July 17th, 2014

Tories Set for Move to Pull Out of ECHR

David Cameron is to announce plans that threaten to pull Britain out of the European Court of Human Rights, Guido understands. Axed Home Office minister Damian Green wrote a paper preparing the government for a move towards withdrawal prior to him losing his job at this week’s reshuffle. Guido is told that the departure of Dominic Grieve as Attorney General paves the way for the government to toughen its stance on the ECHR. Nick Robinson was apparently the desired conduit…


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    kebabmon says:

    Another failed attempt at reform by the Tories.

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      Maqboul the fool says:

      Yeah right. And the EU will tell Cameron to foxtrot Oscar and it’ll be quietly swept under the carpet.

      Expect more of this non bravado in the run up to the GE.

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        Dave in Wonderland says:

        What do we want? We don’t know. When do we want it? When it is convenient.

        I say I want Turkey to join the EU and yet now I say I want no more countries to join it ????


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          David Cameron says:

          I was right to say we want Turkey to join to appeal to voters who support that, and right to say no more countries can join to appeal to voters who agree with that.

          Tell me what your concerns are and I’ll make a statement to appease you.


          • Lynton says:

            All things to all women. Good on yer, cobber.


          • DMreading Mong says:

            We don’t want no human rites!
            GB out of the EUCHR!


          • Blowing Willies says:

            If we let Turkey in to EU it will open our borders to the mus­lim j­ews.


          • The Growler says:

            Dave me old cocksparra, you have performed so many 180 degree U turns that nobody knows what you really want, Maggie went ahead with what she wanted and would not even turn 10 degrees out of line and wowbetide any vegetable who stepped out of line they would get a real handbaging. People including politicos want some sort of certainty to fight against or back but when you dither as you have done in nearly 4 years, nobody knows where they stand. Gover is not just smarting over loss of rank but loss of £36K pa still he won’t be paying as much tax.

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          • The two Muppets says:

            Turkey will not be joining the EU. for at least 10 years if at all .
            So do not read too much into Cameron being friendly with
            a strong NATO ally . It is called diplomacy .



            You are indeed a dutiful successor to me David , a “son” whose actions bring me great joy in whom I am truly proud


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          UKIPPER says:

          This is bullshit in overdrive,

          Remember all this other bollocks from Cameron the con man

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          Just Saying. says:

          Junker says no more countries in the EU in the next 5 years. So Smart Alec, King of Scotland, is in limbo yet again, though he states he will lobby hard.
          Nick Toenails Robinson on the Toady Programme tried to sound knowledgeable on the opt out of non key human rights issues, but it was obvious he was out of his depth and so he waffled on with the usual ifs and buts.
          Could be all smokescreen but it will at least keep the rumour mill talking heads that is the BBC occupied with its tame lawyers of the left.


      • 89
        UKIPPER says:

        Tory Eton Voting Song

        Jolly voting weather
        We are all Europhiles
        We’re very clever
        And lie to you all the while
        You fell for our promise especially the CAST IRON trick
        We’re all from Eton, and you lot are all too thick.

        Regarding our expenses
        We will fill our boots
        We know you don’t like it
        But we don’t give two hoots
        If we get found out we will not shed a tear
        We’ll still be MPs on £60 odd grand a year

        If you think I’ll claim back powers,
        You haven’t got a clue
        We’ll hand the UK to Merkle,
        There is nothing that you can do
        No referendums Changes through on the nod
        I am the PM and I’m a duplicitous sod

        As for immigration
        I know it gets on your tits
        We will flood the nation
        And pay their benefits
        We are from Eton; and we are the ruling class
        If you don’t like it, you can just kiss my a***

        Junker has been elected
        We made a mighty fuss
        The voters have not detected
        Junker is one of us
        We are for Europe becoming just one big state
        When Britain wakes up it will be far too late

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        rick says:

        Dave is too much in hock to the European bureaucracy and the prospect of a future high paid job with them to pull out of the ECHR

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      The Bedwetters at the BBC will not approve says:





    • 77

      He’ll cave in, as usual.


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      David Cameron. Purveyor of Snake Oil and Bull Shit. says:

      Has an intelligent person(s) like Geedo fallen for this or is he just printing what Tory HQ has fed him?

