July 18th, 2014

Unions Not the Only Ones Who Need a Majority

Labour sources were last night unconcerned by the Tories’ announcement that “the next Conservative government” will introduce a 50% threshold for strikes. Frankie Maude has pledged to force unions to secure a “double majority” for strikes to be legal, a majority of members and a majority in favour of industrial action. On the face of it this seems another welcome trade union reform by Maude’s Cabinet Office, though if it is conditional on the almost impossible event of the Tories winning a majority next year then it is little more than window-dressing. As the Telegraph’s Polling Observatory shows today, it will take a small miracle for the Tories to do so. So far the LibDems have resisted union reform this time round. If the Tories are serious, this needs to be a red line in coalition negotiations after the election…


  1. 1
    Ockham's Razor says:

    Good Afternoon.


  2. 2
    P l e b says:

    Can’t have those nasty unions stealing his paymasters’ profits, can we?


  3. 3
    Nigel 'I fucking luvs Putin I does' EU fanatic Farage says:

    A Tory majority?? hahahaha!!

    Me and me fellow EU fanatics in UKIP will deny the scum tories at least fifteen seats next fucking May!!!!!

    You want us to lose our massive fucking EU expenses? get fucked

    No10’s all yours Ed! And ten more years feasting in the EU expenses trough for us!!!


    • 8
      Dave in Wonderland says:

      Well I am doing my best to get Ed elected.


    • 9
      Anonymous says:

      EU pays allowances, not expenses.


      • 21
        Nigel 'I fucking luvs Putin I does' EU fanatic Farage says:

        Yeah baby,,,that distinction really eases me conscience dunnit


        • 28
          Executive Summary says:

          Vote UKIP


        • 29
          Lookin' says:

          If you want your conscience eased, don’t vote for the p@edo wife-beating tories you dumb c’unt


        • 34
          Vote Dave? Get stuffed says:

          So vote to put these grabbing MEPs out of a job by voting UKIP. They are the only UK party who want to leave the corrupt, anti-democratic, warmongering organisation called the EU.


    • 23
      Tory Boy says:

      Nanny, nanny!

      Tell mummy the plebs won’t vote tory.

      Boohooo waaaaaaahhhhhhh
      snot fair!


      • 33
        England is becumin a ferd world cess-pit innit says:

        Im sure you’ll be well served by a government led by a millionaire marxist rat

        Only scroungers, public sector malingerers, feckless depraved fucks, and immigrants will benefit from it,,,until the money runs out again,,,as it always does for labour


        • 38
          Vote Dave? Get stuffed says:

          And the Tories are just as much to blame for the state of the UK today as Labour. They have allowed in more immigrants over the last 60 years than Labour.


        • 46
          Tory Boy says:

          Agreed – Vote UKIP


        • 54
          inside out says:

          The money has already run out Cameron and Osbourne have borrowed more than Brown,no Tory would have thought that was possible.But they have proved us all wrong.


          • The Growler says:

            And by all the verbiage coming from No 10 Downing Street they are going to spend even more which they haven’t got or should I say the country hasn’t got.


          • rick says:

            Yep, the LibLabCon are the same party. People are just beginning to work it out.


          • bergen says:

            I very much doubt that there’ll be another Tory government for 25 years. It’s not in Labour’s interests to reform boundaries and they’ve imported as a deliberate policy sufficient immigrant voters to decide the result- look at the difference in the swing in 2010 between London and the rest of the country. Their only hope would be an independent Scotland which is a strange wish for the “Unionist” party.


          • The two Muppets says:

            I voted UKIP in the last European election But I will revert
            back to the Conservatives for the General Election .
            I fear the Labour Party much more than I fear the EU.
            The idea of Miliband and Balls running the Country makes
            my skin crawl .
            Several of my colleagues are doing the same .


  4. 4
    David Cameron says:

    Unlike UKIP we have loads of policies most of them in the long grass.


  5. 5
    Red Ed's non-predator union bosses says:




  6. 6
    Jean-Claude Power-Junkie says:

    The victims of the Ukraine air disaster are all martyrs to the cause of EU Expansionism, and must have full Superstate funerals and be accorded full EU military honours. All coffins should be draped with the EU flag. And remember: Where the USSR failed, the EU will succeed.


