ar O’ne was not started by negative press.

    F’erdinand was the only guy who was capable of containing the forces that were released after his death.

    That is perhaps why R’ussia funded the S’erb terrorists who shot him and his wife in S’arajevo.

    The only campaign against P’utin and R’ussia is that which P’utin is bringing upon himself and his people. There isn’t really one at present beyond some criticism of his backing a bunch of irregulars who accidentally shot down a commercial jet with ~300 people on board.

    R’ussia could have responded in many ways to this. They have chosen a way which is perhaps not in their own best interests.

    If P’utin escalates in U’kraine, or indeed chooses to assassinate a moderate W’estern figure – perhaps in a similar vein to what happened with D r K e l l e y – then a path to real confrontation could be set. But that is not in the interests of others at present.

    The high and persistent youth unemployment rates should have given the game away a few years ago now as to conditioning.

    War is simply politics by other means. To that end yes, populations at present do need to be conditioned, but not necessarily for direct confrontation.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  638. 638
    opportunity sucks says:

    Remember, this is the first day of the rest of your squalid little lives.

  639. 639
    er56ye says:

    Time the West eliminated the Izzie nukes.

  640. 640
    Anonymous says:

    It is the Daily Star to be fair.

  641. 641
    Fuckwit Watch says:

    …and no one cares what you think either, you nobody.

  642. 642
    Squeaker Bercow says:

    I walked up to a girl in the pub, and said, “Did it hurt?”

    Unimpressed, she said, “What? When I fell from heaven?”

    I replied, “No, when you had your penis removed.”

  643. 643
    Daily Mail says:

    Sorry we are not currently accepting comments on this article.

  644. 644
    Cathy Ashton says:


  645. 645
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:

    Are you one of my trade union bosses ?

  646. 646
    Anonymous says:

    Love that Clare Short ……………..not.

  647. 647
    I would like an answer? says:

    Why was the green light given for civilian aircraft to over fly this war zone and why did British Airways ignore this advice and avoid the area?

  648. 648
    Len McCluskey says:

    Morning Ed, if you refer to me as “Mr PotatoHead” behind my back again you will be sorry.

  649. 649
    JJ says:

    Truth hurts?

  650. 650
    drth56 says:

    Conversly, you and your izzie friends must be pleased that there are now over 300 terminated Untermenschen.
    Try not stealing land and not driving millions into refugee camps, you stupid old cow.

  651. 651
    Mr Nobody says:

    You are Peter Hitchens and I claim my £5

  652. 652

    By Peter’s own logic R’ussia is placed in the cross hairs again.

    Yanokovych did allow the GRU back in and was trying to take U’kraine into the R’ussian trading Union. That started shortly after he was elected.

    Winding back further, R’ussia is believed responsible for Y’ushenko’s dioxin poisoning. Y’ushenko’s dioxin investigation was indeed hampered by R’ussian officials in 2007. Their only reasoning would be for cover up.

    G’azprom are well known to have thoroughly corrupted T’ymoshenko. She was indeed imprisoned for that.

    Now that is a timeline from about 2004 to present for R’ussian interference in U’kraine which undermines H’itchens’s thesis regarding the EU. Polemic again clouding his presentation.

    He also fails to mention KAL 007 in his section on USS V’incennes. Not very balanced.

    Finally he is also wrong about U’kraine taking responsibility for the 1812 accident:


    Odd column – one wonders what he is really trying to say. :-)

    Vote UKIP :-D

  653. 653
    Cathy Ashton says:

    Imagine waking up next to me in the morning

  654. 654
    drth56 says:

    You believe everything “they” tell you?

  655. 655
    The British MSM are cunts says:


  656. 656
    Dave - The high-five federalist says:

    Snake oil anyone?

  657. 657
    Gordo McMong says:

    I’m furiously wanking of that thought right now!

    Fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap……

  658. 658
    drth56 says:

    No pretending, the yanks certainly trained ISIS.

  659. 659
    drth56 says:

    You must be a Daily Mail “reading” Mong.