      Dave has had four years to take action on the ECHR and he hasn’t until now. And now is when he wants the country’s vote at the general election.


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        A Right Fucking Bastard says:


        You can’t believe a word the fucking shiny-faced cünt says.

        But just watch the fucking Leftard mongs work themselves up into a fucking frenzy.

        Popcorn time.

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        Cam's Clits says:

        He waited 4 years for us too. But we don’t mind, – we’re gonna go shopping together, and get our hair done.


      • 179
        Apthorpe says:

        Totally correct. Dave and his new team are all about mannaging the news/debate agenda for the next 11 months, their plan is simple create enough tough sounding noise on the EU and reduce the impact of UKIP. Labour will shoot themselves in both feet anyway and once the electorate are forced to see more of Millibean during an election campaign that will pretty much be the end of them. Dave has no intention of making substantial change to our relationship the the EU. He is a committed Europhile as are all of the political elite. This is pure PR nothing else.


      • 199
        The Finance Department says:

        It’s sponsored content. Yesterday it was Gatwick Airport, today it’s vote for useless Dave.


    • 144
      The Lefties have taken the bait...Tight lines everyone says:


      • 155
        Idon'tneednodoctor says:

        Emily, thanks for taking time out from your eating to make this comment. Back to the buns girl.


    • 150
      Tom Catesby says:

      Don’t bother, ‘preparing a paper’, prepare a referendum and we can pull out of the EUSSR while we’re about it.


    • 154
      Nick Clegg has bit the hook too. says:


      • 160
        Not just the Hook. Clegg has taken the line and sinker too. It's too easy says:


        • 190
          Wake up & vote UKIP says:



          • No . I think Cleggy is waking up at last .

            This is obviously his first distancing from the current coalition matrix.

            He s gambling on a marginal Labour win with Ukip failing utterly on seat gains .
            On this basis his rump of ten to twelve Libs who retain their seats could approach Milliband as kingmakers .

            Ergo the Lib /LAB Pact ( Mark 12 I believe and all the others ended in disaster too ) !


    • 180
      Mycroft says:

      Distraction politics and nothing more.

      Quixotic spaz-cam can’t do anything of real content and so he charges about and the end result will be a big nothing.


      Becoming a more and more tragic figure at the passing of each day is our PM.

      Stupid is as stupid does.


      • 194
        Anonymous says:

        Is it really correct that, after all the damage, IDS in staying in place at the DWP. Can just see him singing to Dave:

        “…Don’t you know that I’m
        still standing better than I ever did
        Looking like a true survivor,
        feeling like a little kid
        And I’m still standing after all this time
        Picking up the pieces of my life
        without you on my mind

        I’m still standing
        (Yeah yeah yeah)”


        • 196
          Mycroft says:

          Spaz-cam’s theme music…


        • 197
          Mycroft says:

          IDS stays in place as he’s seen by many as ‘sticking it to the feckless’, that’s his schtick and despite being utterly and shatteringly incompetent.

          He’s a poster boy in some arenas, the odd thing is that all of his reforms have ended up with a larger overall budget that can’t come down despite lower unemployment numbers, that is the un-asked question that should be put to him “If your reforms were of value, why is the bottom line cost increased and not dropped as employment has fallen?”

          Simple question, uncomfortable answer.


        • 204

          ….. alternatively he could just be musing to himself :

          “well… if i lose this job there s always the Chiltern Hundreds or Toynbee Hall. Which one offers a free toupe’ ??”


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    Derp says:

    …Conveniently forgetting that being in the ECHR is a fundamental requirement of being in the EU. Keep blustering, Davidov.

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      Witty Monker says:

      Which is why he is merely ‘threatening’ to leave. Like a three year old threatening to hold their breath until they die.


      • 120
        The Establishment is infested with Nonces says:

        he is not threatening to leave the ECHR, just to magically change the law so that our parliament can vote against the Court’s rulings and somehow have that remain sovereign.


        • 127
          Big Momma says:

          Gee, a voice of enlightenment.
          Liebor / BBC trolls are not happy with your logic on this website.


    • 168
      Roland Deschain says:

      Surely no one is daft enough to believe this will happen? Dave is picking a fake fight. Again.


      • 172
        The Growler says:

        Is he learning to shadow box?