  7. 7
    P l e b says:

    Is Mad Maud still about? Is he still giving out advice on how to store petrol?


  8. 11
    BBC 24hr rolling Bollocks says:

    Caption comp day today hope Guido gives us something good to work with.
    A picture of Angela Eagle tweeting from inside the men’s urinals perhaps.


    • 16
      David Cameron says:

      Michael Gove stuck in a lavatory would be better.


      • 26
        England is becumin a ferd world cess-pit innit says:

        Millipede with is tongue up Red Len’s purple anus would be better


      • 64
        Michael Gove says:

        I wondered what that short fella with the bob haircut was doing on their iphone.


        • 103
          Spartacus says:

          Something topical like the Queen’s Torch being taken around Great Britain in a wheelchair, sorry meant the UK.

          (Pardon my mistake Mr Junkers, please)


  9. 12
    David Cameron says:

    Thanks Jean-Claude you really got me off the hook with my backbenchers and the UKipers, sorry I had to do all that “He’s unsuitable” stuff, but the plan worked and no harm done old chap, any time you need a favour back, let me know OK?


  10. 17
    Anonymous says:

    Individual freedom! Unless it applies to the pleps of course.

    The hypocrisy of libertarians opposing the right to withhold labour is breathtaking.


    • 25
      Vote Dave? Get stuffed says:

      You can withhold your labour any time you like. Get another job if you don’t like the one you are in, like the rest of us do.


    • 36
      Duty Plep says:

      Don’t bring us into it. It’s the Plebs you should be looking at.


    • 37
      Democracy is a bitch says:

      WTF is a plep?

      You can withhold your labour if you want, just don’t force it on the rest of the union membership who don’t want to withhold. Moron.


    • 43
      A Business Owner says:

      There fixed it for you.

      The hypocrisy of unions opposing the right to withhold (more of) my money when the business is already red lining is breathtaking.


      • 83
        The Growler says:

        If your business is red lining its virtually bust anyway depending what business it is they are going to lose their jobs anyway, if you are not being payed by your customers on time, I know that is a well known problem, make payment demands or take court action, or even find out how many more are not being payed and bring a joint action against that company, or just stop supplying them and spread the word.


  11. 19
    Dave in Wonderland says:

    When I said I was going to fight to get Turkey to join the EU I meant it and when I said I wanted no more countries to join the EU I meant it.

    You can believe what I say 50% of the time.


  12. 20
    The Rt. Hon. 'Ed' Miliband PM says:

    The Rt. Hon. ‘Ed’ Miliband PM


  13. 22
    Nick Clegg says:

    Fucking Headbangers again.


  14. 31
    David Cummerbund says:

    If the Tories are serious, this needs to be a red line in coalition negotiations after the election…

    …Don’t worry, we aren’t serious.


  15. 39
    The Chuckle Brothers says:

    Vote for us in May 2015


  16. 41
    Nigel says:

    I heart Putin.


  17. 44
    Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

    The Telegraph claiming the Tories need a miracle to win next year. This is why they won’t win

    1. No boundary changes
    2. Corruption within the Postal voting system not resolved
    3. UKIP trending at ~ 15% in the polls; they cost the Tories 20 seats in 2010 with 3% of the vote.
    4. Pilgrims still in position actively campaigning against the Government of the day using taxpayers money
    5. Union education fund is still in place
    6. Cameron’s appalling judgement in appointing Andy Coulson
    7. No TU reform allowing Crow and his mob hold us to ransom
    8. Tory constituency parties are disintegrating in protest at Cameron’s liberal policies
    9. The Tories will lose 7/8 seats along the route of HS2 to single issue candidates
    10. The Tories will lose one seat in Portsmouth due to shipbuilding being concentrated in Scotland
    11. No control of mass immigration
    12. Public spending still out of control and the national debt rising on a daily basis
    13. Human Rights Act still in place
    14. No referendum on Europe
    15. State control of the press introduced
    16. Cameron wanted to take us to war in Syria
    17. Gay Marriage
    18. The BBC is left wing and will act as Labour’s main election campaigner in 2015
    19. QE is destroying any savings people may have
    20. Cameron’s continued, unsubstantiated, support for Climate Change and general green issues.
    21. No promised Bonfire of the Quangos or reduction in Red Tape for businesses. Even worse he has left all the labour placemen who head these quangos in place.
    22. Cameron’s pathetic support for Yeo and Miller. More evidence of his lack of judgement.
    23. He gave Anna Soubry a job
    24. Cameron/Osbourne did not reverse the Brown/Balls pension reforms as promised and thus continued the retirement misery for many
    25. Introduced £9k p.a. tuition fees resulting in students leaving university with debts most will never be able to afford to pay back
    26. Is planning to introduce the child abuse crime of mental anguish when our authorities are incapable of protecting vulnerable children from physical abuse.
    27. Has made no attempt to defend Christianity against an onslaught from the liberal left.
    28. He sacked Michael Gove who was striving to give working class kids a good education