  660. 660
    Uniric says:

    One doesn’t wonder at all mate. It’s bleeding obvious. Are you really stupid or just pretending?

  661. 661
    JJ says:

    An odd if slightly obsessive poster this “EU Funded Pro EU Troll” chap is, one does wonder what he’s really trying to say at times.

  662. 662
    The British advertising "industry" are total cunts says:

    So I presume that your wife is still with the AA though?

  663. 663
    F##k the LibLabCon says:

    Mmmm… decisions decisions, which lie do I pretend to believe?

  664. 664
    lusty comrade says:

    Actually she looks rather cute.

  665. 665
    Mr Galloway says:

    You may be Muslim if:

    You sit quietly by whilst Muslims massacre humans in the name of Islam, but demonstrate violently for peace in Gaza.

  666. 666
    Victoria Nuland and Ann Applebaum says:

    Military chatter.

  667. 667
    F##k the LibLabCon says:

    Its the muzzie way and they’re British you know! Oh yes to the core.

  668. 668
    F##k the LibLabCon says:

    Just boycott ‘em I do.

  669. 669
    Specsavers says:

    We’re doing a two for one offer this weekend.

  670. 670
    Owen"The Human Shield In Gaza" Jones says:

    Thousands Rally in London against:
    ̶I̶S̶I̶S̶ ̶
    B̶o̶k̶o̶ ̶H̶a̶r̶a̶m̶
    ̶R̶u̶s̶s̶i̶a̶n̶ ̶s̶h̶o̶o̶t̶-̶d̶o̶w̶n̶
    Israel’s Gaza op

  671. 671
    Dug so deep I ended up in Australia says:

    My tinfoil hat was okay though.

  672. 672
    F##k the LibLabCon says:

    Come on Guido get that fat hairy arse out of your wanking pit and post something will yeah! I’m thinking something advertising ‘The Sun’ newspaper and tell us how popular you are too, just for a change.

  673. 673
    WhitesticksRUs.com says:

    We’re doing a three for one offer till August.

  674. 674
    BBC Thought Police says:


  675. 675
    Fishy says:

    ‘Given that analysis of the wreckage no longer supports the BUK-MK1 story’

    There’s been no analysis. What a wanker you are. What purpose do you have to make such things up and disrespect the death of nearly 300 people.

    Get back to your masters in Kensington Palace Gardens, break out the polonium and take a swig.


  676. 676
    BBC Thought Police says:


  677. 677
    Victoria Nuland and Ann Applebaum says:


    There is a good deal of ongoing military chatter, as I do not speak Russian I have kept to Western sites and you can easily find these. I rarely go to Pravda and would certainly not go there for unbiased info!

    You have formed a clear judgement on an unclear and probably highly edited evidence base, and are as guilty of spreading a version of reality as I am. It is not possible, without access to further data, to know which of us is correct, but it is important to consider all of the likely options as we stagger closer to a war which may spill over Ukrainian borders.

    Realpolitik drives this sort of thing (‘F,ck the EU’), and I repeat that there is every reason for the US to escalate, and none for the Russia to do so. I would also bring to your attention the fact that the Kiev regime has just confiscated all the air control data. Once again, whose interests does this all serve?

  678. 678
    Small minds think alike too says:

    Peter doesn’t appear to have a heart , now one wonders what has happened to his brain!

  679. 679
    The truth is not out there says:

    Dickens died prematurely in 1985

    He died in 1995. Why are you lying about this?

  680. 680
    Wendy Dong says:


  681. 681
    Spock says:

    Enough of these simulations.

  682. 682
    Small minds think alike too says:

    Some times it is just as it appears – some trigger happy primitive sets in train a series of events. Don’t demean the dead with your third bedroom perpspective

  683. 683
    Guido Fawkes says:

    OK then.

    Republicans attack a elderly women in Belfast City centre for having a Israel flag ..Heartless scum should be ashamed

  684. 684
    concrete brain watch says:

    That’s fucking rich coming from a Daily Star reader, and I use the ‘reader’ lightly.