      • 205

        Anyway “JC” has already told him that if he even dreams of taking this past the soap box stage he will stuff foie gras down his throat till he suffocates and proceed to feast on his remains washing them down with a bottle of five star Greek brandy .


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    Barry wyman says:

    The picture heading says it all !


  4. 4
    Nick Robinson says:

    Damn. Guido blocked my conduit.


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    wonkotsane says:

    An empty threat because they’ve already been told that means leaving the EU and the Tories are a pro-EU party and Cameron has said from the outset that he’s a eurofederalist.

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    • 121
      The Establishment is infested with Nonces says:

      he is not leaving the ECHR, just wanting to change our law so that our Parliament becomes sovereign again and can overrule ECHR Judges.


      • 153
        Tom Catesby says:

        This is a crude attempt to work a classic political,’three card trick’ on the British people. Don’t be fooled by this nonsense or the usual lying ‘assurances’. We want a referendum ASAP!


      • 206

        But that very concept is impossible under the current EU structure .

        The Single European Act specifically mandates that all Member state national parliaments / legal systems are SUBJECT TO as opposed to SOVEREIGN OVER the European courts in all matters brought before them !

        Any derogation from this line would/could not be legally envisaged . It would put Britain outside the Treaty s parameters and must thus automatically trigger either a retraction by UK or a mechanism by Brussels for eventual expulsion .

        As a professional coterie of politicians and legal luminaries does his team not understand that !!??


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    Biassed Broadcasting Company says:

    Labour Party Political Broadcast on BBC Breakfast (Luciano Berger MP) this morning. The bias of the BBC is now exposed every day.

    I do not pay a licence fee to watch Labour politicians being given free publicity for their party.


    • 90
      Sensible Person says:

      I do not pay a licence fee.


      • 126
        Anonymous says:



        • 131
          100.000+ households can't be wrong says:

          Same here, which is why Lord Hunt is seeking a new BBC strategy.
          However he is relying on a Labour Policy Director so you know what to expect.


        • 157
          Tom Catesby says:

          Perhaps you could share with us how you do this, without prosecution, assuming you watch the BBC?


          • A Hacking Cough says:

            Easy- only watch on iPlayer (catch-up only! Not live).
            I ditched the TV license and got Netflix instead, for half the monthly price of the BBC Tax.

            If there’s anything I actually want on the BBC/terrestrial I watch it via iPlayer/4OD etc.

            Twas a bit of a bind during the WC though, although the misses could see the logic of why I HAD to go down the pub…

            You might want to investigate ‘Hola’ plug-in, too.


          • Twampersand mk II says:

            It’s really easy. Ignore ALL communications from the licensing dept, answer NO questions to clip-board callers at the door.

            They NEED a confession for a prosecution. Detector vans are all bullshit, they don’t have any.


          • yeah twampersand mk II but what if the clipboard man comes mob handed i e with a police escort and a warrant . ?

            Would you still refuse them entry ?


        • 218
          Bob cuntface Crow says:



  7. 8
    The Easter Bunny says:

    I believe all of Dave’s promises.


  8. 9
    Nikk Klogg says:

    I am following in the footsteps of Neil Kinnock and becoming an object of ridicule and contempt. Vote LimpDump.

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  9. 10
    Viperous Old Vince says:

    Will Toxic Nick feign outrage and stamp his foot menacingly ?

    There’s a General Election in the offing and he’s got to appeal to our creepy supporters.


  10. 13
    Baron Greenback, QC says:

    Nooooo, it would be a disaster for this country, it would hurt every man, woman and child, it would make us uncivilised, it would set a terrible example. And Greenback, Cash & Booty Chambers would be ruined!


  11. 14
    Esther McVey, (Esther McYeah) says:

    Today I will be mostly faking empathy, by hanging my head to the left.


  12. 15

    That means exiting the EU.

    So – invoking Lisbon Article 50 ? Given Cameron’s cast iron track record with

    Vote UKIP :-D


  13. 16
    England is becumin a ferd world cess-pit innit says:

    I wake up to hear the fucking rat lib dems are being rats again

    Smash this coalition dave,,,,send those fucking diseased rats back to the sewers


    • 41
      Bovine Excrement says:

      Now, now.. Dave gets the friends he deserves.

      Having some principles to stick to might not hurt either.