    • 52
      Oxfam says:

      29 – Us

      Please evil Tory bastards, send more money.


    • 59

      Don’t worry the jockanese might vote yes ,thus sparing us 43 labour MPs , and a few UKIP MPs might just put a little backbone into the so called Tory eurosceptics.


    • 99
      The Growler says:

      Have no fear all you Gove Fans, Gover will be back but as a challenger to Dave C if ythe Cons don’t get a good working majority, Dave has forgotten one thing if you stab one of your comrades, be sure that he is dead, for as sure as eggs are eggs they will stab you, possibily fatally.


  18. 48
    Ellis_Island_no_Mainland says:

    Give me a country where I’m allowed to be free……
    OK. how about giving me a Country?
    No? How about letting me keep mine?”


  19. 50
    What the fuck do most of them do? says:

    Civil servant non job merchants going on strike affect nobody so even if only 1% of them back strike action let them do it.
    I’m sure we’ll manage.


  20. 53
    Guy News Room says:

    Great news for a tireless campaigner for the squeezed middle and a Blue Collar Tory……..Owen Jones

    Owen will swing the General Election towards the Conservatives, have no fear !


  21. 56
    Mrs Wilson says:

    Rob, you’ve been reading ‘War and Peace’ now for the past twenty years.
    You could have put it aside for a few more years.


  22. 57
    The British media are cunts says:

    The only hope for the Tories is if the smelly socks grow the balls to fuck off. Very unlikely but the loss of 40+ seats would be a killer for old rubber face Ed.

    What gets me is who is telling Cameron he has a hope of a majority, pissed off most of the white hard working English, pissed off older voters and attracted a few poofs.


  23. 58
    Simon Ćowell says:

    I’m watching this blog site today with my PR chap Mr Clifford.

    You have been warned.


  24. 61
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    A few more manifesto pledges for the Tories to declare:

    1. Axe the telly tax in the the very first session of parliament after the election to ease the cost of living o the poor and squeezed middle.

    2. Freeze the council tax for a further 5 years (ensure no loop holes and that councils must freeze it by law) again to ease the cost of living on the poor and squeezed middle.

    3. Bring in a new crime of Public Sector manslaughter so that those responsible for Staford Hospital can be jailed for their crimes.

    It’ll have Liebore and the Fib Demons in a right spin :-)


  25. 63
    tigerowl says:

    Look forward to the trade union legislation. Tories tried it in the milk snatchers period and failed. Unions who donate to the Labour party had to have a vote of members supporting political donations. One hundred per cent of the unions in that vote voted to support political donations to the Labour party. Not one unions members voted to end the donations. Tories do not understand democracy. Working people collected together and supported a party that reflected their views. It wasn’t the Tories.
    Perhaps if the Tories were more open people would find that unlike the unions who are all ordinary folk, Tory donators are hidden away, some do not even live here.
    Trade Unions are the most democratic organisations in this country. They operate under the laws that are placed by parliament. Even the strike votes are laid down by Westminster. Change the law and the unions will still operate effectively.
    As for people who do not like unions, then that is your choice. Do you really believe that all the ‘perks’ – holidays, conditions at work were given by the organisations and the Tories? Today it is the EU that offers workers a better deal with the Tories and UKIP fighting to be the toughest on EU regulation. Vote Tory or UKIP and end your employment rights. That is a good slogan eh Farage????