  685. 685
    Fact is says:

    go back to blogger school and get yourself on a facts based course.

    Superb. Coming from a bloke who wouldn’t know what to do with a fact if he ever found one.

  686. 686
    Fishy says:

    About 150 planes a day were on that route.

    Things should have changed, though, earlier in the week after the rebels took out a transport at 22,000 feet (far higher than their should launched missiles could reach).

    Ukraine must have known from that time that the rebels had access to a Buk missile system.

  687. 687
    Victoria Nuland and Ann Applebaum says:


    You are quick to rush to judgement. MH-14 is a tragedy, the least we can do is to try to work out what happened and there are, at the moment, too many anomalies in the official story.

    On a personal note, my girlfriend was on a flight that flew over Ukraine the previous day, and could have been a victim. I fly once or twice a week, often in Europe, and on another day it could have been me. If it had been my child – well, I feel for the innocent victims and their relatives. It was – and is – a bloody mess.

    I doubt that you really believe that my masters reside in Kensington Palace Gardens (my masters are located in Minnesota), or that you want me to drink polonium. If shouting such nonsense makes you feel better then go ahead, but you are just producing heat. I prefer a little light when I can find it, and will continue to look for it.

  688. 688
    Fishy says:

    It’s returned to it’s Marxist / Trotskyist roots.

    I don’t disagree that the EU is a shite organisation, but this piece is beyond the pale. Hitchens has become an apologist for his soul mates in the Kremlin.

  689. 689
    BBC to be switched off during the day in Ramadan says:

    So what have we from the BBC this Sunday morning –

    A special programme for 4% of the population “Dr Salehya ….. meets Muslims who are fasting throughout July”.

    Who the fuck is interested in what they get up to with their diet ?

    5 massive Car bombs went off in Baghdad yesterday were they reported on the BBC ?

    Oh no ! that would give the wrong impression about these lovely muslims wouldn’t it ?

  690. 690
    Self awareness 101 says:

    ” epic articles”. Fucking hell. Is she deluded or what?

  691. 691
    Red Princess says:

    Has old Tony’s will been published? I do hope he left everything to the state.

  692. 692
    Small minds think alike too says:

    Your name says it all! By that analogy, everyone attacked while walking the streets is the cause rather than the attacker. Everyone killed by a drunk driver is guilty because they know there are drunk drivers on the road.

    It is useful idiots like you that encourage these barbarians to think they have some excuse

  693. 693
    Small minds think alike too says:

    peaceful, law abiding people and the silent majority never stop fanatics taking power.

  694. 694
    Small minds think alike too says:

    But where is your evidence – none that I have seen implicates the Ukranians- put up or shut up – there are 300 hundred innocent people dead( unless they were all spies of course!)

  695. 695
    Small minds think alike too says:

    Brucie says :Rearrange into a well known phrase or saying . “End Gaza attacks on Israel?”

  696. 696
    Victoria Nuland and Ann Applebaum says:

    OK, have a look at this analysis on the ranges and math of the BUK system, from an apparently well-informed technical type on Zerohedge. It is the most detailed so far, though other bits of military gossip are making similar points.

    ‘If pro-Russian rebels used a captured Ukranian BUK (or a secret system smuggled in from Russia) and fired it from any of the rebel-controlled areas, then MH17 would have been hit, and the wreckage would have traveled far beyond the region it was found.

    A BUK M1-2 TELAR (Transport Erect Launch Aquisiton Radar) unit by itself (without the big radar-only truck) can only begin to acquire an approaching target at a range of maybe 15km or so. MH17 would be approaching the launcher at a lateral closing speed of one kilometer every four seconds. That means, at best, the TELAR might begin to see MH17 approaching at 60 seconds out. Let’s say it took fifteen seconds to somehow decide it was something they wanted to shoot down and launched a missile. Fifteen more seconds after launch for the missile to travel to and hit the plane. At that time, the MH17 would have been only seven or eight kilometers in front of the launcher, but ten kilometers high and still traveling forward (until hit) at a kilometer every four seconds. It would take well over three minutes for the heaviest pieces to hit the ground, and they would have done that several kilometers beyond the launcher – much further toward the Russian border.