  14. 19
    Chips_Anyone? says:

    Back in the days of Blair it was considered trendier to affiliate to the ECHR than to improvise a home-grown bill of rights. It is still not enshrined into Common Law, merely tacked on.
    In non-energy trading relationships there is a benefit in trading potatoes to countries in the “ethical” block. Depends on how many potatoes you’ve got to sell really.
    If you’ve got Gas or Oil, on the other hand………..


    • 213
      The only Country in Europe not to have a Parliament is England says:

      The English already have a Bill of rights and is still on the statute book, it should of stopped two Scottish Foreigners making law on us,but a Scottish German Bitch in London allowed Blair and Brown to sign the treaties.


  15. 20

    This may be more Cameron b/s also, if what was said by the E’uropean scrutiny committee is true:

    Vote UKIP :-D


  16. 21
    Neil Down says:

    Given Dave’s chances of getting a majority, he’s free to promise a flying car like in Back To The Future for every family.


  17. 22
    dave says:

    sorry guys but the ECHR is not part of the EU its a separate convention agreed by some 48 countries and not part of the 27 EU countries.
    It was designed to ‘stop’ acts like those perpetrated by the Nazis in the concentration camps.
    Pulling out says to the world the UK no longer respects human rights and confirms the UK is no longer a world leader but just an island in the North sea that is going into isolation and has lost influence in international affairs.
    In effect the UK is going down the pan and reverting back to Dickensian England!


    • 33
      Village Idiot says:

      ….And the sooner we become a little independent island, free from the dictats from outside this country,free to trade with whoever we can,free to control OUR borders,free to deport foreign undesirables,free to rebuild our country and reverse all the damage the EU has done to this country while lining the pockets of a few elites,free from the shackles and expense of Europe, will be a time to celebrate and face the world as Great Britain again,instead of the cesspit we have become!

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    • 36
      The Establishment is infested with Nonces says:

      Nonsense. Of course the ECHR is separate from the EU, BUT a central condition of EU membership is signing up to the ECHR. You cannot be an EU member and not be a signitory of the ECHR, so you fail in trying to separate the two.

      Additionally, we still have common law and the Bill of rights. All we need to do is update the Bill of Rights. We do not need the ECHR to prove our commitment to human rights. In fact, we show our commitment to human rights and imporotantly to victims rights, far more by getting out of the ECHR being so binding.

      Also, it ends the treason of giving our power of law away to unelected foriegn judges, without being defeated in war.

      IF this government really believes in the rule of law, then the most important law is that of treason, and in that, our sovereign elected Parliament MUST remain the ultimate arbiter of what is and what is not UK law. Not the EU Commission, Not the Eu Parliament, not the EU Council or the ECHR.

      All this bullshit flailing around by terrorist sympathisers that the tories want to end human rights is utterly pathetic and ridiculous.

      We have long needed some common sense brought back to human rights laws. It is insane that we cannot deport foreign criminals. It is insane to allow convicted criminals the right to vote whilst in Prison.

      It is about time sanity returned and OUR soveriegn parliament became OUR sovereign parliament again and not the puppet of unelected foriegn Judges applying alien law.


      • 44

        That is signing up to the Convention on Human Rights which once contracted to places the signer under jurisdiction of the ECHR – Court.

        The EU itself has not signed the ECHR, it is due to soon. That will have the effect of fusing the ECHR (Court) and the ECJ.

        Then ECHR case law may end up as Statutory Law in the UK.

        Vote UKIP :-D


    • 37

      The EU is due soon to sign the ECHR which would then mean that ECJ and the Euro Court HR would become fused.

      There is conflicting case law between the two which would need to be resolved, but much of the ECHR judgements would likely wind up binding across all member states through the ECJ. (ECHR judgements are only binding against the member State against which they are found)

      So – Dave can do what he likes with the ECHR – it doesn’t matter.

      Many of their judgements will be introduced into UK statute through the ECJ / EU when the EU itself signs up to the ECHR.

      Vote UKIP :-D


      • 130
        The Establishment is infested with Nonces says:

        Ahhhh.. That sounds more credible. How to sound like your doing something Eurosceptic when doing the opposite.



    • 39
      U Manreitz says:

      Does Canada not have human rights then until it agrees to let Mexican and US judges decide what they are?