  26. 71
    reading is optional says:

    In this new multicultural country we all had a vote in to change, we need lots of unions, we need a white woman’s union, a black woman’s union, a white man’s union, a black man’s union, and a union for the flotsam that came here on the tides of EU country takeovers, an African Union, an Australian union, a New Zealand union, lazy bstards on benefits union, lazy bstards on benefits with a car/tv public housing and a job union, let’s all join a union, a union is good for the country, oh I forget a union that we may not need in September, Scotland the Brave, I wanna hold your hand, I wanna hold your haaaand.


    • 73
      Paniagua says:

      Serious question to all pro union folk on here …

      Is there a Union to represent Union Leaders?

      If not how come the they managed to negotiate such good pay & conditions?


      • 94
        Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

        They just help themselves to as much of the union subs as they like :-)


  27. 74
    recall the bastards says:

    All right you tory assholes. An MP will have to obtain at least 50% of the vote to get into parliament. If not, we will have by-elections ad infinitum.


    • 76
      nell says:

      I think I’m right in saying that in Australia you have to vote by law and if you don’t do so you get fined. I think that would be a good system here.


      • 80

        The Australians were turned into compliant statist zombies by years of Labor governments, if i want to vote I will if not then so be it .


      • 84
        reading is optional says:

        What about postal voting Nell, surely that should be stopped or cut to legit officials actually talking to the individual people and proving their credentials and reason for a postal vote before a postal vote is given.


    • 82
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

      In a general election, every adult is allowed a vote and can even choose to stand themselves if they don’t like any of the candidates.

      In a trade union vote a tiny minority of the country gets to vote and the rest of the country has no say, yet has to suffer the fallout of the strike action.

      It’s time to make teachers,firemen,police etc. sign no strike agreements.

      If they don’t like that condition then they can fuck off and get another job in the private sector :-)


  28. 75
    nell says:

    Let’s hope we do not get another coalition ! Another five years of bumblingvince, cleggie and that libdem fool in charge of climate change is more than I can bear.


  29. 78
    reading is optional says:

    I hope Camorons Conservatives have someone who reads this blog, for your information, I have just signed a petition against you nutters taking away the pensioners bus pass, if it’s true you will lose the election, if it’s not you better get on radio and tv denying it, your call.


    • 88
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

      Getting ever more desperate are we little Liebore troll?

      Ed and his front bench of weirdos are totally unelectable.

      With the economy rapidly improving and a Tory message of don’t let Labour wreck the recovery alongside a Labour Tax Bombshell poster/TV campaign, the Tories will get a comfortable majority next May :-)


      • 100
        reading is optional says:

        NO, this is genuine and it’s happening now, if Camoron doesn’t care about this happening then he will find out next May, I really don’t care if Liebour get in next May as I will vote UKIP while Camoron is in charge of the Conservatives, but if he pisses off the pensioners who vote then he will lose and I would rather have a Camoron in with minimum seats than a Liebour nutter with loads seats.


    • 96
      inside out says:

      Remember the pensioners are the largest minority, who are guaranteed to vote rain or shine.They also are the ones who remember what Great Britain use to be pre EU.Ignore them at your peril.


  30. 79
    Ed Moribund says:

    Who was the last person called ‘Ed’ a Prime minister?
    Have there been many Ed’s?

    Ed Moribund, Prime Minister! I like the sound of that!
    I can’t wait for May 2015.


  31. 81
    Anonymous says:

    So having a goverment based on a minority of votes from a minority of voters is perfectly acceptable.


    • 90
      Little Nicky I-love-pretending-to-be-someone-important Clegg says:

      Damn right !


    • 95
      reading is optional says:

      We already do/have, if half of the people of Britain who have the vote came out to vote, the polling stations would have to open a lot longer than they are now.


  32. 86

    Thats a controversial one. Millipedes paymasters will be fuming!


  33. 115
    Bricktop says:

    The police CANT strike, you leg iron.


    • 117
      earwig o'agen says:

      The police can’t ‘withhold their labour’.

      There, fixed it for you – they can strike you with their truncheons or a fist any time the mood takes them,


  34. 118
    Jimmy says:

    And the retox programme gathers pace.


  35. 120
  36. 121

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