    For the wreckage to land where it did, an oncoming plane would have to have been hit by a missile while it was still about 22 or so km away. Twenty seconds for missile flight time to be there means it would have to be launched while the plane was still 27 km away. It would still take a while to be acquired by the radar and identified as ‘unfriendly’, so you’re talking more like 30km+.

    30+km is within the capability of a fully-deployed BUK battery with all the TEL and TELAR missile launchers communicating wtih a M1-1 Kupol (Tube Arm/Snow Drift) search and acquisition radar vehicle. Trouble is that the seperatist militia didn’t capture anentire battery- they just got a couple of TELAR trucks. The TELAR units only have a much smaller Fire Dome radar to use (the bump under the missiles). That means, under the most ideal conditions, they would have engaged and hit a approaching target that was a few km, not 30km away. The wreckage from a commercial airliner hit a few km in front of the TELAR would be found a dozen kilometers further downrange.

    The destruction of MH-17 happened at a point well beyond the range of any separatist captured BUK TELAR units when you consider the additional acquisition, launch and missile flight times (not simply the stated raw BUK ranges). A BUK TELAR vehicle, by itself, could have shot down MH17, but it would have to have been 10km further into Ukrainian-held territory.

    There’s people that do a lot better job of explaining the dynamics of a BUK system and can give more precise numbers, but it makes sense at face value. You simply can’t shoot down an approaching jet aircraft that far out without the half-dozen or so vehicles working together as a minimum, complete SAM battery. You can’t even see the aircraft that far out without a dedicated Kupol search and acquisition radar.’

    There are just too many holes in the official story. I don’t know if the above is the final word, and I absolutely concede that it is still possible that the rebels did somehow bring down the Malaysian flight. Our honest politicians are certainly doing their best to stampede us over that cliff, but we have a duty to the innocent passengers and to our friends, neighbours and children to ascertain as much of the truth as possible before blithely marching off to war.

  697. 697
    Shmuel says:

    Another thread brought to you by the Hasbara Shlomos.

  698. 698
    IC says:

    You have to be incompetent or corrupt to be a friend of Izrael nowdays.
    Even the majority of Tabloid readers have twigged which way the cookie crumbles.

  699. 699
    IC says:

    How do you suggest Palestinians protect themselves from land theft, attack, snipers, imprisonment, dispossession, eviction and all the rest of the crimes Izzies keep committing against them, Shlomo?

  700. 700
    IC says:

    Give it up Shlomo, even Tabloid readers have finally twigged that the Iziies are the real thieving, murdering Slimebags.

  701. 701
    IC says:

    I wonder how many children and civvies those particular IDF slime killed, and stole land from.

    This is a western blog, Shlomo so GTF off here.

  702. 702
    IC says:

    Hello Shlomo! Pulling another Hasbara all-nighter, hey?
    Thing is that even dim tabloid readers have finally twigged to the reality that the Izzies are the real slimebags.

  703. 703
    IC says:

    Shouldn’t steal land and herd millions into refugee camps at gunpoint then, you hypocrite slime.
    You’ll be dancing to the fact that you have killed over 400 Palestinian civilians and wounded many thousands!

  704. 704
    IC says:

    Not forgetting the displacement of many tens of thousands, which is what you really want.

  705. 705
    IC says:

    You’re not just a cnut but a war criminal.

  706. 706
    IC says:

    Still here, Shlomo?

  707. 707
    IC says:

    Look Shlomo, Even Tabloid readers have twigged that you izzies are just a bunch of murdering land thieves and racist supremacists. You are not the chosen ones. Your invisible sky pixie is a figment of your twisted imagination and people are fed up with you whining “victim” when you reap what you sow.
    Piss Off!

  708. 708
    IC says:

    Oh, hang on…

  709. 709
    elliemae9 says:

    test post, don’t bother replying

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