    • 43
      People of the UK says:

      Sounds perfect.



    • 193
      Rob says:

      I don’t recall Nazi-like acts in Britain prior to signing this. Perhaps you could help out and describe some?


  18. 23
    An Inspector Of Taxes says:

    Andrew Mitchell, a former cabinet minister, has been identified as having invested in a film finance company which has been declared as a tax avoidance scheme.

    Mr Mitchell, who resigned over the ‘Plebgate affair’, is said to have invested in a company which financed films including X-Men: The Last Stand and Garfield.

    The former chief whip invested money in Ingenious Film Partners 2, which was promoted as a vehicle to encourage people to invest in British film.

    But according to HMRC it was actually designed to generate inappropriate tax relief for its investors.

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer person than “Thrasher” !!!!!!!!!


    • 27
      Madge Hodge says:

      Shocking !


      • 211

        Yes it IS shocking Madge , we agree.

        When this wheeze was first touted you were inadvertently omitted from the mailing list

        We are so very sorry …


    • 38
      Village Idiot says:

      ….You support someone, who you believe had been cruelly wronged by some “lefty” cops, and, they display a disregard for how this tax thing would look!…Mr Mitchell, your spirit in this is wrong, though not illegal, apparently!


      • 55
        Andrew Mitchell Movies. says:

        Is being traduced tax deductible?


      • 66
        Jim says:

        The Police Federation where hoping that he didn’t have the money to defend himself. Perhaps this is where he found it?


        • 81
          Long John Silver's parrot says:

          Nick nick

          Nick nick

          This could not happen to a nicer politician.

          Recall parliament (no expenses). Recall Parliament (no expenses).

          Nick nick. Nick nick.


          • Del boy says:

            Just give him a clip around the ear and send him to the Chiltern Hills.

            You know it makes sense.


    • 95

      Congratulations to Andrew Mitchell for having the good sense to use such a scheme ,anyone who can find a way of avoiding tax has a duty to himself and his family to take advantage of it.
      Those paying more tax than is legally necessary are damn fools.


    • 148
      Met Watch. says:

      Lots of other people invested in this “vehicle” though the BBC and others are rather quiet on this.
      I suspect a bit of vindictiveness on the part of the Met et al.
      Seems that Labour placemen are still in place in the Met and elsewhere.


  19. 25
    Today's establishment cover-up says:

    I hope the OTR report today places blame on the despicable Labour traitors who let IRA terrorists walk free from justice.
    I expect the report will, instead, scapegoat the PSNI.


  20. 26
    A Pig says:

    Taking her to Mach 2, Goose. I’m going after Iceman.


  21. 30
    England is becumin a ferd world cess-pit innit says:

    Good work,,,if we do get out of the ECHR it means Kurdish illegal immigrant scum who run little schoolgirls over will not be able to use legal aid to stay in the Huntree because they have fathered more scum.

    And that piece of shit yank drug dealer who was allowed by a judge to remain here cos he couldn’t afford medical bills in the united states of shit will be forced to return to said shitole

    The Labour parteh stooges and anti English rats of UKIP will be worried by this


  22. 31
    Calamity Clegg says:

    My credibility graph has been a flat line for some time now.
    Would it help if I wore high heels and lippy?


  23. 32
    Owen Jones says:

    Utterly fucking despicable fucking wretches.. fucking Libdems fucking Clegg+fucking Alexander fucking electioneering fucking bedroom tax after fucking well inflicting fucking horrendous fucking hardships on fucking vulnerable people.

    Yes ,I am so fucking angry.


  24. 42
    LOL says:


    • 46
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

      Never believe anything until it has officially been denied.

      Bye bye Liebore scum :-)


    • 79
      Bluto says:

      Damage control! The party of lies, lying and liars asserts that the truth is a lie.


    • 80

      Obviously Mr Balls would increase taxes on middle-income-earners, because the Labour Party always does. Proof by induction.


  25. 45
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    General Election in October?

    Fib Demons wiped out and a Tory majority.

    The Tories should plaster the billboards with Labour’s Tax Bombshell posters and re-run an updated version of this party political broadcast :-)


  26. 47
    Rearden is a Mug says:


    • 53
      Labour's Magical Cure All Tax says:

      so Labour’s cunning plan is to fund everything, from grannies’ bedrooms in Birmingham to kidnaped schoolgirls in Nigeria to benefits for all, to the cheapest energy bills in the world, to a Mission to Mars from the Banker Bonus Tax?


    • 57
      Too Far says:

      Is this bloke real??? He’s using Ed Balls mechanical calculator, with gogs and elastic bands missing!


    • 212

      Be a bit difficult to tax banker bonuses when they will have all decamped to Panama City and Moorgate is a moribund graveyard — pillock !


  27. 48
    Simon Hughes says:

    Typical nasty Tories, not thinking about the family support needed for Cats.


  28. 49
    Andrew Mitchell Movies. says:



  29. 54
    Nigel Farage says:

    Tories to pledge to pull out of the ECHR – again! All talk, no action. To leave the ECHR means leaving the EU and the Tories support the EU.


    • 73
      Vote Dave? Get stuffed says:

      To quote Game of Thrones ‘Words are wind’ and when they come out of Dave’s mouth they are farts.


  30. 56
    The snake Oil Tax says:


    • 70
      Too Far says:

      What a dopy “femail” … got no idea
      Bankers bonus tax will never save the unemployable! Might get them a Mars Bar on the NHS each


    • 72
      Long John Silver's parrot says:

      Subsidised jobs just paper over the cracks.


    • 177
      Anonymous says:

      I see why they’ve chosen a dead-end for this nonsense. A Freudian slip?


  31. 58
    noix says:

    Difficult to see it happening with all the cash lawyers make from it and the number in parliament. I would have thought it was a conflict of interests to have practicing lawyers as MP’s anyway


  32. 60
    A terrorist says:

    Where’s me compo?


  33. 64
    RSPCA says:

    We will need more funding to look after all the stray cats that pulling out of the ECHR will generate when their terrorist benefit grabbing thieving fathers are deported.


  34. 68
    The Tooth Fairy says:

    During the last Election campaign Dave was giving us this same bullshit.

    He said also he would replace it with a UK Bill of Rights.

    I asked to see his draft BIll and I am still fucking waiting.


  35. 71
    Owen Jones says:

    For those trying to fucking well get hold of Simon fucking Hughes to praise/lambast him over the fucking ” bedroom tax” – don’t fucking well bother. He”s fucking well lost his fucking phone.


  36. 74
    Lord Hill says:

    I wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction to Europe?


  37. 82
    Lord Oakeshott 'imself in the foot says:

    Enjoying an intimate Tennents Super with Chris Rennard outside Watford JCP.


  38. 83

    Is it not time to send Dave a Milkybar, and the 1922 committee some Bounty bars ?

    Vote UKIP :-)


  39. 91

    Good news for normal people, bad day for lawyers. A few will profit from the fight to prevent it occurring but the majority will miss the gravy train


  40. 93
    Lynton. says:

    You don’t have to ACTUALLY do it Dave, just give very loud indications that you will do it and when you have won the election point out that things are now different. Just like you did over holding an EU referendum before the last general election.


  41. 96

    I’m going to pullout of the ECHR, just like I was going to stop Junket.

    Ha Fucking Ha !!! No chance !!!


  42. 98
    Owen Jones says:

    I fucking well hope fucking Clegg gets fucking well shredded today


  43. 102
    Mitch the Snitch says:

    Andrew Mitchell …Tax Dodger.

    But it is not wrong to put money into a Tax avoidance thingy is it? Are not ISAs tax avoidance, or the Premium Bonds?



  44. 105
    The Critic says:

    Missing the point, I think, here:

    The European Court of Human Rights only decides a fraction of the UK’s human rights cases per year.Only a handful of those are about foreign criminals or immigration.

    If we withdrew from the Strasbourg court tomorrow, domestic courts would still carry on applying human rights law and taking account of (not following) decisions of the European Court of Human Rights. They are obliged to do by section 2 of our own Human Rights Act.

    The European Convention on Human Rights is only one of a number of international conventions and EU rules which stop the UK from doing things like sending people back their home countries where they would face a real risk of torture.Withdrawing from Strasbourg would change nothing in those areas and Dave is not proposing any action.

    Domestic courts are not bound to follow the European Court of Human Rights now, but judges take the view that if there is a principle arising from a consistent line of cases in the Strasbourg court and there is no particular conflict with UK law, they will follow it.

    Withdrawal will therefore achieve bugger all. It may appeal to some of the electorate but it’s just political grandstanding. It’s possible the Tories may be fashioning a club to beat Milliband with i.e. saying he will not withdraw.

    This has been circulating as an idea since at least March 2013.You have to ask why it has resurfaced now and why it has not been pursued in the last 16 months?


    • 109
      Anonymous says:

      Yes you are missing the point.

      The ECHR has wandered away from what it was set up for and is writing the law as it goes along coupled with the very real threat to democracy it presents due to many of
      its staff being of the communist mindset.


      • 188
        The Critic says:

        No, you miss the point entirely. The concept of Parliamentary supremacy remains in our law. That infers interesting powers on Parliament. For example, a law could be passed here which makes smoking illegal on the streets of Paris. Obviously not binding for French citizens but it would be for UK ones. Therefore nothing to stop the UK expressly repealing EU legislation enacted here.

        No point blaming Jonny Foreigner, the solution is in the hands of our own Parliament.


    • 110
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

      Everything is shaping up for an October election.

      Glorious summer weather,, put the boot into the EU, followed by a Labour’s Tax Bombshell poster/TV campaign, Fib Demons wiped out and a Tory majority :-)


      • 111
        Thursday November 6th 2014..General Election says:

        The coalition will have to end if the Liberals renege on the spare room subsidy withdrawal in public funded housing.


    • 141
      Executive Summary says:

      Vote UKIP


    • 183
      What about my rights? says:

      You have to ask why it has resurfaced now and why it has not been pursued in the last 16 months?

      Perhaps because a sufficiently high profile case wasn’t available to illustrate the absurdity of the HRA. Step forward former President Charles Taylor, who is serving 50 years in a British prison for war crimes in Liberia. Mr Taylor has launched a case claiming his right to a family life is being violated because he is being kept in a British jail while his family is in Africa making visits difficult, although he claims they’re not being granted visas anyway. It’s hard to see how he’s wrong about this and in due course I expect he’ll win.

      The HRA – used by war criminals and all sorts of ne’er-do-wells, but rarely of use to someone who really deserves justice.


  45. 106
    A failed EU Commissioner says:

    A UK exit of the EU has been factored into its isolation by the EU already.

    Either you pay your dues in the UK and make what money you can from the free market whilst moaning all the time or you get out and honour your contractual commitments.

    Its that simple.


  46. 112
    Owen Jones says:

    You fuckwit, Nick Clegg put your fucking money where your fucking mouth is and vote against the fucking bedroom tax. Rachel Reeves has tabled a vote for you.


  47. 113
    Esther McWahey says:

    This morning I had meetings with ministerial colleagues and others. In addition to my duties in the House, I shall be lowing cocaine up Iain`s arse later today.


  48. 118
    Black Jack says:

    ” As mad as Hattie Harman”

    That always gets her going. hee hee


  49. 124
    Anonymous says:

    “David Cameron is to announce plans that threaten to pull Britain out of the European Court of Human Rights”
    Spare a thought for poor innocent Ed. One minute naively genuflecting to a spooks super-snooper charter. Then the next, potentially sitting perplexed with head in hands. After all his party’s secret ‘winning’ policy announcements are pre-emptied, and thus thwarted, during the coming election process. What on earth could have happened, to grant the opposition such powers of clairvoyant foresight?


  50. 129
    Anon. says:


  51. 149
    Yeesh says:

    The HUMAN RIGHTS ACT (industry) is all about enrichment, as a great many lawyers have found out. Ever more ridiculous law suits on legal aid brought by foreigners who have never paid a red cent into the pot and some having never set foot in the UK.

    But hey, its worth it just to be seen as a beacon of moral wonderfulness aint it? No price too high for the holier than thou liberal preachers to feel good about themselves and the ambulance chasing parasites creating a moral cover for their theft of public funds.


  52. 152
    BBC economics correspondent says:

    It is the apparent view of Cameron and Osborne(keen students of Tony Blair) that the British electorate are terminally stupid. Whilst I have a degree of sympathy for this perspective, why do they seem so intent on testing it to destruction with policies and intentions that lack any credibility?


  53. 156
    Judge Dreadful says:

    It is not the ECHR we should withdraw from. The ECHR is fine. There are no rights enshrined in ECHR which are objectionable, and I defy anyone to cite one.

    The problem is the court which interprets it. We should leave ECHR as a law justicible in the UK but refuse to recognise the authority or precedents of any court beyond the UK’s own Supreme Court and make it illegal for the UK’s Supreme Court to consider decisions of any foreign court as binding or even particularly pursuasive.


  54. 158
    If Only says:

    Mark Williams-Thomas @mwilliamsthomas · Jul 16
    Michael Mansfield QC would be a perfect Chair for #CSAinquiry. Strong integrity & victim centric – with a proven record of challenging,

    Mark Williams-Thomas @mwilliamsthomas · Jul 16
    Michael Mansfield QC has told me that if asked – he would be willing to Chair the #CSAinquiry & his commitments would allow him to do so.


  55. 165
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    The Tory manifesto must contain a definite pledge to axe the telly tax in the first session of parliament after the general election and a definite pledge to freeze the council tax for 5 years of the next parliament (making it compulsory on councils to freeze it by law) all this in order to ease the cost of living for the poor and squeezed middle.

    It’ll put Liebore & the Fib Demons in a spin :-)


  56. 167
    Harriet Harman says:

    I have many more stupid things to say. Can’t wait to tell you more about our tax plans. What’s the matter Ed, did I say something wrong?


  57. 182
    Anonymous says:

    We’ll leave the EUSSR as soon as the Vatican opens an abortion clinic.


  58. 183
    parisclaims says:

    If I remember correctly, before the election Cameron was going to
    fix the economy
    reduce government debt
    tear up the HRA
    Start a bonfire of the quangos
    Cut immigration.
    All he’s done is to push through gay “marriage”
    What a complete and utter fucking wanker.


  59. 189
    Egwina Fruity says:

    I can’t believe I’d ever say this, Cameron makes John Major look intelligent!


  60. 191
    Jimmy says:

    Finally the nasties will distance themselves from that lefty Churchill.


  61. 195
    Sceptic says:

    Isn’t the EU joining or in the process of joining the Council of Europe and with it ,the CoE’s European Court of Human Rights ?
    If the UK pulls out of the CoE ECHR , the EU will be able to enforce ECHR rulings via its own European Court of Justice (ECJ), specially now that the UK’s 2008 Lisbon Treaty opt-out of the EU’s Charter on Fundamental Rights was found to be worthless in 2011.
    Surly the Tories know this , as EU membership of the CoE was voted on at the Council of Europe Istanbul conference in December 2010.
    It’s quite staggering what the EU can now do with its Lisbon Treaty ‘legal personality’ and its ECJ, isn’t it.


  62. 198
    Out of Europe says:

    Let’s just run our own nations.


  63. 214
    Anonymous says:

    Repeat after me slowly. The ECHR has nothing to do with the European Union.

    If extreme Eurosceptics could get even basic facts like this right, I might respect them a bit more.


    • 216
      Another Anonymous says:

      Are you sure ?


      Personally I consider the EU’s ECJ more of a threat as it priorities the recognition of the union of European States (EU) supremacy over its members states. It is not a intergovernmental organisation , it is the supreme court of the European Union.
      The CoE and its ECHR is a intergovernmental organisation and can be put back into its box by reverting UK’s legislation to its pre 1998 status, so ECHR rulings do not directly set UK legal precedents. Ie Its rulings would revert back to being a guide rather than a fixed legal prescription which our courts have to follow. Thus allowing our high courts a bit of leeway for common sense to prevail.


  64. 215
    Mr Nutall of the UKIPs says:

    ECHR, yes we should get rid of it. Human rights are not a very British Idea…

    What do you mean we co-authored it with our American Allies and then forced Europe to sign it…


    • 217
      Another Anonymous says:

      What you are missing out is that the European Charter on Human Rights was a gift to the near continent from the Common Law Allies of the second world war.
      It was thought that the repeated appearance of tyrants and the oppression of the people on the near continent was because their system of law (code Napoleon) favoured the state instead of individual citizens rights.
      Shortly after WW2 that was not a contentious argument to make, because, memories of people being made to wear the star of David,not being able to own property or not being allowed to marry a person because the state thought their genes were inferior, were all still fresh in peoples minds.


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